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Gear Emoji

Gear was approved as part of Unicode 4.1 in 2005 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Apple Name

⚙️ Gear


⚙ U+2699

️ U+FE0F


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SHARING SOTUS THE REUNION⚙ UPDATE 4/8/20 BATCH 3 LIVE + VOD ❌❌ VOD ❌❌✅ BATCH 4 Live + VOD ❌❌ VOD ✅✅✅ BATCH 5 Li… https://t.co/E7ot43k0Wo

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Tamil Tech Hints ‏@TamilTechHints

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The ICC Group ‏@icc4services

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Save costs and time with #Audixi10 instant calibration system that makes maintenance ⚙ of your #IoT audiometer easy… https://t.co/c7Dosgm6Sg

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Alnshash investment managers/agents on training with regards to adequate clientele assistance ⚙ #alnshash… https://t.co/cdpTYV64h9

🏵 𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎 🏵 ‏@MistweaverLily

We need more Blingtrons! 🤖⚙🎉🎊 https://t.co/ZlNufhxCi6

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An Algorithm That 'Predicts' Criminality Based on a Face Sparks a Furor Its creators said they could use facial an… https://t.co/DgC6gfiQX8

the kinte space ‏@KinteSpace

Palestinian Scholar Noura Erakat: Israeli Forces Killed My Cousin on His Sister’s Wedding Day Israeli soldiers on… https://t.co/BVDaR1hf4w

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YouTube TV jumps 30% in price effective immediately YouTube's price hike hits new and existing members; AT&T joins… https://t.co/jSxzeXVX9V

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Mississippi: Local Groups offer Financial Aid To Black Businesses Shunned by Federal Stimulus | Black Star News… https://t.co/gmRBQqjGb0

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SystemErrorWang/White-box-Cartoonization Official tensorflow implementation for CVPR2020 paper “Learning to Cartoo… https://t.co/4siuDtgG95

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AOC Cruises to Victory, Bowman Poised for Major Upset Win | Black Star News https://t.co/nWmIB7OMIz #rxa 👁⚙🌩

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the kinte space ‏@KinteSpace

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Аctualidad ❝ΒΟΤ❞ G ‏@ActualidadBotG

Tráiler de 'Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story' https://t.co/5silhCJJ0m #Test ⛓⚙

arthur ‏@dalenogaren

lovely (with Khalid) ───────────────⚪─────────────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►► 1:47 / 3:20 ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙ ❐ ⊏⊐ https://t.co/fZ4uE8q5G8

🌜☆~~~🌛 ‏@tweetrpate

Engine failure ⚙🔩🔧

Sylo 🐱 ‏@SylokatGaming

5 Things I Like (tagged by @twinklytanyapl) 🎶 Instrumental Music 😸 Humor/Puns 🎓 Pursuit of Knowledge 🍲 Exotic Fo… https://t.co/wNXaRVkArO

𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒕𝑩𝒐𝒚𝑨𝒂𝒓𝒐𝒏 ‏@ccanduhbs12

from S.O.T.U.S. the series ⚙ https://t.co/8NkhdTmrPg

hololive Official ‏@hololive_En

[holostars Today] JST From 7pm new outfits for 1st Gen every 30 minutes! #ホロスタ夏衣装 10am Roberu🍷 12pm Temma🦔💨 1pm Ro… https://t.co/bmHC6mK5mS

Diogo Da Conceição ✈🇪🇨🇵🇹 ‏@Diogo_NMS

Turboprop on final ⚙🛬 Tame ATR-42 landing at Quito during the #SpotterDayUIO sadly Tame is being liquidated by the… https://t.co/o8bUZsqK4q

heurlectic studios ‏@heurlectic

⚙⚡ Abominations everywhere! ⚙⚡ Wishlist #Tetron here: https://t.co/f66o5w15JK #indiedev #gamedev… https://t.co/U71zd576Bk

