Grimacing Face Emoji

A grimace emoji, showing bared teeth. Generally used when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen – aka “eek!”. This emoji previously looked similar to Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on iOS.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a friend denotes that you send the most snaps to the same person that they do. i.e. you share a #1 Best Friend.

Grimacing Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😬 Awkward

😬 Eek

😬 Foot In Mouth

😬 Nervous

😬 Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend


😬 U+1F62C




Tweets For 😬

Li 🐰 #RENDEZ_VOUS✨ ‏@_utokkie

you don't know how i tried to protect you, but in the end i'm disappointed you thought so little so easily. tsk... you really let me down 😬

🐐 steve goatman 🌉 ‏@maxmaycs

@__Requiem_ I've heard many stories about how painful nebido can be 😬 sounds like you have a good system in place n…

Mr. Otieno Ngere ‏@silobolt6

@smusyoka Sawa senior let me shut it 😬😬

StoneyJames🎃✈🗽 ‏@JamesDMusic1

See you tonight please don't make me shi1t meh pants 😬🍂👻🤡🎃

🙅🏼‍♂️+🙅🏻‍♀️ Not Today. ‏@Tony_3163

@FootyRed1 I don’t think that’s a good thing? 😬🤷🏼‍♂️. Interdependence is good?

D.C. ‏@DarrenConnolly_

The fact that #WWE had to put ''This match can't be stopped for any reason'' under the Seth V Fiend graphic for…

Johnny Ringo ‏@Bigjohnnyringo

@benshephard @EnglandRugby Was a great game and well deserved win , you must be really excited to take on this all…

Edge👠#USA #AmericaFirst #IStandWithPresidentTrump ‏@EdgeLSeawolf

@webbellas777 You couldn't pay 💰 me enough 😬

Mrs I 🙋🏻‍♀️ ‏@TeachingYear6

I think I’ve decided what text to use for next half term with our more confident readers in Y6.... what do you thin…

Jkellsluvsya ‏@jkellsluvsya

@TheAndraGyny @babytoddIer She lowkey look like a twink in this ,well one I know😬

Kandace ‏@a6a250e936ac4c7

@WaWxChasers @NWSSeattle Scary & awesome at the same time!😬

Katrien Van de Steen ‏@Katrien_VdSteen

@st_devriendt @KnolJoep Haha both of you did 😬😉!

Alex Lambie ‏@lambie104

@dubber31 Always wanted to clinch it in Houston anyway👀👀😬

💜킴벌리💜 ‏@kemmeh26

I really love this song! 😬🥰 #MakeItRight 💜

Jason ‏@jasoV_3

@Inspire_us01 Money 😬

HARSHA 🐍| హర్ష ‏@Joonslove_

Is this a suicide or murder? (This pic is stolen😬)

Paul Robidoux 🍀 ‏@RobidouxPaul

@JaredStansbury Lmao I'm a non-traditional at DMACC for Journalism 😬😬

Cold Blooded KYKashi 🏁 ‏@KyTheBrute

@LadyCane73 I know right 😬

N e i S h a🌻💛 ‏@SumthanqReal_91

I hope mrs.D is in good spirits this morning😬🤞🏾

Pinky 🐾 ‏@pinkybarks

@WhistlingWhist @1958_BestYear I don't even know how to respond. Looked for a gif, then just lost the will to go on…

DanB15 ‏@B15Dan

@jonstubbo @EnglandRugby @LeicesterTigers I’m amazed I have made it this far my mom & dad always said I’d be lucky…

🏃🏾‍♂️🔜MiamiMarathon2020 ‏@CoreyJ863

I slept through the Tornado last night. Def dodge that. I heard it though. Moms was on the hwy while it was on the…

Suddenly Mummy ‏@suddenly_mummy

@icescream43 Frankly, a terrible one 😬

🤘🏼Mighty Potter🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@darren2903

Remember when we use to have a strong & proper PM? 🤷🏼‍♂️😬

Pearce ‏@pearcegardner2

I should not be allowed my phone when I’m drunk😬

fiona_m ‏@allblackgal4eva

@IanG1878 I hope we keep it up (I’m sure we will 😬)

kyubii ‏@KokoUbe

Wasted a day 😬

anh-thu 🌻 ‏@__thuthu__

PASS oups 😬

Pumpkin 🎃 ‏@pickupapumpkin

At this rate I'll skip the second half and go on the #PeoplesVoteMarch ☘️😬#NZLvIRE #RWC2019

