Zany Face Emoji

A zany face which is excitable and used to represent a certain amount of wackiness. Some platforms display this as a friendly face, while others appear more unhinged.

Zany Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤪 Crazy Eyes

🤪 Excited

🤪 Wild

Unicode Name

🤪 Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye


🤪 U+1F92A


Tweets For 🤪

Britnay Wise ‏@_Britnay_Nicole

Aunt Nikki always coming in clutch with the formula 🤪

abbey🤪🤪 ‏@abbeythelegend

you’re always on my damn mind boyyyyyy💓💓🤪😔😔🤙🏻

Brimommy95🤰 ‏@raneisha_tyson

Speaking on my name dropping change get you changed 😏🤪

momo ☾ #MONO BITCH ‏@jjksass

sometimes I feel so restricted on this bird app but fuck blue bird lives I'm gonna b a crackhead y'all can't stop me yeehaw nae nae 🤪

lil Alisa ‏@Alisaleane

The guy at the front desk told me to have a good workout and laughed when I said “you too” so I guess it’s time to switch gyms 🤪

janna rae 💙 ‏@xoxojraee

Got my eyebrows and hair done today 🤪

lexiereneecortez ‏@lexiereneeinc

😻 pink n pretty , wet 💦💦n got tight grip.. ☺️☺️☺️ you a foo if you think he done wit it . 🤪🌊🌊

diba ‏@dibaaaaaaik__

3 days to gooooooo yahooo 🤪

spooky gloria ‏@vibesforbesson

@blissfuljonahh you and me meeting again if @BeautyChickee invited fans to the launch party wig !!! so ~iconic~ 🤪😍🤚🏼👊🏼🤠

kathydral // 2 ‏@iwiIIstayaIive

i love being unlovable 🤪👊

honey ‏@audreyxbarron

@Jazsar1 WTH I LOVE THAT 🤪

maddie ‏@madelynschramko

i fr think my room is haunted lol. happy spooky season to me 🤪👻

Cady ‏@cady_davis

I’m going to finish these tomorrow 🤪

very good at basketball and sports ‏@SethDillon8

HMU for my premium snap!!!! Doing personal videos tonight 🤪 @SpencerSteen11 is my biggest fan!

👻 ghostly gray 👻 rt pinned ‏@gothboymikes

@ghostofyouwill @wybgroupie @brokenbabyIons @bassisthugs @kianallama @lindsaydemeola @blackprints_ @crystalleigh…

Estaboñ ‏@zabunta

@SerenAdnanDaoud Unfortunately for you we always carry the traditions and family name of our fathers 🤪

haylee✨ ‏@hayleejanae

my FBI agent is lucky they get a show every night 🤪

connor scott ‏@connorscott201

@catdadddy_ oof got two bad bitches after me 🤪

承 ‏@outrosofaraway

@sasuchies i was about to say i’ve made too many cracker related tweets 🤪

Ni ‏@DoubleeeNi

@debeezy_ Thank you😌🤪!!

Public figure💫 ‏@xostaj_

Toon in 🤪

Kayy✨ ‏@__chocolateee__

I’m now down to 141.2 I’m mad excited 🤪

Shock⚡️🤴🏾 ‏@OnlyBaker1

Bad lil vibe ..she been on my mind ... soon as I get back she get slayed 🤪

Jodi Elder ‏@elder_jodi

@edwardyoung21 @38specialcolt @oftheopposition @dowdyjackson @FishFunSun @TBates314 @Inita228Inita @RhapsodyRaving…


They call me crazy for fasting. I call them crazy for not. So many benefits. So many ways of tinkering. Want to b…

n ‏@jeonwonwhale

I feel weird while I save all the photos in class. 🤪

Summer / MINNIE DAY ‏@crackheadliwoo

🤡🤡🤡🤡 — oh shit yves is that you? When did yves find my curious cat 🤪

제인🐰 ‏@TwiceuStan

Oh so they fixed it already. 🤪

niggarochi 🎎 ‏@fireanddsiah

I hope my husband is a nasty ass nigga 🤪

laura ‏@laurarosalesss

baby and dog 😭🤪

Louise ‏@branchaudtweets

@mike_pence Waky waky... SWITCH from the Bible to the dictionary. SMUGGLERS don't ask people to wall and be sen…

Abe ‏@overseer2012

@GeraldoRivera @POTUS Cruelty and inhumanity is always a winner in Merika.🤪

Papi 👻 ‏@yesimdaman

Scorpio season pulling up 🤪

Robin Cunningham ‏@lauderdaleagent

@TomCoulter7 @Jeanniecraig15 @FnicholasR @PatriotParris @JamesBondNNZ @shuttervita @pjdacosta68 @judgedredd20…

Fallon Pons ‏@theyylovefal

okay but this night was the literal best 🤪

melanie ‏@_mely182_

Im excited to see Yazmine on friday bc I can finally vent to someone and then have fun after 🤪

Alejandro Ramirez ‏@highonlyfe1

Time to secure the bag!!! ☝️🤠☝️😌😤✊😋🤪😤😩😪

L E X ✨ ‏@PrettyLex_

It be the bitches who think they have a chance till you get a lil Funnier then BOOM 💥 you look stupid 🤪

Sp00gay Ash👻💀👽👾 ‏@panfluid_ash

I love her she holds my heart no one can ever take us apart if you try ive got an army to fight you little bitch a…

mamii. ‏@PrincessMamii_

niggas will do you dirty & soon as you start doing you they losing they mind going crazy about you I know you watch…

