Star-Struck Emoji

An excited face showing stars instead of eyes.

Star-Struck was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With Star Eyes” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤩 Excited

🤩 Star Eyes

🤩 Starry Eyed

🤩 Wow Face

Unicode Name

🤩 Grinning Face With Star Eyes


🤩 U+1F929


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Workkyfishy ‏@WorkkFNM

@stefbtw @genozfn The edits on those kids standing still doe 🤩😍

Michelle Jones ‏@shellskindworld

Homemade @GreggsOfficial Steak Bake 😋 Were Isla's and Dylan's bakes as good as the real thing? 👌🤩😍 @GrangeYear4…

leecy ‏@Leecy_123

it’s that season. 🤩🎓🍾 • • • • 📸 (@_itsdannie101 )

(ㅇㅅㅇ❀) ‏@iiSakuraChan

When ur ig pfp is @Kermit15087984 ‘s drawing for u and u wanna show it off to ur fiends telling them how amaizng…

annabelle 🦋 (nalla) ‏@butterfliessm

@cabellochaneI ily more 🤩 also stream cfm

Andrea Moncada ‏@AndreiMoncada

@Qrandera420 Siii, full training 🤩

Fabian ‏@FabianT__

@StaticJosesillo Ofcourse 🤩

luc̆̈ia, ceo of lesbianism 𐂊 ‏@QUEENANOlNTED

@bensorships Love you gbf 😍✨🤩😎😋😃

🦉kana⁷ | stream Persona | BTS lockdown ‏@namushiki

@BTSPublicity @BTS_twt wow 😍 must be a bop!, let's stream this new mv and buy their album 🤩 @BTS_twt #BTS

ash🌻 ‏@xoashxleyy

@rxyyxoxo Bad bitch😛🤩

Pisces Princess ‏@_baylaaa

I dead try to follow everyone who follows me but if you Interact with me I be hitting that follow button quick 🤩

annabelle 🦋 (nalla) ‏@butterfliessm

guys stream cry for me 🤩

Bunny. 🕸️ ‏@itzsohamx

@NamkeenFakir Thanks Amar 🐥🤩 treat due pakka 🐥

The Glow Pot ‏@TheGlowPot

The beautiful @katieevemakeup showing us how easy it is to use our hydrating, Brightening Black Clay Mask 🤩 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀…

Emma 🌟 ‏@EmmaHayhurst

@kennedykeeble Happy BDay sweet girl 🤩❤️🥳

evelyn. ‏@evelynv24

i asked on the snap, if it was too early for wine, i got 3 no’s.... WE LOVE A SUPPORTIVE FRIEND GROUP 🤩

KIM JUNMYEON SOLO ‏@seungyounxsehun

@roseforjoy the way they are all my ults 🤩

Bella and Bloom Boutique ‏@bellabloombtq

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freya ‏@freyawx

8pm and it’s only just starting to get dark 🤩

Jeannie ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Jeannie_C15

@joybellabella I closed my eyes and was totally transported to this beautiful little setting. Wow 🤩

👁💉Vampirate💉👁 ‏@micowhiplash

@eliteknightset They look lovely!! 🙏🤩✨

⭐️loulou⭐️ ‏@2016lou1

@TheSoleWomens Uk size 4 😍🤩

keema ‏@7keeema

Biggest fan 🤩

Khadija ✨ ‏@KH_XD_JA

Erm I can’t love Nathan anymore :(( @MrNathanLambert mad love <3 tour cant come sooner 🤩

Martin Spasovski ‏@moondowner

Redmi x Keith Haring 🤩 Wallpapers are here ↘️

Suave Hellion ‏@HeWhoLovesWords

Zelda, thou art true beauty, verily. 🤩😍🐶🤗😄 #TeamZelda #dogsoftwitter #MiniIrishWolfhound #doghottie #corgimix…

