Grimacing Face Emoji

A grimace emoji, showing bared teeth. Generally used when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen – aka “eek!”. This emoji previously looked similar to Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on iOS.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a friend denotes that you send the most snaps to the same person that they do. i.e. you share a #1 Best Friend.

Grimacing Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😬 Awkward

😬 Eek

😬 Foot In Mouth

😬 Nervous

😬 Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend


😬 U+1F62C




Tweets For 😬

Muhammed Hafil ‏@muhammed__hafil

Ladies and gentlemen, After Thali bajao yojana versatile genius and Co presents Diya jalao yojana 😬🙏 #ModiVideoMessage #9baje9minute

Fikri The Writer ‏@fikrithewriter

@Helloitszie Gugel je kan. Everything are online 😬

visiblewoman🗽 ‏@visiblewoman1

I took doggo for a brief walk and the sidewalks & streets were silent & empty. I know this is a good thing but it’s also eerie af 😬

just got acnh and doesnt know whats happening ‏@jessiddb

@ldrinkh20 I was in 10th grade (maybe even 11th 😳). He invited me to ditch class and smoke, I agreed because I thou…

PositivePyramids ‏@PositivePyrami1

@lyan118 That IS positive...especially compared to the unedited version! 😱😬 Sadly, there isn't a lot of good I can…

Shania Vigil 💛 ‏@ShaniaUnique96

What did I just get myself into 😂😬🤦🏽‍♀️

Ret ‏@terenceingco

Picture-perfect, you don't need no filter.😬

Bangwool⁷ 🔞 ‏@namjoonamjams

Which is why only 3 irl friends are my moots 😬

Roöpii᷈ ‏@FakeRoopii

@vasanttan Please share those moments 😬

JIYU ‏@jihyopuff

I think the gap between FEEL SPECIAL & next comeback could be 231-259 days (if the cb is b/w May 11-June 8) 😬…

wyn ♡'s kei | i just miss bts dont unf ‏@G0MENTSUKKI

i am thinking of a short haircut that would suit me and all i can think of is a tita cut 😬😬


Fuck what y'all talking about I gotta raise and these folks just gave me stamps ‼️‼️‼️ now the government needa free Fool fr🙏😬

shred claude 🥝💤 ‏@triplesecco

@fakeedgy your fish o filet is on FIRE 😱😱😱😬😋

Vishwadeep ‏@vishwad33p

@Babu_Bhaiyaa Copy kar liya instagram pe !! SARRY 😬

billy🦋 ‏@nextlevelbilly

@tassos__ she was so good 😬

Joshua ‏@Catoshua

@calauren Is there any fruit you need other then oranges? 😬

mik ◡̈ ‏@tatacooky

so while waiting for ACNH physical copy, this is what i do to my switch 😬

Kay ‏@TheTalkativeKay

Toilet paper vs Tabo. 😬

UknoNann ‏@toxictenderoni

@ChiefBinedu Excitement* 😬

⚔️Templar ⚔️ #2.0 ‏@atXn57

@Sassychickie @tyler_casper Hmm can you spare a few?? 😬😬🤗

Boula Khattar ‏@boulakhattar

Nah and new Frank The way I’m winning right now 😬☝🏼

🧸 ‏@_yunnieee

so..... i decided to cook petola for my nenek but i never EVER cook it before, never eat or taste it as well and it…

Holly 🚀 ‏@absolutspacegrl

“I have all this data about I.C.U. capacity,” Kushner reportedly said. “I’m doing my own projections, and I’ve gott…

readergirl📚📖 ‏@worley_brooke

@frankiegreek Mine would be most things tbh😬

Cristina5611 ‏@Cristina56111

Animal crossing and wine YES ma’am 😬

Sibusiso C’buda ‏@C_budaM

Okwama last this week.... asiye ma essential workers 🥱🚶🏾🚶🏾🙆🏽‍♂️😬😭

K Money🔜?????? ‏@katherinehunnah

Bro didn’t they have TWO of these emojis? But different eyes? I’m buggin bc there is only one of them 😬

Anjor 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@dontbastapasta

@iamyourdaisyy Even if that is technically Kris Jenner lol. But yeah Peaches flashed her lower peach to minors during an Insta live 😬

Whirly ‏@WhirlyGirl1611

@CarrickMorrigan It's true can confirm 😬

Mercedes B ‏@ImPrettyTho

Who is she? 😬😬

Michael Versteeg ‏@redgoatea

I hope we have enough refrigeration trucks for all the bodies in this country 😬 Ecuadorians live with dead relativ…

ethelkiddo ☁️ ‏@ethelthekid

I want to keep drawing but I also want to play animal crossing at the same time. I can’t decide and I just keep drinking 😬

