Hippopotamus Emoji

Hippopotamus is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🦛 U+1F99B


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Kitchi-Kitten ‏@KitchiKitten

@9NewsQueensland too cute to lose #wildlife matters 🙏🦛

mairita💋 ‏@mairateresa_

Hungry hungry 🦛

Rachel Rodgers ‏@Rerodgers1

Got #alexa to wake me up with @ChrisCountry for the first time. I’m definitely now still in bed singing “I want a h… https://t.co/0oS90BrLf9

Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed ‏@LaBoca_WIDE

🗣HOLIDAY SEEAAASONNNN 🎁🦛 #LaBoca #hungryhippos #WTE #lifestylebrand #artplatform #skullcaps #enamelpin… https://t.co/7ybdNvEwgL

Papa Pancake ‏@MrHippoKing

My new workout regiment is actually getting me excited to get up early & start bulking up. I'm seriously enjoying m… https://t.co/VdffSgmcy5

Mary 🐾 ‏@maryy_writer

What is an animal that for no particular reason scares you? I’m not talking the usual- snakes, insects, spiders, et… https://t.co/8IjTEGcj0d

Racquel Huerta ‏@Racquel_Huerta

@sayhelloirene IIIIII want a hippopotamus 🦛 for Christmatttthhhhhh only a hippopotamus 🦛 will dooooo

You Name It Events ‏@YouNameItEvents

It’s the little things in life. 🌱🦛🐅 @ Firehouse Chicago https://t.co/ECSDnMHwkZ

The First Noelle 🎄✨ ‏@NoelleMillis

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!!!! Only a hippopotamus will doooo!!!! No crocodile No rhinocerosesesssesss… https://t.co/spJMJgXkRi

Meeks🦄 ‏@meeks17xoxo

My 3 lbs chihuahua is equivalent to a Canadian House Hippo 🦛

Jenna Large ‏@jenna_large

New favorite thing? Reading posts in the Facebook groups for our neighborhood/community. #RealHouseWivesofHutto… https://t.co/Mi8FG7H8F5

the dark lord ‏@abenbenji

@norfarahliyana We are hippo buddies 🦛 hahhha

Chelsea Malaya ‏@prettypenguinnn

@SpencyBoo I want to hippopotamus for Christmas 🦛

David Sloan ‏@davidsloan1977

@BillCorbett How about the one about a Hippopotamus 🦛?

Bash Brother 2 of 2 ‏@BoomalayBoom

BREAKING ✨✨✨ I just got off the phone with my White House Sources They have confirmed to me that @PressSec DNA w… https://t.co/QAmsay6jA8

Perales ES ‏@PeralesESchool

Roadrunner 3rd grade students bring their charm performing “Joy to the World” and “I want a 🦛 for Christmas.”… https://t.co/DRp9Q2EOcU

Maitland Library ‏@maitlandpl

Who remembers “I want a hippopotamus 🦛 for Christmas? What’s your favorite holiday tune? https://t.co/Bi1CHeSlzG https://t.co/Bi1CHeSlzG

Renee Young ‏@ReneeYoungWWE

My mom sent me this and I can’t stop looking at it. 🦛 https://t.co/9ByaRHFFr5

Zola ‏@zola_mzimba

@linmtruman @ian_wac The best I heard was Mr Hippopotamous 🦛!

rybka точка вилл сее топ ||-// ‏@0TakenBySleep

@czarnalarrie So apparently the first 12 emojis in your history is how 2019 will go for you. Here’s mine: JANUAR… https://t.co/NSJwAAys7u

Terry Hanley ‏@DrTerryHanley

Day 17 of an alternative Christmas🎄 playlist. More animals 🦛 👍 Gayla Peevy 🎶I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas🎶… https://t.co/Kt6QD5FimJ

Bavi Dharmalingam ‏@Dhapubavi

Nice read for better understanding Hippo 🦛 signaling in organ regeneration. https://t.co/F73EVaE0P9

Claire Smith ‏@ClaireTVI

already so #proud of #lions 🦁 but today, being first on stage on the first day of our performances they were amazin… https://t.co/4xoDoHaPNg

👼🏽𝖊𝖗𝖔𝖘🦋 ‏@OcanvSam

No matter how far our journey is he’s not too far behind💚🦛(even if it is just out back 😂) https://t.co/6jUmxC9ous

ημ₥₳ĩŘα ‏@Noxious_Numaira

@ShirinSherbok2 Hippo 🦛 not Bhainse 🐄

Black Migo ‏@Black_Migo

U get locked behind dat wall ur irrelevant so where yo friends go? Prolly at yo bitch door, cuz she hungry as a hip… https://t.co/MEMgt1YAFP

