Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

The cat variant of the Grinning Face Emoji.

Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😸 Grinning Cat

😸 Happy Cat


😸 U+1F638




Tweets For 😸

MentalHELLth ‏@LthHel

@LifeAsJustNikk1 Sorry work in retail... So.... Crowd control and saying no is a large pert of the job 😸

QuAbEnA_Dickson ‏@dicksonhood

@Kusiemaametw3 @Louis1079 😁😸 Wo y3 Ogboo!! 🙌🙌🙌

ɥɐǝʎ ⅋ sɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥɔ08ᄅ# uᴉ ʍou 'zqnM lǝᴉuɐɥʇɐN ‏@JBJblaze

@WatchMixer Upgrades to my tower coming soon and laptop's got new hard drives! 😸👍

🧛🏻‍♀️ Marghoul Meanie 👻 ‏@MargotMeanie

If you wanna laugh your pants off with me, then you gotta watch my last Halloween haul on YouTube, this little toas…

Dilara Göksel Parry ‏@Wolfblinx

7 isn’t even senior! That’s like, my age 😸

Heidi Morris ‏@_heidimorris

Can everyone vote on this please it’ll help get some funding for the team❤️❤️ Don’t have to sign up or anything jus…

Clara and Storm ‏@claraandstorm

@MurphOnIce @championshockey @FreeSportsUK @PremierSportsTV @WarriorHockeyUK @BauerHockeyUK @czy_world…

Nigel Furphy ‏@thefurphster

@KlowLisa @MrSteveK 'Ear, 'ear. Who's that I spy? 😸

sheila hunter ‏@kittywaymo

@TiffanyAchilles @URBustedInc @RL9631 @AngelLight2U @winbabywinwin @RhondaM17668861 @kimberly_beitel @JMarineG1…

Mrs Freeze ‏@GiGi_UFO

@1967Rich @BeierDrums 😂😂😂😸 Thank You, @1967Rich⚡️

jas ‏@jasmarzo

good morning 😸

Hailey Baldwin News ‏@ItsBaldwinNews

📸 | “😸”. -Hailey via Instagram.

David Leal ‏@davidlealisdead

Sum1 be my fwiend 😸

nina😸 ‏@icedlatteyum

Woke up to this and another two under my blanket😸

LocBoyJu ‏@TenToes__

@LilweeOmerta Nigga Bangin Like Shit Onna Court😸....

QuAbEnA_Dickson ‏@dicksonhood

@BT_BAYEL @skay2_ @JUST_SAY_KEEF @oputey @TinaTEENAH_ @Sultan_Tamat Herh!! hotspot Shield Pipo all cm inside. 😂😸😹😁

SuckerForRed ‏@SuckerForRed

@mellymoo0710 Heaton is very polite. 😸

K A D E E R 💫 ‏@AnsKadir

On the premiere of BB, when #Sreesanth's wife Bhubaneswari came, she was so camera shy. She didn't even speak much.…

tani armani ‏@peaceyoongi

@nefariousjimin @jerriedagger @JHSDAYDREAMER @nullofobia @ATAEISM @klimatologia @taevbubbles @PARADlSEJEON…

rachel ‏@rachelmorrow__

are you sick of seeing my face yet😸😸😸

Princess Bob ‏@PrincesssBob

@TrvlPrst @FatherofBob @CatioGuy I bet he builds one soon 😸

Maris Bellamy ‏@marisbellamy1

@mill_cats That's okay Chloe, you did pawsome! You got a lot of the guys sweetie pie! Keep it up! 😸❤️🐾🐾🐾🏈🐾🐾🐾❤️😸

Princess Morgan ‏@moggymainecoon

@OssieAndLuna Meowzers! They look pawsome. Two kilos? Do you think they will last you through the week?? 😸🐾


#ilcardi u beauty goal in the stoppage time 😍😋 congrats #InterMilan 😸 win 1-0 #Congrats #MilanDerby #INTMIL

Sammy ‏@rufared

@RolfatWarwick @warwickarts My vote so far for Autumn Rolf best photo 😸

[email protected]#*ing’ori ‏@Musicma77308430

@BITTHEBIGAPPLE @slickville_ Baaaass!! You know wagwan 😸

CuddlyRottyDog 🐾❤️🐾🐕🐶⛰🌳🌲🌳🎨📚 ‏@finnbarrotty

@yobub4 @MissLJxxx91 @carolinebrown12 @WYP_CNewsome @AnnelisaDavison @NippyMcsqeak @DebraVi91710578…

🌳🐾Äs... ‏@merryme300

@JoMacIntosh1 Haha a peeping tom!😸

Schrödinger ‏@DrSchrodinger15

@PhoebeAndSelene @TheCatHeSay @Thereluctantcat @PussAndNuss @GrootRocket2 @LaphroaigKitty Can anyone say 'sibling'?! 😸😼

SUNY Poly Wildcats ‏@PolyWildcats

😸📺If you are not watching Wildcat sports on SPSN, you are doing it wrong!! #polywildcats @SUNYPoly_Adm…