Resa | TODAY | 50 ‏@DoctorMastah

@FylerWrites I waved at her as I stood in queue to freak out about Paul 😂 Counts 😬

Kristen Dechert ‏@kristendechert

I love editing as much as anyone, but there’s no need to be rude. But while we’re here, “thoroughly and frequently”…

No One You Know ‏@JKelly6000

@kozad86 @marwilliamson @TulsiGabbard Whooaaohwhooaa! I mean yes you’re right that she gotta go but could we citize…

Lenlen ‏@linibee13

Finally! I can rest now.😪😬

Sachi ‏@SacHiLife1

Yeah .. I’m the girl bunny 🐰 WHAT?! DO sOmEtHinG 😬.. and I’m a WHOREEEEE!! 🤣🖕🏻

💧tetesan ‏@airmatalelaki

with different person at the same time and place, and the cold too😬

Maleeha Mughal ‏@maleeha_mughal_

@AbailRayy Allah na kry bhaee ... 😬😬 Asaan Zindagi is going on and Em happy with it ... ! I don't want to be indu…

PJ 🏳️‍🌈🎈 ‏@pascalpjjaegar

@KhendraaXO91 @icecoldreddie @JoshuaRush let's talk about the fact that you ship a teenager with an adult😬😳

Jade ‏@SpadeyRouge92

@WG01blue I have a 2017 polo that’s my mums car that I get when I pass . And I’m sure and if I ever get a boyfriend…

Shehan Berhardt ‏@ShehanBerhardt

@theRealEnzoMac Tough game for us next though 😬. Good luck to Wales against France

Le'Ngishi ‏@Kanyo_M

@KalangaEmperor I'm saying...🤪😬😬😬

sᴜᴘᴇʀ ᴛᴠ ‏@superTV247

@cqmerqn It might not be, remember when BB was randomly on at 9PM one sunday last year and we thought it would fina…

JaimeJr⛈ ‏@Jiame_23

When you tell em you coming in late and they greet you with a perdiem check 😬😩

Sarah Hopkins ‏@kittywoman5

@AwwwwCats Oh gosh. Cats have died with those blind pulls:need to make them safe 😬

SPHILE 🌷💛🦋 ‏@SphileCeleChili

But eating a heavy meal aint it because I need to graaft😬

Robert Janes 🇬🇧 ‏@robertmjanes

Excellent result for @EnglandRugby. Sterner test awaits next week against the All Blacks 😬 #RWC2019 ❤️🏉

Spurs fan ‏@SpursRC

😬 all blacks cruising at the moment

Maricruz ♡ ‏@curiouscalamity

Our fave Denny's waitress got a promotion and is now manager of the place so we drew her a congrats letter bc we ar…

#MostValuablePlayerPodcast ‏@mvppodcastt

Come on David, let’s keep it real now 😬 #AFC #arsenal #COYG #Gunners #PL #EPL

Crank1 ‏@Cranksinatra1

How It feels Going to work In the Morning. 😬🙃

Flying Pig 🚁 ‏@flyabout7

I appear to be shouting at the telly again! 😬 #RWC2019

BigDave ‏@NotSoBigDave

Already a long way back for the boys in green 😬

Terrell 🃏 ‏@offblackterrell

@thejeseway Bmt I don’t understand, i just can’t type 😬😂

Takunda Muziri C.M ‏@mu_Pharoah

@xcampaignstan Go ask your mama 😬

E T 🌿 ‏@ET45598117

@rationalstoic @frostygary @thehill uneducated...? Jane Fonda? 😬 Just as short-sighted as calling me dummy... ..get…

🖤Rob ‏@robagus15

Booked 😬

Never Mind ‏@racross

thought we might get blown away in he first half 😬 injurys are gonna get us now #NZLvIRE

