Freezing Face Emoji

A face that is freezing cold, potentially shown blue with icicles.

Freezing Face is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🥶 U+1F976


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Lord Perry Trashington ‏@Tgabatokingorg

@ChrisPerkinsDnD Psst, Chris. DCA Episode 28 on Google Music is a glitchy version of Episode 27 instead. I'm not su…

MERCEDES💍♥️. ‏@yrk_mercedes1k

You ain’t gleetified until you 35 and that’s facts I put that on my momma G💯💰🥶.

Joshua Bush ‏@OfficiallyBush

About a week away 🥶

Bonham Chrysler ‏@BonhamChrysler2

@FasterMachines @ZoranKantiPaul @OfficialMOPAR @Chevy_G_ @_JRWitt @ruthless_68GTX @Dodge @hemibees @GameS1x10mx @AnKarpo EXACTLY!! 🥶😂

John 🧙‍♂️ ◼️◻️ 🦡 ‏@Jopawiz

@vickyvixen14 It is rather chilly today, isn't it?... 🥶

Toya La Negra ‏@CocoSuede

Thank you @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help for 0% resolution in regards to an error that occurred in August. 🥶

Mike ‏@maikuphotos

Good morning 🥶

Mackintosh And More ‏@Mackintoshnmore

Frost on the vase. Brr 🥶

Transportation Dynamics ‏@FasterMachines

@BonhamChrysler2 @ZoranKantiPaul @OfficialMOPAR @Chevy_G_ @_JRWitt @ruthless_68GTX @Dodge @hemibees @GameS1x10mx…

Bonham Chrysler ‏@BonhamChrysler2

@FasterMachines @ZoranKantiPaul @OfficialMOPAR @Chevy_G_ @_JRWitt @ruthless_68GTX @Dodge @hemibees @GameS1x10mx…

🎃kevin ‏@kevin_png

@unironically it b like that sometimes 😓🥶

ApplePro123 ‏@ApplePro1234

@HypexLeaks Hopefully pumpkin launcher comes back if not we know why 🥶

Kiefo Nilsson ‏@KiefoNilsson

Listening to 12 Little Spells from Esperanza Spalding 🙌🙌🙌🙌😮🥶

Tasha Sabey ‏@tashalynne19

@BYUSportsNation I am going to pull all my winter clothes out of storage and switch them with the summer clothes cu…

Transportation Dynamics ‏@FasterMachines

@ZoranKantiPaul @OfficialMOPAR @Chevy_G_ @_JRWitt @ruthless_68GTX @Dodge @BonhamChrysler2 @hemibees @GameS1x10mx…

Mo ‏@carsandtractors

There is very cold weather today. I feel so cold. 🥶

Ash Ryan ‏@ashryan_io

@preciousforever @AdobeXD @datapopulator Thanks for joining us at the #AdobeMAX #XDplugin booth! A bunch of us came…

Naomi Lynn ‏@NaomiLynn_Radio

Just because it warmed up to 57-degrees today doesn't mean you need to turn the air on in the studios... 🥶…

Bruja Kristy🧙🏽‍♀️ ‏@supacoolfool

Running around the office like un loquita! I'm also doing push ups.. FML hahaha... 🥶

Mr Cap Alot 🥶ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ‏@aquafy_

@LBRN_ @lFeddex 800 down the drain just for him to gain no irl clout/ females off it 😂🥶

A$AP RIKI 🤓 ‏@rikisawceee

It’s so cold at my job that I’m currently wearing a sweater, wrapped up in my snuggy, wearing knees high socks, AND…

Abby Clare ‏@Abby_Claree

Haven't been able to get warm all day, I feel like a block of ice! 🥶❄️

DarkDisneyPrince®️ ‏@LocalStarboy

@cool_ozzy 🙏🏾 this cold weather ain’t it bro. We gotta goooo 🥶

zOoM ⚡️🥶 ‏@Errbodyknoro_

Check Out My Mid Szn 🥶⚡️ @_UnderTheRadar_ @breezepreps

CelesSteel ‏@retroguygaming

@SoakedKnees I'll admit it was pretty chilly 🥶

One Human ‏@LaoneHuman

@liz_kesson @sarahmldnenbr 😬😫😵🥶 Summer is the Goodest 😊👍😎

JeR_V ‏@JeRV5G

@OnePlus_USA this is the one I want. Tell Ruby G to finally pick me. She likes all the songs in pick but Skips JeRV…

👹 ‏@Tharealljay

hate how stupid i was in the past 🤦🏽‍♂️, but love what the past made out of me 😈🥶

マット 🇺🇸🇯🇵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@OldDominionJack

It's a below average 56 degrees this morning on this October day, and I'm already looking forward to spring. 🥶

