Ice Skate Emoji

A single skate used in the sport or recreational activity of ice skating. Shown facing to the left on all platforms.

Ice Skate was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛸️ Ice Skating


⛸ U+26F8

️ U+FE0F


Tweets For ⛸

☁️ぺぺ☁️ ‏@kotoripepe

🎄⛸MCO Winter Collection☃️❄️

Squid @ 🍌🐟 24 Hour Pain Train ‏@frozencalamari

I know i post mostly 🍌🐟 these days but never forget that my love for Katsuki Yuuri is eternal 🦑💞⛸

monami ‏@nkbhsyh

Good luck 🙏⛸🙏

Linzi Barber ‏@LinziBarber

Early morning walk to yoga for a good stretch before @LAFSC1 competition later. Good luck to all skaters ⛸💃

Lisa Hastie ‏@LisaChastie

Looking forward to getting a date sorted to come and spend with my family... a December tradition... 🎅🏼🎄⛸#Christmas…

HI Southampton ‏@HISouthmpton

The festivities begin! 🎄 Today, we welcome the fantastic @WinCathedral Christmas market ⛸🎅🏽 Get the family togethe…

The Neon City(seina) ‏@zizinekochan

Go ⛸Go!!! skate ☃️!⛷!🏂😎🌨

Sonica ‏@5uper5on

@hallamfm the lady who rang in to say she’s on her way to #Blackpool to stand outside the tower to watch the…

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

😭👋Hey! I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 🍜 At 12pm I am - ⛸ At 2pm - 🍗 At 4pm I…

Clare Forrester ‏@clf7ey

@Draytonmanor Ice skating ⛸⛸ It takes me back to being a child!!!

Gisela ❀ ‏@OhhGeeCee

I wanna go ice skating at LA live ⛸

KeL⚽️ ‏@mericantreshr13

@alexmorgan13 @StephenCurry30 @PGAjrLeague This is awesome, Alex! Thank you for always using your platform for the…

Heart Cambridgeshire ‏@HeartCambs

The @NorthPoleCambr opens on Parker's Piece today! ⛸❄️ Enter now to win ice skating tickets for you and your frien…

paige ‏@saphirehowell

⛸ ilysm, if i ever become a phillie one day it will probably because of you. and if i haven’t told you lately your m&g is iconic

🐍NᎬᎬF KᎬᎬF🐍 ‏@__Neef__

We going skating tomorrow ⛸🛹

Xavier Adams ‏@Xavier57Adams

Skate Night with these Pros! 🤠⛸ @ Trine University

Nadene Moore ‏@NadeneMoore

Absolutely. Stunningly. Beautiful. ⛸⛸

☆Sparklefreak27☆☜ ‏@sparkle_thebrat

I wanna go ice skating next month ⛸

Skater's Choice ‏@SkatersChoiceCO

So excited for @JordanMoeller ⛸

Brandon ‏@Buss3ll

YES YES!!! ⛸⛸ who’s down

dani ‏@ellacluistro

i fell for you... literally. #iceskating ⛸❄️

𝒢𝒾𝑔𝒾 🎀 ‏@kawaiikittenn

i need to learn how to ice skate so i can wear this outfit ice skating ❄️🎀⛸

In The Loop ‏@InTheLoPodcast

Backstage after the Men's Short Program at #RostelecomCup2018: #YuzuruHanyu, #MorisiKvitelashvili &…

mk🎱 ‏@marykateeeees

what a fine day to be urself 😽🧥🐆🐩❤️⛸🍾🤠

Lowkey_Myaa 🌸⚡️ ‏@iam_winningX4

If you ain’t down for the ride you could hit it Bruhh ⛸😴

恋人の目に。 ‏@weiwuxiansama

November 29 is bestboy’s day ⛸💙

Arfa ‏@arfalaa

Night time🌙 Sunrises🌄 Volcanos🌋 Windmills Clouds☁️ Truffula trees🌳 Kitties/Bunnies🐱🐰 Jupiter🚀 NYC🗽 Long drives🚗 Fuz…

Adrian Lopez ‏@adrlopez

Aaron ice skating ⛸ for the first time.... @ Skatetown Ice Arena

sheila kilpatrick ‏@sheilakilpatri1

@LynnColliar Not sure I understand why you took so long to tell us - your loyal viewers! I understand your decisio…

Riceman ‏@riceman1969

Finally got to watch @ITonyaMovie 9.5/10 excellent 🎞 🎥 ⛸

Dwight Stifler 🥶 ‏@Tittytop3

I want to go ice skating ⛸ again

Vansoy 🐻 ‏@VansoyXD

@GhostNinja THE FUTURE✳⛷⛸🏰❄⛄

Loren Ruark ‏@lsbbuddy

@B_Kamerman @davidwalkerkval @KVALnews Welcome to Kval Kmtr sir! Looking forward to your sportscasts! 🚶😋🎥👍⚾️🏈🏀⚽️🏒⛳️⛷🥊⛸🏂⛷

