Grimacing Face Emoji

A grimace emoji, showing bared teeth. Generally used when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen – aka “eek!”. This emoji previously looked similar to Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on iOS.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a friend denotes that you send the most snaps to the same person that they do. i.e. you share a #1 Best Friend.

Grimacing Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😬 Awkward

😬 Eek

😬 Foot In Mouth

😬 Nervous

😬 Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend


😬 U+1F62C




Tweets For 😬

샤론 ‏@sharonnnl7

@bobbydaey0 No worries ❤️ you’re working now or still studying? I’m 22 btw ! Hehehe how old are u ? 😬

momma mctydy ‏@bigbluetop99

@PQuinlanGlobal ya that someone was @garyathans google him 😬

Danielle Gonzalez ‏@Dee_Ruggiero

Having one of those I don’t use half the shit in my house so I’m gunna purge... could this be nesting settling in?…

Christian👽 ‏@muffinchopz

Y'all The Haunting of Hill House; shit score, shit cinematography, but the writing was flawless 😬

alexi ‏@alexihalket

I'm really feeling the universe today, feeling it's presence and it's plan for me. I'm so excited 😬😬😬

𝟚𝟜𝕜 ᴛʀɪʟʟ 👑 ‏@24kTrill

@eNPHAN 29% disagree. I’m just making sure for when I drop 30 on a slash lock vs comp. 😂😬

Laurent Hrybyk ‏@laurenthrybyk

@Cactus_Mouth just finished watching Hold the Dark 😬

Sssssss Knolle ‏@sknolle

I can't be the only one who thinks Clint looks like Ted Bundy here. 😬

Taire’s ✨🧡 ‏@OfficialKathQ

Est 2018 ✨🧡 Mi Nugget, Nigga, Peanut, 😚😬

andy brudtkuhl ‏@abrudtkuhl

😬 Lol Zune

abeena🥀🖤 ‏@_Antioniquee

Trying this no meat diet for 5 days. Let’s see how this goes😬

Chelsy Gore-dan 🎃👻 ‏@chelsyjordan

Soo I’ve been watching The Voice this season & tbh I like this show a lot better than American Idol... 😬🙈

Meme😛 ‏@TheNameIs_Meme

Wow. I feel attacked😬😂

Hoodie Gleyber ‏@HoodieGleyber

If you follow me you know I love rap but that lil yachty was sketch😬

❃ 𝓙𝓸𝓬𝓮 ❃ 𝖇𝖆𝖉𝖇𝖞𝖊 ‏@taes_yoongle

hey Justine,I hope you learned to fucking respect people and their space and not just think about ur delulu ass fan…

🤙🏾 ‏@epercy9

Emonie has a girlfriend let’s celebrate 😍😬 — 🤨

Lil Port 🤢 ‏@yungearvvv

@maylleleal I’ll find out tomorrow if I got it 😬😬

L.O.R.D ‏@RdnAnggaKusuma

@Bimo_reddevil Morning my cafelatte 😬🍫

Where’sTacoWallace? ‏@CheezieBreezie

Mikael: mom do we have a hooters here in WA? Me: .............. why? Mikael: ... No Reason. 😬

name in bio ‏@CurlsandCurvez

I’m pretty sure if someone says they yah friend you shouldn’t have to beg for them to care and wanna talk or listen…

ciera ‏@_roseee_c

@mnm_monze Ay ay captain 😬

JusSlayXayy✨ ‏@MakeUpWhoredar

And you’re still not paying attention😬

Ivycado 🥑✨ ‏@IvyKungu

@hayleyyjay @pay4head You’re welcome 😬

𝒩𝓎𝓍 🌙 ‏@Psycho__BBH


amanda lee ‏@imamandalee_

About to text a guy who isn’t my friend for the first time I’m nervous 😬

ag. ‏@HighLikeAmber

So, I’ve been waking up with a lot of back pain lately and couldn’t figure out why. I just laid in bed and realized…

David Hann ‏@TeacherHann

Is it too early to say Congrats @trixie4trustee!? Looks like lots of hard work paid off! Good luck on your new job!…

Vic Lombardi ‏@VicLombardi

@Avalangelist I didn’t even watch the game. I’m MCing an event. Don’t ruin my moment with analysis and stuff. 😬

