Hot Pepper Emoji

A hot pepper, otherwise known as a chili pepper, originating in Mexico.

Sometimes used on restaurant menus as a scale to indicate how spicy a meal is, with a rating of one, two or three hot chili peppers shown next to a spicy dish.

Hot Pepper was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌶️ Chili Pepper

🌶️ Spicy


🌶 U+1F336

️ U+FE0F


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Bernardo ‏@MrWinderUper

@KittyRaindrop @mrjohnhendry @MGClark7 And there I was thinking we might be twins separated at birth! 🌶

Jim Scuse Racing ‏@JimScuse

Attending the Town of Fletcher Chili Cook-Off Great time tasting all the Chili 🌶 Love the Retiree Chili 😋 Thanks…

Bernardo ‏@MrWinderUper

@KittyRaindrop @mrjohnhendry @MGClark7 Shall I put some chilli 🌶 in?

PeteFlowervalley ‏@PFlowervalley

@dad4pigbtm A wonderful new toy! Do u share it..?🌶💪🏼👍🏻

Sophia of Rivia 🧝🏾‍♀️🗡🔮 ‏@nextlevel726

Texas Pete is my favorite 🌶

Iris🦋 ‏@eyerrris

My mom is making aguachiles del Diablo and I’m so excited 😍🍤🌶

Jeremy D. Boyd ‏@jeremydboyd

Kiss Country Chili Cookoff 🌶🎸

Swaggy C 🧩☀️🍁 ‏@undacuvabrutha

@wardszn21 @BlockSportsPod @TheNBACentral Yeah but they small. Vs big teams, remember the Philly series? Bucks pack…

LesGuez #TTFL ‏@LesGuezTTFL

#TTFL ➡️ Deck #13 / Pick #087 2 * @DeandreAyton 🇧🇸 2 * @KyrieIrving 👴🏾 1 * @rudygobert27 🇲🇫 1 * @spidadmitchell 🎷…

Sandy NunyaBizness ‏@WoodlandsBeauty

I want. 🦐 🦀 🍔 🍋 🌶

The Brewery Tap ‏@brewerytapleeds

Fancy a little snack? We have an offer on all our bar nibbles and snacks! 2 for £8.50 or 3 for £12! 🌶 🍤 Pictured is…

teddy kay ‏@teddyka45489495

@SuperlatifAbso1 @FalialaKiza @elogemwandwe @PassyBlanchard @AlainMake20 @danielmwananteb @Le_dauphinRDC…

Kewchi Crook ‏@TexasGirlAbroad

Cajun conversation, you been talking Spicyyy 🌶

Popularity: 21% ‏@YoungSweetJMZ

@itskeyon Minus the ham pieces this shit would smack! And the links have to be XXX spicy 🌶

Chef Flavors ‏@barnesmassiah31

A quick snack for the Game, plus a cold 🍺 with my own special dipping sauce ! 😀🌶🍋👨🏽‍🍳 #DistinguishedFlavors…

Swaggy C 🧩☀️🍁 ‏@undacuvabrutha

@wardszn21 @BlockSportsPod @TheNBACentral Better than Everybody but, the Bucks. Need another elite scorer, for cru…

thrash.bird ‏@nadjavich

@AliciaAtout @Doritos Not since I kissed a guy with ‘Cool Ranch’ breath, Yuck! I don’t eat’em anyway but I’ll mess…

Chef Flavors ‏@barnesmassiah31

What's your plans for Dinner, or the gathering, maybe even your Surprise Party!?🤔😀👨🏽‍🍳 I have you covered with all…

E ‏@Era_ZChulo

@_kimoprah Kim small small nah🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌶 I'm calling 911 tho

Tim Littleton ‏@wayton62

@HeidiLeigh10 Good Day for a pot of Chili 🌶

Kevin ‏@Boston_2018_Sox

Hubbs we agree on something 🌶

Claire ‏@partain_claire

Timeout Louisiana, so here’s a look into today’s game: 😼: The Bobcats are 0-5 in the Sun Belt after a series of he…

