Star-Struck Emoji

An excited face showing stars instead of eyes.

Star-Struck was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With Star Eyes” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤩 Excited

🤩 Star Eyes

🤩 Starry Eyed

🤩 Wow Face

Unicode Name

🤩 Grinning Face With Star Eyes


🤩 U+1F929


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emma houser ‏@emma_houser6

awhh emmyyyy poo. thank you so much you’re the best😘💓🤩🎉

Norah Patten ‏@SpaceNorah

What a fantastic photo 🤩😍🤩 thanks again for inviting me onto this incredible panel

n♡w&j ‏@ultswj

or maybe i am who knows 🤩

₭₳Ɏ ₭₳Ɏ ‏@kaayylaa_xo

this is already a bop 🤩

Kirsty Leahy ‏@KirstyLeahy

@covcultureshow @GACoventry @MindCharity Yes I’ll help :)) 🤩

Pavithra Kodmad ‏@PKodmad

@krishashok Sorry yaar! Weekday no :( I hope you had a great evening 🤩 Are you visiting vivid in the weekend?

K.R.E.A.M🇯🇲♏️ ‏@Kash2DaWizzle

Cute 😧😊🤩

destiny ‏@destinydrews

today’s gonna be a bomb ass day 🤩

Kidoki Fan Group 😍 ‏@kidokifangroup

@kidoki_ Love you too queen 😍🤩

Liz Gagne ‏@MrsGagneGrade3

All ready for our field trip to the Fish Hatchery and High Falls Park! 🤩

SPLURGE ‏@daijamack

Me & my dawgs going all the way 🤩

cait ‏@chocolate_cait

happy birthday makflip!! thx for being an absolute goofball and making me laugh all the time :’) LOVE U TONS 💓🤩🎂🤪💛🎈…

Lizzie ‏@lizziemonkx

finally finished unpacking 🤩🏠

Tania ‏@Tania54605877

@LPITAOFFICIAL @iamlp @947HitsFM Beautiful day with this pic 🤩😘

Micky Hughes ‏@mcshamrock

@Hayley8974 It’s a good likeness since I got my new false teeth and glass eye 🤩

Weekenddan ‏@Weekenddandy

Im tired of self respect. I can’t afford a car. I wanna be a pre-fab super star 🤩

BerFrançois LM ‏@BerfrancoisL

@kiju7772 WAS SO GREAT !! Arigatou, THX, MERCI! <3 💕💙💋🤩💕🍾💜💜💜💜

Tim Webster ‏@timhulio

@solinimpex @WestmonsterUK You'd visit Britain just to see me off? I feel honoured! 🤩

Molly Oldfield ‏@mollyoldfield_

@elliehouston4 happy birthday ells !! hope u have the best day 🤩 xx

daph ‏@marveriee

shET AIRPLANE PT.2 aaAaaaaHhh 😩🤩

Aire Bar ‏@AireBar

The perfect day for A nice glass of wine 🍷👍🤩

KolkataKnightRiders ‏@KKRiders

Which was your favourite moment from #KKRvRR? 🤔 A] Skipper DK reaching 5⃣0⃣ with a MAXIMUM! 😍 B] DK & Russell scor…

jord ‏@bradysdonato

good morning to the boston celtics and the washington capitals only 🤩

Chris Morgan ‏@ChrisMo78065035

I liked a @YouTube video Tekken Part 3 Gameplay 🥊 🎮 💙 🤩

r-kyv ‏@r_kyv

#throwbackThursday to this Monday 🤤😋 Good food always gets me in the mood 🤩 . . . . .

Football Memories ‏@FM_Twittah

🇫🇷 Happy Birthday, Eric Cantona! 🤩 #manutd #manchesterunited #manchester #football #fff #footballmemories…

Ingo Scheiblich ‏@Brummer3Ingo

@abbymaria10 @FriskyBiz2 @pornhusiasm @Nicolette_Shea @Augusttaylorxxx @Brazzers Yes baby hot Hot 😊😘😘🤩😍🤩😍👍

313 ‏@x0x0mikaiah_

Think ima get this tat today 🤩

Jason ‏@jacelevine

So beautiful. 🤩

Charlie King in NYC 🍾🥂 ‏@charliekingnyc

Omg I’m a superhero 🤩

caroline ‏@CAREamel_apple

HAPPY BDAY MAKFLIP 🤩 thx for being my bff since kindergarten 💓 idk how we’ve put up w/ each other for this long, bu…

