Hot Pepper Emoji

A hot pepper, otherwise known as a chili pepper, originating in Mexico.

Sometimes used on restaurant menus as a scale to indicate how spicy a meal is, with a rating of one, two or three hot chili peppers shown next to a spicy dish.

Hot Pepper was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌶️ Chili Pepper

🌶️ Spicy


🌶 U+1F336

️ U+FE0F


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flyer_ivx ‏@FlyerIvx

Last scene in 1019⚡🌶🔥 #Blessed🙏

Realzies Cuts ‏@JonBeecham

😯 Love me some @dominos 🍕 Brooklyn crust or Pan Always I will take Pepperoni 🍕 Beef 🥩 Sausage Green peppers 🌶…

James Urquhart ‏@coachjamesygolf

The kids burning it up!! 🌶🔥💯 #JuniorGolf #GetInToGolf

Zimmy's Nook ‏@Zimmysnook

@TheGlassPantry @ChillyChiles @DeathSauceHQ @PuckerButt @Hoboken1eddie @HomeSenseCanada @HotSauceWillies…

🌶 PepperTrumper ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@peppertrumper

Like a boss!!! 🌶😁🤣Trump sends letter to Pelosi pledging to go ahead with State of the Union address

andy stones ‏@andy_stones

Carolina Reaper #chillies planting a dozen more seeds tonight, some of these are looking a bit leggy 🔥🌶🔥

Melanie ‏@meinalemb

These are the perfect amount of spice but I wish there was a cheesy flavour along with the spice. 🌶 @DoritosCanada…

Spicy Nelly 🌶🔥 ‏@spicy_nelly

If this isn't living our best life I wonder how it looks... Model party was INSANE! ❤️😍🌶🔥

Torie13 ‏@Torie138

Looking for that extra tidbit to spice up the mating ritual? How about a red chile snack from the hanging ristra b…

🌶 PepperTrumper ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@peppertrumper

Pepperspicypix: Car1 🌶@GarrettClif 🌶@Freedom2713 🌶 @cindy_nurse 🌶@Dbargen 🌶 @Lathenerd 🌶@peppertrumper 🌶…

juicyjesss ‏@juiiicyjess

bet you didn’t know your Chili’s server got down and dirty at the rave 😜🌶 pics from our b2b shows last week…

KiddNation ‏@KiddNation

Today's show got super spicy😳🌶 Watch @JSi5 & @PartTimeJustin's reaction to trying the world's hottest chip!

Daniel ‏@DanWhyte25

Want to get in and out the gym in 30 mins?? try this time saving full body hit circuit FITNESS AND FATLOSS! 🌶...HAR…

David Daniels ‏@Likesgospl

It’s a chili 🌶 cheeseburger 🍔 kind of day #governmentshutdown #reallybored #spinachsalad🍃 @ Catonsville, Maryland

ghost ꈍᴗꈍ jeongcheol au 📌 ‏@citrusyghost

Jeongcheol Travel Influencer Couple AU — ✈️☀️☁️ In which couphan take it upon themselves to try all of the world’s…

Rxman ‏@RomeDeez

My brother ⁦@XAVBeats⁩ just dropped this fireeee single comin off his new project “BAYGHETTON 2” y’all go peep rn!!…

Richard Webb ‏@RaW_writing

Apparently it is #NationalPieDay but I’ve got chilli for dinner. I can put a pie crust over the top of that, right? 🌶+🥧=👌

The Wild Cow ‏@TheWildCowVeg

🌱🍴It's a Fajita Taco Plate!🌶🌽🥑Pineapple-ginger rice, smoky refried beans, corn tortillas, guacamole, sautéed pepper…

GetYourTipsOut ‏@GetYourTipsOut

HAVE YOU BACKED OUR DOUBLE UP ACCA YET? 🌶 Let's keep this hot streak going 🤑 9 wins in the last 9 days 👊🏻 17 lan…

BEE KIND Bracelets ‏@supportbeekind

Animal cruelty & abuse are happening on a devastating scale around the world. If this is important to you, and you…

