Hospital Emoji

A place where people are taken to receive medical care. This hospital has a large red cross on the front, often used as a symbol for health care.

Hospital was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🏥 Emergency Room

🏥 Medical

🏥 Red Cross


🏥 U+1F3E5




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When seamless security silently supports healthcare workflows, it’s possible to enhance safety without ever comprom…

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Austin PD takes up 40% of Austin’s ENTIRE budget. They don’t need another penny—communities do. Cut $100 million…

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Read the first letter of each emoji. 🐒🍆👃🏾 🍎🏃🏽🍆 🌳🏃🏽🍎🌨🏥

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UNC Children’s Urgent Care at Raleigh is open everyday of the week till midnight! 🏥 Plus virtual visits are availa…

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@OssettObserver @dusttodigital She wonderful... hope you’re doing ok 🏥

Darren ‏@DarrenNesbitt

@THE_DrAnderson I got in at $28, so not complaining. Still holding other medicals like $INO, $IHI, $CODX, $GILD and $QDEL 🏥

🥀 137K 😭 8645 🗳️ 11/3/20 🇺🇸 ‏@jchrthomas

@amvetsupport On Trump’s watch: • crass corruption is creeping, as • infections to new heights are leaping. 😷📈🏥⚰️ O…

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When get 23 days notice of the re-submission date of your assignment 📚💻🎓🏥but don’t check your Uni e-mail often whic…

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REMINDER: #Medicaid providers are encouraged to apply for relief funds by next Monday, July 20th! Learn more at:…

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HOSPITALIZATIONS🏥 7/13: IMPORTANT: New record set for hospitalizations— As of Sunday, there are 953 confirmed/susp…

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🇮🇹 Italy 🏥 Total cases - 243,230 🤒 New Cases - 169 💀 Deaths - 34,967 😀 Recovered - 195,106 🇨🇳 China 🏥 T…

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Update at 17:37 GMT 😷 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🏥 Total Cases - 290,133 🤒 New Cases - 530 💀 Deaths - 44,830 😀 Rec…

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Urgent SOS 🆘 CRUISER has Skin medical 🏥 alert 🚨 Very Treatable HELP CRUISER in Palm Valley Texas urgent SOS 🆘

Marcus of Los Angeles ‏@_MarcusLA

@Mcwrx16 @LakeShowYo @ACFresh21 Imagine getting chest bumped by LeBron like that 💀 🏥

Walmart World ‏@WalmartWorld

We’ve got ONE week left to #HelpKidsLiveBetter through @cmnhospitals 🏥 Don’t forget to ask your customers and memb…

👮‍♂️🚫friendly sausage maker🚫👮‍♂️ ‏@alexthistlewood

Delino DeShields to the 10-day IL (no reason provided but he previously tested positive for COVID-19 and rejoined h…

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🎺 "Boy Plays #Trumpet As Tribute To #FrontLineWorkers (VIDEO)": 🚑 12 year-old Jason Zgonc…

Blaugranagram @ 🏡 ‏@Blaugranagram

🏥 The footballers will undergo medical tests throughout week, and train in physical stages to prepare themselves for game play.

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CONGRESS TX-24: Tarrant, Denton, and Dallas Counties (cont.) Candace Valenzuela (@candacefor24) - expand the Affor…

UNT College Democrats ‏@UntDemocrats

SENATOR: Royce West (@RoyceWestTX) - current Texas State Senator 🤠 - end private for-profit prisons - supports U…

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@JoeBiden 45pp✳️ has: • 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥💩 from the start & con-tinues to date • 🏌️⛳️ while funneling 💵💰💵 of taxpayer’s 💵💰 into…

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@craverofcoffee @Bobbyem13 @PmJustnot @nationalpost Some cuts were temp. held, others not mainly affect fam docs. C…

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We are partnering with @CMAdocs @CAPASpeaks @CALIFORNIADO to host a monthly and virtual grand rounds series on the…

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The #2020Census is important to ensure we get our fair share of resources for: ✏️Education 🍎Human Services and Nutr…

