Star-Struck Emoji

An excited face showing stars instead of eyes.

Star-Struck was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Grinning Face With Star Eyes” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤩 Excited

🤩 Star Eyes

🤩 Starry Eyed

🤩 Wow Face

Unicode Name

🤩 Grinning Face With Star Eyes


🤩 U+1F929


Tweets For 🤩

Ty ‏@tyhodge559

Happy 18th to the loml @UniceSolorio , I have a huge surprise for her everyone stay tuned 🤩

lexX ‏@sixxelaaa

Sad hours 🤩

. ‏@MuoTarek

@Marah_Abdullah They're so good 🤩 I didn't get their music when I listened to them few years ago

jess ‏@jessicaphan__

i want some boba 🤩

Noelani Wilson ‏@lanibugg

@KateKearney I'll bring the salticrax 🤩

I F Y 💫 ‏@itsIfyy

@stiffyy__ So bad 🤩😍

TzeLeng ‏@tzlen_g

@fongsica Yes this is good 🤩

गौरी🖤 ‏@gowwriii

The amt of cheers given in the cinema wen tht dialogue comes up! 🤩

mary ‏@mimisaab

@ruby_cordova honored that I’ve upgraded from ugly rat to fave rat 😭🤩

lonelycoffee 🌧 ‏@GoodGirlKuno

the only thing that made me happy 😄🤩

Kiranthefest ‏@kiranthefest

Sit tight, put on your pretty headsets, aaaaaand play! 🎬 Kinda hard keeping a secret from y’all buuut we are coming…

vivis wife ‏@vivenneth

@seulgidraws honestly i like everyone from rv and it’s hard to pick a bias but these days yeri has been getting my…

P(R)ETTY 👑 ‏@Saucterr

@TerelloM Thank youuuuuu little one 🤩😁

samantha ‏@sensitivesatann

my brother and my dad are most likely gonna be home at the same time 🤩

vivien ‏@bolbbal

promos myself on my old main UGH my mind 🤩

Jeffries ‏@jeffreytorgby

You can’t miss this awesome play....😍🤩😍 @ University of Ghana, Legon

Emily Dope Allyn ‏@EmilyHopeAllyn

@Finessemitchell Ty this was something i needed right now. You are awesome!!! 😍🌟🤩🌟😍


Think I have caved in last minute 🙃 SANCHEZ OUT 🤮 BERNARDO SILVA IN 🤩 Reason ➡️ who do I want to bring in next…

andrea ‏@luvvdrea

@mandaisela you look so cute in your cheer uniform 🤩💓

Joanna Piechaczyk ‏@Jo_Jo_Nails

Just 2D ❤ + eyebrow tint 🤩 Lenght just 6-10 😍😍😍 Glue : Pro Black from luxuryeye_byhelgahalapi And also Lashes Prem…

kelsey ‏@notAb4ddie

bet 💸 on it 🤩

H 🤠 ‏@BigMamaHalz

Honestly? Tonight was just what I️ needed. 🤩

nessa ‏@ness_gonzalez01


lala💕✨👑 ‏@Heart_Cleared

Looking good, feeling good 🤩😝

Nat 🛸 ‏@nataliejett_

Angelic moments, thank you @PanicAtTheDisco for tonight 🤩

Landon 😎 ‏@landonbearden

So excited for tomorrow 🤩

Min// 19 days💜 ‏@SnatchedBts

I was gonna post a pic on ig but then ilI didn’t like it anymore 😔🤩


@BixberNavy Journals is so underrated 😍 CONFIDENT AND SWAP IT OUT 💦💦💦 ooooohhhh and flatline 🤩

La la ‏@jadesaichai

Jerika is really out here doing the thang. Don’t sleep on her. 🤩

TranceFamilyUAE ‏@TranceFamilyUAE

We're LIVE on @Diesel_Fm with @Triceradrops celebrating our 6th anniversary! Join us by tuning in at…

uncle sam ‏@sophiialeighton

i’m not playing when i say that i am dropping out of school, quitting all sports, and moving to la in order to purs…

Joanna Piechaczyk ‏@Jo_Jo_Nails

Just 2D ❤ + eyebrow tint 🤩 Lenght just 6-10 😍😍😍 Glue : Pro Black from luxuryeye_byhelgahalapi And also Lashes Prem…

