Gloves Emoji

Gloves was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧤 U+1F9E4


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Brunel Insurance ‏@Brunel_IB

A very #frosty start to the day here in #Bristol! Take extra care if you're travelling on foot or on the roads this…

Ian Wolstenhulme ‏@WolstenhulmeIan

@BUNZASHTON @TamesideMarkets @abouttameside @BromleysLLP @ALIST71 @TamesideCollege @TamesideCouncil Ooh, do you hav…

Parkside Academy ‏@ParksideGGI

Internet Challenge Week 3: 1. Please send your child to school ready for the cold weather with hat and gloves each…

Parkside Academy ‏@ParksideGGI

Internet Challenge Week 3: 1. Please send your child to school ready for the cold weather with hat and gloves each…

Harry Goalkeeper ‏@smiffjo

*Jo* Keepers just love an assist 🧤

Glenn Wild ‏@GlennWild_

The best there is around 🧤

Кobby ‏@iKobby_

If there's one player at Liverpool agenda can never touch it's Alisson. Fantastic shot stopper. He makes goalkeep…

Brunel Professions ‏@Brunelpi

A beautifully #frosty start to the day here in #Bristol! It’s definitely time to start digging out those warm…


What a guy @ArnBoat is 😍🧤 #PROGKNATION

Farzana Q ‏@FarzanaQ

Walking on frosty tarmac 🥶 wearing shoes that don’t have a decent grip and praying I don’t fall. The gloves are on…

Kira ‏@Kira01936279


CS Heil ‏@cs_heil

Always flame the bottle neck before opening and closing 🔥, wear fresh gloves.🧤

David Hurley ‏@DHurleyLL

Nice crisp start to the week 🧤

Ryan Dakhil ‏@DakhilRyan

Unbelievable 🧤

Sublimegirl ‏@Sublimegirl3

I need some color in my Life.. Join me.. if you do too. Color...yes...🧤😻🧤😻

Sublimegirl ‏@Sublimegirl3

Dont go to sleep.. please stay 🧤

Sandra Paños ‏@sandra_panos1

¡New week begins!🧤⚽️ #fcbarcelona #fcbfemeni #forçabarça #goalkeepers

Edinburgh Caledonian ‏@EdburghCaleyFC

A great battle against @corrietimbers finished 2-2. We then won 4-3 on pens which sees is through to rd 3 of the Pr…

Colin Craig ‏@collycomic

@Gailporter You need some 🧤& maybe a 🧣....👍😉

jarring, truly ‏@ArguablyS

@BertozziDylan Yeah well too many people finished the trial thinking he was some sort of criminal. Call that mob me…

l i n d s ‏@_lindsk

Night shift is fun and all until it’s 2am and the patient needs the bedpan 🧤

AFRICA360DEGREES ‏@africa360d

#FootballExtra 🧤 The first Liverpool goalkeeper to assist a Premier League goal in over TEN years. 😉 The first Li…

NickALive! | Nickelodeon News & Videos ‏@DailyNickNews

New video by SpongeBob SquarePants Official: Escape from Glove World! 🧤 5 Minute Sneak Peek! NEW SpongeBob Episode…

Kraak300 ‏@denul300

@wouter_beverdam Love 🧤

Seagull Travel BHAFC 🚌 ‏@SeagullTravNews

@missmayhem77 We have your Son’s gloves 🧤 the coach company returned them to us on Saturday👍 Can you get to our sho…

Natalie Howlett ‏@NatalieH0wlett

Thrilled to kick start the Spring term’s gardening clubs with a scavenger hunt and wheat planting workshop delivere…

Poolfoot Farm Sport & Leisure Complex ‏@PoolfootFarm

Monday 20th January 📅 @ftifauk training ⚽️ Wyre School Games 🎓 U5s-U11s GK Dev 🧤 @academyftfc training🔴 Soccer Si…

Hlumani Dlamini🤷‍♂️ ‏@HlumaniD

Forever Grateful For The Grace And Abundance In My Life,Lord I Thank You For All That You Do For Me,May I Take Ref…

Jayne De Vaux Duggan ‏@JayneVaux

@carolkirkwood Have a very good morning... tad chilly here today ...🧤❄🌥

Gokulam Kerala FC ‏@GokulamKeralaFC

🧤 🧤 All set to keep watch from the throne! ⚡️ #Malabarians #GKFC #HeroILeague #LeagueForAll #PFCGKFC

Pygmy ‏@PygmyRs

@superpeachiful that that 🧤👍✌️

elyana ‏@oddinaelly

the other day I talked to hazmie about not having the ‘road common sense’ and he said ‘I LIKE DRIVING.... but bawak…

Miguel Muguchia ‏@miguelmuguchia

What a record! 🔥 Alisson has kept more clean sheets than he has conceded goals during his time in the Premier Leag…