Ashu⁷ ‏@Bangtan0clock

@CupidVantae She must be lucky 🤩

Steph⁷🌸 ‏@peachytokkii

Can’t wait for their debut 🤩

𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐚⁷ 🌱🍄 ‏@f4iryoonz

your whole family basically 🤩

🌧️⁷ ‏@eupjk97

@jjkdaydream I FORGOT THIS GODDESS 🤩😍🥰

ZHANE👑✨ ‏@NaeTwixe

I think I’m doing a drastic blonde this summer 🤩

megs 🌸 ‏@meeeeeegs_


ً ‏@yn_hos

oomfs do u see yourselves ? 🤩

Jenn LUSH ‏@LushFrequency

@meyoco_ Omg this one 🥰❤️😍🤩 I must haz!

SoberSerg ‏@_AlvarezS

No mmsss 😍🤩🔥 we eatingg moreeeee

lghood ‏@LukeHood___

Springfields equivalent of Posh and Becks 🤩

Princessbubbles98 ‏@annettesoccer4

@Strawburry17 Agreed it makes it amazing 🤩

Juan Rojas ‏@s4v6_u5

@JackieStreetz I need pics 🤩

Kaz Derbyshire ‏@snowkaz84

@minitravellers @lpkids Aww this sounds lovely 🤩 how come Panda Nanny was never offered as an option on a career da…

seidy⁷ IS SEEING BTS ‏@vante_filter

kinda want to change my layout again 🤩

lara☻⁷ ‏@taemikro

it’s 8pm and it’s still light outside 🤩

Y⃒ o⃒ u⃒ n⃒ g⃒ H⃒ e⃒ e⃒ z⃒ y⃒ ‏@Bluntreras

Onions can stay home but give me some bell peppers, & asparagus cooked w lemon wedges 🤩

angel 🔜 ever after ‏@jackfalafel_

@angiegxox omg that top mask is gorgeous 🤩

lovelyeternity ‏@quinonez7_

@ellieerominaa I’ll cry if it’s not 😭 New Orleans is super fun though!! I haven’t been yet but my mom has been. tho…

adrienne ‏@axschei

@wolterstorffa perfect!! send me yours once you do it! 🤩

China Bambi ‏@china_bambi

China Bambi Hogwarts Bath bombs will add some fun to bath time! 🛀🤩✨ Each one contains a Lego Hogwarts character! Ma…

sanni 88 337 ‏@finelinevessel

@goldxnmoon tbsl 🤩

k🐣 ‏@karlee_fries

@pgtherealg i just—🤩

c⁷ ‏@ggukshair

@jeonIuvr omg lets fight 🤩

Abia —👄— ‏@falling_728

@tpwkstylez Canyon moon 🤩

renad ‏@ibefIossin

@JohnCena ur an inspiration 🤩

ivy ✨ ‏@prfctfpw

@brattycowboy all day, everyday!!! that masterpiece is gold! 🤩

Raquel J. ‏@bbquelse

I love Lil Durk 🤩

Sydney ✨✨ ‏@sweetsydxo

@babygirl_mulann Cashapp : $SweetieSyd 🤩💕

kayla is seeing niall! ‏@niallhenergy

niall, what other golf tricks do ya have up your sleeve huh?? 🤩

Yoongi Boongi⁷ 🇹🇹 ‏@45_dianne

I'm really excited for this comeback you guys 🤩

Patrick ‏@TarheelTide

@hunbothered Truth...hope u having good day doll..luv ya! 🤩😍😘💓💗

Christina ‏@bystinafaye

@Dirtylilbruja Just ordered! 🤩😋💗

ℓσ ✨ ‏@xo_loraa

DROP A “🤩” and FOLLOW whoever likes it ‼️👣 #letsgainnn

𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎⁷ 🌻 ‏@bvcxztae

@iblinkforjennie what album? 🤩

serendipity always ‏@Abhi972

@sweetsoul_117 Shabbash 🤩🙌

Galaxy Lollywood ‏@galaxylollywood

Cutest quarantine partners on the internet right now 🤩 #SonyaHussyn

Junerian⁷🐻 ‏@JunekookOT7

@LeeSungYoungJe1 That's what I'm talking about... The way you love and care about others is cute 😀🤩