春よ、こい ‏@todorokisms

Does🙇‍♀️ yuzu 🤔🤠 have a campaign with UNICEF 📉👀to end youth violence🔫🔫? Does he have a MV 💯💯with the most 👀✊views i…

MeganMc ‏@bbymeggy

The ribbon opened today, who’s down ⛸

Duke APO ‏@DukeAPO

Expectation vs Reality ⛸

Nessa 🌻 ‏@Vaaanneeesssaa

Tryna go ice skating ⛸

Chad Harris ‏@ChadKHarris

@wfnz @macwfnz @TBoneWFNZ @JoshParcell @NickWilsonWFNZ @KyleBaileyWFNZ @HacksawWFNZ Who laced @HacksawWFNZ’s skates…

Megan Kay Kraftzeck ‏@meggieminaj

so many good Christmas movies out!!! I can’t wait to start watching all my classic favorites and the new cheesy romance ones Netflix has😂🎄⛸💞

Mommy ♡ ‏@DominiqueRicci_

So happy I’m not pregnant this year so me and Marquis can go ice skating ⛸💙❄️

Big Quan™ ‏@_big0uan

The West VA commit @jetlifewright was all over the field tonight , bro had the whole team on skates ⛸.. you played…

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

😴👋Hi... I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 📓 At 12pm I am - ⛸ At 2pm - 🔍 At 4pm I…

WindPR Morales ‏@WindPRMorales

Luis and I went to Acacia Park to the ice skating ⛸ ring. I was going to skate then I realized I couldn’t even walk…

P H I 🌹 S I G ‏@PhiSigmaSigmaZN

Sister skating ⛸❄️ shoutout to @kelly_eldridge for planning such a fun sisterhood event!!

Arielle Jovellanos ✨ AnimeNYC F8 ‏@joviellety

Finally done for the day at artist alley, which means I can FINALLY LOOK AT THE RESULTS FROM ROSTELCOM CUP. ⛸✨🙏🏽

slim ‏@Toncol18

. . . “Your president is coming, to town🎶🎁⛸⛄️”

s a m ‏@suhmanthaxcvi

Ice skating & hot chocolate ⛸❄️

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

👋Hey there... I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 🌯 At 12pm I am - 😪🛏😪😪😪 At 2pm -…


A rose for Minnie Mouse🌹❤️❄️⛸ #DisneyOnIce

tori🍍 ‏@soccergirlll1

everyone’s getting hype b/c modesto on ice is opening but let me tell ya, turlock on ice is a bigger rink with less…

Estay ‏@Estay13

@GraceEGold I have faith in you, Gracie. Don’t despair and don’t give up. You can do it 😊💕⛸.

Nashville Predators ‏@PredsNHL

[email protected] knows how to put on a show. See it Sunday @BrdgstoneArena! ⛸

Ann Driggers ‏@anndriggers

Turn it up! Sounds of ice skating Blue Mesa today 💙⛸💎

fap queen ‏@imlizthebiz

I’m about to get my new new on ⛸

neo ‏@neo79154439

@GraceEGold I was waiting for you to dance on the ice. Welcome back!⛸💫 My wish is realized and I am very happy. To…

ValAHalla ‏@ValAHalla09

My #Elsa is the perfect Elsa, but of course, as her Mama, I'm quite bias. 😉 #iceskating #USFS #skating #grace…

Icegurl ‏@Blosmbubbs

@GraceEGold Go get em girl! 😊⛸

Margaret Orr ‏@climatewmargs

@GraceEGold is so beyond inspiring and I know she’ll just keep getting better and better ❤️⛸ #comeback…

ValAHalla ‏@ValAHalla09

My child, astounds me. She falls, gets up, come homes black and blue, yet she never gives up. #figureskating #USFS…

Trevor Encinias ‏@EnciniasTrevor

If I send you this emoji “⛸” that means you ok thin ice Bitch.🤷🏽‍♂️

SnowmassREC ‏@SnowmassREC

The parks and trails crew is hard at work....the progress on the ice rink is coming along nicely! Now bring on the…

ゆわ*.+゜。 ‏@_gldy

Dear @GraceEGold Welcome back, Gracie❤️ We fans glad u came back💖 I cheer u 4ever and luv u⛸ Um I’m annoyed too b…

alexa ♡ ‏@alexaandrews589

ice skating for the first time today ⛸

Alexa ‏@alexaandrews99

ice skating for the first time today ⛸

mirrissa redditt 🦇 ‏@Mirrissaa

@rebeccaaleah It should be! They usually get busy from October on ⛸

Precisely Right SST ‏@PRsynchroteams

We all made it to Boston safely. Official practices underway. We ARE PR! 💜⛸💜 — at New England Sports Center

