Zany Face Emoji

A zany face which is excitable and used to represent a certain amount of wackiness. Some platforms display this as a friendly face, while others appear more unhinged.

Zany Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤪 Crazy Eyes

🤪 Excited

🤪 Wild

Unicode Name

🤪 Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye


🤪 U+1F92A


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Joe Rivetto ‏@autunno78

@sylviasucker @CMP_4U @CumshotPornVids @CumshotsDaiIy Too much 😲😍🤪

Daneija ‏@NeijaBaby

Okayyy 🤪

🌙 ‏@aguilerafranz_

happy bday 🤪 @ptrckacostaa

¹⁹⁰⁴²⁴ ᵗᵃᵉʰʸᵘⁿᵍ ‏@jeonysusgguk

@BTS_twt i suddenly miss your blue hair 🤪

Eddie Marchand ‏@eddie_marchand

I remember this day well. This was Tina after she found out all those coupons she had saved for two months to Walm…

Egeaux ‏@ofiliated

That’s my mf cousin bro talk to her nice or don’t speak at all 🤪

♏️oneyGood ‏@MoneyGoodFred

New House , New Whip , Same Fred Bitch! 🤪

Kyla Cruz Baez ‏@CruzzKylaa4

Catch @HDE_2021_2020 @hoopdreamselite at TEXASS 🤪🎬

jeon. ‏@jeonjgvk

@BTS_twt felix sandman - imprint 🤪

Nina ‏@karina__alexis

I’m so damn tired buuuuuut i get to watch basketball all day so who cares 🤪

jelly 🍭✨ ‏@jalissaaaa_


Maddie✨ ‏@maddz_1017

i’m so overwhelmed by calc, I just might fuck around and take it in the summer... 🤪

Alexandrine ‏@duhhyangg

i missed by baby tay last night!! Waaaaahhh 🤪❤️

Tina Berry ‏@TBer1313

@GQMagazine @Archmoco I would like be that motorcycle 🤪

perez ‏@shutupsusana

being heart broken is really helping me create fun shit 🤪❤️

Alara✨ ‏@_nadjaalara

had lunch with @edwin_almeda’s grandparents 🙈 we missed u 🤪

Jessa Tan 🌸 ‏@jessasaaang

Happy birthday yosh!!!! 🎉 Keep slaying 🍑 Luv youuu!!!! 🤪❤ @vincereasol

shā ‏@ssilongansha

@jezzilyyy23 oops, opposite?? 🤪

ًpinned loyalies ‏@fentyhobi

@choerryscrush Good morning 😁😁🤪

Chey💛 ‏@CheyDaBaby

Getting dick this morning got me feeling brand new 🤪

Lisa Scarp ‏@x_lisamichelle

Honestly it’s extremely satisfying to walk into a fully packed out Dunkin’ & completely skip the line cuz my coffee…

bella ‏@bellaaron__

holy crap it’s my last day of classes 🤪

Pack of Cards 🛍 ‏@PackofCardsBN2

Ever Look At Someone & Think, “Why Has No One Hit You With A Shovel Yet?”... 😂🤣 Have A Super Weekend Everyone 🤪…

Cece ‏@Kissmeimcece

@SheNailMastro Lmao don’t be mad cause you can’t 😂🤪

Pᥱrsᥱᥙs. ‏@NOCEURlSM

On my way to fuck shit up 🤪

rory ‏@marigoldluver

officially getting BACK on my bullshit today 🤪

Chad Anderson ‏@1legchad

@becky71785 Well THAT’s not helpful. 🤪

*+LAVI$HBRANZ+ ‏@Lavishbranz


Rav ‏@Ravz88

Anfield bound 😜🤪

maida ‏@maida_porcic

Between my agency job, working at the hospital as a student nurse tech & serving this summer .... I’m seriously about to make some money 🤪

danielle 🌻 ‏@daniellevargas_

“you been wildin lately” duh bitch 🤪

Sharon ‏@SharonK32186311

@EdKrassen Yawn. 🤪

v ï ç t ö r ‏@thevictormedina

ricky’s right , that morning skinny tho 🤪

Gerald R. Lafond ‏@GeraldLafond

@Paola_Dec1231 @JustinTrudeau It’s true because the CBC reported it...🤪

Mrs Sikanyika ‏@Candra_Creata

@Seya_Music @thenameisMag44 @ThePompi That’s why I told you, I knew you can make it happen Seya. I believe in you 😎🤪

tyjanae✨ ‏@so_tyj

done studying now i just have a 3 page paper to do by 5pm..but really 3pm because i’m trying to get L I T T Y!!!!🤪

