Fuel Pump Emoji

A fuel pump, used to fill up a vehicle with gas / petrol.

Shown as red or orange on most platforms. Apple's artwork shows a droplet icon and the numbers 00322 but previously displayed the letter G on the front.

Fuel Pump was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛽ Gas Pump

⛽ Petrol Pump

Apple Name

⛽ Fuel Pump


⛽ U+26FD




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Daure 🥋 ‏@captaindahood

Fire fighters couldn't go to put out fire cause of no fuel ⛽ in their motor 🤔 in Onitsha *Vanguard news 📰

#TTFL Team spacejam (#925) ‏@TeamTtfl

#TTFL de la nuit Drummond 🔥48 pts Conley🐻 44 pts Griffin 42 pts Greek freak🇬🇷 40 pts Simmons🇦🇺 37 pts Gasol⛽ 35 pts… https://t.co/KGMAusb0zE

therealtwinfranklin ‏@T_REALONDATRACK

Another night at the office ⛽🌿😤🎶🎹#kingpalmleaf #producerlife #iamtwinfranklin #trapper #stoner #flstudio… https://t.co/5fasxvD9z7

Guy ‏@weedtheguy

Candy Jack 🍬 or Purple Sour Diesel ⛽ https://t.co/7oiQ1m37G0

Straight Outta Toronto ‏@ThaDopeDoctor

New beats on the way...from one of the dopest producers in hip hop. Stay tuned! 🔥⛽🔥⛽🔥⛽🔥⛽🔥⛽🔥⛽🔥 #HIPHOP #BEATS… https://t.co/fUlXrUODKA

SHABBy SHABBz 😈 ‏@ATM_Shabby


ISmokeThrax⛽️ ‏@Chapo469Capone

Blowing ⛽💨💨 Pt2: https://t.co/NVwjQO8uPR via @YouTube

therealtwinfranklin ‏@T_REALONDATRACK

Cookin up and burnin up ⛽🌿😤🎶🎹#kingpalmleaf #producerlife #lightshow #iamtwinfranklin #trapper #stoner #flstudio… https://t.co/4t68PDUuJi

Raymond ‏@MWPlaya

Damn this is some ⛽🔥

Saradha Automobiles ‏@SaradhaAuto

Free to drive, free to chase ⛽🚞🚀 ambitious landscape. Enjoy your midweek travels friends. #NayaraEnergy #Cholavaram https://t.co/00eyAahRvG

therealtwinfranklin ‏@T_REALONDATRACK

Another night at the office ⛽🌿😤🎶🎹#producerlife #iamtwinfranklin #trapper #stoner #flstudio #mondaynightfootball… https://t.co/2MmEFMdqK9

Nthando ‏@Phuti78

@royalitya @royalitya, so this means even if petrol ⛽ goes down they(government) will nail us with this repo rate. Nxa

Uncle D ‏@chain_ent

Use to ⛽ niggaz up like .... https://t.co/4zgvgsyIKV

Proyecto Alborada ‏@projectAlborada

📆2018/11/19 Today @ Work🏢 🌤760 #solarpanels (190 kW) ⚡ENERGY = 796.69 kWh 😷CO₂ = 592.74 kg ⛽Gasoline = 252.48 l 🛢Oi… https://t.co/zibrjWbtmA

Moneyman😎💰 ‏@Moneyman488

Irene Smoking Good ⛽💪

Jimmy Bonez ‏@KungLoud919

When u get a good laugh while bunin one ⛽💨🤣🤣😂

Ryan S. ‏@BlueToothBro

Hmu if u got that ⛽

Saint ‏@Vilisantae

I just watched his Snap & he was in the VIP gassing up⛽ with Drake, THE Champagne Papi

ISmokeThrax⛽️ ‏@Chapo469Capone

Blowing ⛽💨💨: https://t.co/r6ZQwdlqoZ via @YouTube

Quisdabeast ‏@jones_marquis

Riden with fire 💨 😤⛽ 🔥 https://t.co/NCkm6NL1Uf

BacardiRockstarr ‏@bacardi803SC

#Flashback #MRTHANKSGIVINGBIRTHDAYBASH THIS THURSDAY AT CLUB AMBITIONS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏀🔌🎤🎵🎻🎚👿⛽ @ Club Ambition 2 https://t.co/Lm3dKbHUcI

paulPLUG ‏@MariaMJ102

@vii3465f "GAS LINE⛽..😤😤😤💨💨💨🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀..TOKES UP#PPP #StonerFam #cannabis #marijuana @EmeraldZoo @EveOfNite @NeilSamra1… https://t.co/KbWESLjH33

