Grimacing Face Emoji

A grimace emoji, showing bared teeth. Generally used when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen – aka “eek!”. This emoji previously looked similar to Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on iOS.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a friend denotes that you send the most snaps to the same person that they do. i.e. you share a #1 Best Friend.

Grimacing Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😬 Awkward

😬 Eek

😬 Foot In Mouth

😬 Nervous

😬 Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend


😬 U+1F62C




Tweets For 😬

Ripeh ‏@ripeess

I still suck in it 😬

Jaleesa H. 🌹 ‏@jTeeBeauty

@ColourPopCo Graduate from nursing school 😬👩🏽‍⚕️💉

Mark Cirillo ‏@markcirilloacts

@teganwest sorry, wrong Tegan. That’s my buddy’s handle on IG and my twitter tweets anything I post on there. 😬🤭🤦🏼‍♂️

Summer Joy ‏@summerjoylove21

I can’t use lighters without burning my thumb. I’m actually a small child 😬

☭ 夢の父ちゃん ☭ ‏@TrollandGarros

@angs2014 So I’m seeing 😬😬😬 hope it gets better🙏🏽

OB Rid👑 #ViceRid ‏@Rid_m8

@Obey_Flare Never heard of that waffle😬

I Am DC✌🏾✋🏾☝🏾 ‏@IamDC5

😬😬😬 it’s peaceful

idgaf. ‏@trendyrickaa

didnt come out tho😬

Ari Mota ‏@_Princessaaf_

@LilLongTerm Sorrey 😬

CyNtHiA 🌺 ‏@badreputacyn

Yikes my IRL found my stan twitter account 😬 BYE

Mark Poletti ‏@Mark__Poletti

A small fight spawned an even bigger idea - time to get writing 😬 #Repost @jaykwon249 with insta.saver.repost ****…

.... ‏@Lanilay__

Peanuts, chocolate, Tylenol.... & lactose intolerant 😬🤷🏾‍♀️

Kelly Lizeth ‏@kelly_poptart

(Laughs in Spanish) y’all got school tomorrow😂😬 🔴⚫️⚪️

Cinnamon Evangelista 🍯 ‏@EmpressCourt

@yamuvasentme I drove past the office and it literally just had a grand opening so I took it as a sign cus I was lo…

Umair ‏@Koomba303

@mpekarsky I don’t think I mentioned it to you 😬 @Angelheart_Liz always remembers! Otherwise I would have gotten aw…

Normisha Moses ‏@weeesh5

all these acronyms are getting out of hand fr. cringy af 😬😬

Ⓜ️🅰️♑️💰🅰️ ‏@_12play

it’s Lit this weekend 😬👌🏽

Jellybeanie💜 ‏@tacoda00


Brittany Pharr ‏@califorbritt

All I want right now is @redbaronpizza !!!!!!!! 😬

Mrsalas ‏@MauricioRuizBar

@HerUniverse hi Ashley, do you think that giving your book to my cousin of 11yo it’s a good idea or it’s aimed for…

Asha Bisht ‏@AashaBisht

@desimojito I lost around 40 followers😬😬

Abigail Nicole✨ ‏@Abby_Nicole1999

So when exactly is to late to drop out¿? Asking for... myself 😬

Mac Tha GOAT ‏@MacadizzleYT

Adblock no longer works on Youtube it seems 😬👌

B ‏@Baileyyy30

@erinhuene @laurineee_johns @ErinLaubscher Mac n cheese and potatoes are key ingredients to our meals..😬😂

RubyStargazer✨ ‏@RubyStargazer

@TRIPMOBCEO @jozidever @vixiouh!!😬🤣

Terrell ‏@terrellray_10

Damn we gave up 259 to Julio 😬

Ray⚡️™ ‏@only_raymond

6 days and it’s my birthday 😬👀 21 finally 😭

The Criterion ‏@CriterionOKC

@Mballard85 We do have shows? I'm confused 😬

Roslyn Reid ‏@the_moonshadow

#ShareYourRejections you think #writerslife is ruf? try being a model. it's great for learning to handle rejection. 😬

lex 🌎 ‏@PlayaMadeLex

We are not the same 😬

𝓰𝓪𝓫𝔂 ‏@kissyymendes

@esnymckenna @stylesmedicinx @styleitupharry @sweethoneyhs idc bout that 😬

Tara 🦅🤦‍♀️🇺🇸 ‏@Henderson31Tara

@IndivisibleNet @bcuriouswithme Welp, I just saw the update and I stand corrected. This fool actually did end up lo…

