Star-Struck Emoji

An excited face showing stars instead of eyes.

Star-Struck was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With Star Eyes” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤩 Excited

🤩 Star Eyes

🤩 Starry Eyed

🤩 Wow Face

Unicode Name

🤩 Grinning Face With Star Eyes


🤩 U+1F929


Tweets For 🤩

Mother Inferior ‏@LushLoni

@BootstrapCook Can we talk about those pyjamas.... they’re exceptional... 🤩

Reena ‏@willowade

@Justin_Writer @KitdeWaal Just ordered. Sounds fantastic 🤩

Dana al marhoun ‏@danaalmarhoun

@Mk00779284 happy birthday bro 🤩🔥

Achhacart ‏@achhacart

Match Question #INDvsWI Which Team will win today's match? 🏏 Comment and win an exciting prize.🤩…

𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐚 ; 𝐭𝐦𝐭’𝐬 𝐚 𝐛𝐨𝐩 ‏@frecklyjikseu

blessed those who’ll hear this live, to those european stays, y’all are lucky! 🤩

Ankita Makwana ‏@bunnu6

Yassss! Match Day 🤩. Super excited to see both the teams. #BleedBlue Go #TeamIndia #INDvWI

amos🐱 ‏@aims_rosa

i’m going to see fricken Killswitch Engage 🤩😩😩😻 @kseofficial #killswitchengage

Lee Murds ‏@LEE337_Murdock

Been wanting to see Nasty C at daisies for years 🤩

KrystleDeanCrafts ‏@KrystleDeanCraf

Awww look at this father purchasing a #KrystleDeanCrafts doll for his #precious daughter. . HOW BEAUTIFUL ❤🤩😎😃😎😘 .…

卡普林 ‏@rainecaplin_x

@Booky_Bartram i love you 🤩❤️

Wong Liheng 황리헹 ‏@LimaHotel_

Armour NSman MP in Long 4 with SPDS badge 🤩

mareya ‏@mareyalee

@rvsalie hello!! you are too!! saw ur name and immediately followed a khmer sister 🤩 even tho I can’t read it djdnjsnd

🔥D-DAY|EJW I'M ON FIRE🔥 ‏@xreiggnex

@HappyMunnie INDEED 🔥🤩

Educate Staffing ‏@EducateStaffing

Dressing up as a celebrity today🥳Do you recognize us? What celebrities are we?🤩

Dixons Cottingley ‏@Dixons_Co

@CassandraMacDo2 Thank you for following us! We have hit #1000followers!! 👏🌟🤩

Teresa ‏@Teresab1977

Love dodging a hangover 🤩

Rohadi Teku ‏@rohaditeku

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𝙡𝙞𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙨 ‏@Luxidrm

just cried my eyes out at 4 am 🤩 goodnight now

👁️ ‏@heyyyjuddde

@itsmetylerjames Excited! 🤩

hetty ‏@daniellasolom0n

send babs, myloves 🤩

Saffy ‏@saffybari

@Umapathmini Thank you 🤩

B.Red the HURK🧨 ‏@BravoRRed

I wanna wake her ass up so she can see these views 🤩

McDonald's UK News ‏@McDonaldsUKNews

Thank you 👏 to the Mayor of #Telford and #Wrekin Cllr Stephen Reynolds @TandWMayor for coming down to meet with the…

adri_fr ‏@adri_fr

@phil500 Still night here, all night rainning, cold, energy cut and heading to work in 30 min. 🤩 good thursday to…

Emirates Riverside ‏@RiversideDurham

How good is our ground looking? 🔥🤩 #CWC19

Soul Nutrients ‏@Soulnutrients

4 DAYS LEFT.....🤩 For your chance to win a year's supply of our bestselling Turmeric & Black Pepper tablets All you…

s.✨ ⎊ ✪ ۞ ‏@magunastarks

anti-MJ haters stay pressed but Queen Zendaya slays & remains: u n b o t h e r e d ✨💛✨🤩❤️

