Horizontal Traffic Light Emoji

A set of red, orange (amber) and green traffic lights, used at intersections. Less common than the vertical traffic light.

Similar in appearance to the traffic light controls in the upper-left of every OS X windows.

Horizontal Traffic Light was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚥 Traffic Light


🚥 U+1F6A5




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@263Chat To a lesser extent its tru... But to a greater extent is our roads... They are no longer support this big volume of traffic 🚥

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🌴 I'm drinking iced coffee in the 2nd floor of the 7-EIeven now. 🎶🏤🏪🍷🍰🐈💺🎶🏢🌲✖🛂🚔🌲🏢🏥🏦🌃🌲🚥🚗🚴🚧🏢🏢

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The kims, aka the traffic light 🚥 https://t.co/rIUbKVsedq

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coconutshoe ‏@coconutshoe

they did n/s again! red light green light swag 🚥🚥🤟 bye or wassup man

Dutch_boy ‏@Dutchbo77628913

neon nights 💃🚦🚧🚥🎰🎲 https://t.co/uiUOppT36V

🎼AdagioForStrings🎻 ‏@adagioforstring

🚦🚥sarcasm alert🚥🚦but yea "#CrookedDemocrat #CAGov Brown signs wildfire safety bill blasted as PG&E bailout"… https://t.co/PX5rUm3cWX

Winston Mcgill ‏@b724a0e6c1764fa

@ABC7NY Sad, there's so many non drivers on the roads it's ridiculous, particularly all the #INTOX morons, not sayi… https://t.co/8JRXkGnijP

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@KenyanTraffic @davidkuria 🚌🚥🚦🚧😎🤔😵🤧🤓🧐Are these fare charts on matatus just ceremonial? I have boarded Citti Hoppa B… https://t.co/eGrCpV5V0N

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Nothing more than God 🚥

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🚥 Green light for the FP4 #ValenciaGP #MotoGP https://t.co/r7VziJMtpD

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Physayor De Diamente ‏@hooluphysayor

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Farouq Fakhri ‏@FarouqFakhri

@YM_azni94 Arrrr.. greenlight 🚥

BILAL ISMAIL ‏@bilalismail99

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It’s time for the #Moto3 #ValenciaGP QP to begin! 🇪🇸 #CelestinoVietti and @dennisfoggia71, give it all on track 💪🏻🚥… https://t.co/vDMjiQEDZ4

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jiminshi✨ ‏@jimin_bangtancr

Stuck in traffic 🚥

Theresa Marie #NHS❤️ Stay in the #EU please ‏@tinchissy

@LastHussar @iashy @michelle_daly02 @DavidDavisMP Siren sounds 🚥🛎. Troll alert. Troll alert. Do not engage. Do not engage.

Ginetta ‏@GinettaCars

It's a Douglas Motorsport 1-2 in #GinettaJunior Winter Series qualifying as Gus Burton and Lorcan Hanafin lock out… https://t.co/OOgUEA0syE

Rasheedah ‏@rasheeddaa

When I have my face beaten so good🤣🤣🤣I feel like the the day should start all over again and I should visit everywh… https://t.co/OmH8mSLpLZ

fairycakepixie 🧐 ‏@fairycakepixie

@Tankslider Yay!! See you soon! 🚥🚗🏁👋🏻

Michelin Motorsport ‏@Michelin_Sport

🚥Green light for the FP3 It's starting to rain 🌧️ #ValenciaGP #MotoGP https://t.co/RbsA3KFr9O

गाउँले ‏@KGaunle

Hello drivers of Butwal city! lets make habit of new rule! #No_horn👂👀📢🚵🇳🇵 Waiting for the 🚥 Traffic lights too https://t.co/cG2NpY15DW

| •Nikah• | ‏@Nikah_Solutions

Dont wait for all traffic 🚥 lights in about 5miles turn green b/4 start a journey. #makeeachdaycount

Onyilimba Stanley ‏@iamStankovicss

Traffic 🚥 is our only source joy here in Lagos... If you know... You know https://t.co/m3I2RqBsDF

Rotaract Club of COB ‏@RotaractofCOB

Join RCUB...... Directions: From blue hill road ( at the traffic 🚥 light near Milo butler), take that left which is… https://t.co/B5aAEW4yX8

Kimi Schmitz ✨ ‏@KimiSchmitz

My light game is on 🚥 https://t.co/czSQPltiIH

_burenren -_• ‏@_burenren

Ang traffic 🚥 😑😑😑

Regional Security Advisory ‏@regsecadvisory

#Karachi traffic 🚥 updates https://t.co/1nEGDVO6bZ

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BMW Motorsport ‏@BMWMotorsport

