Hammer Emoji

A conventional claw hammer.  Displays with a claw on the back for nail removal.

Previously displayed as a gavel in iOS, before changing appearance to a claw hammer.

Hammer was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🔨 Claw Hammer

🔨 Handyman

🔨 Tool


🔨 U+1F528




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Naveen S ‏@naveen4u1

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/xl4xteffjO FASTEST WORKERS 2018 | Amazing Level Master 🔧🛠🔨

Walter Thompson's ‏@WalterThompsonL

** EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH ** Selby Classroom Extension - November 2018 - TOBY CARSON, Joiner 🔨 Thank you for your… https://t.co/5BV0jzP5a6

King Papi Sosa ‏@KingPapiSosa

NHL 🏒 Knights -1.5 +180 Knights over 6.0 Penguins -180 Penguins over 5.5 Flames -1.5 +150 Flames over 6.0 🔨 Stars… https://t.co/bu9BqG2Dil

Clearance Coochie❄️ ‏@designervagine

$40 worth of makeup for him to look like he sucked on a car exhaust pipe Electric chair 🔨 https://t.co/xE9pdLl5pt

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

👢Stamp👢OUT‼️ 😷#BuDonicPlague😱💉💩🏌🎱💣🇺🇸🌏🕳‼️ 👺#djtGoblinGOP👺 💀#EUTHANIZEtheCorpSe⚰ 🔨#BRAINtheSwamp🐊 👊🏼#SpareAKnee✌🏼 🤔… https://t.co/WxTzVnh461

Zatu Games ‏@ZatuGames

It's that time again, #Warhammer Wednesday is upon us! 🔨 All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning some… https://t.co/ekMHHVITNx

Marlon Cameron ‏@ManlyMac

exACTly 💅🔨 https://t.co/kitWd2LEWp

Neil Jackman ‏@JackmanNeil

'If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer'. #GoodMorning 🔨 https://t.co/8mu7GFLYpj

King Papi Sosa ‏@KingPapiSosa

Soccer ⚽ Roma +140 Real Madrid under 3.5 Ajax over 3.0 Benfica over 2.5 🔨 Man City -2.5 Lyon draw +270 🔨 Man United… https://t.co/ngQRD1hndr

nick nack ‏@nickkrapf123

The gym grind has been real lately 🔨

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

‼️¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡‼️ 👢Stamp👢OUT‼️ 😷#BuDonicPlague😱💉💩🏌🎱💣🇺🇸🌏🕳‼️ 💀#EUTHANIZEtheCorpSe⚰ 🔨… https://t.co/Oy4LaZ6B4X

lisa bamber ‏@BamberLisa

@Kezington111 Gurnin as per 🙄🔨

Linda Cremonesi ‏@LindaCremonesi

@wef @XinRanLiu_1 your library of tools is happening! 😲🔨🔧🧲

malik petersen ‏@LeekP_

@NoloKelz Got me ready to step in type 🔨 love watching his fights

Qranye ‏@Qranye1

Pitch up don’t slip up 🔧⛏🛠⚒🔨🔨 https://t.co/BPYsZbL3i2

Off The Ball ‏@offtheball

We're live now with @JohnBrewin_ 📻 #OTBAM is live in association with @ScrewfixIreland 🔨 https://t.co/MIvIqreQ9s

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

👢Stamp👢OUT‼️ 🤕#PencePox⚰‼️ 💀#EUTHANIZEtheCorpSe⚰ 🔨#BRAINtheSwamp🐊‼️ 👊🏼#SpareAKnee✌🏼 🤔#TakeAThink🤔‼️ https://t.co/KRamn5513R

Tiff Tiff Tiff Who? Tiff ‏@TiffanyBrophy

💋Ooh a man with tools!🔨 #photography #smashitwithahammer #building #concentrate #accuracymatters #denhaag… https://t.co/oWLf3BNCtb

W.Op den Buijsch ‏@1307lukkie

@GLORY_WS Bob sap is not A kickboxer hé is Just A hamer 🔨

Shattered ‏@shattered_chan

The challenge is ON 🔨 https://t.co/uGSQxWX0et

Off The Ball ‏@offtheball

We're live with @AndyMitten now 📻 #OTBAM is live in in association with @ScrewfixIreland 🔨 https://t.co/MIvIqreQ9s

Lamodis ‏@Lamodis1

@wrathman_fashun As how🔨🔨🔨

Atheek Ahamath ‏@Atheek_Ahamath

How does HomeDepot scale their design sprints? RMBanfield breaks it down for you—in a three-part series… https://t.co/gaMDihQGAW