(((betha is damn tired))) ‏@psychobetha

@KeithOlbermann at quick glance, i thought #Thurbercast said #Thundercats and got irrationally excited 😬

Wendy-USMC Mom {⭐️} ‏@Wrileygirl1961

@tucsonarizona33 @LisaMei62 Ummmmm...I’m not sure what to do with this information... I honestly think it’s entirel…

kenna† ‏@MikhennaMiller

#NewProfilePic imma try and start actually using twitter again 😬

Randumb Nobody ‏@nobody_randumb

@eatthebologna Last one I did a while back. ✌💝🖖😋😬😋

✪ •ٹ• ‏@jb0gie

ayyyyy #b0gieGang Another Friday! It's April 03, 2020 at 05:45AM just wanted to say...ayyyy hope your day is as stress free as possible 🙏🏾😬

bea ‏@beeacinco

pero okay good for the both of us narin, 😬

AJay ‏@CheesyLeBoef

@peta_spyrou why would you destroy the purity of a potato pie with sauce?! 😬

= ^・^ = sha 💗#nongpluto ⛅💛 ‏@sunshine_oon

I still cannot move on from that "HELLO KHA" somebody hElp mEhh😬 #LiveAtLunchxKrist #KristPerawat #SingtoPrachaya

Dwayne Scott Davis ‏@DwayneSDavis

@SpecialPuppy1 @plural_vote And, yet we’re stuck with two old white men, as usual. 😬

xaytoven☣️ ‏@traday63

Enough of war zone for tonight bout to go cuddle with my lady😬

hana🤡🤡 ‏@karacakurtulusm

good morning AzKar fandom Lets start our day with a shot of AzKar😍 OOOOPS😬 These two are not ece and cio but sinc…

n ‏@youremyblue_n

@ot7genres Seems like another war about to break out 😬 people stay pressed. Can’t everyone mature up for once and for all¿

Rachel Rowell ‏@rachelsrowell

@RationalEtienne Metal tables can be so arrogant and hard headed sometimes. Definitely deserved a good kicking. 😉…

Brian Kirkland ‏@BrianKirkland5

@Freeman_Mary1 Oh is that why they called smartphones wonder what mine thinks of me 😬

HSydney ‏@HSydneyHC

@Smooth7rader DEPENDS if you're LONG or SHORT 😬😉🤣😝

Kim Talbot ‏@ktalbot70

@JJcolemanMD @theblondeMD Can I introduce you to my teenager; he's an accident waiting to happen. 🙄😬

harvey dent rights activist 🔪✨ ‏@foeyeahboi

ok I’m just gonna wait it out and hope it’ll be fixed by tomorrow 😬✌🏼 send thoughts and prayers directed towards th…

Nelsin Tini🇸🇿 ‏@Nels_Golden

@itsprincessluu You got the Birthday Surprise 😬😬😬 Happy birthday though

abril adriana 🦋 ‏@briil7

Time for some more online shopping 🛍 😬

Innocentia Mazibuko ‏@InnocentiaMazi3

@DawieMokoena Imagine the numbers if easter was going ahead as usual ngwanesò 😷🤔😬

Michele Patsos ‏@MrsPatsos

@Ciaratoga @BreedersCup @santaanitapark @WHR @jess_stafford_ I really didn't need to see those Zenyatta bags during…

s/h. ‏@baekyoong_

every time i come back here i see sht i don't want to see 😬

Mohsin 🇵🇰 (Jatt's 🎂) ‏@_mmj13_

@lolx_eman didnt watch many cartoons when i was a child 😂😬

🛸 ‏@MarianoVillalon

Khea burricion😬

ProspectWatch ‏@ProspectWatch

@harley_tx 3 people in her family just died. Have some compassion. I know you’re better than this. Delete the tweet. You’ll feel better. 😬

Ryan ‏@FlyingRyan3105

@nikko812 I know! I was walking by and had to double take. It looks like the Michael Meyers mask or something 😬

D ‏@infiniteclmag

I think I should just accept that there will be some sort of @AndrewYang controversy every three weeks 😅😬

Dave ‏@streamlinedman

Apparently that's Trump's goal too! 😬

Nine’s Momma Robyn 👑 #J9ONLY ‏@JoongNineTrash

@FizJnine I don’t think it has English version yet since it just came out. But if it already has, please let me know. 😬

gabrielle ☼ ‏@grlmama

@IittIewomens Girl interrupted and Palo Alto 😬

💜JHS🖤²⁰¹³ ‏@94iLoveHobi

Watching Train to Busan in VR GEAR is not a good idea😬😬😬

Aisenhower ‏@itsaisen

Miss being sabog 😬☹️

Amanda Toolipz ‏@AToolipz

@CodyMatzFox9 That's not going to smell good ..and why fatten the sewer rats?! Going to need some Turtle power if Shredder arises 😬😂

