Hedgehog Emoji

A hedgehog, generally shown from the side or front. Appears to be smiling on a number of platforms. Though unrelated, some may use this as an Echidna.

Hedgehog was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🦔 U+1F994


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Andrea Gehrke ‏@AndreaGer

@yellowlablover @HereComsTrouble @babylisa51 @phoebesmoon @saritameow Fab Friday wishes 🐕🐈🦔🐇🐄🐖🐑🐐

sam ‏@yr_local_loser

@desertlesbian Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah 🌟🐥🦔🐥🐛

jary 🦔 ‏@ohheyitsjary

fun fact my favorite animals are dogs and not 🦔 https://t.co/rERwOLlkSy

Sarah L ‏@SazOnWheels

@WildlifeOrphan1 Very sad news, quite strange to read my name like this too, esp as my nickname at uni was stump (I… https://t.co/YstMIUpRCr

Mildish Burrito ‏@themikewhite

@DeweySaunders Turn the spirituality up to 11 with 12 days of ayahuascapuncture 🌀🦔

#RustyolTrusty ⭕️♻️💚🌏💙🌳💯💐🐋🐬🐾❤️🌷🌸🌻🐝🦔 ‏@LotusB10

@Poppyshedgehogs Lucky! It’s illegal to keep them in Singapore. Sigh* 😻🦔❤️🍀🦔❤️😻🦔

teagan ‏@chuusdeIight

@hyphs69 he looking extra thick tho 😳🤧😏🦔😍🥵😡✋🐜😌😏😫🤧

Shauna Chapman ‏@ShaunaChapmanUK

@YahooFinanceAU “We’re striking too” 🌱🐟🌱🐠🌱🐡🌱🦈🌱🦘🌱🐪🌱🦔🌱🐟🌱🐠🌱🐡🌱🦈🌱🦘🌱🐪🌱🦔🌱🐟🌱🐠🌱🐡🌱🦈🌱🦘🌱🐪🌱🦔🌱🐟🌱🐠🌱🐡🌱🦈🌱🦘🌱🐪🌱… https://t.co/3LdHs5oUaU

Tina Soulier ‏@TDSoul

Harry will not be cold, hungry, or stuck in the dark tonight! 🦔 @MlleToope #classpet #harryhasstartedhisadventure… https://t.co/FPCRQYsZpH

sehun nose picking pc ‏@xunqixi

@wormflavor aw i love u aimee thats a wonderful emoji... look at this one 🦔

Star's Book of Spells ‏@stars_spells

🦄🍨🐇 Incredible Outrageous Fireworks Geyser 🌈🐇🦔

Brenda R. ‏@brenda577

🦔 cake 🎂 #cake #desert #party #birthday #nailedit #anotherone https://t.co/cJMFUuXZ0L

M0taku 🌈🎮💯🦄 ‏@M0taku

I think I'll revisit @thimbleweedpark since I "accidentally" blew up the mansion. There's still a mystery to solve… https://t.co/rd2WcHWzsg

Nicola ‏@WestsideBook

Retweeting to share 🦔 the hedgehog 🦔 https://t.co/KD8sJ7VoF0

Wild Hogs Hedgehogs Rescue ‏@WildHogsRescue

@mspricklemouse No hamster beds 🦔😁

Fan Love Chicago Cubs ‏@FanLoveChicago1

You’d Be Crazy to Miss This!. 👉 ORDER HERE: https://t.co/ERS6VJzDwG ✅👍Absolute #gift for your friends 👍 ✅🗺️ FREE Wo… https://t.co/aEwZfF2KtU

william sharkey ‏@williamsharkey

@elonmusk Suggestion for first planet which is colonized: don’t include humans as long-term inhabitants. Have it be… https://t.co/ARpzKzCwkX

Token Lesbian ‏@gvnncvlt

I want a hedgehog 🥺 🦔

lili// extremely josexual ‏@josephineswife

name: lili from: usa languages: english height: 169cm age: 15 birth month: january sign: aquarius sexuality: str… https://t.co/aoZZkbfkID

Emma 🐼 ‏@Sturdygirl0803

I've checked the box & it's empty, so he's pootled off, which is good as that means I didn't give him a heart attac… https://t.co/z4rUsNpyAa

Emma 🐼 ‏@Sturdygirl0803

I just saw my little friend! He was eating & drinking quite noisily so I had a peek 🦔 I didn't want to put the flas… https://t.co/NNwFe7rHsX