Joe 'Gidi 😈🇬🇭 ‏@Ogidi_Spartan

@FleurDeLaDay @Pinky_Balboa shoulda seen the dude's face at that moment 😁🥶

🗽 ‏@fumeta_ale

Crystal Blue Persuasion 🥶

Rad & Berk ‏@rad_berk

@realDonaldTrump Does your country shrink when you write in the "usa" ? Really?🥶 So it's unbelievable.!!! 😂😂😂 Rea…

Chill Bill ‏@Chipp_Skylark

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|            I still beat tho!        🥶 |___________|                 \ (•◡•) /        …

yOunG PrIncEsS💚💋 ‏@SimpllyMarii

‘bad lil vibe’🥶

Jelan Abrams ‏@JelanAbrams

It's cold out there 🥶

The PrintPlus Group ‏@PrintPlusGroup

When it's not only Friday, but it's also #Internationalginandtonicday 😍🍸#Friyay #FridayFeeling Have a fabulous wee…

Art Hooker ‏@notjustahooker

@EllesEconomy Less cold if you don't run in the water. 🥶

. ‏@__NeCole

When did this get on the emojis? 🥶

Payne Pepper Jam ‏@paynepepperjam

Do you know what does it mean for songwriter to make 🥶 a vocal 🎤 demo recording for an artist when you try your be…

🍂 Ray 🎃 ‏@RayFolf

burrr it's c o l d 🥶

Ɽowan🐉 ‏@oasis_viper

It's so cold I've been making typos all morning 🥶

Spectrum News CLT ‏@SpecNewsCLT

Don't forget your coat! And did you know parts of the state could see frost by the end of the weekend? 🥶…

Uni of Leics Police ‏@LeicsUniPolice

If it's an icy morning 🥶 - never leave your car unattended as it warms up 🚗❄️ #UoL #HelloLeicester #UoLFreshers…

goldeneagle_fangirl ‏@GoldeneagleF

GOOD MORNING! my followers. 🥶 stay warm everyone! 🔥

NWS Boston ‏@NWSBoston

[710am] Well. It's official. The temperature dropped below 30°F overnight at the office. Last time this happened wa…

Maia 🔥 ‏@maia_rs_

Shoutout to the 🍆's for having completely different opinions about cast 3 and not having the groupchat fall apart.…

Ellie Lane ‏@ElaBluEyes

@hellywellytaff It was lovely and cosy.... plus I changed to the winter bedding yesterday, I did not want to get up…

Break-Out Watch ‏@KryptoKala32

Keep an eye on WABI 🚀🥶

Spectrum News Triad ‏@SpecNewsTriad

BRRRR! You are DEFINITELY going to need a jacket this morning! And it looks like we could hit freezing in some area…

Josh ‏@FelonJosh

@SilencedHippie Cold Enough 😭🥶 This is just me suffering though the realization that summers over and the cold seas…

Spectrum News RDU ‏@SpecNewsRDU

BRRRRR! You're definitely going to want to grab a jacket before you head out today! And it looks like a wet weekend…

neostorm ‏@neostormx

So I was at the Halloween premiere last night. It was AWESOME! I'm not sure what I can say about the whole experien…

Dan415 ‏@DannyR415

@AshleyD_WTAE @SamDHallJr @mikeclarkWTAE 50's° all week long? What ever happened to the 60's°? 🥶

Dan415 ‏@DannyR415

@kamenta @DanielleDozier Baby, It's Cold Outside! 🥶

FantasyBet ‏@fantasy_bet

The unusual suspects 🕵️‍♂️ Can you guess the missing teams on the clean sheet list? 1. Man City, 62% 2. Liverpoo…

Real Soup Company ‏@RealSoupCo

#FlavourFriday: warm up this #winter with our award winning Indonesian Chickpea & Coconut #soup is a warming blend…

Neels 🎃 ‏@Schnauzer_Face

When your thermostat stops working 🥶

Shih Tzu Time ‏@ShihTzuTime

Kinda cold out here, mum. 🥶

CovUniTechPark ‏@CovUniTechPark

It's a tiny bit cold 🥶 but the sun is shining ☀️and we have that #fridayfeeling

BES Utilities ‏@BESUtilitiesUK

#FridayFeelGood Autumn is officially here and with it the return of the cold weather 🥶 Follow these 5 simple tips…

յօյօ 🦇 ‏@StayLow_Jojo

4:28 good night 😬😬🥶

Mary Denise ‏@MaryDenise22

@Christi37365217 When we were young these silly things didn't exist now its gone barmy the Xmas one is crazy we…

Toyin Oshinowo ‏@DrFoxycleo

Calling all people living with Sickle in cold country 🥶 - have you had your flu jab this year? Make sure you do!! #SickleCell

Cannon Contractors ‏@Cannondamp

Another chilly one this morning 🥶 but the sun is shining! We've got that #FridayFeeling

Pretty Polly ‏@PrettyPollyLegs

Oh's so cold today we've gone from a 40 denier to a 200 fleecy! 🥶

🗯 ‏@typierreparka

@Bwinterss happy gday slime!🥶

Jamie Benson ‏@JamieBenson_

I think I’ve just paid £100 to wake up at 4am and get hyperthermia for the next 10 weeks. I think next year I’ll st…

Mrs Zero ‏@0MrsZero

#safarilive Good morning everyone 🥶

Scot4ever ‏@aberdeen104

@indigojess Like how do you get through BFA in white gear 🥶

Alexandra Highcrest ‏@AMHighcrest

@poetpooch @DebAbides @andrealori @HRHLou Now that's chilly. 🥶 It's warmer here in Toronto.