Virginia Dixon ‏@Virgini85465653

@NRLonNine Can’t wait footy back on TV ! And Go Raiders 🧤💚🧤💚🧤 2020

Rna✨⚽️⚪️رنا ‏@RnaReda20

He’s not play’n he’s dance’n 😍🧤


Creative minds has zero limits 🧤

PRË͢ME__XY ‏@goodbyetomorrow

@frankydono @MGiles_Jr I still give it to drake but fuck Virgil tho 🧤

L4LO ‏@L4LO__

It hurts worse when the ball hits the back of the net 🧤 🥅⭕️

Brandon English 🥁 ‏@brandonenglish

I’ve been doing this all month 🧤

Ben Hallman ‏@nowandben

@miafermindoza @BernieSanders Brilliance. 🌈🧤

Q45❤️🇺🇸🐸🇺🇸❤️ ‏@qqqueenbeee

All receipts are coated in it so limit your exposure and wear gloves 🧤 if a cashier 😐

Amanda Parmelee ‏@lrkappadee

I’m not even remotely embarrassed to admit I’ve had to do this when I’ve worn gloves 🧤 🤷🏼‍♀️

richzanco ‏@richzanco

I’ve got my driving gloves 🧤 I’ve got my driving hat 🎩 I’ve got no 🚗 car!!!

Candygram ‏@myatt519051

God🕊Bless🙏🏻, POTUS Donald Trump! God🕊Bless🙏🏻, USA🇺🇸🧤! Land that I love❤️! ⚖️

Spectrum News 13 ‏@MyNews13

GRAB YOUR 🧥 AND 🧤: Check out these temperatures tonight in #DaytonaBeach. Temps across Central Florida will follow…

Spectrum Bay News 9 ‏@BN9

GRAB YOUR 🧥 AND 🧤: Temperatures will top out around 60 degrees on Monday, and Monday night is expected to be the co…

dg ‏@dgisfree

@nottamico @saywallahifam nah, this ones a keeper 🧤

d is freaking love her boyfriend ‼‼ ‏@kdoyeons

*this is a trace* 🧤

Moshi ‏@moshi_life

It's times like these our Digits touchscreen gloves come in handy! 🧤❄️ #mymoshilife

♠️Mistress Alexa Kowalski♠️ ‏@AlexaKowalski2

@venusyourgod Any good party requires gloves 🧤

🧃 ‏@4mingi

🧤 — i dont see u on my tl that much but u seem rly cool

Cybill Troy’s Forehead Vein ‏@Cybill_Troy

@DearSerenityS @Goddess_Cleo @AmourMadam @TheFoXtress @AphaiaDominus @leosol2020 @NeraSkye @LadyValeskaX…

Jenn White ‏@Teacherluvscats

@JasonAdamsWFTS @lawcrc @abcactionnews We are gathering our warmer clothes together! Of course have to buy new glov…

Mouhamad Rachini | محمد الرشعيني ‏@ThatArabKeeper

🧤 #RuiSilva in his last two appearances: -10 saves made -0 goals conceded to players not named #LionelMessi -1 cl…

Ray Doherty ‏@rayd1475

@amy_shee This tweet is 100% on point 🧤

West Coast GK ‏@WestCoastGK

Creativity, puns, individuality and being generally epic are all encouraged. Add Glove ID to any West Coast glove…

FootJoy ‏@FootJoy

Congrats to @andrewlgolf for earning his 2nd career win at this week’s @theamexgolf! Hard fought, well deserved.…

Chip🌐 ‏@chip_the_neocon

@ironically_edgy @MikaylaCMaki also does the 🧤 emoji mean u simp yourself

📫Broken📬World📭 ‏@HelloCrandil

@neal_katyal @laurence8645 Alan Dershowitz would be coveted by Putin and other despots of the world. Such devotion…

Dev ‏@devsbluearmy

Only one Petr Čech 🧤 The best keeper in PL history. Schmeichel was so dominant and redefined the security you expec…

delyn simons ‏@delynator

As long as I’ve got one pulled on as I head out on a winter morning, I can shove it in a pocket of my parka as I en…

Lady of Quality🦋 ‏@Ksa993Me

@Alfares31e Why he’s not wearing gloves 🧤!! That’s dreadful

Shin-chan ‏@TK_RED7

@q_yamz Smh I was agreeing, always gotta lips my homies ear when he patterns me a McFlurry🥺🤟🏽😔🧤💣🤯💘💟💟✅🥵🥵

SKS🤞🏾KPS ‏@profangirl_1

Whooooooo happy Birthdayyyyyy to our UNDEFEATED MELBSSSS TIMEEEEE 🧤 👯‍♀️!!!!!!! Whoooooooo THE BEST TEAM!!!! Those…

ESP K ‏@575haiku

@NYTupelo7 @ABCPolitics @GStephanopoulos That's the same defense he used in the OJ Simpson fiasco. Just because th…

AB1GK ‏@Ab1Gk

@JayLynchy in League One action for @officiallydale this weekend! 🆎🧤 #ab1 #gk

Dan Kennett ‏@DanKennett

Alisson has now saved the last 21 SOT he has faced in all comps. And 38 of the last 41 (93%) 🔥 🧤 🏆

