Grimacing Face Emoji

A grimace emoji, showing bared teeth. Generally used when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen – aka “eek!”. This emoji previously looked similar to Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on iOS.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a friend denotes that you send the most snaps to the same person that they do. i.e. you share a #1 Best Friend.

Grimacing Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😬 Awkward

😬 Eek

😬 Foot In Mouth

😬 Nervous

😬 Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend


😬 U+1F62C




Tweets For 😬

Laura🇬🇧🇺🇸 ‏@Crazyparklady1

@londoncabbie3 It was a mess at the police station😬😬😬

AV🕯️ #TrumpColluded/Fuck Bar ‏@AVestige1

#Blackkklansman: "[T]he way to sell hate: Affirmative action, immigration, crime... [David Duke] says, no one wants…

Liebs81 ‏@jliebs81

So stressed about Game 6. This #Leafs team has me completely uncertain as to what sort of effort they will bring to…

TreeSimes ‏@TreeSimes

@skieskat You and me too buddy 💔😬

Frederic normand ‏@wolverine73000

@WinamaxSport Story of my life 😬😬

Melissa Blue ‏@mel_thegreat

@roslynholcomb I've yet to see a Black woman who is. 😬

helica ‏@Helica925

My aunt said “you want that Mala vida wanna be with all them bad boys who don’t treat you right while you keep the…

Robert ‏@ElskippyMcgeee

@leessliieeeee 😂😂 sorrry😬

all_hers ‏@_nanasss

But our friend-cation is a month away as well as my bae-cation, I ordered shit and I gotta fit in my shit😬

jmd.v ‏@mimaydv

Are you a clean or messy person? — 70-30😬

Matthew ‏@Scholesy_20

@TheUnitedLink I certainly hope this is the case anyway 🤪😬

Sarah+Jay ‏@SarahOwen14

@fisonchips It’s Something that happens once a year, so it’s not really a store 😬

Lunaria33 ‏@lunaria33

My chunkies, Zoey 💙. We finna do a wee bit of DBD solo 👀 for now 😬 #twitchkittens #smallstreamers @SupStreamers…

Joonas Suotamo ‏@JoonasSuotamo

@simon_lindsell @TheEricButts @rbredow Must’ve been the previous occupant 😬

Hawaldar Albana Nadeem ‏@WhoAlbanaNadeem

@YoursLegallyy Yeah, I am having Deja Vu from Bigg Boss as everyone here is picking up controversies for footage or…

Nick Ⓜ️urillo ‏@NickM516

Rangers up 5-0. I don’t feel comfortable at all. Pretty soon will be down 7-5. 😬😬

rese ‏@Charesexo

i just got that pimpin in my talk 😬

Angela Porisky Ⓥ ‏@Angela_Porisky

@origamiwizard28 @MonicaLewinsky @Lin_Manuel I guess we have her answer. 😬


@deimoxdanger Oh the horror stories I could tell you 😬😬😬😬😳😳😳

Brigitte Bouquet ‏@atelierBB

•fine folks of WolfiesHill on back hoe boot camp• #😬 #NeverTooOldToLearn #ExtremeHowToSkills #BackHoeDiggers…

willisfornow ‏@willisfornow

@Erdayastronaut @elonmusk OMG, I forgot about Ripley!!😬

sunshine☀️ ‏@jyla_j

@Noahh_GH Perioddddd! 😬💙 I was trying to get a hold of you last night at relay for life. I’ll see you tho!

Robyn Denney ‏@robyn_denney

Should I buy meet and greet for nyc too? 😬

Robert Lerman ‏@lerman_robert

Trump lashes out at Romney via @politico Drumpf our nitwit fake leader can’t help himself…

The Ring Master ‏@Hunsuck_O_Rama

@tgradous @HomerWhite @FoxNews I’m gearing up for a showdown!! Uhh, awkward...I thought that was Phil Donahue befo…

baby mochi ‏@alexaplatypus

can't wait for ssfw 😬

Liam🇳🇱 ‏@VigilantVirgiI

@mcfcharliee Fairs. Top 3? 😬

ً윤기's biy ‏@mygrokosms

wait i need to get ready 😬

UhOhChongo ‏@nocanundustan

@JedediahBila Can you still return the toys for refunds? 😬

Raider Nation’s Pres. of Positivity ‏@LadyBeastB

Also the OTHER 4/22 Taurus I keep forgetting about is celebrating his birthday at the club we’re going tonight 😬😬😬