Katrina Cameron ‏@KatCameron91

@SteveDempsey1 Same with Skywalker and Tina. My boyfriend said they’ve been fighting nonstop lately 😬

☘️EddieMAGATrump🇺🇸 ‏@MrEdTrain

Hey, @TomArnold I know things have been tough lately in #Hollywood & all. If you make any money on @VICE, invest in…

pellebon.❕ ‏@Annoerriee

@eeelleirytt @GabrielleWms_ woahhhh 😬

Tae D'jair ‏@taedjair

What I don't understand is how for the last 3 weeks X has been Streaming 3x higher than Cardi yet her album is high…

Pace 99🥇 ‏@MVPAllenB

Facts. It’s been a lil minute😬

CumDrinker ‏@StarCakessBB

@PabloStpussy At least someone does 😬

Insureline Brokers Elite ‏@InsurelineElite

Oh dear 😬😬😬

Swan fiesty ‏@SwanFiesty

@drama_fan33 Because they were trying their best to make Jin Hyuk unattractive. 😬

dawn of us ‏@wangxseun

Gotx/ monsta7 interactions please!! 😬😬

lolo ‏@laurennnhunttt

When YG said “my bih drive a all white range” I FELT that #wheresmine?! 😬

andréa💫 ‏@Genoveva1998

you ever say something you know that you shouldn’t have said but you’re in too deep so you can’t take it back? Yeah... me either 😬

Daniel Fischer ‏@dfischer

@elonmusk What about death 💀 😬

Kriztelle ‏@itskriztelle

@littlecocopt2 Took a year off fb last year, deleted my snap and it's been great. My use of fb decreased significan…

Justin Hopf ‏@bigj__123

Picking out a greeting card should NOT be this stressful. @Hallmark give me a job as a greeting card writer. If I’m…

Tricia ‏@Leyla_Jade

If anyone knows of something/someone good and steady hiring . Lmk. Please and thank you in advance 😬

🇸🇱 ‏@Amoinya1

@casssydee_ Like duhhhh😬😬😬👌🏿👌🏿

Jessica Lauren ‏@McgeheeJess

@RaulersonWrites It does say 1 page though right? I assumed that was a hard line 😬 mine was a solid 2.

n8diggity🐶 ‏@nate_sigafus

@MikaylaSigafus As soon as you said goodnight she started talking shit #favoritechildmyass 😬

Hazel ‏@tree_joan

@theyhavethedumb Wait... that chick is still missing? Maybe Colin is the only one that can't find her... 😬

👑Erick Diaz👑 ‏@Erickminajj

@NICKIMINAJ @Genius I was like #3 😬

🇵🇪PeruvianPrincess ‏@marjorie_zelaya

I’ve never had a YouTube Friend Request til a couple of mins ago 😬

KA$HOUT JIGGA ‏@YoungestCapper

Nobody been there for me like they say they was gone be 😬

bbyrhi🌺 ‏@flatassss

@CheBaby17 im good with a 2 bedroom 😬 i hate cleaning!!!

Erika ‏@YessItsTimeHehe

Been at Dash since 1:30pm and left at almost 9pm. Excited for this launch boyy 😬

kash🥀 ‏@kashiasmith

@Price_MTV nah I’m just not about to act like some of that behavior was normal and cute😬

Showcase of Wishes ‏@ShowcaseWishes

@Mousesteps @heatherw25 and still the high cost of parking at DTD 😬

Giann ‏@simplygiann

😬 if only she knew the work it takes to even get a job.