RedMouse ‏@Red_Mouse_Games

Nutjob cat ripped the scratcher off the wall.... 😸😸

Yuki Inoue ‏@YukiInoue9

You never know somebody is sneaking behind you…😱🐾😸

maddy strader ‏@_maddystrader

Happy birthday em!!! I miss you and our laughs in chem!! I hope you have a day filled with smiles 😸💓

Spooky Book Kittenedgen 😼 ‏@Nerdycat1996

@RavenRayne1234 @itscmyoung @courtthebun @happybooktuber @WitchBookish @chaptercviii @Emmabuzzybee @whatsmypage…

NavalFox ‏@NavalDragon

Hey guys sorry I havent been live since thursday ive had work for the past 3 days in a row, ill keep you guys updated to when ill be live😸

Angeli{k}a ‏@Sleepy97_

@_DomoWilson1 Just saying 🤷😸

Helena Bottom-Farter ‏@solikebasically

Feelin' cute idk!!!!! 😸

Jim Furlong ‏@EWOKinLA

@_southernish_ That was my second choice 😸

Sara Sycho ▪️ サラ・シコ ‏@PinkHairedSycho

@maximumforce123 😸 Let’s do this❗️

Tatum Rose ‏@Tatumdyson

brother 😸 @DysonTanner

Schnubbel1969 ‏@Schnubbel1969

@ThePowerofPurr Let him read 😺😸

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@KittyHavenNY The window was only open for about 30 minutes. It was 33° #SillyHumanz should put a coat on. 😸 ❤ 😙

kitkat☆ ‏@electratartt

I've decided I'm gonna get a kitten. I don't know when, but I know soon. Fuck it 😸

Bluebell ‏@thecatBluebell

@PawsomePippin Yes 💓, it's only mummy that's not allowed (no reason) 😸 💕🐾🐾

‼️M A R Q‼️ ‏@fiu_MarQ

when the 😸 sound like you bouta run outta mustard >>>

SkkkrWasTaken ‏@NotSkkkr

@BrisKo_313 I could use one😸

LD4 ‏@LynnDfour

@gordy_shanks @chesscat48 Baby! 😸❤️

Jean | ᴛʀᴜsᴛ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴠᴇʀɪғʏ. ‏@DisChimera

@ewbarnard @MoD_OSINT @thespybrief @gametheorytoday @ToestringRd @screaminggina @karolcummins @JamesFourM @Grzabjj…

Angus Puss In Boots 🎃⚔🐾 ‏@Angus_Goodboy

@brian_blackcat @ZombieSquadHQ @jeffersonboris1 @MuddlesDog @ZeroRice1012 @RhondaHendee @ThorSelfies @Sprocket_Cool…

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@1gingerbeauty Yes, it was early. Very little of it though. 😸 ❤ 😙

Shivam Agrawal शिवम् ‏@mixofthoughts

@SirJambavan @krithikasivasw Probably he is the father of a Ghost journo 😸

Roseann Mckenna ‏@roseannmck

@TheBritishLie @mlindsay122015 @DrewCurrie @STVNews They don’t mind who they fart on😸

Standard Error, PhD📏📏 ‏@1RachelAnn1

@AlphaCatPA Ah, you’re all wet, Assy! 😸

goth slut🔪 ‏@gothslutttt

i’m his cuntry girl😸💌

Kymoné ‏@Kymonesays

I know what I’m going to be for Halloween!!!!!! 😸

⭕ Fuzzicus® Innocuous ن ‏@MissFuzzball

@TomKattman @NormieKnells @program_exe_ At least she doesn't groom my "fur" along with her own -- I'll give her that much. 😸

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@Axolotl_2018 Thanks! We love watching them. 😸 💖 😙

harriet sharman ❤️ ‏@harriettt_123

Had such a good day 😸

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@arkantart You're right, she does! *whisperz* The claws help. 😸💓🏈😘

Angus Puss In Boots 🎃⚔🐾 ‏@Angus_Goodboy

@ZombieSquadHQ Thanks so much! 😸🐾

♬♪♬ 🇺🇸 Elizabeth Hock ♬♪♬ ‏@LizzyHock1963

@Heathamommy @HackDz @hon3ybadgerdgaf @chibearfan74_jr @cbowling4512 @kellyannegoebb @WealDonoodTwump @USANana1…

Nutmeg's Crew ‏@catgirl321

Please keep up MASSES #pawpurrayers & #healingpurrs for @cybercat919 22yr old supercat Willy💜 Mom’s outstanding car…

Tracy Watt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@watt_tracy74

@gdwood01 @doc42 Nothing wrong with too many pet photos 😸

Chloe Cat ‏@ChloeCatUK

@TigrisBlue You're right, it does because the roof is folding in 😸. It had a front on it but mum cut it off to make…

Cassiopeia60 ✨🦅🌊 ‏@Cassiopeia601

@SarahA_Art @drskyskull I want this one, you take that one. Tomorrow we can switch! 😸

