Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

The cat variant of the Grinning Face Emoji.

Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😸 Grinning Cat

😸 Happy Cat


😸 U+1F638




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Marshall J Cox ‏@mcox731

@My_Place21 @tonypdxi @PattiProulx1 @realDonaldTrump if ya say so 😸🙌🤠✊🏿🤟👽

Alexia ‏@avivarmdp

@ToshMartin She looks beautiful 😻😻😻😻😸

GūrūKïRãñ ØffīcîãL ‏@KiRaNGuRU_1

#HappyBonaluToAll.....😺😸 👉Pancha Kattu Showing Our Passion And Culture #festival👦 #TelanganaSpecial🤓 #Panchakattu😎…

long hug bot ‏@yzplzbot

Killing time 😸.

Krazie Ryder ‏@KrazieRyder

My Awesome Buddy @KingTomTom4 is Sleeping from his playing around with me & my Son now hes Tuckered out now!!…

シュウト ‏@_L30n

@semantical_x yw and you too! thx for being there!! 🐾😸😻

Veronica Delgado ‏@__VeeDelgado

It’s going be one long night 😸

JK. ‏@zhounguk

@solucyious Woah, really? Glad to know that. 😸

👵🏻 ‏@arabalkan__


程瀟 。Ⓚ ‏@chuulaproly

@INTLWORLDrp mark tuan sunbae! 😸

x ‏@claricellejane

I have the biggest headache ever but it’s okay cs I’m having a good day😸

JOZY ‏@hellojozy

ALLEYBAR 😸 17th AUG w/ _l.yn 24th AUG w/ @_tinc Chill with us n get 20% off bill @ Alley Bar

riley raden ‏@rileyraden

oh my goddd tonight was fun! 😸

💎 ‏@_heyitsellen

Dont act like you wasnt drowing 😼😸

^●ᴥ●^ ‏@stellarsolarian

Man i can't wait until Spyro is out 😸

Hail the Orb ‏@hail_the_orb

LMAO. The orb is so smart. I'm crying! 😸

$tefanie ‏@stefaniedzier

@GeneralGypsy Still selling them? DM me 😸

gejen🌸 ‏@keemjynne

@xihanixi have a nice day too eonnie hanix😸

Aarohi Tripathy 🇮🇳 ‏@aarohi_vns

@BerozgaarAbhi Mere to following me se b 2-3 udh gaye 😸

Tshepiso Da Costa ‏@TshepisoDacosta

6:13am... I made it to gym 😸😸😸

Debbie ‏@DebbieZimmer54

@JangHoonLuv Happy Wacky Witchy Wednesday🧙‍♀️💀🧙‍♀️💀😸🐾

Amritpal ‏@Amritpa57352530


Pr|n€£ss /\r|✨ ‏@Envy_Ariannax

See.. difference between you and I is I don’t have to give it up for someone to fuck with me, 😸 just a plus 😜

Guayita The Cat ‏@GuayitaTheCat

⁦@cooperhawke⁩ I made this one inside an Altoid’s tin mint. 😸🌵

Madeleine ‏@MaddyMom_AD

@bunnyhaver Why not both? 😸

Shane Austin ‏@ShaneAus1

My cat Stella. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Stellasass Pants. Oops, might have said a bad word. 🤭😸🐈🍍

Lance Lalonde ‏@thegay_prince

My favorite thing 2 do while watching @JeffreeStar is shopping on his/her/they/extraterrestrial Website 4 new makeu…

Kayla ‏@Kayla24fan

Thought of the day... Why are there 9 Cat 😸 Emojis by the people and 1 Dog Emoji by the animals 🤔 🤣😂 Ok I’m bored 🙄

FreelanceOpportunist🇭🇲 ‏@FreeOpportunist

@TiSeven2 No No, cat videos are part of "Cat twitter" 😸

Santos L. Halper❤️ ‏@Kittenfish87

I am not sure how I feel about the purple but the nose ring filter can stay😸

annafarINAH ‏@PamPuYee

Erratum: National Gallery of Singapore 😸

🐾Night🐾 ‏@DevilCatDarling

@GeckoPaw Aww I hope everything goes well for you! Sending best wishes and fluffy cat hugs your way, dear!! 😸💕

💔 m e l l y 🥀 ‏@Who_is_Melly

A little retail therapy with my girls tonight has lifted my spirits 😸🛍🥤💕

Guayita The Cat ‏@GuayitaTheCat

@cooperhawke Hey, you never know when one will visit the Queen, but her toilet’s on the fritz! 😸 I’ve a dear friend…