Weed Culture ‏@WeedCulture3

"GAS LINE⛽..😤😤😤💨💨💨🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀..TOKES UP#PPP #StonerFam #cannabis #marijuana @EmeraldZoo @EveOfNite @NeilSamra1… https://t.co/3VhDoqSS0F

Notabot ‏@newbotonthebloc



Check✔ out Juve Whamm Official "Off Top" video shot x Sky Johnson& Arika Johnson STR8 ⛽⛽⛽ https://t.co/bv2ZAHojjU

BallsoNation ‏@BallsoNation

Listen to 'The Dream' an awesome new song from our boy @Official_Jaydub ⛽🔥🚒 https://t.co/C7YWySUm8r

Proyecto Alborada ‏@projectAlborada

📆2018/11/19 Today @ Home 🏡 🌤22 #solarpanels (5.50 kW) ⚡ENERGY = 24.02 kWh 😷CO₂ = 17.871 kg ⛽Gasoline = 7.61 l 🛢Oil… https://t.co/0xMDfhYuQN

Scrappy Doo ‏@shul_shock

Eich daddy baby ⛽⛽⛽ https://t.co/EJ42x17YtF

*Nee* ‏@Kdot_Simms

Movies nd chill 💨⛽🍸 📺😁

Thareal187™ ‏@ThaReal187

Trappin wit da broski, ridin thru my neckadawoodz...🚗 ⛽

BillyTheSTEEZE'MANE ‏@billy_based

#RETWEET 🚨🚨#STEEZEMANE704 Newest Single "GetGuap" 💰💵🎹 out now #FreshSound #GoodFlow #CharlotteNcMusic #GasGangEnt ⛽… https://t.co/OvhQJ4X2Ei

TruthStation ‏@StationTruth

Lil Bro Going On Da Charts!!!!💯💯💯⛽⛽👌🏾🔥🎯 #LATogether #TMI https://t.co/n8302iMNZi

Nikita Riding-Byrd ‏@ridingskills

Be her ✌ peace bruh You already be bringing her car back on E ⛽~Brandon Og Slim Green~

Jay Bern ‏@JakeBern420

@_StevenCannon Smokin' some gas ⛽

Mz. Don ‏@Shalanta2

@knotdailycunt 💁Get off the ⛽Cardi still winning 💪

St. Cloud Times ‏@sctimes

Falling gas prices is something to be thankful for. ⛽🦃 https://t.co/zYPfYFFia1

BigDaddyBaller ‏@BlowinLoudPacks

Pullin up⛽💨

Mz. Don ‏@Shalanta2

@IggySapoi @BardiCartierCB @CardiCharts @IATodayBR @IggysSaviors @iggyportalbra @IACharts @IggyASource @IA_Daily 🤦Girl get off the⛽

SmashingCeoSsmg ‏@SmashingJoeCeo

we ready again🔥🔥⛽...Coming soon!! https://t.co/w1Avjm188x

A. B. 〽️™ ‏@Sinful_Ism

Oregon diesel .. ⛽😤

Nando ‏@Anthony_nandez

Wtf you at..., I'm just trying to match ⛽ with you're ass...what you think it was?

Young honcho ‏@younghoncho

Gotta insta? Wats ur shit♂⛽

IndependentJewellers ‏@IJewellers

Which ring will win the race?! 🏁 Either HEART or RETWEET to fuel your fav!!!😍⛽ #IJrocks #yegfashion #yeg https://t.co/FwRMtRQ9Dj

M D Farmer™ ‏@Bowling_4_Tacos

@saymyname8383 @huntedfellow @FuckAIPAC @a_Pepe_life @FightCIubX @IrelandFirst1 @Fionn_Oisinn @Goy2Of… https://t.co/Sge1ssmTqF

David Kyle II ‏@YardManThe

⛽ Got me in this bih tryna fold the dishes an shit!

