Freezing Face Emoji

A face that is freezing cold, potentially shown blue with icicles.

Freezing Face is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🥶 U+1F976


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Luis ‏@luisgp51

Like If You Want Some Free Merch 🥶

Broadway ‏@MissChapman2U

It’s cold AF in Charlotte right now 🥶

Nonchalant 😘 ‏@jussbeautifull

I Just Put Some Rims On My Ego 🥶

Matt Nygaard ‏@MattNygaard1


27 Boutique ‏@27_Boutique

Anyone else?! 🥶🙋🏼‍♀️ New @everfitte styles are here, perfect for this lovely polar vortex 👌🏼 • Swipe over 👉🏼 and sh…

John mark Tan Tee ‏@Jmt590

Up up up in a waaay! Freezing cold 🥶 Good morning

Jake ‏@EliteKun

These 2 have something in common, underrated and hated for no reason 🥶

Big Pe$O ‏@Aintyou_db

#QuandoRondoDallasTX 2.22 🥶 2513 Main St Dallas TX 📍 Doors open at 7pm 🕖 All Ages 🔞 #TheMoneyTeamPromo 🤟🏾

Adi ‏@ahhhdi

2 moods: COOL AS HECK 😎 cold as heck 🥶

John Kafoury ‏@John_Ka4y

@courtfrerichs8 I hope soon 🥶

Mark C. Bodanza ‏@mbodanza

@kellyannwx For a winter 🥶 with so little snow ❄️- I must candidly admit that I have already reached my slush - mix…

Skarlete🍀 ‏@ruelas_skarlete

For why is it soo cold 🥶😭

ROWVA Bands ‏@rowvabands

One, two, three, four very cold band kids. We’re proud of you!!! 🥶

Mizzo9x🐐 ‏@mizzo9x

And that’s facts 💯💯🥶


@CHOCJAI flyer than most💕💕🥶

❤👸🏾REDD THE T UP QUEEN👸🏾❤ ‏@_ReddWitTwooDs

#QuandoRondoDallasTX 2.22 🥶 2513 Main St Dallas TX 📍 Doors open at 7pm 🕖 All Ages 🔞 #TheMoneyTeamPromo 🤟🏾

Zthegreat 🐍 ‏@ZihirL

If swag was a sport I would be a specialist at flexing ❤️✍🏾💧🥶

Angel S 💜 ‏@angelinthesky54

I am so cold 🥶 & I hate being cold 🥺 #cuddlemyblankets #warmupbody #coldinhere

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. ‏@ZaharaVets

Crickets 🥶😱👀

😈BABYGIRL😈 ‏@navy_chas

He know I’m nothin like them other bitches 🥶

👑 ‏@ReesieMfnRee

easy to touch you I aint gotta use my hands 🥶

Jazzy ❤️❤️ ‏@jazminlcke46

@_bigwinnn Happy birthday!🥶😈

Bear™ ‏@ayebear_

I'm too humble for em, guess that's why they thinkin' I was sweet 🥶 #HumbleBeast #GG

breeyiana pitts ‏@xobkp

i am so ready to go to Miami 🥶

Sly Society ‏@TheTeamSly

Who Needs Recognition? 🥶

DaD ‏@LatriceFrancine

I don’t want cardi so i put henny on ice 🥶

𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓷𝔂 ツ ‏@shinyalolan

Live on mixer come say hi 🥶😊 #SmallStreamersConnect #SupportSmallStreamers @ShoutRTs @SupStreamers @Gamer_RTweets

marvizzlee ‏@marvizzlee

yo I can’t feel my toes lol 🥶

Marni MacRae ‏@MarniMacrae

@CaytLawson This winter is lasting forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥶 Here's hoping spring comes soon 🌞