MartinBallin35 ‏@MartinL84753248

Senior sunrise 🤩

🍯🐝 ‏@princess_mwoods


Steph Osgood ‏@Steph_Osgood

Get home from @TreaLandon ‘s show and my @coleswindell chair and CD are waiting for me...I mean what a great day 🤩

Muhammad Khan is on a deadline! 😵 ‏@mkhanauthor

@whatSFSaid @DaveMcKean Amazing! 🤩

Helen Mykhaylyk ‏@HelenM305

Onto Manchester TONIGHT!! Ryt excited to see @pitbull #givemeeverythingtonight 🤩😎🎉🤪💃🏼☺️😍

StaurosYT ‏@OMGitsStauros

@cizzorz Me bro 🤩

Abi Anya Porter ‏@abzTeamLab

@JeffreeStar I'm not sleeping at all atm woke up at 6am (2 hrs ago) 🇬🇧 and feeling sleepy again!! (Gotta love M.E.…

Goro Majima ‏@MadMajima

@LaMaisonGagax Mine too 🤩

Joanna ‏@jojoarre

lmfaooo thank you bird ass 🤩 I appreciate it <3

Jaanvi 🏏 ‏@ThatCricketBuff

Fuuccccckkkkk 🤩 #DreamWall

SaltySilvia ‏@salty_silvia

SO thanks to @thataylaa I now have 4 bottles of the CYO lifeproof foundation... what is life? 🤩

Lexi ‏@lexi_dancer3

literally one of the toughest duals!🤩🙏🏼

nath ‏@nxt821

3 more days 🤩

Problem Child 😈 ‏@problem_child32

@ThePLeague1 was going crazy today 🤩😳🤷‍♂️

Personal Pebbles ‏@PersPebs

@HeatherPugh12 hey! Thx for the retweets x 🤩

😈RachelRayy👑🦍 ‏@rachelrayyfoeee

I love when a man give u there undivided attention 💯🤩

meya ‏@itsmeyaboi7

feeling horrible is fun 🤩

nessa ‏@nessaxramirez

@critstalbieber @mvrivjimenez See you soon! Our treat to six flags 🤩

manda◡̈ ‏@amandqwtf

when it rains it pours 🤩

Hatred♥ ‏@markymaninang

Do you miss anyone right now? 😢 — Well I do... .-.. .- .-. .- 😉🤩

y a m m i n 💚 (yah - min) ‏@asapyamiinous

hey daddy 💓🤩

Thompson117 ‏@Thompson0906

@Ohaijessicaa Idk I charge pretty high 🤩

j ‏@sjmescudi

selling 3 tickets 49ers v Texans. anyone? 🤩

Camilla van Ingelgem ‏@CIngelgem

@HeadphonezOn @brstaking How did it go, Adam?! 🤩

Gopika Nagaratnam ‏@Justgopika

OMG!!!! The first photo of @priyankachopra and @nickjonas from their Engagement ❤️ They are so cute 😍😍 Priyanka…

Lee Chan Suk ‏@chansuk0206

Who want's an extra income?🤩☺️ STUDENT✅ Unemployed✅ Worker✅ Housewife✅ Free For All 😊 No Investment include You wil…

All India SKFC ‏@AllIndiaSKFC

Lyric video of #VarumAanaVaraathu from our @Siva_Kartikeyan anna's #SeemaRaja will be releasing at 7 PM today 🤩…

loriel ‏@lorieljc

peter kavinsky from to all the boys i’ve loved before 🤩

ʝıɱıŋ'ʂ ʂɱıƖɛ✦ ‏@gogo_jiminie

Jimin - Chimchim is Any Kind Of Guy. He’s the type to give his all to someone he’s close to, but he expects it bac…

Janay💥 ‏@LulBby_ashh

@Nakajia_Michele You would , you have a nice face for it 🤩

rebekah ‏@rebekahcampos_

The pioneers are forreals 🤩🏈

Barbara Smith ‏@barbara_smith67

@KeithUrban Thank you for a awesome show in Rogers, Arkansas! You truly care about your fans! @KeithUrban 🤩🎶🤘🏻

The Vine ‏@TheVineFood

And what a weekend it will be 🙌🏻 Today we’re welcoming home and away fans ahead of the @WBA V @QPR game 🍻⚽️ Make…

