Ghost Emoji

Boo! A ghost emoji, trying to scare someone. Might also be a halloween costume.

Ghost was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

👻 Ghoul

👻 Halloween


👻 U+1F47B




Tweets For 👻

Mary Linck ‏@MaryLinck

They will love the better you, but I still own the ghost of you 👻 em Novo Hamburgo

Devilish Delights~ 💖💖 ‏@impilicious

Jumping on the train! What am I to you? 🌈 - mutuals ⭐️ - friends!! 💖 - crush 👻 - intimidating

wub ‏@Wub_OW

Squad question 😁😅😊👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 if you were killed💀🔫👻 tomorrow, I wouldn't come to your funeral ⚰️😫⚰️ cause I'd be…

CtrlSec ‏@CtrlSec

Targeted #ISIS accounts 🆕 🆕 🆕 👻 🎥 #targets #iceisis #opiceisis

Leigh Cowart ‏@voraciousbrain

I wrote a really sweet version of the leftover relationship dildo story #ghostdick👻🍆

She X ‏@_ShaaRooN_

Hi guys add me on snap👻 : shugaryh #snapchat #snapchatadd

Shell Butler ‏@shelliemc22

@CorrieLovers1 @itvcorrie have you got a ghost on set or is this terrible editing. Watch the left side of Phil's ha…

Spooktacular GHE UK ‏@SpooktacularEve

Situated in the heart of Coventry this location is not one to miss ! We have access to lots of spooky areas and hav…

Crystal Rose 🌺 ‏@thatgirrlk

@famousssjay first try👻

شہیر خان جدونٓ🔥 ‏@King_Slayer___

So I wore Black for the first time 🔥 Thought like sharing 👻

Spooktacular GHE UK ‏@SpooktacularEve

Situated in the heart of Coventry this location is not one to miss ! We have access to lots of spooky areas and hav…

Judy Williams ‏@JudyWil42192374

@GACrewFans @Zak_Bagans @GhostAdventures @AaronGoodwin @jaywasley Goatmans Bridge.👻💀👿

💙 ‏@_ChuCy


RM has a nice body🤮 ‏@crabsfornamnam

GUYS🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️nct vision 👁👀debuted 🕺🏽👯‍♂️but u can’t buy 🤑🤑the album cuz it’s invisible👻👽....the title track is imagination🌈🌈

MRS B NEESON ‏@bollie48

@bbcweather @iamwill @thismorning @bbcworldservice @Dynamomagician @thismorning @CelebJuice 🇬🇧👀👻👣👈 THROUGH The KeyH…

CRAIG. ‏@craightch

@jesssxs No problem, apologies for the lack of likes. I’m an InstaGhost. 👻

Nick Stoppani ‏@nickstoppani

@tamsyn_t @UKHaunted @TheRealMikiYork @_AlexDuggan @reallychannel @UKTVPress @LeanneLeveaux @Eam_VannHarris…

Hoai-Phuong Nguyen ‏@TCUGrenouille

@CalTweet04 @rebeccavallas Is that a Halloween 👻 🎃 costume?

Loftur S. ‏@LofturS

@EldritchGirl Oh I'm going to see them in February in Oslo. Can't wait. 👻🤟

Trey Seldon ‏@TreyNoYoung

Add me on the snap👻 : treyseldon17

Lauren Fortune ‏@LaurenAFortune

@iucounu The thong-wearing ghost!! 👻

кεℓα 🥰🥶 ‏@nakelashacon

lets start a snapchat train 🚂 ; ADD ADD ADD ; WHATS YALL SNAPCHAT NAMES ??? 🥳🥳👻👻📸📸 mines x_babyydoll

🦋Tamsyn🦋 ‏@tamsyn_t

@nickstoppani @UKHaunted @TheRealMikiYork @_AlexDuggan @reallychannel @UKTVPress @LeanneLeveaux @Eam_VannHarris…

al ‏@axisinspired

Happy to be the 261st 👻 on @BackerKit for Cutthroat Cuties: Sailor Senshi 3-d enamel pins. Thanks @geekthirst

Spooktacular GHE UK ‏@SpooktacularEve

Brave enough to enter Britain’s reputedly most haunted house ?! 🔦🔦🔦👻👻👻😱😱😱

Volkan Kilic ‏@volkankilic35

@getitsha Face in the mirror??!! 😱👻👽💀☠️💩

yashu 🐣🐣 ‏@yashu924

Love can't be found where it doesn't exist ,nor can it be denied where it does. ❤ Some things will never change 👻…

Blazin Goddess ‏@Rastaa_Goddess

@KayeShun 👻 Marley_Bby 📷 Call_me_marleyy

sodapressed ‏@3008

@xvlaine @xjauw my bedroom startin to look like a runway🙄👻

ken🖤 ‏@mckennaababehh

@GhostAdventures @Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin Zak and Aaron you guys should go watch our video! We just started a YouT…

