Freezing Face Emoji

A face that is freezing cold, potentially shown blue with icicles.

Freezing Face is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🥶 U+1F976


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chi🇲🇵 ‏@chiahontas

freezing my ass off in ATL 🥶

Psychotic Basterd ‏@ValentinaMatusa

Reposting this because I forgot to add the original 🥶. SWIPE to check it!👉🏻 This is y version of Stella, for…

Bodil40 ‏@bodil40

I’m happy I decided to go out and just play tonight 😂🥶❄️

Boom ‏@BoomHefner

She did this move on my car this morning 🥶😒

Ben Noll ‏@BenNollWeather

Southern Hemisphere Christmas Day 2018: where's Santa surfing? 🎅 🏄‍♂️ ⬆️ Western + southern Australia, New Zealand…

nathanyiel govea 🤐 ‏@govea_XV

my patience getting shorter by the day 🥶

Makaela Sue ✨ ‏@MakaelaSue

Sleeping with the window open in twenty-degree weather is all fun and games until you have to wake up and are so co…

Ken ‏@Kensworlddd

Outside cold asab but I still went running 🥶

d!mple ‏@true_beautay

It’s so cold 🥶 😩

Uriah Gilbert ‏@ulg352

Yeah she cold 🥶

Kristen ⌬ Drury ‏@APchemisMe

Today is toasty Tuesday at my school (dress warm and comfy) and how better to do that than wear a chemistry scarf!…

Marky Mark ‏@fuckmarkymark

Feel like going to the range today 🥶

Adam Withey ‏@withey_adam

@ClareWoodling have a wonderful Tuesday. Stay well this winter. ❄️ 🥶

simon watts ‏@CuboneSimon

TOTALLY FALSE & LAUGHABLE - MIDDLE CLASS MEDIA TV & PAPER - Blaming Poor XMAS Spending on Brexit & Uncertain Econo…

callen rigney® ‏@Callen_Rigney51

happy birthday big man! hope you have a great day! much love! 🥶✊

Smxke🎋 ‏@SmxkeTV

I have crackshot and they released a back bling for all the people that have it😂🥶

ѕнa̷яa̷i🥰 ‏@sk_the_don

2 can play that game 🥶

DJ PrimeTime🎧 ™ ‏@DJ_PrimeTime

@ItsYoungJas Im here for you 🥶🔥

anthea peña ‏@antheapena

@tamikj Cold wind beware 🥶

quavolitt ‏@quavolitt

Aye if you dont fw me dont tryna dap me up just bc u see everyone else doing it keep yo energy ya ass had b4.🥶💯

Official DJ HEATZ ‏@officialdjheatz

Too cold 🥶 I am out @ Jersey City, New Jersey

keely 🦒 ‏@keely_thouu

cause you left ice on my heart. 🥶

Lipstick&Sweatpants ‏@Lipstick_Sweats

Serious Q: where are the breakfast noodle soups 🍜 @ in NYC? BC, (controversial topic), #BabyItsColdOutside 🥶…

Breeee🎀 ‏@caela_bre

Yea... Issa treadmill day 🏃🏾‍♀️ My Memphis blood can only take so much cold 🥶

Charlie Cassanova ‏@DjMccassanova

Cold 🥶 lets go!

t🥰🎄 ‏@Tsunamitee_

Key Glock & Herbo 🥶

Jacey Birch ‏@JaceyWPLG

Baby it’s COLD outside! 🥶 Outfit of the Day: Dress from Cache & Boots 👢👢from @dsw_us #ootd

Prophet_Pastor_JD_Drayton ‏@prophetpastorJD

Too cold 🥶 I am out ✌🏾🤟🏾✌🏾 @ New Park Tavern

Alex Kahn ‏@akahn

@rusto88 Time to take out the garbage 🥶

Ruffin ⚡️ ‏@GinaNO_Martin

This wind is playing ZERO games today 🥶

Mark ‏@Mark39462529

Wats not to like cold 🥶 gale force 🌬 winds ! Feels like home love it

jingle belle🎄🌟 ‏@belenamx_

FRICK it’s cold 🥶

Wooper ‏@Claustr0ph0b1a

Another day of being late to school because transportation can't get their stuff together. And it's cold out too. 🥶😒

