Zany Face Emoji

A zany face which is excitable and used to represent a certain amount of wackiness. Some platforms display this as a friendly face, while others appear more unhinged.

Zany Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤪 Crazy Eyes

🤪 Excited

🤪 Wild

Unicode Name

🤪 Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye


🤪 U+1F92A


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riley ‏@hylolyn

@booknymphs @BTS_twt i’m still shaking 🤪

rubi ‏@xoxbea_

@Urfavemamiiii I’m not kidding either 🤪

londraaa. ‏@_alondrrra

@honeyoso__ My time to shine 🤪💪🏼

ke🌹 ‏@_MsKeKe

I was 🤰🏽 but it’s lit for my 22nd 🤪

🍭 ‏@mckensiemcneely

Boutta be 14 🤪

Miss keisha? Miss keisha! ‏@AlorinNoLondon

my best friend took me to my first concert tonight 🤪

MAMI ‏@bbreonn

Bout to make these bum bitches mad again 🤪

m ‏@marchambault11

check the D, blessed indeed 🤪

8:29 ‏@Tommykayy_

13 more days 🤪

Deb ‏@WhippetmomDeb

@chuckwoolery Can't wait to see her in prison orange 🤪

Caleb Gordy ‏@caleb_gordy

@99shdz Guess who ain’t invited to the reunion 🤪

Mamí ‏@_cxrina

@angelxMj Soon 🤪

sweet bb 🌻🐝✨ ‏@serglagurg

y’all thought i was addicted in less than 3 hours i’ll be 24 hrs clean 🤪

Proud U.S. Veteran ‏@PVCFlagPole

Good Ol' Maxine "Mad Max" Waters who turned EIGHTY (80) - years OLD today......she is showing every single one of t…

Heinz Doofenshmirtz ‏@yayagardner

@mwalshse Hey it’s 😎Topher😎 do u wanna ride my dick? ✌🏻🤪✌🏻🤪✌🏻🤪✌🏻🤪 🤠🤙🏻🤠🤙🏻🤠🤙🏻🤠🤙🏻

B🍯 ‏@Bryaanna__

Finally got my Twitter back 🤪

tel the cab ‏@telthecab

@NicoleRolfe2 @LukasGraham and all this time theres me thinking 🤪

Luna ‏@lunadasy

@trippieredd favorite songs so far, BANG!, Bird Shit, Gore, and WISH 🤪❤️ #1400

nadii 🎒 ‏@itsnadibabyy

ok midget!! this nice 🤪❤️

brii ‏@brianna_banker

lately i’ve been stuck on a new wave 🤪✋🏼

Barbara ‏@barbaraa_cx

He has an obsession for guns and zombie movies 🤪💞💞💞

S Persisting ‏@sewpersists

Oh dear lord. Get a real life. There is no QAnon or at last not who you think it is. You are being played. Big time…

DIABLØ ‏@AlvenDiab

I got bored and messed around a little 🤪

tina kanter ‏@mediagurlruns

@SambasFather @JRehling Wayne watches the network. I am not a fan, obviously, but almost every anchor looks like a…

NiMAji👑🎧🎱 ‏@nimae04

@_pp2h You're welcome~~ 10 is a sleepyhead!🤪

Rylie Nichole 🍉 ‏@RylieErvin

Ow Lord Jesus help me 🤪

Siros ‏@SArdestani6

@dreamn__ BLESSED 😤🙌🙏👑🤪😊☺️

KP 💛 ‏@kalitaco

S/o to @GXLDnBLVK on da shape tho 🤪 U DA SHIT DADDY 😩

dejaneè 🍭 ‏@dejasdeadx

me rn 😭🤪

Jorge Santisteban ‏@JoSantisteban

More #ShitTheGodlySay to me about their #FairyTale 🤪 Where talking donkeys and snakes share pages with jewish zombi…

zachhh: abolish ICE ‏@zannkke

this was when i had angel hair rip 🤪💫😡😌 (my haircuts cute tho)

