Hushed Face Emoji

A face that looks more surprised than hushed, it has high eyebrows, and an open mouth. The appearance is similar to the Astonished face, but with open eyes instead of X eyes.

The Googleversion of this emoji previously took hushed to mean ‘keeping ones mouth closed’ and had a zipper over the mouth. This was changed in Android 6.0.1.

Hushed Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😯 Surprise

😯 Surprised Face


😯 U+1F62F




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plant senpai🥀 ‏@JoelHer28438275

@TMPS57 Looks advanced 😯

Kristoff Samm ‏@kristoffsamm

@PFF @maxkellerman was right 😯

Lee Merritt ‏@LeeMerr13405589

@EatGoodful You betcha😯👀😯👀👏🏾👍🏾👌🏾are you delivering lovely?? Is that delicious pesto??

ice♡her leading lights ‏@tiniefay

the very moment i woke up i said "ungrateful hoes" i'm – 😯

treyjaybbc23 ‏@treyjaybbc23

@TheNymphette Damn 😯

David McDermott ‏@davidmartinj

@peterc83 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼 - pure class 😯😯


"There is no connection, no style." "There is no chemistry!" Gus Poyet and @GullitR have absolutely ripped apart…

The N is capitalized ‏@KlassyModel23

@undftd_rEEZ 😯😯😯 that’s wild

LuwNah ‏@LuwNah

Guys im very sorry for the strange stream today lol family is here for Christmas and of course coz im good with kid…

Bob Seely MP ‏@IoWBobSeely

For once I predicted correctly. 😯😊 Not great numbers but we need now to get on and deliver #Brexit for the British…

✰ sana ✰ ‏@xsananaa

she really be 😯

Ellie Cumbo ‏@EllieCumbo

So. JRM has actually had his shame receptors surgically removed, then. 😯

Philip🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@_phil0sophical

Theresa May WINS the #NoConfidenceVote!!? sorry but what the hell?! I am astounded. Absolutely astounded!😯😦#ComeWhatMay

🥴SHAYLASHANAEE🥴 ‏@Shaylashanaee37

Lmao damn dude finna blast his friend and the chicks he’s smashed 😯😯😯😯 glad I don’t be messing with none of y’all cause whew chileeeee

Kath Pearson ‏@ktp_kate

#RunEveryDay #day438 Later after a busy night watching Joe "I'm an actor darling" in the school production! 😯 Where…

kifguuthernann ‏@kifguuthern

@MichaelKilbey OMG!!😢😢My handsome handsome!!😯😯Who is Theresa??😢😢

애비 | #MinGel ♥️ ‏@chimminie21

wait that was Jungkook that did the split?! 😳 I thought that was Hoseok 😯

💕✨RANI SAHIBA🌹💕✨ ‏@_Pony_Tail_

It’s drizzling 😯😯💃🏽

Sam Verey ‏@SamVerey

@JakeNelCPK See if you stopped me this wouldn’t be happening 😂😂😂😯🙈

ᗩᒍ💙 ‏@Mirahjoyce_

Hey girl crush ko na with chubby cheeks! Don't lose hope! You're still young. Love will find you at the right time.…

Olivia Dzide ‏@OliviaDzide

@ClaraJeffery Hahaha just for decorations wow 😯

Stephen moore ‏@Stephen28780796

@Digger_forum I thought that after John Deering wrote Team On The Run. Then it just morphed into the New Era. And half a dozen books. 😯

Stacey Yost ‏@lilamour

😯 I... wow... I've been rendered speechless and impressed. That's awesome, Simon! Ps... being a Philly girl, I v… ‏@OrgPhysics

Crazy low-level over the shore 😯

[email protected]:/ ‏@MonkeyD_Ruffy

The Only Cosplay Picture from my Nura Cos which I really like 😯

Alvin Lynch ‏@AlvinLynchFlair

@beckyspuns @BeckyLynchWWE Wow This is amazing!!! 😯😮

🎲MP4♦️2019🎲 ‏@Freeform64

@GamepIay 😯DAYYYYYMN!!!😯

chris ‏@famelorde

@WildfireKristen omg yes do it, bless us 😳😯

Chelsea Union ‏@UnionChelsea

@anelkeh @KieranPrescott @CFCPys @ChelseaFC @willianborges88 😂😂 what an accomplisment 😯 you are a complete joke

Linds ‏@lulumillership

@linzisueboo I’ll DM you 😂😯

Connor Cape ‏@MileHighCape

this is a dope idea. click the link and read the explanation for the uniforms that make you 🤨 and then you’ll be 😯…

S J Macklin 🎄 ‏@_Shaggs3

@Fatbob2013 Shit that pics scary 😯

Darkest Dr. Mamoru~ 🦐💦🔜 ‏@SmallestMamoru

@TMPS57 Super fancy 😯 Looks like some kind of futuristic fictional device. This is how you communicate with the isopods, yes?