ً ‏@rosegoIdswift

gm daddy 🥶💙💜💗💝💖💞💘💕 @notearIeftocry

asanchez 😽 ‏@aracelis_xoxo

its as cold as my heart 🥶

Brandon ‏@BrandonCantu97

Literally going to freeze tonight 😭🥶

𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙮 ‏@orbitempo

good morning🤩😆🥶 say it back uglies

Addie 🕉 ‏@addi_e_son

I’m about to start bringing a heated blanket to work with me 🥶

Nicolette ‏@NicDavisNotes

@gilsimmons Good Morning #weatherboss from a cold 🥶 Danielson with 22* and a wicked wind 🌬 #bundleup 🧤🧣 😊

Jada👑 ‏@JadaaaaRene

I’ll cut you off quicker than I met you 🥶💯🤣

David Arizzi 🐏🏈💯 ‏@DreBly31

Let’s Finish This 2019 Class Strong @Sam_Howell2 @tristonmiller55 @jadenm92 @tomxri_fox54 @Blvd_4 @CrouchQuavaris…

Rin Seiko Mitchel ‏@blackkphoenixxx

This wind tho 😨🥶

Merry Myles🎅🏽🎄 ‏@gresham_myles

First dub of the season ⚡️stay tuned 🥶

lovin_life ‏@love_eachday101

Omggg it’s freezinggg today... 33 degrees 🥶😫

☥I AM Knowledge☥ ‏@bossman733

Ms. Burr 🥶

QB🦂 ‏@QueBruh

Bread in my pocket l ain’t Po’boy!🥶

Columbia CC ‏@columbia_cc

CCC Frost Update: Driving Range opens at 9:30, Golf Course at 10. 🥶 ☃️

Sara Weddle ‏@tenrosekhaleesi

it’s freezing 🥶

Manyah Grider ‏@ManyahGrider

Heart cold 🥶

Nikki Aguinaga ‏@LifesStyleBlog

@sweatsntopknots @CherylsClevtips @BGbloggers @Enjoytravellif1 @eattravellife @MAinAdulting @thecheekymommy My freq…

AMBI 🦋 ‏@Ambi2448

I forgot to turn the heat up last night. Woke up freezing.... hey it’s only 62 degrees in my room. 🥶

M♡’nique 🎄 ‏@MO_neek84

@lorenzabraham12 Morning , have a good day. Stay warm. Sooo cold and windy up here 🥶

Martin Peters ‏@mjpeterz22

Medium chips 🍟...? I don’t think 🤔 so! And they are cold 🥶 @McDonaldsUK Hengrove #terrible

Mark Horton ‏@opshorton

@easyJet Hi, message sent 🥶

Hit 456 Or Water Out 🗣💯 ‏@DrayKush

if me an my next baby mama not on this i’m not taking not one pic this some boss shit 😂😂💯🥶

𝓈𝑜𝓅𝒽 🥵🥵 ‏@sophportsmouth

out of all the things i’ve done/witnessed the one thing that always gives me the chills is Olivia going live on ins…

OG zoe papi ‏@1kidkreole

z’s up til i freeze up 🥶

NN ‏@GoonerGolf

@LIRR Temperatures drop over night, switch trouble in the morning. Going to be a long winter 🥶

P. ⚡️ ‏@paigeydoll_

Got a lot of blood and it’s cold 🥶

Ana Lee ‏@analee14

Happy 41st Anniv Parents! 🎉 Enjoy the snow! 🥶 You both have conquered extreme heat and cold! Nice! More travels! La…

X6 Drip Co. ‏@X6DripCo

Check out our Limited Edition “Jason Drip” hoodie #X6Dripco preorder now before they are gone link in bio 🥶

Alex Nestro ‏@alex_nestro

Wow I wish I looked at the weather before deciding on wearing a skirt and tights to work. Ya girl is frigid 🥶

Ngô Khánh Linh ‏@NgKhnhL64053700

@BTS_twt @steveaoki I am doing it now 🧡❤️💜💙💛💗💚 I feel so cold 🥶 but you warm my heart 💜

