Gloves Emoji

Gloves was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧤 U+1F9E4


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Kenny Pickup Artist ‏@Socialkenny2

Tonight is cold AF🌬 tropical standards, so I had to get sweatered up to hit this job side. All I need now are some 🧤.

West Coast GK ‏@WestCoastGK

#WestCoastProTeam Keeper Aubrey Bledsoe testing out a new Quantum 🧤 in camp with the US Women's National Team! 🇺🇸⚽…

RC Recre ‏@RCRecreFIFA

🏆J.1 @VFOspain_ps @RCRecreFIFA 1️⃣-0️⃣ @360FC ⚽ @Gilardio_ 🏅 @Gilardio_ 🧤 @Marco_Imp1 🏆J.1 @IONesports…

CAPalot ♠️🥶🎒 ‏@2xnevafold

If we don’t got the same vibe baby , I can’t fw you 🧤💦

Eugene Ferguson ‏@OwnedByBarbsInc

Almost done basically cleaning everything 🧤💦🧼

D.Bagnarol ‏@108Valentine

There were a lot of very wet gloves/mittens and socks today! Please send extra socks in your child’s backpack and g…

Kaio-kensi ‏@kaiokensi

@crickettwilder if you bring a hood that blocks the wind 🌬 + waterproof boots 🥾 + preferably waterproof gloves 🧤 +…

Bags By Cab ‏@yarnshoppe

Did you miss our #mondayblues ? No worries! Flash sale BOGO all week! CAB 😍 - - - #handdyedwool 🧤 #handdyedyarn…

Shawn L. Day ‏@shawnday74

🧤❄️🧠💀🧦 @ Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ben Wynne GK Coach ‏@WynneGKcoaching

Busy night two private 1-2-1 sessions to start the night off with Alfie(U9s) and Callum(U12s)🧤👏🏻⚽️

Cheri Maduri ‏@CheriMaduri

@BFAds Gloves 🧤 @MichelleKirkla4

aishah ‏@aishlvv

@arubpt put some mittens on 🧤

Lori Lovely ‏@montrosefarms

Thanks, but I've had enough #winter today. Can we cancel the rest? 💨❄️🌨☃️😦🧤

Arinators ‏@Arinators17

@xsamxb1 Green was prophet Muhammad (pbuh) fav colour💚💚🍀🍀🧤🐢🦖🌿🌱🌴🌳🌲☘️🍀🍃🦚🍏🥝🥬🥒🥦

Poppin’ Collars Ltd Co. ‏@PoppinCollarsCo

Every pup 🐶 & kitty 🐱 should have a grooming glove 🧤 ‼️ They gently massage while helping with shedding‼️ Orders yo…

4 Days Until The Best Pokemon Games EVER ‏@SatoshiandTouko

@Pokemon CUSTOMIZATION!!! ♥️🕶👕👖🧦👗🧤👚👜🛍🥿👡👞🎒♥️

Matt Richards ‏@MattAndCO

@Ab1Gk I would love these gloves 🧤

Mat Kendrick ‏@MatKendrick

We want your help to compile the Aston Villa team of the decade (must have played for #AVFC between January 2010 an…

Joy Bella ‏@joybellabella

Kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything!❄️ It’s time to bake Christmas cookies, listen to carols, wrap pre…

Red Point of View ‏@ARedPOV

Ten seconds of excellence 😂🧤

FTF Canada ‏@FTFCanada__

NC EH EH 🇨🇦 @vaughansoccercl product Omeed Naeemy earns All @HorizonLeague Rookie Team 🧤 #FTF #LeaveYourMark

Inside the 18 | Goalkeeping Podcast ‏@goalkeeperpod

Insiders! We're building up our Youtube! Sub & Share channel as we keep posting new vids. Part 1 of EP 99. -…

blessed PikaY ‏@obileyetimileh2

@Bet9jaOfficial D glove 🧤

Saint Mary’s Primary ‏@StMarysPS14

Today P1a were introduced to their new phoneme g. We had fun forming our letters in glitter, making some grapes, an…

Tristan ‏@Ringham82

@Alissonbecker The @Alissonbecker obsession continues 😂 🧤⚽️ ‏@AMCMotorcycleUK

Provide complete protection suitable for any occasion, as tactical gloves. 🇬🇧👌🧤⁠ Tactical Hard Knuckle Fingerless…

