Freezing Face Emoji

A face that is freezing cold, potentially shown blue with icicles.

Freezing Face is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🥶 U+1F976


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Lebza ‏@_LebzaH2O

I have zero strength for tonight's game... This weather is also not helping 🥶

Toni B ‏@ToniB58610190

Cocky asf, everything bout me popping got face I got body u name it I got ‼️💋💋🥶

SOUL ‏@Souleirex

📈📈GAIN TIME 🥶 Follow for Follow 📈📈 🔥 Follow myself & everyone who likes this 🔥 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ These Guys Follow Back @Classicwrestli4 @IrshQueen

P a t ‏@asapPATT

Drew Diesel snippet tonight 👀🥶

Aya Mizher 🦋 ‏@AyaMizher

my bff is very happy because of the cancellation of his Europe tour 🥶

AnnjoMama🔮 ‏@yeahAj

@HarlemFrench This sucks. I really fw his music 😢😓😔🥶

Kelsey Forrest ‏@kelseylforrest

Why are rooms in summer always way colder than any other time of the year?? 🥶❄️⛄️

Mukamba Bukasa ‏@MukambaBukasa

@itshaitianfresh 🥶 cold hearted 🇨🇩🇨🇩🏃🏿

lil g 😁 ‏@geraaasolano

@_Twigz thank you thank you . 😌🥶

I.C.E.-SLEEZE ‏@CSleeze

SLEEZE - GIVE IT TO EM via @YouTube 2 New Songs Out Now!!!! ICETAKEOVA 🥶

BREAKING NEWS🥶💔 ‏@PhendiHefner

If you had a Ass back in ‘13 your shit flat right now in ‘19 I’m sorry 🥶

Uriel ‏@thisisuriel

Got court up in traffic and this zodiac sign art work caught my attention looks madd sick 🥶🙅🏿‍♂️

Simone Giertz ‏@SimoneGiertz

3 min left! 🥶

Kristin Pope ‏@Kris10Pope

So sore i might actually die 🥶

BREAKING NEWS🥶💔 ‏@PhendiHefner

Trump please don’t do noting to my City of Orlando!! cause you bring the worst outta people an my CITY ain’t for th…

📸🦊Esleah🦊📸 ‏@Esleah

Someone has now turned the building AC alllllllllllllll the way down and my studio is now a solid block of ice. 🥶

Jennifer Benson ‏@jsbenson76

Creating shade structures @MyMSiC1 to save ice 🥶 and reviewing temperatures 🥵 #stem

jacqueline ochoa 🥀 ‏@jackyyvazz

@pnbrock can you drop tour dates ?? me and my friends waiting 🥶

BREAKING NEWS🥶💔 ‏@PhendiHefner

@killwill111 Man I know the feeling! We (Solid)ers though 🥶💔

Zar❄️ ‏@ZariaaNicolee

That hotel AC be a different typa cold 🥶

Muyi Fre$co ‏@SplashxMuyi

@nomanomz12 Uh oh 🥶

𝓱𝓪𝓼𝓼𝓪𝓷 ‏@_hsndin

Brain freeze sia minum tealive ni 🥶

Ethan nowlin ‏@NowlinEthan

@SlowDownBoy7 @coach_cristobal @CoachD_UofO That edit sheeesh 🥶

Gillian Doolan ‏@gilliandoolan

@ruphusdebellius @Beccad1110 @TomDaws0n384524 All the fish have hidden too cos it’s so cold 🥶😂

Randy Cantu ‏@CantuRandy2

Absolutely feeezing in the gym 🥶

Mike 🚗💨 ‏@mfcpullen5

@NicoleSentjens Poor lad, you could always send some heat over here 🥶😉

Maar ‏@charged___

Gday comin up 7/18 got some shit on ice 🥶

B 🌪 ‏@Bianca_M8

Real world hits everybody at some point 🤷🏽‍♀️ they gotta deal with it like we all do, your money is your money, you…

Andrew The Mario Sun ‏@andyb2383

What’s wrong with me, I’m 🥶 today. I have the heater in my work truck turned on.

_Yeoooqwel ‏@_15Racczx

Going to pick up my pieces 🥶 ❄️

demi - colleen ‏@demicolleen

@lenagalore @Artns0l The only way 🥶

Jayy 💰🤞🏽 ‏@jay__11_

Straight Drop No Cap 🥶 go grab this heat holmes

❄️QueenD.🥶 ‏@__queenduwop

I might ice my AK out 🥶

Tracy Crowley ‏@tracycrowley77

@Kelly_Levin_ @LindbladExp @WRIClimate Great photo and video! Very brave! 🥶

Volce ‏@ImVolce

@iFeloh @SocialBlade ily too son don’t forget me when ur famous 😭🥶

Ashley ‏@Psychohash

Your dad is tryna be my sugar daddy 🥶

upcoming fine girl🥵🥰❤️ ‏@ifeinwa1

@Mayowathefirst If you love somebody walk up to her and tell her you love her🎤 🥶

slass ‏@SarahLass1

@MalikRico23 Because he can’t do that with a defender on him in a real game any more 🥶

Team Arctic ‏@ArcticTheTeam

Please Welcome to our CS:GO Roster... 👀 ❄️ - @FlaM3CSGO ❄️ - @danielalvin_ ❄️ - @Frankie_Cart3r ❄️ - @DaGGaRnn…

