Star-Struck Emoji

An excited face showing stars instead of eyes.

Star-Struck was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With Star Eyes” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤩 Excited

🤩 Star Eyes

🤩 Starry Eyed

🤩 Wow Face

Unicode Name

🤩 Grinning Face With Star Eyes


🤩 U+1F929


Tweets For 🤩

Vituu 4.26 🦋🌴 ‏@v1tor1o

Today is my birthday and I’m freaking out with ME! 🦋😭🤩 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #MeOutNow…

Marisa ‏@marisawardd

omg I love you!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for more parties and lake weekends!! thank you💞💞🤩

meliee ♡ ‏@melieefelly

hehehe i was the first 🤩

Erick Kvuix ‏@kvuix

OMYWOAH I could live in a place like this 😲🤩👽👾👨🏽‍🚀🧙🏼‍♂

jus 2 kpop fans 🤪 ‏@kpopruinsmylife

I’m still shook about this whole experience 🤩 #NCT127inNewark #NCT127inNY #NCT127 #NCT127_1st_World_Tour…

jiayi 🍉 ‏@strawbbeggs

@whitejaems tbh ure like really sweet and im vvv grateful for u + i relate to u alot because of sch !!! i hope we c…

ALM 🌿🕊️ ‏@mama_oso_2_

Can't wait to have this baby so I can work on my body and my ink again 🤩

Kelli Dyk ‏@Kelli_Dyk

@StateOMind Perfectly chosen gif too! 😃🤩👍🏻👏🏼🥇⭐

Slev 🤙🏻 ‏@Slev_86

Here it is! Updated and ready to be used! New #youtube channel is ready! Will be editing videos in the near future…

DisgruntledFeminist ‏@SanskariStree

#RafiIsGod like I’ve always said 🤩

𝓰𝓮𝓵𝓪𝔂 ‏@angelarolyn_


Kimberley Jagger ‏@kxmberleyjagger

Nothing better than seeing your pals happy 🤩

Payton Stovall ‏@paytonstovall12

happy birthday to my gal and best friend 🤩❤️ i hope you have the best day because you deserve it 🎈love you, see you…

UTEP Track & Field ‏@UTEPTrack

Don't mind us 😎🤩🏆 #GPA19

Kristina Kristy Galindo ‏@Kristyyy1109

Get Up & Slay! 👑🤩💁🏻‍♀️💅🏼

#ZimmerBunInTheOven ‏@mrszimmerbun

@Kisses_____A Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart! Support from friends like you means the world to me! Y…

YanYan ✨ ‏@ricanqueeeen

it’s only right I treat myself since I have 48 hours left of my externship 🤩🙌🏽

mrmatt46 ‏@mrmatt46

@FDG_Games Love love love your games 🤩 Day 1 for me, can't wait to play!

𝘓𝘪𝘢𝘮 ‏@_Liam0161

@Patekked I did but some bell has shared it on Facebook, watching it tonight anyway 😂🤩

Ms Lib ‏@mae_hemm2017

@krassenstein I’ll throw a parade to celebrate! 🤩

36 O’s ‏@Edmullaa_

While blocking that negative energy around me 🤩

Natalie ‏@natalieHOHO

Sun, clay, Rafa 🤩

♥︎smog tunnel ‏@ARPAnet__

@weezerslut 💗🤩😍🥳🍑🦋🔥💗💘💖💟💝 SOO cute‼️amazingn‼️

Susanne Love ‏@Sus_L_

I resubscribed just to get this 🤩 *please include a Kenny autograph*

micachu ⚡️ ‏@mica_dlr

Road to alto ? 🤩

b 🛸 ‏@ughwhybrock

imagine hanging with taylor swift and meredith, olivia, and the new kitten all join for wine. 🤩😹 @taylorswift13…

cute (den) ‏@__sunsh1ne__

@prettaeaus @jinjurikigel @BTS_twt omg yes 🤩 armyonces unite 🤪💖 #BBMAsTopSocial BTS @BTS_twt