𝓙𝓮𝓷𝓷𝓲 🥰 ‏@jennii_7_

I think Fernando should bring back the hedgehog haircut 🦔💇🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/jW92aP0KDq

Mushroom🍄 ‏@TweetMushroom

Ders 2 hedjogs shaggin on de lawn 🦔

Joanne ‏@mooningsong

@WildlifeOrphan1 Please try 😥🦔 put your hand on her so she knows there is love

sabrina woodmaker ‏@prfctsabrinax

read the first letter of each emoji 🦔🥚🧶 🥦🐁🐙 🐶🐙 🧶🐙🦄 🍉🥑🆕🐯 🐯🦔🍦🐍 🐙🐁 🆕🐙🐯

𝓖𝓪𝓾𝓷𝓽𝔂 𝓐𝓷𝓪 ‏@proudlyana

Mood 🍂🦔 #Thinspo https://t.co/MlV2ZSLOPS

Dr. Regina Baucom ‏@gbaucom

Protip: if you want to be the most unfavorite person in the house, just say “no, we are not getting a 🦔”

Flora ‏@SaysSnivy

😺✏ — 🦔 “For me to get put out of my misery.” https://t.co/vjrwoZJSim

jo ✈️ 17 days!!!!!! ‏@okapiya

🗣 small announcement! store will be closing in approximately a week and will reopen early november. last batch of… https://t.co/pQrEJWjfXS

Julie Goward ‏@julie_goward

My daughter had a family living in the garden so jealous 🦔❤️ https://t.co/twWcR7Nfdd

Andrew Ellard ‏@ellardent

@MrLiamArnold I’m just not in a rush to mess up the rest of my phone to do that, y’know? 🦔

Jill Wakeford ‏@jill_wakeford

@HedgehogCabin Oh he sounds so adorable 😍🦔. So glad he’s improving. He certainly knew where to go to get excellent care. Thank you!

Maria Sederholm ‏@Wordofbeak

@WildlifeOrphan1 @Susan1Caine Still very poorly but is slightly improved and has attempted to walk. What a trouper… https://t.co/iovwgqsj95

Nic 🦕 ‏@NicNikkiNicola

Tonight I sorted the last bits of my father in law’s things 😢 Whilst there I decided to rip up a sandwich coolbag &… https://t.co/t24mdwVTdr

|Maëlle 🐾⚓| ‏@mccallsister

🦔 I'm so happy that we'll meet at wwc, you're such a sweetheart and kind and beautiful and I love you ❤! I'm also s… https://t.co/NE8X2y1pvG

julie hunt ‏@juliehunt1953

@HedgehogCabin Dear little chap. It's great to hear he's coming along so well 😊🦔

shannon‏ 👻 ‏@shann0nf0rd

today was the first time abbies ever seen a hedgehog......... 🦔

Miss Naive Wisdom💙🦊🐱💙 ‏@WisdomNaive

@CChinry Well for me I’m just all about my blue love sonic.💙🥰🦊🙏🏻💕💖💕💖💙🦔💙

Sue Reid ‏@suereidauthor

@Poppyshedgehogs That is so sweet! Dear little Scooter. Thank you and him for the lovely photo. 🦔💕😊

Sharon Higgs ‏@badwifeyhiggs

Squee! 😍🦔😍 https://t.co/wfHhG5ZfWL

Liz O'Riordan ‏@Liz_ORiordan

Tonight’s hedgehog 🦔 https://t.co/9z6fYFG4ZH

rayzones act 2 ‏@rayzonesact2

@BaneWade ohh that's 100% true! her design is really good and stays recognizable even if you forget something 🔨🦔💕

Gill ‏@gillcwill

@Theminoltakid Good night Ross sweet dreams my friend 💤💤 💭🦔

Extinction Rebellion Farmers ‏@XRFarmers

@EmmaCameron9 We are in to nature friendly farming and we are here to shout it loud 🐝🌳💦🐞🌿🦔🌱🦡🍃

FlyPastRush ‏@PlaneThought41

@sazzy_ox Aren't you the good "little hedge hog" samaritan of the day - 🦔 sends thanks

Hedgie ‏@CETHedgehogs

9/19/19 Hedgehog 🦔 Headlines https://t.co/qahe4B4DjO

Chloe ‏@Chloepatrick12


Sue Reid ‏@suereidauthor

@Poppyshedgehogs Lucky hoggies!🦔💕

kenny ❀ ‏@crybabykenny

🍃🦉 thursday affirmations 🦉🍃 🍁 i am so proud of who i am, and who i am in the process of becoming. 🦔 i attract po… https://t.co/orvwRAFRn8

jary 🦔 ‏@ohheyitsjary

hello my dear hedgehooligans 🦔 how are y’all doing today?