Fulham Focus ‏@Fulham_Focus

🎙NEW POD: "Home under the Hammers." 🔨 West Ham preview 👍 Some Quiz 💯 Club: Ryan Sessegnon ⚫⚪🎧 AVAILABLE ON ITUNES… https://t.co/lP0z3F8UtS

Francesca Jones ‏@frags_jones

@PolypipeTrade @TradingDepot @Clairej79428846 right up yours and Chris's street 👍🏻 🔨🔧🔩💧

Joseph ‏@Realamimo

@Julianwausi I'll consider that being a 🔨 on top of a nail. 😂😂😂

Compare The Networks ‏@CTNdotcom

MORNINGGGG!! Issues with your phone? 📱🔨 Fed up of your current contract? 😡 Signal Issues? 📶 Our staff are on ha… https://t.co/A6kTUYrTNO

Off The Ball ‏@offtheball

#OTBAM is live in association with @ScrewfixIreland this Wednesday morning 🔨 @gergilroy // @EoinSheahan #OTBAM i… https://t.co/ay9MR3HWHj


lets hope I estimated the time right and I wake up on time gn 🔨 https://t.co/MU5Rh2PMSO

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

😷#BuDonic😱💉 —> 💣Doesn’t Want The Wall💩 —> 🎳Wants The Fight👊🏻 😠Temper-Tantrum🍼 🎖Semper-Fried🔥 👢Stamp👢OUT‼️ 😷… https://t.co/nvqhXihPd1

RiteForge ‏@RiteForge

10 #salesapps and #sales tools that can help your startup improve sales (feat. #RiteKit & #RiteForge) ~… https://t.co/s9zH7KqjiG

منجـضع ~| ١٩٨٤م MBS#🇸🇦 ‏@tsa__1

@e7sasy_7 welcome back 🤪🔨

tatteredangel ‏@Michael80343398

@NWPinPDX @TrinityResists @ChocoHarveyMilk @BatmanResist @ArtistsPo @JCTheResistance @Cruellaisdevine @B52Malmet… https://t.co/DdVKzeBSVR

Rite.ly ‏@ritely

#B2B #Instagram Content: Tips and #Tools for #Marketers 📢 📚 🔨 https://t.co/XIlab7ftTH ~ @smexaminer #smbs… https://t.co/sIzaxSQFb2

tatteredangel ‏@Michael80343398

Nailed it 🔨😀 https://t.co/Tt7ZcwBGQb

Bridge Timber ‏@BridgeTimberLtd

Looking for a fresh design for your living room, the Scandinavian look is the perfect solution! 🔨 https://t.co/uqts8eVeeI

Harumaki_AJ ‏@avril_jamaine

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/wJiMk4Cjfs FASTEST WORKERS 2018 | Amazing Level Master 💪🔨


....and then this happened! #NotoriousRBG ⚖ #RBG ⚖ #OnTheBasisOfSex ⚖ #ArmieHammer 🔨 https://t.co/HJMXeCGBtz https://t.co/xFdOW6kNJQ

Breaking Bad English ‏@BreakBadEnglish

I offer my #followers useful tools in English. 🔧 wrench (AmE), spanner (BrE) 🔨 hammer ⚒️ mallets ⛏️ pickaxe 🗜️ cla… https://t.co/915d3cpO1q

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

. 🚃 a passive operation   🌽  an aviation     🚇  🔨 their illogical chemotherapy my morbid extinction

Jeremy Edwards ‏@JE_RemyYup

nothingnowhere x @je_remyyup he killed it honestly, what a great show! Even talked to him for a bit super down to e… https://t.co/AnCJa0T4GB

Florence 🐶😈🌪💚🎅🎄 ‏@Florencecavpack

@SunneeSummer now yer barking Summer! #goodadvice 🔨🔨🔨

❎ Trumps Hammer 2 ❎🔨🔨 🇺🇸 🤶 🎅 ‏@Tony85956346

@Jamierodr10 That is amazing !! God bless you little angel ! 👼 🔨

United World International ‏@UnitedWorldInt

🔨The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Tuesday condemned an Israeli raid on the main office of the offic… https://t.co/TIr51jMSrA

Alex E. Peña ‏@alejandropena

The Western conference of the #NBA is basically a no-time limit, free-for-all on #SuperSmashBrothers 😬🔨🗡️🔥 https://t.co/vd96bfOO6h

Willy News ‏@WillyNews69

🌸 WILLY NEWS 👺 I ☑️ lost 🔍 my left 🧦 sock 🧦 REWARD 💰 my feet are cold 🔨🔨❄️

Mrs Sherlock⭐⭐⭐ ‏@AanonDubya

@dmills3710 @jtblogs @POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn Nope. Tick tick tick times up TRAITORS ⌚️⏱️🕰️⌛️… https://t.co/69Mjd8AI86

