Hammer Emoji

A conventional claw hammer.  Displays with a claw on the back for nail removal.

Previously displayed as a gavel in iOS, before changing appearance to a claw hammer.

Hammer was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🔨 Claw Hammer

🔨 Handyman

🔨 Tool


🔨 U+1F528




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Monroe High School ‏@MonroeHigh

Looking good Trojans! 🔨🧰👷‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/RMRxSQH7N7

Seattle Yachts ‏@Seattle_Yachts

Did you know Legacy Yachts have some of the finest and well-built interiors in the industry? 🔨Interiors are custom… https://t.co/JEDayOVPMM

Olamide ‏@Paddy_Amusat

@BusolaDavid_ I support the motion 🔨

EuroLeague ‏@EuroLeague

The vision, the pass, the DUNK 🔨 #InsiderTheSeries👀 https://t.co/xtyXFvHz0M https://t.co/tsAxetJs8T

mark ⛅ ‏@markenggg

📷 with aubrey the 🔨🔨 https://t.co/6WpljepJM0

Board & Brush Clive ‏@BoardBrushClive

What a very fun and talented group from Westgate Dental celebrating their friendship during their team building eve… https://t.co/xPTaB8Hkb5

Board & Brush Clive ‏@BoardBrushClive

What a very fun and talented group from Westgate Dental celebrating their friendship during their team building eve… https://t.co/YMRDCn7QHx

pulp🐣 ‏@fridgeszxc

Absentmindedly flirting but awkwardness knows us well 🤯🔨

Christopher Styles ‏@chrisstyles44

Hello my Twitter haters I'm hereeeeeeeee open the door I won't hurt you 🔨⛏🗡✂️📌📍🗝🛠⚒ 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/WW9RZ8dLac

Saint Celluz ‏@celluz

We all mistakes, and it all make this life interesting 🔨

Larry Langley ‏@doublel71

@RepAdamSchiff Adam can you still see that Collusion 🤡🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

Davie Weir 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@DW80000

@ColinMair3 @TerryWSummers @2351onthelist @Glenerne @jeffers6550 @ScotlandsFuture @KeithRSteele @KatePotts11… https://t.co/ecPKUJzvR6

Light Dispels Darkness ‏@cezhere

@powertoimpeach You've already lost. Time to catch up now & quit lying. #TheTruth is all coming out. #DownSheGoes… https://t.co/GTCcfHgN77

Scruffs Workwear ‏@scruffsworkwear

Send us a photo of your Scruffs and we'll feature you across our social channels. Make sure to tag… https://t.co/pvjGPPisTv

Allen Christophèr ‏@unclejamie22

@WWE_NEWS_NBC I want AJ Styles to win, but "The 🔧Daniel Bryan Will retain the WWE Championship. 🔇🔕no more 🔨⛏⚒🛠's.

ً ‏@neolimitlesslut

@cvIestiaI heartbreaker 🔨😝💔

Western Brown HS ‏@wbhsathletics

Good luck wrestlers at the SBC Wrestling Championships today! 🔨 https://t.co/5bAf26cV0m

Dump tRUMP Psalm 109:8 ‏@Buffoon_Donald

@PalmerReport Bring in the next 💩t-Rump family member and a bigger hammer 🔨 😇 https://t.co/2QrHLs5owj

Skeeter Jim 🇺🇸 ‏@SkeeterJim

@Jdbasslinger115 Already jackin around in the pumpkin patch I see! Nice toad 🔨

Juliette N. ‏@JNarviak

@WhoDoYouLove96 Stop attacking me like that 🔨


These #MTNDEWICERisingStars showed off the hops last night! 🔨 https://t.co/OunwCPNC3Z

Greg Tartaglia ‏@NJTags13

#NJbowling finals week recap: @mariner_maniacs champion-ship sails 2X @JLibAthletics rides double wish-Bohn suspens… https://t.co/skUaPu6ImN

Dawn ‏@DawnGillDesigns

Neighbours are out, so I'm hammering a commission. Making a chain necklace, using my biggest wubbers bail making pl… https://t.co/v4UErfAs3o

The Glamorous Owl ‏@theglamorousowl

Saturday's in our workshop.. 😍🔨💍 https://t.co/nEREVpA55W https://t.co/aBiNjxJNBt

MM93 ‏@marfieldmanage1

@NSE_Latchmere @hornby Try standing the tins ( upright !) in warm water for few mins before use. 👍🔨😎mm93