〽AckⓂ ‏@Mack_Dope

I just wanna rub on some ass and play in ya hair 🤩

🧡⚾️🖤✨Lysh✨💛💋 ‏@alysha_dazzles

Watched @F1 practice on the way to work, I like this view!🤩

Sophie G ‏@rarity2017

@DanaGoblin You are lovely and fantastic! 💜🤩🌈

ElmO EnriquE ‏@elmo_enrique

@LevyFoxxXXX @johnguettier how to be you. 🤩

Hendrik Adi W ‏@DONAT2044

💥 *Hapo - win $1,000,000* 💥 🔥 *Best LOLs and WTF GIFs* 🔥 🎉 *TikTok + Instagram* 🎉 💵 *Make money online*💵 Discus…

Gav Rumbaoa ‏@GavRumbaoa

So, front row for real! 🤩 #AvengersEndame

Gracie Lemonds ‏@Gracie_Lemonds

@katelynphelps19 So happy for you!!! Congratulations!💗🤩

ً ‏@chtenle

@cheayonlee ily boo but im gay 🤩💕

Laura ‏@LaLoPeZgIrL

❤ this new album @Pink see you in June 🤩

Slurpeemonster🇨🇦 ‏@Slurpeemonster

@emtothea We all are, thanks to you 🤩

melissa ‏@m_fishh

I’m ready for @BrantleyGilbert already 🤩

Destinee Ariel ‏@bestOf_destinee

What I get paid weekly 🤩

Taylor Dwyer ‏@taylordwyer75

Thank you @jspinss for bringing me a large Diet Coke to all of our meetings this semester 🤩 #thebest

• Crysten Reeves • ‏@CrystenReeves2

Going to prom my freshman year 🤩 ! 8 more daysssss

keimari ‏@hoefornancy

@sapphicsoyeon period wtf 🤩

karin. ‏@kaarinhoang

I can not wait to get a mani/pedi after work 🤩

Saira ‏@OhMadahi

It’s Friday plus no work on Monday for me! 🤩

Fallin All in You ‏@Arrow_In_Flames

Your three young daughters! Welcome to the fam! What would I call her/him tho? 🤩😆

Yari’s Nails ‏@yaris__nails

Who says short nails can’t be glamorous?! 🤩

Miranda 🌸 ‏@yooo_miranda

#ANONYMOUS is seriously the best album out there 🤩

mikyla ‏@reyesmikyla

@kelseycadence ganda mu keysey congratS 🤩

hôneythreadz ‏@hneythreadz1

🤩- 9/10 I love this emoji cause ‘😍’ makes me cringe abit but that one sort of is good for a friend 🤬- 7/10 it lite…

Lizzie 🦄 ‏@lawleyxdolxn

OMG THIS SONG IS FIREEEE 🤩🔥 Actually obsessed!! 😍😍 Everyone go listen to phases by @PRETTYMUCH

S a ر a ♨️ ‏@SaRazinG_

Great thoughts..💯 Dil khush kr ditaa...🤩❤️

Jean-louis Baronti ‏@JeanBaronti

@paulrhughes59 @MainiJaiten @ariEs_lfc1998 @nizbit @totamo11 @SusanVose3 @MursAndSalah @Khaled91488119 @sharonpjb72…

mar ‏@ameliascrofano

marjorie’s rights!🤩

M I L🖤💁🏽‍♀️ ‏@millie_morrow04

just me that thinks that easter eggs taste WAYYY better than just a normal chocolate bar..🤩

Celebs 🌟 ‏@celebritykimdot

😂🤩 Auschwitz is where it's at #Gag #Smile #Fresh #Hot #Humor #Fresh

jade ‏@Jadensmithh17

If anyone wants to lay out at the pool today HMU 🤩

Tomi Tavela ‏@tavikukko

@jaripullinen @TiinaManninen It might help me to catch the trophy 🤩

C✨ ‏@CharrlHennX

This summer I’m about to be living it the hell up 🤩

𝓅𝓊𝓅𝓅𝓎𝓉𝒶𝑒 | New Day 🌸 ‏@softiekijae

my birth month with nct cb and now got7 too? svt don't you dare mfs 🤩🔫

TPSEldonSquare ‏@TPSEldonSquare

Who has that Friday feeling?!🙌🤩 We certainly do here at The Perfume Shop in Eldon Square💃 Come in store this weeken…

thea ‏@127sf9

ok that’s all the mutuals i wanted to keep i think.. bye follow me back 🤩

Bryan Balatbat ‏@bryanbalatbat

This is it! Better late than never 🤩

Johlene Porsha ‏@johlenep

Long/Short Bitcoin & altcoin changes with up to 100x Leverage at Bitmex! 👑🤩 Grab a 10% fee discount: ✅…

