Gloves Emoji

Gloves was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧤 U+1F9E4


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Vic ‏@AmbitionRise

Well looks like I will be putting back on the gloves 🧤 after 4 years



Maureen (Mo) ‏@mo_dombrowski

@RadioFreeTom In this case - what size glove 🧤?

Talk Norwich City ‏@TalkNorwichCity

AG is buzzing for the big John pod! Out tomorrow night - be ready! 👀🧤#NCFC

Costa Del Este FC LIVE ‏@CDEFCLive

35’ @costadelestefc 1-0 @sportingsmfc Atento Powell 😎🧤 #VamosPorMás💚⚪️ #CDEvsSSM

Caleb Brown ‏@calebjoseph21

Thank God 🧤🙏🏼 #madness

Michael T. Gannon ‏@MTGannon

Take the Gloves 🧤 Off

Follow Help 🔝 ‏@MutualsGains27

Like fast if you’re active 🧤

Mizzou Baseball ‏@MizzouBaseball

T8 l #WebGem 🧤 Cornelius with a sliding grab up the middle, tallying nice 6-3 put out 0 on, 2 outs #MIZ #ShowMe #C2E 🐯⚾️

🇮🇱Chiadi 💙❤️🇧🇯🇳🇬 ‏@Chiadisly

@easy_castle @FLawalson @sploofeek Winning how many EPL golden gloves 🧤 biko?

NPCeeker ‏@snarkticonDM

@LaceyEvansWWE Happy Birthday to a true Lady! 🎊🎂🎊👒🧤👜

Hugo Fauroux ‏@HFauroux

Best gk in the MLS as of right now 👇🧤@spencerichey18

Josh Cummings ‏@CummingsCider

@georgialxx_ We also wear velcro gloves for extra grip 🧤🐑

MF9BonuGame9705 ‏@MF9BonuGame9705


🌟PicsAndPixels ‏@pics_pixels

@shingpapi I wasnt interested in this game but now I kinda want it just for this~💖🧤

Germany ‏@DFB_Team_EN

There's no win without you, @Manuel_Neuer 🧤 #DieMannschaft #NEDGER 2-3

Kaelee ‏@DKaeleeA

@Glove831 Keep flipping the channel Glove! 🧤

R Shakeel ‏@RShakeel7

@zaynmalik Zayn you are awesome man.🧤 Don't Forget Your Smile.😜 #ZaynMalik

Major League Soccer ‏@MLS

Spencer Richey comes up with a double save to keep #FCCincy in front! 🧤 #NEvCIN

ell ‏@truman_elliee

🧤-a sxc richard,will meet u one day 💞

Dek Binno ‏@dekbinnington

Bringing back my youth keeping days today, love a clean sheet I do 🧤

Natasha ‏@nmharder9

@Lisavipes @DrJenGunter Thank you. I had never seen anyone go from eating seafood at 5 pm to 24 hours later on vent…


🔝🧤 Las Mejores Paradas de la Jornada 26 1️⃣ @goleirocarlos1 - @JaenFS 2️⃣ @IvanBernad - @ADSala10 3️⃣…

De4dByD4wn4 ‏@De4dByD4wn4

🆒S/o &Gratz 2 aFAV🌨️#KMeliteOG 🏂@Jchillen_🕺🏻aka"J-illen"cuz theres N🚫chill. Teachin his 1st class of many 🥶im$URE a…

Ally McGovern ‏@AllyMcGovern1

When your mentor works your brain just as hard as your body... great session... buzzing! 🧤⚽️🧤@jamlang22…

ૣ ⚘Sólo el fútbol ‏ૣ ‏@MESHAL_ALSHATI

🧤 We Are Our Choices..

Daniel Scott 🤙 ‏@GoaIazio

Anyone experienced this season? Clean sheets not adding in #FIFA19 career mode 🧤

D3D4Football ‏@d3d4football

🚨PODCAST EXTRA🚨 ➡️Joining me for a chat this week will be @mansfieldtownfc keeper @BobbyOlejnik 🧤⚽️🙌 From Austria…

Sisikelele Mlambisa ‏@masiki

@popeyekeet phenomenal bro! Well played. You literally wore your heart on your gloves 🧤 today #AFCON2019Q

Duncan Young 🐝 ‏@duncanyoung68

@JackReynolds10 @aarronpullen @LoudmouthBFC @BarnetFC @Dsweeney_ Sounds like a plan. As a sponsor of Cousins we can…

Yevhenii Kucherenko ‏@Jeka_kucher

Pics of my debut with National Team Under 21 😍⚒🧤⚽️🙏🏻 @FFUKRAINE 3-1 Macedonia 🇲🇰 #AntalyaCup #U21 🇺🇦

BBC Sport ‏@BBCSport

Brothers 🤜🤛 Goalkeepers 🧤⚽ Being sent off on the same day 🤔😂 It was some day for Blair and Max Currie More:…

SoaringLeo ‏@SoaringLeo

@axios I feel like I’m re-living a “If it doesn't fit, you must acquit”—moment. Let that sink in.....🧤