KK ‏@kharizzmaaa

Ahhh Jessie is the best 😸 my tastebuds are eager

Ed Benton ‏@eddobento

Day 4/7 of black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenged by @janeymanners. Keep up the…

Kathryn Schumacher ‏@KathrynSchuma14

I need to get the fuck out of this place 😸

-T ‏@taysala3

You’d be amazed that not EVERYONE sees EVERYTHING the same way you do, SHARE your perceptions🌱😻😸♓️🍍👁🦄☯️

£0£∆ ‏@ilyLovin

Listen I'm a big FREAK idc idc if I want you I'm going to get you.. come up on out of them.... Nvm nvm 😸

عُمَرْ ‏@Omarvelous92

A smile from my niece to begin your day with 😸

🙌™Ęvåñńä Öwñś ‏@me_vs_da_world

Bey you a clown to me now 🤫🤫🤡🤡👹👺😸😸

⚜️Contempra INN⚜️ BOOK DIRECT FOR BEST RATE ⚜️ ‏@ContempraINN

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Miss Clio ‏@MissClioMurray

@SamusAran2020 @come_for_t @amorvuelveTX @Biscuit_Meow @ExhomelesscatMi @setzacat Personal space is essential. And…

can i get uhhhhh femslash ‏@tkeizh


Hasan Ahmed ‏@hasanSahmed76

Paid my taxes! Life is fabulous 😸😸😸

Becca ‏@LeglessPirate

Missy wanted attention earlier. 🤷🏼‍♀️😹❤️😻🐾😸 #cat #kitty #kittycat #catniece #rescue #rescuecat #rescuecatsrock…

Rachel McGonagill ‏@RachelMcGonagi1

@ProgressShark Impressive. 😸

Mollusk,🐙cowry🐚, blenny🐟 ‏@furmple

@TalbertSwan @AlEffendi88 Heaven for the weather, hell for the company.😸

bonnie goldman ‏@bogo_82

Oh h h . . . . They are gorgeous..😻😸😻😺😹

Faisal Fahad ♫❥ ‏@ALSH2MMARI

@3yoosh7 Thx 😸 you may reserve a seat to meet me after 651 days since there’s tons waiting in line

our lord n savior, lee luda ‏@feedWJSN

@kittenisacat Thank 😸. U should do it when summer comes back around 😎

Maubox ‏@mauboxcircle

@cfm_rin_eng Yaaay! Thanks so much! 😸😺😻

Debbie ‏@DebbieZimmer54

@SLARTZONE Hi Stephane😸🐾

Feline Gourmet ‏@FelineGourmet

@mogs_at_28 That's the colour the whole deck is *supposed* to be, and I thought it rather flattering myself. Pl…

nicole ross ‏@rossn0614

I feel like I am going crazy ! 😹😸🙀👿💤👈🏿 I been sitting in my car for 45 minutes doing nothing! 😻

Debbie ‏@DebbieZimmer54

@SpankyHenderson Omg,Lol 👙🐒👙🐒👙🐒😸🐾

Shiroi ‏@elericphillips

@kuraine Cat pics are always welcome 😸

мadelιne roѕe ‏@madeline_r0se

@shopdemure_ so much fun ! so many cute things🧚🏻‍♀️ can’t wait to hang again😸

floraroza playz roblox ‏@floraroza2

@AlexComedy if nobody likes Alex back up haters or if there’s a YouTuber well he’s a hater of my favorite YouTuber…

Moog The Mog ‏@MaevebwolfG

@TheUnproPro just go with the flow 😸

Mesameow😸 ‏@Mesameow2

Mesameow 😸

Homer. ‏@Homer__Soto

@Cherringto1Lexi I love you too Lexi! 😸💕

Kathy 🦄💜♊️ ‏@VioletHaze5

@RachelAndJun See who becomes annoyed the fastest or slowest with overenthusiastic displays of affection towards them 😸😻😽

🌸Lady Yuuri Nanako🍬 ‏@Lady_Hinako

(Yuuri’s first haircut with new hairstyle while the cherry blossom petals blows surrounding her) Hmm...I feel kind…

Gabriela 🌼 ‏@gaabrielarenee

@KIARA_OFFC same to you pretty!😸💛

Eugenia Falcón A.🎮🎧 ‏@mef_rodeo

each of these images has something that I like and makes it different from the others😸😻💗💗💗💗. . . .