G and T’s allotment ‏@GandT_Allotment

Building day 😁 🔨 https://t.co/FFaAh07sC4

Tercer Equipo NBA ‏@NBATercerEquipo

Ben Simmons!! 🔨🔨🔨 #MTNDEWICERisingStars #NBAAllStar https://t.co/9u4N5R2D9u

Vonta'_Montanna💰 ‏@Vonta573

Ion trust shyt but dis pole. 🔨🔫💥👾 #OnMe

Leon ©️ampbell ‏@LeonOnTour2018

@sandragogglebox Good morning 👌 have an amazing weekend enjoy. 😜🔨 x

sophie. ‏@SophehMcG

Someone cover my work for the next few months whilst #OWL2019 is on! Need to get home and watch the boi Dafran smas… https://t.co/JTXM414NY5

The Despicable Three ‏@TheDespicable3

@FloRichDa @SpringyTales @Pleasure_Beach @ClubPBE Oh mate! What you done now? Brilliant 😂😂😂 🎢 🔧🔩🔨

Kitty Squeakle 🎶📯🐱👻 ‏@Kitty_Squeakle

@ASmolRobin @nyaakat @sennalvr Next up I'll have to introduce her to my hammer collection 🔨 It's so effective agai… https://t.co/vJYiHMwX9x

BigYoutt Masie 🇿🇼 🇿🇼 ‏@masiemsoko

@vargoe21 @MinisterSBMoyo @edmnangagwa @MthuliNcube @energymutodi @fortunechasi @JbMatiza @nickmangwana @InfoMinZW… https://t.co/LSEE6qVS82

To The North ‏@TTNBasketball

🚨#Shaq is back🚨 The @stjohnsedge have added Shaquille Keith (@ChristBoyDaily), making this his 4th @NBLCanada seaso… https://t.co/VlIXP3nSVs

Freitas⚡️ ‏@metenapace

@ritasousa_xrd Thor 🔨

Maeng ‏@itsmaell

Which do you prefer if I hit you? ✋🌂🔨 You choose. — Spank me HAHAHAHA https://t.co/pI4ve9227f

The Baby Sitter 👶🏽 ‏@Hxnchess27

I don’t know what kick started this drugs vs fraud debate, but as someone who works with women offenders daily, I c… https://t.co/hcQvpgRZOy

PoetryWolf 777 ‏@Poetry_Wolf

ur booth , & Bringing along Meye Fing Thor hammer 🔨 PoetryWol

Umtiti jacob10 ‏@umtitijacob10

@KamemeTvKenya @gichimujoseph1 @KaruiruM Chelsea 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔨🔨

Complete Carpentry (UK) Ltd ‏@CompleteCukltd

Mornings work coming on well. 🔨#Sevenoaks #hardwork #timberframe https://t.co/cM6eOPyK1R

Red Crow 🇰🇪 ‏@Mahatkher

@newscientist You Mf come with a cat and claim our panther🤔🤔. We have Matiang’i for that purpose 🔨🔨🔨🔨. Try that none sense again

Timwork ‏@rimbui

Exactly. Or Tim, you don't look like Meru Am I suppose to look like a : ⚔⛏🔨 Smfh.. https://t.co/Tw2VkffvOq

Danny Molyneux ‏@DannyMolyneux

@DawnSunrise1 I fancy the flip screen, and also I don’t have a microphone input on my “vlogging” camera so record s… https://t.co/7jtq97YXlx

Brian Thacker ‏@stonethack

Enjoying the process of hard work this am!! #KeepHammering🔨 https://t.co/NUqmWp2Doy

🐱Cats.☕Coffee.🔧Work.🎉Fun. ‏@catscoffeework

@TommyDoyle47 @Stevodadevo2 🔪 🔨Wouldn't it be Wrong Turn where you at least die the fastest?? So then less time suf… https://t.co/ZrjMH7oOrj

Chima Nwankwo ‏@Chimsky1

INEC boys don 🔨!!!!!!

Benners ‏@lbenners

The Verdict is in 🔨🙏❤️ #vegetarianbreakfast #tw8 #foodgloriousfood #foodie #eatwell #londoneats #breakfast… https://t.co/hPBkYjdSjJ

Garbage ‏@Garbage_Art

@AutApu That sounds an awful lot like “my fellow apus” posting, you clown. 🔨

jo🌴 ㅣ curently nothin only event ‏@introidol

@scenerytae It's what u deserve for exposing me 24/7😡🔨

Andrew Day ‏@AndrewDay111

At the bottom of the table another big game as @InvictaDynamos (8th) travel to Milton Keynes trying to chase down t… https://t.co/mf5mxg1Nb3