Memo Posts ‏@memofwd

You are my friend and I miss you when you are not around - HiFrom_Laura 🌶


@MikeBoard1200 1.-MEAT 2.-Tortillas 3.- coriander, chop onions 4.- salsa ( green or red tomatoes) 5.- 🌶 6.- 🍋 & 🧂…

Chace N. Waterfalls ‏@chace_face

@thisischarl @ByeBlackbirdy I was legit free styling as I went along . Imagine what I could accomplish if I put pen to paper 😂😂😂🌶😬

Goo Fieri's Flaming Fiery Feedbucket ‏@goofieri

🔥 Awesome Loaded Steamy Screechin' Hot Sliders 🔥 $70 Served with a massive feeder of Poppin' Steamy Grilled Che…

Desenator 🇳🇬🇳🇬 ‏@desenator1212

Pepper 🌶 them pics

Dirty Mike ‏@gowturtle

@Peter_Bukowski Now this one is spicy 🌶

Andrew T ‏@Plot68

Second batch of #chillies sown: 🌶 Scotch Bonnet 🌶 Padron 🌶 Ring of Fire 🌶 Peito de Moça 🌶 Thai Green 🌶 Dedo da Moc…

Meal Plan ‏@HailieXie

Breakfast: 🌶 Hot Pepper (1 serving) 🍕 Pizza (1 serving) Lunch: 🥦 Broccoli (2 servings) 🍗 Poultry Leg (2…

Queergerian ‏@3D_Hottie

@NotYourBiz7 Lmao, I didn’t fuck but I will let you know when I do 🌶

Flex 🥶 ‏@DesignerFlex

Lunch is looking spicy. I dunno what I'm having yet....but spicy! 🌶

My President 🇺🇸 KAG2020 ‏@murphygirlga

Saturday’s: Early cold beer 🍺 , Belks 👠and Tractor Supply 🚜shopping, late Chilis 🌶 lunch and Epstein still didn’t kill himself.

Bama ‏@melthe3rd

@Skullspliter1 Represent the #Titans fans w/ pride, chili 🌶 & be loud/ proud!

Swanson Health ‏@SwansonHealth

You may reach for cayenne pepper to spice up your favorite recipes, but did you know It's also good for your health…

Courtney Lynn Boggs ‏@CourtBoggs

Forever loving Chili Bowl weekends with you! 🌶🏁 @TreyMarcham32 #topsupherebud #TUHBlife #chilibowl #midgetracing…

Nicole🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@funlovingNicole

@brianbloop 😂😂😂I’m more vegetabley🍅 🌽 🌶 myself 😍😂😂😂👍😁 Fruit is too sweet for me... I have enough of it in my diet…

Hayward Motorsports ‏@HMotorsports19

IT’S DRILLER DAY!! •@spencerbayston will start 8th in the 1st B-main• •@Tanner_Thorson has drawn a 1 in the pole…

Maria McRae ‏@CouncillorMcRae

@HenriBreboeuf Nice. 🌶

henri bréboeuf 🐔🍷🇨🇦 ‏@HenriBreboeuf

@CouncillorMcRae Indeed - I was just there last weekend to pick up some dried chilies for my kick-ass chili. The on…

kc 🧩 ‏@theoriginalkc

When Chilis got that new monthly $5 margarita 🌶

BROOKLYN 0.7k ✨🐍 ‏@LethalBrooklyn

@yourebonydrug Red 💋🌶 cashapp $brookexok amazon/googlepay [email protected] ✨

Dr Andrew O'Malley 🦴 ‏@AndrewOMalley

@PMuqit @grewarfarming If there’s extra sauce left over curry noodles is the way to go 🌶 🍜 🇲🇾

Garvinz ‏@Lorenzogarvinz

Are you active🤗 🍉🌶🍉🌶🍉Drop your username so we can all follow each other and everyone who likes and retweet this🍉🌶🍉…

Eleanor Oldroyd ‏@EllyOldroyd

@stevejones328 @Mistyff999 Brilliantly explained! And makes perfect sense. 🌶🌵

john ‏@jonn5555

Come and see Spïcÿ 🌶 Monica's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE

