Hushed Face Emoji

A face that looks more surprised than hushed, it has high eyebrows, and an open mouth. The appearance is similar to the Astonished face, but with open eyes instead of X eyes.

The Googleversion of this emoji previously took hushed to mean ‘keeping ones mouth closed’ and had a zipper over the mouth. This was changed in Android 6.0.1.

Hushed Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😯 Surprise

😯 Surprised Face


😯 U+1F62F




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Little Sister while pregnant: smokes cigarettes drinks energy drinks and alcohol, pops pills and smokes weed. My f…

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Joker 😯

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@Bennty__ 😯😯 my bad

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Duuuudddeeee! my cousin just became the principle at Bryan high school 🤔😯👏🏼

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😯👏 cant wait

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#IknewIWasEvilWhen I didn't have to do much to find out that I have enemies in this life all I needed to do is just…

🆘🌊mister obvious🌊🆘 ‏@GaryInColumbus

@PrissyBritchez @warrior_4_good I'm going be seeing Danny DeVitos ass hanging out in my nightmares all night 😯

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@EricLabRat It doesn't have an S ?? 😯

Te6u ‏@TeViL_Le_JeRk

@therealnocy_jay Get well hlem😯

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Ohhh 😯 shittt Mel #SnowfallFX

potência de felicidade ‏@Junior_Campos18

@liviaesthersm Puts 😯😯😯😯

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This is a joke right?!?!? @Disney explain your self 😯💀

kay ‏@svftrobertson

@DesignerRbrtsn realize that you can buy 1 hoodie of one of our flights + coach from shef to manc😯

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Just heard on TV Walker Buehler’s squats 450 😯

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Ms. Nevada has been stripped of her crown. She says it's because she supports Trump. #BadThingsSeemToHappen to…

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Shoot . . . . Smoking Crack Gives You Free Access To A Skating Rink ? 😯 . . . . Where's A Pipe ? 🗣️🗣️🗣️🥴🥴🥴😂😂😂…

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@simran_dhunna Yep, Quite a accusation😯😑

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@ELGhostMomma Could this be the start of new merch?! 😯

🌼Pandora🌼 ‏@TheReelPandora


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@abysshuske @alliemichelle95 same POSE but 4 yrs apart 😯

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While the clip is funny, I’m quite concerned with how he reacted when he found out it was her. 🤭😯🤔😳😳

Fox-E ‏@VrFox_e

😯 I need those glasses

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