trinndoll😽.. ‏@xo_trinnnati

sayless gang. 🥶

Emma Butler ‏@EmmaRoseButler

It’s ridiculous how cold my flat is after I’ve been out all day 🥶

🐾Rescue Mom to #Dalton🐾 ‏@Dega_1964

@SgtMisner Gorgeous weather but 👇🏻 🥶

Debra Hernandez ‏@debrakay23

@SueMcCollum1 I hear ya! 🥶 ❄️

Detonio Hawkins ‏@ChefBoyHawkins

I need to see a Rematch 🥶🏀

E🥀 ‏@lovelyevme

I want children 🥶

Mark🅰️1️⃣ ‏@marka1_

@ yk Who you are 🥶

🥶JACKY $ACK$ 💙 ‏@MurdaDrive

Y’all sleepin on bro @Nlechoppa1 🥶💙

Nathan Salt ‏@SconnieCoug

@ArtDirectorBYU I am begrudgingly heading out to shovel my driveway right now (Ankeny) for what feels like the 100th time this winter. 🥶😭

Paiityn ‏@trippyy_p

I was to lit last night 🥶

Lynn Hannah ‏@LynnGHannah

@HilarieGrey Here’s some snow I wanted to share with you Vincent #LifeofMac #Greatwhitenorth 🐾🥶❄️

Tyrone🏄🏽‍♂️ ‏@ty_bland21

🥶 tuff

PASCAL ‏@pscl

@Ioadsamoney Anytime 🥶

Kung Fu Linny 😈❗️ ‏@DJTinyT

The game is off balance I’m back on my shit 🥶

Trey Austin ‏@AsapLilKim

Make It A Move 😎🥶

James McMillan ‏@jMacTheWanderer

Great quick trip up to Oak Glen to see the snow ❄️ ⛄️ and try not to freeze 🥶 #adventuresinparenting #snow #oakglen…

blasian 🇵🇭 ‏@_MarieSaba

Can’t wait to go back to Cleveland 🥶

Detonio Hawkins ‏@ChefBoyHawkins

The Dream is free but the Hustle is sold separately .💸🥶💫

N A J E L I ‏@Nbankrolls

real niggas birthday coming up ! March 🥶 April 🥵 May 🤩 June 🍭 July 🎈

Louie Pickle Binx ‏@LouiePBO

@Abbystail13 @BeetleBMD Is it cold on your paws? 🥶

wack ‏@IzzWedge

Think my body’s in selfdestruct 🥶 about time

jo ‏@maryjofrancesx

wtff 🥶

Huncho Wo ‏@Womack2_

Fashion king 🥶

quynh ‏@plutotaegi

neither 🥶

The Gaming Bizkiit ‏@TG_Bizkiit

i’m freezing 🥶

Q U E E N👑 ‏@_loveetrinity

CANT WAIT TO THE PACK DROP👀🥶 #lashes #period @shoptrindingtouch on Instagram 💕

🥶 ‏@antonj_ii

check out my thoughts on two releases set for April and June 😤🥶

the hottest topic 🔥 ‏@Rikkole__

🤣 and he aint goin no where btch 🥶👐🏽

yung dɛmz ¿ ‏@yung_d3mz

Video’s out folks. Enjoyed working on this song with O man, go pree these visuals 🥶🚀🚀🚀

Mr.Da’Don’tGiveAFuck 🤘🏾🇧🇸 ‏@SippinOn_SHAROc

Light drip ft. My allergies 🥶

🥶JACKY $ACK$ 💙 ‏@MurdaDrive

She nice 🥶💙

C. Pace™ ‏@Ca1tl1nNM

I pulled that “Mom asks you to take the meat outta the freezer and you forget” thing today. Well she asked when I w…

natalie ‏@natalienicole_1

one that didn’t make it 🥶

swervo.cman ‏@SwervoCman

Tbh? Like this for one 🥶💵

Munyah ‏@muchenawashe_

@_theminimalist_ Can’t wait to be a savage dad 🥶😈 😹😹😹😹😹😹 new dispensishiiiin!!!

