Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

A version of the grinning face showing smiling eyes. This emoji previously looked closer to the grimacing face on many platforms, but is now consistently a smiling / happy face on all major platforms.

Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Unicode Name

😁 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes


😁 U+1F601




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MaraFacilityServices ‏@MaraServices

We are delighted to be attending the @ARMAleasehold Ace Awards🏆 next Friday! Can't wait to see some of you there fo…

craig horner ‏@mrcraighorner2

@samchal92 Ibiza will be warm now and right up your street I should imagine 😁. There's a few naturist beaches too, if you're brave enough 😎

Toby Mortaro (Tobes325) ‏@Tobes325

@reuthegamer @NintendoUK @thedigitalfix @ColinTDF Great read! Sounds like an awesome visit to Nintendo! 👍😁

Yukio ‏@esguerra_jibeh

@bookopie Welcomee buuuu 😁

mj ‏@iammujahid55

@TweetAtAustin So this is why dembele doesn't play anymore 😁😁😁😭😭

Georgina. ‏@TheCoeliacSloth

Come into work and HR left this on the desk for me 😁 do you think it’s because i was in work on my birthday?

BANGWOOL 🔔💜 BIAS WRECKED 🤣 (slow) ‏@luckymcblow

@mm00BTS Exactly. 😂😂😁

kiO ‏@alterkio_moto

@Emanon882 You in gensaaan😁😁😁😁😁

A L E X A N D E R ‏@Akinbi_Adebisi

Did this a lot back then 😁😁

MSF ‏@MobileScreenFix

@Pog_llins We’re better than both of them because we get the job done in less than 15minutes 😂😁👨🏽‍🔧⚡️#msfway

Rotimi Suleiman ‏@Timixx

Helping people grow doesn't stop you from growing. Rather it gives you a backup should in case you fall & need to r…

Cydelle King ‏@cydelle

@joandsparky my #NarcissismNumber is 21 - 211 tweets in 10 years... 212 now 😁

The Break A Leggers ‏@Break_A_Leggers

@jackthorne Can't wait, Jack. We are there on the 6th July 👍😁

sαƞɠ°•.🌙 ‏@drsyml

@fayecarreon_ matagal pa yon! gag0 hahahshshs lets enjoy the remaining time days and months nalanh 😅😁❤️

You Retweeted ‏@RSWmaykel

@imAldrichAng Jealous by labyrinth😁😁😁

JAY · SOLAR / 0010110 ‏@Jay__Solar

@coolhandfluke76 But I'm very happy knowing that you have a good time! 😁 You're on the right track! Keep going enjo…

Chris ‏@BratfudNorthern

@AidenHatfield Come and live next to us. The dog will still shit in your garden but the police have never been....…

Esther ‏@Sibeliasa

It's my last day of work today, but before I leave, I tell everyone, that if they ever go to London they should go…

👉SayMyName👈~👑ATEEZ ‏@TinyAtiny526

@eyisha_skz Just a normal saying in the life of 8-Euclid😁😂

Louise Fairbairn ‏@scarletrix

@StuartMacBride Now there's a cheeky offer I can't refuse 😁

Vince Rockland ‏@vinrock39

@Petwill1 Carry on Henry 😁

Jenn 🧜🏼 ‏@Jr3597

@DenaeMato @Pangolin1214 I love night owl twitter 😁

#𝕄𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕒𝕄𝕒𝕟 👨🏼‍🌾 ‏@bablo_noor

After ZimbaBread, I'm now in my garden checking on what buys actual bread 🍞 for me 🤪 The only way to not die broke…

josemi ‏@Josemiinc24

@Extremaduracule No problem! 👌😁

Callistus I. 🇳🇬 ‏@Sir_CarLII

@MarkOtabor @ASRomaEN @ASRomaPidgin Okay na, boss! 😁😁 We hail thee from Naija! 💪

Oluwafemi✨™ ‏@theoriolafemi_

@fikaryo_courage @seektheinyamah @YoHairxperience @Tianney @TheMrAhmeed @Sonjoe_Kutuh @Alex_Houseof308 @volqx Post your 32 let us see jare 😁

Lyndsey Watson ‏@lyndsey1watson

@Leechapelsch Happy birthday 😁🎉

Sky Mofokeng ‏@SkyPhoka

Happy birthday Zemar 😁💞

Milly 💙 ‏@millytigger1

@BootstrapAdmin @BootstrapCook Mrs Boss lady is a inspiration 😁 and you I'm sure have been a wonderful support for her x

Aondover A Asuwe ‏@AondoverAA

All girls are the same but mine is different though . 😁😁😁😁😁

Chris Nelson ‏@ChrisNe31166755

@PreetBharara I would still vote for the NBC sound team if they made it to the general election 😁

Hanif ‏@Hanif7askany

@wali_fied Furious....demom huh now a days😁

Adebayo Ademola ‏@Adebayo98

@Tobiloba_O Okay😁.. You are the VAR!!

