Helicopter Emoji

A helicopter, which can hover in the air. Often seen in emergency circumstances such as transporting patients to a hospital, or for police or fire-fighting activity.

Helicopter was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🚁 U+1F681




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Trimley Red Devils ‏@TrimRedDevils

@jamieeeejr @LouisElliston @HenleyAFC @colsyJ89 @MattL7 @GeorgeLLHTW @Dvlan @Matt_Harrold12 @R0ssiDriver… https://t.co/CelTRbFX8N

eweather ‏@Eweather13

Wow. Here’s some video from Norway of the #VikingSky in trouble! Posted with permission from Brenda L (bjoernjh53).… https://t.co/SxAwkvMeCH

VUELA MEXICO ‏@VuelaMexico1

She said yes... 👏🇲🇽🚁❤️ #PropuestaDeMatrimonio #Romantico #PedidaDeMano #cdmx #Amor #Novia #Esposos #Esperiencias… https://t.co/bsAaWsZLuY

Sainath Reddy ‏@Sainath204

Congratulations @ChennaiIPL for winning the inaugural match of @IPL 2019 by 7 wickets against @RCBTweets in low sco… https://t.co/rAuaOeOw9f

Ⓜ️🌠♑ℹ️K🅰️ 💲❕🆖♓ ‏@monikasingh1206

Congratulations @ChennaiIPL for winning the inaugural match of @IPL 2019 by 7 wickets against @RCBTweets in low sco… https://t.co/Bk8Fo8HgxN

London's Air Ambulance Charity ‏@LDNairamb

If you are shopping in @sainsburys Kidbrooke tomorrow, be sure to look out for our volunteers collecting to support… https://t.co/IYdaU73aeH

ashish sharma ‏@asharmajdp

@PUBGMOBILE Helicopter 🚁 with mounted HMG...or jeep with mounted HMG

Àfrica ⚓️ ‏@AfricaUya

🚁Rescue helicopters have begun evacuating the 1,300 passengers from VIKING SKY!! 🚁 All my support to @HRSSorNorge… https://t.co/gAOvzrOKao

ashish sharma ‏@asharmajdp

@PUBGMOBILE Waiting for Helicopter🚁and inviting friends in mid games 👬.. If any member left the team and we are onl… https://t.co/5bcXJulHkD

The Commish of Fate ‏@FreeAgentsOnly

This is one of the funniest videos...trying to steal a chopper!?🚁 https://t.co/0QR97cLUyX

madz ♌️🌿🌞 ‏@madalynnhaley

I need to own a helicopter now🚁 https://t.co/wfzl5MMQwy

Aneesa K Iqbal ‏@aneesa_iqbal09

@snake_truths @Ali_MuhammadPTI @Asad_Umar @fawadchaudhry @Shahidmasooddr @ShkhRasheed @arsched @AsadKharal… https://t.co/WWmyEDh9cA

°~°koneko Girl°~° ‏@NeyMi94

Who else wants to pack suitcases and go to meet some cute guys!! 🚁🐺👶🐻🐰 #hotelstarstheseries #sbfive… https://t.co/ji0fVhBNBN

Dawna Olson ‏@dawnaolson

🚢#SOS‼️worst nightmare😨 #VikingSky #VikingCruises #Airlift🚁 #AbandonShip⚓️ #Norway #Cruise #CruiseShip https://t.co/tV9NfZx3sD

Shine Works Detailing ‏@shineworksaz

We come to you! Hand Wash to Full Details! Our team is ready! 🚣‍♀️ ✈️ 🚗 🚜🚛🚌🚎🚐🚲🚔🚀🚢🚁🛸🚂🚕🚙... WE DO ALL OF IT! Shine… https://t.co/furrN6go0W

Dr Jackie Bell ‏@sciencesummedup

Overcontrolling the cyclic today... I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t flown for 7 weeks... 🤦🏼‍♀️😩 At le… https://t.co/GQ4bIw0Jly

Christopher Wensley ‏@mipolitico

Wondering the story behind the helicopter 🚁. @ Chicago, Illinois https://t.co/Fik1SkNszL

Nina Soden, Author ‏@Nina_Soden

Just sent my kids with their Papa up in a helicopter 🚁. They loved it! #helicopterride #springbreak2019 #florida https://t.co/xjBFWjmvbu

Rosslyn Waite ‏@RosslynAJ

Afternoon highlighting that PHEM isn’t all yellow helicopters (as pretty as they are) with talks on major incidents… https://t.co/qcEwAUNSoO

jay pound ‏@jaypoundrecords

👑Need a #Car #jprauto & #Auto #Repair & #Dealership #AutoBody call 9149791724 ask for #Jay 🚗🏎🚚🚛🚕🚙🚑🚜🚒🚒🚁🛩🚔 best… https://t.co/DPFxkVXOV4