Såm 🚀 ‏@SamVH5150

@cnnbrk Thanks Donny Boy! (@SoCalrockergal) 🤪


@Sabrforever786 Lol odd isn't it?... I was wondering what they meant by that as well... Powerful as in my neck ca…

Naheeda 🌺😉 ‏@n_naheeda

@marvisirmed @BBhuttoZardari @ImranKhanPTI In your bank account 🤪

ຖiz ‏@kneezuh

Since I wasn't able to watch @thisisLANY last year and I won't be able to go to #LANYINMNL2019 (😭) I made my own…

MelRose🌹 ‏@Rilley_10

@pilarsantannaj You might as well hang it up! Can’t fight that blood line bbg👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 she ttg and I love it 🤪💕

fugly_gaybo ‏@fugly_gaybo

me: being in love w a woman who lives in france: 😍💸⁉️🤤⏰🙏🏽😫🛩💔🤪🎭🤔🧳💌😭⚰️🔜😏📞💬💋

liv ‏@olivix_

can’t wait for LA w my fav 🤪💗

V. 💙 ‏@veedankk

@valdez_700 🤪 SHITTIN ON EM’ !

T ‏@Secreettt_

@JazzGenre Your job lit, Corporate bae 🤪

Xavier ‏@zayv_yer

One more week 🤪

Belkiss Obadia ‏@BelkissObadia

Uhmmm 🤪 It’s “Chief”. Not “Cheif”

gregor prosen ‏@gregorprosen

Lucky #IUMRA world Congress attendees; best setting for #PoCUS workshop! 😜😝🤪 #Vinag vine cellar 🥂🍾 #Maribor…

steff ‏@steffanyashleyy

sino ka ba? who the fuck think you are? 🤪

b ‏@dinohrj

📍pinterest 📌cant ❌compare🤷‍♀️ with👩‍🎓 me 😩🤪✊

Fidèle Armstrong ‏@heyfidele

Today has been a particularly good day. Best day of my life? @onedirection 🍟🍔🇫🇷🇨🇮🙏😃🤪

smalz ‏@mckynnahale

@ChrisNieto20 Yessssir!! 🤪


@_dymuund @_raymonet Yup we need a replay of last weekend Forsureeee 😭🤪

allaninblack ‏@punk_rock_icon

@CameronMcNeish @Sterling494 Comment worth of a Farage fan 🤪

maria will see little mix ♡ -151 ‏@blckliaam

i’m planning to see today 4 marvel movies 🤪

LambodarPrasadDash ‏@LambodarPrDash

@sushmitadevmp @sanjayuvacha @RahulGandhi @TS_SinghDeo @MahilaCongress @priyankagandhi They will wait or else how w…

crybaby✨ ‏@lovelylyss23

Cali today 🤪

Breazae 👸🏾 ‏@nanueaah

Summer 2k19 is my year baby stay tune 🤪

jwu ‏@hellomsrh

jaewook really makes all the scenes look erotic 🅱️RO calm d0wn 🤪😔

Caramel Drop ✨ ‏@issamadisonn

I barely have any self confidence but one thing I know for sure ... I have BOMB pussy 🤪☺️

chloe ‏@iamnotchloe

@cinnamonr0lls A bowl of mouldy noodles had been left for over a week so I did what she did 😤🤪