ημ₥₳ĩŘα ‏@Noxious_Numaira

@usmanmalik_17 @mubasherlucman Wrong, hippo 🦛 not elephant 🐘

Katie Creates ‏@katiecreatesuk

We have such a cute selection of animal hats! This little hippo hat was sent out last week, a Christmas gift for th… https://t.co/3zQ2DHeGGb

Wes Goodman ‏@WesleyGoodman

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!! Had a great time last week with family and old friends getting in the holiday… https://t.co/3AQOTTU8oG

Jeffrey ‏@TallBlackBoy

LOL all my homies know I like my girls BBW 🦛❤️

mariah ❀ ‏@neolhadalesbian

deactivating this acc bc might as well since I’ve muted 90% of my tl at this point. U can contact me on these (disc… https://t.co/Dvyn5QJl1J

Blue @ngel ‏@Blue__Angel_

happy as a 🦛❤️

MishMash-TheFunShop ‏@MishMashFunShop

🎶 I want a hippopotamus 🦛 for Christmas, Only a hippopotamus will do... 🎶 (man I wish you guys could hear how well… https://t.co/WuUoNWVfKd

614ortyNiner ‏@CAlipinOH

@crsimp01 Always appreciated - thanks! 🦛

Julie Cheung-Inhin 🇲🇺 ‏@Jcheunginhin

Ah, what a play it was!! Playing a 🦛 was awesome. (Incidentally, fun fact, I'll always remember how one reviewer th… https://t.co/KWEGTh2Fv2

Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed ‏@LaBoca_WIDE

WHO WANTS A HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS 🦛🎄🤔 #LaBoca #HungryHippos #StarvingArtist #trillervids #DetroitArtist… https://t.co/XjdU9C9rjI

SmallStuff ‏@SmallStuff_UK

Only one of the safari wooden toys and play mats left.. Perfect for creating stories and opening up a world of imag… https://t.co/inLEqSdkjF

PEDept ‏@PEstmca

Year 8 hungry hippos is on 🦛 https://t.co/2LUxlbj3oI

jingting.jaslynn ‏@JINGTINGjaslynn

Zoo + River Safari today 🐧 🦁 🦓 🦛 No panda because the enclosure's air con broke down and required urgent maintenan… https://t.co/eVngWc2tST

dogslovesushi ‏@MarjiStevens

@yvrairport #YVR25Million I am so excited to be flying YVR - YYZ -ZUR - NBO - FRA - YVR in exactly one month! In 1… https://t.co/YtsL3Iycvk

NomT ‏@NomtZ1

🦛 Family nap https://t.co/NyICauuDp0


We all know the dreaded HiPPO 🦛 Our next speaker introduced us to the Rhino @ProductTankMCR 🦏 @Garryprior is spea… https://t.co/lSklktjxJm

Sylvia ‏@Vlysia03

#Mondayfeeling 🦛 goodmorning all 🙋🏼‍♀️☕️😂🦛🌸 https://t.co/fgs0LObg1A

Heather Leigh ‏@jerseyluvbug

I Want a CHIPSopotamus for Christmas 🦛

Rodders ‏@rodbunnyslay

@gnarlykatt I want a hippopotamus for Christmas 🦛

James Van Ban ‏@SymbiosisofNYC

@marcorubio I asked God to save me a parking spot and a tree hit my car in a storm.🍕🦛🎥

RBG's Dissent Collar 👩🏻‍⚖️ ‏@alli24601

Me: Did you know hippos kill more people annually than lions OR snakes? Mama: They do? Good for them. Because you… https://t.co/oVX2Wc2Qoo

Crosby Tyas ‏@CrosbyTyas

Hippopotamus sounds much funnier pronounced Hitopotomus. 🦛 🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🙂 🤗

☃️Snowlady Stephie Carey☃️ ‏@Careyless

@BobbyDukeArt THIS! Is why I love you! Ahahahahahhahaha! But I wanna know, did your awesome wife laugh at this? 😂 I bet she did! 🦛🔥

Brad Spinner ‏@BgSpinner

@valerieeebrooke Glad to see Dan finally get that daggone baby 🦛! Congratulations on the engagement, thanks for mak… https://t.co/Ajorf6YPSv