•Tiago Melo• ‏@TiagoMelo8125

Feeling rather spicy 🌶

nawafsama ‏@nawafsama_

Mood 🌶

✨JennyTheM©✨❤️✒️ENFP-T #BirthLeadership ‏@JennytheM

@SoVeryBritish .🍬 🍬 🍐 🥩 🧀 🐟 🍋 🥔 🍎 🌶 🐶 🪑🔋 🔋 ✂️ ✉️ ✉️ ✉️ ✉️ here’s your list in emoji (substituted scissors f…

🇰🇪🇰🇪Rodney Xerxes🇰🇪🇰🇪 ‏@Xerxes_0

Are you active🤗 🍉🌶🍉🌶🍉Drop your username so we can all follow each other and everyone who likes and retweet this🍉🌶🍉…

Angelina mi lajki ‏@AngelinaMilajki

VegOH! dumplings 🥟 w asian salad 🥗 green & white kale, shredded carrots 🥕 cucumber 🥒 sweetchili 🌶 & peanuts 🥜 serv…

Liam Ireland ‏@liamireland11

@fdonaldson96 Stendels at the wheel baby 🌶

Jeff Cherry ‏@JeffACherry

Damn that pass by curry. Spicy 🌶

fooodzbynik ‏@fooodzbynik

Flatbread with marinated chicken (the marinade I used in my last post), veggies, salad & chipotle sauce! Served wit…

Sean Hulett ‏@TheKingOfSpicy The King of Spicy trys Lake Champlain Chocolates Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate ☕🍫🌶🔥 #TheKingofSpicy #ilovelcc

مرزوق جراح ‏@marzooqjarrah

@riopalee It’s so spicy 🌶 😂😂

Gilberto Zayas ‏@GilbertoEZayas

Capt’n shrimp cravings! Here my garlic 🧄 shrimps 🇪🇸+🇵🇷 with mofongo (African heritage) 😋 the favors of the Caribbe…

Ju🤎 ‏@whatsknewjuju

My hot chili pepper 🌶 😂😂😂

Daniel Wolter™️ ‏@DJWolter

I think it’s best if you just accept that my #chili is the best. #mychiliishot 🌶 🐷 🥣


Are you active🤗 🍉🌶🍉🌶🍉Drop your username so we can all follow each other and everyone who likes and retweet this🍉🌶🍉…

HU$$LE ‏@KingCr00k


Wikelani 🌺 ‏@yoGirlWhitneyy

Everytime someone types something like “ohh chilee “, I always think they talking about a Chile 🌶

moaninarse ‏@jamieoffshore

I hope my cigar cutter survives the coming night 🥵 🌶 🇮🇳

katie 🤍 ‏@KatiesATL

‘i wanna get jalapeño guts’ 🌶

Leave It To Esmie ‏@Leaveittoesmie

Staying in tonight?🤔 Don’t worry, you don’t need to miss out! Esmie’s is on Deliveroo so get ordering straight to y…

Lutz Cosmetics ‏@LutzCosmetics

all the tube styles SPICE GIRL 🌶 is available in 💗🥰

As told by Ginger ‏@Addicted2ginger

Hot sauce on everything. 🌶

Run Sun ‏@RunSunTv

Have a spicy weekend everyone! 🐹😝🌶 #cute #hamster #animation #runsun #2Danimation #art #crochet #foodie #vegan…

dreamyoncé 🇳🇬🇺🇸🇬🇧 ‏@dreamyonce

They haven’t finished crying! Khafi has to add the 🌶 🌶 🌶 #TachaXTitanscollection

Mahindra Racing ‏@MahindraRacing

🌶 It might be red hot outside but we're about to go green in Chile for the #SantiagoEPrix! #ABBFormulaE

Lorena Carrizales ‏@LorenaCarrizal6

#legday finishing exercise idea 💡: weighted squat pulses (3-5) then explode up for a squat jump . They get spicy 🌶…

