Zany Face Emoji

A zany face which is excitable and used to represent a certain amount of wackiness. Some platforms display this as a friendly face, while others appear more unhinged.

Zany Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤪 Crazy Eyes

🤪 Excited

🤪 Wild

Unicode Name

🤪 Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye


🤪 U+1F92A


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Senshi Sērā Mūn ‏@BigBEmily

@ripitzel I was here first 🤪. But I needed to pee like around 11 😭

John Blundell Aus Gov child abuse victims ‏@wired_we

@Geoff36707259 @Barnaby_Joyce I've Blocked this piece of alcoholic fluff. Just had enough, you know? Work hard, som…

cam ♥ mia ‏@flovermins

looking forward to drinking coffee tomorrow morning despite me being allergic to it 🤪

eren ‏@mariannemanalo_


Shreyans Kucheria 🇮🇳🇮🇳 ‏@jainshreyans01

@shefali_bagga Whom do you want to win? Usee hi jeeta denge 🤓😅 (In polls) 🤪😁

Bruno ‏@brunoalegria_

Time for some more eddiess 🤪

🤙🏼 ‏@chosngyns

@kimyohqns i bought one and you should too 🤪

jeconi joice 💛 ‏@zeruseven

I’m feeling pretty today 🤪

🖤 ‏@thatbisognin

i’m trying to write something super wholesome for my friend right now but i literally sound high as fuck boutta fal…

karla w ‏@karlabee__

@therealmeix She’s sweet!!❤️❤️ like me😇🤪

𝒟𝒾𝓋𝓈 ‏@DivsEnriquez18

It's all good in the hood 🤪

678-999-8212 ‏@aleenuhh_

okay but drop a reply of your highest card im trying to see something 🤪

Paul Lancaster ‏@lordlancaster

@DJC71 @PhilJackman What a compliment! 🤪

alexis aime ‏@aaime99

@xivsliz You’re gonna look good 🤪

Caitlin Tobias ‏@CaitlinTobias

@AnnieBrightstar Actually, I have been called Tobias quite a few times over the years... 🤪

𝑀 ‏@maahrald

now i can say hello summer vacation 🤪💕💗💞💓💖💘💓💞💗💓

S ‏@IbukunSheila

hey miss popping cc 🤪 — Lol hey Chris

sukey ‏@usinthelouvre

@flatlineorla SHUT UP DONT APOLOGISE!!! i had a dream that i came to cardiff to see you so i better be allowed to c…

🌸 missmudmaam 🌸 ‏@missmudmaam_mmm

Sometimes life can be a little bit crazy 🤪

Sidar Algünerhan ‏@iamsidar

@CNN Looks cool anyway. Could put a mini wind turbine on top of it. Than they can say that the car has turbine in s…

🍻 ‏@lijobiannn

@money_nei Why the lies? You’re more of a bad bitch than I am my neimoanY💋🤪

⚫️⚫️⚫️ ‏@hejyvnk

1 more session and I’m done! 🎉 Soooo glad I can speak normally today, after a week full of “losing voice” drama. T…

tricia ‏@my_seesaw

wah shit my mother legit one sia so basically she also wants to help her colleagues get the merch and she’s partial…

🐣 ‏@Hanbins_neck


jacob ‏@jacobelieth

@seaabaas @JACOBAVILAA Get it bitch! 😉🤪

Gav lar #FBPE ‏@gavl7

@TalesFromTheVic Gary Plumley 🙈🙈🤪

👾👾👾 ‏@Ghoulishhh3

@JimmyKulaga @gunnabots @DeadSoleStore @RetailTuesday @LacedUpHeat @1877Vic @vtownkickz @RoverKicks @market_IX…