Dimas Sauqi ‏@sauqi_dimas

@indodax Longsor ler...😁😡

Niv ‏@me_nivi_SS

@ShrutiGupta627 Yahi hoon😁😁 😅new project... So a little busy...

Uche Chuta ‏@nnabros

@iykimo If them send like N100 million to my account now me too go champion @inecnigeria and declare free money on the TL 😁

Dan Simmons ‏@DanSimaoo

@PanthersUK Just 3 as well in the south stand! Can't wait 😁

Thank You EDEN ‏@SimplyTEEWHY

😁😁😁😁😁😁 Thanks for receiving

A L E X A N D E R ‏@Akinbi_Adebisi

#ThrowbackThursday Check this thread out and tell me which of them you did when you were young 😂😂😁 Back in the days something ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

Bhaskar Ganekar ‏@BhaskarGanekar

Caption this please 😁 #CWC19

Garswood at PGL '19 ‏@GarswoodIn

Hoping they remembered to wear old clothes 😁

HenleySwim ‏@HenleySwim

We can't wait to be there on Sunday with hundreds of swimmers making the most of it! 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️😁

Aseza Mjoli ‏@Mj_BoyZea

@ntobeko05615375 Lol so you guys don't want all of it?😁🙈

Sarah ‏@Sarah_fbrr

@CocaCola_es @HarryNextToLou You should do it 😁

Hits Radio Cash for Kids ‏@hitscashforkids

We’re all set up at @BupaUK in Salford to tell the wonderful staff about the difference their support has made to l…

Criminal ‏@criminaljeeva

@DD_nas_ @jilaajeeva @sakthivjdhoni07 Ellam summa than 😁😁

Joey ‏@i_am_joey

Now that he has made his take on the Raptors/The city/the country...wondering what do fans think about Lou Williams…

Robert ‏@Truegentlemen5

@HBBee2 Good morning, have a lovely day. Great message 👌😁

Hawthorn H. Wright ‏@HawthornRants

@soniagupta504 😄😁😆 Thank you. Now I wish I could mail you a cape. Just so that I could then write somewhere "som…

Peter Anchor ‏@Peter34080554

@Adrianchard72 @coombes_angie @pearlipp69 @ermoocath @lizc177 @Lujevans @EternalSummer28 @KSavnik @rotorladylesley…

#Israel ‏@albertasore

@JescaOkwiri @iam_erhnehst @SubaFinest So like you no get job you no go keep 😁

That's Him ‏@ThatsHim4Real

I need a little motivation every once in a while. Even the quote master needs an inspirational message 😁 #thatshim4real #quotes

Mohammed Mahrous ‏@ELMO_Mahrous

@ony123457 @forza_filosofo @ZzzBinturki @UrFavAmjad @khalideo0 @Alaswane24Sone @adelshahen45 @Mo_ElSandouby @A7mdSlym @jeter69x Back 😁🤷

Yells ‏@Yells_O

I thank God thus far...fuck landlord😁

Mike Chernev ‏@MikeChernev

@bogomep I have high standards and expectations when it comes to build times 😁

olivia mckenzie ‏@oliviamckenzie5

There’s so many fit people what work at this hospital and I’m walking around with no brushed hair and in joggers😁

Mr. Almighty ‏@juynkook

@roseannetwt Eat well then 😁 /pats your head/

Jam Clothing SA ‏@jamclothingsa

Shoutout to @zamamko for this effortless winter look! 😁🎉 JAM jeans doing all the things. 😍🔥 . Tag us & use…

VinO ‏@VinoAzar

@sindivanzyl Bigger Things Dr DJ 😁😁

UnspokenCar838 ‏@Car838Unspoken

1 Day until Super Mario maker 2😁

Emmanuel Augustine 🙌 ‏@MrEbukka

@iykimo I don't understand, 😁 Were their names stored on the server for this dragging experiment?

Dan Simmons ‏@DanSimaoo

@RoyalRiotUK Got 3 in the stand I wanted! Can't wait 😁

Tom Bloomfield ‏@TJ_Bloomfield


WeRemotePH ‏@weremoteph

Happy Pasig Day Pasigueños! Come and drop by, we will be open 24hrs on Tuesday 😁 #coworking

Colin Dunn ‏@Zarkwan

@theweefella1960 @PaulSnowdon5 @hihat21 @NuitsdeY @BBCNewsnight @brexit_sham @Dr_PhilippaW Nope. Not one of mine. H…

DMU Enquiry Team ‏@dmuenquiry

@BChampCollege Yes! It would be great to work with you again! 😁

Vicky Bain ‏@VickyBain6

@WynyardPrimary Thank you to all the staff for the amazing experience & looking after them 😁Lily loved it & didn't…