Emily Sykes ‏@EASykes7

I want to take a drive to see fall colors soon!! Someone come with pleeaaseee 😩😬🍁🍂 #roadtripanyone

cece❤️ ‏@theyloveecee__

i need a sugar daddy 😬

Ray Colvin ‏@mrslivefit

I love you to the moon and back...and then from Pluto to Jupiter, twice around the sun and repeat for an AMRAP of e…

lavonnn 🦄 ‏@jaelynnnnR

@lexxdior_ @drayellexis_ ummm yea , should’ve dressed it up a la more 😬 -meccie

TSTARR ⭐️ ‏@tylerstarr11798

@Philawrence1 Guess no Super Bowl 😬

DeeNiceee 🇨🇴 ‏@DeniseVanegas

@lunaishq @Josa_yh @fabulousfabs_ @Jamijaii @axeshah Actual representation of me rooting for you 😂 keep us updated 😬

Colby_Rocks ‏@LisaLlinaresWol

@HoarseWisperer My late father sprung the news that he had pulmonary fibrosis on us during Thanksgiving dinner 2 ye…

Shelley ‏@_Shell76

Not exactly what I had in mind ..😬

ؘ 💘 ‏@succesfful

but don't have bad songs on sweetener... 😬

Taylor🔹 ‏@TWarden10

Love, baby, and health 😬😂

Holly Stants ‏@hollystants

Tomorrow is my day “off” from work but still have to do a conference call. 😬😏

danielle j. harris💕🧠🔜🚶🏽‍♀️🚲🚌 ‏@innovation_dj

The Office of Innovation wants to understand Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, Caviar and other 🌮🍕🍦courier’s experienc…

cam¹²⁷ | markhyuck au 🍂 ‏@00sicheng

@tsunderensung @littleredjun @morkledorkle @SquishyHoshi_10 😬😬 oops

JRICH ✍🏽 ‏@Jayy_Rich015

He said he was back 😬🤷🏽‍♂️

Got Sneakers?!  ‏@iPhreshFeet

Went in #Nike got two pairs of joggers and two shirts for $89 #winning 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😬😬

Liz ♡ ‏@esolis140

@ekatiaa_ lmao 😂😬 yes soon I need the car back ASAP

emilia💛 ‏@idk_emillyy

Got a real smile in my face, it’s been a while 😬😁

David Wade ‏@davidwade

If it makes you feel better... the Championship 2008 Celtics started slow too. Actually they started 20-2. 😬

Justin Dondey ‏@JustinDondey

@ChiefsCentral @Jacobs71 Strikes me as more of a good charlotte fan 😬

kenia 🌙✨ ‏@daybreakorders

Psst.. I heard that enl hasn’t sent out some 2018 seasons greeting yet 😬 — Oh really? :( I placed two IOs with them…

Dan Ferrell ‏@rockin05jeep

@MarkZinno Hell no... I thought they would ice him into missing a 38 yarder. I looks nervous 😬

Mark Xavier Samar ‏@mxsamar97

Bantay 😬

L-Dog Crapital Hedge Fun 🔥 ‏@serlindsipity

@TradeOutLoud It is alcoholic tho! 😬😬😬🤢

Seek Truth ‏@joemonroe5

@MelissaTweets @cmahar3 I agree. He surely knows his audience😬

Nola❣ ‏@NolaGalore

I'm so addicted to this bowtie pasta from publix 🙄😩😬

🏴 ‏@IKnow_yourself

Nervous for the interview I have tomorrow 😬

Iris B ♥ ‏@irislb_

I love My party store/Tinong’s marketing strategy. Whoever is replying to me on their messenger is a damn genuis! 😬😊

Ms Cannibal ‏@ms_cannibal

@FannibalToast Waaahhhhh, this is so unfair!!! We’ll miss you terribly! Stupid work 😭😭😭 Let’s all win the lottery s…

Roy Motive$ ‏@RoyMotives

I can’t find one good tweet about that Yachty half time performance😬

Kaila ‏@k3x___

I’m just doing better than what everyone projected 😬

Jazmine 🔥 ‏@jazzonfire_

@__CallMeCee Thank you! 😬

Joanett🖤 ‏@_AyeMamacita_

More please 😬

Maya Brooks ‏@WondrIAmWoman

My grad school apps are almost complete 😬

Morgo 🖤 ‏@MorgoCheyenne

@destinyarynn the thrift store then i had @wavy_stunna tailor them 😬

Coco Lopez 🍸 ‏@BonniMinusClyde

@TheBrooklynLife I’m always listening, I’m good at giving advice because I’m so levelheaded but when I’m expected t…

A-a-ron Horn ‏@HornIT

What’s a “normal” amount of iPhone Screen Time each day? Asking for a friend. 😬 #screentime