𝓮𝔂𝓻𝓮𝓵 ‏@abcdeyrel

@miracle_sxm uy comebaaack??? 🤩

Raine ⁵ ㅣ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ‏@jekkijjiang

@nauveesrt Yes ... there wasn’t an Aron from the same set as the others , but luckily she has extra 2hyun which was the card I wanted most 🤩

diana ♡ kyu 🌸 ‏@jbinyoung


trap mommy ‏@bellemfevans

Crazy bitches never die 🤩 The only other draft I had Not sure what I meant by this or why I contemplated tweeting this

GOODGIRL❤️ ‏@tdel__

Shop @YlevilME 🤩💆🏾‍♀️

Rhyl❤ ‏@RNB8503

#PBB8GoldenCircle3 Nice Gabby!!😍 Team Ashley here💚🤩

izzy ‏@itsthepinks

omg yujin looks really pretty in her latest mail 🤩😍

Sydzeerr 💕 ‏@pokinghontas__

Diamonds hit differently when get them cleaned 🤩💎

East High Student Council ‏@EHStuCo

SAVE THE DATE for the first annual senior sendoff dance!!! Friday May 24th 8-11 pm on the tennis courts 🤩 free a…

M ‏@melissagtorress

Everybody is complementing my body and how thick I am 😢🤩 making me blush 🤭

Malik ‏@0229Malik

Appreciate you so much you really changed my life around 🙏🏽 what a blessing 🤩 @SienaRoyal

SPN- Sports ‏@SPNSportsIndia

[email protected], @SimrankMundi and @menacesingh are back, and @varunsharma90 is all set to join the NBA…

D’Ivieyon Najee. 🥀 ‏@deenb_

I look like trash rn but it’s okay Bc I’m popping out all weekend 🤩

Lois Shaffer✌🏻👩🏻‍🦰 *Hey! What's up Lois?! * ‏@loislovesmusic

@isntTaydelicate Gotcha! I really like the first one then😊🤩

Daquan ‏@Superstar242325

Chosen ☝🏽🤩

Emily ‏@emilyy_marie3

ME is a straight up BOP & the video is adorable UGH! One of my favorite collabs EVER 🤩🌈 #MEMusicVideo

JosieRWD ‏@JosieRWD

@RACHELPRICETT Birthday blessings Pricey, age ain't nothing but a number. Glow Queen! 🤩👏💪👸

maddie✨ @giveaway ! ‏@ilvions

@DameraCrystmon @white_demonelf @Nekrokat @zchans38 @Val_entines @ArtofYorugami @sad4pple @PixieInktvis @wowCrisas…

ً ‏@amaxyllis

#Endgame on Sunday finally 🤩

Karthick Vfc ‏@Karthickvfc008

#AvengersEndgame #AvengersEndgameReview Watched at @_PVRCinemas 🤩🤩 #Perfect❤ And #Emotional Ending 😐😭 Worth Movie…

liv hurley ‏@oah_90210

Life is honestly so good right now 🥰 i just moved into a condo, have a job that i absolutely love, buying the Jeep…

ハムダ✿ ‏@Hamda_almaadeed

@R__Aey Amazing you should slap your self 🤩

Victoria🌻🌵 ‏@MariaVictoriaa0

Omg I’m obsessed w her 🤩😍

Amber ‏@ambbberh

Wow this butter pecan iced coffee really starting my Friday off righhhtttttt 🤩

ash ‏@deadgoIdfish

tonight at the movies ok lets go 🤩

franchesca ‏@ciyelooooo


ً ‏@_xreeya

@btrcyld hello 🤩

LoneWolf eSports 🐺 ‏@TLWTeamLoneWolf

@MPMadDog Morning Mr. Maddog 🤩

bay ‏@hnnahbay

@beauyoco thank you shobe !! 🤩❤️

chu2x✨ ‏@theDanceer_

awh man I’m back to the old fucking chuuuuu😭🤩

shishi ‏@shiriritt


Jennie Lynn Hytes. ‏@eonjennie

hope i win. 🤩 #TeamJennieLynnHytes.

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