Ice Skate Emoji

A single skate used in the sport or recreational activity of ice skating. Shown facing to the left on all platforms.

Ice Skate was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛸️ Ice Skating


⛸ U+26F8

️ U+FE0F


Tweets For ⛸

Janel ‏@beebeejanel

If you Can’t Ice Skate ⛸ your a BUM ..... lol lol (jk)

Town Bike & Country Bike ‏@crankular

@thisisgrace specially in a country where ppl don't have winter tyres on their cars ⛸

North East Live Traffic ‏@NELiveTraffic

❄Good morning, we are now back online providing you with the regions traffic & travel news throughout the day…

ROSE🦋 ‏@quilmerose

@imdanielpadilla Take care you two 💕⛸

Breaking Dad ‏@toblaaar

24/31 REDJanuary [email protected] More like ice skating ⛸ #5am #redjanuary #5k

Brynn ‏@OmBrynn

@AshWagner2010 What kind of blades do you like?⛸

lacey elizabeth ‏@xlaceyelizabeth

New skating and fitness vlog is up on my channel! ⛸🖤

Audrey Shin ‏@AudreyShin4

Thank you The SCNY! ⛸❤️

poppy 🐆 ‏@ftdtpoppy

⛸: SOFIAAAAAA my baby!!!! you’re one of my absolute favs on here you make me smile every single day and i’m so grat…

Freya LADY🌺Julián ‏@Freya12354 ⛸That’s Me lol 🦒🥇🎨

DJ Monday Blue ‏@DJMondayBlue

Always good times at #brooklynskates ⛸🌈💫 #keeponmoving #rollbounce @ Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

shoaib_1033 ‏@shoaib_1033

@CBCTheNational @CBCNews Go Leafs Go🏒⛸


Today will be one of this year bc @javierfernandez will skate his short programme to #Malagueña @ #EuroFigure2019 i…

dreww ‏@ANDrew9_8

whole city is ⛸⛷

2019 Leo ‏@leotheo22

@kyle_lahucik Go ice skating! ⛸

Chris Gagnon ‏@chris_yeg

The possibilities are endless! Can you imagine watching the playoffs 🏒 ⛸ in this bonus room? Help me find new owner…

familymatters365 ‏@familymatter365

⛸Gatlinburg, TN ❄ After #snowtubing in #OberGatlinburg, the kids wanted more excitement. So we took advantage of t…

Amelie Bowman ‏@amelie1bowman

28 photos for 28 days on my trip to Europe✈️🏔🏛⛸

Johnny Cueto ‏@PRETTYxFLVCO

Chill Zoey! ⛸

Bee Gee ‏@airwest007

@marvelwonderkat @SpaceX @elonmusk @Space_Station ⛸ Skating rink @ Korolev Crater is nice this time of year.

Stephanie Romisher-Webb ‏@WebbSellsNMHome

We had a blast watching our baby girl take her second ice skating lesson. Proud momma and papa ❤️⛸…

Caramel Mami ✨ ‏@VivalaMUNCH

I listen to Hip hop & Trap songs & just think .. how fire woulda figuring skating choreography would be to this son…

🛸 ‏@thatgirlceles

So happy we finally went ice skating ⛸🥶

@machristinaco ‏@machristinaco

first skating ❤️⛸ @ UBC Robson Square

Sandy Nelson ‏@SandyFlip_Flops

@ThatEricAlper The OG ice Castles ⛸💗

River Grace Dalton ‏@RiverGrace1818

Fun over the break!!!!! Wish it didn’t end.⛸🌨☁️❄️ @ Oshkosh YMCA Aquatics

georgia🥀❄️ ‏@georgiahope023

@nick_grace_ Shut up pussy I’ll put you on skates ⛸

Ms. Corcoran ‏@KathrynCorcor14

“Ice skating” with Coach Marion ⛸😁 #StretchnGrow #Preschool #GrossMotorSkills #WeAreChesterNJ

Ms. James ‏@MsJamesPE

Grade 7 oval trip is tomorrow ! Make sure you wear (and pack!!) warm clothes ! ⛸

Crystal Rowell ‏@TheGirlieGoalie

My girls just fought over which sport is harder. Hockey🏒or Figure Skating⛸. 🤷‍♀️ How about... BOTH! #ICESPORT #family

Mariam Bocari 🌻 ‏@MariamBocari

another day another skating rink ❄️⛸ #banff

Sarah Melville ‏@sarahkmels

@drjosflynn lol, too funny, saw a similar video about doing this the other day... applied it today. People were lit…

Rita Damirón ‏@Ritadamiron

MTA polished all the floors at the Time Square station. It’s like an ice skating obstacle course up in there now. ⛸

BU Figure Skating ‏@BUFigureSkating

Wishing the best of luck to sophomore Heidi Munger and soon-to-be Terrier Emmy Ma as they compete at the 2019 US Fi…

william nelson ‏@singlemanwill

Happy 15th Birthday Campus Martius Ice Rink!! @campusmartius @wxyzdetroit @Local4News @FOX2News 🎈🎈🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉🎉🎈🎈 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆…