Rahbzu 🇵🇰 ‏@iRahbzu

@GM491 Hahaha unforgettable characters, I hardly had 1000 followers at that time 😸 I joined in 2013 but he was very famous even at that time

Elizabeth Taylor ‏@lizzzytbean

My cats name is precious I call her: Precious Satan Beelzebub Bitch Dumbass bitch And that’s about it 😋😸

constructCRITICAL ‏@criticallykitty

My wife’s a ufologists nutty. Never in my life has she showed me more aliens since the #Kavanaugh persecution. 😳😳🇺🇸…

Señor Lodenstein ‏@Saber_Glo

It’s hoodie and shorts weather and I couldn’t be happier 😸

smochi 🐨🐹🐭🦄🐥🐯🐰🔎✨💜 ‏@roseforBTS

@realdailypayne @LiamPayne Exactly. I agree @LiamPayne is amazing. 😊💓🙏😸

Missy 🎃🧡 ‏@MissAmethysa

Still planning it but will add this holographic Pink Mercy to my store really soon! I’ll donate 50% of the benefits…

𝖆𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖎𝖈 𝖆𝖑 ⚠️ ‏@alexdaniel___

thanks for being in my life. you’re my best friend and I love you muchos 😸💚

🖖🏽ƃuᴉʞlɐʍʎʞSɯI ‏@nothefro

I might sing for the 😸 just like R Kelly

Haido💉 ‏@Junhaido

@Iam_Musteey Is it you Commenting this or my eyes are blurred😸😸

Mick Bonnar ‏@mick_b_1964

Yes they don't hold up well to questioning...... 😹😸

Lian Universe ‏@jERKfACE_xD

If they come for your cat your ear is justified. But if they have snitching other than love for the cat, they’ll ha…

Dolly ‏@Dollythercat

@Biscuit_Meow @AngelaStillwell @Karen_IPC @AngusMcPussPuss @deborah19001925 @Meena_Tuxie @duchess_meow @DixDolly…

hann🌷 ‏@HannahKatyMoran

Flannel weather😸

Navixel ‏@ImNavixel

@BaeSoldier @FortniteGame Both, but Multiplayer most atm😸

Frank And Joe ‏@TheHardyBoyCats

@Trkmom1Eleanor @KevinScampi @StrayLiotta @ItsMeDeaner @TeddyB_cat @Diablo_Siamese @scout0416 @JoviLifer Beautiful paw work Socks 😸🐾

emoji horoscope ‏@emoji_horoscope

♒ #Aquarius #EmojiHoroscope ♒ 🔮 October 21st 🔮 You've been lied to about 💼. 😻 may have some news about 🐞. 😸 and 💉 don't mix.

Macavity🎃🕷️🕸️👻 ‏@mysterycat314

@suzanne_weimer Justin Beaver! So cute! 😹😽😸😻🐹

Sara Sycho ▪️ サラ・シコ ‏@PinkHairedSycho

Hey all❗️ Come check out @maximumforce123’s Stream❗️ Ya girl is apart of it 😸✌️

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@Ladyfemme9 We like to watch them fill their cheeks. It's amazing how many peanuts they can get in there. 😸 💖 😙

Claudia ‏@ClaudiaXXie

Washing hands with cheerful song is happy😸

samantha22 ‏@samanth56052655

@sm0lf0x He/She is so cute 😸😻

Ivana Tattoo Art ‏@IvanaTattooArt

LONDON LONDON LONDON 🇬🇧 Taking appointments right now!! 😻🙀😽😸 I have 2 spots available on 27&28th of October 2018!…

NikoandTed ‏@NikoandTed

Happy Sunday 😸🐾 - - - - #flamepoint #cats #catsofinstagram #of #siamese #cat #instagram #adoptdontshop #catstagram…

Oreo the Cat 🌵☀️ ‏@oreokittykat

Happy #sundayfunday kitty friends 😸Lily is relaxing in the couch today 👌🏻#CatsofTwitter

R U U F A S 🌟#1FIRST🌚 ‏@ruufas_m23

Imagine if you were havin' sex🍑🍆 and soon enough you hear Kids from the outside sayin', "I think they're done"😂😸✋🏃

Verna Webb🇺🇸 ‏@TIGGERR00

@TammyJLemley @ArHokum Give him a small glass ....I have to put one out for my cats so they leave my glass alone...…

jamie🦋 ‏@Jamie_Baaaby8

S/O my cute roomie.😸 @sharrrrrp

draya🐝 ‏@unpetrified

@haleiighh I won 😸👸🏾

Marsh ‏@MarshF92

@owenclark3 @CatDisapproval We hope soon. 🤔maybe house swap? The cats would be thrilled. 😸🐾

Bullseye...😺 ‏@TigrisBlue

@ChloeCatUK It looks a bit like a cat cave...😸

Dolly ‏@Dollythercat

@deborah19001925 @AngelaStillwell @Biscuit_Meow @Karen_IPC @AngusMcPussPuss @Meena_Tuxie @duchess_meow @DixDolly…

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