Ghoulsgonewildpod ‏@Ghoulsgonewild1

Jennifer Aniston Once Lived with a Testy Ghost Who Terrorized Her Roommate via @jezebel. 👻👻👻👻👻

Jay Doubleu🎄 ‏@JayDoubleuUk

Instagram is a preview of your life, Twitter is what goes on in your head, and Snapchat is the "behind the scenes" 👻

Bye Bad Luck ‏@IChaosKen

@ddevilsangel Happy birthday❤️🖤🎈🎉🌻👻

John Osio ‏@hellojohno

If I ever became a music supervisor for a Christmas horror movie, I’d definitely use the beginning of the Christmas…

Alicia ‏@amherder

New episode up! And we talk about the voice we picked up the last time we recorded 👻 #ghost #parkslope

AVN Awards ‏@avnawards

Giving you more behind the scenes getting ready for the #AVNAwards @TheBaileyRayne will be taking over our Snapchat…

Leoslayer ‏@LeoslayerUK

@SupStreamers To be a Ghostbuster 👻👻

Allison ‏@allisonac__

I waited 3 1/2 weeks for my clothes to come in and almost none of it fits👻

Cherry Redd 👑 ‏@Shescherryredd

Y’all Add 👻gbodytank👻 And JayyDajhitt on Instagram ❤️🥰

StackorStarve💵🏃🏾‍♂️.100k ‏@Youngboy_100k

Outside look type spooky 👻 or I’m buggin ? 🤔

🤓 Mätt 🇸🇪🇬🇧 ‏@haku_91

Just a couple of ghosts hanging out by a huge Christmas tree 🎄🎀 is it just me or do we need to go somewhere hot and…

Helen Grant ‏@helengrantsays

GHOST for Christmas...? 👻

Daryl Lopez ‏@FenixGun

I liked a @YouTube video ghost choir 👻🎵

Dan Pritchard ‏@illustratordan

@ScarredForLife2 Jeff the talking mongoose 👻


#Twenty1👻 & #SuicideTape Coming to a platform near u Shout out @OvertimeHustlin @supermegaego #FlyJ #PxnchoBeats…

🥀 Janey ~ Emulous JJP AU 🥀 ‏@JaneDanells

@jjptrash Yeah I really wish more people in Korea gave GOT7 a chance so we could have a bigger chance at these shows👻

Porter McKnight ‏@portermcknight

Oh I’m READY! 👻🎉💪🏻

Antonio🐉 ‏@aj_clutch_

Drop y’all snaps.👻

Crab Presenting Nipples ‏@ScribblezStarz

Kofi doodle for @RenegadeCactus! 👻🌵 Donate to my kofi and you may request one headshot doo…

meri #14dersli ‏@WannaVLoved

@BangtanSevenman night night 👻💞

adog 🦉 ‏@6ixgodadog

👻 adogthegod_0

NicWithTheKay 🔫🤫 ‏@Nic_Extravagant

@Nic_YouSoKrazy_ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you know i he scared to do some bs with females i be in love with cause ion be wanting to fuc…

Joe Krois ‏@joek1228

@kasie How about quitting by emoji? 👻👉👅👣

Ella ‏@ellaheath97 back with our old pal Jason, come tune in for some seriously spooky entertainment 👻🥳🥳👻…

Hey stob it! 해샨 티 ‏@HashantiScott

@JAYBUMAOM You got snap 👻?

Steffy Jay🦄🌈💖 ‏@LittleBookyNook

15. Hell yes I do 👻👻👻

mireille ‏@mireillebrigit

Good night y'all sweet dreams #dale 👻😴

DEATH ‏@iambecomedeathh

Hello. Selling tonight. Just had a great customer <3 #bratty #sellnudes #sellingnudes #sugardating #sugarbaby…

AlchemEast Lab ‏@alchemeast

@ESBocharova The fog connecting people! 👻

Sarah Reynolds ‏@Sarah__Reynolds

THIS profile update is what has the trolls coming out in droves: they’re spooked. My brand as I table in malls & wo…

oz ‏@bohocat8

to nederland in the mid of jan 👻👻

Sarah Little ⚡️ ‏@HiSarahLittle

@thebryceread Do you ever feel already buried deep Six feet under scream But no one hears a thing? 👻

ALLEN ‏@ajhvikings

@KatrinaWeidman Great show .... Only way it could be getter is I were there with you guys. 👻

The I in Team™ Series ‏@IinTeamSeries

@M_Hinderliter That one is great! Our favorite A Christmas Carol. 👻🎄🎅

Khem Ahmose ‏@Thegodkhem

Was Prince a part of “the Gay agenda👻👻👻?”