Vision Miner ‏@VisionMiner

CFPEEK is turning out to be such a great material... so STRONG 💪🏼, light, and a fine, rough texture, like 20,000 gr… https://t.co/bfD0WUtwAo

Mark Myers 🔊🎶 ‏@DJMarkMyers

@Bowflex I tried out some goblet squats with my @Bowflex dumbbells and they really do feel solid! 💪 great construct… https://t.co/fWMX5d11RV

finecomics ‏@finecomics72

Home improvement time with Russ🔨⛏🛠The rewards of working hard during the con season👏👏👏 New garbage disposal install… https://t.co/X1nnkHBnER

nikki ‏@bookpunks

Want to get me something for Christmas/New Year/The Dark Time? Consider sharing our #patreoncreator link. Fourteen… https://t.co/RWh69l8jUi

cindy ‏@18cingirl

@RodStryker @POTUS @Thomas1774Paine @charliekirk11 @michellemalkin @RealCandaceO @dbongino @MikeTokes @DineshDSouza… https://t.co/gYGovApTCJ

Barbara Muchow ‏@bfm4440

Nailed it! 🔨 https://t.co/aFguZD9zoE

Emak Yana ‏@YanaArdiyana4

Helloo, pdip maning.... 🐃🔨👇👇 https://t.co/DE2sCEwmfT

Dior Angus ‏@Diorcv

Day off today so dusted the tools off and back on the van for a day with the real boi @dseselectric lets gooooo 😂💪🏽 🔨

goku ‏@DJKILLER805

@jamezcua_1 @FernTheWurm Fix them then son, you in construction 🔨

Ahmed Alkooheji ‏@AhmedAlkooheji

Your brand has a story that you can leverage to create a connection with your audience. But how you tell that story… https://t.co/09t6cyHOex

Kili-Scott Madrid II ‏@ii_kili

CONGRATS MY BRO💯🔨 https://t.co/gGbo2xNRzt

Neicy ‏@neeeicy_

Beat the odds 🔨

dankerV ☄️🌌 ‏@taka_shake

I don't even wanna talk about the geminids meteor shower 😔🔨

❎ Trumps Hammer 2 ❎🔨🔨 🇺🇸 🤶 🎅 ‏@Tony85956346

@NicheMarketway @M2Madness They are tone deaf ! #BuildKatesWall !!! 🔨 https://t.co/P79WsPINJX

Eli Dagadu ‏@Eli24376069

Spent colanuts to marry a child. This Man Deserves Castration 🤨🔫🔪🗡🔨⚰️💣 https://t.co/byATIwZRx2

°^° ‏@mmaeow

LET'S GO BITCHES 🔥🔨🔨🔨 https://t.co/AvWs1K7zto

Seven Dwarf ‏@Cyberfairytale

Chapter 3 Shaky 🌑 ♉ ✈ 🎺 🍤 🍹 💉🔨🚬🚬 🚽

❎ Trumps Hammer 2 ❎🔨🔨 🇺🇸 🤶 🎅 ‏@Tony85956346

@Thom_Thom9 @Momster14877172 @M2Madness @planetvinny Thanks again ! 🔨

Cameron Risley ‏@cameron_risley

Cliff 'em all🔨🤘 https://t.co/D0pInfsrKq

Shot by Ace™️ 📸 ‏@og_kiickx

ITS OKAAAAAYYYY 😭😭😭🔨 https://t.co/ZpJ0r9Olnd

❎ Trumps Hammer 2 ❎🔨🔨 🇺🇸 🤶 🎅 ‏@Tony85956346

@MagzillaGorilla @DMichaelcline Got her !!! Its not hard when their that dumb. Lol... I would say stick to acting… https://t.co/nkbEu84LlB

The Kahöööna® ‏@Duurianne

@pseudolokun We need extra nourishment because later wanna go casino 🔪🔨🔧⛏⚒🛠⚔️🗡 again 🤣

Soy Futbol365 ‏@SoyFutbol365

#NBA ⭐️ Destacados #TimeToRise 86-111 #GoSpursGo 🏀 PHO L10 STRK #WeTheNorth 123-99 #ClipperNation 🏀 Regresa al… https://t.co/CqsRfnXuHk

ً ‏@Iittle8


George E ‏@KennethMilesTa2

$dcix $glbs bullish inverted hammers with volume, signaling potential reversal. How to Trade the Inverted Hammer C… https://t.co/Ng7QRDdRtC

mkvictor ‏@MkVictor11

🦏 Take a 👀👀 Another Big Time PNW Secret Shhhhhhh...Freaking 🔨 #allhustle #getathim #dontmiss https://t.co/FzFzyNKrZe

härhärbinks ‏@harharbinks

Thought I’ve seen every episode of @truTVjokers. I was wrong. THOR punishment with my two favs @Joe_Gatto and… https://t.co/B3EM10chio

