Person Getting Haircut Emoji

A person in the process of getting their hair cut. This emoji is intended to be gender-neutral, but is commonly shown as a girl or woman smiling, with scissors shown open next to the hair on her head.

Windows previously displayed this emoji as a comb and scissors, instead of a person having their hair cut.

Person Getting Haircut was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Haircut” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💇 Cutting Hair

💇 Hairdresser

Unicode Name

💇 Haircut


The Haircut emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


💇 U+1F487




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̨ڛۜــﯖــٻۧــڼۨــۃ 🇲🇦 ‏@MorenaMeuf

I cut my hair 💇💇💇💇

AYE.SLIMEEE💚🏴 ‏@DatManAnt1

Who tf is yall ”🤷🤦🙋🙆💇🙎🙇” silver ppl wtf is they gay😂😭


Haircut 💇‍♂️ early !

Pious N Chembe🇿🇲 ‏@ThatGuyZM

@MumbiNamwawa I don't know if it's the maroon 💇 or the mastery to speak audibly even while being patronized by the host 😍

Max Ehrich ‏@maxehrich

i may not know u, but i love u & hope you have a day filled with joy, levity, & laughter <3 • • appreciate the cut…

anita rani ‏@itsanitarani

The big bob reveal!!! Choppity chop. 2020 baby. Thank you darling @oskarpera 💇‍♀️ ✂️ #haircut #bob #newhair #style…

AmandaCovetskieSalon ‏@ACovetskieSalon

THESE ARE OUR BEFORE SHOTS Giving my mom a hair MAKEOVER!!!! Stay TUNED to see the “AFTER” PICTURES 💇‍♂️ 😁👌🏻🥰❤️🥰🙏…

Linda McInerney ‏@lmciner

🎶🎵 Eggtooth friends, Panopera presents Barber of Seville! 💇✂ -

Geraint Nicholas ‏@ValleyBoyPics

Another Top Trim @ Jakes Place In Neath 💇‍♂️

I don come wetin dey play 🎮 ‏@KingCol45601120

@NerissaNefeteri I believe those hair 💇 moves at night

RightOnTV ‏@RightOnTV

OK! I remember these females in😀😀 "GANG OF ROSES!!!"🙅🔫🙆🙇🗡💇🔪 We search the net for urban links worldwide, only at Ri…

Will Trokey ‏@WillinDC

Going into the weekend like....😏 Nothing like a fresh haircut to make you feel yourself. 💇‍♂️ Now just to kick this…

MN Sheltie Rescue 🐾 ‏@MNSheltieRescue

@CollieTwiggy @GroverTdog How is it that she looks the same in both pix (except 💇in first pic)? 😍

Alejandra Silva ‏@BrandmerkCenter

🙌🏻Thanks @rafaelbello 🙌🏻 We had a wonderful time in the interview!! 📽🎙🎚 Check out the full interview in Univisión D…

Daniel Hitchcock ‏@DanielHitchcoc5

@ClaudiaLizaTV who cut your hair 💇✂️🙈 #butchered

Butterflybabe ‏@scottishcaz14

Always feel better after a trip to hairdressers 😊💇‍♀️

🌻🌻 ‏@afoodiemugglee

@HolaItsAbdullah @ItsSalahMate yass! 💇‍♀️

Jan 🌷 ‏@shypixie76

@SarahDaisy_5 Thank you. Have you had a good day? Loving the redder hair, by the way 💇‍♀️ suits you. x

Claire💋 ‏@makeupsfun

New blog post is up! This week I am talking about counterfeit hair care products found at Target and Walmart. Get i…

skinnymini ‏@85skinnymini

@ColorsTV @Vivo_India @BeingSalmanKhan Please get sidharth a HAIR CUT 💇‍♂️

Sam ‏@_boo_radley

@tayyyy_marie .............................💇‍♀️✂️ just kidding, Caleb and I would both be inconsolable probably

FPL Chieftain ‏@FChieftan

@DadFpl I should have picked up more on the locks envy 💇‍♂️ with El Ragg 😂😂 Be interesting to see how he goes this weekend!

awpfreak02 ( happy BDAY) #RyanWFam ‏@VeerMeh29925414

@DragExclusives I was ur 100 like🐼😭🐼😭🐼©️😛😛🎊💇🎊💇©️

Çağatay Ulusoy AR 🇦 🇹🇷❤🇦🇷 ‏@ulusoy_ar

🆕️ look 💇‍♂️😍 #cagatayulusoy

Potawatomi Casino ‏@paysbig

Still not decided on a hot new look for 2020? Find out how to take good care of your hair until you pinpoint the…

★ 🎀 LittlPixi🎀 ★ 😈❄️🗽 ‏@ViolaLeeBluz

•Spinach scramble 🍳 •Shower🚿 •Ulta returns & buys💳 •Set up Jon w/ a new🏦acct so he can join in on Etsy •Get him…

jake (is in the library) ‏@CuriouslyJake

I just got impeached for a long day at work and then I’m getting ready for a haircut 💇‍♂️