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Update at 17:07 GMT 😷 🏥 Total Confirmed cases - 13,132,663 💀 Total Confirmed deaths - 573,242 😀 Total Number o…

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The task force recommendations include actions on 🌎 Climate ⚖️ Criminal Justice 📈 The Economy 📚 Education 🏥 Healthc…

Arzoo ‏@R___zoo

Tabiyat theek nahi..🏥 Needs prayers cuz I hate taking medicine💉 😒😒

Orange County Convention Center ‏@OCCC

🏥 Among the first of its kind in the country, this new program and partnership with @orlandohealth will provide per…

AAP DharmendraMahashwari(विरेन्द्र) ‏@aapMaheshwari

🏥Delhi Health Bulletin - 13th July 2020 🏥 #DelhiFightsCorona

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NEW: Today's #DailyVirus podcast is out now! We're podcasting from Wine Country 🍇 and talking about: 😷 Dr. Fauci's…

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Hello. Simpsons Reference DROP: Homer says DOE 🤦🏻‍♂️ DOE 🧑🏻‍🏫 DOH 🏥 DOUGH 💰 Here’s what you need to know: Those…

Romeo Jamer Dumaplin ‏@itsR0MeoD

this 16-hours shift 🏥🚑😷🌡💉💊

Rip City News ‏@realripcity

1903 Did you get my message. He refused medical 🏥

Meagan MacDonald ∞ ‏@mrs_macdonald17

Omg bring on the tears 😭 my family is truly amazing 😍😍❤️😭😭🏥🤰

Coronavirus CoVid-19 Updates ‏@subgap

Coronavirus Update: ☣️️ Total cases: 13,129,946 (+32,439) ☣️️ ⚠️ Current cases: 4,914,769 (+15,246) ⚠️ ⚰️ Deaths: 5…

David Bradway ‏@davidbradway

Wheelchair access impeded between the bus and @DukeRegional 🚌♿🚫➡️🏥


@HumbleIndian @pelisoro @GeorginaAntoin9 @PattiBrookd @paulv23346702 @Chrissyhowell16 @nixgenaues @1hTkMJaMalfwQZS…

British Voter Bot 🤖 ‏@VoterBritish

I'm a 26 year old religious woman, private renter, university-educated. Brighton, Kemptown 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. News 📺 - ❗Brex…

Rip City News ‏@realripcity

7241 Operator needs medical 🏥

Lima ‏@limas_art

@iloveerentoo IT‘S FULL OF FEELS FOR ZEKE 🤧🤧🤧🤧🏥🏥🏥

Current Curtis ‏@driver1driver

@chuckwoolery Hey, when did wool get his medical 🏥 degree?

Remington Crowder ‏@RemCrowder

Just a reminder, when you go out... Wear your mask. 😷 Social distance when possible. 🧍‍♂️↔️🧍‍♀️ If not... Stay h…

Yasmin Khan ‏@YasminKhan5

So proud to be part of this team with these amazing people!! 🏥 🇨🇦 👩🏽‍⚕️ @UHN

Jamaica. reader boy ‏@jamaica_gay

I need $1000 us send to my account today🥰🏥💶💸💵💴💳💰

Corona Count ‏@Corona_Count

🇮🇹 Italy 🏥 Total cases - 243,230 🤒 New Cases - 169 💀 Deaths - 34,967 😀 Recovered - 195,106 🇨🇳 China 🏥 T…

Corona Count ‏@Corona_Count

Update at 16:37 GMT 😷 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🏥 Total Cases - 290,133 🤒 New Cases - 530 💀 Deaths - 44,830 😀 Rec…

Shanu⁷ ⟭⟬ ‏@HighOnNeend_

@TohkyaMaiNachu Doctor ke concert mein gaya tha 🏥

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Could robot doctors be on the horizon? 🤖 🏥 How 🇨🇳 China, 🇯🇵 Japan, and 🇬🇧 England are ahead of the game with AI he…

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🏥 Joining our #GlobalReset Dialogue, @XHNews President Cai Mingzhao calls for international cooperation to build "a…

Twin City Subaru ‏@TCsubaru

A big thanks to Robert for taking a safe delivery of his 2017 #subaruoutback from Jim Glassford! Be sure to…

🇿🇦[email protected]Â¥~R🤓 ‏@KSMATLOU31

@CyrilRamaphosa Caring leaders are building hospitals for their people 🏥 n what are yal doing 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️digging graves.