RogueFlynn ‏@rogueflynn51

A helicopter just won the internet today 🚁 https://t.co/ko6d21tV5x

Deb Henke ‏@ChopperDeb

@rotorhead8 @Stu_Mundel @cjmeow3 @WhittierScanner @norriski4nge @dodgerdame @marcosruiz951 I will! And anytime you… https://t.co/23eFS86sVP

G®️S 🎶🏋️‍♂️(.)(.) ⚽️ ‏@Dilligaf59

@SkyNews Call out the SAS 🚁

ًjaem ♡ ‏@jaemslv

@clityang thank you my fellow helisexual 🚁🤝

ًjaem ♡ ‏@jaemslv

psa ⚠️ with this i, na jaemin, would like to announce that i am helisexual 🚁

Deb Henke ‏@ChopperDeb

@Stu_Mundel @cjmeow3 @WhittierScanner @norriski4nge @dodgerdame @marcosruiz951 @rotorhead8 Please feel free to send… https://t.co/WYUkBiBGKN

North Texas Trailers ‏@NTXTrailers

Photos of a G5X 24’ gravity tilt trailer we delivered to Mr. Treat this week. The Gyro fits perfectly & when the wh… https://t.co/KNPeCKTrtB

T/Ch Insp Gerbil ‏@Gerbil2458

@kenworthy39 @keithfraser2017 @kerryblakeman @SuptMurray @SgtChrisHarris @DCCStephens @mitchfaefife @LoganTinalogan… https://t.co/mfKvVehg4Q

Alice M. Agogino ‏@agogino

Squishy Robotics training w #firefighters from the 3rd largest fire dept (LACoFD) — 2 specialized teams (#HazMat… https://t.co/L3nvXdfXAs

SquishyRoboticsInc ‏@squishyrobotic

Squishy Robotics training w #firefighters from the 3rd largest fire dept (LACoFD) — 2 specialized teams (#HazMat… https://t.co/7UbyuuRhhr

Professor [email protected]@veniviedivici

@Rescueman112 Massive rescue mission in Norway! 🚁🚁 follows remotely from the base of The Kristanstad. The Whole Cre… https://t.co/EHTft99xnX

Lindsy 🐝 ‏@lovebeany

Awesome helicopter trip today! 🚁 https://t.co/D61cpTwjKg

Dmitry Koldun Friends in Lithuania ‏@KoldunIn

@dkoldun Done! 📲 😉 ✌ 🚁🚁🚁! 😉 https://t.co/jPSkkIOao5

Ingrid Blake ‏@TheNookbook

On Saturdays we go helicoptering 😍🚁 @ FlyNYON — at FlyNYON https://t.co/Wof369GeNE

smit patel ‏@smitpatel_10

@HILLimited @ChennaiIPL #Dhoni's helicopter ofcourse🚁

CELA ‏@geececee

Goin to the keys 🚁

Anthony Tate ‏@tatefitlife

CorviveNRG will have you fly!🚀✈✈🚁💯 🔊Go to: https://t.co/tWjVo884d0 And #getflylikeme👊🏾🚀 #followme @tatefitlife… https://t.co/nL2hsb3zF8

Elite Drone Service ‏@elitedronesvc

Welcome to another day at the @pgatour @valsparchamp event here at @copperheadgolfclub! . Here’s a little behind th… https://t.co/88tAVa05BA

The Groovy Garfoose ‏@GroovyGarfoose

“Oh the places you’ll go” with music as your guide! 🎶🚗✈️🛶🚁🎶 #musicmakers #earlychildhood #hudson #ohio… https://t.co/TptqaipFvU

OG JBO JOHNSON🍼🍇 ‏@jboa1turnup

Listen to I Got Money 🚁🚁 ( Came From Nun Mixtape ) by JBO #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/S2vhCEGqIg

NAMEZ JAMEZ ‏@namezjamezmusic

@DackJanielsDub These tweets are so dope🚁

もしもし! ‏@MidMalone

just me doin DET stuff 🚁 https://t.co/oqU7lgohDN

vikram ‏@vikram_sharma24

@MonaAlamm Mona Ji kindly 💡 on yourvisit to Balakot ( Road or 🚁) which you promised to @sambitswaraj on our Nation… https://t.co/A5wbjchCBG

Classically Gail ‏@GailClassically

@Sequencer16 @PremoJohn @Dragonstar028 @scottcarpy1 @gkinghorn @ImabitcSumtimes @SandroOriani @SealeyGerald… https://t.co/Gxvy8OEa18