Lex ‏@_ColdAssLex_

I got paid, ordered my bundles, got my official orders to go to japan today and a lil bit more😬 I’m geeked today has been a good ass day. 😛😛

Carolyn D'Arigo ‏@carolyn_darigo

Yikes 😬

Lisa Curry AO ‏@LisaCurry_

I’m hoping this sign does not say... “No photos please”😬📷 Gorgeous Buddha’s, temples, people 🙏🏻 @ Kelaniya, Sri La…

bill nye ™️ ‏@tylerneu15

There is bored and than there is hiding from a bat in your house bored 😬

Sam ‏@bugsamhc

Are the gremlins back at @HotCopper or just me?😬😬

🌸🌺 Jasmine 🌸🌺 ‏@___kissmybeauty

Cutting off a few people for the better 😬

Ngeli /Cha/🇰🇪/Wa/ ‏@Cwanderi

@xtiandela @KoinangeJeff @stivogichbwoy @citizentvkenya You should know people😬😬😬

MikeAnthonyRodriquez ‏@MikeAnthonyy

So I’m talking to this guy and he just told me that he’s meeting up with another top this weekend & they both want to “use this hole” 😳😬🧐

Shae👹 ‏@saucejohn_

@monicv_rodz Tuff 😬

Desi ‏@Bedero88

I’m thing abt a S9 😳😧😬

britney ‏@britch_x

@Randal_4040 For sure! 😬

Desmondo Ray ‏@DesmondoRay

@whoiskrispy oh my.. i am a-door-able.. 😬

Michael Mutis ‏@Michaelmutis

@Ma3Route is going down will this happen will drivers unite as Bike Guys 😬🤔

Influential ‏@MuNchYkID

@tanhunny_ @bimmerduchess Yo but forreal, how tf y’all throwing 60+ stacks on medical bills? That’s outrageous 😬😤

Gaby A ' maldonado ‏@galejandram1

@AndreaPonce27 I likeeeeee😬

dom ‏@domkeomanori

@BobDanh Yikes. I’ve been on depo and haven’t had a period in like 3 years 😬

Asma’a Jeddo🕊 ‏@asmaa_j17

@mayatyyy Ok queen Maryam😬

sav ‏@sav2fab_

@kaionalove Yeah. I realized that when you have hot/warm water on to wash clothes it shrinks them! It also runs your energy bill up too 😬

shiiii🍯 ‏@honeyshiiii

if you have to think if a tweet is about you, it’s probably about you 😬 yikes

✨Audrey Z✨ ‏@audreyzbyd

@SheetzAndrea But what if the knot is in my shoulder? 😬

Perry ‏@HouseOfChaneL

#24hoursFOX maaan us aunties can have the worst attitudes 😬😆😁

gαвяιєℓα ‏@Gaaabrielaaa_

@deniisealexis I want to do colombia in the summer soooo😬😬😬😬

David Salmon ‏@DaboBear83

Just remember, it’s not like that on move out day. 😬

MKALE FLANI ™ ‏@MkaleFlani_____

Am 😭😭😭😭😢😨😬😠

tom wilson ☆ stanley cup champ ‏@tjoshov

@onlyoneloislane ah yikes 😬

Liset ‏@Krzwyf

@hippersons You’ll be fine 😬

Shalai tabor ‏@shalai0612


Haley 🥀 ‏@yagirlhaley_

I will never depend on another person for my happiness and that's factsss 😬

arfan. ‏@Im__Arfan

My hometown almost reaching Kerala level. This time Eid in rain 😬

Jenny ‏@jennymarie_93

@JJSamuel90 @snehaliz Hahah it’s the best playlist tho. 😬

Ty ‏@tchmela_23

@brianaaaaaaa__ @Rojooo_1 This is where I leave 😬

Shawna Lopez ‏@shawnalopez09

@_ashleyperalta Tomorrow! 😬

TamikaB.✨ ‏@CrazyAssMikaa

in approximately 4weeks, ima have a newborn baby 😬

🇱🇦 ‏@POND214

perfecting 1 recipe at a time 😬

Jaspreet ‏@jdthegoat

I don’t remember the last time I was this nervous about doing something 😬

h💟 SAW MELISSA!!?? ‏@superheroshep

Sorry for breaking your screens😬 #IDONTMIND

jake ‏@jake_solomons

@MikeRowan_12 Scalding hot take👀😬

Raudel Wilson ‏@raudelwilson

@mellaneycastro @GoYardGoats I want everything in that store! 😬😎🐐

Nebt/egt1120 ‏@R3_Nebt

Taking a break😬

young spicy💖🌶 ‏@youngspicy_

@indithevibe Listen that checkkkkkkk would be 😬

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