ᗯ.ᖴ.ᗩ ‏@Wyatt_C10

Thank you @jamesdean1972 👏👏 🚨Now Sponsored🚨 ✅ @maiktaylor1 🧤 🔵 @cablesres

Megan Langenkamp ‏@megs017

Kudos to the guy in #WalkersPoint who has created his own #EarthDay & is picking up garbage. 🙌🏼🍃🧤

BTMNetwork Sports ‏@sports_btm

Darren Keet 🧤⛔️🧤⛔️ Percy Tau 🚀🎯🚀🎯 Just how good were these two @BafanaBafana players tonight 🇿🇦👌

Julian Pillay ‏@julz411

We have a new keeper.. hands down 🧤⚽️ #KeetSaves #AFCON2019Q #BafanaBafana

blonded ‏@heroinvrother

@yungbastard_ *^+ that's the * one * slatt ! ++ 🙄💕🧤

SuperSport ‏@SuperSportTV

Darren Keet 🧤⛔️🧤⛔️ Percy Tau 🚀🎯🚀🎯 Just how good were these two @BafanaBafana players tonight 🇿🇦👌

Keo 🇧🇼 ‏@keobw

Darren Keet is dragging South Africa to Afcon....with his bare 🧤 @robertmarawa

sοmεβοδγ’s ωιfε ‏@__thraxxDOLL

Pussy fit him like a 🧤

Marcin Walecki ‏@marcin_walecki

@kajbumba Pavels 💪👍🧤

GkNexus ‏@GkNexusOfficial

WATCH one of our previous animated #goalkeeper sessions of the week 🧤⚽️ Exercise theme ‘Dealing with 1v1’ • Blocki…

Ben Webster ‏@benw76056720

@Mikecowley25 @TheOneGloveCo Very smart 🧤

Scott Booker ‏@siscoscottb

@Bernardblade1 Keep em coming Rhys. Well done today! ⚽🧤

Karla Anahi Estrada ‏@TheIconicGirl7K

@LaceyEvansWWE 🎈🥳Happy Birthday to the Best Lady👒👸🏼 I hope U like my edit🎊🎁 my Role Model👒💄🧤✨ #LikeALady…

Jay-ar Cruzado ‏@JcruzR2

@JordanPeele Judging by all the YouTube “Us Explained” videos, you made people think. Us was great! It had the best…

Nathan Ridley ‏@nathan_ridley_

Super goalkeeping 🧤 #SANSCO

Graeme R ‏@graemeross01

@MrsG217 @RiaFoster9 @kentfootunited @AdamPascall @TheOneGloveCo Well done Harry 🧤🏆

Girlguiding 4th Rossendale Brownies ‏@4thRossendale

Green fingers ready for tomorrow! 🧤🌱🌼

The Football Schedule ‏@UKFootballTimes

Brilliant goalkeeping from 🇸🇲 goalkeeper Elia Benedettini to deny Stuart Armstrong - not once, but twice! Superb d…

Sky Sports Football ‏@SkyFootball

Brilliant goalkeeping from 🇸🇲 goalkeeper Elia Benedettini to deny Stuart Armstrong - not once, but twice! Superb d…

Ted Regulski @ GDC All Week ‏@tedregulski

HUGE congrats to @JordanPeele on the $70+ million earned this weekend with @UsMovie Off to the cinema for my second…

Mexican National Team ‏@miseleccionmxEN

Not on @yosoy8a's watch!! 🧤🚫⚽️ #PasiónyOrgullo | #FMFporNuestroFútbol | #MEXTOUR

Notorious Harambe💚 ‏@Faln2DarkAngel

@LaceyEvansWWE That’s Rite Lady Lacey let #ThemNasties know! #LikeALady #KeepinItClassy #NoMoreNasties 🧤👠👒

DK1 Goalkeeping ‏@DK1Goalkeeping

Latest coaching resource uploaded now! Save techniques when facing low shots away from the body 😁🧤⚽️

Waaooowwwww. ‏@TayHarmony

On March 30th I would have been in my new home for 3 months and not only do these jeans fit like a fucking GLOVE 🧤,…

Treasure13 Fashion ‏@Treasure13style

Treasure13 Kim Junkyu at ICN 🎒트립르센스 (TRIP LE SENS) LE BAG GREY Approx. 44,000원 👟adidas stan smith shoes white A…

Lee Heywood ‏@GkDevelopment1

@FcSwanley register the lad for our Goalkeeping event any more information please fill free to get in touch 🧤

Pré de Provence ‏@ES_Provence

get silky smooth hands with moisturizing gloves 🧤

Nio ‏@Nio_Trujillo

Happy Birthday Rhys, hope u have a good day n see u out for a couple warm ones soon🍻🧤 @_rhysphillips

lucyloves12 😍 uk pantie seller ‏@lucyloves34

I’m feeling green 🐸🧤🍀🦚 I have a pair of these babies for sale who wants them #Hosiery #footfetish #usedtighs…

ً ‏@mintaelist

@kaminshiros here 🧤 make sure to put them on in future

Felixstowe&WaltonU15 ‏@FelixstoweEJA

Rory’s second save 🧤✅

Felixstowe&WaltonU15 ‏@FelixstoweEJA

Rory’s first save 🧤✅

Joby (BTAFC & GTID) ‏@JobyKelly

Lavelle should hang up the gloves 🧤 also.