Henrietta Armstrong ‏@HenriArmstrong

Beginning work on the 4 limestone directional stones...🔨📐✏️ • • Commissioned by @PendleHillLP & @InSitu_1 https://t.co/Bucx4k7Jm8

UoL EvoAnth Seminar Series ‏@LivUni_EvoAnth

Coming up first up today @PalaeoHub York our very own @DomCoe talking about his research 'Getting a Handle on Handl… https://t.co/bGQr8wMhvJ

FIXAS ‏@fixasuk

As a Gas Safe Engineer who has been in the field for 15 years, Takim gets the job done to the highest standard and… https://t.co/0YH7bkONlI

Pro Hlatshwayo ‏@Shordyyou

Udakwe 😩then try peaking out d car🚗window uzwe🔨 Bashing ur head against d window

vitalroofing ‏@vitalroofing

Dry ridge done to day 🔨📝 https://t.co/b4Um1QfVeu

Seven Dwarf ‏@Cyberfairytale

Chapter 1 Shaky 🌒 ♒ 🚁 🎺 🍔 🍺 🔨💊🚬💊 🚾

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(PETER GABRIEL---SLEDGEHAMMER)🔨🔨🔊🔊⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼

Benners ‏@lbenners

The Verdict is in 🔨🙏❤️ #vegetarianbreakfast #tw8 #foodgloriousfood #foodie #eatwell #londoneats #breakfast @ Verdi… https://t.co/mY0ZKnXkSs

Nammax ‏@namnamnamoon

You’re amazing. I’m under your spell. There is not a single moment ever gonna come in my life when I stop loving y… https://t.co/RRtgxKP9ss

jo🌴 ㅣ curently nothin only event ‏@introidol

@scenerytae Yall gonna scream at me again for starting a math debate in the groupchat😡😡🔨

Joe franchi ‏@Speaktofranchi

@BigTomD in the building . Looking forward to him chatting to fenners , Bullard and Lloyd on the sofa ⚒⚒⚒🔨.

Leon ©️ampbell ‏@LeonOnTour2018

A little sun yesterday and check us two silly bois 😱 oh well I see the suns out again today you need us you know wh… https://t.co/RB1pmgGwJi

Deejay Africano ‏@Deejay_Africano

Y’alL @djsmash254 & @mcfullstop need to drink loooots of water too🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣 Bless Up n Nuff luv str8 from Kigali💯💯💯🔨🔨🔨

thakursushil2004delhi ‏@sushilthakur80

@jpmorgan is involved in siphoning of money for @amarpaliflatsin. Supreme court is 🔨 them. Surprise that… https://t.co/0f47VYcRgt

ダビット先生←That's me🤗🍁 ‏@ExDav

We turned the corner today thanks to the help of Koumei, American David (Terminator), T-san and K-san🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨 https://t.co/SvDM6gQkni

Steve Wells ‏@Steve_Wellsgh

🤦🏻‍♂️The problem with our generation is; looking for love ❤️ at the age you’re supposed to be hustling🔧🔨, Wake Up!!… https://t.co/CTZv3eopXN

Rylann Watts ‏@RylannWatts

@toddYoungonline so cool 🔨

bella13⚡️ ‏@xyrenekayeBella

@Sofiandreabltrn 😉 thanks master.. 🔪💣⛏🛠⚒🔨🗡⚔️

Gareth Mark ‏@GarethToGo

My neighbor thinks it's OK to bang a 🔨 at 7:00am on a Saturday morning. In an apartment building. 🤦🏻‍♂️

sly D senator ‏@tobasly

I no be hammer 🔨 but I fit knack well well 😂😂😂 https://t.co/8c7X7fzaqf

satooriday ‏@SatooriDay

Yes..... converse and hoodie 😶🔨 https://t.co/cxZ7L89l9g

Dave Edwards ‏@Hassells1996

You dum bitch I done know which rock u crawled out from under but what is an utter, that’s just the dribble coming… https://t.co/JyT2Y1iFZP

(((Queen Snowflake)))🇹🇹 ‏@sarangipani

@Wilfred_Diego @LuisAdrianoUK Then a bloke called Wilfred got a good braining. 🔨😎

Kishan ‏@Kishan82915785

Come hangout with me > 🔨 Break the Taboo hello on #BIGOLIVE https://t.co/TXMhVxPwLs https://t.co/MNSAOWGbe3

RealZoo ‏@RealZoo524

@VexingVixxen Oh yeah, I'm fixing my drip. 😎🔧🔨🚰🚱

Shane Heal ‏@ShaneHeal

Oh weeksy just exploded for the contested dunk🤦🏼‍♂️🔨@NBL

Md Azizur Rahman ‏@azizur655

YahooSports : Put back jam WITH AUTHORITY 🔨 (via NBATV) https://t.co/ESqdTPGYXV (via Twitter… https://t.co/hNAzsRylsS

