Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

The cat variant of the Grinning Face Emoji.

Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😸 Grinning Cat

😸 Happy Cat


😸 U+1F638




Tweets For 😸

The Untamable ‏@FiyozAble

Thanks to technology, they crop is, we repost the full photo 😸

IntruderHarley03 ‏@ScottA97685484

Made another drawing for @supertoastymutt. This time having him playing volleyball! Pretty athletic if you ask me!…

Christina🍭 ‏@chrisssstinab

@faust_412 Happy birthday 😸🎉


Cats 😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀

han ‏@lcvesung

mau nyoba what kind of moot am i? 🐵 clown, chaotic, typos, never shuts up, literally stfu dork 😸 soft, shy, frie…

New year Cat ‏@TiltedEcaflips

@kittea_amazing Hello! I am feeling good to come back! I forgot my password to my old discord, so I need to rejoin…

Andrew Kane ‏@codemastermm

@pkkaos Ours do the exact same thing: snuggle leads to cleaning leads to a big fight 🤷‍♂️😸

Misty K ☃️🐈 & Angel Scarlett 😇🐈 ‏@FelineChairThi1

@CPChiltern 😻 ❤️❤️❤️ Lucky humans! Fare well dear Chalky 😸❤️❤️❤️

Funseeker ‏@Just_Hamda96

Doja cat is always playing on loop when I'm having exams 😸

天使🐉 ‏@tomantwindragon

@igorIit thank you 😸 I hope the new year treats you well too <3

St. Sinner ‏@retheeshraj10

Din bhat Whatsapp forwards tweet karnewalon ko bhi padma award milgaya. 😸✌️

Whatever it takes. ‏@wb_mirza

@ginghifa My spirit animal😸

hannah ‏@hahanjob

2day has been hell 😸

` mel ‏@bubblelac

stolen 🤠 what kind of moot am i? 🐵 clown, chaotic, typos, never shuts up, literally stfu dork 😸 soft, shy, friend…

call me cush🍀 ‏@Ripabmcon

Night was a success 😸

Ichangai ‏@MichaelMburu_

@sassy_njeri Did he hit 😸

Linda Gray ‏@Santafegray

@patsajak 😸You're so funny, Pat! 💕

lia ‏@dongjucore

send me stupid questions i'll answer anything 😸

Cat Lover ‏@kathymonty0719

@ChuckCallesto Was wondering about these two. Thought they may have gotten lost in the swamp. 😸

glor ‏@inns9ke

@shotoT___T omg yas 😸

SUSIE ❤️ ‏@__YasB__

Baby mama acting evil 😸

Pickle and Nancy ‏@PickleAndNancy

@Arihantweather Thank you! Have a wonderful Sunday too 😸🖤

D’nease ‏@annoyedfuck

Excited for lvl up next month 😸😸

무무💣🦢⁷ ‏@jeonjungjwa

@aengelicbts @BTS_twt hello 👋 meow 😸

BigGeneralMesh 🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@memetar_

Lol honestly 😸 it’s Ok. I have a plan

ℤ𝕏 is a pudgy fox ‏@ZXsaturn

I noticed while playing Gran Turismo and other racing games that my favorite cars to use are inherently tail happy…

Star Child🌟 ‏@Shai5a_MM

@Anilelicious Thank you Aniile😸💕💕

Pickle and Nancy ‏@PickleAndNancy

Too comfy to go and find boxes for #kittyboxsunday - have a wonderful day everyone, love Pickle and Nancy…

ya gurl lana ‏@allawn_mower

@Wilburgur_ neeeeeed more oblivion content from my favorite seductive kitty 😸

Tenaj Yecal ‏@BoontonKaT

@AprilBites2 @dweezycpt @Bill_Maxwell_ @Jtwolff2 Hi April ~ Welcome 😸

🌌 Jaehyun bestest boy ‏@Cloud9714

I'll wait till October 😸

bang ‏@bangnittaa_

Chwambsz and I faves 😸😋

👍anne🍓 ‏@strwbrrykyu

Most nctzens associate Jaehyun with a dog, but all I can think of when he’s smiling is he really looks like 😸

Amber LeRoy ‏@scarletwitch97

@Fear_Crawler Screw that noise and whatever made you feel that way! You are conveniently awesome 😸