Howdy0512 ‏@TheHowdy0512

@pup_lo I’ve got a bone 🤪

MIRANDA🌻🖤🌵 ‏@_mirandashyane

*insert #AvengersEndGameSpoilers here*🤪 (don’t ruin it, go watch it, right now.) “@nickfowler93 can’t be tagged in…

𝔸𝕝𝕪𝕤𝕒𝕙 ♡ ‏@alysah_112

@JonahMarais Good morning! it’s finally Friday 🤪

🦋 lacey 🦋 ‏@laceyp_xo

I’m drunk at 9:30 🤪

yhong. ‏@crlrnn

always wake care lovee iloveyouu 🤪

Dan M ‏@danm_1988

@SkyHelpTeam having a nightmare with my internet which keeps dropping out. Can’t even login to my account now even…

A. ‏@loveayeshaa_

i happy af 🤪

Claire Robertson ‏@claire76

@sarahkcoleman Chose the wrong day to work from home then!!! Still... Washing out. School acceptance forms in. And…

nab 🐾| chairman Seokjin ‏@hopethesunn

@BTS_twt from this to this real quick btw are you single mm 😗🤪

𝐈 𝐀𝐌 𝐂𝐀𝐋𝐌!! 🦋✨ ‏@kyeoptavanessam

streaming ME! while eating mangga 🤪 i'm addicted.

💛 ‏@ShyneKimberly_

Goodbye Grade 11. Hello Grade 12 🤪

🕸クリス🕸 ‏@heiiiTIN

srsly better (and stronger) than yakult mix. Definitely my fave mix! 🤪

سلطان الشامسي. ‏@SuItanKA

do you have a crush on someone? — nope 🤪

Merly ‏@Anthiiese

@RoyOBoy2 omg ur killer queen kin too?????:flushed;😳😳🤪

jan ‏@ninetiesmark

@zhon9s no its okay i remember when i was a big fan of austin and ally (still am 🤪) and had an embarrassing 10 year…

abena 💜 ‏@whitney_army

Y’all other fandoms voting for the BBMAs should just stop and vote for BTS. Y’all ain’t gon win so don’t waste the…

Upekhah Abeykoon ‏@nancy_woodpekha

@yaps9 @irbishi @TomMoodyCricket @RoshanCricket Miracles happen everyday Yaps and I might get STRETCHED!!! 🤪 Still…

Nikki Gordon ‏@nikgord

I can’t believe I’m graduating with my Masters in Occupational Therapy today 😳🤪

🥠Ƒortune⋆™ ‏@FortuneCookieGG

TGIF Everyone!🤪 Woot woot survived another week! Pat yourselves on the back hehe🙃 Let's make today amazing and post…

🦞🇨🇦 #scaredofmilk ‏@lobstersweaters

please do not link me your soundcloud unless we’re moots 🤪

Mama Tiger ‏@MamaTiger18

@infinite_scream Better! Make it a great day dear😀🤪😄

nicoy ‏@nicoy0124


(((Nancyann Beveridge-Taylor))) ‏@Nancyanntaylor2

@realDonaldTrump #DerangedDonald getting ready for his date with his newest boyfriend: Trump: "He sends me BEAUTIF…

⚓️CaptRegina👑 ‏@CaptRegina

And I’m making sure she picks the curious archer wedding song @RoseAReynolds 🤪

bing bing bing bing ‏@bingbingbingbi2

@realDonaldTrump We might give you some brownie points for this one, we might... 🤪

zina ☀️ wembley ‏@mindfulkth

another day another job loss scare, but my contract finally got bumped so whats good 🤪

друг ‏@WeeedDildo

Do I qualify for the aphobe blocklist now???? 🤪

Ирина Никоненко ‏@irinanik64

What can a woman without a man? Option one: everything! 🤪

Wolfey🖤 ‏@WaxDragons

@Sir_Meh_The_1st thought i was here: 🤪

S.C; bring it on bitch ‏@SashaysCrime

@bozhe_flow I was just thinking about that, sure. 🤪

O~ ‏@OctoberTweets

@DadBodRyno @EthanNicholsss Omstars 🙈 - I remember now 🤪

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