Mary🖤 ‏@Eatit_real_good

@Spazzoo Im telling yah 🤪

m ‏@mrymvv24

If my man like another girls pictures and compliment them BRO UR CANCELED turn off alert 🤪

athena is on vacation! (ia) ‏@ABBAVENGERS

pay attention to the dress and not my ugly face 🤪

John Stephen Walsh ‏@jswriter65

@cvpayne Here ya go, kidz! 🤪

PLUMIT ‏@plumitltd

Subcribe now at and receive £10 off your first order!🤪

nei$ ‏@money_nei

@lijobiannn what a bad bitch u are my hoebiannnnn 🤑😍🤪

laura ‏@suckkit

What’s goooood 🤪

lucas ‏@hoIIykat


secular scorpio rising ‏@odd_bless

@ecotwink @TheYoungTurks OH MY SIS WENT VIRAL 🤪😍

nunu ‏@sunufifita

Oh shit y’all. Hot girl NuNu is a lil tipsy 🥴 🤪 🤩

olatunbosun kehinde ‏@kennyjay411

@_plexy With this your tiny legs 😂you don’t have anything we can hold😆🤪

Olivia C ‏@hoyminoy_

Btw i cut my hair already 🤪

Lil’ Devil 🔥 ‏@GnjaGoddesss

@_RobJay @QGodfidence If that’s the case, I’m ghetto and that’s on period 😂🤪


6more hours until ive been up for 24.can he DO it. yes he CAN! 🤪

grace ‏@gyulasu

summer 2019 goals 😍 - kiss with tongue 😽🙈 - try beer 🤪🍺 - stay out until midnight 🌃☺️ - fall in love 😳💑 - stop kony…

Joimonki ‏@joimonki

@guapofalbq @dad_darius @MAH1007 @RodneyClaeys I think the “political spectrum” is actually a circle. Berners and D…

✧🔥 ጠዐጋዐ ƈཞყ℘ɬዐ 🔥✧ ‏@Mojo_Crypto_BTC

@cryptunez But mojo like dopamine 🦍💩🤪

깜찍잉 ♡ 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐋𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 ‏@49cmsehun

EXO GAME 1. sehun & jongin 2. universe 3. mama 4. may 2012 5. baekhyunee 6. baekhyun/junmyeon/chanyeol 7. loey? 🥴…

Mikee Muney Lâmáchí ‏@OgScooby129

We finna go home 🤪

R🦋 ‏@Photography013

I tried to take an artsy pic of my eyes while they were red from being high and I used a VSCO filter and I think it…


@AnthonyAlonzog3 I got you 🤪

The Bearded Jerky Club ‏@BeardedJerky

@Fishii_bot Stock up on Bearded Jerky so you don’t have this problem 🤪

شمسـه ‏@ShaaMSsa

That’s why you’re playing around the world 🤪

Jlloydbrasil ‏@jlloydbrasil

@TheMattMan5 😈 50% $BTC 50% $BCH either way I'm good 🤪

jæn ‏@imoliviajean

name given: gelo 1. siena 2. since ‘07 3. as a friend 4. friendly date 5. asaran? 6. caring!! 7. green 8. 🤪 9. k…

Prajjakta Malli ‏@prajaktamali

Yesterday’s post was dedicated to ‘Eyes closed’ photos.. Today’s post is dedicated to ‘Off camera looks’ 🤪 . . Can’…

AM ‏@AhmadMadani97

@kairaanis then the girl must be really pretty and they want to impress 🤪

ℓιуαиα💞 ‏@ChulBulSiKuri

@Bao_Raaami U deserve it buddy🥳🥳🥳🥳 For you🤣😜👇😂🤪

joen ‏@parkcrjones

i have realised the touchy one doesnt make sense but lets just overlook that 🤪


@Bench_M0nkey @SNUKgaming Who me 🤪

ok_kaleidoscope ‏@OkKaleidoscope

@socioEqualiser @TheLaurenChen @dpakman Thermonuclear hypocrisy whenever they bring up how the left always cry victim 🤪

nourhan ‏@femmeparanoia

@orchidieous Ahahaa we call it bedza like the bedza man ahaha 🤪i am egyptian 🤪

:) ‏@edgyloserr

my mums kicking me out on saturday n i need to go shopping so guess who’s going to basingstoke alone unless i get t…


@WeGotLoves [takes a deep breath] you can do this wonyo! 👊🏻 what i want to talk is, your criteria suits me well!…

Jasvin ‏@sivreenakaur

done with OBG 🤪 3 more postings to go!

