Zany Face Emoji

A zany face which is excitable and used to represent a certain amount of wackiness. Some platforms display this as a friendly face, while others appear more unhinged.

Zany Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤪 Crazy Eyes

🤪 Excited

🤪 Wild

Unicode Name

🤪 Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye


🤪 U+1F92A


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Andile ‏@mrsbots

@_ZandiiM @Melusi_MD @sindivanzyl Me neither! 😅😂 I wish I did.🙃😋🤪

ny barbie🦄 ‏@shayzolanski

you just hit 1,6 millions followers on IG @AsianDaBrattt 🤪

joceiii🌻✨ ‏@joceiii_

@Gallo_017 I’ll see you on Sunday tho babe 🤪

Panda 🌴 E🌘LIPSE | LOVELOOP ‏@L_Panda1510

@DavidHarleyBoyd @HeerJeet Yeah, because both sides are bad 🤪

Kim Petras stan. ‏@totlbrandon

Almost on season 2 of #H20justaddwater and if these hoes don’t learn to not grow tails when a drop of water hits th…

madi ‏@_madichris

@starrbuttt omg 🙈 thats SO crazy of you to say because I'm NOT like other girls 🤪😫😭 I'm different 💕

Rob Harvey ‏@ROBRV

@TfL thank you for your 8 emails today to remind me to load up a new debit card 💳 by the end of this month 🤪

m.🍃 ‏@hxpe_jm

Im sitting alone because everyone ignored me ✌🏻🤪

alexis vandolder ‏@vandolder95

It’s finally coverall season 🤪😊

𝕲𝖔𝖔𝖋𝖞 ‏@uwaislail_

my crush is my girlfriend and there’s nothing you can do about it 🤪💗

m a t t h e w ‏@DabidMatteo

Don't lie! Drop first letter of the name 1. Mommy 2. Vanessa (wtf we never talked 👀) 3. empol 4. Aila 5. Jess 6. Jo…

RanaAshraf77 ‏@Ashraf77Rana

@sataniccherry_ Hello global warming 🤪

Ranee ‏@Raneedaa

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c:\Kiteless.exe 🐲💕 ‏@Kiteless

@Diadexxus Hey nothing like some late night excitement. You're welcome. 🤪

kri ‏@krsshnd

We cute 🤪

🎃👻denise @ 🤡🥴 ‏@taemintyjjong

okay time to listen to Bella's voice message 🤪

Ms.BlueStrips 💰 ‏@tokahontas13

dont even trippp off me 🤪

BallyD ‏@DaveBall65

@GMB @piersmorgan Watch with the sound down look at her gurning 😂😂😂🤪

some dumb bitch called daisy ‏@awkward_llamaa

Big mood, even tho im waiting till i turn 18 to disappoint my parents. Friday is the day 🤪

Adrian ‘The Wolf’ Aceves ‏@triippyadrian

I sure as hell do 🤪😘

matcha ‏@fhermionee

been there, done that 🤪✊🏻

rayah 🌸 BDAY GAL 🎉 ‏@fallininjonah

@pens_r_us it’s my birthday aswell!!! happy bday twin!! 🤪🎉

Roz Kromhoff ‏@krozzer

@benwilson1130 @NEWS1130 I'm thankful for a loving and patient circle of friends --and associated friends-of-friend…

Caroline Vibecheck ‏@geogre_j

anyone ever heard this one? 🤪

💄Lady Liberty Vader 🛡 ‏@Kerry_Annd

The guy who wants to turn America into a socialist nation just claimed his patriotic President is a threat to our d…

ella ‏@danyelacahuts

myself 🤪

Helen Warr ‏@AngelSexBomb

@TheTurfey Admit it, you are just gagging to follow me, aren't you! 🤪

alley ♡//san ‏@babiealley

Niomi is gonna get her package and all the bubbles on the bubble wrap are gonna be popped bc I’m having fun 🤪

Bee! tter! Lee! ‏@Nyanaeun

@kmwsok I want to be........🤪

F16HT ‏@shattereign

one of my faves!!! influencer 'to in terms of karupokan 🤪

val🇲🇽 ‏@SuckerFreeVal

@les_isthebest Let’s go! lol we already busted a trip to LA for food once why not again 🤪

