Zany Face Emoji

A zany face which is excitable and used to represent a certain amount of wackiness. Some platforms display this as a friendly face, while others appear more unhinged.

Zany Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤪 Crazy Eyes

🤪 Excited

🤪 Wild

Unicode Name

🤪 Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye


🤪 U+1F92A


Tweets For 🤪

☪ nana ( 📚semi) ‏@starlight_kth

I love the fits. Maybe bighit stylists said y'all have done enough of walking out in gym clothes 🤪

𝖆𝖓𝖓 's jikook aus ✨ ‏@goldiefics

i go tvwhat i needed im out im going to finally sleep night guys i have one more hr n then my alarm rings 🤪

marlochi2☘🎗 ‏@Freedom23484363

@LaLigaGav @DriscollFC Apparently it's our fault inter are out. 🤪😱 like jaysus we beat spurs & psv their rivals. No…

❁🧕🏽 Alhamdulillah ❁⚘📿 ‏@exchristian5

@MariaMiya007 @10CowboyUp @ProudSullah @PringoDingo632 @PaulvsJesus @Gubomaster @Budrus_Dhuliman @littlemeonearth…

✖✖ Frr Fiancé ✖✖ ‏@nachosmino

@herourora kkkkk bless those ppl who like math😂🤪

April Lu ‏@DontMinseokMe

I passed 🤪

TyjaStrickland ‏@tyjamonae

I’m bad fr tho. So I can bum whenever 🤪

n o a h e t h a n ‏@noahethan__

sleep: cancelled body: failing skin: 🐸☕️ self-care: who’s that? me: thriving 🤪

Daryl Barber ‏@DarylOld

@simon_fedyk @Baddiel An Arc de Triomphe or Guillotine 🤣 Another Christmas Toy 😈 magnetic head 48 MPs with basket 🤪 Rubber blade, EU regs 😂

Stuart Tolley ‏@civicstu

@toll33 @Wolves @KevinDoyle1983 @premierleague Oh yeah 🤪

Ben Davis ‏@b_davis84

@MartinSLewis Thankfully she has created enough scenarios to allow herself to shine 🤪

B ‏@beetlefroot

Here it is , Hope at least 1 makes it in this year 🤪

jesh ‏@jeshuaelii

eyyy what a dayyy 🤪✌️

RJ Buckby ‏@Richard_Buckby

@stevecargo @RAS_TAXI I can’t agree mate - score line says it was Maldon and that’s all that matters. I didn’t see…

jenngle bells 🎄 ‏@jenndangit

ASJDKEMFLF OMG LMFAOO if y’all wanna see my stories for vlogmas add me on snap 🤪

dils ‏@kinosfairy


Brenda Hernandez ‏@brennndaa22

@heather_alcala Probably me 🤪 a year ago today we lived together!!! 😂❤️

🌈too many gay ships🥳 ‏@IJMTFaT

In a good way! 🤪💀

Stephen Green ‏@Beany_

@dgwilks I also posted mine out in December 😱😱🤪

⚡️ ƈʀʏքȶօ ɢɨʀʟ ⚡️ ‏@sandwest79

@john_skotts Let’s put him to sleep 😴 🤪

Dani 💜 ‏@PurpleMoonGleam

I literally woke up a sec ago just enough time to open both my eyes and see @BTS_twt arrived at the red carpet! Tal…

.emme. ‏@emmebahari

My friends as emojis: @inaamran - 🥰 @hanaaafikri - 😍 @EnaMerican - 🤪 @AwesomeAsmm - 😬 @adibaaris - 😫

Jack Mendel ‏@Mendelpol

[email protected] says Yvette Cooper's appearance at the Sara Conf on gendered antisemitism is her "using feminism as lef…

savannah🌻✨ ‏@savmadison

We all aren’t in greek life, some of us only get black out drunk 🤪

kali🍡¹²⁷ ‏@loveminhyung

@pjsungmchis LMAOOO YOU RIGHT 🤪

c a a a d i a ‏@rirobaby_07

That’s it I’m going in the kitchen to make me some tacos! A bitch is hungry 😭😭🤪

Kira Geraghty ‏@KiraGeraghty

First Christmas in aboot 5 year with no boyfriend and I must say.... it’s bloody lovely having MONEY 🤪

steph ‏@steph_agonz

My manzzzz is tooo fine y’all 🤪

Dronald Dumb ‏@DronaldDumb

@BBCBreaking Some people do have an imagined friend, but the british people are better at that. They've got an ent…

mephisto ‏@JvySwevtBvnd

I’d prolly fucc your life up tho 🤪 you been doing good away, stay away from me. I’m trouble 😈.