Toby rose salter ‏@Papasgrande

@jaketapper How stupid do they think we are? Oh ya, they see who got elected president!😜🤪

trev🥀 ‏@Trevor_Nelson21

this melatonin has me feelin some type a way 🤪😈

` ‏@feelspretty

@ygbhood caity 🤪

DreaaLaFeaPequeña🖤 ‏@pasiadreaa


Z🕷Ë ‏@itszoeezy

@qveenjessicaaa i love u 🤪💛

Natalie. ‏@nattbrat__


Tom ‏@yoursbuteraa

@mikamochax Lies 🤪

tamara ‏@t_j_r_10

LMAOO “marriage” and “love” we’re the only first two that i saw 🤪

Randy ‏@randy_reyezz

@taylordvwn I think you look better with nothing on. 🤪

Kennedy ‏@lil_keeyy

Tongue out for you mad hoes 🤪

juju ‏@hardbodyjuju_

who dis 🤪

TarHeelBruin ‏@TarHeelBruin

Stranger @ the bar just told me she loves me 😆. I told the bartender he has something to work for 🤪

tay 🤪 ‏@beachbabytay


yoongo ‏@papiyoongles

@aldornu Alright so he gets fined. What’s a few coins? 🤪

الاميرة ‏@ferfgvvv9

Soo horny. 🤪🍒 #cumtribute #cocktribute #shemale #horny #dick #cock #nude #jailbait #boobs #sex #travesti…

F I D ‏@fiddykm

@Heeeenryyy Yess. Excision 🤪

jess ‏@jesslargaespada

ahhh fuck it life goes on 🤪

M👑 ‏@dvmn_d

When i get that peak season raise 🤪

carmen👻🎃 ‏@carmen7227462

@BeautyChickee @EmilyMione @AmandaGavras @kelllevy24 lol thanks sis 🤪 you already know imma be there for you

Terra ‏@TerraLenova

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lexi ‏@lexi_mattix

@pgott33 girl u already know 🤪

🍪🍪🍪 ‏@Ammy_babyy

@___michelly Thank you bby 😜🤪💖



Reina Waltz 🍕🍔 (#ibelievehim) ‏@cocoawaltz

The only reason why I see As Long As You Love Me video is for Michael Madsen 🤪😏🤤

gen 🥢 ‏@genxsamx

so ready to get this mf tat 🤪

LJL. ‏@jeqxq

@brialeiana um go with him 🤪

Andrea G. Braudaway🍍♏️ ‏@andreabraudaway

Modelo time foo 🤪

parker ‏@salveparker

Y’all leaving out 1956 kids 🤪👌🏻😂

Spooky Jones 🎃 ‏@Khalifist

I can't stand these "I LOVE BLOOD 🤪" ass niggas

my precious angel’s birthmonth 💛😑 ‏@allureyoongs

@minxaus I’ll repay you with another ff 🤪

DatsKay💋 ‏@___Queeenk

And I keep her on my side like a fucking hip 🤪👯‍♀️❤️

Marissa ‏@Marissa_773

I bought a big ol bag of that good Halloween candy and by the time the trick or treaters get here next week all tha…

Meag ‏@irenesrosie

@sadcoreclub I’m in this car omw to get this baguette 🤪 wbu

Lo👻 ‏@lolomuniiii

Everyone needs a friend like Shaqz cause he just reminded me how much of a bad b i am 😂🤪

0501202015 ‏@Had2BeASH

@olddash That’s you thou baby 🤪

🎃 ‏@KeriCrazySelf

Back in a relationship . 🤪

willow smith ‏@willowsmith333

“he’s a big time talent, this kid” Yes, yes he is @jaytatum0 🤪

Bek🌻 ‏@disqonnectd

Half of y’all mfs haven’t even given it to me so I’m chillin 🤪

🧐Cedric🧐 ‏@cedric_gooner

Checked pants on girls tho 😍😍👌Making me wanna play chess and shit 🤪😭

craig carrigan ‏@caragounis1888

@clayre_halliday @CarriganCian He wouldn’t offer them at home he’d loose his fingers😂😂 #bbukCIAN put the kettle on…

Kyle 🎃 ‏@Lobbies_

@Pamaj @DavidVonderhaar Just remaster bo2 entirely 🤪

_lay.cee👅 ‏@dalaciyab


spooky ccaitlin•• ‏@caitlinxxleave

hand doodles while getting my hair dyed 🤪

gisselle 🕷 ‏@gisselledelapen

I ended up taking a nap 🤪

Hicet R. 🌻 ‏@hiceetramirez

If you know, you know 🤪

Now.Thats.Hella.Deep ‏@Imran_HellaDeep

@RvNaa happy birthday again, ly 🤪💙

Bryanna ‏@branaynaynay

@snooplupes that was kind of embarrassing 🤧,, but it was funny 🤪

spooky chris🧟‍♂️🎃 ‏@chrispereznava

me and Juan sit next to each other in English now 🤪

susieqmak🇨🇦 ‏@susieqmak

@kylegriffin1 Although that one person thinks it is! 🤪

chels🌻 ‏@chelstaylor_x

@kiwimnds @JackJ Soon 🤪

escape_lyfe ‏@escape_lyfe


a s h l y n ‏@ashlynnhbu

guess I’m throwing a Halloween party 🤪

nick 🔱 ‏@nvegaa_

Ohhhhhh bitch we love a good throwback day 🤪

Adolfo©️ ‏@adolfogonz_3

@cruzer_52 Lets match?🤪

sierra hammonds ‏@_sierradanae

Y’all know how #Alist be coming 🤟🏾 wah wah wah b*tch lil baby coming 🤪

10.23🦋 ‏@Taliah__

@faith000_ And we gone go up 🤪

アレクシス ‏@pichon_1217

Halloween party this Saturday. HMU for details. It’s going to be a crazy one 🤪

ang ^v^ 🎃 #mono ‏@track13epiphany

stream monsta x’s shootout for new outfit inspirations 🤪

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