✧ 𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢 ✧ ‏@lessileigh

wild game, have u ever ... 1. yepp 2. nope 3. yes, w/ a family member :-) 4. nope 5. gagawin pa lang 🤪 6. yes!!…

Leon ‏@leonsopinion

@ffcwadey Can you not just name him to save people click baiting? 🤪

Sasha Summers 💫 ‏@Sashasummersnyc

@YasmineRosexox Ur still up? 🤪

jenn ‏@jennypiex

lost my bank card 🤪


@tanya611 Silly billy 🙄🙄😜🤪

Neeny ♥ ‏@NeeenyP

Loving @GreatestShowman soundtrack this morning.... And we will come back home, home again..... from now onnnnnnnnnnnnnn 🤪

lys 🌞 ‏@lysboudreaux

when both is great >>> 😍🤪

jo ‏@viedejo

“come visit ya fav bellagreen gal Saturday night 🤪” jk don’t,

Phoebe ‏@phoebe_jenn

secret game (state the name, don't mention) 1. RR 2. Erickson 3. Does Schindler count? 😅 4. Idk 5. Three 🤪 6. Co…

kyla ‏@K4GEHIN4


jp ‏@sangi_Monkey

@ANDREW1ALBERTT @vettichennaiguy Look at him finely balancing his head every time he comes forward . 😭😭😭 If only I…

☆ ‏@joyunt

you can know each others well, you can mingle as well, making friends, easier to make a friend, because all we need…

kerem / kaz | 🇦🇺🇹🇷🇲🇰 ‏@kazamafraz

judge me based on my top 3’s 🤪 2019 1 🇮🇹 Soldi 2 🇳🇱 Arcade 3 🇲🇰 Proud 2018 1 🇲🇰 Lost and Found 2 🇫🇷 Mercy 3 🇨🇾 F…

Dayton Vasquez ‏@Dayton_Vasquez

I feel like shit 🤪

🦍 ‏@WTSMiah

@rrSavy Won 2 out of the 6 HPs 🤪

𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 ‏@itsmenightyy

Askkk meEeeee 🤪

zhané ‏@yoooPEBBLES

@_beaute____ Be careful what you wish for , because guess what ?! I’m back !!! & handing out a good whoopin that’s…

M🥺 ‏@Meaghannn__

This boy comment on my pic saying “let me take ur virginity” . . . ....first of all okay😉😅🤪

😹 ‏@jeon_jaamm

1. PSB 😂 2. 3 years 3. No (because i love the person) 4. Already am 😆 5. Everyday 6. Hmm very patient with me 😂 7.…

รყµɦα∂αɦ 💫 ‏@velllichor

i missed the whole DJ debacle yesterday because i was in bed. and just... wow. i’ve never seen anyone so disconnect…

Alexia ◟̽◞̽ 25 TODAY 🥳 ‏@alwaysnhllz

Aaaawh, thank you 🥰 indeed the 25-club ! Well legally I'll be 25 at 21h51 tonight 🤪 ps : love the pic 🥰

city (street) lights ‏@chentuber

top 5 exo songs 🤪 — omg how does one even answer this 😤 i’ll exclude title tracks to make it easier lmao 1. Heaven…

victor rivas ‏@victorivas559

A beach trip is mando before school starts 🤪

Sabrina DeAnne ‏@_sweeetdeanne

I hope Kerissa is up, I’m bored. & she always has some dumb shit to say 🤪


@NotAux Your staying 🤪

des ‏@thankmelaterr_

@bedour_xoxo it worked 🤪 this is one of my favorite movies by the way

Heinzeit ‏@Haraldson

Because why would we make the entire row clickable when we can constrict it to its content only? 🤪

AQ ‏@kingpirateabz

Hunter x binge watch 🤪

𝒜𝓁𝓎𝓈𝓈𝒶 ‏@turtleneckluvr

After not talking to this guy for 6 months he’s managed to consistently reappear in my life recently... but hey I’m not complaining 😂🤪

Dana Al Qahaf ‏@QahafDana

@LeenNatshehh It’s a good song 🤪

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