Sakile ‏@BallaDunas

@Loot_92 @BTeam94 @PhandleVuyo @MbuyiseniNdlozi Like seriously? We shouldn’t be complaining about bad service at ho… ‏@FootballLineups

Deeney ( #watfordfc #Watford ) 🏥 Knee Injury

Megan Messerly ‏@meganmesserly

Nevada COVID-19 updates for 7/13: 🧪 Cumulative test positivity is again UP, at 8.09%. (Daily test positivity rate…

Godot🎖 ‏@dporus_89

@DigiThane @TMCaTweetAway @PIBMumbai @CMOMaharashtra @DDSahyadri @Info_Thane1 @airnews_mumbai @air_mumbai… ‏@FootballLineups

Basham ( #sufc ) 🏥 Head Injury

Pankaj ‏@Pankaj96785787

@ishkarnBHANDARI @Swamy39 @narendramodi @cbiindia1 Police and sandeep sing took the body to Cooper hospital 🏥 w…

CMO Delhi ‏@CMODelhi

🏥Delhi Health Bulletin - 13th July 2020🏥 #DelhiFightsCorona

Rebecca Glassman ‏@NotoriousRSG

Florida COVID Update 7/13: 😷 12,624 new cases 💔 35 new deaths 🧪 65,800 new tests 🏥 553 new patients *currently* hos…

🏆 Escaping Workforce ▶ FGC Content Creator & TO ◀ ‏@escapeworkforce

Yo guys please take care of yourselves 💚 I got COVID-19 😷 And i had to go the hospital yesterday 🏥 This virus is no…

🏆🩸RespectfulBlackMan ‏@LowkeyNastyy

@curlz4thegirls Good I won’t need no norcos for my shoulder 🏥 ‏@FootballLineups

Albrighton ( #Leicester ) 🏥 Hip Injury ‏@FootballLineups

Hause ( #AstonVilla ) 🏥 Tight Groin ‏@FootballLineups

Taylor ( #AstonVilla ) 🏥 Tight Hamstring ‏@FootballLineups

🇨🇴 Mina ( #Everton ) 🏥 Quad Strain ‏@FootballLineups

Milner ( #Liverpool ) 🏥 Thigh Injury

Blue Collar Conservatism ‏@bluecollartory_

Welcome this 👏 We must deter violent criminals - like those seen in Brixton and Westminster this summer - from ass…

Corona Count ‏@Corona_Count

Update at 16:07 GMT 😷 🏥 Total Confirmed cases - 13,117,564 💀 Total Confirmed deaths - 572,940 😀 Total Number o… ‏@FootballLineups

🇳🇴 King ( #AFCB ) 🏥 Hamstring Strain ‏@FootballLineups

🇵🇹 Pedro Neto ( #wwfc Wolverhampton Wanderers ) 🏥 Muscle Injury

Azure Cosmos DB ‏@AzureCosmosDB

🏥 Kitano Hospital in Osaka, Japan uses an #IoT RFID inventory system powered by #AzureCosmosDB to optimize medical…

GlamEyeRx💛 ‏@GlamEyePharm_

Pharmaceaux🏥 Customer: Future GlamDoll💉🦋 Age: Varies✨ Lashscriptions: include 11 different Meds💊 Doses: 16,20,25💉…

Paranormal XTRA 👻🛸 ‏@ParanormalXTRA

Patient believes they have captured an apparition roaming the empty corridors at the ‘Royal Derby Hospital’ in…

The Blackwell Group - REMAX ‏@RBlackwellRE

This is so cool! Thank you so much, Cambridge Memorial Hospital! 🏥😷 "Need a mask for you or your family? Fabric m…