ʏᴏᴜssᴇғ ‏@Blueyou__

Match day 🤩 #forza_juve_fino_alla_fine

Myranda 💋 ‏@myrandarperez

@audrizzzle You never did tho bc ur a bad chica 🤩

Nissa ‏@x0xnissa

@emelyblossom Yes girl! ♥️ nothing beats those they’re the best 😋🤩 hope you’re doing good emely and I hope college treats you well ♥️

Anushka Arora ‏@Anushka_Arora

Here they are! Congratulations @priyankachopra & @nickjonas 🤩 here’s wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!!…

ColourMix ‏@nerd_colourmix

My room could be better with more ‘space’... Get it...cause.. I have Final Space stuff in my room... Trust me if…

Daria ‏@DariaBilowus

@JenTusch If you remember Woodstock, you weren't there. 🤩✌

Claire Rieuneau 🔜⛸🇮🇹🇨🇦 ‏@plumyplumy

@axelsandwich Very beautiful! Great artwork 🤩

sesylyaaa ‏@Yo_Mommuh


Mike 🌟 ‏@mikejayako

A Readers' Cafe within the library building 🤩

kelc ‏@kelcey_garza

@ReyRey___ yes sister keep on keepin’ on 🤩

kristykreme ‏@kristy_mckayy

Me and Naaria always have the best time 🤩

Nicolas Boisson ✞ن ‏@BNicolas9

@benjamindcrosby I wanna adopt this library 🤩.

ً ‏@97smaze

I FINALLY MADE A CARRD 🤩 hype up my pinned uwu

Lauren ‏@laurenbingley

Last contracted Saturday shift today (praise the lords) 🤩

Eva Lewis ‏@TheMTWoman

Found these cool earrings in @kmartaus! I feel pretty! 🤩 . #kmartfinds #kmartfashion #kmartaustralia…

Lone Voyager ‏@enigpma

@Goal_India 398 League goals. Be ready to see it as 400+ by the end of the night! #GOAT @Cristiano 🤩🐐

Bollywood ‏@Bollywo47102702

@aliaa08 and @ranbirrk will marry ! 🤩❤️🔥. @RanbirKapoorFC @Aliaasangels @AliaBhattFans @AliaBhattsNews…

ً ‏@titletracked

its 3 in the am n im ugly crying abt doyoung?? 🤩

haniel ‏@_hanieeel

Julie is loving the video I sent her tonight 🤩

The Official Cyan Magenta Burner Account ‏@cydazzle

To answer all your questions: - trying to figure it out one step at a time - it pretty fun actually, since you're…

catherine ‏@catherriiiineee

bishh i luv youuu 🤩💕

Alisa Tate ‏@therealadtate

Columbus has #jenisicecream and #Seattle has #saltnstraw 🤩 This combination was @ellenosyogurt matcha and honey lav…

𝕄𝕒𝕕𝕕𝕚𝕖 △⃒⃘ ‏@MadisonRamaget

Happy bday @austinbutler 🍯💛💫🤩

Champagnemamiii ‏@AuthenticBreeze

I need some friends, I’m from Los Angeles, I’m real cool lol 🤩 my friends will tell you #TXST

Princess St Hotel ‏@princess_st_h

Manchester welcomes back Pride’s annual Big Weekend festival in just under a weeks time. 🌈🤩 Here's the full breakdo…

U. ‏@sharifaayyyy

The Simpsons predicted this earlier.🤩

SPN- Sports ‏@SPNSportsIndia

A bit of history! 😀 India's first ever Test squad led by Col. C.K. Nayudu that toured England in 1⃣9⃣3⃣2⃣ - an ico…

alicia g ‏@aliciagarcja

late night pics 🤩

Knightess Rouge ‏@knightessrouge

@elonfantommy Thanks 🤩

Kid's Entertainers ‏@minnieTclown

I think these kids are having fun with Milo The Clown 🤔👉🙈🙉🙊🤩😂😜🤡💖🤹‍♂️🎪🎨🤣🤩 Book a super silly funtabulous slapstick…

ARYAN ‏@unitedaryan

Back home for the weekend 🤩

🍑 ‏@bklyn_michelle

@GlamLifeGuru Dang Tati! You fuckin’ it up! 🤩

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