Proyecto Alborada ‏@projectAlborada

📆 11/19/2018 10:10:48 AM CST ⏱ ~2,538 days driving in the 🇺🇸 🚘 2012 Volt @PLUG1N_Volt 🔋 201,877.83 km on Batteries… https://t.co/0mhPrCFmhH

Levi ‏@laVish_L3vi

⛽ only https://t.co/DO57J093Yh

Foreign fortune ‏@fortune_FCB

🔥🔥y'all Go FW my New⛽🔥 link in my bio https://t.co/8ps7EvA8wa

Fiona Ashen ‏@flame2ash

@bearbutthole Damn, she's proud to be that fat? So fat and retarded. ⛽⛽⛽

Tha Kidd ‏@OfclWordplae

2019 definitely gna b a glo yr ⛽💸💰

Lil 40cal ‏@L40cal

⛽ time on 9

Dsmoke ‏@305DLo_

My room smell like dat onion!!! ⛽

Dsmoke ‏@305DLo_

Finna face dis ⛽⛽

Trappo Trappo ‏@AliVegaz

Damn i miss You lil bra....😭😭 #LLDD🌹 ##V12Boyz4Life⛽💸💸🍞🍞 #SkeertInPeace💨💨 dedub_rose @ V-12 Boyz Music Group LLC. https://t.co/pcLA7eHwWC

D.iLL (bootywarrior) ‏@abez_d

Do dey got more gas ⛽🚗👀 #back2work boiis #studiolyfe :3 https://t.co/ajeOUzuffx

SmashingCeoSsmg ‏@SmashingJoeCeo

Yaaay!! 🔥🔥🤴🙌⛽⛽ Check Out Smashing Joe on ReverbNation! - https://t.co/lzgqbJetcV @ SMASH SQUAD MEDIA GROUP https://t.co/HXZGUzT95z

Zl🤶tk⛄️ "Holi'mojis" 🎅ng🎄r ‏@Zlatty

@thenerdcity @h3h3productions Nightmare fuel ⛽⛽⛽

BACKWOODS BANDIT ‏@bxckwoodsbxndit

@prodjorgeivan Ayeee brah that shit gass 🔥🤘🏼⛽

Carnivore Keto Coach ‏@CarnivoreKeto

Fatty acids& ketones are primary fuel for humans. We can burn glucose, but it's dirty & creates a lot of metabolic… https://t.co/x8xDobcLiu

Tanoris Ayers ‏@wheatstraw1

I'm bout to fill up everything I got ⛽⛽🤷🏿‍♂️ https://t.co/RQfDhh2Mrl

#FreeJuJu❤ ‏@Kpc_Booney

On the South with it ⛽ push up 💪

Boots ‏@ChrisBooots

@Calvin_Palmer3 bass speakers are 🔥🔥⛽

Pjc ‏@I_use_Martins

@Fly_Pete @alienhumanqueen @kashanacauley They don't do that anymore or any less?✂️⚡⚡⛽☣️🤮➰🐊🐍🐍💉🔨 🔨🔨🤕🔨🔨 or🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Roger Dylan Davis ‏@Dwitt816

Mob ties🔥⛽🔥⛽🔥⛽🔥 https://t.co/zsKllzX2Iu

A.X.E The Great ‏@AXE_The_Great

"Fucking The Shit Outta That Bitch Like I Love Her/ (Uh) She Think I Want To Get With Her I'm Just Getting Back At… https://t.co/YBnzBnHbFo

Emoji Sayings ‏@emojiidioms_txt

you've got a ⛽ on your 🍟

💳💶Moneymanemac📱🔭 ‏@MoneyMane_MaC

🔥🌍 #WorldWide 🎬🎬 I $MokeD #🚬 IT....🎶🎶....ThaT GooD $hiT🌴🌴 #Weed @HIGH_TIMES_Mag #HighTimes #420 #Marijuana #Kush 🎥🎥… https://t.co/OZexBqKM5E

Stoned Age Living ‏@StonedAgeLiving

Never Too Much, Never Too Much 🌳💨✈👽⛽🔥🍁☁

Certified BO$. ‏@MoneyMan_TG

⛽ I got 💪 as a mf ..