Hattie ‏@hderderian22

Pj asked me if I have a tape worm cause I’ve been eating non stop since we got to ny.... nope just have the appetite of a baby hippo 😅🦛

holyignorance ‏@holyignorance

@cocoabliss45 @xstex @ElenaBrewer20 @nypost Elena is living her life as a hippo 🦛! For her to come on here and spew… https://t.co/GqlY3reaR9

Blast My Deals ‏@blastmydeals

Don't Get Eaten!🦛 Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game £6.99 @Argos_Online Buy it now: https://t.co/rAkx81NsUD… https://t.co/pjnTwwjGu9

Brie 🤘🏾🤞🏾 ‏@njk93

Being bigger is already a look 😣 I need to get it together. I look like a hippopotamus 🦛 with glasses 😩😂🤰🏾🤦🏾‍♀️

Andrew Malin ‏@antiqueboy

@GMTminus7 Vocal warmup time “I have a hippopotamus I keep him in my shed I have a 🦛 I keep him in my shed”. “Nee aww nee aww nee”

Jonathan Strome ‏@jtstrome

@the_pnut That works for me! Hahaha the hippo song is classic 🦛

M.Parker ‏@LoveLeighMixx

I feel like a hungry hippo 🦛

Hippo The Corgi ‏@HippoTheCorgi

Practicing how I’m going to wait for Santa on Christmas Eve... but without the falling asleep part 👋🏽🎅🏽❤️💚🦛… https://t.co/kGGSRPlku4

Samo Login ‏@samologin

#hippo at dawn. They only leave water at night to graze. #🦛 #hippopotamus #africananimals #wildlifephotography… https://t.co/9D2iAXoPtK

Beth Frates, MD ‏@BethFratesMD

@Christophe77 Great tweet, Chris. I love learning about animals on your feed. I read further about this phenomenal… https://t.co/AS0g6sPXiu

Quinn ‏@pewpewpew


Melissa Richardson ‏@SweaterGirl

Me at kid’s school: “What do you want for christmas?” Kid: “A hippopotamus.” Me: “Wow! Where would you keep it?” Ki… https://t.co/RaOXZB4NaK

Ever Rotating 🎁 ‏@EverRotating

A #vintage Hippo design yellow ceramic pot/tumbler made in West Germany by Waechtersbach 🦛 🛒… https://t.co/QIlqtWBzqk

DennisseMonkey🇲🇽 ‏@DenDenMonMon

Just two girls talking about the weather 💩 baby hippos 🦛 and figuring out lies that are not true 🤨 https://t.co/qccAgvWDHZ

Douglas Collins ‏@DouglasNCollins

OMG I’m dying!! 😂.#savethehippos 🦛 Since the banning of "Baby Its Cold Outside" in light of the #MeToo movement, pl… https://t.co/uDpnTAkVZc

Amita Pathak Sachar ‏@amitapathak

What a day ... 🦛 : : : #styleblogger #undermyumbrella_blog #amitapathaksachar #instafashion #travelblogger… https://t.co/EFyTWFo8y6

Dhari haji ‏@q8hornet

Next year is gonna be lonely for me😭. The hippo 🦛 changed its habitat The eagle 🦅 is soaring with its mate The mon… https://t.co/IhbGnG8aUx

Emma Goode ‏@Emma_Goode3

Another weekend, another fabulous red carpet event with the HIPPOs 🦛 #lifeofanactress #lalife #premiere #redcarpet… https://t.co/apdBB7Gx75

J ‏@jayleneebee

I watched a hippo shit in another hippo’s face today. It was amazing. Nature is lit. 🦛💩🔥

hailey ‏@hausofqueer

@c_peezey thank you for being the best boyfriend i could ever ask for 🦛💖🎄 https://t.co/e38SdOSHMx

Juan DragonThorne ‏@BubCrum33

And I got some shit that’ll flip a hippopotamus 🦛💰🔥

Theresa Kereakes 🐾 ‏@TheresaKereakes

@PleasantGehman1 Thanks. I heard it yesterday when I was shopping and FINALLY excorcised it with Bowie & Bing, and you resurrected it 🦛

Trutru 1231 ‏@tru1231

@PattyArquette For me, the past week it has been “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. 🦛🎄

Katie Sherwood ‏@Kayt_Swood

Hungry, hungry hippo 🦛 @ Six Flags St. Louis https://t.co/xZQqkqqhLl

🦇❤️☯𝕾𝖆𝖒𝖚𝖗𝖆𝖎𝕶𝖊𝖎𝖙𝖍☯💙✨ // S8 SPOILERS ‏@DragonBat19

I'm gonna go now so Good Night yall!! 💕🦇✨ And Good Night to heeee 🦛❤️💙 I'm so proud of my boy!! https://t.co/CimzXm8A0t