🇳🇷Engineimar Halstead ‏@knowruin

@MissNatekuru 😯'That kinda playlist😏

Sharon Lisa ‏@ShayronLisa

Anyways , let me try sleep again 😯

тяιмυк ‏@qtTrimuk

@Xetolize @disrpts @1kSaint Bruh that’s why reapuuh kicked him from swavy cause he said he wasn’t as good as his clips 😯😦

ill ‏@ilianaaaa_

@mamaciiita_ What! Girl where do you work !? 😯 hahah

Sydney Hilts ‏@Sorryimsyddawg

bout to go ghost on these hoes 👻😯


We quite possibly are! 😯

iamgladys ‏@iamgladys2

@jeonggukpics @BTS_twt @Jeon97Bunny its him, i thought it hobi who did that 😯

⌣ ෴ ⌣ ‏@mariweenie

she said chief keef that pussy (bangbang) 😯

Mustafa Elnğàř ‏@MustafaElngar

I'am very agree😯😯😐

Fulltimeftfun ‏@fulltimeftfun

@juicyjuice53 Can I get my turn 🤔🤔😯😯🤗🤗🤗

Anna Lewis ‏@ThinkSpeakThink

There’s always something to learn on a ward..... 😯

Angela Higgins ‏@Ange77H

Sir Graham better hurry up. The #imaceleb jungle reunion tv thing is on soon 😯

A’Dorable Milaje 📌 ‏@kgolagano_m

The difference a R100 a month can make!! This is incredible 😯

none ‏@LazaroR55759820

@TheRickWilson The world will end at 5pm ... more details at 7 😯

Sean Wilson ‏@Gearhead_Sean

@eccostarling *gasp* you cheated on McDonalds?! 😯😮😱😦😧😨

⚫Sharon⚫ ‏@auroralover_9

Omg how did I not notice this😯🤤

kelly ‏@kellych0i

Y am I acting like I don’t like papers to write and finals to study for 🙃😯

Katherine Keen ‏@kkeen0

@RobLowe No curtains in your bathroom, oh @RobLowe 😯

Carys Brown ‏@HistoryCarys

This would cover some blank wall @KateGibson22 😯

Golly Miss Holly 💋 ‏@gollymissholly_

@alicespake Holy fucking shit. I'd never ask someone that! Especially if I didn't know them 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

seokwoo. ‏@milkyswoo

ROUND 14 😯🙋‍♀️👧🏻 - 🌬🌞

GF ‏@gmfaninho

@BigDaddyWilks @WilliamHill That you naming a city player?! 😯

Lisa Pattison ‏@leeseyloulou

Roadhouse, Covent garden...17 years ago 😯 #tantriczoo #coversband

Robin🎮🏆 ‏@EntwinedPuppet

@funcom this looks effing intense😯, what kinda gameplay we looking at? I know this was a cinematic but...

Jamie Watts ‏@Jay_Watts27

Too far out ain’t gunna score from there...up steps Sané 😯

Johndumi46 ‏@John88422419

@BluesDank That Jonny cashes hurt?😯

Make the Road NY ‏@MaketheRoadNY

W😯W! This BADASS team, in coalition w/ @fams2gether just walked out of the Congress hearing to send a very clear me…


@makaylalamphier @Theslimevids @ItsLifeFact 😯😯😯😯 that's so dopeee

Nish ‏@NishIsmail

Shout out to all corros, producers & cameramen who have been out in the cold today bringing us the latest from West…

Dan ‏@daniel50929

Blimey 😯😯

Vegan Method ‏@VeganMethod

😯😅 Grab it now. ▶▶ ORDER HERE: 💙 Makes a perfect gift. Buy 2 or more and get discounted shi…

ôH мiɳℓℯ△uxo.™ ‏@leauxo

#BobbyBrownBET ..whoa! 😯💙

Jenco Flooring ‏@jencoflooring

@CecilysBeauty The suffering tradesmen need to be able to see that it's ok to go for a little R and R. Why suffer a…

Dorin E4L Yefet ‏@DorinYefet

@emtothea @marciedefeo @WynonnaWriters 😯 I am curious how short it will be.....

