Full Moon Emoji

A full moon, unobstructed by any shadow cast from the earth. Also said to be the time that werewolves move amongst us.

Full Moon was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Full Moon Symbol” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Unicode Name

🌕 Full Moon Symbol


🌕 U+1F315




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Strong with Purpose ‏@kristenstrength

hair filled with hyssop, face streaked with tears, and I feel so fucking beautiful. 🌕

Queen Bee Crystals | Gemstones ‏@QBCrystals

🌕 Full Moon Flash Sale! 🌕 25% off our Copper Collection. Use code COPPER25 at checkout. #moon #fullmoon… https://t.co/VM5Pqbu0Pn

Kali Napier ‏@KaliNapier

@louisadeasey I always sleep less and scroll through twitter more on a full moon 🌕

🌕 ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ 🌑 ‏@ChxrryTxp

🌕 So I will post a face reveal later today/tonight, since I have to mow my yard now. I’ll do it after my shower. So I’ll BRB lovelies~! ❤️ 🌑

Noura. ‏@lostindestinyyy

Like my grandma used to say the night today is “ قمرا " .. 🌕

Anna 🍃Greenfingers🌿 ‏@sassyhome

@ReineM Tomorrow would be good...full moon and lunar eclipse...I dare you! 🌕🌟⚡️😉 who knows, we might even see each… https://t.co/cNeE50KjLb

pua vernacular bot ‏@pua_vernacular

Today's term is 'Wage Gap Myth'. 🌕 It means: vernacular term for male dominance. 🍀

💖 vicki 💖 ‏@vickisigh

@CalicoConejito aaasdjfawe thank you so much calico! ToT and ikr? my love for the moon grows more and more each day...🌕😳💖

🌕 ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ 🌑 ‏@ChxrryTxp

🌕 500 followers?! SERIOUSLY?! I’m happy ;////; Thank you all!! 💛💛🌑

BaM | Body and Mind Cannabis ‏@bodyandmindBAM

Check out our BaM Pop Up schedule for the week ☀️ 🌑Keep out of reach of children. 🌘 Adult use only, 21+ 🌒 Cannabis… https://t.co/ox85P9kTzM

Todd Vaziri ‏@tvaziri

Looks like the newly remastered "From the Earth to the Moon" is now available on HBO. 🚀🌕 https://t.co/JkeNoqUZy4

Duane Allen❌ ‏@DuaneABentley

@nixi_nixon @phil_rack @DaneMckerness @PpcVimy @magiver1001 @palevell @leighgt @JayMeller1 @CapersQ… https://t.co/5NTORv7i1K

Old Badger-brock ‏@OldBadgerBrock

P.S. The "White Face" is, naturally, the moon. 🌕

Buffy "Chosen1" Summers R/P ‏@BuffytVSSummers

@InsaneSelf I know that feeling! Life. Work. What's Summer, lol? I thought of your leaves in posting that. 😘🤗 take… https://t.co/pWt3rKCESs

Ayla Jean ‏@AylaJeannn

@AstrologyVibez 😂 depends on the depends on "love" or "bitch" however it's usually bitch 🤷‍♀️ ♌☀️♈🌕⬆️

𝐏𝐊 † ‏@Triplebearx

☁️🌕 i hope to be around https://t.co/Z61t53uiSR

Ekaterina ‏@Q8i3jVBr5UbbMHc

Night. Moon. Cold. 🌕🌕🌕🌝🌝 https://t.co/uTQmuNCj37

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

Woh, woh woh!. 💀 What's that!. 🌕 It's ☠ getting 👿 closer. 😱.

❤수사ㄴㅏ ~ VTS Borahae💜 ‏@Ana15_xo

You're my light 🌠🌌💜💜💜 🌓 🌗 🌓🌕 🌕🌗 🌓🌕🌕 🌕🌕🌗 🌓🌕🌕 🌕🌕🌗 🌓🌕🌕 🌕🌕🌗 🌓🌕🌕 🌕🌕🌗 🌓🌕🌕 🌕🌕🌗 🌓🌕🌕 🌕🌕🌗… https://t.co/ML6LZlqY0Z

wilma ‏@wilma_arts

one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen 🌕 https://t.co/VaNLLAgVe1

bernadette mcbride ‏@b_mmcbride

Posted out letters from our #solstice writing & wellbeing retreat today, letters written by attendees to themselves… https://t.co/0LHz4lgIzl

wannabe optimist ‏@alys0ares_

🌕 Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 🌕 July 16th, 2019

CW39Houston ‏@CW39Houston

🌕 "Houston, we have a problem!" Legendary Engineer, Jerry Woodfill joins us with a look at his 50+ years with NAS… https://t.co/MVlU1ENcU1

Books4School ‏@Books4School

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing we must not forget about the Women & Men who helped us get… https://t.co/kSlvPxR9wj

Blue Spirit ‏@AHassaballah

@daliaAO Almost... Real full moon 🌕 is tomorrow.