Bethan Turner ‏@Bethan_Artist

Veggie Tea tonight 👍🏻👍🏻 McDonald’s Spicy Vegetarian Burger 🍔🌶😋😋

Jamal ‏@Jamal74432531

I just realised cucumber is spicy 🌶


@piichael Spicyboiiii 🌶

Heather ‏@heathermorven

@GreenGrass1875 @Bob55492332 Just had a guy at the door by coincidence offering discount for Hello Fresh, so I signed up 🌶🍆🍉🥩🥮

Pet Alliance Orlando ‏@petallianceGO

Cheers to Wednesday! Who’s ready for a mid-week margarita? 🍹🌶 Today only, tell your server at any participating Chi…

Tikah. ‏@_AtikahAznan

Chilli sauce 🌶


🌶Do have a famous chili recipe? Sign up for the chili cook off at for the chance to win ca…

sniffermedia ‏@sniffermedia

@Nauckas @F1Racing_mag Shut up and get to Wagamama’s. I’m inhaling all the spicy squid 🦑 🌶👍🏻

Oskar ‏@ox417

700 - I 😍🌶🍆☀️💪🏽💙💚☀️💛🧡💜🤩😜😏✅🥰😋🤩🥳😎🥶😱🤗🥴😬😈👻☠️💩🎃😺😼🙌🏼👅👄💋💋💋💋🦵🏼🖖🏽🧔🏻🙋🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💃🧢💍👑👨🏻‍✈️🦋🐥🐙🐢🐋🦍🦛🐳🦜🍃🍀🌍🔥🌈❄️💨💦🍆💦🌶🥗🍕🍱🍰🍫🍦🍻…

Chilli Banana L'pool ‏@ChilliBananaLvp

Wellness Wednesday...💪🌶🍌🥗 An this week we have a beautiful Crispy Tofu Salad as a well done for sticking at your Ne…

Kate Davies ‏@Katyemdavies

@HarperFiction @JefferyDeaver @HarperInsider @lucyfoleytweets @fatgirlphd @LiamMcIlvanney @Br1dgetCollins @KatyMahood Aah! I love this! 🌶

JSUTIN ‏@notchiafan

Jan 29 kingdom hearts 3 Feb 1 wargroove Strong way to start the year 🌶

Tucker'sOnionBurgers ‏@TuckersOnionOK

🎶(Warm it up, Kris) I'm about to (Warm it up, Kris) 'Cause that's what I was born to do...🎶🌶🔥🥵 #EatLocal #Tuckers…

viska ‏@talesofpurefly

@hajimari_road we stan spicy mom 👏🌶👏🌶👏

LunchBoxOakland ‏@LunchBoxOakland

Last Day of a Meatloaf! Wednesday Soups: Clam Chowder 🌊 Chicken Gumbo 🍅 Mac & Cheese 🧀 Chili 🌶

Hyroglifics ‏@Hyroglifics

This fyre festival documentary is getting spicy 🌶 also loving how much these ‘influencers’ got fucked with

Christa DiPaolo ‏@ChristaDiPaolo

Just a mid-week reminder that: YOU ROCK! 🌈☀️💕 Oh and I’m adding to the mug that: YOU ARE A TOTAL BAD ASS TOO. 👊 Thi…

bochosinta ‏@BochoSR

I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring. Adios mi México Lindo y Querido, te quiero…

✶✶𝑰.𝑽.✶✶ ‏@IVmusic630

@CRASH_RARRI @SoldadoAudio @SOVISUALS @nojumper Heat 🌶🔥🔥🔥

Two Stones Pub Newark ‏@2SPNewark

Cold weather got you down? Come in and #SpiceThingsUp with our Black & Blue Burger! 🌶🍔🍺

KitKat ✨💗 ‏@kitkat_224

@FUVK_JODY @gayhefner Yikes 😂🌶

Chile y Pepper 🌶🇺🇸🌶 ‏@chileYpepper

@Joy_Villa Sister! You read our minds! We’re pulling ours out NOW!!! #WearyourMAGAhat #MAGA #ProudMAGA 🌶🇺🇸🌶