aaAli!!! Real Monster ‏@eboldy

please show a little extra love to one of my favorite humans, @bubble_letters. her handsome boy riley was found to… https://t.co/L3FoT9J93D

Emma Cartledge ‏@EL_Cartledge

@Zoe_Chapman @LivUni @livunicareers @LiverpoolGuild @livunisustain @Ness_Gardens @MarcuspWilson @RoseFroud… https://t.co/NvynvoYrcj

BettyWantsaCracker ‏@vantuckyyo

@Nina_Dattebayo @nebkallop sending hug 🦔

Alice Reading ‏@AlicePippa48

@HedgehogCabin Hurrah 🦔

Sue Reid ‏@suereidauthor

@Poppyshedgehogs Oh no! Not his special cushion. What a kind hoggie. Hope you have another one there for him. 🦔💕

Carole 🌙 ‏@CaroleMary_

Ok so it seems like I'm gonna have a chubby hedgehog amongst my new neighbours and I'm here for it. 🦔 Yes, that hel… https://t.co/c4ucWzIb9F

Chiddingly Festival 🍎 ‏@ChiddinglyFest

Did you know hedgehogs also love to fatten up on local art, great music, delicious food and straight-off-the-tele c… https://t.co/WvOFoZfGjq

💯🇺🇸Elohim Within Me♥️❤️🐼 ‏@laurelsobol

@ttocs35 @luvnewinfo @familyfirstcorp @Dvscott81Scott @Stevegaston18 @belcherjody1 @stlpcs @4Mischief… https://t.co/lFWUGwYlDt

Debbie Alston ‏@Debbie1Alston

@JoSmithDWT @TimBirchWild @DerbysWildlife Looking forward to delivering the mammal training for the trainees in a c… https://t.co/qRlDMgX4WH

Lgbt Teacher ‏@TeacherLgbt

Tag who would wear this. 👉 ORDER HERE: https://t.co/0hDKU3CrEj ✅➡️ #gift for your family members 🤩 🦔 https://t.co/X5KdPb0TT3

Angela Sherwin ���� ‏@AngelaSherwin1

@HedgehogCabin I am sure animals know when we are trying to help them. Keep getting better little Duncan I'm routing for you 🦔

Hedgehogs @ Burton Green Primary School ‏@BG_Hedgehogs

Well done Sammy and Santiago, the first Hedgehogs 🦔 to reach silver on the reading challenge! Super proud of both o… https://t.co/VCqAkqeYE8

Donna Everhart ‏@wordstogobuy

@WildlifeOrphan1 Whew, that's much better seeing her like this! 💞🦔

Florence Ray ‏@Florenceray83

Hedgehog 🦔 in the garden ... Marshall’s going mad at the door 😩... how the hell do you pick up a hedgehog to remove from the garden?

Sophie Green ‏@sophiegreenart

@Poppyshedgehogs @nerdybirder58 @EmmDonald @walkabout26 Aww so sweet!! 🦔

demurely1 ‏@demurely38

#hedgehog 🦔 #2 slurping😜💦 8:10pm

Ward-47 ‏@wal_AR_15

So I have acquired something that contains some blast processing. 🦔 https://t.co/TvkXnrEhEE

Hedgehogs Class ‏@ClassHedgehogs

Making rockets in forest schools last week, great team work hedgehogs 🦔 #flourishingtime https://t.co/By409CD5FY

Kebur Garden Mat'als ‏@keburgardens

🦔 1 way to make a difference to wildlife in your garden.. Make a feeding station where hedgehogs can eat out of re… https://t.co/R1gBCZ9bvU

ℚ𝕦𝕖𝕖𝕟𝔹𝕣𝕚_ ‏@bria_moniqueee

Hoes Be Ugly Asl Talkin Bout Some “Who gone Handle Me?” 😩 Bitch Animal 🦒🦜 🦔 Control 👨🏾‍🏭😭

88thParallel ‏@88thParallel

@StatsBritain Martin Freeman - 🦔

Pure Plumbing ‏@pureplumbinglv

#Throwback to Juan holding his customer's hedgehog! 🦔 #OurCustomersLoveUs #PetsLoveUsToo #BeSUREcallPURE #tbt https://t.co/z9GyKSgx4w