Dan The BULL ‏@CryptoDaniii

@KingThies Maybe he got heart attack after drop👻🤷🏻‍♂️

Dissidência & Pax ‏@OpenerMedia

👾👻👽The Spirits and the Paranormal | Psi | Parapsychology... Celebrated actor and businessman Dan Aykroyd was joined…

GhostFaceKiller ‏@The_11th_

No need to use the Search, Just scroll through the TL, I only step into the Mentions, But dance shaku in the Dms. 👻

👻💙 Regena_marie 🕊✌ ‏@ghostofjohanna

@Gac_Updates "I never believed in ghosts till I came face to face with one"....😉👻👻 @Zak_Bagans

Tara ‏@TOConnor1212

Gary Galka sent me an enhanced MP3 of the EVP I captured with the video I took last night. Wow! 😮 It does say, “Com…

Tim Alvers ‏@TimAlvers

@thebandGHOST @newyorkpost @barclayscenter Onwards and upwards! 👻

Juli ‏@juliett023

Can I play with your face cause you’re soooo cute!😭💞🙈😜😍👻💗🤣🤗 — hahaha thank you 😊


Official Album Art 21👻 @overtimehustlin @OvertimeHustlin

Beth Lauren ‏@the_shy_dino

Rly just want to go home and watch Halloween movies. 👻☠️

Paul Hurtado ‏@Feydakyn

@shudder Everything @therealjoebob... Mandy... I mean all of the Shudder exclusive stuff is great! You should be ve…

Andrale Marie' ‏@Andrale_Marie

Don’t know how to harness, invoke, summon and etc. anything from within. Miss me with y’all bullsh*t. It’s like I’m…

ogul cassi ‏@IssacLugo_

Us tomorrow @xaviercordova11 👻

audrey lucifer moon ☾ 😈 ‏@lovemecomputer_

🔓🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🌕🎧 🎧🔊🎧🎧💉🎧🔊🎧 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🔊 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🔊🎧 🐈🎧🎧🎧🎧💜🎧🎧 🎧🔊💊🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧 🎧🎧🔓🎧🎧🎧🎧👻 🎧🔊🔊🎧💫🎧🎧🎧 today’s #EmojiVoidscape

𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖝𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖎𝖆 🌿 ‏@aguamentia

Another tribute to @anastasiahey on my 27th birthday ❤️👻

The Gameuze Discotik ‏@TheGDiscotik

🔴 Restless Paradise - Tina Chavez - [FR/PC/RP]👻 🔴 @RestlesParadise

BitLife ‏@BitLifeApp

@charlieseve99 ✨🔮What gameplay? 🎋👻

- oTseven 👑 bangtan ‏@PearLNoona13

@KlNGNAMU my lungs drop *dead* 👻

Donato-JFK-Heinen ‏@PrimeMcAvoy

👻- don't know you that well but you have some fire tweets and also like to bother @PrimeDavidPrice

Lucid Trader ‏@MrAaronKlein

$SPY haha ha WTF is that spike back into $269?? They are totally screwing with you. Every single day. Still ha…

Amar ‏@_3maarr

👻👻: sobe7y 😂😂, Same music taste, Tentacion Fan Like me 🌚, b7bk fshk w el a3da m3ak gamela mashallah 😂😂, rbna yhdek w ywf2k ❤️💋

Stephen Mcmahon ‏@SteveMc_64

@Redpainter1 Is there anybody there....?! 👻

$ ‏@Pnxce

you aint tryna slide so dont be acting like you is! 👻

Jennifer Chen ‏@JennChenAuthor

So, we #writers all keep track of how many words we put on the page, but does anyone else keep track of all the wor…

Elijah Lowery ‏@elowery40

#NikkyWhat⭕️👻 ##Chat LiveMe-Live broadcasting community

Zane’s Sex Chronicles ‏@robichaux_44

Proud to be the 39th 👻 on @BackerKit for Sparq’s Vitamin Air: Breathe In Your Vitamins. Thanks @sparqlife

hector baez 🃏 ‏@hectorr_1099

Lol fuck ya’ll✌🏽👻

JayAre ‏@byjayare

@o10wen Lmao hell send me a flyer and be like “like this, but minus that and that” Then I won’t reply yet and he’…

thisisnikkibari ‏@nikkilehr

Got no faith in your writers I don’t believe in ghosts 👻👻👻👻👻

Visq ‏@Visquify

@ShortysDesigns What’s your fav color? Beige What was your fav kids tv show? Danny Phantom 👻 Who is your inspira…

DRob♻️ ‏@DxRobPeso

I move like a thief in the night...👻

DefCon-Security 🔹 ‏@Defcon1Ghost

The sooner you come to this realisation, the quicker You’re going to make it to the top 😉 👻🦍🦍👻

Resti_정국바라기💫 ‏@twilight_kook

@GoldTokkiJK I am doing on facebook poll 👻 You all better do that on facebook, the Gap is too big

㋛(bears 9-4) ‏@BenjamenPrado

Experiencing Ghost Town live is def in my bucket list 👦🏽👀👻

spill the tea-na 🍵 ‏@tinacanteven

Follow up: Ghosting is shitty, so unless it's dangerous, just be honest with the person. ❌👻

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