Umi's pyon pyon~ ‏@ax0ness

Steampunk You 🥰🥰⚙⚙💙💙 https://t.co/qXzUBDd0PF

Virtuasnapz ‏@virtuasnapz

🛶A Day On The River🛶 🕹 #GodOfWar ⚙ @SonySantaMonica #GOW #GOWPhotomode #Kratos #LeviathanAxe #BladesofChaos… https://t.co/dFQblHA2cL

Virtuasnapz ‏@virtuasnapz

😳Dark Elf😳 🕹 #GodOfWar ⚙ @SonySantaMonica #GOW #GOWPhotomode #Kratos #LeviathanAxe #BladesofChaos #PS4Share… https://t.co/RUAw6ThDea

Left Of Us Collective | The Crew Vol. 1 July 31st! ‏@leftofusmusic

So, what's your favorite track off of Vol. 1? ⚙

Strizzy Strauss ‏@strizzystrauss

New Single 🔋 Strizzy Strauss - Trust The Process (Outro) ⚙ Out Now 📺 https://t.co/KjkVX5yCj7 Trust The Process… https://t.co/M1Fxh50mfL

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Are you a #nextgen 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓entering the #NewNormal Economy📊? It's a new gig 🤜⚙🤛now! @ualbertaCC @NAITSA… https://t.co/fTrAQBgxhK

SteamDB Patch notes ‏@SteamDB_Patches

⚙ Generated patch notes: Dota 2 update for 3 August 2020 https://t.co/IXjYzjoEN4

Ben Galpin ‏@BenGalpinUK

@1in20ttg @_RaeLewis_ Always nice to see a fellow Artificer! 👋 ⚙ 🔧

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ‏@eeregov

Turns out there is an “I” in TEAM! @ENERGY has announced the winners of the @AMCPrizes #ITEAMPrize. Each winner too… https://t.co/kNFPVuSotk

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Which one 🔧⚙🔩 #classicford #classicmustang #ford #mustang #fordmustang #americanmuscle #horsepower #musclecar… https://t.co/bN3TOFma5t

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🤣 I miss 🎩⚙! https://t.co/vfWlbkasP8

SteamDB Patch notes ‏@SteamDB_Patches

⚙ Generated patch notes: Dota Underlords update for 3 August 2020 https://t.co/qTvktQREgD

Alex Dito ‏@AlexDitoTrading

RENTABILIDAD DE LA EMPRESA ⚙ Return on Assets = 10.62% Return on Equity = 25.74% Return on Invested Capital = 16.01% Net Margin = 15.70%

MIKASA ‏@GothamMikasa

⚙【you are so cute 】💕 #SotusTheReunion #SOTUS #SOTUSxKS沼へようこそ https://t.co/9Eyuhrk2z9

bAKEKOK BUNDA 🤯🤚 ‏@kcncut

✧・゚🗡⚒⛏🔨🔧🛠⚙⛓。 ┇ ↷ ㅤㅤㅤㅤ-ˏˋ jiAaKkHh. . . . . https://t.co/llqxxvxW2Z

⚙ mechanisms ‏@mechamechanisms

⚙ Sheet Metal Gears #mechanical #mechanism https://t.co/v6fZzbKrPH https://t.co/bEeDmH4BPG


⚙𝗦𝗛𝗢𝗪 𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗧𝗘𝗟𝗟⚙ #makeup #makeupartist #makeuplover #followme #cute #maquillaje #maquilladora #steampunk #blacklips… https://t.co/ShkMQF5uyS

˞˞ ‏@FreakyBirdMan

— " 𝙶𝚘 𝚊𝚙𝚎𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚝 𝙸 𝚐𝚞𝚎𝚜𝚜. " — ⚙----------------------------------------------⚙ ➤ #HSRP | #MVRP ➤… https://t.co/iYTPvejhyE

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Missed the first episode of #BehindTheApp w/ @SalesforceDevs @stephanwcg? We've got you, check it out on demand!… https://t.co/mpuVLKHBlN