Win Fixed Game ‏@Bestbet93993000

My my VVIP games for Yesterday. winning ticket His out 😃😃😃Big win for yesterday games.👍👍 Wow wow😁😁Come and Win BIG…

TheTanShow ‏@TheTanZelShow

@TheRealJapan1 @SimonTurkas I always welcome anything on or about Japan! 😁

red ‏@agnirion

@kbsworldwekpop @Stray_Kids #WEKPOP #WEKPOP_STAY_WISH I want to see the dance remix of mixtape 1-4 pmeaseee 😁😁


@Darbiewright2 @_valkiing @Alex_Houseof308 @Jnr_elnino @_anasssss @22shtnamas @daddys_girlT @tolutezzy_ @volqx…

Humor Girl ‏@PoliticsHumour

@KPadmaRani1 @asli_Kim_Jong @BolRaghu @KoelMoentra @arunjaitley Questions ke 'answers' dhoondne gayi thi MMS k paas 😁

Amy Jade Mellor ‏@Amy1RandomSTAR

@EmmaKennedy Lol that's reminded me, I'll drag my sister to LEGOLAND; when next in London, she'll hate it, but I'll…

Andy Kinnear ‏@Andy_Kinnear

Ok how cool is this? Industry & NHS hand in hand creating our future.....this is the kind of thing @matthewsgould &…

Critically Lit ‏@CriticalLit

@Bhaal_Spawn @Gheaviside It's okay. It just means you're smart enough to come to the conclusion on your own! 😁

Johnny Fairweather ‏@Johnny_F_82

@tprstly Turner and Hooch 😁

Glow ‏@Glow_NI

@jinglebelljar Thank you Jess. 😁

Sam ‏@SunnygladeClose

John was joined by Sue Roderick, which meant that for this very English couple, we had a Welsh Eliza with a Scots h…

Lizzy ‏@Lizzy39830303

@TheWaltium Boss poor people no dey your village? For me nothing dey sheleh😁

Lindsay Mcpupps ‏@lindsaypuppyd

@bobbybullshit They bite too 😁

Nobody's Kyana 🇺🇬 ‏@nessa_mkay

@LoneChildMJB U kno 😁

Vanessa Asher ‏@oilovanessa

@imp213x @ArimahTobe They said "Your followers feel you never tweet when Fulani crimes make headlines" oya answer this one.😁

sarah baker ‏@lairf1

@UtilityPoint a big thanks to Sadie and Oli for thier fast and efficient service 👍 Great service from a fantastic s…

Annie ‏@HedgesAm

Loving my hand crafted @LewisHamilton mascot @Armanimick even got the bling😁😁 all credit to Crafty Capers…

Toast ‏@MochiToast_

I'll make a thread of all my anniversary free pulls and my FES pulls 😁

Chikadibia🍸 ‏@RiriElle__

@mjjuniormodel I’m ice cream 🍦😁

ISABEL ∞♡ ‏@Hersheysbhells

Before sagutan ang assign niya Joyce : ate can you help me for my assign? Me: sure! What's your assign? Baby girl…


I'm fine very fine .. I'm a strong woman 😁

alison tennant ‏@alisontennant1

@BWCwellbeing @BWC_NHS @RainbowNHSBadge @ian_wac cant wait to get mine! though I have seen Ian look happier - is there a bike badge...😁

Rossco ‏@Rossco65728621

@STVNews They should tell them to shove there invite 😁

Pjam ‏@pjammyjam

When the sun comes out 😁

Meghana میگھنا मेघना ਮੇਘਨਾ :-) ‏@archimags

@Loquacious_Lion @Subhash_ati9 @atti_cus 😁😁 the flamingoes.. adorable! I also liked white collar. Watching it again.

david hoggard ‏@Epicsparten11

@itscarflo hey im a big fan and just geting back to watch youtube and saw ur channol and i wanted to ask if ur stil…

Sidra sy ‏@Sidrasy14

@AppStore @BTSW_official I love this game and hate it in the same time cuz I feel so stupid when I play it cuz that…

Paloma loves BTS 3000 ‏@BANGTANSPRlNG

Me with irl Yoongi: 😍✌️💙😘👌💕😋💜👌💘😁👍💝🤠💖🤙😇💞 Me with #BTSWORLD Yoongi: 😡😠☹️🌩️💔😫😭🌧️😦👎😱⛈️🔪😩😔😓🖕

Miss Mimie🇬🇭 ‏@_Miss_Mimie_

@branii101 I heard it's perfect 😁

MischTrader ‏@msmuc1

@cz_binance Also #xrp and #ADA or? ✌️😁

Glenn Crane🇬🇧🚜 ‏@glenn49crane

@Hesstonbaler @Jameslawton78 What time is the barbecue😁

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