Billy DCFC Ashton ‏@Billyashton10

@chilligolf Me me me me me please pick me chilli 🌶

The Soldiers' Charity ‏@Soldierscharity

🌶 The Big Curry have launched a new monthly newsletter! The Masala Times is choc-a-block with Big Curry news, event…

brian.F ‏@Brianfay14

No bullshit I’d have cute ass mixed baby’s with your girl😂🙄😑🔥🌶

Bottega Buon Caffè ✻ ‏@BuonCaffeFi

Taglierini pasta with baby squid, sage and chilli pepper 🌶

Capp's Pizzeria & Trattoria ‏@Cappspizzeria

Capp’s Brussels with Calabrian chili 🌶 & Pecorino Romano on our starters menu. We open tomorrow at 11:30am. @ Capp'…

SOL ▲ ‏@soldiana_

@william_lou had to do it to em 🌶

чиминуш ‏@jiminush_twt


Greg Ward ‏@GregWard7

Happy Birthday my boy, hope it’s been a good one!!🤪🍻🌶@Liam_Flettt

Deb Rock ‏@sonomahot

Throwback Thursday Making our first batch Of legal hot sauce in 2014. Good Times ♡ Thank you Dovanna 🌶 my Panamania…

Eeman ‏@Leemsyseedy

A whole restaurant yo!!🌶🔥🔥

Name cannot be blank ‏@itsbiglace

u are so 🔥🌶

Youngin Floe ‏@youngin_floe

@Slvter Spicy 🌶 “Joe voice”

EDOMAN aka 9ja John dumelo🇮🇱 ‏@Agh_ikhile007

You claim to be my friend and you put 🌶 in my eye. If you were my enemy, tell me what will you do 🎶🎶🎶🎶

Make No Bones ‏@mnbvegan

Chorreados Loaded Fries - Pulled pork smothered in creamy cheese sauce with red onions, peppers and chillies 🌶

Gee ‏@G_Cannon

@vitalinfo__ The islands got the elite eats 🌶👌🏿

Shannah Farnsworth ‏@Shannah_Beth

@ncarlton69 Dude. Go get some Pho. 🍜🌶

Freekeh Foods ‏@FreekehFoods

These Freekeh Stuffed Peppers are great to meal prep 🌶😋 They taste amazing the night of and the next day too! The f…

KBDProductionsTV ‏@KenDomik

"🌶🍫 Bunster's SH!T THE BED Chocolate Bar Challenge 🔥🥵" @BunstersWorldWide @bunstersww Click the link to see who win…

Shoaib شوعیب الم ‏@shoaibalam07

@dominos @deepsealioness It was your best pizza 🍕 Pineapple 🍍 with jalepano 🌶

‘merica ‏@MericaBB

Deep thoughts by 🌶...

Paul Bruzzese ‏@Paulie_Bruz

Sam’s Choice Edelman is getting 🌶

chiliz ($CHZ) ‏@chiliZ

V1.01 of our whitepaper was published on February 7th, 2018, we class this as the anniversary of chiliz 🌶 $CHZ…

Marc Anthonee ‏@Marckanthonee

@carlquintanilla I shoulda seen that spicy 🌶 cup with handle!

handsome dad records ‏@handsomedads

Incredibly well deserved @jerkcurb @PRSFoundation 🌶

Air-Rum ‏@__aarum

Going to make mango 🥭 habanero 🌶 basil 🌿 baked short ribs today.

jww’s no. 1 enemy ‏@ksyftjww

u mean, drip my 🌶 sauce

Cindy ‏@sincam09

Life without spices sucks 🌶

Nicole Cipani ‏@NikChip

So #Thankful and #Proud! 🌶💕

FatedFragment ‏@RaiesthicsFF

@officialpollman Just off the coast of the Warner Brother’s film empire, Adam created disappointment island, and ba…

Cora Perez ‏@Cora56787385

#BIOLINE##BIOCONTROL #pacificagricultureshow#canada #BIOLINE##TEAM #Booth543 Come and visit our experts!!!! 🐞💯👌🐝🐝🌺…