𝓢𝓽𝓮𝓯 ‏@whiskeywynonna

@SMackedCaskett YES QUEEN! 🙏🏼 2017/8 have been shitshows. I want to make 2019 a good year 🦛

🌊C.Trees 🌴 ‏@CaliTrees23

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas 🎄🦛

Writer's Block Bot ‏@WritersBlockBot

Story Prompt! ============ Title: "💁🏼's 🐤" Characters: 💩, 🐩, 👽 Plot - Act 1: 🦛, 🏦, 🙃 Plot - Act 2: 👨🏽‍🔧, 🚉, 😠 P… https://t.co/OQkctPoL8b

Haley Word ‏@HaleyWord

My sofa hippo 🦛 https://t.co/poKo7dRZuJ

🌺Leo🌺 ‏@KiKi____11

@JessicaCaban STILL singing this 😂😂🎶🎵🦛 https://t.co/p7VohyQlS8

Cherry Tree ‏@foxfield_cherry

Just a few pictures from our trip to the @zsllondonzoo We loved being able to see so many of the different endanger… https://t.co/vepSF2hhP4

kumar ‏@francopaola_

Last night was hecka fun 🦛 https://t.co/pUS3U0Cspg

Ricky Wright ‏@MC_Ricky_Wright

Says “Hippo Arse” 🦛 😂 https://t.co/N7GZ1VG2qm

kumar ‏@francopaola_

@dLeen_ Not the hippo 🦛

Melissa ‏@melissa82686

Why would a child want a hippopotamus for Christmas? I never understood that song 🦛 https://t.co/mEjEnji1Aa

🎉🐝🚪🍃 ‏@deleted_thing

Kinda overcast now 🦛

Shari Bourke ‏@Shari_Bourke

My #niece singing .... I want a #hippopotamus for #Christmas 📻🦛🎅🏽 #cutenessoverload @christmasfm https://t.co/rnmdp3EtFz

sexi lexxxi 🧨 ‏@_alexiapochat

after last night i need a gallon of OJ, chick fil a for breakfast* and a big FAT wood man. 🦛

[email protected]@_travelBuzz_

Hippos 🦛 everywhere https://t.co/dRCuSetMoF

Ashley E. Kauffman ‏@futurewriter13

They had stuffed hippopotamuses at my local @cvspharmacy! And they play #iwantahippopotamusforchristmas! So cute!… https://t.co/oFih5zyrdY

[email protected]@_travelBuzz_

Hippos 🦛 everywhere https://t.co/0ImLohFO3l https://t.co/L1jSQqBkFH

Curious Twitt ‏@curious_twitt

@briang8394 @SlickOG @StanCollymore @LBC Not a 🦛 but a hypocrite

Ben Johnson ‏@bljgolf

Hope all of the animals are safely accounted for. Amazing work from the fire brigade and @chesterzoo team with saf… https://t.co/1VJUXeSqHU

보라 🌸Priestess of the RyeokGod© Faith🦒 ‏@yukari93

@sabilaism @PerfectSunSeth So damn cuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I love you both 😍 But I must admit something from the first… https://t.co/Si2LCUdugf

Mary ‏@gogogreendog

@TheTorontoZoo I really do want a #pygmyhippopotamus for Christmas. 🦛🎄 https://t.co/oQDQOiv8f4

k. 🌻 ‏@markaliasims1

K so stupid but all you have to do is block 🦛 and Christmas will be good.

The Toronto Zoo ‏@TheTorontoZoo

Didn't your mom ever tell you to not play with your food? 🌿🦛 Penelope now weighs 86lbs! She has also started to ea… https://t.co/OfRORFzTLR

Danielle Henbest Levy ‏@danimonroe

The realest bitch there is. Thanks for holdin it down in the emotional support and unconditional love departments.… https://t.co/okVGSCedU3

Festive CJ ♡ ‏@heyitschloejade

@FreyaIrina3 Hippos are so lovely 🦛💖

Wurd Nurd ‏@ProckyHorror

@AaronPinkham Hippo 🦛 Birdy 🐥 2 ewes 🐑🐑 Hippo 🦛 Birdy 🐥 2 ewes 🐑🐑 Hippo 🦛 Birdy 🐥 Deer 🦌 Aaron 👨🏻‍🦰 Hippo 🦛 Birdy 🐥 2 ewes 🐑🐑

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