Serggg ‏@yahboiserg

@GusContreras_ @torresjennn @vanessagarciaxx Bet, thing is that I’m staying over there 🥴😬

Para ‏@Paracelsus

@Choripleto Yeah it really pushes the bounds for audience empathy with how much of an asshole he is at the start. A…

sims👸🏼 ‏@Simonefieldslol

ppl dress so weird at pearl ridge 😬 like wth

Sean K.Chambers ‏@SeanKChambers1

@markc1875 @610parker @MBushwacker77 We don't hate you mark ..up in North Wales we only hate .. Man Utd .. Man City…

Chris Tierney ‏@the_otternaut

@SkarredGhost That fucking scene in Grand Theft Auto 5... 😬

Alli Cat ‏@AlliCatMeowMeow

I legit just realized it's a Saturday night 😬 #lame

KT. ‏@kt__crawford

The Dominic Republic in June and then Vegas in July 😬

alyssa🤠 ‏@guentzelvania

@Bass8151 I just started watching this now, guess this was a bad time to tweet this 😬

n ♡ ‏@nxncu

after 2 years of luck i’m finally gonna get on BC and i’m SCARED sis 😬

huntFN ‏@hunt_FN

@rarri Really cheap account is def cop😬

Davee3x ‏@davee3x

Wonder What Me And Shawty Eating Tonight😬👀🤭

Christine ‏@RN_Scabs

slow day at work. and working with annoying Eugene. makes the shift less fun. this down time just makes me wanna do…

m. ‏@uItleaders

@cherriebuIlet "Korean pop sucks" "stay in your own community" this sounds..... 😬

Raider Nation’s Pres. of Positivity ‏@LadyBeastB

I guess tonight is going to be a cheat night 😬

ee ‏@neemaxx

@hodann_m Lmao!!! My 8th grade oral presentation just flashed before my eyes 😬

Anyssa ‏@Ani_A13

@AmboreeRob @stanimal22_ Uh oh 😬😂

elle 🍑 ‏@etpxo

I'm double checking I'm up to date on vaccines at my next primary appointment and it's safe for me to get everythin…

Yle ssi. ‏@misstarslover_

@Leo_tweetz @tigres_english On the contrary, I liked it. We're already in the liguilla, no need to risk key players…

BlacKween👑 ‏@PrettiBrownKaSh

When u wanna talk to a certain person....but u don't wanna get on their nerves. 😬😬🙄

kyroPac 🗯 ‏@Vice1233

@dakotaz I qualified, but I’m on Xbox it’s gonna be hard tomorrow 😬

Jr. ‏@EktorJr11

2019 & I’m that drunk uncle😬 Oops🤷🏽‍♂️

Jenny ‏@Jenny8675309m

@CNN 🙄really- didn’t the sky fall-already 😬😬😬🤷‍♀️

Nathaniel ‏@Nate_GST

I should have stayed home tonight🙄😬

Davee3x ‏@davee3x

Wonder What Me And Shawty Eating Tonight😬👀😏

Amir ‏@AmirS03

Yikes been at 319 followers for a phat min 😬 prolly gonna stream tonight

IanM ‏@IanM1871

@NickShackleton @Mallorcalex100 @RCDMallorcaUK And thanks for the tip fellas, sounds more reliable than B365! Wild…

Lex ‏@ayyerobledo

half PTO 🤞🏼 thanks bby 😬

ᴹᵒʳʳᶦˢ ᴰʳᵉˢᵗⁿᵘᵗ 🇧🇸x🇯🇲ΩΨΦ ‏@DisIsHOV

@ShaniaRaine_ Yikes😬😬I’ll take it under prayerful consideration 😂😂

P R I N C E S S ✨ ‏@_CannabisQueeen

Broke boiiii 😬😂

🦋🌈 ‏@emmmforreal

When Let’s Get Married comes on, and one of the ad libs is “if you’re 25 and older, you gotta turn this up” 😬

Her Campus Rutgers ‏@HCRutgers

Free museums? 🤭😬 Check this article out for the 411 on free student admissions ✨✨