Lauren Steenhoek ‏@LaurenSteenhoek

@ev50309 holiday promenade ⛸🍷❄️🐴🎅

𝒜𝒹𝓇𝒾𝒶𝓃𝒶 ‏@_AdrianaMarivel

About to go Ice Skating with La Familia. ⛸🎄

Justin R. Greenbaum ‏@jrgreenbaum

Vacation to @StoweMtResort booked!! Can’t wait for a winter wonderland vacation with my boo, @jlgreenbaum. ☃️⛸⛷🏂❄️…

Daily Hive Calgary ‏@DailyHiveYYC

Get those skates out, #YYC! Olympic Plaza's outdoor skating rink is opening on November 17 ⛸⛸…

🌹 ‏@VashayD

I wanna go ice skating ⛸

ǟռռɛ ʀ ӄɛʏ 🌻 ‏@4zz3

The ice rink opened in curtis hixon park today! ⛸❄😁

Paula Flaherty ‏@paulaSflaherty

@RealJackEdwards Loooove winter!!! ❄️🏒⛸

JDUCATI ‏@JesseSager_

3 fifty on some chuckssss ⛸

City of Greensboro ‏@greensborocity

Don’t miss this podcast! Can’t wait to hear more about curling 🥌 and how to get involved. ❄️☃️⛸

abby okatsu 🇯🇵 ‏@OkatsuAbbyleigh

@ISU_Figure another world's best short program ⛸ stay up yuzu 👑⛸😍😍

Shelby Miller ‏@ShelbyKIRO7

Oly on Ice ❄️⛸ Olympia’s first ice rink just opened. Looks like fun! @KIRO7Seattle

Matthew Levitt ‏@MatthewLevitt08

Come and visit me tomorrow @jlandpartners @OxfordStreetW1 for the #eltonjohnlewis backstage experience on the 3rd f…

Charlee McKay Hill ‏@Charlee_Mckay

I have never been ice skating && I HAVE to go this winter 😭❤️⛸

Patricia Finger Russell 👠😴 ‏@BethpageGirl

Woo Woo!! Holiday Season Is Here!! Can’t wait to skate!! 🎄⛄️⛸

NoblesvilleParks ‏@NoblesvillePark

See you at opening day of The Ice Plaza, @LuckyLouiesDogs!! ⛸❄️

Julie ‏@AtomicWife

@GraceEGold My husband & I (yes, my husband 😃) are rooting for you big time!! We hope you'll keep going!! 💙⛸💪🏽

Leon Lee ‏@leonsearch

☺🎂⛸❄💪🎶🎧📹📡📺💻📱✈🚍🎉🕺💃HappyBday2018 @RyanSBradley #RyanBradley #StarsOnIce #backstage @SAPCenter…

ki ‏@kieara69

Going ice skating tomorroww ❄ ⛸

コイ / KOI ‏@thatkoi

@animevisuals Death Parade ⛸ 🎱

Haley Hinds FOX 13 ‏@HaleyHinds

What a perfect, cool night for some ice skating! ⛸❄️

Rachelle Perez ‏@rachellejperez

St. Aloysius PTA Skate Party with my Haley babes! ⛸😊

Norma Cubie ‏@NormaCubie

@slongchambon @JohnWilsonBlade These look fabulous Sylvain. You're all set now for DOI 2019 ⛸ XX

Lisa Bailey ‏@LisaB84XXX

Thankyou @CapitalManc for the tickets! Ruby-Mae loved her picture too 😊⛸

WFMY News 2 ‏@WFMY

Yes we even have dancing @ChickfilA cows at @WFMY’s Winterfest @LeBauerPark @greensborocity! Jamming to the smooth…

John Brent Idol ‏@BrentIdol

@AuthenticChange @ISU_Figure @USFigureSkating @Adaripp @Adaripp fierce!!!!! Yyyyaaasss! Thank you for all you do fo…

Pier 5 Hotel ‏@Pier5Hotel

The Pandora Ice Rink at Baltimore's Inner Harbor is officially open! Do you have plans to Visit Baltimore to skate…

Doug Trovinger ‏@DrDougerz

@MTSUhockey @uahclubhockey @FordIceCenter Come on down for some Friday Night (MTSU Goal) Lights! Cheer on the…

amber dillon day ‏@rockhouse316

Duke and I are having some ME time ❄️🎄⛸☃️

Pink Mama's ‏@PinkMamasCones

Opening night ⛸

Taylor Bell ‏@TLynne317

To the man in the light up #iceskates; yes, we do all want to be you. ⛸

Tim Silver ‏@simtilver

Just watched #YuzuruHanyu’s short from #RostelecomCup2018. Should we just go ahead and give him the 2022 Olympic Go…

WFMY News 2 ‏@WFMY

READY. SET. GO! WFMY News 2 Winterfest fun! #WFMYSkate 🛷 ⛸ @LeBauerPark @greensborocity

Heather ‏@ElephantKitty

Well I am about to fall on my ass tonight 🎄⛸

City of Spokane ‏@SpokaneCity

The Spokane Riverfront Park​ Skate Ribbon opens is tomorrow! ⛸❄️

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