🛍IRENE7 ‏@tequilahobi

@jeontro slaps forward, slaps backwards as well 😔🍾👌🌶🌽🛍🍼🔪

NameBrandBundles ‏@CordasiaMonique

I went red 🌶

Bill Eyer ‏@cuvee_corner

And who would have thunk it? That by adding a bit cinnamon to the chili 🌶 recipe changes the overall flavor profile…

Livonia Schools ‏@LivoniaDistrict

It’s cold outside but warm & toasty inside of Franklin HS for the Livonia PTSA Chili Cook Off today! 🥣Thanks to all…

Celly Reed ‏@MarcelReed4

I think Becca is so fine 🌶

beanball ‏@beanballtaco

[email protected] beanball 🌶 🍏 🍎

Ana Lucia Alfaro ‏@Anaalfaro0

@Celee_Brii Picante partner 🌶

Wagha Samolapo 70-7 ‏@WSamolapo

@Sisana_G @thami_tzz African beauty💞❤🔥🌶 magnificent

Elliott ‏@Vanilliott

Fav track on Halsey's new album is 3am + Chad Smith of RHCP is drumming! 🌶 #NowPlaying

K2 APY ‏@jasonpwalk

@damianwilson Asian FakeAway tonight.. 🐔🍮Miso chicken 🌶🐔Garlic, Ginger and chilli chicken 🦩Crispy duckling (ended…

C P Verma ‏@crmsvkkvsmrs

@khanumarfa @karunanundy Not mostly. Hardly. Because you seems to be tensed always because of nationalist sarkar. 🌶 Lagi 🌶️

Shaxx 《☆Yeet Gang☆》 ‏@ShaxxNLXP

Video on @PlayGodfall made and uploaded CANNOT WAIT for that game!! Now off for some peri-peri with the wife at @NandosUK 🍗🍗🌶😍😍

beeryan ‏@bmccoy68_mccoy

Nothing better on a cold snowy day. Making chili! 1 batch regular and 1 🌶 🌶

Zefan ‏@zefanar

Getting excited when something is marked spicy 🌶 , only to realize that “spicy” just means... a tad less bland

The Fresh Chile Co. ‏@TheFreshChileCo

@nmscienceteach @rissa_redeyes We roast the Chile straight from the fields in Hatch > cook it > bottle it > freshest Chile around 🌶

Dawn D. Jackson ‏@DawnissJ

@soulphoodie Prolly Frank's or Texas Pete 🌶

Val Whitehead ‏@daviesval34

@davidbaird @Marathonchamp I love chilli. Looking forward to that one. Rich doesn’t like 🌶 unfortunately. 🙄

Kat Saggers ‏@KathrynSaggers

#NoBullMeatBalls #Vegan 🌱 #GoVegan 💚 Spicy-Veg-and-Balls-with-Rice 🌶 @IcelandFoods Tasty! Go and try some 😋

𝖍𝖔𝖒𝖔𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘺𝘢 ‏@FREYADiDTHAT

lms for the spice girl 🌶 that you remind me of !!

Gay Bachelor Bitch 🌹 ‏@BGaytion

Remember when Joey didn’t know what eggplants were and thought they were purple chili peppers and “purple strong gu…

Hannah ‏@hannah_itfc

@dye_marty @EllyOldroyd Honestly, this has made me SO happy. Going to have to download it at some point. 🌶…

TAVA Restaurant ‏@tavamortongrove

Warm up your weekend with some of TAVA’s Bhuna Chicken (Hot) - Tender pieces of fresh, boneless chicken cooked with…

Stoney Bobby Flay ‏@StoneyBobbyFlay

Fried Cranberry Adobo Flank Steak 💙🌶

1874 Northwich ‏@1874Northwich

[email protected] put us ahead this afternoon. Here it is - captured on #GOALCAM 📹 sponsored by @leanbodykitchen 🌶🍗🤟

Kristina Eklund ‏@kitcaravel

It’s so weird! I make chicken fingers, or meatballs, or other typical kids food, and the tiny human goes ”meh”. I…

Tricia Barton ‏@TbernickeTricia

Love it!! 🌶’s❤️

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