🤺🤺 ‏@GalacticChub

Would you like to be able to see into your own future? 👀 — Yea I’d like to see how I die so I can make it happen so…

N. credible ‏@ilisnj

@FuufsUzoooo @mejuls_ @yourdad______ I married you 3 but have a side piece cause need some me time okay guys 🤪 YOU…

abby ‏@AbbyTorres14

@feliciajens proving people wrong since 97 🤪😂❤️

alysia misses panic! ‏@pftwbachelor

@vicesandpanic ilym but you’re still intimidating 🤪

Katelyn🥀 ‏@KatelynLowkey

@rachelcantu install a VPN on your phone. 🤪

Hanny flanny ‏@Hannyflanny

I asked Daniel on a 1-10 scale how much he missed me and he said 1.5. Too bad he didn’t know I reversed the scale w…

dell || ga 📌 ‏@S0ULTWINS

im jobless as hell so i made some wallpapers lol hhhhhh bye 🤪

•kadybug• ‏@SebastianKady

there’s a last time for everything 🤪

🤖❌🇺🇸 Aylaa 🇺🇸❌🤖 ‏@aylaastarr

@peaceinourtimes @SteveDi93216496 @realDonaldTrump Where'd you get that idea from? CNN? 🤪

🍾DEE🍾 ‏@d_jaaaayyyy

@_aelyc Thank you! Now let’s go get our diplomas 🤪

Michii🥑 ‏@Michellylove__

@_Jocceelynee Down 🤪

Patty Duran ‏@pattynic0le

🤪 throwback

AmericKim ‏@AmericKim

@CoachLisle @countrycrazymom It was my parents fault. 🤪 bwahaha

erica ; 080418 ‏@ALLFORWDW

@ImZachHerron akskhxhxbs I can’t wait to meet u one day (hopefully) soon okay I’m done ily I have to sleep bc I hav…

brandi ‏@Glassofbrandi2

Honestly should be so used to it by now 😅🤪

Alyssa ‏@_Alyssa_Tf

I feel bad for my parents when they hear me laugh loud af in the middle of the night and they're tryna sleep...whoops 🤪😂

vale ‏@jmntaes

yet u want a sugar mommy 🤪

alexa ‏@galexaaa

new fave emoji: 🤪

Amanda Pearson ‏@amanda_p947

Hey thanks for checking in I’m still a PiEcE oF GaRbAgE 🤪😅🗑

hobi. ‏@hopethejung

@marcelliasne_ @nctisty ayeaye, capt’n! 🤪

Trebor (ಥ﹏ಥ) ‏@Trebor333_

@badgiirlnini This picture 🤪

K8erade ‏@saphyreplatypus

@peteetchou But kinda cool too. 🤪😖

alëx 🌻 ‏@aleexxaandriaaa

make him think u love him, take his money, then u dip on em 🤪

Jelly's Page 👅 ‏@helovesmycurls_

its my birthday ju heard okurrt 🤪🎉❤️

Z💎 ‏@ziggtooturnt

but i can brag cause i really got it like that 🤪

hannah// 34 ‏@tangointheniall

Everyone having me on mute is making my anxiety go out the window I’m going to ******* 😩😤🤪

Nataysha.. ‏@SpeakinofTay__

The ORIGINAL “I’ll Take Yo Man” > “It’s not speculation, ya man said so” - SaltNPepa 🤪

kayla farr ‏@kayladolle

Baking brownies ! 🤪

Bobby Fischer ‏@brasikurtz

With the ‘Schmeichel icon ‘ XP ;Sanchez 111 and 122 lvl ! 🤪🎉🙃

E 🌺 ‏@erykakaa_

Ya girl flying into LA for horror nights 😍🤪

kayluh ‏@kaylarinehartt

tryna be someone’s header & lockscreen 🤪

vel 90 ‏@gotweII

@chIorinetyler wave back 🤪

‎erika ‏@fallinhood

sis i know some of my moots 🤪

Tay ❤️ ‏@tayglos

Goodnight 😴🤪😘

isabel🌻 ‏@isabelluviano_

im really fuckin w this song lately. ho been on repeat ALL DAY sis 🤪😎

lil!llii!iiill ‏@MaNoSh_74

1 new target 🤪

Shelby Hannah 🤙🏼 ‏@shelby_kolls2

He told me to not put it on Snapchat.... he never said twitter 🤪 I love date nights with you, even if you are the b…