John Jr🏁 ‏@Jetstar1311

@DaveDuricy Yes, I remember seeing Bob on the JANET flights out of Sky Harbor all the time...😸👍 Just kidding...

dark shadow ‏@teesrr

FOLLOW ME like this 👹👺😸😹

Supercat Craft ‏@Supercat_craft

Meow Supercat lol 😸

Anile ‏@Anilelicious

@Shai5a_MM Happy birthday 😸

ExoSuit4Cats😺❤️ ‏@blackops_zombay

@scarletkitty0 Luv yu too -Scarlett ❤️😸

☾ Luna ‏@la_dama_luna

@neptvnenoise me too 😸

Gunhack_Actual ‏@GunhackA

@Tactical_review Best quote I've seen in some time 😸😸👍

s•⁷ Xuxi day!!! ‏@mingiiibby

stolen >.< which oomf am i 🥺 🤡 clown, chaotic, typos 24/7, never shuts up, dork 😸 soft, shy, friendly, cute, sw…

ExoSuit4Cats😺❤️ ‏@blackops_zombay

@scarletkitty0 My cats name is Scarlett!!!!!!!! ❤️😸😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸❤️😸😸❤️

Yarlet🤐:re ‏@yarletCMD

We bury you in fruit @KitchaSaventhes 👀🍉🍇😸 also mini ending 😺🌺

Monkey🐈 ‏@MyMonkey777

@EkaterinaFrenk1 Thank you and a beautiful day to you Nifka and Katya & others 😸🐾

Elizabeth 😸 ‏@cinderelizabeth

@bnbthehugger I love ginger kitties 😸

Robert Cool Bot ‏@RobertCoolBot1

@MrBeastYT @LCSOfficial @lolesports I live there😸

Iyan ‏@skyanrn

@DAILYAOI have a nice day too! 😻😸

MAUII ‏@MauiiLee

Some dude karaoke’d life’s good by future but skipped futures part..... wtf?!?😂😂😂😸

Jinu ‏@ljinwoov

The initial of a person you: 1. Y 2. M (sorry) :( 3. U 4. U 5. U 6. V 7. 🤦‍♂️😮😸 8. J WKWKWK 9. S 10. U 11. Y for y…

Monkey🐈 ‏@MyMonkey777

We had lotsa rain last phew days amd de smoke iz gone. Itiz sunny, but itiz too wet outside, so I enjoyings sunny s…

Moonstonecat🌙🐱 Midnight Texas, Lucifer & SPN ‏@moon_stonecat

@PaxPippa Oh, I know it's Sunday over there now😂. Hope you have a great Sunday😸☕🍩🚀🌅! #SaveMidnightTexas…

nexxxvd ‏@thinaaaapay

lexy is in the house 😸

⭐ ‏@hobieszz

I meant 'but'😸

exhilaratedmichael ‏@gratitudefull

@SmoshySammy @smosh Your most welcome 😸

ડꪖꫀ𝕣ꪖꫝ⁷ ‏@saerahjung

@msbeatrice_81 So cute 😸😸😸

sev ‏@bfsung

ZETA URE SO CUTE I LOVE UUUUU PLSSSSZZZ i just been watching anime and stuff not tweeting so much lately 😸

Abigail. ‏@hoenorifics

it's abigail jones. but you can call me aby for short! 😸

Somora ‏@SomoraRocks

@keepupwithjen @deborah26449389 @VitCza @vroberts9 @sharon_cantley @luvthebeachdd @AngusMcPussPuss @NalaNapoleon…

Katy ‏@backpackkat

My Gwennie is THE cutest (that’s Nana to most of you) photobomber on the PLANET!!!! I just love her to bits & piece…

ًkelly✰彡 ‏@HW4NGHYUNJ1N

@bearbeomie97 thank u for the encouragement 🙏🙏🙏😸

Captain Dead Dad ‏@thestirlinggill

@plasticmartyr I would say show him your 😸 but it’s too expensive to give out for free. You should start an OnlyFans lol

♡⁷ ‏@jecngukks

@wishyuna Fr Ok Goodnight Sleep Well 😸😸😸

dark_knight ‏@darkkni44955848

@Ready53297200 @venkyreviews It’s honey 🍯 to my ears when people like you are crying 😸