Lucyy 🥀 ‏@xlvcy1

Agreed , but when you single, u single 😩🤪

princess sammie🦋 ‏@SammieContrer13

Like this so we can play some iMessage games 🤪

Chethya Abeywickrama ‏@chethyaaaa

@Dinisuruu 😂 ithin aththa ne 🤪

Badger 🦡 ‏@badgermorton75

@ScotRail @CorrourStation @FWHLines @ArthurInnes1 @JohnMck74 when we going? 🤪 #trainspotting

Jet Jackson. ‏@jetjackson20

@Kate18660449 A friend downloaded about 20 of their old movies.....i love it. Sick humour 🤪

BRiNA ✨ ‏@_fehoko323

I’m finally here 🤪👏🏾

Jess @ skool 🐘🧡💙 ‏@manekisato

Swiped cuz I wanna 🤪

k ‏@missflawless___

cupcakin 🤪💕

Maria ‏@mariaaxavinaa

@iluvpxzza Just let me know and I’m hella down sis 🤪

Vivian Tinh ‏@vivytizzle

I freaking love my friends y'all @ggxrza1 💖🤪

shannon ‏@shannon_st0akes

@courtssssss_97 We will 🤪

Frk. T ️ ‏@FrkT1972

@LucaPattaya @MSF_Sea I wonder why 🤪

🦟 ‏@666vmin

namjoon slightly gay panicking when jin gave him the finger heart 🤪

Alexis Williams † ‏@AlexiisWilliams

I’m in the trap with a bad bitch 🤪

jinًelle ‏@ljdoxi_

I AM THAT BITCHHHHH !!!!!! what other good motivation could there be? 🤪

Hindukush ‏@najhakeem1

@MolotovGirl Yes,cud b, coz whenever I felt homesick & ate curry in the UK, it was awful 🤪, even if the place was r…

Emperor God Whit Goughlam ‏@leftocentre

Presidential much... 🤪 👇

👑citygirlapes202🍭 ‏@makingsofDenise

@unbalancedcrazy 🤪 huh man no questions 🥰🤞🏽

Monique ‏@MoniqueAyala__

@Saltv_95 Let’s make it happen shiiiiiiit 🤪

LilBrat✨ ‏@LilBraatttt

I can cook cook 😌🤪

steph ‏@snelsss

Main reason I keep the Twitter app even though my phone storage is full!! 🙀🤪

elouise johnson ‏@elouisejohnsonx

@UNITEDVIBE_ Second of November Liverpool 🤪

Spookifer 🎃 ‏@classicxjenn

@matthwatson cici’s on st. andrews rd hit kinda different 🤪

JW ✨ ‏@Jayla_GetRight

“I like serious relationships and, uh A girl like me don't stay single for long Cause every time a boyfriend and I…

Faisal ‏@faisalmarmar

new friends? shoot ya shot 🤪

Charles H. ‏@ChuckHead37

@NBCNews The Republicans have had months/years to vote on measures approved by Congress ... what a stupid comments🎈🤪

Naye 💕 ‏@Ta_Naye8

@JeLashea Wheww 🤪

8bit♪ ‏@synchronisrn

@R0LAN65 UGHHH its the worst esp when you cant use SRs in your regular teams 🤪 we're only out here for the story & outfit lolol

Goray promoting #Walls for @Louis_Tomlinson ‏@BoparaiGoray

Zombies I mean look at @NiallOfficial 🤪😅😅

mahesh kumar bajaj ‏@mave_rick

@GloriousPunjab1 Must match it up with first sun downer of the day with the same tree....🤪😇

Z3🇯🇲 ‏@4DaStreets_13

Plot twist: I'm the homeboy 🤪

F16HT ‏@shattereign

free cut 🤪

❨ܿ∗ 𝐋𝐄𝐋𝐄 I ✧・゚:* || ALBUM GA 📌 ‏@seonlele

I know I’ve been spmming tweets, hehe, but I shall nEvEr stop 🤪!!