Whatever ‏@whateverculture

As a part of Kevin Durant’s new video series, 'Fly By,' he'll get a "personal tour" of New York from D’Angelo Russe… https://t.co/0IGNaYdz3k

Jeremy Pollack ‏@jeremypollack

The snow line is hard & close enough you can look down to the river valley and see sunny, snow-free fields! Click t… https://t.co/lZ931A39B3

NYONair ‏@NYonAir

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Leigh King 📚🤫 ‏@LSSLibraryLeigh

Yay! Not sure which I’m more excited about ... the 🐙 📖 or the 🚁 🧢 ! Thanks @AmeDyckman ! https://t.co/hRUvvHBGDj


Spring is HERE! 🚁 Get 40% Off - Use Code SPRING40! 🚁 Ultimate flexibility with our BNSL - valid for more than a ye… https://t.co/GHaPFxe0SV

Messe ‏@Messe_mess

@TypicalGamer Happy birthday The Brain 🚁

#rabbadhaki🇺🇬😘👌 ‏@abadaaki

@solomonkibz 🚁 on my way now

Commander RRS ‏@TunjiDisu1

@laprimaproMUA Helicopters 🚁 are noisy o

Raign ‏@Omgshesperfect

@Mikiaisso Gawd damnit! Let me get the chopper🚁 😭

Paul Howard ‏@PaulHoward_IMIT

@SInow @robinlundberg @MsAmyCampbell No participation trophies 🏆 with Coach Izzo ;) sorry helicopter 🚁 pundits

Kaypius ‏@realkaypius

My article on pilot fatigue in @rotorandwing. The nuances of helicopter pilot's fatigue with live examples & case s… https://t.co/1bQQ1yhjc8

theCrossFamily ‏@theCross_Family

🚁🥚🎸🙌 ❤️SAVE THE DATE - SUNDAY, APRIL 21st @RenningersDora 👇REGISTER HERE 👇 https://t.co/EZB9NBxKa6 #theCross… https://t.co/nVwjZies7w

Yannick R. Holliger ‏@yannickholliger

took out this for a ride 🚁 @AirbusHC airbus #ec130 #eurocopter #mountains #mountainlife #gletscher #fenestron… https://t.co/C8fTAvU2SP

Reliance Aviation Miami ‏@LlcReliance

Reliance Aviation loves helicopters too! Come fly by! 🚁 #aviation #helicopter #aviationphotography #avgeeks… https://t.co/2DXwi12m8w

Dave Bywater ‏@dlbywater

Excellent presentation with a valuable message from one of the @Scotlandteam Docs Neil #HelimedCareers… https://t.co/ecZFc5yj9v

The Bunker ‏@bunkerbrewpub

SURPRISE! 🤯 Early Release 🔥The new hotness drops today! Young Veterans Brewing Company presents.... KIOWA - America… https://t.co/4VMSenLZt0

Mystisith ‏@Mystisith

1300 peeps. By 🚁. I hope the last ones have a bit of food left and some clean underwear cause it's going to take a… https://t.co/f0B3CPXq5d

B.Ragavendran ‏@VickyRagavan002

@Darla_JAYTweets @RCBTweets Still time is there akka let c #WhistlePodu 💛🦁🚁🏏🏆

G®️S 🎶🏋️‍♂️(.)(.) ⚽️ ‏@Dilligaf59

@DavidVidecette Just waiting for the Helicopter to land on his hat 🚁

p͙e͙n͙n͙y͙ ☀️ ‏@chenniepenny

I’m on a helicopter My HELICOPTERRRRR 🚁

AHUTI NAIK ‏@ahuti2069

Target 71 but i want to see #MSD 🚁 shot #CSKvRCB #WhistlePodu💛🦁

Merlin ‏@jjsgoldenboys

@markwahlberg Happy birthday, Michael!! What were you thinking? I too have a Michael who sometimes thinks he's inde… https://t.co/7YLbRqoAxQ

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Jo Molyneux-Killik ‏@titianvamp

@newfoodlab Helicopters 🚁 sorting it out hopefully https://t.co/0MPj4yI34I

Patrick ‏@iccy_pat22

Running from the cops shows your real endurance 🏃🏻‍♂️🚓 🚁

Ryan D. Oestreich ‏@RYAN_OnTheMoney

From helicopter 🚁 to snowplow parenting https://t.co/LjoT6eGjm0

Beth Kivelä ‏@beth_kivela

Will the owner of the orphaned Serbian helicopter I found behind my house please make themselves known… https://t.co/v3HNzkeVsw