New Journey To West 신서유기 ‏@NJTTW

What’s everyones thoughts of #IMONFIRE?? 🤩🔥 -W

𝓪𝓫𝓫𝔂 ‏@_yoonkevin

he likes kpop, his ults are twice and bts 🤩 he was wearing a love yourself hoodie earlier and thats when i decided i should talk to him 😌

Scotti Lila ‏@scottilila

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bushra🕊 ‏@bushraAlsunaidi

It’s freaking Thursday!!! 🤩💃🏼

Athrun Chiamaka ‏@athrunchiamaka

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nat ‏@nat_trinityx

Waking up to see that Tupou and Lyne have signed new deals 🤩

Emma Hall ‏@EmmaDoodleMaths

Loving filming the parents, pupils and teachers of @BraminghamP with @EdtechWonderHub and @JamesJoelDann ! 👏🤩 It’s…

m ‏@mddymtthws

@alani444 @sucnblo @sims_ulation no omg don’t be sorry u have all the wisdom 😂🤩

TechUp Women ‏@TechUpWomen

@cfidurauk @crispin_read @Dr_Black Hi @crispin_read , just drop us CVs and contact details for mentors at ioc.techu…

João Vaz (JVaz8) ‏@94JVaz8


J-Well 🧲🇨🇮 ‏@JewelSoro

Cute 🤩

अमित امت ‏@cool_amit21

@aworldinpages Or I would say cute day...🤩❤🤩😊😊

Uncia ‏@unciatrails

Finally NEPAL 🤩 . Honestly I think Nepal is on everyone’s bucket list, and we finally saw why! We just had about 1…

Anita Dow ‏@GoAnitaDow

@VodkaWardrobe @dozeebird @EcuadorDon @DomesticLtd @KRM_Morgan @VClinebarton @tobinmarks @KZ_Howell @ravaghi…


@crownedrebell Glow innn 🤩

𝒢𝓇𝑒𝓉𝒾 ‏@notearsxbieber

@breathin_butera it was on stupid things yesterday bit it wasn’t playful actually. but we are meeting tomorrow so we’ll see 🤩

Mal-Lee ‏@MallikarjunaNH

We need that “bEsT eNgLiSh iMpOrT” to stay with them for one more season! 🤩 #CHAMP10NS

Charlie Moss ‏@_CharlieMoss

Christmas can’t come soon enough 🤩

Marissa ‏@_MarissaWrites

After watching this video multiple times, I decided to book a 48hr trip to NY. This is going to be fun 🤩

Heike Pflüger ‏@HeikePfluger

Okay, so it begins... 🤩😍... #TheUntamed #魔道祖师 #liveaction #adaption

clare (andrea) 💘 ‏@andreasbiguwus

This at 4K views help stream my beautiful FanCam guys 🤩😌💅

n 🐱 ‏@panicathewonu

@kwonluvs omg :((( ily tho 🤩❤️💘

CIT ‏@CIT_ie

** Reminder ** Don't forget to book your place at CIT Summer Camp 🤩📷 Week 1: 1st - 5th July Week 2: 15th- 19th Ju…

Chloe 💜 ‏@CookWithChloe

Shared on behalf of @therealcatfish2 🤩

Andri Steiner ‏@andristeiner

had another 5* overnight accommodation 🤩

New o'lady in town ‏@MsBonjy

Night time is always tricky, ke trick_star 🤩 this little guy 🙉🙆🏾‍♀️🙈

Sam🐨💚 | Where is T13?🤧 ‏@JunkyutieT13

@mashimew I love that so much I want all those photos omg. You are my icon 🤩

ً ‏@MD_MYG

@MD_Jihyo onaman 🤩

richyy ‏@itsrichy1

Can’t wait for January of 2021 🤩 #AdiosTrump

MTP Engage Manchester ‏@MTPEngageMCR

@leewalker10 Thanks, @leewalker10! It definitely will be 🤩

Hưng Phước ‏@HngPhc49727408

Hello everyone ! ✋ Please like, comments and share this post help me ! Thank you for all, always good luck & happi…

mahra ‏@Mahra012

@ivy_madel arattt 🤩

malayamoniquee ‏@malayamoniquee

you hurted me & yet i still fucked wit you . . chile NEVER question my LOYALTY 😐🤩 .