Lil Street ‏@LukeThorssen

@ekai_mcrg Haha nope! But that gives me an idea for the future... 🤪

zac ‏@hugeshownu

i’m gonna tweet goodnight just in case i fall asleep bc i’m a loser 🤪

G ✨ ‏@gabriellejai

I’m gone slay so it’s whatever 🤪


hes out there looking like a whole meal 🤪 #MAMARedcarpet

ria & zay ‏@shrimpusbtshub

i see conductor min yoongi is here ladies and gents. but also, wtf is his pose for idol?!!! 🤪

kind,thoughtful&proud ‏@ThoughtfulKind

What an absurd thing to say 🤪

Conor McNally ‏@ckmcnally1

@MissJackx Brace yourselves!!! The world has gone starkers!!!! 🤣😜🤪

Aks 😈 ‏@im_aks7

Send dal chawal at work .... for me 🤪

TheyLiveWeSleep ‏@0rwellian1984

@safexnelson @dandabek This one is more accurate I guess 🤪

Lore ‏@lorelei2701

Im in the queue to board. Flying SAA. Senior pilot’s arm is in plaster 🤪😳😱

s.o.s ‏@nicorobirl

me: idc i’m still sharing it anyway 🤪💅🏼 >me>> only has 7 followers who don’t give af<<<

𝓉 ‏@sangrialuv

aty reminds me of when i was in new york bc it’s all i listened to for the entire week 🤪

mady ♡ ‏@madysonroy

update it's 4:21 am and i am doing the right thing even though it's killing me a little inside 🤪

BTS my lords and saviors ‏@jungkookbiddie

@BTS_NCArmy Worth staying up till 4:20 🤪 to see BTS for a good 3 mins #BTSMAMA2018

Lil Street ‏@LukeThorssen

@ilysbnaddie Nothing is exclusive haha, don’t worry 🤪🙈

Ronit Bose Roy ‏@RonitBoseRoy

Hadn’t hung out from a local train in quite a while. Needed to revisit! Feeling satiated now 😊🤪😄😜

mephisto ‏@JvySwevtBvnd

Ima bussit jump inside it just like ouuuu 🤪

Jess Garcia ‏@jessiicake_love

Someone sent me this, so I thought I’d share😂😂 Good luck on finals everyone!🤪🙏🏻

Rick 🇬🇧 ‏@RickyBush_

@bmstores @bmstores why are the TMNT pj's/socks so limited! 🤔😭 Any chance in sending me a box full please! 😊🤪😂

hobi’s angel ‏@jhopesangell

my camera roll 🤪 #BTS #MAMARedCarpet #MAMAVOTE

mauhan ‏@mauhan

bts: call us ranch cuz we be dressin 🤪

ANA MISSES BTS 💜 ‏@jimin_isoxygen

@alluringjikook Let me know if you find the answer.. it’s very much needed 🤪

apple 🍏 ‏@skinnychingu

let’s get this fast 🤪

Genetically Modified Pea King🌙 ‏@omelasviews

tea said nah and wore pink instead 🤪

wonnie!💥 ‏@wohnyoungi

The theme was: let’s say hello without telling Chaeyeon unnie!🤪

Sue ‏@suebaker176

@timfarron Funny! . . But sadly also true! 🤣😂😔🤪

chi is jk's_admirer ‏@_jeonified


Faith L.💜 BIGHIT is suing 💜 ‏@moonchild916

@r2d2k8 🤪 Namjoon will make you feel better later heeheehee

bridget 🥟 ‏@kiwimiIk

@Deadman12331 @QuackityHQ it’s 4:19 on the east coast of usa, i need sleep but apparently i dont know what that means 😔🤪