يوميات_سوداني😟 ‏@Sudani_Fbi

@PUBGMOBILE Add Armored Corps in new mode ...🚁🛩🚔🚍

Ausanon ‏@Ausanon2

@RepAdamSchiff Adam ...what happens/happened @StandardHotels cal? Adam ...Do you know R.H? 🎥 Adam ..Alison Mack… https://t.co/vRyGyWLrvk

alison #miroh ‏@soIouIt


Wilts Air Ambulance ‏@WiltsAirAmbu

It is not often that two air ambulances are required at the same incident, but for young couple Séanan and Alex Tho… https://t.co/agVrC16V3l

Iain Roberts ‏@iainrobertsblog

@scrapegroat When my son was 2, his favourite food was roast chicken and gravy, which he called "graybee". 😃 He al… https://t.co/6QcX1TaPU8

Kevin Wu ‏@mr_kwu

How’s The View From Here? 🚁🌊 #WuTravels #DJI #SeeTheBiggerPicture . . . . #beach #igers #california #moodygrams… https://t.co/1Oj1qD3IAq

Mark Eltringham ‏@markeltringham

Fucking helicopter 🚁 can fuck off. We're trying to listen hear

Hannah ‏@hxnnxh3

My soul mate 💘🚁 https://t.co/cQE9sxGWbi


@annalouise_xo @Diamondgirl1946 @TheHaraBand Just doing now 😂😂🚁🚁

👻🏄🏽‍♂️🌊 ‏@JAYYRISE_

Pull out the choppa, we in combat🚁

RosKoWitAK ‏@RosKoMotah

@Swift_Chico That ain’t no problem that ain’t no problem 🚁 we out

𝒪𝓃 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝑅𝒾𝓋𝑒𝓉 🇮🇪 ‏@kilduffs

First Cut using the Drone QuadCopter 🌱🌱🌱✂️🚁 #Innovation 💫 #AutonomousDroneZone 👌🏻 https://t.co/tcI3TwmRko

WBOC TV16 ‏@wboc

#Chopper16 🚁 flying 3 miles out in the Chesapeake Bay >> https://t.co/6KrGLeTTLC

KevinBrandt 🔥 ‏@BrandtKev

[email protected] Onwards and upwards Masa !! So proud of you - know you’re going to nail it 💥🙌🏽🌺🚁 https://t.co/ITtIV0oWp6

CASPIR Paranormal Research ‏@CASPIR_Team

Martian helicopter? How cool is that! 🚁👽 https://t.co/sueOZe7UzR

DrewLGreer ✍🏾 ‏@Drewgreer

🚁 HOW YOU LIVIN⁉️ https://t.co/I77AuG3muX

詩歩|絶景プロデューサー ‏@shiho_zekkei

🚁 Flying drone from the biggest jungle gym in… https://t.co/fUfUX8Zoev


_ ⚓️ Gain followers ⚓️ 1.🎏 Follow me 2. 🏹Retweet & like this 3. 🚁Comment ifb 🛑#1FIRST💦 4. 🎡Follow everyone who r… https://t.co/m6e1NFSg8E

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Good morning Everyone☕️ #Have a beautiful day🌺#HappySaturday & #SafeTravels🚕🛩🛳🚊🚘🚁⛵️ https://t.co/8vu0L6C5TY

Hants & IOW Air Amb ‏@HIOWAA

Join us for a night mission like no other! #DashInTheDark is coming to #Southampton this September and you're invit… https://t.co/FcjTtKIKG7

KiteLoop Media ‏@KiteLoopMedia

Rider @lassewalker 🇳🇱 40 knots, 10 degrees and a ridiculously fast race drone! Such a cool project with @redbullned… https://t.co/9oIPO9yIrT

Airbus Helicopters ‏@AirbusHeli

Air medical transport relies on helicopters to bring critically ill or injured people to intensive-care facilities.… https://t.co/aFf14PYAxf

FireHopper ‏@firehoppr

Okay I promised pictures of the 🚁 so here https://t.co/xAMkQqX0j8

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.    🍩    mom's cold robber          🌸      🚁  mom's expediency     a cabbage         🎶        a leadership

Nur Fitzpatrick ‏@DreamvilleCoach

I need this and a 🚁 @MeekMill @REFORM @RocNation @RockfallCT @CNN https://t.co/L2xuikoaZV

cj ‏@trauma_mouse

“no dickheads” 😂🚁 https://t.co/XmFy9EOBX5

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How Many Followers You Want ?? 500Retweet🔥1000 💙Followers 1500Retweet🔥=2000💚Followers 2500Retweet🔥=3000💛Follower… https://t.co/cfS5LlK4Ry

cam ⚡️💙 ‏@cam69492563

@OMGitsAliA the helicopter moved to happy hamlet!!😱🚁 https://t.co/U3tbplAp69

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