Chris Hatton ‏@hattonsec

The incidents around here in the past month or two are actually fully out of hand. Stabbings, muggings, robbings an…

Justin ‏@YungTilla7

You gotta be feeing hella shitty to be wearing Marc Ecko 😬

Dane Allen🗯❌ ‏@pplkillnotguns

@canna_mr @ExGOPer @JayHenryMarino1 @thehill No, actually there are multiple polls that have him trending above Hus…

Jimmy Apollo ‏@smoothjimyapolo

@whirledpeas4me Sure looks that on! 😬

Hailey💜 ‏@AmerrickanG

my school is doing another spirit week and tomorrow is favorite celebrity. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO me being me, i decided I…

Jude 🔥 ‏@jdbndctbsnr

Paseen seen na lang 😬

ҽℓ ‏@PJMoncherii

Time to turn on my bluetooth speaker 😬

Sky and Dev's mom ‏@RachealNOray

😬😬 awe damn. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ this will be one conversation I’m not saying shit

LAURA 🦄🌈🌊🔥 ‏@MsLSpatz

Ohhh Manifesters guess what’s on in less than 20 minutes.... one of my favorite new shows. Yep!! @NBCManifest…

Big Bills Dame ‏@BillsDame

Yet so many broke and in love 😬 smh 🤣🤣


@ScottyMcCreery 😨Yikes too cold to wake up to.😬

Kenzie Bradford ☠️👻 ‏@Kenzie_Bradford

Okay this girl in my math class has a Howl’s Moving Castle sticker on her laptop so I’m automatically assuming we’r…

Queen Camila! ❤💙💚 ‏@_TVLiveTweeter

Ouch! That had to hurt. 😬 #911OnFox

Andrew Brady ‏@atbrady

Thank you ⁦@bumble⁩ for adding this question to your #onlinedating profiles! Frankly, I’m not sure I could date a n…

piper connors ‏@ConnorsPiper

Not sure how I feel about Aech... he could switch up on Wade in the future I feel like...😬🙄👎 #eng151 #readyplayerone

California ❤️ ‏@k2rey

The difference between the Raiders and the Niners is that John Gruden believes the players he has just aren’t good…

Lob uR ‏@L0BB3R

can’t clap me tho 🤧 😬

ThriveGuy70 ‏@Brett_Sipe

It's all about the blood flow #circulate #FIT #LArginine #3000mg 😎💪🏋️‍♂️🛏️😬

Bhaalspawn ‏@kelseyr713

The Grammy scene made me want to melt into the floor in both versions 😬😬😬

(3-2-1) // (0-2) ‏@tooquicknick

@Cindtrillella 3 for 12 😬😬😬 0 for 5 from 3

Mando ‏@Salinas8509

Idk if I could ever get tatted 😬 plus if I was to idk what I’d get 😭

pam brooks ‏@pambroo52110471

@EvilADByrne I would love to see 6 TD’s in the first half.👍🏻😬

Prisha🏏🏏🏏 ‏@prishatgh

@thinkreeese @darkhorse_hindu @lostboy54 @ColorsTV Yes even I m shocked how u justifying that last year it was ok b…

daniel gutfrajnd ‏@danielgut12

Home loss to the Magic 😬 yikes

g ‏@gigisellaa

@iamronniebanks Im broke and i wanna study abroad anything helps 😬

K. ‏@_DeesseNoire

I finally took the time to go through both my dressers & closet today 😬

Emily Sizemore ‏@EmilySize12

@lexie_ferguson0 Thank you so much Lexie!!😂😂 I am here to give you one anytime haha! And next stop is a Carrie Unde…

Jessica ‏@jashcraft88

@Tessa_21jumpz @adub369 Some do and some don’t for sure. They don’t “dare to defy” as much as they say for sure 😬

Megan Hilbert ‏@chickster812

@Andrea_Morris24 Oh boy! I’m restarting the first episode 😬

megan hunt ‏@meeegan_hunt

@waxyWAHM Look how swollen my feet look in the last one though 😬

Extreme Wokeness ‏@being_woke

@FredoDGawd You wont say that anymore when Michael sam tackles you from behind 😬

Shanoa. ‏@kalaniboysmuva

I totally suck at taking cute pictures of my son .. it’s actually very hard & tiring 😬🤣

PDubs ‏@PaytonnWalker

Celtics just don’t want to win, they look outta place out there 😬😟

Vinh Giang ‏@AskVinh

@KarenFrey22 Appreciate the love Karen!! 😬

M ‏@M_Abeyta3

So much exciting stuff happening in November ☺️☺️☺️😬

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