Brian Oar ‏@BrianOarGolf

@theloopsuper 😂🤣😂burrrr, not even Duchess wants to go out in 18. 🥶

Jonathan 🏆 ‏@jdobbins_97

Bron, Kuz, Zo, Hart, and Ingram is a dangerous lineup 🥶 #lakeshow

🕳 ‏@Graytness

I’m the problem.? 🥶😪

JeR_V ‏@JeRV5G

@OnePlus_USA 🥶 ok, I got this, flash, reboot to recovery & flash again then go with the latest kernel. I totally go…

🍭 Spooka 🎃 ‏@NinjaPucca

We're not in Florida anymore 🥶

Omar Boteo ‏@hoemarrr

@kidsvke when i go to games i take uber, no way i’m going through that shit. call me madeintyo cause i uber everywhere 💪😜🥶

JuWaun Queen 🏀 ‏@JayyGottJelly

ima dmv baby i run it up in some 990’s 🥶

NWS Memphis ‏@NWSMemphis

We haven't talked about the "F" word since Spring, but it's possible this weekend. Northern portions of the Mid-Sou…

Neocon maudit 👥 ‏@NeoconMaudit

When I was an undergrad, affirmative action was an axiomatic good thing. But strangely when in the Freshman Union I…

JeR_V ‏@JeRV5G

@OnePlus_USA 🤤 never settle. You go to th I s. Bra. The new backp ack . The grey 1. 🥴 Fast AF. This phones .... Mi…

Lupine ‏@Genxpunk69

@AliceEvansGruff @aogfx Pulled into a gas station on my motorcycle one day. Put the side stand down and it got caug…

tinag ‏@tinamtl2000

Not as cold as here, we are dipping tonight at 1 celcius 🥶. Where are you located? #CNCO #mosthandsomemen2018…

i want revenge. ‏@camarattti

made her a part of the team now she asking for a ring.🥶

Cassidy 카세디 ‏@ChaoticCassidy

Its so cold outside!!!! 🥶

David Cosloff ‏@DavidCosloff

Almost 3 more hours to go, I am super excited, I am getting chills 🥶#Daredevil

🦇👻Spook-Fist👻🦇 @AUSA2018 ‏@VFistFGC

@KiraBuckland Can't wait 👊🏻 stay warm 🥶

Auntie Doni ‏@AuntieDoni

Fall kinda skipped over us this year ... We went from warm to COLD like that !! 🥶 I made my version of Chicken Ch…

Anita C. ‏@TheCre8tiveDiva

It's just October 18 and it's 39 degrees. I am freezing 🥶 and think I want to put my gloves on to type. I don't kno…

Revenew_Rico LCE ‏@perrico81

It’s that time of year!!! Love this 🥶 💩 #WorkNights💰🤴🏾

ᴄʀᴀɪɢ ᴍᴏʀʀɪꜱᴏɴ ‏@craigmorro47

@JackRobertYoung @RWWA_Thor @AlbanyRacing 17 degree differential in weather inside 24 hours too, had to go searchin…

Alexandra Highcrest ‏@AMHighcrest

@DebAbides @andrealori @HRHLou Right now it's 6° C (43° F) in Toronto. 🥶

bk ‏@copmilk

_X5 till i die 🥶

Luda ‏@Ieeluda

Nyang, it was so cold today. 🥶

❌JVonD❌ ‏@JVonD

🥶#Copper #HG having issues breaking out of a flag. Was wondering about the fundamentals. To my rescue the great com…

𝓐𝓵𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓼 🇵🇪 ‏@alma_b30

bro, everything you ever wanted in a person is right infront of you but you’re too blind to see that . 🥶

𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙣 / #𝙎𝙤𝙖𝙍𝙂𝙧𝙖𝙫𝙚 ‏@Graveification


Bakes (ง'̀-'́)ง ‏@BakesMB

What are these dead maps on cmg? 🥶

EDDIE ‏@edgerwood

@ChasKrall He better get moving south quickly. 🥶

Chilly 🥶❄️ ‏@Chilly2Kold

@Just_Asmo Thanks brotha 🤘🏼❄️💙🥶

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