Ashley ‏@ajmx13

Happy birthday to: The Garth to my Wayne 🤘🏼 The Hulk to my Macho 💪🏼 The Harry to my Lloyd 🤪 The Crowbar to my Ted 💀…

° cℓαrα ° ‏@sugayummy

My babies didn't do the "we are kpop" lol thank god 🤪

Cheshire Cat 🐈🎄 ‏@beetle_juice_22

I have no idea I can have a 428 day streak for a language I started learning a few days ago 🤪

98 ‏@shaneeeomekaa

It was so good seeing my real ass bihhh againnn @m0neyl0ve good seein ya baddie 909 shii 🤪‼️💋

李 安东 ‏@doc_anton

Says the #Dilawan propaganda expert 🤪

Christopher Short ‏@infinitywulf

@thistallawkgirl If I stay really still and think invisible thoughts they'll forget I'm here... 🤪

s j² ‏@cheryIbottom

Come through bomb queen ✈🤪 — just give me a time and place 🙈

Leah B💙 ‏@LeahDanae_

Okay Kiah 🤪

Tricia Petrie ‏@Tricianumanoid2

It's a big day for #Theresa May, now that #GrahamBrady has had his say, should she go or should she stay, we'll all…

Brett Gorney ‏@BrettGorney

Was that a small #earthquake that just shook me awake in #Atlanta? 🤪

mephisto ‏@JvySwevtBvnd

Told ole girl same thing. We gone be parents 🤪.

Angelique 🌸 ‏@xgeliy

One more week 🤪

Rajesh ‏@rajas_black

@ShashiTharoor Khangress 🤪

fairuz swift ‏@mintteaandsugar

the other day we were told to write down who our fav motivator as in penceramah and i hardly listen to any ceramah…

s.o.s ‏@nicorobirl

I was wondering why am i so obsessed with this filter even though it’s covering almost all of my face:/ until i re…

gwendo ‏@GwendoBocquet

the size difference between yoongi and tae will always melt my heart 💕💞🤧💓💘🥺💕💞💓🤪

min pd ‏@daegusbIood

alright i can turn this off now 🤪

Liam ‏@Brophyyyyyy

What a night. 🤪

Nur Farhaneem ‏@NengPoji

When in Hatyai; Eat sleep poop repeat 🤪 @ Hat Yai, Thailand

JayG ‏@ninjapotato10

In a (un)expected twist in the latest series of "The World", the UK Tories have decided to destroy themselves some…

Meldrew Marine ‏@CarltoHoward

@LeaveEUOfficial And Corbin wants power 🤪

Addy Atky ‏@Addy_Atky

@PlainLincoln @ProfBrianCox You mean 'Bribe'? 🤪

Estrella ‏@Estrell76764596

@SchwartzApprovd you have no respect for olicity fans it is thanks to them that you have a job ! and that the show…

G ✨ ‏@gabriellejai

@__JASHAWN Make that money, don’t let it make you 🤪😂

Dennis Murray ‏@SuptMurray

@daniela_murphy Sums up my journey to @Cisternino_It with @Palma every year. Rush on to the plane then complain "wh…

TAPS ‏@BadgerTaps

@vincentbennett1 I guess GT 3 year contract extension is pretty fucked then 🤪

Vero👑 ‏@sexyvero99

Losing friends all 2019 🤪

فاطيمة ‏@fqayum_

Got my nails and lashes done and forgot how to act 🤪

; ‏@JcClark_

Well buzzing for my works Christmas party 🤪

Whitney Payne ‏@whitneypayne_

S/o to @lbn_97 for helping me get my account back, you're a real one 🤪

Jolly chente 🎅🏾🍪🥛 ‏@TheBrownOne123

Real talk tho lmao 🤪

F💞. ‏@yyrf6em

hours left jmelty 🤪💞💕. @_allrr

Sheena Crankson ‏@Sheenaindigo

@AspieHuman Finding 🤪

i ñ i g o ‏@ennuhcence

last day of class tomorrow 🤪

Dreamer ‏@just_kmh

@kkundrra Totally!!! 😐🤪

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