🆕gibrxn ‏@JaiDJade

got called off work so i slept an extra 2 hours 😎 jealous? you should be 💅💇‍♀️

Corbett Court Mall ‏@CorbettCourtGal

Those tones 😍 amazing balyage from our master colour expert Aileen at Head shed Galway 💇 #HeadShedGalway…

Mirabel ‏@chibi_m

Chop chop chop 💇‍♀️

𝐏𝐉𝐌𝟏 ⁷ ‏@Jimindipity1013

Guess who's getting a haircut tomorrow. 💇

I33i🌻 ‏@IzziiRasey

Hair cut 💇‍♀️

Uncle_Mutundwe_PhD 🐐🦍 ‏@SKigaani

Got bored today so i decided to visit the barbershop 💈 💇‍♂️ #shotoniphone

Syed Hishamuddin ‏@HishamuddinSyed

@DUALIPA @Burberry #SameDreams💋👄💋!#Starring By Mr SH&Miss Farahdhiya Mohd Amin(Malaysian Actress&Singers)(She Starr…

ᴍɪɴʜᴜɪ. ‏@mvnhuis

💇😳💅 Self care day, i guess? 🤔

joanna westcott ‏@182Joanna

Hair booked 💇 💁

AWholeBatata😋 ‏@TshegoRatsoana

New look alert 💇‍♀️🖤

B:B Comedy ‏@BBComedy1

How many of u remember Rihanna Hair style 💇,, i mean dat hair style wey part of d hair will cover one of d eyes????…

Ulta Beauty ‏@ultabeauty

@MikeTheRawkstar Love the fresh cut! 💇‍♂️

Kwame Frimpong Christopher ‏@KwameFrimpongC1

Graduation 🎓 Hat is More Attractive Than Brazilian Weave💇..! ✋😏

Saywhat? ‏@joshnewstead

@chrystallll @notcapnamerica Do they all have the same bad stylist? 💇‍♀️ Is that how we can spot his minions in the…

Tisserand UK ‏@Tisseranduk

❄️ Is your hair needing a little extra TLC?❄️ We're loving this article by @gouldhallie via @byrdiebeauty telling…

Darlene Avila ‏@_DarleneAvila

@TheToyInsider @ohsotrendy @thattoygirl @toyinsidermom They sure are! My daughter wants to be a hair stylist 💇‍♀️ s…

Rae ‏@Raedioactivity

It’s #freakyfriday! Make sure to swipe —> for this one...😉 📷: donald.b.holmes 💇‍♀️: ardawigs 👗: @ldc_deadites 💄…

Beach Wave Perm ‏@BeachPerm

WHAT’S BETTER THAN NEW HAIRSTYLES?😍link: The Beehive hairstyle can look great for Prom,Wed…

Genolexis ‏@Genolexis

Tonight's #party is sponsored by theblindshearsman 💈✂️💇‍♂️👀 #fashion #grooming #nightlife #elite #premier…

Engr. Baylosis 🌹 😊🌈 ‏@JbJoenard

preschool: Darna 💪 elem: Princess Ariel 🧜‍♀️ high school: Rapunzel 💇‍♀️ college: Queen Elsa ❄️ present: BARBIE! YES…

Jesse Archer Azar ‏@jesseaazar

@katyperry Hey Little Kitty, I'm HELPING a contractor open up the 1st TRADER JOES in North Hollywood. By the looks…

tooth fairy ‏@nikimaryel

@elezzzzz_ you'll never know unless 💇💇💇

Cha' ‏@Chatl0up

💇 Couleur in progress 💁‍♀️

Mrs Mumba ‏@tshedisott

The big chop 💇

Cynthia❤️✨ ‏@cynthia0koro

Thank you so much @kaaaliinn ❤️ You literally made my night😊...You’re one of my favorite client fr💇‍♀️... #alcorn23…

Raïssa ‏@Angela77Raissa

@jdflynn Well, maybe if the barber referred to “your story” you could say you’d prefer to go on to another topic of conversation.😌 💈 💇‍♂️

Mer ‏@Mer_tweeting

I can be in every hairstyle you like 💇‍♂️🤭❤️

Shannon ‏@phanicathed1sco

I LOVE my new hair 💇‍♀️❣❤

Walid M Rihane (آل زعني) ‏@WalidMRihane

And a new haircut 💇‍♂️

Avid ‏@prem18074125

@shaileeism My home has turned into saloon , all of my expectations are trimmed off ! 💇😂😅

𝕆𝕝𝕘𝕒 (𝐁𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚) 🌸 ‏@topandbeautiful

@chizz_parmesan 3rd and 4th ✨ not a fan of his suit last time, if only he’s not csh, but wtv, I don’t have a say. I…

Downtown Little Rock ‏@DowntownLR

TODAY: Chop It Up With A Cop from 11 am - 1 pm at Handle Barbershop (523 Main Street). Join @LRpolice and…

call me Clau ‏@DismaSihite

New hair & i love it 💇✨

Koala VA ‏@Koala_VA_

@citizentyler46 (Mr Koala 😂) put his ultimate trust in me today! He let me cut his hair! 💇‍♂️ . . My first time doi…

crystalsold ‏@CrystalSoldHere

@hotd_goodm he looks awesome with short hair 💇‍♀️ ‏@Mosiursk2

#Likee #HelloLikee🙆💇😅☑ is broadcasting a Magic Live, come and join in!…

Matthieu H Arnoult 🌲 ‏@Catalaunensis

Who would you trust with your portfolio on the stock market📊? Some professionals🤑, an astrologer🧙, some beauty blo…