RugbyLAD ‏@RugbyLAD7

Now Henshaw is gone 😬

🇮🇪🇮🇪Séan MacBhloscaidh🇮🇪🇮🇪 ‏@sean_macc77

@Rachel_Lynchx We're going to win Rachel 😬😬😬🇮🇪🇮🇪

Huw ‏@HuwVL9

@CF_3D I played about ten minutes of the remaster, then I was like "Why am I doing this, I don't like this game."…

shamOon KhOkhar ‏@KhokharShamoon

@Ahtsham911 i think yes 🧐😬

Na Da ‏@byNoonDa

@alirkhali Oh👀 do we expect a drastic fall?! 😬💔

Matthew Blackman ‏@mjb_23

@ballsdotie It’s what you get when you pick out of form players 😬

𓂀 𓁭 Donnie P 𓁞 𓂀 ‏@TheRealDonnieeP

My neighbor always going out her way to make conversation witta nigga lol. I swear she be waiting for a nigga to co…

lachlan ‏@lachlantula

daytona and, well, it's not close 😬

laura ‏@LLH81723434

@FiddleDeeDeeGA Well, if there wasn't any brightly colored pop-ups or his name in those notes, they weren't going t…

Andy Moore ‏@Ajmoore21

@BromsgroveAVSC Careful @billygreening1 😬

Evelyn ✖ ✖ ✖ ‏@Evelyn__020

Listening to Parliament..Boris is going to win this one, isn't he? 😬#brexit 🇪🇺 #letsstaytogether

Pippa🏳️‍🌈✨♻️ ‏@703pippa

@sheepchase Define interesting 😬 (no, only endless talking and frustration)

Brooke x ‏@brookehend1213

Imagine being that boy that chats shit about a girl in their boys gc but trys to chat to them in pm😬😂grow up

Will o' the Crisp ‏@republicofjones

Yikes, Ireland 😬

Ben Smith ‏@bensmithuk

@leejonsmith Yes, let’s say that 😬

(Ч) ‏@lastlutha

@Muchakaze Is it really? 😬

Michelle Mendez ‏@ronquita93

I overthink shit 😔😔😬that is a problem.

Elcie ‏@StageEnthusiast

I am torn between sharing my love of music and certain songs with people and feeling like I shouldn't share it much…

Brooke Crowell ‏@brookecrowell_

I don't know think there is enough coffee in the world to fix how exhausted I feel. 😬

Caoileann Appleby ‏@Qaoileann

Oh this is not what we needed to do 😬😬😬... #NZLvIRL #RWC2019

Reuel ‏@_rated07

Iniesta was a beast 😬

Ben Jaycock ‏@ben_jaycock

This could get ugly 😬 #NZLvIRE #RugbyWorldCup

Henry Hopkins ‏@HenryHopkins

Think this will be a worse scoreline for Ireland than the earlier game was for Aus 😬 #NZLvIRL #RWC2019

Tom ¨nn ‏@Umlaut_doubleN

@Becsywecsy Not quite the perfect start 😬

abigail ‏@abigail56072334

I’m so ready for the #ShanexJeffree Pallette, I’m literally shaking after episode 4 😳😬

T🐑 ‏@417_YHS

@Seokiechick Like Menhealth's cover 😬

Carl Widger ‏@CarlWidger

@AlanJLSmith Oh dear 😬

Mozz ‏@Mozzaa92

This might be in use during this All Blacks-Ireland game...😬

우석 X 우신 🦋 FLAϟH ‏@wooseokx1stan

sorry I'll be spamming because I'm arranging about my cs service 😬🙏 feel free to help retweet 😊

Tia ‏@FathiaWasHere

😺✏ — Gambling’s haram 😬😬

Micheal Martin ‏@MichealAMartin

ROG would’ve found touch 😬 ball burst

Paul Jones ‏@PaulPauljones79

😬 this might not be as tight a game as I'd hoped. Brilliant from NZ tho

Mike Inch ‏@MikeInch71

It’s not looking good for Ireland😬 #NZLvIRE

Seano Tatler ‏@SeanoTatler

@Saleenmack @russellearnshaw Too right. The boys ☘️ are under pressure against the kiwis 😬

Bree ‏@breelimbaga

The internet is getting scarier by the day 😬😬😬

Pᴏᴘᴜʟᴀʀ Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ 💿🌎 ‏@blvckboy_ng

@kelecie We they always drag babe guy 😬😂

Euréka! ‏@Levendaki17

Of course, they did, which reeks of "mens rea" — "the guilty mindset!" 😡😡😬

Lara Hopkins ‏@larahopkins99

Oh Ireland, not great so far 😬 #NZLvIRE

Wayne Wardle ‏@wazzawardle

🚨GAME ON🚨 Pitch inspection passed @KnutsfordFC 🥜 The Storks @BillingeFC head down the M6 in what should be cracke…

Eva Brady ‏@ATasteForSparks

Oops maybe that wasn’t a good idea. 😬

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