#LongLiveRu 🕊 ‏@Munchkinn97

Ion even gotta ask 🤪

looncitizen got s-worded ‏@Bjorksstrap

Ye this is the kind of sad that feels like it’s burrowing in yer chest no class tomorrow 🤪

KÄY ‏@kaykay_mw

like this if Charles should let Leia and I get another dog 🤪

shane mc elroy ‏@shane_mc_e

@Oleg__74 @Rlddock_ 😂😂 5 languages...fair play...still need to work on your player scouting though 🤪

🌙 ‏@_bambaiyya

bernie bros: get ☺️ ready 🤪 to 😉 vote 🥳 richard brody: can you stop promoting violence against the rich

Yellow Empress 🌸🌹 ‏@chill_brunette

I say Houston but we really know Dallas is really where it’s at 🤪

PositivePyramids ‏@PositivePyrami1

Maybe it already did! 😱💥🌐🤪👍 #CrazyConspiracies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

ハズリル・イズワン ‏@Hazuukun

@sincerelyhaidan You can be one for our future kids 🤪

mr🦖 ‏@freemvn

@madssfreeman_ Nooo I’m just letting everyone know how amazing you are mwaha 🤪😉

Britt ‏@brittedwardss

Sneaking out of the house just gives you a rush of adrenaline. 🤪

PERC 190 ‏@KimNoKardashia

Soaking for the money only 🤪

Rush 🎀 ‏@rushariefdien

Lmao I’m just sitting here thinking about when my request for privacy regarding the cameras throughout the inside o…

UnsilentLady ⏱ 🍁👀 ‏@Unsilent17

The Canadian election explained by a refugee lawyer. Yes, this is how we roll in Canada. 🤪 Pray for my US fren…

mrs. 💍 ‏@thebestb1tch

& Bitches get beat down over " old shit " 🤪

Irvin Chagoya ‏@IrvinChagoya1

@nallely_m3 I see you player 🤪😉

Call Me Kelss ‏@Pimp__K

Finna be a baddie soon just wait 🤪

Ian_Blankenship ‏@ian4blankenship

Going to sleep early so I can wake up and see the fortnite update somewhere between 4-6 is something that better be…

bAe ‏@polkadottedhobo

update: she’s done 🤪

فاطِمْ ‏@kellamfu

thank god i have half an hour before I have to leave the house! I can squeeze in a mini breakdown 🤪

🍒 ‏@soojiniem

@yeerieo [ sorry for being MIA ] good afternoon Yerimie! had your lunch already? or you want to have a lunch with me? 🤪

Anoop Srinivas Bhat🇮🇳 ‏@Anoopsri

@Koiklu_kaDDi @avinashr17 @AndeDursu Yes it is 🤪

bona 🦁 ‏@beomdubugyu

i'm gonna sleep early today haha watch me fail 🤪

Hannah💕 ‏@hannahherrera78

I started my anxiety meds today so let’s see how my life starts to turn out now 🤪

ѕαвяιηα ‏@sabrinnaalacioo

@SandwichQUEENz Wooooo Palm Springs is about to be so lit!! 🤪

Julia•crf❣️ ‏@Barbie_Cost

vou brt no Call Of Duty 🤪

Thapelo Mokono ‏@JustThapy

A real pixie 🤪

FundamentallySound12 ‏@FSound12

@FlemBugg 😂😂😂🤪 Clowns done lost

𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐡 ✧ ‏@ctrlhswcsy

The first 12 emojis in your history will show how your 2020 will go January: ⚽️ February: 💜 March: 🙃 April: 🦋 May:…

Carlos ‏@carrllosss_

@siierrrax Myself 🤪

星野之鹰 ‏@xingweitaidu

@DavidLiuSF1 @KingJames 🤪 American freedom of speech = forced political ideology.

ᴿᴱᴹᴵ  ‏@CDLAC9

If a bitch dont like me its cause her nigga did or her friend didnt. 🤪


💡 : yknow if anyone ever wants to be a trainee for zoom ent, that would be lit or other soloists from zoom 👀🤪

Te(a)chNerd ‏@JeanLuc79

@phibetakitten Haha... There is not a very big chance of me not doing it... Although, that serious talk would be in…

BabyRae🌸✨ ‏@RachelleOBG

@asanteayiti Welcome back 🤪

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