Briely Mcfads ‏@Bambieyes168

Partners! 🕺💃⛸❄⛸ #TeamBALEX #DancingOnIce 📸:@almurph18 Instagram Story

Justin Kircher ‏@jKirch_F1

No, I did not try ice skating. ⛸ #NYC @ Rockefeller Center

❄️ 𝒜𝓃𝒹𝓎 ❄️ ‏@amanda_sorrento

Yeah okay maybe tomorrow instead of doing nothing I’ll go ice skating & get some exercise! ⛸

Melanie Marsalko ‏@WPXIMelanie

@sread44 Oh perfect! lol ⛸⛸

Nancy Radecker ‏@Radeckerchick

@NickCannon @MaskedSingerFOX @ParisHilton I think it is @taralipinski ⛸

Asuka.h ‏@earth248520

Nathan ❤️⛸🇺🇸 It’s already time ✨Go Nathan 🔥🔥🔥good luck 👍👍👍 @nathanwchen #nathanchen #ネイサンチェン #USChamps19 #Detroit…

Guardian Angel 711 ‏@bxonmyback

Easy cowboy you on thin ice 😉....⛸⛸⛸

Stephanie Romisher-Webb ‏@WebbSellsNMHome

Kellie’s second ice skating ⛸ class and I am so happy my hubby was able to see this one in person❤️. #family…

nhl20182019 ‏@nhl20182019

Hockey Season! Detroit Wins! 😀⛸🏒🥅🏟⭐️ #hockey #icehockey #ice #hockeyseason #season #hockeygame #nhl…

nhl20182019 ‏@nhl20182019

Hockey Season! Calgary Wins! 😀⛸🏒🥅🏟⭐️ #hockey #icehockey #ice #hockeyseason #season #hockeygame #nhl…

nhl20182019 ‏@nhl20182019

Hockey Season! Chicago Wins! 😀⛸🏒🥅🏟⭐️ #hockey #icehockey #ice #hockeyseason #season #hockeygame #nhl…

molly ‏@mollyrocheee

@_kiananikole5 @b_joce3 I don’t miss scraping a half an inch of ice off my car in the AM and trying to drive to wor…

Beijing WTown ‏@beijing_wtown

Beijing WTown in the winter features a stunning scenery of Northern China against the backdrop of ice and snow. The…

nhl20182019 ‏@nhl20182019

Hockey Season! Arizona Wins! 😀⛸🏒🥅🏟⭐️ #hockey #icehockey #ice #hockeyseason #season #hockeygame #nhl…

WHJE Radio ‏@WHJE_Radio

County rivalry game tonight! Good luck to the @IcehoundsHockey and our WHJE Sports team providing live coverage! ⛸…

-ScorpioNee'♏️ ‏@VashaeDaIndian

I Want Us To Go Ice Skating👫⛸

nhl20182019 ‏@nhl20182019

Hockey Season! San Jose Wins! 😀⛸🏒🥅🏟⭐️ #hockey #icehockey #ice #hockeyseason #season #hockeygame #nhl…

💜💘Winter Days💝💙 ‏@WinterDays6

@RThaens @BruceCElder2 @poggydoggy @flowerpot197 @DonnaLenz43 @Sergios07287188 @gib_mad @222girl @lrpat5…

OHS Student Council ‏@OHSStudentCoun3

Dig out your ice skates kids! ⛸


sisterhood skatin’❄️⛸

Holiday in Homer ‏@HolidayinHomer

Winterfest 2019 .. Light up the Ice 6pm-10pm on the church green. Skate under the lights and warm up with complimen…

Tim Young ‏@youngster3322

@spensgen As it should be. ❄☃️⛷⛸🛷

abby kaufman ‏@OCCSganit

hey omaha!!! keep your 👀eyes👀 open for some 🔥fire🔥 programming this term!!! get ready for some 👯‍♀️sisterhood👯‍♀️ s…

🍯 ‏@sippingicejuice

say hi to my fs week ⛸

Sabrina Hinson ‏@SkatingSabrina

@KeeganMOnline Happy Birthday Keegan!! 🎁🎉🍰🎈🎂⛸

Gallivan Center ‏@GallivanEvents

Back by popular demand, join us on Jan 26th from 7–9pm for another fun-filled evening at the rink with beats by DJ…

Asuka.h ‏@earth248520

Alex ✨⛸🇺🇸 It’s already time ✨Go Alex 🔥 good luck 👍 @Alex_M_Johnson #alexanderjohnson #アレックスジョンソン #USChamps19…

Asuka.h ‏@earth248520

Camden ✨🇺🇸⛸ It’s already time ✨Go Camden 🔥good luck 👍❤️ @CamdenPulk #camdenpulkinen #カムデンプルキネン #USChamps19 #Detroit…

Linda Shetina Logan ‏@Linda_CbusSprts

Our staff and Columbus community partners had a great time visiting Detroit to check out the U.S. Figure Skating Ch…