Conor Brennan ‏@CBrennan44

What a difference to goalkeeping this guy has made. Massive contribution to Liverpool potentially winning the leagu…

Toecutter 🥶 ‏@Ripyourlungsout

@JimRobe70184873 @UnusSupra32 @TT4Titans @MaxGibs62013817 @laurachvycamaro @Dunroamin4ever @davidf4444…

G-LOVES ‏@workoutglove

@studioremixxlv is excited to offer its’ clients Gelometrics gloves 🧤 to enhance your workout experience. These con…

G-LOVES ‏@workoutglove

@studioremixxlv is excited to offer its’ clients Gelometrics gloves 🧤 to enhance your workout experience. These con…

Andy McKeown ‏@AndyMcK1982

Go ‘ed Ali lad! #LFC #AB1 🔴💪🧤

Ryan Hudson⚽️🧤 ‏@RyanHudsonGK

Does anyone else just BLOODY LOVE goalkeeping 😂🧤⚽️

LockedsubUK_2.0 🔞 ‏@Lockedsubuk_v2

@leather_mx Leather gloves in my mouth do it for this sub....🧤🔥😈

ғᴘʟ ʟᴇᴡɪs 🦘🇦🇺 ‏@FPLLewis

Things you love to see!! Haha 🧤🏃🏻‍♂️💨💨💨

Benji 😠 ‏@Thaakir4_

@alyssasyse_ 😂😂😂 Goodluck. 🧤

30k.mxrco ‏@nhm__marco

@nana2goated This tweet is underrated 😭 Mustang: 🧤🔥

Paul McMenamin ‏@maccabhoy67

@nparrygk @gdale22 Thanks mate try our best Paz! We can’t wait till ur back in between the 🥅 love u so much ma big fckin safe hand pal 🧤

GMH ‏@gmh1888

@WheresMaJaiket Was doing just that this very morning mate 🧤 just how we roll doon here😂


Looking forward to seeing this guy back in action. @GVLTriumph @USLLeagueOne #PROGKNATION 🧤 @premgripp 🧦🖤 @daljaye

Ms. M ‏@CalliopeCo

Save for President’s Day? 😉 Makes #Lincoln feel like a contemporary. 🧤

DQ🩸🅱️ ‏@dq2_2live

So last night , a couple was dancing and a nigga reach over and slapped his girl on the ass 🧤.... What would you have done in that situation

Reece James Stan Account ‏@M_Todd10

FLEX TIME: Todd’s Sunday league game by the numbers. Penalty save 🙅🏾‍♂️ (FINALLY) Three 1v1 saves 🧤 10+ saves ov…

Guernsey FC ‏@GuernseyFC

SAVE!🧤#ICYMI @CalStanton’s Save of the Season so far? #WhatASave

Max Banner ‏@maxbanner17

@DanielPlatt_1 Yes Platty 👊🧤

Max Banner ‏@maxbanner17

Might have given it a few of the @DanielPlatt_1 fist pumps after tonight's 6-a-side win 👀😂🧤 #UTG

Bye Bye EU 👋👋👋🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 ‏@Jag11814459

@tripleGGGx @ElContador2000 @ShlomoIndiana @MeroQueso1 @Charlie_45uk @TheAntiPopulis1 @brianbloop @Duggs_Bunny…

Sparta GK ‏@Sparta_GK

Coming back with the 🏆 from the Florida Cup All Star Game @UniversalORL, the penalty 👑 Rafael Siqueira 🥇 Sparta P…

Soccer Elite FA ‏@soccerelitefa

🤲 𝗚𝗘𝗧 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗡 𝗔 𝗚𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧 𝗗𝗘𝗔𝗟! 🧤 Get 15% off our Goalkeeper Soccer School taking place in the February Half Ter…

Heather Cabaniss ‏@TotallyTailgate

@seskelinen Helsinki today was warmer than Chicago! 😂 This Orlando girl did not even need 🧤 gloves.

Jonny Magill ‏@jonny_mag_tff

I thought someone had ran on the pitch when I looked across the pitch celebrating from the kop then realised it was…

Shane Doyle ‏@EchoIndia105

@ElaineGeraghty @debbieallen102 Our Number 1 🤣 🇧🇷🧤

Fernando Barros 🐼 ‏@fernandosbarro_

M O N S T R O 🧤🔝

EL-MOHEB9️⃣9️⃣0️⃣ ‏@NADUM1966

@AAlkoat Beautiful and very nice 🧤

Hazal Filiz Küçükköse Hispanic Source ‏@Hfk_Hisp

🧤 Nice promo skills👏🏻

Leathergimp ‏@Leathergimp1

@DommeTrue OMG!!! WOW!!! All the.... ooooh delicious leather!!! 🤤🔥💓🧤

Ben Wynne GK Coach ‏@WynneGKcoaching

Inspirational 😻🔥🧤⚽️

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