C 🌕🔮✨🌹⛓ ‏@LilithsKiss222

So later on today I will be doing single card pulls for the Eclipse on my Instagram uwu (readings for your sun, moo… https://t.co/XnVi4tSJm6

if your reading this im horny ‏@__faneta__

the lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night ✨ 🌕 ✨ 😔… https://t.co/ER8NMPKdx6

Dalia ‏@daliaAO

It’s 🌕 full moon 😍😍😍

Serenity Reiki ‏@serenityreiki

Are you ready for the eclipse? https://t.co/UGs2XhiUzX 🦌 🌕 #eclipseseason

Ekaterina ‏@Q8i3jVBr5UbbMHc

Good nght and sweet dreams. 🌛🌒🌓🌔🌕🌃 https://t.co/z0RUZAgcuV

Molly Beane ‏@HeyMollyB

The #fullmoon #lunareclipse can be bumpy. #selfcare is important. 🌕 That's why we're having this flash sale on our… https://t.co/kRpcIlUW6H


Did you know that Project Gemini was @NASA's second human space program? During this time, ten crews flew low earth… https://t.co/W2jmKFFnfq

Tarrell Bellinger ‏@olderbrother21

"The thing is, you can't always have the best of everything. Because for a life to be real, you need it all: good a… https://t.co/RYrcrhjiQF

¥en Adaman ‏@PuscH3LL

@Trader_M4tt See you @ 🌕 :D

Stacey ‏@stacey_liezl

Spent this full moon evening watching The Wolfman on Netflix, which I recommend if you love terrible but entertaini… https://t.co/H2D42tkI4C

ProcureAM ‏@ProcureAM_LLC

The @SpaceFoundation just released its highly anticipated Q2 issue of #TheSpaceReport. Loads of great info to dig through 🚀🛸🛰📡🌕

Stones Hospitality ‏@TheStonesGroup

love oysters? so do we! buck a shuck monday at the moonbar every week 3-6pm 🥂🌊🌕🌊🥂 @ Moonstones https://t.co/qlfdRdpbnX

Global Analytica ‏@AnalyticaGlobal

[email protected]NASA boss @JimBridenstine tells Sky News that he believes the next person on the moon will be a woman.👩‍🚀 Tomorr… https://t.co/FskG9Ong8t

🌻 yoo-kary 🌱 ‏@aigis_toaster

@FuukaBestGurl Us Moon Arcana girls gotta stick together 💪🏻🌕 https://t.co/JZxFaj2OKb

Manuela Caballero ‏@Manuela_Danza

Be the #moon 🌙 and #inspire✨ #people even when you are far from full 🌕 K. Tolnoe https://t.co/EMDrIyIx9f

LAVA DREAMS ‏@lava__dreams

happy capricorn full moon 🌕 #artist #visionary #creator #producer #songwriter #singer #musician #lavadreams… https://t.co/hQjW4J3RAk

franny. ‏@FransisDerelle

New Moon EP Pt. 1 7/24/19 🌕 https://t.co/hQEvB3VXYc

Candlewick Press ‏@Candlewick

For budding astronomers and future astronauts. Launch into a truly out-of-this-world book about humans in space.… https://t.co/Y8GAPSkthd

Alex ‏@AlexaPou74

@ScalaRadio @ForrestMark At Home and The Magic of Hallowe’en are two beautiful tracks from the ET soundtrack. Just… https://t.co/VxVAKrgxYV

Sky News ‏@SkyNews

[email protected] boss @JimBridenstine tells Sky News that he believes the next person on the moon will be a woman.👩‍🚀 Tomorr… https://t.co/GEtqaOanmJ

Psychic Pages ‏@PsychicPages

🌕 ALERT! LUNAR ECLIPSE! PREPARE FOR TAKE OFF THIS WEEK! - Read all about it here: https://t.co/NjWfCLUfGV https://t.co/GYEm27Oa1O