vanessa | 52 ‏@fallawaypilot

Complete the mutual 🤪@DeclanMcKenna

IC€¥ ‏@winttr_r

Good night 🤪

Ishirelle💛 ‏@ishirelle

@XOXO_Estevia Now you know my ass take any damn thing to the head. 😂😂😂🤪

nat💚 ‏@odetojeno

Goodnight to the prettiest eyes ever 🤪💘

+chris+ ‏@Xerqoe

senior year finna be good for me 🤪

deyaneira ruiz ‏@RuizDeyaneira

Pretty much watched the whole drake concert on Snapchat 🤪

Lety ‏@letyaguillon

@anaisabelloyalv Let suena mas inclusive! 🤪

Habibti 🌹✨ ‏@Marieeel__

@Jazface_ Girl yes exactly. They go with everything 🤪💗

rubi ‏@xoxbea_

Let me domestically abuse your pussy 🤪 — O M G

Brittany Theis ‏@brit_taynay

My puppers enjoyed his first ice cream cone today & I’ve never seen him so excited for food until now 🤪🍦…

Ebayb✨ ‏@E_Bayb

@goodfellatwan My middle name 🤪😜🤣

Soto ‏@alexsoto060666

It felt hella nice pulling up from deep today at the park 🤪👌 ☄

i ‏@ivyobsessed

Not to be cocky or anything but when I’m sad I just stare at my selfies hehe 🤪

Maya👑 ‏@AmayaSumlin

@arosefordae My day ft Dae 🤪💕

kylie ‏@kylieesandraa

@macy_sayer @basedmh69 @richellemann777 Hey all I’m saying is shoot your shot girl, one of these days he’ll say yes…

sabs 💛 ‏@sabby_sabs_

anyone seeing #prettymuch in concert this fall, yeah send all your videos thanks 🤪

Sav ❤️ keeper. ‏@13streetTEEJAY

@_Rolindaa first off i’m GROWN 🤪

e$mer ‏@Finesseesmer

happy birthday emily !!🤪❤️ turn up and can’t wait to be w you later 😘 @emyytobar

ariana follow my ass ‏@kalenminaj

im gonna buy a sweetener m&g ticket and i’m gonna say ‘hi i’m user kalenminaj on twitter’ 🤭🤭🤭🤪🤪🤪🤯🤯🤯🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💪💪💪💪🤪💪❤️…

✨Ricky Ticky Tan✨ ‏@Remdelarem

@shamuskhan Oh I thought you’d left already!!! Next week! And ommmgggg yay lmao 🤪

vanessa 🦋 ‏@harrysuccs

he knows he got a big dicc & jokes about her 😙🤪

Gray🥀 ‏@xogrecia

@cesaaroficial “What he do sis 🤪”

SaucySteve 143 🛑🗣 ‏@ethtebannnn

hi bff hope you had a great day — gracias bff 🤪

Kina. 👑 ‏@Takinaaaa

He’s going to always fuck with me because I keep it a band 🤪

Sabrina✨ ‏@Brinaaababyy

But if you see me wit em 9x outta ten I bang them bitches. 🤪😼

lexi misses ni ‏@eaglesnh do this and leeme know what u had bc i had traveler niall — i got traveler niall too 🤪

El Diablo ‏@The7thSlump_

Choke me harder daddy 🤪

glx ‏@gulaaay_

deptals survivor 🤪

🌹 ‏@foxylaney_

Wow... you look exactly like my future husband. 😍🤪 Hey baby! 😂

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