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How seeing faces everywhere can help your photography | Photofocus You’ve seen them, I know you have. You’re walki… https://t.co/rWhY9tLJlf

the kinte space ‏@KinteSpace

Monsanto Lawsuit: Bayer says it's paying up to $10.9B to settle lawsuit over Monsanto's weedkiller, PCB cases Germ… https://t.co/XJLW0NK82D

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A black man was wrongfully arrested because of facial recognition Williams’ case was later dismissed ‘without prej… https://t.co/yzNfwE8YQW

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the kinte space ‏@KinteSpace

Police arrested wrong man based on facial recognition fail, ACLU says Complaint alleges police said, “the computer… https://t.co/ra7FcGEk5M

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When Sass and New CSS Features Collide | CSS-Tricks Recently, CSS has added a lot of new cool features such as cus… https://t.co/CGO2m25muV

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Wirecard scandal puts spotlight on German company regulation <p>FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — An accounting scandal at… https://t.co/q3582cLUv8

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'Accidentally hired' - the lone black programmer Ibrahim Diallo describes what life as a black software engineer h… https://t.co/loAQ8g9KQg

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On COBOL Every time the cry for COBOL programmers has gone up, we’ve muddled through; this time, we should do so… https://t.co/0uAghTpriK

lil cheerio ‏@BiteMeBiaaatch

@stillnogf ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Stillnogf Grippin N Farting ───────────────⚪─────────────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ ⠀ 1:17 / 3:48 ⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙ ❐ ⊏⊐

Marxist Pokémon ‏@EnricLlagostera

Hey, just updated the g2k.js tool ⚙, for converting from gamepad to keyboard input in HTML5. It now supports multip… https://t.co/qbBLeBpJPA

Shinoaaa⁷|| anisd📌|| wuvu ‏@yamaaguciii

why do I keep forgetting that I already have watched seven deadly sins😩🧠⚙

プニプニニャア ‏@punipuni_nyaaa

[ENG] ⚙8/4(Tues)21:00~⚙ New outfit unveiling stream~ ✨ Summer is coming ~ So I will be changing into my summer ou… https://t.co/fCzgjBLQOn

Valley Office Systems ‏@Valley_Office

To become more efficient, companies need to #automate their #workflows. Kyocera's solutions give you the tools you… https://t.co/VRNvRWvqnS

JeepCheck ‏@ReturnCheck

@freedombluejk @AddisSaltyDog @TopJeepers @nsnelson1020 @_Truck_Norris_ @rpx53 @rhidog95 @29kyle29 @Legendary1941… https://t.co/EtMBoeU349

Andrey Fesenko ‏@f0andrey

⚙ D25847 Do not mention #portsnap(8) in ports.7 https://t.co/nKMHl6FCZb As we are moving away from portsnap, let's… https://t.co/Ij198mplE4


MyGear⚙#thenorthface #Nikon #Nisi #ぱふぱふ https://t.co/FUoaQM338K

Fast Fix Mobile Mechanics ‏@Fastfixmobilem1

⚙ MOT testing made easy ⚙ #fastfixmobilemechanics #hull #humberside #eastyorkshire #beverley #cottingham #hessle… https://t.co/XxKgv9aRis

Fast Fix Mobile Mechanics ‏@Fastfixmobilem1

⚙ front brake pad replacement on Toyota avensis ⚙ #fastfixmobilemechanics #hull #humberside #eastyorkshire… https://t.co/oZ82WSa7mM

The Series My Engineer PH ‏@tsme_ph

[ #MyEngineer1stFanMeeting Countdown ] D-5️⃣ ⚙Are you ready for The Series My Engineer's first Online Fanmeeting:… https://t.co/YfwJLg5tRQ

The Series My Engineer PH ‏@tsme_ph

[IG UPDATE] 080220 ⚙#MyEngineer1stFanMeeting #MoreThanJustMyEngineer🌹 D-5 and counting, have y'all gotten your tic… https://t.co/zWjbK2lmbT

Idle Machinery ‏@idlemachinery

Make it work! ⚙💾 Full Stack .NET Developer based in Richmond, VA. Contact me: https://t.co/krGkQDpZRP #fullstack… https://t.co/UPQPcaqnvb

