Front-Facing Baby Chick Emoji

A baby chicken (chick), facing forward.

Front-Facing Baby Chick was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐥 Baby Chick


🐥 U+1F425




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Emma @ The Movies ‏@VisionInMovies

@old_dead_guy They’re not going to be anything alike are they? I skipped Hereditary... 🐥

Wait, what? ‏@haveahavanese

@busysowingseeds @GOP @realDonaldTrump @LaraLeaTrump I always assumed your handle was a metaphor for spreading trut…

🐥환영을 환영합니다🦊 ‏@SDJY_LOVE

SWEET GIRL 🌹 #산들 #진영 🐥🦊

suunaderrr ‏@suunaderrr

@BTS_twt I LOVE YOU DADDYS👬🌈😍🐰🐥👑💖💖💖💖❤💙💚💛💜💟 #JIKOOK #KOOKMIN #JIMIN #jk

Capoleco ‏@Ahgabongie

Let's do it ahgase! Stream a lot!!🐥🔥 C'mon and join @GOT7EUProject event!💪💪💪 #GOT7_SPINNINGTOP…

Mikhail Ocean ‏@mikhailocean

@jcorbin63 ☀️🐥morning 🌷🦋

αռɢɛʟ_άᖇѕ🌙 ‏@iamcsnts

Streaming💚🐥 #GOT7 #갓세븐 @GOT7Official

𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐢 ‏@PJM1LOVER

holy trinity 🐥👀🐰

m⎾ᴊᴊᴘ ᴀᴜ ⏌🌕🌘🌑 ‏@jirongiex

Good morning! What a great day to love got7 💚🐥

achi ‏@bashieee_

bdl is back on 🐥🐥🐥

erin ‏@eriinbarbarax

happy sunday peeps 🐥

🌙 ‏@laiwinks

q: if papa lai steps on your shoe, will (you) be angry? 🐥: i’ll be angry (turns out to be a lie hahaha) so guanlin…

#FANCY ‏@yoojaeyo

I’ll be giving out ‘FANCY’ sticker sheets on the day of youngjae’s first fanmeeting ‘ONE MORE TIME, BABY’! 🐥 time…

➳ 💚 Scarlet Defsoul 💚 #GOT7_SPINNINGTOP ‏@scarlet_defsoul

@GOT7EUProject @GOT7Official Ahgase fighting! 🐥💚

irish with luv 🤟🏼 ‏@perfectlykth

went on my other acc and saw this ☺️🐥🐯

Maryam Saleem ‏@adultingisgross

@StatesOfVagery You naughty nasty ass.🐥

Dad2-2 ‏@Daddyto02

@StefWilliams25 @KaitMarieox Thank God this had more likes than the original tweet 🐥

Pete Villalino ‏@SevyPiet

PokemonGo Community Day: Torchic 🐥🔥 P.S. Got all Shiniesss

V ‏@taedhyvng

@thezhungguo @JUNGKOOKXBTS_ @mochimiie @rlsjin @seokddjin @btsjeon @GDNJKOOK @kmseookjin @i7IMIN 🐰 Where is it! My…

(H) 2k. Wonie 🐥 ‏@wonyongq

Wonie update chara 🐥: 190519 KCON #장원영 #원영 #ウォニョン #아이즈원 #IZONE

(H) 2k. Wonie 🐥 ‏@wonyongq

Wonie update chara 🐥: 190519 KCON #장원영 #원영 #ウォニョン #아이즈원 #IZONE

(H) 2k. Wonie 🐥 ‏@wonyongq

Wonie update chara 🐥: 190519 KCON #장원영 #원영 #ウォニョン #아이즈원 #IZONE

Joesy ‏@MissLed20

@CraggMalcolm Well if you eat them there’s no reason you’d ever want to buy them..I know! If not they just make th…

MONO.⛄ ‏@__monoo

Shopping date! #jihope #btsfanart #bts #민홉 #hopemin #jhope #jimin #junghoseok #parkjimin #hoseok #지민 #호석 🐥🐹

아띵카럽뽐 ‏@defbabybird

LEZGETIT 🐥🔥💚🐥🔥💚 mass streaming for lullaby on all streaming sites ^^ @GOT7Official #GOT7 #갓세븐

Gsd_Raymond ‏@Gsd_Ray

190519 [NOTICE] GIRLS DAY MINAH is Currently Filming for Her Upcoming Movie "A Good Words" Now! 🐥🐠 MINAH Has Been…

