Horse Face Emoji

A horse’s head, shown facing forward or to the left of screen on most platforms. Looks to the right on Facebook. Distinct from the horse emoji which shows the entire horse, and not just the face.

Horse Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐴 Horse Head


🐴 U+1F434




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Liz W ‏@MizLizW

@WYPHorses Happy retirement to gorgeous Ilkley and a belated happy retirement to the equally gorgeous Joseph. Here'…

Michele Desoer ‏@mmdesoer

@Nav2115 @isabelluis1961 @Tennesseine @20committee I heard a snippet of his interview with Savannah Guthrie on the…

Ez_Moneyy_ ‏@Ez_Moneyy_

My Guys🐴

Thom D. Chesney ‏@ThomChesney

Hey, @brookhaven Bears fans! It may be (a little) cold outside, but men's hoops 🏀Conference play heats up the Bears…

hchsco21 ‏@hchsco21

2019 Hoco dress up days Mon : tie dye & camo 🌈 Tues : jersey & shore 🏖 Wed : western & flannel 🤠🐴 Thurs : thr…

SuzyQ ‏@lvisrulz

@keg2014gek @RealTT2020 @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump @9NEWS @WMUR9 @cogop @NHGOP @MikeTokes…

Jim ‏@millar1888

@SimkinMarc @fancylunch3232 Anyone but Trapani 🐴

Beakmaster ‏@Beakmaster1

@Bondiee7 The video should been that this horse cannot win🐴🐴😂😂🤣

Heidi Lee Komaromi ‏@heidiklee

B O H O V I B E🐴 📘🦶🥽 So fun seeing my artist collaborations pop up in stunning designs like this one by the talent…

Brindille ‏@Brindille_

🐴❄️🐴 Debbie Criswell

Michael Bertulfo ‏@hoopaholic_Mike

🚨🚨🚨 GAME DAY ALERT 🚨🚨🚨 ‼️WHITE OUT GAME ‼️ Vista Murrieta vs Murrieta Mesa 🐴…

Catherine Taylor🐝🦔 ‏@happy_dales

@WYPHorses Happy retirement Ilkley 😘🐴🥕

J҉εภภƴ࿐🦋 ‏@VivaciousStar2

@Tana_Pato @am102358 @Stallion_Team @RemmeRDer @LaputaluVyasuko @QuinnDrive @tinatwitte482 @CarlonetCarlo…

kaylee ‏@eagen_kaylee

‼️‼️Come support the wrestling team @ home tonight, 6:00🐴❤️ you can also get points for your grade for snocoming week if you attend 😊

Blueshirts102 ‏@Blueshirts102

@gamergirl27 Sorry for your loss. Absolutely adorable horse 🐴

glasgows green and white ‏@kelzybhoy

Well that was shite 🐴

Danny Millington ‏@dannymill86

@Alex61965129 @TWEnclosure @rbizzle57_LFC Can’t wait! 🙌🏻🍻🐴

Maf🦋🧠✨ ‏@Mafe_Gutierrez


Secretariat Center ‏@mmsc04

Fun fact - Angelina is the half-sister of Let Me Loose who is available for adoption at the MMSC right now 🐴…

Alan the Wonder Horse 🐎 ‏@AlanAlrob62

The shy, reluctant and reclusive Wonder Horse posts a selfie....🐴

Whitemud Equine ‏@whitemudequine

Congrats! We hope you'll be around this summer to attend our 100th Anniversary celebration for Keillor Farm and the…

UonlyThinkUKnowMe ‏@Eevildebs

@LisaMei62 @BeckyStroud50 Ya can lead a horse to water, but ya better be determined to make it drink!…

Bre🦋🌻🤘🏼 ‏@Meade1734

Today, for school, I get to play with horses 🐴🥰

Dr Claire Wylie ‏@DrCEWylie

Important message from @ahtofficial @DNPollard “laminitis is not just a spring-time disease and it’s essential hors…