💎Αθηνά ‏@AthenaSakorafos

@EnjoyNature @marisabiancotti Good evening Marisa! You too, Enjoy! Nice to see you both! 👛👒🧤

🤘IFB METAL™🤘Metalheads Follow Help🎸Metal News📰 ‏@IfbMetal

@MaJaVi_ @EliLeonarda @Irvinejules1 @tinatwitte482 @SylviaDianeK @kleinslag @Hsnklil @___marcio 🆘 𝕪 𝕠 𝕦 𝕝 𝕠 𝕠 𝕜 𝕗…

Maple Lake Schools ‏@MapleLakeISD881

A reminder students are required to go outside for recess when the temp is 0 degrees or above windchill. Please hel…

Olivia Montgomery ‏@0livia_19

@daisysimms Thanks Dais! #GKunion 🧤

Bravejourney Sonofbravejourney ‏@BravejourneyS

@IlhanMN @BreedenGraham If your so-called president is acting outside the rule of law and Constitution…he is an out…

AdamDvorin ‏@AdamDvorin

I went ahead and bought emergency 🧤 today (ordered some online last week but it looks like I will need before onlin…

Sara Grace 🌿 ‏@PumpkinPaigee

Still really butthurt I lost the gloves 🧤 the cute driver from my work gave me 😅🥺

RKS ‏@canadianraj

@bobbyberk Also, honestly heart broken the season was so short. We need more QE + Japan💕🧤

Nuagedeparis ‏@Nuagedeparis1

@StroudStory @Horatioforever @SlCathy @SarahBlick3 @SLevelt @PosyHill1 @NellytheWillow @BSMGP @cecilegillard…

Heather Lamb ‏@hal70002k7

@MsJoyChristine I can't help it..."Winter is coming" 🧤

Alissa Widman Neese ‏@AlissaWidman

As temperatures dip and snow falls, many central Ohio students rely on coats, hats and gloves from @CharityNewsies…

Kuame Banks ‏@KuameBanks4

@itsBayleyWWE @WWEIndia At Survivor series, You gotta drag them to where they belong!!! 🧤 You're always been oversh…

crystal ko ‏@crystalko10

Sunflowers are growing up. 🌻 Green team is growing up. Do you like snow? ❄️ 🧤

nahum ‏@nahumg_ld

Same spot two weeks later ❄️ 🧤

Joe Gunnar Solskjær 🏆 ‏@JoeMLS

@brfootball the best goalkeeper in the world 😂🧤🙌🏽

lion 16 ‏@fataud1

Technique Development/Basics 🧤⚽️ The A, B , C , D...............Z in goalkeeping. No skipping.

ohmlife_buc ‏@OhmlifeB

@XoBabbz @UnbreakableHate @South_Vape_Ad @JSmurfy @Red_Phoenyx_ @thevapinghorror 😂😂Take Those Dang Gloves 🧤 Off Then 😂😂

Kevin Green ‏@KevinGr18640522

Brilliant news. Well done and what an exciting week ahead! 👏🧤⚽️

MAIZIE 💚⚽️ 🧤🔛🔥 ‏@Maizie_GK31

No Goalkeeper training at Man United u9 girls tonight, but she's loved it all the same. The coach has told her she'…

OHIO NASCAR FAN ‏@ohionascarfan

@BFAds Hoodie Sweat Shirt and hat🧢 and gloves 🧤 @BrentonArnholt

Y Clwb Pêl-Droed ‏@YClwbPelDroed

Former @UndyAFC boss Mike Flynn 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Ex Bangor City manager Nigel Adkins 🧤 And former Ton Pentre full-back Nat…

𝐋𝐞𝐞 ‏@pjmsbutera

me: :( christmas and chill: ❤️ ✷    · ❄️ ⛸ ❆ ❆˚ * ❅. 😏 ✧   ❄️  * * ⋆   .🧤.…

Tony Creasey ‏@Lunerbase

@MarcCorbishley Also used to dry my gloves 🧤😂😂

Anything Liverpool ‏@AnythingLFC_

Alisson Becker, the only goalkeeper in this year's Goal 50 🧤 #Liverpoolfc

Amanda Seifert. ‏@a_seifert21

Nothing to help my homesickness like Starkville possibly getting snow today. Ya ya ya! 🧤⛄️🎅🏻❄️