Lidia Pastrano ‏@ViejaPastrano11

No one puts Derek a corner! 🤩 #BMS

Patrick Schimelfenig ‏@SchimelfenigP

Good Morning😎 Have an amazing blessed day Superstars 🤩 #letswork — feeling pumped

Kate Gilmore ‏@_kategilmore

@bazmcstay @GateTheatreDub So kind of you! Thrilled you enjoyed it and were moved by it 🤩🇺🇸

🎨WhiteWolfWitcher🎨 ‏@WhiteWolfEm

@Chuumpyyy Haha no worries!!! Good luck on your searches 🤩

nemoon ‏@nemoon7

@Michael_Amott Please ARCH ENEMY Fest🤘 Like a Michael Schenker Fest, 3vocals🎤🎤🎤🎵🤩 Please play in Japan🎵🤘😆

B Y H O L L I S ‏@_byhollis

@Katilyn_Hamsher @C_Conover Just saw this!! Love love love! 🤩

M 💕🦄🌈🎀 ‏@thatmfmary

All the 90’s cartoons were fcking LIT 🤩

kinga misses harry ‏@floweryhstyles

Good afternoon, I’ve just passed my 2 phonetic exams and got A from each of them! 🤩

Rachael Showerman ‏@RPerryShowerman

@MrJaafarPE Thanks, Mr. J!! We all say the same thing about YOU 🤩

Zwelonke Itu Kekana ‏@Zwelonke_

Goodness. Their voices 😍🤩


@bvnbaseball1 @peterkramer23 I Happy For U Guys and I am Proud of U And U Guys Are My Favorite Role Model And My He…

studio 3 dublin ‏@studio3dublin


♛ ‏@jasmynnlilyy

can it be televiseeed, pleaaase 😭🤩❤️ thank you sooooo much 😘🌹 @laurenburnham91

Amanda Smith ‏@AMSmith_1

Trojans have fun daily! 👊🔥🤩

Chris Garrett ‏@ChrisGarrett101

An old school mini with a Honda Heart.... 🤩👍🏻

KIRA WILLIAMS ‏@kirawilliamss

I love you madyson!!!!! Sm 🤩😘

elizabeth 👑 ‏@liz013199

@jessicaa_lezama Thank you 🤩

🌟 ‏@rvsess

Fire 🤩

Bⓔllⓐ ♕ Fⓐccⓘⓐ ‏@Gr3n3ydSkOrP

#SurvivorFinale .... WENDELLLL!!! thats all!!! ♥️ go follow him/his business brothers on IG/TWITTER @BeveUnlimited…

Andres Abad ‏@aabadz

World crisis solved! 🤩😅😎

Destenie ‏@rxdes

i only draw for my lover 🤩

sara🌸 ‏@imsaraxoxo

woah 🤩

HDM Events ‏@HDMevents

Everyone looked to have a fab night last night at the penultimate Star Search Heat. Well done to Ben Arkut, Charlot…

kenna ‏@kennapierceyxo

I swear I wear Justin’s merch everyday, I have like 15 sweaters 🤩

Georgia Marie ‏@georgiarombach

Last exam today, leaving college and Ibiza in less than 50 days! Can’t get better than that 🤩💃🏽

Alexis:p ‏@alexis__lanae

Happy 16th birthday to the prettiest girl ever!!! hope you have an amazing day!!! love & miss ya!!!!! 💞🤩🚘🌻🌍✨🌞

Cha🤑 ‏@ChaTakeover

Had to cop me a new true back pack it’s only right lol 🤩

lil syd 🥇 ‏@sydneieverett

Happy birthday to my girl @kyrajunae 🤩💜 see you in juneeee

Valencia CF English ‏@valenciacf_en

We've got some good news.... 🤩✍

Ghanner ‏@GhanReyshiiiii

Star gazing sa probinsha = 🤩

Sravya Chirumamilla ‏@dr_chirumamilla

@heartdoc45 @DrMarthaGulati @DrQuinnCapers4 @willsuh76 @mmamas1973 @VietHeartPA Such adorable kids. 😍🤩

Emily Baines ‏@EmBaines22

The power of the AMP Roller 🤭😮🤩 #amproller…

Michelle Burrows ‏@MVBurrows

No coffee today, fresh lemonade 🤩

Emmy 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@katycatemmy

@flngoutofspace @chy_leigh WHEEEERE😍🤩

Zach Love ‏@zach4love

I always love the Marshmello's creations 🤩🔥 #marshmello

Vida Social Bogotá ‏@SocialEnBogota

🤩 Firmino. Brazilian superstars. Word assocation! 🤩 🇧🇷 @Ronaldo 🇧🇷 @RomarioOnze 🇧🇷 @10Ronaldinho 🇧🇷……