Graeme Allan ‏@Geeves87

@WillieForbes89 Neigh chance 🐴

🌺End☠️Toxic💪🏽Machismo ‏@Solidarityanism

🚓 🐴⛓On the corner of Chicago Avenue and Lockwood there is a Sheriffs command Center reminiscent of wild wild west t…

Giovanna ‏@Madrina334

The interwebs is full of shit,bat shit crazies,flies,lies and fakes,dumbasses,brainless dead zombies. 🐂💩🐴💩🦇💩💀🧟‍♂️🧟…

Christine Elise ‏@XtineElise

Making unforgettable memories with the most handsome guy on the beach... oh yea and jhubb14 is alright too 👍🏼🐴 • •…

Angie ‏@sweetliner

Good morning or good afternoon or goodnight everyone 😊🎀🌸🌷🌺🐩🐱🦄🐢🐴🐈🎠🐥🐶🦌🎡. I hope you guys have a wonderful lovely day…

BeeSquad ‏@BeeSquadBot

🐴 God The Black

Jake Schroeder ‏@Whiskeyonsin

@WI2AZ_Schmitty @srpierce14 @Haudricourt @journalsentinel 🐴, whichever is a donkey

Alex 🐴 ‏@PalominoPaint2

Spoiler Alert! The Clydesdales are back! 🐴

Jason Nelson ‏@jasonnelson1985

@KATUNews Better luck necks time 🐴

Ben Duggan ‏@duggantheking

@Hornbeef12 I hope someone called the ISPCA on the man 🐴

Medieval Times ‏@MedievalTimes

Just another beautiful day at the ranch 🐴☀

Anne-Hamilton LeRoy ‏@anneleroy30

@coachtillett Thank you Coach Tillett!! I have the best coaches and teammates there are!! Present & future💙🐴

JungleLion ‏@JungleLion_

@steveOc7 That’s not her 🐴🐴🐴

Lilly Dilly's ‏@LillyDillys

Love a #fedorahat with #featherpin and #scarf combo for #countrystyle events 🏞️🐴🦌🦅 .......................... #hat…

Beth #missnmaddie R ‏@Doxielady4

@WarmSpringsTour ❤️🐴❤️🐶❤️ nothing better

Memorial Parkway JH ‏@MPJHEagles

🦅➡️🐴 Taylor counselors shared information with 8th graders today about courses for next year. Parent night is next…

Michéle 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@mitchfaefife

@ASPoliceHorses @ASPNSomerset @Yeomoor Hahaha that's a brilliant pic 👌🐴🤩

orangegoldfish ‏@me_greeley

My #wonderwomanwednesday #justiceriders #earth18 #wonderwoman - shot in #deadwood #southdakota 🐴🐴🐴🌵🌵🌵🏇🏼🏇🏼🏇🏼…

Mol Jamess ✨ ‏@molhunter69

It’s so strange to think that Sambo has been to America and I haven’t, sort of jealous of my own horse🤣🐴🇺🇸

Amanda Miller ‏@Mandomi6

@fancylunch3232 Right Jase me Old Mucker your On 😋🧐🐴🙏🤞🙈

Warm Springs Ranch ‏@WarmSpringsTour

Our Clydesdales! 😍🐴 #followthehitch #SBLIII

Eve Michele ✨ ‏@iamcheerbear

of all the traumatic scenes on @911onFOX, the only one that got me crying was them putting down City Slicker 🐴

Jeff Willson ‏@MisterWills0n

@KATUNews Long neck horse fucker 🐴🐎🏇🎠

Lilly Dilly's ‏@LillyDillys

Live a #fedorahat with #featherpin and #scarf combo for #countrystyle events 🏞️🐴🦌🦅 .......................... #hat…

RachBach ‏@RachBach007

Thanx🐦4 BLOCKING MY🆘Mustang posts again I guess we SHUD Just let them die right twitter, cuz out of 1305 ppl U ONL…

DJ Velarde ‏@djvlpn

@TampaPD @GEICO @CityofTampa Pike is Beautiful, what is Pike's Daddy's name please?🐴👮🇺🇸💜