Georgina Duncan ‏@Norgeous

Hubby grumbling/resigned ‘hedgehog poo everywhere outside’ Me understanding face ‘I know’ (Inside yeeeeeesssss 🦔 🦔🦔😂)

demurely1 ‏@demurely38

Early #hedgehog 🦔 just rocked up for the grub 😝7:45pm

Manoune📛 ‏@manoune_24

Number one 🦔💗 https://t.co/rcmp5fdYcP

💯🇺🇸Elohim Within Me♥️❤️🐼 ‏@laurelsobol

@DaveSchreiber3 @mishwink @Roller501 @tjliverpool130 @TheRealFitz07 @ProTrumpLI @Jodozer1 @mchkrem @J96091492… https://t.co/qeZwGZkuKH

Sue Smith ‏@pookiesmith2424

@HedgehogCabin So glad little Duncan is getting better. He must love the relief when you massage his poorly feet 🐾🐾 Such a lovely boy 💕🦔

Incognito ‏@HobbitInACloset

I did my good deed for the day and helped a Hedgehog cross the road after it nearly got ran over! 🦔

enrique16 ‏@enrique11914137

@_towamizawa So cute 😍🐼🦔🐘

Melissa Stockwell ‏@MStockwell01

I’ve asked my 4yo multiple times what he wants to be for Halloween. I’ve gotten the usual answers of dinosaurs and… https://t.co/ZJPM7shiYZ

inkedupandsonic ‏@sonictyrant

@ChicksRule my pleasure Julicorn fam ! i love this tweet !!! mwahh !! ❤🦔❤🦔❤🦔❤🦔❤😘😘😍😍🙏🙏 https://t.co/hi9lfn0QLi

Vicki Jeffreys ‏@DBRacingUK

Getting earlier 🦔 https://t.co/QjLRUS9IcI

Ivana Grahovac🌱 ‏@IvanaGrahovac1

@Max39001279 🙏💕🦔❤️🥑🦉🌊🌟thank you Karla

inkedupandsonic ‏@sonictyrant

@ChicksRule 😜😜😜😜😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏✌✌✌👊👊👊❤🦔❤🦔❤🦔 i love this tweet Julicorn fam !

Simon A. Crow ‏@SACrow1022

@genderqueerwolf And have a particular penchant for hedgehogs, I imagine I would do whatever one asked of me. 🦔💚

...Squidboy 🌸? ‏@SquidboyBM

@SM_MarthSSBM @perepereden I still love listening to their songs give me more and mor of them 🦔

Wildlife Orphanage ‏@WildlifeOrphan1

@HennyQuo You, me and Alison @beechcroftfarmh have !🦔❤️

dad bella ‏@dadfloos

Mrs. Dope Asf 🦔💍🦋 https://t.co/7pTzQgTzNm

kat ‏@ktrnxrscn

Day 256: I l*ve and appr*ciate @mayramoraIes 🦔

DAYNA ‏@DaynaJai

@haunterhaha Like ... what in the world could that mean in animal 🦔 🦓 🦒 language? WE NEED AN ANIMAL WHISPERER!

Collin H ‏@ScollinCollin

@HitBerbel @TheNotoriousMMA 145lbs McGregor is an animal 🦔

Tamil Tiger Toes ‏@TamilToes

@WildlifeOrphan1 I’m so sorry to learn this about Sarah 💔😿🥺🦔💔 Thank YOU for giving her comfort and sanctuary when she most needed it 🙏🏼💔🦔✨😞

Pensplaining ‏@pensplaining

Ooooh hedgies! 😍🦔 https://t.co/7S5Gvpprq8

Amy Lane ‏@AmyLaneDraws

Who else is excited for autumn? Crunchy leaves, cosy scarves, all those colours! 🍁🍂🦔💛 It’s definitely my favourite… https://t.co/CZGlc2HLNv

𓆣 clare 𓆣 ‏@claremargaret

i have powered up from baby hedgehog (🦔) to baby bat (🦇) eee eee bitch. don’t fuck with me

匚ℍ 𝒶 ཞㄥ ᗪ 卂۷ ł 𝕟Հ ‏@davinz1088

When you are awaken by his snuffles and purrs in the middle of the wee hours of a cold night. Oh how can be angry w… https://t.co/UBPHDFXZuR

cwwildliferescue ‏@cwwildliferesc1

I’m raising free donations for CW Wildlife Rescue simply by shopping online. Join the fundraising revolution!… https://t.co/5NQylfmq0t

Birmingham (UoB) Hedgehog Friendly Campus ‏@hogfriendly_UoB

@JemSaunders1 Thanks so much again!! 😘🦔🎥

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