Crave Cupcakes ‏@CRAVEHouston

#Houston, we have cupcakes. 🚀🌕👨‍🚀 This month, we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the #MoonLanding with a GIV… https://t.co/RSYVCll6UQ

Prosper's Whip ‏@prosperswhip

Hey #Brooklyn, I'm crazy about ♻️🖖🏾🧜🏾‍♀️📚🤓🐝🌕🌑🌊🌍🌎🌏 and of course my butt 🍑 @ Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn https://t.co/NZ4wm8QLbW

Dana Claudat ‏@thetaoofdana

Full Moon 🌕 Lunar Eclipse 🌑 in Capricorn brings the feeling of standing on top of the world (!!!) to the second hal… https://t.co/6XSj05SgcF

LivingItUpCT.com 🌍🥂🌊♻️ ‏@livingitupct

@GuyMcDonald @Roodeberg_Wine @SAVineShare @GC_Com Great to hear Guy 😅🍷🌕 Stunning views over the water ❤ #RoodebergMemories #SAVineShare

Pulse Central ‏@PulseCentral_

A glimpse of what happened after service at our different trap houses yesterday! 💃🏾 We had fun, food & family vibe… https://t.co/ZsFqpc5wJ2

Mirabal Photography ‏@MirabalPhotos

How to do a photo-shoot on the moon 🌕 Take a break from your Monday scroll and check out this wildly interesting st… https://t.co/jqREtWiuAE


Aler a moi how do you see me ? 🌕 — intimidating, smart and powerful ⛓ — distant, condescending and cold 🤡 — frien… https://t.co/dSIO3nJCvB

Mipattaya ‏@NazmiNAdin

Siapa free startin today? Haa boleh lah plan baik punya Coz..yknow The White Days season 😬🌝🌕🌟 13th 14th 15th ever… https://t.co/n5UT88bzjE

SmokedUpGoddess ‏@SmokedUpGoddess

Full Moon 🌕 tomorrow 7/16 be ready to release all that is no longer serving you! https://t.co/ovV2Yj3tX6

Natalia Villalobos ‏@nataliaenvy

Slow morning in Oakland. Collagen coffee + required feminist reading. Make your mornings pleasurable this week. 🌕🌠 https://t.co/kZCu730qZO

Sope is Dope🌙 ‏@Levi_Hobi

Partial Lunar Eclipse - 16 June 23:38 CEST All you need to know to follow the last moon eclipse in Stockholm until… https://t.co/Z4AsDPoS3M

Angelica P ‏@AngstillDances

In My Dreams I slip thru Universes somewhere but not here🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕

✨Carolyn's Blooming Creations✨ ‏@carolynjbraden

It’s already been an interesting day....ahhh the upcoming 🌕full moon + Mercury Retrograde 💥🙀 Nothing “bad”, just st… https://t.co/O4vmXW2hHu

Dany Hanbouri ‏@_MrDany

Anywhere in the world, you can see this... my favorite... 🌕 https://t.co/Xr0OYtISpk

م. شــهــد🌸 ‏@ENG_SHD

Full moon 🌕✨❤️

Kevin Mertens ‏@KevinMertens_

Artist Russ Arasmith's Visions of Apollo → Meer foto's op https://t.co/r62gW9Jagu 🌕 https://t.co/Z1oupfSP80

Roselyn Smitley ‏@RoselynSmitley

@HappyPete55 @LewGarfinkel @LaniJDav @barbbk2 @gazuradiary @alicesings @JimLeitrim @joelczres @ChrisDiPietro0… https://t.co/yLrtYzU77V

☫くろ ‏@kuro_yg

Coffee with Moon . ☕🌕 https://t.co/cP27g7GXXx

The Know ‏@thknwco

One small step for man.... 🌎 👨‍🚀 🚀🌕 https://t.co/MTCQqEHjKa

Zach Chizar ‏@zchizar

Ahead of 50th anniv. of lunar landing 🌕👩🏼‍🚀, @NBCPhiladelphia’s @MattDeLucia visited a @VillanovaU team to talk spa… https://t.co/YJdYk8Js9d

hawaii isla 808 ‏@hawaii_isla808

Last night: almost full moon 🌕 from Oceanfront on Waikiki Beach 🏝⚡️💥🔥🍻❤️ #wearehawaii #hawaii #luckyweliveinhawaii… https://t.co/pBRmJqBY5R