Da Bruizzers & Mizter Bakon ‏@Blutospin

@cat01cat01cat01 @ZombieSquadHQ @GregariousGus @Mygreatredmare @irisesther54 @3coolkatz @Aki_and_Kari @MillieOTLFP…

brianna ‏@bfpentek

@sarahliz901 NOOOOO you need shiny torchic! 🐥

月海 ‏@tsukiumi


martina 💗💜💙 l #JIB10 ‏@aliceramonablak


trice 🍪 ‏@authentxt

,,,,,,,ur not-so-pretty moot passing through 🐥

Aira San Pedro ⚓ ‏@airalovesss

My bebes 😍🐥 #PokemonGoCommunityDay

필릭스. ‏@felixriu

🐥 Should we get closer than before?Cause I'm still doubt what it's the top feature about you. @naakyng

𝓔𝓶𝓶𝓪 🦋 ᵂᵉᵐᵇˡᵉʸ ‏@yoongseokjin_

my jinmin heart is so full 🐹🐥💓


So the fact that 🐥 hoodie is beside 🐇 underwear and he take it such a very normal way before leaving(or did he real…

Hon. Inuwa Nguru ‏@Nguruu95

@deeyh_saa welcome on board🐥 enjoy your stay👍🏻

La Reserva Club de Sotogrande ‏@lareservagolf

Birdie 🐥 for @celineherbin after two bogeys in 10 & 11 to take the solo lead up to -5 Behind 🇩🇪 Esther Henseleit w…

itskookie. ‏@thisisamandaa3

Owwh yeah 💜💜🐥🐥 #JIMIN #jiminyouareperfect #JiminWeLoveYou #Jiminisanangel #Jiminisarmyslife

ヴィラ ㄘャん るちゃそ愛~!!! ‏@stigmaaaa_th

@Satoushori__m YELLOW 🌻💛🐱🐥🌼🌟🍋🧀🏵📒✏️

まきんこ💜 ‏@1c2f422131794bb

Please help us in clearing jimin🐥🙏💕 Jimin smile Jimin laugh Jimin amazing Jimin talented Jimin hardworking Jimin p…

namatidakbolehkosong ‏@slmtrmdn

Can we back again? 🌸🐥

cutesoftALIENQUEEN ‏@lemon_leni

This gay ass is so damn happy after a long while 🙈❤️🐥🤙🏻

체리🍒 ‏@jacksonstardust

yugyeom on twitter, instagram, youtube, facebook, everywhere: #igot7🐥💚

Liam Lovesey ‏@LiamLovesey94

I feel like I’m on Noah’s ark with all these animals 🐥🦆🐶🐾

KOOKINA🖤 ‏@stubborngf_

BTS is incomplete without: 1. Kim Namjoon🐨 2. Kim Seokjin🐹 3. Min Yoongi🐱 4. Jung Hoseok🐿️ 5. Park Jimin🐥 6. Kim Ta…

𝙎𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙞𝙡🐣♬ ‏@yerintaro

[190519] #GFriend instastory update Buddies, thank you so much for today❤ it's raining, so be careful when you go…

Amit Mehra ‏@amitmehra

@rumiesque And what is this now ?! Teenagers these days... 🐥

🌻Susan D. Rich MD MPH🌻 ‏@SusanDRichMD

Our first natural 🐣 hatchlings at #DreamCatcherMeadows! 2 hens partnered sitting on the nest - a Buff Orphington…

Glitzy🦋 ‏@omglitzy

Can someone tell me when @PokemonGoApp Torchic community day starts in (Texas) Central time zone? 🐥

diana e. perkel ‏@diana2dogs

Take a trip #upstream with me on the #powowriver this morning. All I had to do was cross the street ... I felt like…

M E L A N I E ‏@MelanieQuessada

Day 4 was a success ! Thank you @DesiPerkins for you time ! You’re literally an angel ! Keep inspiring us ! Love yo…

C2xts (Paul) ‏@cheeky2xists

my husband is currently doing an hours swim in the villa pool in a pair of white trunks .... I’m just gonna sit dr…

Mulhy ‏@muliana_safitry

<📸> 190519 BTS World Tour Stadium Concert : Love Yourself-Speak Yourself MetLife Stadium - New Jersey (Day 1) Bu…

Mulhy ‏@muliana_safitry

<📸> 190519 BTS World Tour Stadium Concert : Love Yourself-Speak Yourself MetLife Stadium - New Jersey (Day 1) Bu…