Nory's Design ‏@NorysDesign

Pretty in pink! Get this dress now at Nory’s Design Boutique in Tampa. Link in the Bio 👍🤩 #norysdesign…

Sara Grace ‏@saragrace_5864

@kylie_wood05 THANK YOU!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💓🤩

🖤💫✨ ‏@yannbugggg

🤸🏽‍♀️The World Is My Canvas & Imma Paint That Bitch How I Want It 🔥🤩✨💫

pauline ‏@spideyftquill

mr. stark with his sons 🤩

디🌓 ‏@taetaehobie

One of those once in a blue moon moment where Taehyung wearing jeans ahhhh 🤩

Augene ‏@Augenezoned

I want a baby like primo. A happy kid 🤩

🎬💥✨•• Suzanne ••✨☄️💫 ‏@SuzzledMind

@SlimFastUK #RTtoWin 🤩 Yes Please!!! 🎉

Socialista Media ‏@socialistauk

Online courses will be available soon 🤩 People love to post on their own social media rather than get management es…

PlasmarlPrimary ‏@PlasmarlPrimary

#PlasYear1 watching as the adults got involved! #PlasFun 🤩

베여🌌 ‏@beaaayabut

Now watching: 🤩💗

Tom's Beer Garden ‏@chophouseToms

@NadetteSpiteri Agreed! We couldn't be more pleased with this amazing sun 🤩 what are your plans?

B E E Z Y 🔥 ‏@hollywoodbeezyy

Haircut day 🤩

Maddie Williams ‏@maddiewilliamz

@jayden__lindsey happy birthday pretty girl🤩💛🤩

MekaSkull ‏@MekaSkull

@ENDESGA @playbyplayfest You look like a super-star 🤩, congrats!

NeezyA🤴🏾🦁 ‏@NickAnderson14_

Graduation day 👨🏾‍🎓🐊 #HunchoStatus📶🤩

*ALE* Madhura Sane coming ❤️ ‏@Quimey_vicky

Absolutely gorgeous 🤩😍❤️ @MadhuriDixit 🤩🤩 #DanceDeewane #BucketListOnMay25

The Skinny Schedule ‏@SkinnySchedule

Dann Sullivan is on his way! We are very lucky that Mr national sleek is coming to crown our man of the year tonigh…

LL Cool J ‏@LEXSISnotlexis

ever since I found one can send others tweets to oneself 😦 that’s all I do 🤩

Gab Gucci ‏@gab_gucci

same framing, same lens used, but the difference is that the first photo is using common room light and the second…

Collyn Ahart ‏@collynahart

Yeah so that’s my new wallpaper... 🙌🤩 I just love @seeouterspace illustrations

RedCat Digital ‏@RedCat_Digital

Are you a junior #developer looking for a #frontend job? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Well GOOD NEWS, b…

Bournemouth 7s Fest ‏@Bournemouth7s

1 day left until the #SportingGlastonbury is here!! Can we get a HELL YEAH!! 🎉😝😎😜🤩 Check out our Instagram page fo…

ras ‏@rasulmstr

@anyonecec yeahhhh!!!! 🤩

Evanca Serrano ‏@evanca_69

comeback stage!!!🤩👌🏼🔥 goodluck @BTS_twt ❤️

emili🌴☀️ ‏@ejmcguyre

@cailynn_mccarty @taylor7046 not sure why taylor is in this @ but ur hot too 😂🤩

chloe ‏@_ChloMartin

Love sending outfit ideas for our holiday to @KyraMarkham_ , gets me soooor excited 🤩🌴☀️

isabella ‏@isbibaby

um exCUSE ME i want more outfits like this pls 🤩

Jesse Spradlin ‏@JesseSpradlin

🎟GET TICKETS NOW!🎟 See me at House of Blues in Dallas! 💙 $10 Pre-sale! Link for tickets in bio. 🌟✨💫 Shoutout to the…

Donegal Together For Yes ‏@ARCDonegal

Sun's out, signs out! Human billboards, intrepid poster-placers and tireless leafleters are out all over the county…

Li ‏@mendesftharold

So aesthetically pleasing 🤩

E.ON Sverige ‏@EON_Nordic

Star struck 🤩 Global Smart Grid Award goes to LocalEnergy System in Simris. Also Finalist in ISGAN award handed out…

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