Grimacing Face Emoji

A grimace emoji, showing bared teeth. Generally used when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen – aka “eek!”. This emoji previously looked similar to Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on iOS.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a friend denotes that you send the most snaps to the same person that they do. i.e. you share a #1 Best Friend.

Grimacing Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😬 Awkward

😬 Eek

😬 Foot In Mouth

😬 Nervous

😬 Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend


😬 U+1F62C




Tweets For 😬

JAY⚜️ ‏@lxh_jay

@ll33xxx You left me on read 😬

darian ‏@xoxo_sunnyd

@chantoeknee Bet 😬 send em my way

Verth De la Dinastia 🐯 ‏@verthita

@soy_laquesoy We are the champions 😬

🖤🥀BAD ATTITUDE🥀🖤 ‏@elle060205

P.S : FYI ryder did use a condom😴cuz we don’t wanna take care of a baby😬we can barely take care of our selfs🥴as u can tell😭😂

💚Vee💚 ‏@VinoliaNomtha

Maybe Ziggy and I might score a voucher from @NESCAFE 😬

Nosey🤥Old🤥Lady ‏@MeBimshar

@MacieFischer @FartyCheddarCat Thought Cheddar was a lil boy😬

Bella Ardhilia D ‏@bellaardhilia

@pujihendarto_ Thankyou her 😬

Heidi Barrera ‏@barrera_heidi

Hoping I get back to Texas 😬 don’t know where though

Jeddi B. Jones ‏@therealjeddimae

I'm fat now, but when I get back on campus, ima be fatter. 😬

Youtube: Activiz 🎥 ‏@aktiviz

If these came out in 2008 teen vogue would be 50 feet under 😬

Tay ‏@tayy_tay11

Why is it so hard to find swim suits now that fit my body 😬🙄

Anne Belov ‏@PandaChronicle

@sweetg12651 @FamousBabiesC @GAGA_and_MDNA @houseofcubs @MokeGorilla @OrangutanRedd @DodgerAmes And I hope you had…

OCEAN DRIVE ‏@ImportdFrmTokyo

All i need i some garlic bread or rolls 😬

Evans B ‏@evebee4

@NontokozoMashel They took it all back! 😂😂some blessings look like exclusions, lets be grateful! Others have unbudg…

🌰Kolton Spangler🌰 ‏@Kds_2019

@DingDongsAllDay This is gold 😬

𝚋𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚢🌻 ‏@brittxgraham

@KWill_24 Friday night lights and forest hill drive😬

Hâřøñ ķhãñ ‏@Khan88574838

This Photo Jess for #Afghan #cricket team And specially for Shahzad shame on Afghan team Afghan cricket team they w…

big dumb ‏@drew_lewis12

Wishing it was beanie season still 😬

michelle 🦐 ‏@Mirrple

@Luxrray What if you had... both... 😬

rei 🔜 VIDCON ‏@simpaticonico

i tend to forget i have a twitter whoops 😬

PerfectlyImperfect💋 ‏@MattiB84

@Jsprings11 I am saying I as a woman would not be posting my “business” out here for the world to see.. more a thot…

💖Skittle💖 ‏@chim_chimani

@stayslix I’m 155cm 😬 I’m tiny

Spock ‏@VedderFreddy

Maybe Joe's hands are 'healing hands'. You know, he's "curing" cancer one victim at a time.😬🤢

kay ‏@simmerokay

@scorched_ham do you have mods?? if so try removing them and see if it works. almost every single mod broke with the update😬

Fizzington Womack 🦁 ‏@FizWomack

Fizzington Womack. Lord of the carpet house, wet food connoisseur, and conquerer of Mt. Dadmore. Not pictured,…

ᴿᵒˢˢ ˢʰᵒʳ | fake. ‏@frcudhim

send things 😬😎


@kkungkukkaka @blisswjs @eunsangkasep @mnet_produce101 But its literally not a rumour tho 😬

⚓️HERMOSA⚓️ ‏@HeartlessQUIRA

23 19 We Have A 23 19 😬

Ky✨ ‏@KylaNachelle

@asiaquaa 😬😬 sis we just acting... maybe 😇

Tricia Braid ‏@agchick

@raecwag It is for removal of the non-GMO toe jam. Duh. 🙄😬

Berry ‏@_MBerry

I’m the only one in the gym right now 😬

★TiffanySLewis☆ ‏@_SuperrrNovaa_

Had a MRI today 😬scariest experience by far, but I made it through!! Now I just have to pray the results aren’t as…