JMoLawre ☮️🗯🔳🔲 ‏@JMoLawre

@NikkiMcR @ParkerMolloy I just want to gently guide her in to the nearest Fantastic Sam’s for a nice haircut 💇‍♀️💇‍♀️💇‍♀️

Charmaine Cimo ‏@CharmyBlueEyes

TGIF! #naneahoffman #coffee #coffeetime #coffeelover #coffeequotes #coffeememe #sweatpantsandcoffee 🦄 #Season41 💎…

sylphy @ giveaway! 🎉✨ ‏@syl_phy

Good morning this is real Nort-ing hours 💇‍♀️

Sammie ‏@SamCamp75

@AwesemoDFS What hair 💇‍♂️

pau ; sf9 first win!! ‏@classicaegi

i suddenly want a 💇

deepak ‏@lakshmideepakg

To do : CUT MY HAIR 💇‍♂️ 😊😊

keep calm and love esther. 🤘#回_LABYRINTH ‏@eurbiya

did y'all have ever fall in love with your own hairs like what i did now? hohoho see you tomorrow buddies. 🥰 #클로이비…

❤⚡🔥♐LoveEnergyandHeat♐🔥⚡❤ ‏@MaverickPower2

Love him~! 😊💖💇‍♂️ Drawing made by MediBang Paint Pro and (and yes, by my computer, not a t…

Sun ‏@howdysun1

Nails done, Hairs done, Breds done 💅💇‍♀️🍞 @GaneshBot @FleekNotify

Raamesh Kariya ‏@raam__esh

Trying to watch on the television 📺 every 10 secs after sitting for a haircut 💇‍♂️.



Zaira G ‏@zaira_gin

The shorter the better 💇‍♀️

𝔪𝔫𝔪’𝔰 ‏@nadine_monet

I just spent 400 pesos to have my haircut 😬💇 and if that’s how much u have to pay to let go of things in life, then so be it😌

Skywing Knights ‏@SkywingKnights

Can’t wait to get a haircut tomorrow! I feel like I need one in the worst way (but mostly I just want my bangs back…

Beth ✌🏻❤️ ‏@KindHippieSoul

Doing some #selfcare today. I took the day off and I’m planning on getting a hair cut (it’s been over 6 months), ma…

N’wa Mashabane ‏@Rhulani_Marlice

I did it 💇‍♀️

ELlezIrC ‏@heyitsmeyhe144

Shorrrrrrrrtttt hair..... 💇💇💇💇

bad and h*rny and bi🏳️‍🌈 ‏@LokiSmokes

the hair💇‍♀️! the face🐱!

Anne ‏@annesinclair2

@LDiamondAuthor I know just the place to get your hair cut 💇‍♀️..come on down to Australia 🇦🇺

SERGIO DE ENNIN©🇬🇭 🇨🇳 ‏@sergio_de_ennin

Get ur heart desired and a nice haircut 💇 from CRYSTAL CLIPPERS barbering shop We're located at Bortianor off the…

bea faye ‏@beyafeyp

short hair is me 💇‍♀️

Michael McDaniel ‏@MichaelMcboat

@KathleenChu5 @glennkirschner2 @SRuhle @MSNBC Morning, Kathleen🌞Will do. Make em’ pretty🌺💇‍♀️

🎄 ACO 🎄 ‏@AcoPensal

Miley has gotten more hair - cuts lately than me in 3 years lol 🌚😂 💇‍♀️👀

Cyril Zaragoza👸 ‏@ayeitotle

Took the risk 💇

reiq ‏@_moCheeks

I have to get a haircut 💇‍♂️ today .

b00gie ‏@duanneybt

Mah babi looks so fab!!! to her new💇‍♀️ 🙈😍❤

shanel ‏@shnnlmry

yow I legit wanna cut my hair 💇‍♀️

PotatoChenji 👑 ‏@KenCha113019SB

Cut. Cut. Cut. 💇💇 I'm gonna cut this a bit more short tomorrow. Yass.

Mama_Bokamoso👭 ‏@Katlego_Denga

@kKhiize @Mzansimagic Open a salon 💇

Arizona GG 🐻 ‏@Arizona10718799

@nicolekalia @Jasslays Give me some of that hair 💇💇

feliz✨ ‏@feliciamla

Gave myself a selfcare date today!! 💓 ✅ brows waxed 🤨 ✅ hair cut & treated 💇‍♀️ ✅ ramen for dinner 🍜 ✅ went shopping 🛍 ✅ fruit tea 🍵

kayan ‏@llatonyasimpson

@niakumi Love the hair.💇

Nic Nash @ Heaven ‏@Nicnash69Nash

A style refresh ready for the weekend! 🌸💇‍♀️💇🏻‍♂️ #heavenlyhair #hairbynicnash #kevinmurphysalon

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