Game Die Emoji

A six-sided die, used in a range of board and turn-based games. Commonly called dice which refers to the plural of die.

Most other platforms display this emoji as a single game die in white or red. LG shows two game dice in this emoji.

Game Die was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎲 Dice


🎲 U+1F3B2




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@MarkDice @cenkuygur I filled that cup, Mark. But it's not tears. 🎲🎲

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Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. In case you’re not thrilled with the pla…

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🎲GAME NIGHT!🎲 Wife and I love board games and are hosting tonight's Game Night with some friends! Kingdom Builder…

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@itsJWolfe @by_marts WHAT DA H..!!! | \ | / | \ | \ |…

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Totally '80s Pub Crawl Tickets here 👇 Visalia 🎫: Bakersfield 🎫: Thi…

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In The Black is LIVE on @ATablestory! 🎲 Come hang out as GM @bluejay_712 leads these most wonderful players (inclu…

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Me and hardinisuperjubie about to have this thang 5 Lit. We about to turn up!!!! #iniagang🍐🎲💲 Guaranteed to be a sh…

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@passevertical loading 🎲

Mac & Chess ‏@macandchess

Come in and enjoy quality time with friends or family at our #BoardGame cafe! 🎲 During the month of March, you can…

𝕍arnished 𝕋ruths 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@varnished_truth

The Howling Hound #maps #cartography @DanielsMaps 🗺️ #DnD #RPG 🎲

GrizGuts ‏@GrizGutz

Lovely day out with two old friends; good food in an amazing little Bistro we found and had a great few hours of bo…

Harp ‏@harp_paidNfull

@fmlpatty @livefromthe7ity Lil dice 🎲

ash ‏@ashley_0322

I also got my nails & toes done & cut my hair... soo I guess you can say I’m ready for Vegas 🤪🍻🎰🎲

🐯 FollowHelp 6k 🐯 IFB ‏@Follow_Gainzz

🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭 Like This... 🖌 Follow This... 🍏 Retweet This... 🍨 Notifications On…😥 Add me to your gain lists 🦀 🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭

monTana ‏@DoDaMost_jae

What the 🎲 hit for 👀 who want they money took by a gurl 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

Al Rule ‏@Al_Rule

@BBCPolitics That’s one quick round of Monoply 🎲 🎲

mag. ‏@fxckmagik

Signs it. Game time. 🎲

R K ‏@RK60276000

Come and see 🎲🏆JOYA🏅🎲's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: hay

lil pumps boyfriend 🥰 ‏@KweenBetch

Hi @katyperry. Can you please sing Roulette at Capital One Jam Fest? 🎲

Scott T. Sterling ‏@ststerling

No shirt, no shoes, no dice 🎲 #SaturdayThoughts


I’m all in like dice 🎲

B0TTT0M ‏@b0ttt0m


Roich Uddin ‏@RoichUddin6

Come and see 🎲🏆JOYA🏅🎲's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: hay

🦁 Def Jam Recordings SODMG PTE VH1 LHHNY WSHH🌍🌟 ‏@KaneikBrown

🎰🎲🎲 I see you poker faced

John Slater ‏@radioslater

The team from @MonopolyUK spoke to @jefflaurenonair this week. There’s a new #Aberdeen edition coming! Will…

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🎲 LIVE on @ATablestory for In the Black! The Machine is lonely.... Featuring:…

Tor Bair ‏@TorBair

Day 2 at #rxcdetroit - great keynote from @ProfTortuga, amazing project demos, and my favorite session yet: explori…

Hoard ‏@hoardexchange

Easily the most popular breakout session at @RadxChange so far is economic design in games 🎲😃

Jeremy Lopez ‏@Jeremy24Lopez

Sin City Madness this Weekend!!!😁🙃😜😎🤯🏀🎰🎲♠️♣️♥️♦️

𝕍arnished 𝕋ruths 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@varnished_truth

Coffee Domain --by @MageHandPress #DnD #RPG 🎲

Face Rings Bellz ‏@WanNuKid

Some roll the dice 🎲 🎲 and lose in life some come out looking nice!! @ Next

JustinTRONdice🎲admin🎲✪ $TRON $DICE $TRX 🃏🚀🌛🐳 ‏@JustinTRON_dice

The past is done and you can’t change it. You have so much control over your future so that’s where your focus should be 😊👍🙏😘☕🎲💥🚀🌛🐳


Happy Heavenly Birthday, Steven I. Jenkins Jr.👑🎂🎼🎲🏀💰🎉🎈💙💯..... I love you,big bro ‏@EtherCasino