Ayesha K ‏@aykaay47

@hskid9112 @Amna8240 Lmk too 😬

AC ‏@abbieculver01

staying the night alone at a stranger's house is not what's up 😬

sarah ‏@_smillz

@_avelaar_ @AlaniNutrition Yes! The mimosa energy drinks are my all time fav but I haven’t been able to get my hand…

Georgeanne Matranga ‏@DTPORGE

@wvjoe911 @politicususa There is NO comparison!!! Trump and his family couldn't possibly touch the bottom of the Ke…

Connie Fridley ‏@1Craftikittti

@ReadHollyWood I just refuse to walk by mirrors 👀😇😬😂

You Nəed To Calɯ Down ‏@elitehElM

I have secrets but idk if I should share them. 😬 — Nobody will know who you are if you share them so go for. I ain’…

duaa. ‏@duaazaheers

@hipcaucasian hahaha ive been looking at their fall internship program for a few days now 😬 also vancouver is absol…

Gomz ‏@gomzillla

Exams before prom is such a bad idea, everyone's breaking out 😬

Thomas Garcia ‏@TJ_Garcia1

@WaltDisneyWorld I want to go here and build my own lightsaber so bad 😬

LuhBlack 🤤 ‏@darkskinlaay

How Would You Feel If I Told You That I Cant Get Enough ? 😬

Jon Tsuei ‏@jontsuei

The release of SERA #1, which coincides with the week of SDCC, is less than a month away and I'm feeling 😬

dazyndara ‏@dazyndara

@librarykris she’s there are no words for how bad of an idea this is 😬😬😬

badi$on 👼🏼 ‏@madisonbaustin

PSA: don’t temporarily delete your Instagram because you’ll end up like me and not be able to log back into it..😬🥺…

🧨Xsavier ‏@EcksfrmTX

Still a fucking funny ass movie😬

A1 ‏@Dmoney_75th

He told mfers to stay clear. 🤷🏽‍♂️😬

__JaY. D__👑💗 ‏@__jaybay__

O M G....I’m ready for next week 😬😬 #HAHN

Tipton 💙 ‏@undead_alexxx

@PorcelainMUA I have a cat so only bottled water 😬🐈

Barbieanna🎀 ‏@Barbieanna10

Tuesday: didn’t count😬 approximately 1,000 ...I got hungry 😔

Charlene ‏@_charlene_xx

I love my mom but she has no sense of time...MOM I have to work tomorrow I need to go to bed, let me gooo 🤣🤣 I lov…

Brandon Hampton ‏@brandonhamppp

@laurennnn__w Brunch to celebrate having the best career there is?! 😬

Ann Smith ‏@HautAnnie

Drove my husband’s stick shift all day. Lying in bed waiting for the left leg cramps to begin. The jumping out of b…

FineAssShayla 👑 ‏@TRVP_L0RD

i ain’t seen this hoe in 3 days & we finna link ... kodak smile 😬

steph 💫 ‏@stephyslytherin

OK i'm done with @Outlander_STARZ... what now? @SamHeughan @caitrionambalfe 😬 #4SeasonsIn2Weeks

Haley Banks ‏@HaleyMckenzie02

@pmorris_ @AbbyRose311 I’m watching the second season right now 😬😬😬

Kat ‏@MrsA2003

@mollybackes Mine is sonofabitch 😬

♟️Glaci ‏@nasawuzNthere

Shitt’n onneez nigga 😬

chaaarlette ✨ ‏@charcharymore_

escaping all my worries yet i’m still bothered, what’s good 😬

Jenny 👑⭐️ ‏@Jennydan26

@BayDweller Hey buddy, better profile pic? 😬

🐻 ‏@endlessvt

“world tour” 😬

Darby Pliska ‏@_DarbyAnn

Never thought I’d say this, but I now know I gained weight and I need to lose a couple pounds or my wedding dress i…

♥ ‏@Kovoxo10

This is how happy I’m gonna be when ima go watch the new Toy Story movie😬

jordanmakenzee ‏@JordanBowman36

@Liz_Changeux Right? When they yap, I envision myself punting them across the sky far, far away. 😬😂