Kelley Keehn ‏@KelleyKeehn

Homemade stuffed peppers 🌶 Truth be told, they were pretty delicious! #RecipeoftheDay #foodies

SaraJPNorth ‏@SaraNorth5

🍒🍈🍇🍅🍍🍐🍑🍄🌽🌶🍆🍏🍌🍎🍋🍉🍊 ⭐️⭐️C H E W A B L E S⭐️⭐️ You can’t put a price on your child’s health!! 🍇🍌🍒🍑🍎🍉 Chewy and nutri…

Antoinette•Marie ‏@AntoinetteM92

Forget the gram and the rest. Twitter spice got it all 🌶😂 #dailyentertainment

Stoney Bobby Flay ‏@StoneyBobbyFlay

Raw Peach 🍑 Thyme Wings 🌶💕

RAMEN DAYO! ‏@Ramen_Dayo

Have you tried our current special? “Akuma Ramen” (Devil Ramen) 😈 A spicy miso based ramen topped with 4 types of c…

New Year, Still Queer ‏@pabeechl

What do y’all like to use Gochujang in that’s not a typical Korean food? I used it to add a sharp spice to some sp…

Chris O'Connell ‏@tL_WanteD

🍵 Matcha & Lavender Smoked Salmon 🐟 Coconut Basmati Rice 🍚 Wasabi Spinach Purée Cucumber Citrus Relish 🥒 🍋 🍊 A…

Lukas Graham ‏@LukasGraham

@dachances YES PLEASE!! There is still sambal i haven’t tried😂🌶🔥😅

❌P͓̽l͓̽o͓̽T͓̽T͓̽w͓̽i͓̽s͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽❌ ‏@PloTTwister8

Say goodbye to Oz and everything you own California dreamin' is a Pettibon LA's screaming you're my home Vanity is…

Irfan Khan ‏@mirfank025

@aleenamirr Why so serious??? 🤔 Chill 🌶 😝😝😝

PCG Kids ‏@PCGKids

A rainbow grocery store hunt?! Try these activities from @ToddlerApproved to help you and your kids eat a rainbow…



Luke ‏@evs89_l

Just made some tasty fajitas 😬🌶 however, can the packaging be recycled @oldelpasouk? It is not clear... if not, I w…

DayoftheDeadSalsa ‏@DayotDeadSalsa

Exciting news!!! Day of the Dead Salsa will now be at the Hy-vee in Robbinsdale, MN!!! So on February 3rd from 1-…

Elena🐝 ‏@QJtwi06Ev2Cmdjq

I love a time when the evening can be devoted to a warm and cozy meeting with friends, and of course the addition i…

Louise Roberts ‏@LouiseRoberts31

My favourite product? #CAPSULES 🙌🏽 Strong nails 💅🏽 hair 💁🏽 and glowing skin ✨Energy 💪🏽❤️ You can't beat them!! 😍 F…

Kim Broussard ‏@kimbrssrd2

@jongarysteele @BarryWaldo I just made a large pot of chili 🌶

Adam Alexander ‏@vegoutwithadam

@tracibyrne1 You will have to be patient and wait until I have grown some this year to share in 2020 🌶

Tom 🕷 Full Time Spider-Verse Stan Account ‏@tomslominski

@_laynaw I know it’s just conjecture but pretty spicy literally no one has mentioned this 🌶

Mikey Skys ‏@mikeyskys

#💃Ekaterina🎊 #🌶💃 #Dancing 🎁💋💋 LiveMe-Live broadcasting community

Božina Bošković ‏@bozina_b

#ShotOniPhone in Montenegro and Istanbul 🌶

Bective Session ‏@JohnHarnan

@DempsBrother Very spicy 🌶 had to take a drink of water

My. ‏@sincerely_my5

He better bring me that jerk chicken 🌶😂😋👊🏽

Atwood Magazine ‏@AtwoodMagazine

A love song with a bite, Butterjack’s “Hot Sauce” is seductive and sexy: A catchy indulgence of ecstasy. […

bROCKerz ‏@c_bROCKerz

Bit spicy that!🌶 #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover #WIvENG @jimmy9 #GoWell

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