DVD Netflix ‏@dvdnetflix

🚀🌕 This month marks 50 years since the moon landing! Celebrate #Apollo50th with lunar films like Apollo 11 (2019),… https://t.co/Fz5geVkHvy

Sophie Maes ‏@SophieMaes_

Artist Russ Arasmith's Visions of Apollo → Meer foto's op https://t.co/0SPKJNQnCm 🌕 https://t.co/pqzMvUDB3u

PABLO 👌 ‏@jpnaps_

Calm seas and a bright moon 🌕 https://t.co/WefOf9fsQF

JaggedPersona ‏@JaggedPersona

Saw a beautifully red moon the other night. My smartphone's camera's not doing it justice. 🌃🌕 https://t.co/wZ93IdEUSH

Rabi_N ‏@Keara_Set

Full moon 🌕😓

Nubia Watu ‏@nubia_watu

@ladygodot you must have a great view! our brother Mzimkhulu knows what time it is. 😀🐍👁️🌕🌞

Cosmosphere ‏@kscosmosphere

@missionmovie Welcome to the Cosmosphere! We're so happy you're here! 🚀😍🌕

Mr. Nobody ‏@AlCh3MiSt7_

All mixtapes and albums put into chronological order so you can hear the story, plus hearing the progression of hi… https://t.co/Q4YWl1l7xG

𝙃𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙖🌈 -𝙱𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚝𝚊𝚗- ‏@Bts_Army713

#MGMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt When moon rise It's your time 🌕 https://t.co/m6nkn4Wl0R

Tim Dulle ‏@Dulle048

@ColleenDulle @americamag I aim for modesty, but there's no denying how prestigious it feels to have debuted in *dr… https://t.co/VE5nTwflRH

432 Hz ‏@NolwaziMbongwe

The moon is full and so are we 🌕

Yoga Pod Austin ‏@yogapod_austin

From sun salutations in the morning☀️ to our Full Moon Flow + Kirtan in the evening🌕 #yogapodaustin is the go-to fo… https://t.co/tdTJUxzZ75

Iran ایران وطندوست 🦋 ‏@vattandoost

Like I didn't have enough of this BS 🌕😐 https://t.co/CA0uKs04oI

steve ‏@steve113191

#raccoonCity ~ a city 🌃 my #realm character enters... 🤫 ~ 🔮i will keep it spooky 🧟‍♂️🌕🧟‍♀️ https://t.co/tNM4UCI4GN

EarthSky ‏@earthskyscience

As darkness falls tonight, look for Saturn in the glare of the almost-full moon. Then watch for Saturn again Tuesda… https://t.co/euKlxP7sdk

Nina Peeters ‏@Peeters_Nina

Artist Russ Arasmith's Visions of Apollo → Meer foto's op https://t.co/RIF2pIoMHS 🌕 https://t.co/8AlxFXeHHy

Jason McClellan Ⓥ ‏@Acecentric

@SD_Comic_Con @TheShagStorePS These are rad! 🚀🌕

Tracy Thompson ‏@TAThompson16

One for the space peeps👇🚀🌕 https://t.co/sKVn0whXgR

#PiniApproved ‏@piniaagista

Best full moon meditation ever. I feel blessed💙🌕💙

Şēffนēl™ ‏@Seffuel

Felt weird and went out for a stroll, back home I got reminded about the full moon 🌕 🤔

WLRN Sundial ‏@WLRNSundial

We're live and talking about space! 🌕🚀 Tune in. That's 91.3-fm, 101.9-fm and 91.5-fm. Or you can listen online:… https://t.co/IuMtLPSpt5

Olivier Jacobs ‏@OlivierJacobs_

Artist Russ Arasmith's Visions of Apollo → Meer foto's op https://t.co/YFSUc2dDME 🌕 https://t.co/PWYKjkYFrq


@_SpectreVision @joshcwaller Thank you for your service & hopefully this will brighten the lives that are affected… https://t.co/B5NbpRJrcP

sarah clark ‏@petitobjetb

🌒 using all pronouns to make it easier for others 🌓 using all pronouns bc you're tired of being misgendered 🌔 usi… https://t.co/84E9YcacED

Western Science Ctr ‏@WesternCenter

Beat the heat & go to the moon with us this Saturday! 🌕✨We'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11… https://t.co/Mgz9fYENkp

MewArtLover ‏@MewArtLover

Achieve your entire goal. Happy Birthday.🐵 💙🎂🎀🎉🎊🎈🎁🌕🌞 #HBDAreheart https://t.co/124qkWipU4

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