Merry ‏@MerryMorud

FTR I'm V chill about a date I have next week...😬 (Actually me👇)

니컬 ‏@ayemnicholee

Me remembering saying durex instead of durer😬😬😬😬😬😬

Salvador Arturo Velazquez C ‏@velazquez1984

@mar_mor6 Friendzone 😬

🖤🥀BAD ATTITUDE🥀🖤 ‏@elle060205

❣️MORAL OF THA MOTHER FUCKIN STORY❣️is:if u go to a strip club😬 w.e tha fuck u want😑...ig😂🤷🏾‍♀️

Diana K McNamara ‏@Diana071037

@JudyWoodruff @senatemajldr He is so hideous 😬

DimiChard ‏@Dimichard_

@AlysonP7 @geniebouchard Thoughts @AndreAgassi? 🤔😬

Carolyn Mitchell ‏@C_MitchellTunes

@lisafischersing Scary stuff.😬

Brie ‏@_briiiie

@MickeyGuyton I love your heart for women in music! And I love YOUR music. So when can we hear some new stuff 😬😬😬

Lil Chris ‏@og_tripppyy

That pussy💦🐱 hit different when she not out here fucking everybody 🤪😬♀‍🤷🏽‍♂️

Jack Berens ‏@JackPBerens

@elzrodrguez Trump supporters who “explain away” his (lack of) character & crazy policies of his are a special, spe…

craM knupeerpS ‏@Spreepunk

@mackflei Sensationell! 😬😂

👾 ‏@thekingmother

11 days til 26 😬🎊

Bella Rae ‏@_Bella_Rae_

No seriously 😬 working out and boxing is a lot of cardio!

Ally Chontos ‏@ally41319

@Stana_Katic I think I got it..... 😬 #4AAbsentiaspotify #9BAbsentiaspotify #5CAbsentiaspotify #8DAbsentisapotify

Marcus Owerko ‏@MarcOwerko

Yikes.... 😬😬😬😬 #USMNT

Vineet ‏@Vineet1618

@needcbdoil wat abt person living abroad 😬

Morgan ‏@Rivera_Luv

Hair finished 😬😬

Juliaa🧸✨ ‏@smh_juliaa

My crush asking me who my crush is😬😭🤫

sam’s pinned. 📌 ‏@hiraethistt

:( no me. wait brb im playing a game 😬😬

B. ‏@CarefreeBee_

@_lookinAMERAh Too laaaaate 🌾👀🌾😬🚗💨

jessica nicole ‏@missRabbit804

@norcalradgal @fessyfitness I accidentally mixed up Holly & Christie😬😬😬

Danielle Petoukhoff ‏@petoukhoff

mix + match earrings will be returning tomorrow... #sorryforthewait 😬

Duh Yuhn ‏@Diaknows

Agghhkk cringe 😬

⚜ Jack ⚜ ‏@freakytj

Hey @Diggernutz79 curious if you'd share that pork chop recipe you posted pics of the other day man. Prepped some c…

Michael ‏@MichaelFischer_

@therealmdp_ Followed closely by... 😬

s v t ! ‏@svthingy

[17's] anyone pls share ur 17 meme especially english sentence😬

Z♥e Y♥e ‏@Zoeyve

@spikeymike67 😬 yes!! Sketch comedy training!! The workings of SNL!!

karen✨ ‏@jeonafide

@JessicaKostele3 @BTS_twt Thank you, Stylist Noonas 🤟🏼😬

Viajero Virtual 🌐 ‏@QuieroEstarAhi

We got lucky. 😬 Had the Sun rotated any faster as a baby, its violent outbursts would have eliminated the possibi…

Jae ‏@bossbeautyrva

Im so pressed to have a natural birth i would get so annoyed with all them damn nurses and lights in my face. All i…

😎|lovinjin on ig ‏@lovinjin_

Had too trim cause was too long 😬 but this one on normal so yea but listen to hold me tight 🤙🏽

103.3 AMP Radio ‏@1033ampradio

"Don't tell Selena that" - @ShawnMendes 😬

Yang ‏@beaaalalat

in six months I already: 1- Yes 🤗 2- Yes 😆 3- Nope ⚖️ 4- Yes 🤣 5- Yes 💋 6- Yes 🚬 7- Yes 😊 8- Yes 🍺 9- Yes 🎉 10- Ye…

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