My dogmon ‏@mydogmon

🐶🐴❤️ Best friends come in all shapes an sizes. #Mydogmon #sundaymood #bestfriends #horselove #doglovers Via:…

BetMate ‏@BetMateSports

Cheltenham is only time I get overly involved with the ante post stuff, although I did back tiger roll at 66/1 for…

💙TANA💙 ‏@Tana_Pato

Retweet & Like this✔ Comment "IFB"✔ Follow fast 👇 @Deyan68007070 @GrandeFollwhelp @pranticgain @DOPE_RETWEETS…

💙TANA💙 ‏@Tana_Pato

Retweet & Like this✔ Comment "IFB"✔ Follow fast 👇 @SimpleGain @Diane91182 @ROX93_ @Spencerjames211…

Rozemberg Barbosa ‏@AddictedRb

83 N Woodland St Englewood, New Jersey, United States – Luxury Home For Sale The home features approximately 24,000…

💙TANA💙 ‏@Tana_Pato

Retweet & Like this✔ Comment "IFB"✔ Follow fast 👇 @am102358 @Stallion_Team @RemmeRDer @LaputaluVyasuko…

💙TANA💙 ‏@Tana_Pato

Retweet & Like this✔ Comment "IFB"✔ Follow fast 👇 @GIRLS__CREW @deepaksaxena88 @TabletWallpaper @bobbybcas…

OTL Podcast ‏@OTL_Podcast

@Tim6719 I know what you mean mate, this spelling malarkey is really tricky 🍀🤜🏻🐴

FarmVille2 ‏@FarmVille2_Z

👀 Like, Comment & Share!🤩🤓😎 🐴🦄Free 2 Gypsy Horse! (Day 01/23) 👉

Amanda Miller ‏@Mandomi6

@fancylunch3232 @puntersg This better bloody win Jason 😋 I also have your back my friend 💯 I can't resist a wee flu…

Breeders' Cup ‏@BreedersCup

🐴 @Oldfriendsfarm has officially reopened after renovations and is back up for tours! Go say hi to a few…

yswagz ‏@khasyaaz

Cute🐱🐰🐴 #BTS

RachBach ‏@RachBach007

@DriveLane ThanK U💟✊✊ OUR🐴R ESSENTIAL & IMPERATIVE 2 OUR FUTURE &*LAND🆘 NO horses=NO🌻4🐝4🌽🌾/US OUR public land WIL D…

Keeley's Pet Service Ⓥ ‏@KeeleysPetServ

@shetlandbook @eggsypony Loving the purple 😍🐴💜

Wok ‏@jwok_714

@bigduke47 Morning Chuck!! 👍🏻🐴🎵🎵🎵

PAH_Charity ‏@PAHCharity

Join us at the race night in Takeley in aid of raising money for the William's Day Unit on 9 February. The evenin…

Blair ‏@blair_63

@TXT_members The cutie boy 😭😭😭😭🔥 so cute omg , you know you are older then me by a year 🐴 thos is cute , fighting kai 💕💙

Ellen Mary Howells ‏@ellen__mary

Can anyone recommend a friendly riding school near York or Knaresborough? Ideally somewhere with the option of hack…

yswagz ‏@khasyaaz

Cute🐱🐰🐴 #BTS

☀️Serre Chevalier☀️ ‏@SerreChe_EN

Are you coming ?! 🐴❄️🤩

Laura-Duthie Coupar ‏@DuthieLaura76

@Scarfie1 @CityHorses Stunning but yes ceremonial cosy blankets... Hope you all had a great night 🐴❤

☀️Serre Chevalier☀️ ‏@SerreChe_EN

Great Day 🐴❄️

The Hungry Mule ‏@the_hungry_mule

3 is a magic number! Choose from these 3 sides that are included with any sandwich or burger purchase; French fries…

My dogmon ‏@mydogmon

Best friends come in all shapes an sizes 🐶🐴❤️ #Mydogmon #sundaymood #bestfriends #horselove #doglovers Via:…