/rpl/ hello, this aby jones is speaking. i'm looking for: - rv member and my labelmates. - 94 linermates. - selfol…

VioletStairway ‏@VioletStairway

What’s yours? 😸

RMHM Rural Mental Health Matters 💞👥 (Was SOMH!) ‏@RuralMHMatters

@_NatashaDevon Meowdles own us Not the other way around 😹 All cat 🐈'owners' know this But we wouldn't have it any o…

OBSIDIAN ‏@ysuomuo

nigga don’t laugh cause the 😸 aint joking

LinneaCatCity ‏@karinannalinnea

@BotKFBR392 We can always fantasize and hope 😸

#IStandWithTaylor 🏹 ‏@EnterTAYner_

Imma need one of these for Meredith and Benjamin too please 😸😸😸

JamieLee82 ‏@JamieLee821

@swedishsweets99 Haha! Probably cuz hes a boy! 😸

NoriyukiWorks ‏@NoriyukiWorks83

@_dpiddy C'mon you can jump from your chair for the happiness!! I did so you can do it!!!😸

Mill Cats RIP Phoebee🌈 ‏@mill_cats

@DonnaAl41256178 We wonder where they got the seed, hehe. 😸💕🦆🐾

Ghost in the Ruins ‏@rainkwilson

Chaos de Licious is being fierce, and goddamnit, she's going to kill that favorite string if it's the last thing sh…

SayCosplay! ‏@SayCosplay

Miss #DoctorStone? 🧪 Maybe this #cosplay from @nekonoikatsu will help! 😸 #DrStone #Kohaku

ButterflyBon422🍀🐈 ‏@ButterflyBon422

#Catboxsunday is here...💜BeeGee is or out? She couldn't it is!😸

lay J ‏@lay__J

How I’m trying to be tonight 😏😏😸

Spaghetti Policy❤️ ‏@Kittenfish817

@bigkittenqueen I’m both excited and scared😸

cнασтιc вℓʋɛ ❤ ‏@sewrebelmrs

i think cinder likes my @IAm8BitRyan hoodie 😸😻

bubbles ‏@bubblekn

@dmthyng u welcome po 😸✊

LiliMoM11 ‏@LiliMoM

@COsweda your obsessions are a valuable gift to us (followers). Thanx for finding/forcing your way back into the twitterverse! 👍👍😸

CEO of loving alisaie 🌹💝 ‏@daggerhands

@HiddenEyes056 wow! congrats girls 😸

ؘvale ‏@dandehwi_

quiero 👩‍🍳clown, chaotic, typos 24/7, never shuts up, a dork 😸 soft, shy, friendly, cute, sweet, babie, 10/10 wou…

Tomo no osake. ‏@Scoot434

@AlexJayBrady Awesome! As usual. The miniskirt definitely questionable. 😸

omega mini coop ‏@cultl0ser

@cervlix swervy, the song is art gang money 😸

Sophie 🍰 ‏@KittenluvMFC

I'm online @MyFreeCams! #onmfc ❤️️ 🐱😺😸💚

Ed BoneZ°- ‏@EdBonez311

@Strong1Dee Keep Tweet and Penny away from Arnold 😸

MikeTheRockstar 🎬 ‏@MikeTheRawkstar

@Taimuatisutogai :OOOO YAY 😸

민뚜! ‏@mingufri

@naeggyo do i look pretty? c: nooo! 'm still a froggo. 🐸 and this froggo is cosplaying as catto. 😸

anon 3 ‏@anon3baby

follow me back so I can send you something @immunitymp3 ☺️😸🐶👀💙😡

Nannaphat ‏@nnpDD

Sunny Day ไง ☀️😸 #ใต้ฟ้ามีแมว .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. #sunny #sunshine #sunday #kitten…

Nannaphat ‏@nnpDD

Sunny Day ไง ☀️😸 #ใต้ฟ้ามีแมว .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. #sunny #sunshine #sunday #kitten…

Nannaphat ‏@nnpDD

Sunny Day ไง ☀️😸 #ใต้ฟ้ามีแมว .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. #sunny #sunshine #sunday #kitten…

Cjhay ‏@rancapchrisna

January 2020 😸

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