Tommy B. Ascher ‏@KillerBeeShow

(((🥶))) Polar vortex may be on the horizon, scientists warn

Mike Dacri ‏@mdacri

Wow! The wind is brutal today! 💨🥶

rvtraveltech ‏@rvtraveltech

@GoParks Beautiful animals! We’ve been dogsledding once. Probably the coldest form of travel possible. 🥶

Jim W ‏@jwhite1811

@STVickiWAAF Cool is one way to describe the air 🥶

Cat Lady Lovin Florida ‏@CatladyLovinFL

@SkittlesFriends We are staying inside too! A bit chilly 🥶

POTTED ‏@PottedCo

Cannabis-strain inspired socks for the winter 🥶

Roy Domenech ‏@DDebroy84

@CarolSilvaNews It is very cold 🥶 and windy 🌬, stay warm and safe outside, have a wonderful 👍day! 🌞☀️🥶🌸🌺😮🎄🎁🙏💗

🐝 Dubster ‏@simplybeedub

This is a different type of hawk in NY! SHIT!!!! 🥶❄️☃️ ‏@TrailCamTrophy

TrailCam Tuesday 🥶 📸:@adventuressmagazine . . . #trailcamtuesday #trailcamtrophy #trailcamology #trailcamera…

Dj Gero ‏@djgero

Thinking about doing these inspections because It’s Cold 🥶 . Can I Call In ? GOID MORNING 🤪

Who is John Galt? ‏@Over9x6

My run today was insane. So cold 🥶 here in DC. It almost felt like ❄️, but the only ⛄️ was me and I was in my Salom…

Bald n' Bougie 🍋 ‏@Saucinlikelex

@king_ofcurls Blue 🥶

Zach Smeeze🙏🏽 ‏@zach_toliver13

Don’t let me find where you stay at, because it’s gonna me movie after that. 🥶😈

ROOTHLESS💋 ‏@Daddy_Yooo

Finally all my grades are in 🥶 graduation here i come🙌🏽

E ‏@EuniceGracenote

Just chillin’ 🥶

Jordan Taylor ‏@lodidodijordan

I am in desperate need of some really nature therapy. Fuckkkk Oklahoma. I miss oregon so much 😢🥶

Tara ‏@jerseygolden

Freeeeezzzzzing outside 🙀🥶😫

Roy Domenech ‏@DDebroy84

@SamanthaAugeri @brendaleecamera @fox5ny Wow 😮! Beautiful sunrise 🌅, very nice 👍. Great 👍 way to start your day eve…

nyc.2fan ‏@Nyc2fan

Freezing 🥶 Morning Good Morning NYC☕️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #goodmorning #newyork #what_i_saw_in_nyc…

ᒍᑌᒍᑌ凸(¬‿¬)凸 ‏@boogs231515

Me and mother nature about to have a problem. 🥶

Ira Jones ‏@AreaCodeSponsor

@KicksEh I found a size 13 on eBay 🥶

niya montana ‏@babyjustrelax

it’s cold 🥶 and bitches don’t got no edges

Esgardo Pinedo ‏@PinedoEsgardo

@AprilMadisonWX good deal .. nice chilly start 👍.. Thanks April.. great job ...👍👍👍🥶

Stormy 👩🏽‍🦳🌩 ‏@mean_gemini1

It’s cold af out here this morning 🥶

wokejammer ‏@wokejammer

@Jenn4Laughs Not bad. Got puppers on my lap! Dreading the frigid day! 🥶


Today is a Skimask kind of cold. Cover yourselves up from head to toe please. 🥶

Trillary Banks ‏@callmepumkin

It’s cold 🥶

ICY. ‏@aliyaahss

@jerseytxylor Omg I’m- I’m proud 🥶

Lord Ralph 🧐 ‏@Ralphive

In Poland today 🇵🇱 Can’t remember the last time I put so many layers on 🥶

Gina Marini ‏@ginamarini_news

Snow has stopped, but winds have picked up in #Bangor It’s cold out 🥶@FoxABCMaine

Amy Leonard ‏@AmyLeonard16

Aloha from #weareyatesmill Who doesn’t dream of a Hawaiian holiday?! Mele Kalikimaka @WCPSSTeam #homemade…

KittyCatt ‏@Cattsmeowww

It’s brick as fuckkkk in Boston this morning 🥶

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