Stelkr8zBo ‏@Stelkr8zBo

@mikebwonder Have you or anyone you know, any of your followers, ever been polled? I don’t have a lot of followers,…

HarperShaw ‏@harpershawic

A long way from our usual location today on a vehicle examination for high value insurance claim any guesses where…

Scropton RDA Centre ‏@ScroptonRDA

⭐️👫🐴 JOB - APPRENTICE GROOM 🐴👫⭐️ We're looking for an Apprentice Groom to join us here as part of our small friend…

eschneider ‏@eschneider

@JohnConstableRA Fascinating! As much as I love Constable's work, one of the best things about what you do here is…

Austin Swenson ‏@Sweeny92

HAPPY Birthday to the one and only @WMU_Coach_CDub!!!! I hope it's a great one! 💛🎉🎈😊🐴

Tracy Kaplan ‏@tlkaplan

Oh I could read articles like this all day long. Some serious work but also makes me picture one of the best Monty…

LIA ‏@radiolia

Wrong field, buddy, wrong field! 💪🐴 #makebetterchoices

Serena Daniari ‏@serenajazmine

See u soon Dallas 🐴🐴

💙TANA💙 ‏@Tana_Pato

@Lady_Princess7 @Stallion_Team @izakira3 @koji2530112 @DarleyR250 @_Carol2018 @BrettCateley @MoreTisha_…

Brian Grady ‏@BrianGr81416244

@SenGillibrand You are such a 🐴 New York State billions of dollars in debt what does that say about you

💙TANA💙 ‏@Tana_Pato

@Lady_Princess7 @OneMascott @selinanguyen08 @m_usmanabbas @GB_iqbal7860 @mvf7186 @SoonToTheMoon @jockomo141…

Leslie-at-home ‏@Bookorama

@oldweirdbritain Thanks a lot, horse. 💀🐴

nycSass ‏@nycSassenach

@newenglandgrl @LanderClosetFan @SamfromSpain @Andiepat1411 @sharon_kk @KavanaghVickie @KarramKaren @SaraMD15 These…

💜💙Honor💙💜 ‏@ATinWitch

@JacksonStarship @DonCheadle Again, I was speaking to the richy-rich aspect but... I agree that fetishizing non-whi…

Hoofies Equestrian ‏@HoofiesEq

SPECIAL OFFER.... LIMITED STOCK! Rhinegold Aspen 350g Full Neck Turnout Rug Was £79.50 NOW FROM £41.85 Sizes 4'6-…

Veteran_History ‏@VeteranHistory1

Biggest Sale of the Season. 👉 GET YOUR HERE: ✅👍Absolute #gift for your family members ✅🗺️…

greatbymyownfate ‏@rivera_goatt

I realized that it’s true... You don’t find the worth in something until you lose it. Miss my school 🐴💜

Oddschecker ‏@Oddschecker

🐴 A filly owned by Lord Lloyd-Webber and trained by John Gosden is the #MoneyHorse today! ⏰ Runs in one hour.

x-HorseHockey🐴 ‏@GeeGeesMHKY

Director of Player Development Evan Brownrigg and @NextGenHKY are a big part of our skill development all season lo…

OTL Podcast ‏@OTL_Podcast

@Tim6719 I didn’t post shite mate, I used the word if because I don’t know what happened in the Gallowgate and, des…

jagstudios ‏@jagstudios

There’s nothing quite so special as the bond between a girl and her horse. 🥰🐴🖤 #jagstudios #bestfriends

_robloxaddict_ ‏@_sadyeehaw__

you vs me 🐴 🦄

Richmond Hill Public Library ‏@RHPLtweets

We were horsing around at the library and decided to pair shortbread cookies with some equestrian reading! 🐴 ▶️▶️…

Daily Mail US ‏@DailyMail

This 5-year-old girl is the sweetest and kindest kid ❤️🐴

WY Police Horses ‏@WYPHorses

PH Ilkley has retired today to his new home in Shropshire. He served with us for 16yrs with hardly a day sick. He w…

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