Kadeem Gaines ‏@kadeem_gaines

Oh 😯 is this a good idea? Lol. Some of those top picks might relive the hangover 🤣

Simon Wheatley ‏@simonwheatley

I was imagining some folding chairs and melamine tables 😯

💜 Jangmi 💜 ARMY_BTS바라기_장미 🐥 ‏@yeppeunjimin

@moonversum yeah that's the one~ you're working hard 😯 I haven't read the notes from Answer yet & I definitely shou…

te’asia 🤪 ‏@vibewithtete

@ttheyloveshy @Target they have ones my size? 😯

Sandra ‏@SandraMary18

@canadopia @FuctupMike Umm..... you have seen his goods? Interesting....😯😯😯😯

Catherine de Meow ‏@Catherine_Meow_

@bakugan All broadcasts, videos and recordings will be saved? Or they will be deleted after the show?😯

nigel mark ‏@truebluenig09

Bernard Jenkin (MP) please go have a lie down and leave Theresa May to win tonights ballot.😯.

Marcus Smith ‏@ma_masmith

Wow, they really don’t have the foggiest idea how this stuff works😯

Emma Adam ‏@iamemmaadam

@DanGasser I was more taken aback by the £360 toothbrush. 😯

Russell 🖤 ‏@razzell2

Happy Humps Day 😯 #harleydavidson #harleytherapy #bikerbabe #biker #bikerlife #harleylife #bikerfun #harleyfun…

RJ Mommy ‏@Pretty_Vee

That doctor told me my stitches was gonna desolve after a week. My ass look like I got a shoe string on my arm it’s been a whole month.😯

Tra ‏@stilltra17

Quit playing bro😯

Lavon ‏@tibbitlavon

🍮 Why would you ever get out of bed? (45 Photos) 😯

Felix™ ‏@felixjnr__

@KagutaMuseveni What's beneficial to kuteesa and byarimana or the 50+ year olds?😯

Michael Turkowski ‏@_mt17_

@smtm_LFC HE WARNED KLOPP! Now this getting serious 😯What an absolute weapon!

Olalekan ‏@ola_plus1

@mainchick03 @Tbillion40 Will you be my main chick???😯 Don't say No!

magma ‏@liIcherub

@moonhemlock you should try the root app my bf got it and based off my shitty driving he only has to pay $50 for hi…

dr mohammed nasr ‏@drmohammednasr2

Our services: -diagnosis and treatment for all diseases of dogs and cats🐕🐈  -medical boarding for dogs and cats🐕🐈  …

Victor Cervantes ‏@VL_Cervantes

I knew I wasn’t trippin out this morning when I felt it 😯

step the fuck up Kyle ‏@monohope94

Please stop with the theories 😯😓

Kendra ‏@LaKendraLove

😯 pretty

Vanessa 🧜🏽‍♀️🔱♥️💓 ‏@vanessakinace

@tictoc Oh my god 😳😯 what happens if she doesn’t get the votes? Oh my god Miss May good luck 🤕

tatiana🌹 ‏@harrolds_curls

it's been an year already?😯

dr mohammed nasr ‏@drmohammednasr2

The vet center 🐕🐱🐈🐶&dr.mohamed nasr 👨🏻‍⚕️ welcoming all pets keepers🖐️ Working ours : 24/7 😯😯 Phone no. : 01100996…

Lulu🦋 ‏@dosesoflexx

I shouldn’t have a Twitter 😯😭

Hungary ‏@FakebingHungary

Germany's violent tendencies have arisen once again....😯

Wale Ahmed ‏@MrWaleAhmed



@Brparadox_ Damn didn't know 😯

N e l l y .. ‏@JanellAlexis

@_TClemons20 Damnnn y’all already having a reunion😯😯 ok ok I’m just playing😂 we’ll be waiting on this tho🚮!

Z O Z I 🎵⚽️ ‏@elzo_black

What’s happening this night 😯😦😧😮

Traci Thompson Hamm ‏@traciwm89

I liked a @YouTube video Amazing magic 😯

JODY 🐝 ‏@jodybush

@Imogenation_ I’ve just counted my pandora presents I got for my birthday... and it’s your lucky number 13 bags 😯

austin fair 💫 ‏@AustinFairTT

@xndrsound @Humbeats @Gregisonfire @audiomack You must be good luck omg 😯

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