CareyJ ‏@CareyJ40079459

@EmpathyWines @garyvee @MrPeanut @cheesepuffs More 🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇and sunshine in California!! ☀️🌞🌱🌱🌱🌻🐴👒🧤#cowboyVee

Aaron Lee ‏@aaronjunehee

Winter officially starts when I lose my first pair of gloves 🧤

zel💎 ‏@KLRO8_

Day 3 🐷🧤🙌🏻 #ConspiracyPalette @JeffreeStar x @shanedawson Illuminatea, spiraling, just a theory/diet cola(for hig…

i2i SA Gameday ‏@Thei2iSAGameday

📋 TEAM NEWS 🍊 🧤 Sampson helps out in between the sticks 💪 Milton fit enough to start #OneBigFamily |…

Birddog B2B ‏@BirddogB2B

@jamesharper_28b @scotmckee Thanks James - and the cold weather’s here at last! Don’t forget to break out your coll…

Wing & Weft Gloves ‏@WingWeftGloves

How Miss Stonewall 2019 misscissywalken capitalized her winnings! An awesome collaboration with @nails_4_queens ✨🧤✨…

Shadow D'Wolf 🐺 ‏@ShadowDWolf

My new hat and gloves 🐺❤🧤

Miss Ziggy Stardust 🐾🐶🐾🐶💕 ‏@Ziggy_sprocker

@sjnwoh Hi Aunty S yep r weather is bright but very chilly out gloves 🧤 &’scarf weather. Glad yoz were at home nice…

𝘓𝘦𝘢 𝘪𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘭𝘰𝘶𝘪𝘴 ◟̽◞̽ ‏@fIickerlouis

@bbyhoneyluvs @anothrwrld oof someone really wants to get kicked out of louis’ 🧤

🇪🇬 Mostafa™️ ‏@Mos_Egy

@ghanafaofficial 🧤 | Amazing save

이 호진🍤 ‏@Qfzs5keqWZhLQum

@JohnnysStawbewi the video was cut at the end PERFECTLY as he slipped amzing 🌚🧤

Hakan. ‏@FatyPapy61

@frkns61 @Trabzonspor @cakirugurcan96 The best gk in the world..Panther of Trabzon 🐆 🧤

Dease Kerrison ‏@DK1Goalkeeping

Set up for tonight’s #Basingstoke goalkeeping session 🧤⚽️ It’s a cold one tonight! 🥶 #BasingstokeSoccerCentre #BSC…

Brenda Tremblay ‏@BrendaBTremblay

@porch_radio You have so many great choices. Mahler’s 4th starts with sleighbells. 🧤 Glazunov’s seasons are charmin…

Conor O'Keefe ‏@Con_OKeefe

As always, if you want to purchase any of the incredible products available from Kaliaaer , make sure that you use…

grkonaldson ‏@grkonaldson

❄️ Snow play was so fun today. Please remember to send extra socks and gloves 🧤

Conor O'Keefe ‏@Con_OKeefe

A new episode of Keeping Goals is live on the YouTube channel We try the @Kaliaaer Aerfla…

💔 ‏@gbaby_sg

he who try gotta die🥀 put on murder 🧤 fa him 💯

Athletic Club ‏@Athletic_en

💪🏻 @AinhoaTirapu continues her recovery after the injury suffered in Tenerife 🧤 Our goalkeeper and captain has bee…

aryssa - a•ri•sha ‏@ARYSSARKWI

🧤 clapping but it’s winter

BBC West Yorkshire Sport ‏@WYSdaily

📣 ON NOW @BBCLeeds 🧤 #MMNF with @MattGlenn27 🎼 Send in your song suggestions for the weekend of sport. 🥊 And a…

Aaron Connolly ‏@aconnolly91

⏳......the countdown is on for #TimeToTackle week 3 ⚽️ - No Pressure - No Judgement - No Stigma Come along to pla…

Anthony White ‏@GKCoachAW

A great event for a great cause, sorry I can’t be there, but count me in for future games 🧤⚽️

Damaris Maldonado ‏@witranslator

Wisconsin and Minnesota families should get a federal tax credit for winter gear. 🥶 ❄️ ⛄️ 🥾 ⛸ 🧣 🧥 🧤 🥶