🦄 ‏@sarafarahart1

@allahakiim Not while am here 🐥

Erin 💍 ‏@erinlovejariana

i mean i wanna be an adult... but not right now 🐥

Lysann Kelpin ‏@Lizzn1337

A few hours until #PokemonGOCommunityDay starts 🤗Gonna catch some #Torchic's today 🐥 #GOsnapshot photobombed by…

Daku💜 yourlovev ‏@greekgods_vhp

Jimin's solo serendipity hit 100 M And now taehyung's solo singularlity hit 100 M 🐥🐯 Soulmates outsold!!!!!!! Let…

Sarai 🤟💜 ‏@sayurix87

🐥: Jungkook-ah be a good boy and kiss me 😳 #jikook #kookmin

abowlrice ‏@abowlrice

#JIMIN #JiminToday #JIMINpic #jiminyouareperfect #jimincute I love you!!🐥✨

Earthwatch Europe ‏@Earthwatch_Eur

What birds are your favourite, and why? 🐦 🐤 🐔 🐥 @_birdsurvey18 wants to know! Fill in this quick survey and contri…

Rand Farm Park ‏@RandFarmPark

On weekends and half-terms you can handle our adorable chicks! 🐥

Rachel DePompa ‏@RachelDePompa

Morning 🐣 🐥 ☀️ 🌅

GOT7whatsupbabe🌑🌘🌕 ‏@GOT7whatsupbabe

@nakayIaxbangtan @VoteFor36157220 I want GOT7 lightstick 🐥💚💚

Garry Blakeley ‏@Fixbygaz

Great work @RochelleMorris @LETgolf @lareservagolf hope you enjoyed playing the weekend. All that work in the putti…

BTS FAN QUIZ ✈️BTS Paris ‏@blueberryme4

@BTS_twt Jimin’s laugh is so adorable, and Kookie face expression is always make me want to protect him . Why He is…

Persona&Smiles ‏@sunshineandsmi4

The treachery of this thread from Eat Jin ending... I love them all, even if I did lose sleep laughing at them. Tha…

Rob Gandola ‏@RobGandola

@collieennis Quail lover indeed 😍🐥

David chan ‏@Godhunters79

@ShiroNozomi Lol don't tell me... I already know if you are thinking what I am thinking 🤣🤣🐥🐥

𝕭𝖊𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖉 ‏@bbysinnerx

i’m with my cellphonee 🐥🐣

ДecomposedФreak ‏@ecomposed

🐯Do You Want Followers?🐰❤️ 🍓1000 Retweet = 1000 Followers 🍓 🐼2000 Retweet = 2000 Followers 🐷 😛3000 Retweet = 300…

몽숙의쏘 ‏@ShiroNozomi

@Godhunters79 Yeah, super cute! Her dorky shots are like once in a blue moon so definitely a good day for uri Sso 🐥

be🦋loveable ‏@YoursPetite

@bubyjeon the best of good mornings to you too 🐥🐰

ことりはな ‏@flowerribon

🐥happy 🐰 easter🌷

; ‏@yoongikosmos_

his smile and hair color 🐥💜

โนตรรกะ ‏@techzas

Today is a community day 🐤🐥🐣

e🌙lipse's 1° time out // Followback ‏@kimyugyeomizre1

Let's all have fun while streaming it 😊💯 i love you all 💚🐥 #GOT7 #GOT7_SPINNINGTOP #GOT7_BETWEEN_SECURITY_AND_INSECURITY #GOT7_ECLIPSE

ΛИИE ‏@theglezy

@koostae See my tweet 🌟🐥🐰

Inès Marais ‏@Ines_Marais

@theyunkiverse Hey 🌟 how would I be able to see your merch and buy it?🐥

CHECK GA ON PINNED. ‏@joydohku

Our chicken baby has changed her color into the blue, Luvies. 🐥

ź ‏@zaaaaalmc

happiest birthday to the smolest! 🐥 u know hm ily, see u soonest imy ✨ dont get confused sa last pic. u da one who…

⚡️Flashleigh Ever After🍎 ‏@EverAshleigh

@hollyanderson30 @reign_atkins @p_machor @willmpolk @SceneNNerd @Jamieschneider_ @StephB617 @MixTape_Vol_1…

ΛИИE ‏@theglezy

I should've read this when it's already complete. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can't think straight because of these 🐥🐰 #jikookau. I'm s…

T’oun ‏@khorntheehak

I love your voice,,,’Magic Shop’ #JIMIN @BTS_twt Miss you already 🐥

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