Sheania 😍 ‏@B_Sheania

Ooo... my mouth just wide open. Lmaoo no chill! 😯🥶

sindy ‏@tornslt

@_daquan_morris freak 🥶

stëph 💄👸🏾 ‏@sstephaaaaaniee

Stephieana 🥶🔥😂 #thotianachallenge @bluefacebleedem @NICKIMINAJ Should I finish ? Let my dawgs get in on it !?

🐾Beetle & Bailey🐾 ‏@BeetleBMD

@Abbystail13 You are in a tent on ice!!! That’s so cool 🥶!!!!

taffy $✨ ‏@BossMadeTaffy

Cold ass bitch !! 🥶💙

Clint Wyckoff ‏@ClintWyckoff

Leaving sunny ☀️ home base of Phoenix for chilly 🥶 Central Illinois to an @awscloud work thinger #dowork #staywarm

D_BURT🥶 ‏@damonburtjr

@jalenpickett2 46 sheesh 🥶 yeah old man pick!

• Maiya • ‏@tamarmelade_

My little sister gave her friends my number like it’s hers 😐 Getting ft calls from “Miya 🥰🥵🔥🥶❤️❤️🔥” because she done saved the contact 💀


It’s 85 degrees but im chillin though 🥶

Monni Selvig - It’s My Birthday Month ‏@TheRealMonni

@CarolleCote Looks like a ski mountain! 🎿 🥶 😂

IJ Bell ‏@KlassyMcKlass

@DeJuanH Nope. It’s too cold. 🥶

𝕔𝕒𝕥𝕙𝕪 ♡ ‏@ccxthy

posted on the snap, but my body looks good. No shame 🥶💦💎

Leroy Jenkins3️⃣3️⃣ ‏@12big12block14

So ya boi is literally makin moves big moves 🥶⚒🏈 #vcc “It get cold like Minnesota”

Leomar⚾️ ‏@rawshortstop18

Chills 🥶

ryley anne ‏@ryylleeyy

i really need to stop buying everything from Apricot Lane 🥶

🌸camerynalexis🌸 ‏@_camerynalexis_

Real bitch, I don't be with all that drama, nah ....minndin’ my business, I'm unbothered..... I ain’t draggin', I'm…

MadamSarcastra ‏@MadamSarcastra

@WFKARS My comfy-pants will be on within the hour, guaranteed... as soon as I go get beer. LOL 😁 Outside = cold,…

YK ‏@YKO_1

I don't think the people are ready for this one 🥶 Out 21/02/2019 on all major platforms! #RightNow #GameChanger

Bunnie ♡♥︎♡ ‏@witchxbunnie

Too hurts my brain when I breathe it in...🥶 #chicago #coldweather #headache #sad

🧸 ‏@therealdamu_

@Elizah1998 thank you . ima watch it 🥶

#UnityTigerr ‏@IcyTigerr

@WatchUnity Hope I make it @WatchUnity 🥶

🦋🦄💫 ‏@foreignn_riches

It be crazy how you even see your own self as less because of what people do to ya. 🥶

Jessica Kwarteng ‏@KwartengJessica

@DailyUpdatesWDW As it should 👏🏿👏🏿😎🥶❄️ #ColdInLAVideo #BestFanArmy #Limelights #iHeartAwards

Přesle ‏@plavune

That time of the year again 😁 But the mud was way too cold 🥶

Jes ‏@that_boii_jes

@scottie_porter I feel 😭 but Fortnite?😂🥶

Lulama ‏@Lulama_

Maybe the fellatio was trash 🥶

kody✨ ‏@kody_0113

🥶... always been

autumn w. ‏@autumnklarebear

@klouise_shayk This is the longest winter ever 😭 it’s been so cold 🥶

JordiYY ‏@JordiiYY

doing my own thing.😤🥶

dayzee ‏@Virgindaisy

if your pussy good you shouldn’t have to maintain no broke nigga 🥶


@TRL While it’s cold 🥶 just sit back....Relax ...and listen to my group P.M. Dawn “ set a drift on memory bliss “…

Commissioner Gordon ‏@GordonFrame

Freezing my tits off out here 🥶

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