Crossed Fingers Emoji

A fingers crossed emoji which displays the index (first) finger crossed over the middle (second) finger. Commonly used as a gesture indicating luck, or to show desire of a favorable outcome.

This emoji is displayed with an additional finger on Samsung devices.

Crossed Fingers was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 under the name “Hand With Index and Middle Fingers Crossed” and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤞 Fingers Crossed

🤞 Good Luck

Unicode Name

🤞 Hand With Index and Middle Fingers Crossed


The Hand With Index and Middle Fingers Crossed emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤞 U+1F91E


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i might not have a chance but still hoping my talk gets accepted @nola_con 🤞

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#danzdanzdance albeit lightly framed, she looks good.. @Em_April 👌 🤞#Eminent @PencarrowStud 😉 best of luck!

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Kyra makes fun of how dictator anthony pronounces a word & calls out Adam after he fails their trust test. Are they…

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Blue face baby ! 😣🤞💘

Sandhya sharma ‏@DjangelRox

@smritiirani Happy birthday smriti ji ,best wishes for the Amethi election 🤞

Aliciaminyon ‏@AliciaMinyon

We keep it a hunnit 🤞

lauren ‏@asuddenlight

no sausage 😢 also whoever wins this election determines if i lose my job in january sooo my choice better win 🤞

Tim Ysewyn ‏@TYsewyn

@rotnroll666 @OracleCodeOne Fingers crossed! 🤞@TomVdBulck and I submitted last minute a workshop too 😅

Eric Goerens ‏@GoerensE

@svandoorne A little mistake at the begining 😟 Let's concentrate on the race ! 🤞

Tina ‏@1ChicagoSWE

@Ella22267320 Yeah same 🤞🙏

Shin Nishimura ‏@ShinNishimura1

@anselmonadir Awwn Thank you ❣️😍🤞

Shivaa Sharma ‏@shivaacsharma

@rishika1312 @MichelleObama After reading her book, it doesn’t seem like she will 😕 Still, 🤞

Cdog Punter ‏@CdogPunter

@ProPuntingAus Looking like a nice return for the @ProPuntingAus members today 🤞

Jeff 🔌 ‏@Jeff_Macarine

Spending time with the family tonight was needed for all of us. 🤞❤️

Dave ‏@daveidfx

@chargrille @AshleySWeitz @brycetache Another is (sourced from legally smarter folks than I) that other indictments…

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@Puneet5ingh Ayyy Get Spotify and share the account with me, I’ll Venmo you $3 every month 🤝👍🤞

Ram Lmn ‏@ramlmn

@kosamari Gentle reminder that Delhi and Bengaluru do not represent the whole of India 🤞

Trans Clerics 💙💕☁️💕💙 ‏@ari_ingalls

hell yeah hell yeah ✌️(🤞) patch by @dancynrew

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Lord, give me the strength to face whatever may happen today.🙏🤞

Andi ‏@Schmus1848

@PokerStars Guess: 10916 [Id: n00se3003] #FridayGiveaway 🤞

Amy Smith ‏@asmith702

@BmoreTrell People get your 🤞 together. This isn’t OK.

Nathalie Hering ‏@natheerial_

@norvina1 too much stress on a weekend 😭😭😂😂🤞 ig:@natheerial

1144✨ ‏@ruffs_bone

@thursdaysrain me tooooo 🤞 stay tuned

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@HayleyBowBeauty @norvina1 @ABHcosmetics fingers crossed 🤞

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@stu_lightburn @lilysavage12345 Goooaaaarrrnnnnnn the boys. ⚽⚽👋👍🤞

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@DavetheWatchman @BenjiSales Agreed 👍 Here's hoping that the next generation has a good start 🤞

Ale ✨ ‏@makeupbyaar_

@MkupbyShanShan @norvina1 @ABHcosmetics fingers crossed 🤞

Jill ‏@jyllyt

@TeaPainUSA @Tamsakittymama Also the fact that Trumps never ending claims of a “witch-hunt” and of “no collusion” i…

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@georgiasglam @norvina1 @ABHcosmetics YOU GO GIRL👏🤞

Laura M 🍀🇨🇦 ‏@llm1965

@JohnWDean Fingers crossed 🤞

Rainbowdee🌈💗 ‏@Rainbowsdee

#safariLIVE spots would be good 🤞

Landoo.svp ‏@O_Arredondo97

🚨ATTENTION📣🚨 Facebook friends & family, those of you who live in Hammond, Calumet city, Lansing, East Chicago and W…

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rocio🧚‍♀️ ‏@rowceeooh

@norvina1 At the end of the day it will be worth spamming 😭🤞

ℰ𝒦 ‏@s2artca

I was watching #AvengersEndgame & got to the scene when #DoctorStrange saved #CaptainMarvel 🙀🙀.......... then I wo…

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We play our first event today under axm in 4 hours, really hoping we can have a good start together. Top16 🤞

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....almost done w midterms 🤞 #midterms #fridaymood