Michelle Choi ‏@MichelleKHOU

It’s time for another round of: #onlyinhouston! Wake up to temps in the 70’s... less than 12hrs later, you’re cran…

DigzGloves™ ‏@DigzGloves

📢 GIVEAWAY..... 🧤🌸! We'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has served and supported our military. We…

Asmir Begovic ‏@asmir1

Get involved and good luck! 🆎🧤

AB1GK ‏@Ab1Gk

COMPETITION TIME!! Follow, retweet, and like this page and post and be with in a chance to win this signed pair of…

Romsey Clare ‏@RomseyClare

@jlandpartners @waitrose I loved the snowman ⛄️ 🧤 🧤 🧣❤️

Official SSC Napoli ‏@en_sscnapoli

🧤 What a superb save by @D_Ospina1! 💙 #ForzaNapoliSempre

LashBoss✨💜 ‏@mayaminks

I need new glovesssss 🧤

wordus_ ‏@wordus_

you mean a lot to me 🧤

David McDonald ‏@SNPdavid

A day for🧣and 🧤 I had neither! Out with the @SNPforGlasgow council group to support @ChrisStephens in Corkerhill.…

BBC West Yorkshire Sport ‏@WYSdaily

⌚️ 6PM @BBCLeeds 🧤 #MMNF with @MattGlenn27 🎼 Send in your song suggestions for the weekend of sport. 🥊 And aft…


Keeperstrainer @BelRedDevils 🇧🇪🧤💥⚽ #voagoleiro #goalkeeper #torwart  #arqueros…

RCPD ‏@RileyCountyPD

SLOW DOWN! There is a thin layer of snow on the roads&strong winds blowing. We are starting to get more reports o…


U16 GIRLS | Our young team showed determination with a strong second half performance as we exited the English Scho…

GoalKeeper ⚽🧤 ‏@Goa1Keeper

Which save was the best? 🧤🔥 (🎥📸: @JacopoviolaG ) #goalkeeper

City of Lee's Summit ‏@cityofLS

City crews hit the streets at 3 a.m. to begin treating the roadways. They will continue to monitor conditions throu…

William Hill ‏@WilliamHill

Choose one player from each country to make the perfect 5-a-side team... 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇫🇷 🇧🇪 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🧤 GK 💪 DF 🧙‍♂️ MF…

Ivy Tech LburgBville ‏@IvyLburgBville

Congratulations to the randomly selected winners of our winter essentials pack!🧤❄️ @makenna_dixon…

Mouhamad Rachini | محمد الرشعيني ‏@ThatArabKeeper

🧤✍️ In 1990, the NJ Devils drafted Martin Brodeur. A year later, Manuel Neuer joined Schalke 04's academy. In the…

nicodeportagocabrera ‏@indigo_nico

Time to bust out the knobbies yo, #winter has arrived ❄️🌨️⛸️☃️🧣🏂🧤⛷️ 📸 @_killertown . . . . . #messlife #messstrife…

Chupitox 🍹🍸 ‏@Chupitox1

@JessCristoGarc1 @pichi66200000 @zoltartow Exo ex kore anox. 🥶 🤐 🤬😷 🤕 🤧 ☭✊🏺⚱️💩🆘🤥🐀🚽🤮🦐🚬😡🧤💰🐒🕳️☹️☹️☹️

Mrs Lawson and Mrs Jones ‏@MrsLawsonOLOC

Well done for making such a good effort to wear something green for behaviour awareness week!🐸 🧤👒

Trade Hall ‏@TommySuave39

@BackhandedDevil HUGE WIN today from 🦟 GREAT 🍎 FROM THE 👍 UP MY ASS. GOTTA LOVE 🇨🇦 👓🧳👑🧤🐼

ÏSHĀ 🐯🐧~ EXØ ØBSËSSIØN ‏@Khanna2412

He is so giving a shooter With gloves 🧤 #OBSESSION #ObsessedWithKAI #EXODEUX #EXOonearewe @weareoneEXO…

RF Youth Sports ‏@RFYouthSports

One just can’t get through when NEIZOVONUO YANO is guarding the goal! Comment 🧤 to congratulate our Golden Glove Aw…

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