NHS County Durham CCG ‏@CountyDurhamCCG

We're doing everything we can to #keeppeoplesafe. Please wear a #facecovering when you visit: 🏥 Hospitals 💉 Clinic…

UNITY Collab ‏@theUNITYCollab

Support health care workers with our Air Hug Collection. Proceeds help get #PPE to frontline workers.…

black'ishh barbie 🦋 ‏@KaraboKekae4

Can someone please photo shop me in hospital 🏥 my boyfriend just sent me an "We need to talk text" 😭🤷‍♀️🤧🤧

ATB ‏@ATB708

Can't we do this in our schools ?? Doesn't seem very complicated. 🏫🧑‍🎓🏥😷⚕️

Michael_Schwartz ‏@MSchwartzWHAM

BREAKING: Day 135 of COVID-19 in NY. According to @andrewcuomo: ▪️10 died yesterday ▪️792 in 🏥 ▪️Just more than 1%…

Tapiwa Duro ‏@tapsduro

@GutuObert Does anyone have a clue to what happened to British COVID-19 Aid US$42million announced by Ambassador Me…

Quail Digital_Health ‏@QuailHealth

Whilst PPE is crucial in protecting healthcare workers, it often affords no ability to communicate effectively🏥Our…

TerouzP ‏@TerouzP

Excited to announce the launch of @frontlinecookbook ! 👩‍⚕️🏥🍰 An e-book with recipes written by #NHS workers to rai…

The Center for Career and Professional Development ‏@UCcareerdevelop

More throwback pictures? Yes please! This time it’s from the 2020 Nursing Fair 🏥🚑

Cyd2006 🇨🇦 ‏@Cyd39733641

@eaglevine @lindblad_linda @cp0haki @laura_ruebel @mmpadellan @realDonaldTrump Have at ‘er! And good luck! 🏥🚑

KMC. 💦 🗣♑️🏁 ‏@TrveTeddy

Back at it. 💉💊🏥

⁷ ‏@taechwitae

goodnight everyone <33 🕎🔎🔍🗓📫🚿🧿🧺🎞🔦📺💸💶🏘🗼🏣🗼🏥😳🥳😱🤔😓🤬

Glock21 ‏@Glock21OpEd

@SueScoby I mean, sure, he's been about one bite of crazy cakes away from ending up in a lock down mental ward and…

Dept for BEIS ‏@beisgovuk

Scottish Highlands are set to benefit from @SkyportsHQ drones to deliver #COVID19 test-kits to remote hospitals. 🏥…

Anakaren ‏@Beauty_Anakaren

Took vacation time off thinking I’d be able to go to Mexico which I could have but I rather wait until next year &…

Corona Count ‏@Corona_Count

🇮🇹 Italy 🏥 Total cases - 243,061 🤒 New Cases - 0 💀 Deaths - 34,954 😀 Recovered - 194,928 🇨🇳 China 🏥 Tot…

Corona Count ‏@Corona_Count

Update at 15:37 GMT 😷 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🏥 Total Cases - 290,133 🤒 New Cases - 530 💀 Deaths - 44,830 😀 Rec…

Lee Washington ‏@phillyroni

@nmfa17 Have them check their Local Hospitals 🏥 The dose of Reality May be harmful to them.

JORGE NY #WearAMask #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve ‏@JORGE_C_NY

@peterbakernyt @ChristopherJM @Yueqi_Yang Thank you @NYGovCuomo and all front line workers. 🚑🏨🚔🏥⛑️⚕️⚖️😷 🙏🏽

BuildBackBetterUK ‏@BuildBckBetter

70% of Tory voters want a pay rise for care workers. Hope you're paying attention, @BorisJohnson? Time to pay care…

ROB Chandigarh ‏@ROBChandigarh

So far India 🇮🇳 has seen more than 5.5 lakh recovered cases The recovery rate has further improved to 63.02% today…

Nicole Petch ‏@petchphysio

First Transplant Virtual Rehab Assesment session complete, excited to see this progress. Great team effort to get t…

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