BradleyStokeMatters ‏@BS_Matters

#Halfterm is upon us!!!BOOK last few early bird prices and join @TotalCoaching05 for our superhero holiday club thi… https://t.co/6lxsU02pxh

🔨SLAM LORD🔨 ‏@SailorRomantik

@NeilNihilist I am the Slam Police. 🔨🔨 👮🏾‍♀️ I’m not your average WD girl.

shingie ‏@clive3t

@cleossexxy @BabesWezvese pum pum paradise ...💃🔨👯

Evang Mangwende🐬 ‏@EvangMangwende

@PacheduZW @Wamagaisa @edmnangagwa @InfoMinZW And someone is holding Thank You Rally 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🔨🔨🔨

♡ ‏@shytypebbgurl

Next week will be full of packages haha karupokan sa @weareoneEXO 😅🔨

History Daily ‏@historydailypix

Harrison Ford as a carpenter before he became famous as an actor. (1970) 🔨 https://t.co/xzCg5leNNW

Stagecoach South ‏@StagecoachSouth

🔧Are you a skilled PCV/HGV mechanic? 🔨 We need you! We're currently hiring and looking for a friendly, flexible an… https://t.co/IV3bhrZE3d

LOONAVERSIAN🥞^_____^🥞 ‏@bunniesluvr

@koojimns oh nu hdo and she always like DONT 🤨🤬🤬👺👿USE ☄️❌🚫❗️‼️⭕️⛔️🛑📛MY EDITS !!!!!! ORELSE 🔧🔨⚒🛠🔪⛏⚔️🗡

🔨SLAM LORD🔨 ‏@SailorRomantik

@NeilNihilist That is exactly what I am going to do. Tf. 🔨🙄💦🦷

Bear8RSouls💜✌#PeopleOvaPolitics✊#StopTheRot🌏 ‏@GotchaGotcha4

@MikeCarlton01 Ohhhhurgh... your funny+mischievous. Keep it up! 😏 📢Keep the 🔦💡⬇📣📝🔨📆⏳ #PaladinAffair

Emma Righini ‏@emmma_dilemma

Drove past an old man hitchhiker on a mountain road with absolutely no regrets... not today mr serial killer 🔪🔨😵

Mathew Docker ‏@MathewDocker

Chipping away at designs in photoshop 🔨 #codeislife #reactjs #react #web #webdesign #webdevelopment #webdeveloper… https://t.co/1VZjVT92cQ

Md Azizur Rahman ‏@azizur655

YahooSports : Put back jam WITH AUTHORITY 🔨 (via NBATV) https://t.co/ESqdTPGYXV (via Twitter… https://t.co/0LvdgPL2vu

Amazon Jackson ‏@AmazonJackson

It was refreshing to see a #Hull health centre offering a #genderneutral #nonbinary bathroom option,… https://t.co/ivVqf5BU5W

Braya Murphy ‏@BrayaMurphy

@sirmittens_ yess 👏🔨

Crypto Adventure ‏@cryptoadventura

@Bull0fBitcoin @BitcoinBuIl Finally it got the hammer 🔨 i don’t know why people will blindly follow such accounts..… https://t.co/PIrEJONtPz

Barry Edwards ‏@rorysdriver

Working on a Saturday... got so much work on atm 🔨 🔨 Went away to Mercia with 50... yes 50 #golfmates last weekend… https://t.co/QZLLyxfJ4E

Prestonfield Golf ‏@prestonfieldgc

🏌️‍♂️ Tee times available 🏆 Winter competition on ⛳️ Full greens ⚠️ When playing today 🔨 Green staff workin… https://t.co/u3v09Qb6rD

Fern Tha Burn𖤐 ‏@Fernysux

@ffffernando I’m three canzz in baby boy! Get it!!!💥🔨

Andrew Day ‏@AndrewDay111

Good morning. Weekend is here and 3 games in the NIHL1 South today. 🏒 Streatham 🐦🆚👻 Phantoms 🏒 Wildcats 🙀🆚🐃 Bison… https://t.co/mdzcbuRDug

PrOi MAe Lee ‏@MAeLee408

Welcome back justine dorog!!!! 🔨🔨🔨

Md Azizur Rahman ‏@azizur655

YahooSports : Put back jam WITH AUTHORITY 🔨 (via NBATV) https://t.co/ESqdTPGYXV (via Twitter… https://t.co/w4vooxfdg6

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