⭐️1 $ETH = 1000 CHIPS 🎲🎰 ➡️ Enjoy @EtherCasino #Casino #Crypto

Def Leppard News ‏@dltourhistory

Def Leppard News - 6 Years Ago #DEFLEPPARD Introduce #DedFlatbird (VIVA! HYSTERIA Show #2) 🇺🇸🇬🇧🎲🎲 #lasvegas…

MMA Latest ‏@MMALatestNws

@knobs11 kept things short and sweet this week but here's who his money is on this week 🎲 Quite a few bets pulling…

Roll4It 🎲 ‏@Roll4It

We're LIVE on @Twitch with episode 26 of #SoundsofSilence! #VTM 🎲 TUNE IN…

Ms. Graham Cracker ‏@teligram16

@CapitalOfficial @Harry_Styles darn it...I want to say zero, but I keep getting 4!🎲

Furkan Yurtsev ‏@furkanyurtsevv

Another day in #syriawar air zone. Fuck peace just fly or die 🎲 Photo numanyegman #pilotslife #extremesports…

Zicky Dice ‏@ZickyDice

@PWRevolver Ahem 👌🏼🎲

Joan Juna ™ ‏@JoanJuna

🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭 Like This... 🖌 Follow This... 🍏 Retweet This... 🍨 Notifications On…😥 Add me to your gain lists 🦀 🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭🎲🎭

Christol❣ ‏@shawdiiesetgood

Fake fren always waa guh roun the ting, come roun wid a bagga stylings🎶 dem nuh real enuh- cut we cut them off yzt❗🎲

APOLLO🚷 ‏@_killapollo_

I don’t feel the same🎲


U niggas hit YoungMob dice 🎲 game🎱

DicecreamSandwich ‏@dicecreamsammie

With our powers combined 🎲🔥 #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD

EuroPilot Center ‏@europilotcenter

Live Approach into Las Vegas! 🎰🎲

1010011010 ‏@isthisanart_

Today! In about 40 minutes join @mentapurpura and I at @RadxChange for a mini game design hackathon 🧩🎲⁉️…

MB ‏@melbourne88

Taking Italy on the -1 handicap at 10/11 tonight. Let’s roll the big 🎲

Rallying Is Life ☘️ ‏@rallyingislife

🎲 Random Saturday pic 🎲 Tim Freeman/Paul Williams - RS1800 - ALMC stages 2017.

hurt lana’s feelings 20/3/19 ‏@CARSONMONOXlDE

@WHYJESSSE i got you 😔🎲🎲(pretend thats a domino)

Kat☆ @ i7 REUNION 7/7🌈 ‏@iKanadian

FLING POSSE!!! ✨🎲🍭📚✨

Jara Brewer ‏@JaraBrewer

@MehuronRuth @ReignBrewer Let’s go to Chumash when you’re here 🎰 🎲

Lil Moonk 400 ‏@LTF_Moonk

Free My Lil Bro Reno 🖤🎲4️⃣ It’s up tonight‼️🍾 Love u boy

naan ‏@naanaholic


NLWCDayton ‏@NLWCDayton

👋Our small groups are where we meet over very 🆒 shared interests, do life together and build relationships. ♥️ Some…

°Gonk• ‏@oqock

@sommy_mufc @RNDRAINA 🎲FOLLOW💯 BACK🃏

Durell “The Bull” Edwards ‏@GambleHealthy

Our mentality for today is that you can’t win if you don’t have courage in the attempt. It’s okay to be nervous bef…

$OriginalBadBitch😘 ‏@AmaiyaAlexis

Top Notch🎲

Gaz Joyce ‏@gazjoy

Last roll of the dice with my estate agents. I can’t live like this much longer! 🎲 #MovingHouse is exhausting!

MizzAtlPeach ‏@MizzAtlPeach

@Kimzolciak U are my spirit animal! U said, U wanted to go 2 the casino for your Birthday. Totally something, I wou…

Me, My Spouse, and a Die ‏@AndaDiePodcast

"Sometimes we like to switch it up and say, Chevron 7 - locked." Stargate GSGJ 11 feat. Zarasa, Gwenyth's golden d…

rique 🦉 ‏@LongLiveRique

Happy 21st love @JuarezJanely_ 😌💙 Gonna have to go to church after all this sinnin 🎲🃏🎰👅

€[ + ] ROLLING SEVENS 3.23.19 ‏@DJoeyTheDaddy

🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲 Crazy Lineup tonight, be there or be square! DM for the address if you haven't already, see yall at 7 🎲🎲🎲🎲…

DicecreamSandwich ‏@dicecreamsammie

@EldritchWarlock @kingbutterfree @therpglab @DragonMama9 @arsheszotreth @TheNerdyNiffler @AmannDoctor Good luck! 🎲🔥

🗣Truuuuuu!! ‏@TRUURELIGION___

Who want shoot somn🎲?