David Patterson ‏@DPatz13

The Willian saga is starting to grind my gears ⚙ #CFC

FutureTechEU ‏@FutureTechEU

⚙ Are you an #EICPathfinder beneficiary looking to bridge the gap between research and industry? ⚙ @EUeic invite… https://t.co/mzD4nb0bJv

David Leuliette ⚛ ‏@flexbox_

How to disable Meet tab in Gmail app ☰ Menu ⚙ Settings Email meet [ ] https://t.co/9IAqMxHH3I

i am mob-i ‏@iammobi1

@AllanNyash @robisearch @Elvinahseer @joan_njeri_ @Iam____Brian @guessworkCEO @bradjrr Embrace technology ⚙

Аctualidad ❝ΒΟΤ❞ G ‏@ActualidadBotG

Jason Bateman negocia dirigir el thriller 'Here Comes The Flood' https://t.co/cMq6zspgLy #Test ⛓⚙

RMDSYS ‏@RmdSystems


rian ‏@brendoen

Asupan netflix ⚙

Daktari Wa Zamu💊 ‏@Wakawaidaa

If i have never told you anything about God, forgive me for being a bad friend. Life with God is perfect and amaizing 100% 🔧⚙🙏🏻

Rookie | 'The New Kid' ‏@Wxspon_Wolfu

⚙Hey everyone I'm heading to bed! I'll get to your replies later.

Sara ‏@SoulDxth

the stump is bigger than i initially estimated, i may need "gear" or "equipment" ⚙🧗‍♀️ https://t.co/ONLGBrvz1x

Bryan D. Wilhite ‏@BryanWilhite

Microsoft is making it easier to access shared OneDrive folders with new "Add to My Files" option - MSPoweruser Mi… https://t.co/rx4AQid5Mc

the kinte space ‏@KinteSpace

The Moneyist: 'I've had to work hard for everything I have i Dear Moneyist, I am an avid reader of your column and… https://t.co/5ZEy1Ee8K1

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Roy Fielding's Misappropriated REST Dissertation Can history help us make sense of the term 'RESTful API'?… https://t.co/w1HVo7OFUN

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Clara Immerwahr: Science’s Tragic and Surprisingly Modern Heroine A woman is in an unhappy marriage. After much st… https://t.co/Zsd8oD7mlY

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adlrocha - Software should be designed to last And why I am trying to minimize my dependence on external libraries… https://t.co/Q313ZrWwdd

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Why the Arctic Is Warming So Fast, and Why That’s So Alarming When permafrost thaws, sea ice disappears, and wildf… https://t.co/r1fGQatxlX

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UCSF forced to pay ransom to perpetrators of malware attack The school's Information Technology staff detected a s… https://t.co/Q5MYu2ixeS

the kinte space ‏@KinteSpace

Rent relief: LA City Council approves $100M to help tenants, landlords amid pandemic The Los Angeles City Council… https://t.co/VanFYl9TOd

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Announcing TypeScript 4.0 Beta | TypeScript Today we’re excited to release the beta of the next major milestone in… https://t.co/fFDXq8PwjC

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Introduction to Linux-based document management systems https://t.co/YZ9HGsrPxi #rxa 👁⚙🌩

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Dozens of Women in Gaming Speak Out About Sexism and Harassment - Slashdot More than 70 people in the gaming indus… https://t.co/KT8xaZV6MX

the kinte space ‏@KinteSpace

John Trumbull’s Famous 1818 Painting Declaration of Independence Virtually Defaced to Show Which Founding Fathers O… https://t.co/4RIoll1LY2

Rookie | 'The New Kid' ‏@Wxspon_Wolfu

@Wolf_Whisper_ ⚙ I'm gonna resend you that starter on this account! Hope you're able to get to it!

👻🎐ᒍᗩᔕOᑎᗪG84 (Pokemon Time!) ‏@jasondg84

@Introvertarting I like how you featured Magearna! That's one of my favorite Pokemon! ⚙

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