Sweety ♡ ‏@parjuneeti_b

Congrats @arjunk26 for 6M followers on Twitter & 10M on Instagram 🤩😍❤️ We love you babe forever 😘😍🔥🙈

Taehyung black hair 💜🤟💜 ‏@N0M0W1

@kookvtwins Saved. Taekook selcas are so rare nowadays 😝🤩

Tea from The Manor ‏@TeaFromTheManor

@AndyBoxHill Wow! Beautiful 🤩

Hưng Phước ‏@HngPhc49727408

Hello everyone ! ✋ Please like, comments and share this post help me ! Thank you for all, always good luck & happi…

GameAnalytics ‏@GameAnalytics

What an awesome turn out!👏🏻Thank you again to everyone who came last night, as well as #Voodoo and @PlatonicGames f…

Chris Wilton ‏@TiltedWilts

@bordie_ Them skydive emotes though 🤩

Oleevo Pizza ‏@OleevoPizza

@dezkay1 @TheParksTrust Looking forward to it 🤩

ً ‏@Rosevolutions

@ULTIMATERPE I want both, please! 🤩

김다현 ‏@DAH1UN

@RPAutoBase Princess jasmine. 🤩

⚡️ ‏@kalsokold

🤩 cause lemme tell you

KillaKee😋 ‏@_KeanaTaiShay

My credit score went up 🤩

reagan ‏@ReaganHurleey

@herringhanna @lizzo i wanna seee!!! 🤩

carmen ‏@lvstwhore

@_ang3lbaby_ holy 🤩 this is amazing

Wqve_ ™ [6.9k] ☠️ ‏@WqveConcours

Who want this in dm ? 🤩

li ‏@_honeymimi

@trashsketch Holy shit idk what’s going on but damn this is incredible, I love this!!!!!! 🤩 like whaaaaaaat I’m in…

Launch Foods ‏@LaunchFoods

We would like to say a huge thanks to Tony from Sunny-sid3up for his continued support of Launch Foods and this ver…


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Hưng Phước ‏@HngPhc49727408

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Adrian Davies ‏@adidavies70

You guys!! 🤩 Go Stockport!!

vishal bisht 🇮🇳 ‏@vishalbisht05

Wooow, what a film #Article15 🔥🔥 Amazing acting by @ayushmannk 🤩❤️

darcy ‏@davidxnasha

miley with lana & ari 🥺🥺 no one's ready for this collab 🤩

FurryWerewolf_Official ‏@FurrywerewolfO

@daz_black Daz it’s really amazing!! 🤩❤️ (she should become an artist :>)

‏ً ‏@tsai__lau

@JlNRlCHOI Then do you get a follow? 🤩

Celebs 🌟 ‏@celebritykimdot

😂🤩 "Kids Show" #Gag #Smile #Fresh #Hot #Humor #Fresh

🦋 ‏@hxidy17

My neighbors are getting drunk and blasting bad bunny.. a mood 🤩😂

🅢🅨°• 🅡🅐🅩🅘°•ᴺᴷᴾ ‏@RJ_zithu

One tim watchable 😢 But Acting wise @VijaySethuOffl @yoursanjali 👌🤩😍 #Sindhubaadh

Hazel Perez ‏@hacperez

🇫🇷 Day 2 - 06/25/19 At Disneyland Paris 🤩🙌🏽

Shalan ‏@Lodhi_666

@AngryRedd Pakistan will surely win coz 1992 main bhi tmhra birthday tha 🤩 happy birthday.

Melissa🥰 ‏@Melissaatapiiaa

That she got me thinking😰🤩

Flossie ‏@77Fossey

Wearing my badge with #Pride2019 #katejarmen #mkuh #midwife 🤩

PHOENIX ‏@Phoenix_ex_13

@AngelBe17633192 @Lynn_CatsRule Hello, my Dear 🤗 Ah yeah... it was late... the audience was amazing 😘 Slept in the…

Ignite Sweden ‏@IgniteSweden

Congratulations @stingsthlm!!!🤩💥🙌 Don't forget that our next @IgniteSweden matchmaking event will be held at this a…

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