Jack ‏@jackyyboy10

@JasmineJamesXX1 I too have some of your old pics 🤩😋

David ‏@SolodeMx

Finally have enough free time to run my daily 5 miles again 🤩

Georgiaa_xo 🌻 ‏@itzgemi20

Started making Iced coffee Thursday just gone... I can’t get enough 🤩😍

adrienne ‏@axschei

@joblonde yay!! send me yours when u do it 🤩

ceciliakgarz ‏@ceciliakrisgarz

& i have 4 🤩😗

Francois Reinke ‏@FrancoisReinke

ART. is VISUAL 🍒 #Women @FrancoisReinke #newmusic #rapper #Indies #musicvideo Premiere 🤩 goes Online Link :…

bay ‏@supergaybay

@jadefloresss_ imagine being THIS beautiful??? i- 🤩

angel ‏@average_Angel

@TheUglySpud you supported my blonde ombré and i love it. so DOOOO ITTTTT (when you can) 🤩

kareem🍒 ‏@DiorKareem

@romanjrodri You're art 🤩

Bootsy Collins ‏@Bootsy_Collins

This is War that we are not trained For. It affects everyone regardless of status. We give life as a sacrifice just…

Let Me Lick The Gooch🥴 ‏@Ijuwanticecream

@petitdesordre I vacation there 🤩

Matimusho ‏@matimusho

@IsaZednanreh @MikeHeadly39 Yeah she is 🤩 Thank you do much!🥺😊

𝘼𝙅 ‏@ajxalcantara

WOaH 🤩❤️

katie ッ ‏@baetie__

@ashlinnnnnnnnn Thank you ash!!! I love love love you and all of our wild memories together!! 🤩💕thank you for being my other half

Ross Maews Boy ‏@cubsross

@happybeepsonly @MaewsFoals @MiniFoals @RTHG82 👑🐴🐆🐎💞🔥💪🤗🌹❤️😘😍🤩💕💝🎀❤️🧡💛🐾💖❣️💓🐕 It most certainly is your house 🐾🐕 great…

doggo daddy iNSTINCT ‏@instinctcsgo

Flash is so cute. Like if you agree 🤩😍❤️

saloni ‏@flickersangel

hey niall do you like indian food? maybe it’s something new u can try during quarantine 🤩

Cot greenicecream ‏@cotveeerde

@jarynw02 show me the draw!!!! 🤩

Irene Romera ‏@_irenercant

@DreambeachFest The Chainsmokers 1 - 0 Coronavirus 🤩😍

angus c ‏@anguscooney

@AudreyStJames1 The air on a plan sucks downwards so if your going to sneeze sneeze at the floor in between your kn…

liyah 🦋 ‏@xo__maliyah

I can’t wait to get my hairless cat 🤩

Kirstin ❁ ‏@kirstinhansennn

What do you do when you’re quarantined? You watch @JeffreeStar 😜🤩

ƦIK ‏@Rittick22

Many many happy returns of the day 🎉🎂🎈 @abha_mishra19 🎉🎂🎈 Have a Wonderful day 🤩

Angela Slimmons. ‏@MamaBearrrrr

@Tee_Grizzley be sliding. I’m a new fan 🤩

Justine Hernandez ‏@OhlalaJustine

3 more days 🤩

Kristy! ‏@BlkWmnMajesty

Uncorked 4.5/5 🤩 Loved the story and seeing Black experiences without it the underlying tone of revolution Loved…

Amandine Caux ‏@amandine_jvc

@ChocoBonPlan @CauxOphelie Yeah ! 🤩

Jessie🤵🏽 ‏@woahitsjessiie

@cassandrasanova You just blessed my TL 🤩

emperor palpitations ‏@emperorpalpies


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