SCHWINGSTATE 🚀 2.0 ‏@schwingstate

@ADDcrafter I'll send you and him more! In fact lip balm 3.0 is here 😬 It's the best yet. Stardust flavor ✨ (PS: so…

zanni ‏@istheharlequin

@AngelsFan34 @Cptnrwrpnts Nothing about this is okay. 😬

Grace ‏@StateOfSwift31

I may have taken it to far.....I sent him All To Well😬😬😂😂

Flip Wilson ‏@_TheCliffHanger

You got one hour or offer expires 😬😬😬

It’s OK To Be A Woman ‏@iotbaw

Just keep smiling 😬

imNancy ‏@imNancyS2

I think I just slept for almost 16 hours 😬

Wild Man of Wongo ‏@WildManofWongo

@thehill Someone's got several creepy fetishes. 😬

𝙯 ; 𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘻𝘰𝘯 ‏@icknjm

ck’s brain: aweee yea lets spray water at them ck’s body: lmao YEET ck: 🤭😬

Joseph Noah Dawson ‏@noahdawson15

@doormatalie I’m sorry but it was you or me 😬

Stephen Tosh ‏@anotherTosh

#LivePD guns drawn start to the night 😬

❤︎Brit ❤︎ ‏@heyyybhill

Tracking macros is a humbling experience 😬😬😬

E-Thor! 🤜🤛 ‏@ChaleCarterThis

@samiewella Herrh!!! did u come n meet this thing? 😬🤔

Leo Solano ‏@Leonard_Solano

@CramersShirt Me calling UA Detroit store for my son for curry 6’s hey can I hold those; no but don’t worry they aren’t really selling 😬

🧜🏼‍♀️k a c i e.⚓️ ‏@kcgibson87

@XBrittanyDukeX @GeorgeMorse1689 @Egyptiandude96 We’re spending the next hour & forty minutes watching Jess’s new v…

Elizabeth ‏@ems122

The Easter Bunny accidentally left all the chocolate in the car on a 70*+ day ... and is currently panicking 😬

Michael Young ‏@miinaus

Easy to see where today’s recovery run was! Plenty of hills to test the legs 😬#sanfrancisco #peace #lombardstreet…

IMANI BSN, RN † ‏@eeemanii

I wanna pop a 14G IV in one of those so bad 😬

Wanted a Kinder Gentler Name But TrumpIsAnAssClown ‏@WideDamnAwake

@Slugsalter7 It isn't even summer yet! We might be in for a bad one this year storm wise. 😬

senpai ‏@equivalntXchng1

@rashidgac You already know where I live 😬

James Floyd ‏@Jeff79683644

@TTU_Baseball Safe trip home Baylor 😬👆🏻

Karen ❤ ‏@i_sing_my_heart

For that man whom i love: I hope you enjoyed something similar. It is charming, truly. Even the tiniest wee tots w…

Rikki B. ‏@EmmieFire

@CastielsAngels7 @mishacollins @jarpad @JensenAckles Oopsie someone did it again😬😬

Tori Wood ‏@__toriwood

@madelinesxcret @micaylahtweets @norvina1 Holy shit lol. That’s kinda cute. I don’t think it would be the hardest thing to do 😂😬

STITCH EFFECT ‏@StitchEffect

The #closer ... @magnoliabakery #bananapudding 😬🙃 @ Magnolia Bakery

miyah.💫 ‏@miyahmarkel

@PRAY_SQUAD Don’t want to😬

Dahlia Matia ‏@DahliaMatia

Bitches will be bitches... Bitch 🙄🙄😬😬

✨Fʅαɾɾιҽ Godmother💖✨ ‏@Flarrie_BR

@thechauffeur88 @waitresslarrie And here is the Trollstigen route/road for Elounors, antis, those who believe in wo…

Alicia Neaves ‏@AliciaNeavesTV

Thank goodness for @AAACarolinas membership or I’d be paying $100 for a locksmith to get my keys I left in my truck…

Cat Beahan-Brady ‏@catbeahan

Officially an aul wan today! Obsessing on getting everything washed and out to dry in the #goodweather and giving o…

Anthony ‏@Novataglio

@reblavoie Our cat has cost us so much over the last eight years that I’m afraid to say more. 😬

❤️Sàñtàñà ❤️ ‏@Masicka_Barbie

So Happy Mommy && Daddy 😬😬🙏😫😫

Tony Starks Plug ‏@Thors_40oz

Drummond is 1-9 😬

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