Full Moon Face Emoji

A smiling full moon, sometimes said to have a slightly creepy face. Not to be confused with the full moon that has no face.

Full Moon Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Full Moon With Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌝 Moonface

🌝 Smiley Moon

🌝 Smiling Moon

Unicode Name

🌝 Full Moon With Face


🌝 U+1F31D




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IamGaiah🖤🎵🎶 ‏@GaiahGaiuccia

This song is amazing ❤️🛸💖🌝 https://t.co/S6d3xurw2V

FoundLove❤️OUTNOW✊🏻KiddyCole555/SweetMusik ‏@kiddyCole

Top of the morning 🌝🌝🌝🌝 Are u still searching for that special somebody? https://t.co/BOKVMqdn5q

Jiggy Fernandez ᛞ ‏@jiggyfernandez

Ha ha jokes on mE 🌝🌝🤭

diva ‏@diva_ynwa

Smile it's Saturday🌝good morning al🌞❤❤

xXplayer-lucaXx ‏@playerluca_

@Lenayazx Maybe you are a stone ? 🌝

Ppoy ‏@Poy0216

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Dozie ‏@docuzy

@Im__tito No like how many chapters and books in the Bible were written by women 🌝

jas.mine ‏@hasmiinaaaa

unan // because 🌝

Simile♥️Zamalotjwa ‏@bridgetbsk

@okholwayo She’s “Someone” ? 🌝

Letty Lopez ‏@lettyedith

@KarlZackary @KenNYC97 I got you anytime. Especially if it’s against your bridezilla. 🌝🥧

lele ‏@zhengchonlo

MOVIE TIME 🌚🌝 https://t.co/DVMp2GFogz

keep it cool ‏@SaadOM1

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Dozie ‏@docuzy

Updating my playlist 🌚🌝 long day ahead

Arisha | CSD 📌 ‏@JUNRISHA

@taekookodrile @BTSBUNK You can relate 🌝💜

Sir Captain Witty ‏@thewittyalpaca

Props to @Treyarch on BO4. Definite contender for Game Of The Year. Despite all the random game crashes, unbalanced… https://t.co/NU1LEJdQse

Monukas 🙈🙈🔥🔥 ‏@Monika6600

@KhanAntara28 I am innocent 🌝

bubs ‏@elisyhaa

@MeraHanaChan serious🌝🌝

Garvita ‏@GarvitaChanni

When Sun of Kashmir welcomes you🌝omg i was so much excited at this moment! Itne excited the ki excitement ke karan… https://t.co/wiuGc2aL9D


I rather sleep all night 🌝

atibomb ‏@chocomocococo

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tasmin ♡ ‏@trappedbangtan

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Damie Ìkéjí ‏@damieikeji

My class is by 10 and I am still on the bed. This is the definition of I can’t not come and kill myself...🌝🌝

pet-tea 🍹 ‏@Darryllinaxo

Can’t risk it. That’s the bday month 🌝 https://t.co/LrduyidVGo

kieran ‏@faytakiya

@castelloa_ You look like you sell drugs 🌝

keve 🥀 ‏@hurricanekeve

no i ain’t perfect but I’m damn close 🌝

Pimp of da Sea ‏@diaryofanaries

Im a week away from taking these braids down 🌝 silk press szn

Jefe🚬 ‏@naaakuokorr

@kelv_laryea Oh okay. I miss you too🌝

Dee. N ‏@NamiDally

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🐼 | #mono ‏@sugafiire

@moonlightmiin yoongi: give me your phone me: okay sir, i’ll give you my phone number 🌝😂

Damie Ìkéjí ‏@damieikeji

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big baby lex ‏@aalekefs

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Jay ‏@Ms_Jola

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helen jamieson ‏@helenjamieson11

@doogarry Bless you..you are a shiny star my lovely🌝🌟🌝

Diabla 💋 ‏@_harafyy_

@__ariiiel__ It’s all good sis 🌝

Jen✨ ‏@_jenneyy

@lovefaith0718 ima try when we get back home from my room into yours 🌝 https://t.co/IIwGeoiwqB