Patrice Johnson ‏@Patrice11375564

@DustinGiebel Dustin, Once wasn’t enough for you⁉️🔨✝️ Jesus laid His life down as payment for humanities Sin. ✝️… https://t.co/jJdOKxzci7

ORMOLYCKA ‏@HouseOrmolycka


Kum Apem a Apem Beba ‏@achielex

In your dreams, I guess. You are not the biggest, you cannot be the biggest and you'll never be the biggest when… https://t.co/I5DhcIY5d1

ORMOLYCKA ‏@HouseOrmolycka

#TRUE IN ANY KEY 🖤🔨 https://t.co/Rvgq9Ltun2

Erik Segelstrom ‏@erik_segelstrom

@atlantis000000 @margie_joiner @MarilynLavala @RobertMabr @nightOwlbookLvr @TrotAlex @scifihq @Billrollins6… https://t.co/3UYtjHDDwL

Lawrence Rife III ‏@GLOCKSandMAZDAS

Shout out to this bad mf. Been rootin for you all year @TMarretaMMA 🔨 https://t.co/xu3jZk1P3r

Jessie Zuck ‏@ZuckJessie

Fuckers in school🎒👨‍🏫 telling me, always📆 in the barber🧔 shop🛒 Elon Musk🍆🚀🚘 ain’t👎 bout this👈, Elon Musk🍆🚀🚘 ain’t👎… https://t.co/CAHp3lLdQD

🏛Larry Heather Bot ‏@LarryHeatherBot

Antifa sympathizer's ungovernable city can erect more blue rings In ward 3 until we can call to ban transsexual thugs 🔪🔨 #yyc #ableg

Scenic Rim Council ‏@ScenicRimRC

👷‍♂️ The completion of Haack Bridge at Lamington and Steinhardt Bridge at Darlington is a significant milestone in… https://t.co/KimF0cyfv1

tim ‏@drummerboii98_

What a find by FVV to Serge 🔨 #WeTheNorth #RTZ

Lisa ‏@LisaM_RN

I recommend that all @realDonaldTrump supporters donate $25, $50 or more towards the #BorderWall w/ the money we ar… https://t.co/fty9sYHh3R

2amreview ‏@2am_review

🔨 🧱 A BIG Beautiful WALL coming soon! #QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @dbongino @TuckerCarlson… https://t.co/FW10uTyXdB

Def Pen Hoops ‏@DefPenHoops

Serge Ibaka with the rack attack 🔨 #WeTheNorth https://t.co/9q7TYLLBjI

K. ‏@ThatPersianGuy

AND ANOTHERRRRRRR. 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨 https://t.co/962QNdhOho

Madhavan ‏@Madhavan_Pro

#AssemblyElections2018 @trspartyonline results - no brainer 🎉🎉 @INCIndia @ #MadhyaPradesh && #Chattisgarh - brea… https://t.co/eEXXbiqd1p

Erik Segelstrom ‏@erik_segelstrom

@Schanette55 @Christo09278206 @margie_joiner @robin_ked @tonykimble4 @mpollandsr @TessLawver @ChuckWhite49… https://t.co/ijSEODhvzW

Erik Segelstrom ‏@erik_segelstrom

@mpollandsr @RedWavePaige @Sr1Vernon @ChuckWhite49 @margie_joiner @tonykimble4 @Christo09278206 @TessLawver… https://t.co/Rofv7UxF19

Sandy Lee ‏@SandyLeeAndRon

Demolish those goals! 🔨🔨🔨 #entrepreneur #business #quotes https://t.co/8L1oD4Uytf

Tom Cottey ‏@tcottey

Still my favorite Gary Oldman role ⚽️🔨 https://t.co/e5xxpXDTR9

Israel Peck ‏@izzi_toutl

@AustenAllred Sounds like you’re nailing it 🔨

Erik Segelstrom ‏@erik_segelstrom

@letitbe1023 @JoanBen46634671 @Christo09278206 @margie_joiner @TimmermanAllen @Reaper__1 @Angelamarytayl1… https://t.co/S4mvqqLh6p

Michèl St Materialism 🍞🌹 ☭ ‏@fishhook_theory

@jazzahontas Break u off, break the bed, then fix everything 🔨

may ‏@smeraldes

@fistmaid @mincember drop it 😡🔨

Rasheed Nicholas ‏@SouthBeachSheed

Chris brown sent kodak 10k when he was in jail. 🔨

Stephanie Jarvis ‏@saj5771

@Kel_Leonard0 @SamRenaut I will beat it out of both of you eventually. 🔨

Derrick ‏@werwtyct


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