Proyecto Alborada ‏@projectAlborada

📆2018/11/19 @ Work 🏢 ⏱1,572 days up 🌤760 #solarpanels (190 kW) ⚡ENERGY = §1,164.54 MWh 😷CO₂ = 866,418 kg ⛽Gasoline… https://t.co/5rDnUHno8s

NorthpoleLeezy ‏@NorthpoleLeezy

If you not Gang don't come to my Section ⛽ #VIP Performance was Lit last Night 💯🔥 #explore #explorepage #MakingAWay… https://t.co/koBRXHrrx1

Gutta Plan Mixtape🔥 ‏@drocole99

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Pretty Shayyy ‏@SCaramelldropp



"GAS LINE⛽..😤😤😤💨💨💨🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀..TOKES UP#PPP #StonerFam #cannabis #marijuana @EmeraldZoo @EveOfNite @NeilSamra1… https://t.co/ITebxzsfYK

Follow Help ‏@GainWithRK

Follow everyone who LIKES this ⛽

⚠3⃣MILE⚠ ‏@FtrTycun

Guess I Get High ⛽😎 Before Work 💳💰

Diesel ‏@DieselInTheMix

Kalamazoo lets get it! I'm on at 1:15am! #OGKzoo ⛽⛽⛽ https://t.co/HrjhhxLcNe

Proyecto Alborada ‏@projectAlborada

📆2018/11/19 @ Home 🏡 ⏱1,437 days up 🌤22 #solarpanels (5.50 kW) ⚡ENERGY = §28.124 MWh 😷CO₂ = 20,924 kg ⛽Gasoline = 8… https://t.co/LFyfSxViUx

D.iLL (bootywarrior) ‏@abez_d

@brainwormradio @CULTB0YS @filmerkrane @EnvyMuzik @DaRainger @sad_boyardee @KNGPAO @mikaildot @Freako223… https://t.co/ergBMYeypb

Joanne Noce ‏@a3692358a

And not waste Time Money And Gas ⛽⛽

ً ‏@Thurgoodleroy

Always lit when me and Jocko cook up The tape is going to be 🤦🏾‍♂️⛽⛽⛽

David ‏@KazaKid

@BajanShvm Bro breathing straight O2 ⛽!!

Cami🌼 ‏@_milamae_

@TheDJPSmooth I feel you😂 I only fw it when I'm on some ⛽ tbh

Mackinass_yo ‏@Mackinass_yo

First game of the day 89 and 12 🚀⛽😎😬😬 follow me on https://t.co/iPIGcdueqt #Streamer #supportsmallstreamers… https://t.co/GQS9qjkd5O

Lil 40cal ‏@L40cal

Too much ⛽ last night man

People of Space: Pauline ‏@People_Of_Space

This year, for the 10th edition (@SEEDS_X), we were 39 students from 9 different nations working on the LUnar Prope… https://t.co/xLn6OAXUv6


Still looking for a home for this one... 🤘⛽ https://t.co/s5xw3bOfVX

Alex Pearson ‏@AlexPearson28

You know you're in adulthood when you get excited about fuel in Sainsbury's dropping 8p to £1.21.9 🚗⛽

HBIC of Tha Thickness 😏 ‏@GaraDabrielle

This blunt ⛽ https://t.co/849R9NZCL5

Gemini bissh💜😘 ‏@HoneyDiip2

Another ft⛽ than nap time for me.

Kesse ‏@Judah_Nuer

I need your energy...🔋🔌⛽☀️ https://t.co/O84utpYvZk

Mark Landeene ‏@mdlandeene

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Since October 3rd, OIL is down over 25%. Nancy, that's not crumbs, or a drop in the bucket!⛽

Mark Landeene ‏@mdlandeene

@SenSanders @shailenewoodley @billmckibben @VanJones68 @xiuhtezcatl Since October 3rd, OIL is down over 25%. Nancy,… https://t.co/BzzMwfIZe6

Mark Landeene ‏@mdlandeene

Since October 3rd, OIL is down over 25%. Nancy, that's not crumbs, or a drop in the bucket!⛽

TiNz...™ ‏@MrFelix5

T ⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽ this... https://t.co/mlmkwrsx2C

Proyecto Alborada ‏@projectAlborada

📆 11/19/2018 1:56:10 AM CST ⏱ 619 days driving in 🇲🇽 🚘 2017 Chevy Volt Stats 🔋 11,765.55 km on Batteries ⛽ 7,083.56… https://t.co/02wSyvugBY

KcJonesBitch! ‏@KcJones_PGMG

#HarlemHustler Take Em To Church 🅱🌍🅱⛽👌💤💯

sade 🍣 sala s a ‏@Super1sd

An Camaro on 24's⛽

Jayden B (rollin) Woods ‏@rollin_woods

Almost caught hands for it tho⛽ https://t.co/MELIAo8ZrN

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