Shaful. ‏@hmm_idk_

@jordansiio bc thats me 🌝

blue ‏@jnchargualaff

@eelishaxrose @xgqrhea 🌝😂 I know I hate me too. I'm funny

AyoR ‏@Ayomide_21

Yh I know your boyfriend 🙃but still who is he 🌝✨ https://t.co/QFzbVF93S6

Cʜᴇʀʀʏ Bʟᴏssᴏᴍ🌸 ‏@Inspirexo1485_

@royalBBH_ You’re in my list already 😂🌝💓

Kareem ‏@potassium96

@itsTomiwa Brother wasiu 🌝🌝

John of Sligo ‏@SligoJ

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yænî ‏@aainialb

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Κλαίρη 🇬🇷🇨🇾 ‏@KlairhA

🌝🌝🌝 is the best emoji

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henny🌻. ‏@_genesi18_

Try looking at your fingers🌝 https://t.co/fZpF8W8ddO

Jiggy Fernandez ᛞ ‏@jiggyfernandez

I pray that I won't buy coffee before I leave dis cafe 🌝

Pimp of da Sea ‏@diaryofanaries

You live on Larkin St. too @Trippyquise_ ? 🌝

Harry Bassett ‏@Harry_Bassett

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KARLSTAD , I look forward to making you laugh idag , although your Sunny Snopp logo is difficult to beat. The 19.30… https://t.co/VNnpPLIlmA

Mr. Krabs ‏@paty_waty

Niggas went to cuddle and shit and left me out here alone 😂🌝😩

Kayleigh Jones ‏@KayleighJones_x

Buses to work always give me a massive case of nostalgia🌝

Jade ‏@ClosetRebel

Looks like I’m finally immune to emotional blackmail 🌝

Nii Nortey ‏@GucciWally

Everyday is Christmas 🎄 for me 🌝

Mari ‏@mmaricela__

Time for @NarcosNetflix & some tea 🌝☕️

Fashola Adebimpe ‏@AdebimpeFashola

@callmewyne @hoyin_kansola Indeed 🌝

Hakuna Montana ‏@HakunaMontanaFA

In cinema now with bunch of BTS girlfriends 🌝🌝

Kyle ‏@k_newcom10

That J Cole verse on All I Want Is You 🌚🌝🌊

CL0UT COBÄIÑ ‏@MinnesotaSkky

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IG: easymoneysanders ‏@SkyHigh_Sanders

🌝🌝 I didn’t get take none of your sorors on a date 😒 https://t.co/HNwZpOQ3tM

- ‏@Wanndee_

Lol its amazing what alcohol can do to a reserved person like me hey🌝

CL0UT COBÄIÑ ‏@MinnesotaSkky

@NewErasNewNas Goodnight friend have a drink for me 🌝

CL0UT COBÄIÑ ‏@MinnesotaSkky

Boston baked beans head asses 😂🌝

dreamer ‏@dydy10

@xB_Bang That's cos u know some shyt is about to go down 🌝🌝🌝

insane ‏@europeanvegasss

things I tell myself: one day I will meet a nice bae that shares the same love for edm & Illenium as me 🌝💕

Vegi💖send🌹love 🍀to💕Roman 🕊️ ‏@automotor16

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comms301791 ‏@comms301791

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John of Sligo ‏@SligoJ

@veechic We will all start by staying off your lawn!🤗🌝

danyizzle ‏@danyizzl

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🖤 ‏@AbiiSola

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Nanaㅡん ‏@blcckswan

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Sharath24_Official ‏@SharathOfficial

@rachelleshamine Is it that effective? 🌝🌝🌝

Mah ‏@mahhjain

I wish I could give mooh tod jawaab to some..who says Salim has become gypsy..criticising DEM just pure out of hatr… https://t.co/Gmq068X6Lk

Man_StfuYas ✘ ‏@YhesminHassan

I cannot wait for egarboi's next single 🌝

❤️Jackie❤️ ‏@happysunshine94

Good night to Loona and Zz only 🌝✨💛 https://t.co/77XnJVhOpO

Fuck off. ‏@fuckoffx2_

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Omotola ‏@fruitytolz

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Indomitable✨✨ ‏@yeweebee

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Bolushowfz ‏@bolu_sofowora

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Abdallah ‏@alawadhi23_

Morning ✋🏼🌝

⚖️ قطريه وشيخي تميم 🇶🇦 ‏@AlromaihiLawyer

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Miss Main ‏@consje

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Bukola ‏@_bukolaa

@Pinkbee_ Welfare prefect 🌝

🏴‍☠️Roxy🏴‍☠️ ‏@___Roxy__

My dogs do this amazing thing where they just exists and make my life better because of it. 🐻💕🌝 https://t.co/ISdNNQITWO

Khalique Lewis ‏@ElGranJefeNegro

You shouldn't have to keep proving yourself if you're faithful.🌝

caitlyn ‏@noctrlcaitlyn

goodnight 💛🐥🌼🌝⭐️🍋 https://t.co/VAi260ZJHS

🧚🏻‍♀️ ‏@99percent_angeI

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jerialice ‏@jerialice

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Habib10 ^ ‏@Kinghabib308

Limit your chat with unnecessary people, if you’re bored, watch porn🌝🌝🙃

Eman ‏@EmanBintFahad

Literally I’m in love with #steveHarvey show 🌝👍🏼👍🏼

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