🐱💛 celine! | !سيلين 💛🐱 ‏@cheesecakewitch

i got a spicerack to hold my dice..! 💞🎲💝🎲💞

YAdhityaPratama ‏@ydit_

🎲 promises mean everything, but after they are broken, sorry means nothing . . . . . . #latepost #selefie…



The Daily D20 ‏@The_Daily_D20

Day 3 of Dice Madness continues with Round 1 of the Forgotten Realms region. Let’s see how the combatants fared. 🎲…

MoneyMakinWoopp ‏@MMWopppp35

Thank Ya Dice 🎲🎲

Stephen Mear ‏@StephenMear

Ok this is the reason I love this wonderful company @MarignyTheatre x❤️x🎲x🎭

Lucky Lefty ‏@AestheticAces

Ima keep gambling wit my life until i make it 🎲

Marlene Sanchez ‏@Marleneitis

DAY 2!! Everyone one is a winner! BINGO 🎲🎲 @jalal_aburas @TonyaB6558 @dontamcam

𝕍arnished 𝕋ruths 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@varnished_truth

Collapsed Sewer #maps #cartography @DanielsMaps 🗺️ #DnD #RPG 🎲

Juegos de mesa ‏@quejuego

🎲 #Juegodemesa Lords of Xidit por 13,99€ 👉

FHSBiology ‏@biology_fhs

This is what Dr. Croft does in her secret double life. 😊🎲

Chukwurah Chinedu ‏@chuks_chinedu

🎲 micodakid hits us with debut project 'Roll The Dice' ➡️


🎲 @micodakid hits us with debut project 'Roll The Dice' ➡️

Analyn Miller👻 ‏@AhundredMilll

Game day 🎲 #dnd


I Ain’t Got No Complaints 📷: @TheBapeGod_ 🎲 #Young #YoungNation #RealIsRare2 #MVT #Yesterday #RealIsRare #Dablu…

Timbo C64 ‏@gamefrenz

@merman1974 @ResetC64 @terrycavanagh Oh cool, didn’t know he had a new game out. This one looks... interesting 😀🎲

[email protected]@PSLive_Hippo

🎲Cash Game Update🎲 🥀4 x £1/£2 NLH running... 🍀Rake free Card draw @ 6PM🍀 🌼Easter Monday, 22nd April, 1 day Bounty Tournament💥

PT😤 ‏@SickShit_LR

Ay man then niggaz Betta stop playin wit me on them dice🎲🎲

Madison Capitols ‏@MadCapsHockey

The boys hit the road for a pair of games against the Green Bay Gamblers this weekend. It all starts tonight at 7:0…

Teri “Terioke” Gamble ‏@TheTeriGamble

Dice dice 🎲 baby!

THE NAKED FROG🇸🇷🇬🇩😤 ‏@NicoleInControl

@TifeTheBawse @KiaaB_ @Huey_Newton44 @_ShreddyMurphy was good w the craps link up next week 🌚🎲💰

ResonanceScience ‏@ResonanceSci

Repost from phcardosom - Cubo de Metatron 📏📐🎲🌐 #sacredgeometry #metatronscube #geometry #platonicsolid…

ティーク ‏@sbmosku0877

Step 1 View our video on YouTube : Search KUSI Dudes #thedudesofsandiego 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥Step2 3/27/19 Check is ou…

benjammin0001 ‏@southboi002

Forget about how anyone treats you when you’re broke, focus on how you’ll treat them when you’re rich... The dice…

SuperStoner⚡️🏚 ‏@SteveoStoner

Life about the Chances And this shit is all a gamble 🎲

Brandeis Athletics ‏@BrandeisJudges

Free Hats at Women’s Tennis today at 2pm vs Wheaton! Come on down to Gosman and support @brandeistennis! 🎲🎾

Kevin Wright Jr. ‏@Kevinwrightjr14

You said Jiair commiting to🤔? But congrats boy we talked about stuff like this in 9th grade🎲⛈


Ladies Bunco Night Tuesday! 🎲 🎲 👶🏻 #dicedicebaby #bunconight #ladiesministry

Joseph Michael Soos ‏@MichaelSoos

How We Teach Our Children To Act Like The Wealthy 🎲

let’s do it baby i know the law ‏@dumbiitch

@NintendoFanGirl @itsJWolfe me: i want a flat stomach also my stomach: | \ | / |…

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