Chad Harris ‏@ChadKHarris

@NickWilsonWFNZ Hahahaha. And of course @HitmanWFNZ always on brand—still wearing his batting glove 🧤

Nicky Church 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@NickyChurchGK

Looking for specific goalkeeper coaching/training? 🧤⚽️ ✅ PRE Season ✅ Private 1-1 sessions ✅ Group sessions ✅ Club…

LanceH ‏@recently_played

idea: Now that some of us are used to carrying reusable shopping bags (oh you're still mad about it? Get over it, T…

Rachel.D 🏃🏽‍♀️ ‏@rachiee___

It is naaatt as warm as it looks out there. So glad I wore gloves 🧤 🏃🏽‍♀️ 14 comfortable miles done ✅ Obv came home…

Robin K D Midgley ‏@chippingexpert

@cliveje I’m so pleased to see you got their permission to enter the wacky world of Twitter. Fasten your seatbelt..…

Taylor Monk ‏@TaylorMonk91

Great morning out supporting four @OffTheLineGK Goalkeepers. Arrival activity for FP keepers consisted of video obs…

Gifs SCFC ‏@gifsscfc

Andersonnnnnnnnnnnn 🧤

john williams ‏@johnnywilliams

@GKUnion @mattletiss7 @bignorms Someone been reading my tweets @bignorms ?? I brought this to the Twitter world’s a…

Ian ‏@IanBiggadike

She’s in goal again 🧤⚽️.

🗝mary ‏@feralhyun

🗝 @Stray_Kids who do you think suits this concept most?🧤 #StrayKidsComeback #MIROH

GK Icon ‏@gkicon

⚽🏆🧤We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a @gkicon #goalkeeper camp with Chris Kirkland! Sign up today…

SideWinder ‏@ygkacademy1

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Michaela (m…

Nottingham Forest LFC ‏@ForestLadies

🧤 Out getting ready

spaciousbodacious ‏@BuyACopyBeSaved

white gloves 🧤. Well, Marilyn and bill are senior citizens they’re go isn’t so interrupted but when appraising the…

Seth Wells ‏@SethWILXSports

Back in the 🧤- what a week in Des Moines. Time to try and get some rest before heading to D.C.

Southport Football Club ‏@southport_fc

Great to see a proper legend back at the club yesterday! Steve Dickinson became the latest member of…


The lads go marching on in the cup! A very comfortable 4-0 win, an excellent performance in tough conditions! The s…

Julz ‏@julzdyer

@jonobrown_ Jimmy says thanks for your gloves! 🧤 ⚽️

Els ‏@blanchaett

me: :( carol: 🧤 * 🍸 . * 👭 * .👩🏻 * . * . * 🗽 . 📸. * . * *…

Paul Bernardoni ‏@paul_bernardoni


GkNexus ‏@GkNexusOfficial

“I have adapted some of it to use at my Academy, thank you” “Excellent to have access to the #goalkeeper philosophy… ‏@GKGloves4u

💥The One Glove GEO 2.0 Nebula💥 🧤Sizes 5-11 🧤 ❗️limited stock available❗️ Don’t miss out, Order Now!!!

I talk to my guns like they fly bitchez ‏@Cheesus_Khrist

@mzkali Yeah most of what you would need is at a autozone, latex gloves 🧤 screwdriver , electric grease for the con…

Ike Okechukwu ‏@ikisok

@ghoulcabin @996fx He'll smack your face with his gloves 🧤

Traffic Scotland ‏@trafficscotland

To keep up with what is happening on the network, check out our current incidents page. 🧤 This winter, save yourse…

محمد 🇸🇦 . ‏@AlarconTarish

@Mata8HD G O A T 🧤

Shila Marie ‏@_shilavelez

5th tattoo wazzup 🧤

Broughton WMC Official ‏@BroughtonWmfc

Lovely day for it keeper 🧤

Coggeshall Town FC ‏@CoggeshallTown

🎥 | It’s simple... @Sambridge29 doesn’t conceded penalties 👏🏼 Four penalties faced since he joined the…

Jake Wardle ‏@Truseneye92

@NickPLittlewood @mfrost11 @SHO_TwinPeaks Great find! 😃 Use it wisely and watch out for evil demon orbs named BOB 🧤 💥

Messi ‏@_Tisha10

The magician foot 👟 with the magician gloves 🧤

bad post runaways ‏@badpostrunaways

me: :( marvel's runaways: ✵ . ✨ . ✵ . * 🌈 . * . ✵ . * .🦖 * * .…

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