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RapsBigfoot ‏@itstr3MyCrud

Go download & stream 🤞 new music and tings coming soon

Jennifer Meggett ‏@MrsMeggett

They submitted! 🤞 @NISDZachry the Mayors SA Smart Challenge

A l e x i s ‏@alexishdmu

@miriamtmakeup @alyssa_rose97 @norvina1 Just by reading this I KNOW you're ready for your place on that list😢fingers crossed for you!!🤞

Mouche520 ‏@Wattm1Watt

@dylanmsmitty I think I have PTSD, but I’m still holding out hope that Mueller’s report includes a lot of damaging…

Well Played ‏@MaDemonstration

@lnterracialLust But keep your fears. Your imagination is funny to us that's why on TV the US is shown on crazy con…

Dirty Rhymez👽 ‏@DirtyRhymez954

Make sure you're happy in real life not just for the internet...🤞✔💯

Helly Shah Admirers ‏@HellyS_Admirers

@Simply_Simran Yes ipl is der but hopefully we'll manage with that too 🤞

Steve Lamb ‏@Real_sjl19

@imqualifying Hope your pain goes away and you have an ok work weekend 🤞

The Broadcast Booth ‏@TBB_AUS

Atkins with an AC injury, we could see her back any moment now. Good signs for @freodockers 🤞⚓️ #AFLWBluesFreo #AFLWFinals #TBB_AUS

Love2020🌊🦔☘💜🙏🖖👟👟🔮⚖ ‏@4GoodLove2020

@jennycohn1 Fortunately I'm hearing a few Trumpsters saying they're sick of the "noise" coming from Trump so maybe…

RENJUN DAY ✨ ‏@itspat03

I need dy, ty and taeil again to make a soundtrack for nana’s web drama 🤞

penny popken ‏@pennypopken

@JohnWDean I’m thinking along similar lines. 🤞

FinnneeeApplee🍍 ‏@Youngg___starr

I miss twin man, that was my nigga on me 🤞

renren ‏@nachtegaelnight

Ok ok gonna write for an hour please 🤞 for me bc I have had the worst time focusing lately 💥

AriesGANG♈️ ‏@DylenscoolMOM_

My kids always under me👩‍👧‍👦🤞

Luke Gauci ‏@TheGooch04

@_J0EL_ Think he runs a drum as well! 🤞

Niranjana M R ‏@Neeru_ramesh

@MahindraRacing @thereal_JDA @PWehrlein 7,8 .. nice just hope we don't get sandwiched in turn 1 🤞

brittany smith ‏@xoBrittanyox91

@FourthRayBeauty Following 🤞♥️🍀

Nadeem khan ‏@Bourne1Legacy

@ArunSFan @sardesairajdeep @rahulkanwal @Nidhi @BDUTT @republic @navikakumar @ShekharGupta @vikramchandra…

Stop Bad Doctors ‏@StopBadDocs

@mitchell_happy Ya, ER dr gave us a referral & said call 1st thing Monday & not to wait. I've known this ER dr for…

Matthew ‏@MJTraderPro

This is early 2017 all over... I’m selling my car for #Crypto Worked out back then, let’s see if it plays out th…

brittany smith ‏@xoBrittanyox91

@OFRACosmetics Omg first I’d buy me foundation the palette and some lipsticks 🤞♥️🍀 but basically everything on site…

LK_Hack ‏@hack_lk

Perfect addition to my new twitch overlay and logo!🤞🙏 #LevelUp

#LeonWillScore50 ‏@ChanceRamchuk94

@Condors I'd love to see Benson and Marody on the Oilers 3rd line next year 🤞

브리¹²⁷ | #NEOCITYinATL ‏@hxrryftbts


April Oh🌸 ‏@shawoonderful

You know, I'm sorta ready for the worst😂🤞 but hoping for the best

Stephanie ‏@SimpleCtryGirl

@MTJFoundation Thanks for the “heads-up” Sherry! Hop e my small, insignificant voice helps. 🤞

The Broadcast Booth ‏@TBB_AUS

Q1| 🚨 Atkins off with what looks like a shoulder injury. Hoping for the best. 🤞 #AFLWBluesFreo #AFLWFinals #TBB_AUS

príncess ‏@prncssrb

karma here we goo😂🤞

Michael Voss ‏@MVoss23

@redselby Interesting - thanks for sharing! None of these omissions/changes are dealbreakers for me. Leaving Pamela…

MikeA ‏@ThePauper1

@DiMartinoBooth With the political winds changing as an unintended consequence of the Fed’s “make the rich even ric…

ventuh. ‏@vkay95

getting a new phone next week 😩🤞

Kelly Lynne ☠️🎲🐉 ‏@yerawizardkelly

THEY MAKE THE BEST HATS - @arsenic_cyanide, plz make the world better and make these #dnd hats. Started following c…

A l e x i s ‏@alexishdmu

@dxmwright @norvina1 @ABHcosmetics So talented omgggg fingers crossed for you!🤞💞 @norvina1

niks 🌻 ‏@nicoleyht


🦉Alicia Proctor🦉 ❤#Saveznation❤ ‏@AliciaLProctor

@NetflixLifee U can keep asking these questions, but our answer is never going 2change... #ZNATION! The answer will…

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