The start of the qualification race in Macau is just around the corner (13:05hrs local time / 6:05hrs CET)! 🚥 Keep… https://t.co/wZvZqXRKb5

Bar™an_29 ‏@Anthony28181103

Traffic 🚥 😣

⭐POLI⭐ #MGWV⭐ ‏@insaurraldeh

@SharisLind @guiller25136814 @marianoalbi @Astrid_Marche @VicN_84 @Sergei_Belov25 🚦🚥#DinamicaTSha🚥🚦 🚀🛸RT & Like‍🚦… https://t.co/Hg5jjiBU43

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A Digital Clock Atop 🥑🥊🏗🏏 ‏@ADigitalClock

Promotional Poster Made by @TheEthanM_ #music #soundcloudartist #art Thank ya 🚥 https://t.co/SIhRNYr0S2

Jay ‏@ArjayTuyor2

Speedfest 🚥

Joyceee ‏@joyceeefruitgum

PH traffic system is the worst. 🚥


Starting positions 🚥 🇲🇴 QualyRace @gyzhou_33 P5 @MarcusArmstrng P8 @SchumacherMick P9 @aron_ralf P10 @ShwartzmanRob… https://t.co/vVnbrttmbW

Jaki ‏@Jakiba_

kare kano be like 🚥🚥🚥


@emilyepat Be safe lovey🚥

EDGEsport ‏@EDGEsportTV

We. Are. GO! 🚥@EDGEsportTV is now available in the U.S. on @RokuPlayer 💪🇺🇸 #edgesport #edgeonroku #repsol… https://t.co/q2nEbupEXN

SG ‏@IamtharealSG


Otireme esoj ‏@OtiremeEsoj

1 Year in a Making!🌕🌞🌧🌨🌩🌬🌛🌠☁⛄ Thanks Be to God Certified Class 5 Driver na Akes!Ahihihi 🚘🚗🚥🚦 #inasamasam ©jomcas… https://t.co/Re1WVGZSnT

jadefucius ‏@jadefucius

It is *ICY* out there folks!! Even on the main roads. Leave extra space for braking & not just at intersections 🚥 #yegtraffic

Tired Nigerian ‏@emperorphingerx

@Naunetgoddess @Otunbakush Av been on this road for long now and your 🚥 light is confusing

Joy ‏@Joy_d3

Lonely nights... and my ride... Ready for the next lap? 🚥 3, 2, 1..... Zoom https://t.co/yl79chPOiJ

Susan Martin-Dapuzzo ‏@SusanDapuzzo

I would like to go back home now 🎶🎹🌌🎠⛺🎡✈🚥🛤🚎✨🎇🎆🔥🔥🔥🔥🌬🌚🛸 #blackrockcity #Brc 😌🧘🏻‍♀️✨ https://t.co/CeLkeOyDY6

Fran ‏@flinsfitness

Fight Klub Orpington Monday & Wednesday nights at Flin's Fitness... drum n bass workout 🚨🚦🚥Sweaty, clubby & fun 🥊💥… https://t.co/YbFS3sX0Zh

pReSsUrE mAkEs 💎💎 ‏@slavinartur

Reggae music is life 🚥 🙌🏽

souto ‏@joaovsoutoo

everyone’s competing for a love they won’t receive 🚥 em Popload Festival 2018 https://t.co/9VUOaTclRQ

Hyundai Motorsport ‏@HMSGOfficial

#WRC: 🚥 Our first stage today SS9 is now live. It runs in the opposite direction to 2017 and features parts of the… https://t.co/wCAEb69Kga

Voltaireの批判精神 ‏@idee_kenkyu

🌴 I'm drinking iced coffee in the 2nd floor of the 7-EIeven now. 🎶🏤🏪🍷🍰🍴🐈💺🎶🏢🌲✖🛂🚔🌲🏢🏥🏦🌃🌲🚥🚚🚗🚴🚧🏢🏢

Lake Street, Mpls ‏@VisitLakeStreet

Here's some good news before starting your Holiday travels. 🚥🛣️🚙💨 https://t.co/pmdSd7Wxql

CLEM TRAFFIC 🚦🚨 ‏@ClemTraffic

#DRIVETIMETRAFFIC 🚥 Riding towards FLAG HOUSE from ONIKAN underbridge this minute is OK 👌 #TRAFFICMEDIAHOUSE #ClemTrafficReport

CLEM TRAFFIC 🚦🚨 ‏@ClemTraffic

#DRIVETIMETRAFFIC 🚥 Descending towards CHECKING POINT from BONNY CAMP BRIDGE 🌉 traffic is moving slow and steady… https://t.co/ryhfufOs3G

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