Asuka.h ‏@earth248520

Mariah ✨⛸🇺🇸 It’s already time ✨Go Mariah 🔥good luck 👍 @MariahSk8rBell #MariahBell #マライアベル #USChamps19 #Detroit

SeatGIANT Windsor ‏@SeatGIANTWin

The #2019 #US Figure Skating Championships continue ! #juniorpairs are on #tomorrow ! We have tickets starting from…

Izzy ‏@iz_marcelletti

You can tell I’m back to teaching because I have matching bruises and cuts from where the kiddos kick me 👌🏼⛸

#JacksonUltima ‏@JacksonUltima

Which event are you following? #EuroFigure or #USChamps19? 🏆⛸ #JacksonFamily

daniela ‏@danielaairene

update: we’re going ice skating and it’s my first time.. tomorrow shall be interesting for sure 🤭⛸

dsm4kids ‏@dsm4kids

Outdoor ice skating at Brenton Skating Plaza is a true wintertime treat ⛸ #dsm4kids #winter #desmoines…

milktea&coffee ‏@orangesrgd

Power of hanyu. Read somewhere that men’s figure skating ⛸ at Pyeongchang was the only sell out bc everyone came to…

JorgeS. ‏@jxrgesanti10

@ChristianoGee Put em on ⛸ lol

Trinity Hogben ‏@trinityhogben

From 2017 to 2019, we still LOVE the Gliding Stars program!⛸🌟 @SaratogaLions

JunkSisters Vintage ‏@christrudell1


Cori Coffin ‏@CoriC_FOX5DC

There’s an ice rink in front of my building! ❄️⛸ #DMVWX @fox5dc

jb ‏@jjbskate

@AshWagner2010 Loving your commentary Ashley!!!. You are so refreshing. Great balance talking & not talking. Others…

Benjamin Mendy ‏@benmendy23

Feels good!! Not the best conditions to play again but I survived 😅⛸⛸ Good Luck @burtonalbionfc for rest of season…

David★Jack ‏@DamJef

Just took the bins out and almost went flying! ❄️⛸❄️

Meltem Sisli ‏@SisliMeltem

@Twitter ⬇️⬇️⬇️yep got the message😎 2 times back to back Olympic champion⛸🥇🥇

Dawn Kent ‏@DawnKent11

@The_JamesJordan Please take time out to watch some fantastic ice skating - currently European championships is be…

Becca ‏@thebeccarod

@AshWagner2010 It was SO GOOD. I loved every minute of it! Can’t wait to see (or I guess hear lol) you do more commentating! 🎤⛸

Karen Sharp ‏@karensh12

So slippy out there tonight❄️⛸

The Forks ‏@TheForks

Ice ice... MUSIC + more! ❄️🎺 Including a FREE performance Saturday at 7:30pm! ⛸🎶 #MeetMeAtTheForks #RRMTrail…

Natalie Laura Elliott ‏@natalie_laura90

Catching up with @dancingonicetv, @WesNelsonUk was fabulous! ⛸✨

Haley!!! on ICE ❄💖 ‏@Hardcardgard

@BombasticAshers @Umbr30n Excellent reference. 💖💙💜⛸

Basecamp Resorts ‏@basecampresorts

Welcome to our backyard. It doesn’t get anymore Canadian than this. Don’t forget to pack your skates! 🏔⛸🇨🇦 just_kar…

Merilyn ‏@harborjournal2

listen with me ⛸ Europeans

Camiel Grant III ‏@camielgrant3

Yessir brudda @jkbmyrs5 ⛸

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

🤪👋Heyya! I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 📸 At 12pm I am - 📹 At 2pm - 📽 At 4pm…

#AloneTogether on Feb13 ‏@nobiprincess

Uy may ⛸ scene. Loooove Tin’s ootd. ✨ #AloneTogetherInNewYork

Philadelphia Signature Properties ‏@PSPRealEstate

Some great shots from our ice skating event at Blue Cross Riverrink this weekend! Thank you to everyone who came!…

Mindi Park Kell ‏@rosebud919

@ErinCarrollWX So much standing water around here, its gonna be a skating rink tomorrow! ⛸🌨

Tigirlily ‏@tigirlily

Have you ever played a show on a frozen lake!? YEAH US EITHER, but we’re very excited to check it off our bucket li…

Cami ‏@OftheCamRegion

@NatashaaMckay you got people cheering for you girl! Good look in the fs! 💙💙⛸🏅

Marian - Vamos Javi!! ‏@javifanarg

Dinner before the great day!! 💪🏻⛸❤ #EuroFigure #JavierFernández

The Rinks SD ‏@The_RinksSD

Learn To Skate is always a great time! ⛸

Bridget ‏@bsmorris1

Open skate in my front yard, should be solid by dark ⛸⛸

Wisconsin Rapids Riverkings ‏@WRriverkings

We love our fans! Skate with the Riverkings after every Saturday home game brought to you by Polito’s Pizza! Admiss…

Michael Weiss ‏@MichaelWeiss2

Excited to be in Detroit! Got my ⛸ 🧢 on, and ready to see some National Champs crowned! @USFigureSkating #USChamp19

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