Stuti Chatterjee ‏@mestuti23

Binayak-Chaar Who can be a better choice for a sauve,bangali chhele than @itsmeabir? And he delivers well enough!Th…

Money B ‏@Hovitaaa

Oh, bitch! I’m never changing my avi😸

Tina S ‏@TabbyTalker

@AwwwwCats Oh boy the new cat spa is in.🤦‍♀️😸

ًlenable ‏@chnahees

@offcItbz omg hehe ur welcome and if u get more into them pls tell me ur bias 😸✊🏼

dan🤪💛 ‏@daniellemaribee

happy birthday @JoshLacknerjosh miss you. keep doing big things😸

-T ‏@taysala3

You’d be amazed that not EVERYONE thinks or sees everything the exact way you do, SHARE your perceptions🌱❤️💕😸♓️🌈

Sarina Brown ‏@sarinaabrown

@CifarattaAlly Thank you ally I love an miss you more!!! Good luck this year, we’re doin moes during breaks 😸💜

orit lahav ‏@oritlahav

Good morning 😻😸 #CatsOfTwitter #cats #cutecat #goodmorning #ilovemycat

YOU LIKE DAK!? ❤️🏈 ‏@BetchaWont_DoIt

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled for some 😸😻 or 🍆💦?

John Kennedy LaBerge ‏@jklaberge

DeLovely Desiree - I am way too blessed. 💜😸

lis_sunkissed ‏@lis_sunkissed

I accidentally stepped on kitty's tail while getting out of the shower. I apologized but I'm expecting retaliation later😼😸

✌Jynxx😼Redd✌ ‏@JynxxRedd

🎥New Video Live in 1 Hr📽 EEVEE DAY PT.2 this one was really fun to make, hope you guys like it.. 😸✌💯 #PokemonGo…

whistlincat ‏@whistlincat

Hey cat friends out there ... 😺😸😺😸🐱😻 Must love cats Season 2 Episode 1 😺😺😺

YAN⚡️ ‏@yaniepatotie

@rachellabayen oh you see me right? that's why 😸

Keezy 💛 ‏@tweetsbypapi

Living my best life ain’t worry bout u niggaz 😸

Andrea Garcia ⚡️💖🧞‍♀️ ‏@Dreaagarciaa_

but fall season it’s gonna be filled with cute sweaters 😸 & also cardigans too !!

Hibiki ‏@Hibiki_Luna

@AshTwoAshes Awwwwwwwwwww. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!! 😸😸💜💜😸😸

ʜᴀɴɪɴ ‏@haninsaadiya

@SONSOFANARCHYid Gwud meowning—!✨😸

CrawBabe🍀⚾️ ‏@__taralynnx

@__Jaysin Thank you! I appreciate that😸

suga ‏@taetaequilaa

@emuyhn Aw you're welcome! 😸💜

Samantha Sherwin ‏@sherwinner

The best kind of snuggles are Lilycat snuggles 😸

IG: trust_que ‏@trust_que

@CarlinAleah_ Can’t even eat 😸 bc mfs done already lived their best life !!!

SJL🐼❤ ‏@sarahjessicalo2

@OxiWun @Ev_Peeks @Wolfysbane91 @walshy925 @ellykusaii @Diddly_OW @nuclearRevan @Kendryx_ @lachangelica @Iuciohs…

👑✨ ‏@taytaylor345

But cookin up something for the fall 🤞🏾😸

Catszen ‏@itscatszen

Those SNIPS 😈... Hey, it may be OP but I like the new sniper rifle 😸 #fortnite #newsniper ——————————

Elizaveta ‏@elizavetaka

@JkwalkerAuthor @RandPaul I gave him a 100%. Are you jealous? 😸

Jeannine Huffs ❤️ ‏@JeannineHuffs

... Nighttime entertainment with the Translation Goat 😸

RR ‏@rre_gue

Hi/Hello 😸

DIKMA ‏@F_ckDepression

Playing with her makeshift collar...the little bell helps me find her! 😸 #Freya #Diva #DivaKitty #Kitty #Cats…

🌸 heathi 🌸 ‏@heatherchantv

@karnisov I HATE IT hahaha I’m gonna try to sleep now I think 🤧🐸 #pray4me (Jim is asleep so I can turn the TV off,…

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