Brandon Cho ‏@BrandonCho20

Idc what y’all say. @MELOD1P 🥶 asf

Donna ‏@donnahbythesea

@Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @BillyTolley @jaywasley If you think it’s scary, I can only imagine!🥶😳😱👻💀🙀

Linda Lågstad ‏@Lillemy7

@SatoshiWolf @Jordan80739220 Cold 🥶 in Asia??? Your funny 😆

JennAyyyeee ‏@chAKAlate22

I love God and Trap music 🥶

Skewt ‏@largeroundson

@BoozyJacuzzi now you did it 😲😲🥶💀

Coop’95IVE ‏@Coop95IVE

@ItsJustGhost NEW TAPE ALERT 🥶

Karen Lynas ‏@KarenLynas2012

Welcome to Bristol 🌧 🥶 ⛈

Papuetress Baribas ‏@papuetress

@CyberpunkGame @djhyper Pre-ordered game on @steam_games, going into cryosleep until april 2020 🥶💤

titus kee ‏@titusxkee

@Titus_Paz and your last month in Titus 🥶

10.20 ♎️ ‏@_EjBallout

Idk which one but after this bachelors I’m going to an HBCU for my masters 💯🥶

HD ‏@hamdaaaaaxo

in shock 😳😂🥶

Kodak Deshuan🔑💯 ‏@shuan_de

Happy Birthday @Michael79433370🎉🎉🥶 Have a good day Brother, love you bro💉❄️

Cruz ‏@Cruzalan312

This game was hella crazy 🥶

julianasaur ‏@julianasaur

post go fest depression 🥶

Mè Honey ‏@HoneyNutz_

My nail tech the fuckin coldest 🥶

🍃🚀 ‏@AutryKing

Stay down till you come up cause the only way is up 🥶

Shad Juggy ‏@Shad_Juggy

I keep all my diamonds clean so i can shine wit em 🎯🥶

Brad Cotton ‏@bradcotton97

“It’s the f**kin Catalina wine mixer 🥶”

lex 🖤 ‏@lexxvictoriaaa

Ugh forgot my sweater in my carrrr 🥶

👶🏼P ‏@pmacckk

My doobie never goes out 🥶

ᴛ. ‏@_tvzze

I know the type of crazy I have in me & it's not cute or safe so I resist it by leaving niggas at my first urge of domestic violence. 🥶

Dion Anderson ‏@ThE65MAN

Blessed to see 19 💯🥶

Stokie1863🇬🇧 ‏@1863Stokie

@christopherhope @Nigel_Farage I Love Milkshakes... Best served COLD 🥶 😂🤣😂

KAY ⭕️💲⭕️ ‏@dubiess_bitchhh

@bluefacebleedem definitely my long lost brudder 😭😂🥶 come home

tracksuitplugz ‏@tracksuitplugz

New Chelsea FC Jersey 2019/20 Available Now with Selective Badges like Champions League, Premier League and more...…

ShunnyGee©️ ‏@MarshunLegit

I Say Nate robinson should be in the @NBA Over some of these guards💯🥶

skinnygirl_qui ‏@g0_skinnygirl

Good day 🥶

ɹǝΛ🔜M͓̽O͓̽O͓̽N͓̽R͓̽I͓̽S͓̽E͓̽🔜B͓̽A͓̽S͓̽S͓̽ ‏@SvgarShane

Had to repost because I wasn’t really feeling it the first time 🤮🧪 But almost 2 months in🍬 @ThePlurGlover 🦋…

big edd 🦅 ‏@EddWard_

How tf i catch a cold in the summer 🥶

Ju Baby ‏@Step_Pappy

@KingXNonchalant In the TJs 🥶

𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔦 ‏@ozakiis

@NYAAROU good night sistar,,, toshiro can freeze us to death 🥶

Noel Covarrubias. ‏@noelaroncm

I remember when I was younger I told my mom I wasn’t gon make the mistake of having a kid at a young age . I can pr…

majerdra ‏@DavisRashard

Cold 🥶 summer with the bro 🤧💪🏾

Guy 🇬🇾 ‏@GuyLuther

I got a tat on my finger not too long ago & it’s almost completely faded away 🥶

#LLPbody4 🌴 ‏@Jdrippn

Rolling up 🥶

Arree 🦋 ‏@Arreershea

sick asl 🥶😷🤧

T.Y. ‏@KC_Yunginn

Loyalty Hard to find these days that’s why I’m thankful for my real friends which is only bout 2 💯🥶

Korey Griffith ‏@Korey8Griffith

@BrennanMarion4 @Coach_Z_Gibson we have to do this drill.🥶

Steez Day May 26th 🥶 ‏@Steez_Is_I

Momma, I hit a lick 🥶

mmmina. ‏@myouiron

@NSFWOffice I’d like to try this one. Hit me up 🥶

N💔 ‏@NoCapSnacks

Judge tryna give us life so Them gang signs turn to prayer hands 🥶

Jaime Isaza ‏@PapiChampoooo

Should have worn a sweater today my ears are cold asf 🥶

Em Em 🌻🦋 #FocusOutNow ‏@FTCJACKS

We are on the road and the sun came out to play 🥶

Michael ‏@MichaelBrien_

Rocky Mountain elk morning. It was -20F that day. Bbbrrr...🥶☃️

BIGWOPP ‏@_JustGucci

A week Away from #SummerTing19 🥶 it’s a Must you Go

jonathan sherer ‏@jonathanksherer

don’t sleep 🥶

ImJustChas ‏@chashottie

You ever put hand sanitizer on and forget that you got a cut on your finger 🥶

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