Khoren ‏@khoren_3

I’m not one to spread “conspiracies” but before you call people crazy for believing them at least do some research…

Juan Snow❄️ King of the North ‏@__ThatsHIM

Without realizing it I just played that song 4 times in a row 😬

Junior ‏@ThatJuanReyes

@ChanceCalloway @queersocialism I wish I could forget it lmao 😬🙃

Ashley Marie Clemons ‏@mamabearashley_

Painting your toes at 35 weeks pregnant is a struggle 😬 thank you #COVID19Pandemic for basically ruining everything during this pregnancy 👍🏻

alexa ‏@alexitasegura

Girls who have them small toes bigger than their big toe go have a problem wearing these 😬

📀 Josh Friscic 🚀 ‏@JoshFriscic

@AlyssaUlrich15 I got bad news, We are only 25% done with this year 😬. New Years can't come any faster

Redscarlet ‏@Redscarlet94

@BlakeyBlake98 99% of my time when i try to start a conversation with a man.. Thats the reason why i still afraid t…

Bontle ‏@KgariBontle

@Gogontle_Gugu All gone? Gone gone? All of you? 😬😂😂

bivMF ‏@bivmf

@johndavidfraley @FieldGulls that’s when i knew it was over. was still hesitant before that 😬

Mode7 ‏@mode7beats

@MicCapesRaps Careful tho, everyone else had the same idea today😬 (including me)

gem ‏@nutribunkid

Nice one Globe! 31M Nice nice nice 😬 @enjoyGLOBE @talk2GLOBE #donate

MiaMia💋 ‏@jermia_m

Yes I can get my hair done Saturday 😬

simple__voiboy ‏@simple__voiboy

The bitch named Rona..the bitch is a fucking killer😬😬

carti ‏@carti__

@Arttubob @khaosbob @scoopofcreatine @eneshancsgo @_BrianCS @BalaOtavinho @mooseandyy oh nvm its the 4k 😬 arttu man…

Daniela🌺 ‏@dan_heehee

Day ??? Of quarantine: I started painting Godzilla on my bedroom wall😬😂

kars🌺 ‏@karsfxm

idk if im being ignored or what 😬

Nan ‏@skeetinrainbows

everything i eat tastes like cement 😬

solahuddin mokhtar 🇩🇪 ‏@UdinDon

@cutirfan_ Thank you in shaa allah one day 😬😉

Techno Nanny ‏@JMoneyRed

@mistamonotone CCing the homie @opmiller1 just in case. 😬

D.J ‏@MissGamer456

@StaceFace666 @ANGRYPUG 😬 I don’t know about that chief. I agree pug can be entertaining to watch and funny is deba…

agent E double g ‏@doublehuevo

@certifiedskull 😬😬😬😬😬 everyone has bad taste then

Sumedha 🇮🇳 ‏@SumedhaDua

@DikshitSmita Fir what about people like you n me 😬

Dennis Hanson ‏@denmhan

@HoganBCMJ @ohkaynaaate I feel that way with the previews of it. 😬

Melody ‏@medley0021

@RebeccaKay89 @motherof3_2312 @KD_Tater Is this 5x08?? 😬

Steph Rodrig ⁷ ‏@StephRodri24

@aegyominyoongii 😬oh ohh

vs. ‏@astnmjrs

THUNDERCAT album outt 😬

Melissa ‏@Lisser2

@Andy Dorinda is right 😬

Brittnii Sundae ‏@BrittniiSundae

@kimmikillzombie Too much of myself here. 😬

Black Girl👱🏿‍♀️ ✨ ‏@MayaPacifier

I hope you feel the same way 😬

Esethu Sokana ‏@EsethwiSipho

NOT even one 😬💁🏿🤞🏿

Edwardmoriarity1990 ‏@moriarity1995

@HaileyRagon @VancityReynolds @HaileyRagon Now that you've become quite a celebrity, can I get a follow back from y…

Yari 😊 ‏@yarisa_diaz

@halssss12 All cap love you 😬💕 2020 does suck

Brooke P Deak ‏@Deakology

@jwwhale At least you found it? 😬

harm🌻 ‏@brooke_harman

RIP to anyone who’s around when I take off my work shoes at 2am 😬

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