Incoming Envelope Emoji

An envelope shown to be arriving, or incoming.

Incoming Envelope was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📨 Envelope With Lines

📨 Fast Envelope


📨 U+1F4E8




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Marc Seitz ‏@mfts0

📅Day 1 ☁️Cloudy and dry Excited for: 💻@karrisaarinen 📨@rahulvohra & @HarryStebbings 🇪🇺@collision & @LindaHGriffin…

Xolani Masango ‏@Xolanikenneth

MTech Repairs Hldngs "Actually we breath Tech" Services: ●Pc/ and Cellphone repair ●Tech Consulting ●IT Support…

TA Ghost ‏@GhostIced

👻: Charley "Ghost" 🎮: 📷: 📨: [email protected] 👕:🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽…

Byteio ‏@Byte_io

The best marketing doesn't feel like Marketing! Visit:🌍 Phone:☎️ +92 320 1010019 Email:📨 in…

Pelangi Creative CND ‏@pelangi_kreatif

Business card PROMOTION matt lamination 260gsm double side full color 2 box + 1 box free RM90 3 box + 2 box free RM…

olivia ladd ‏@wokecountry

some days... 😔 the best thing you write 🖊 is a google 🔍 review 📨

Pelangi Creative CND ‏@pelangi_kreatif

Banner table minimum 5pcs For more detail whatsapp 📨 or call ☎ 0134480783 Will b reply 24 hours 😊 thank you…

Tip&Shaft ‏@TipShaft

🇳🇿 @conradcolman : "The @VendeeGlobe is the race that changed my life" Conrad just confirmed he will take part in…

SPOTIFY & NETFLIX PH ‏@netspot_shop

10 NETFLIX PREMIUM ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON HAND! 150 pesos each for 1 month MOP: GCash, Palawan Express, Paypal, RCBC DM to avail! 📩📨😁

almost.purple ‏@almostpurple_ph


BSE Institute Ltd. ‏@BSEInstitute

Get skilled in important sectors like: ✅ Fundamentals of #financial journalism ✅ #Business and #economic reporting…

❄️🔥G I L L I A N 🔥❄️ ジリアンさん ‏@Gillian2Point0

Just got this in my inbox 📨🤣😂🤣 funniest thing I have read in a long time. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

Kwavemart 🇲🇾 | Albums & Official Goods 🇰🇷 ‏@kwavemart


Rolando Schand Jr. 🤴 ‏@Rolando0076

Al buen entendedor pocas palabras bastan. Not many would understand. For those that don’t 👉 📨

Ebotse Links ‏@EbotseLinks

How good is your pressure game? . For the more competitive golfers who love the thrill. . #EbotseLinksCup 🏆 28-30th…

🌻Stef @ open commissions 🌻 ‏@Stefs_Art

@SaraAlfageeh Hello! I'm Stefani Vlusha, a sequential artist who honestly does a good job working with color and ch…

bitsied bot ‏@bitsybotsy

⬛⬛⬛📨📨⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛📨📨⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛📨📨⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛📨📨📨📨⬛⬛ ⬛📨📨📨📨📨📨⬛ 📨⬛📨📨📨📨⬛📨 ⬛⬛📨⬛⬛📨⬛⬛ ⬛⬛📨⬛⬛📨⬛⬛ howdy. i'm the default bitsy avatar of incoming envelope

Linda Jacobs Promo ‏@lindajacobspr

Kiddies Budget Giveaways👧👦🎁 📨[email protected] ☎️Call 083 628 0181 | 021 557 2152 | 086 540 0361…

Flying Ketchup ‏@FlyingKetchup

Tired of reading the same old bad news from mainstream media? Get the latest and greatest stories about The Philip…

MAMA(엠넷아시안뮤직어워즈) ‏@MnetMAMA

[#2019MAMA] Thank you for sharing your best moment in MAMA!💕 Congratulations winners of #MAMA Questionnaire on Twi…

Brandon Apicelli ‏@ApicelliArt

@SaraAlfageeh 📝 Brandon Apicelli 📨 [email protected] 🌐 I love creating characters wi…

Similarly JUSDIFFERENT-Ebook,Paperback etc. ‏@BUYJUSDIFFERENT

🤴🏿📨📺💣💥This a from "03" to now lyrical display of versatility & differentiating Entertainment /Reality to say / show…

Kwavemart 🇲🇾 | Albums & Official Goods 🇰🇷 ‏@kwavemart

#PREORDER #VICTON - 2019 CHOI BYUNG CHAN FANMEETING [Be Shining : 찬(燦)] Official MD 📅Preorder dateline: 30/11 5PM…

Saber Creatives ‏@SaberCreatives

Hi Guys! 🤘 I made this amazing #backgroundRemoval 🧡 Want your own #backgroundRemoval 📨 Hire me:…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *throbbing hard, loud moans*

Amnesty Lethbridge ‏@ailethbridge

Join us for our annual #write4rights event with live music, silent auction, appetizers, & more! 🕯 Celebrate…

♿️OweGangTae♿️ ‏@OweGangTae

@RealKingSilly @ObiWanWatson @Xbox @MR_FLORIDA305 @jblazn Won’t let me 📨 you bro. Hit me up

Kwavemart 🇲🇾 | Albums & Official Goods 🇰🇷 ‏@kwavemart

#PREORDER #TWICE - RUN 20X20 SPECIAL MD 📅Preorder dateline: 30/11 5PM 🚚Postage: WM8 EM12 ✨No 2nd payment! 📨DM to…

Passages Malibu ‏@PassagesMalibu

Find out how you can get clean and sober this holiday season at Passages Malibu. 🏡 Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Reh…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *passionately kisses back with tongue, moaning through it*

Kwavemart 🇲🇾 | Albums & Official Goods 🇰🇷 ‏@kwavemart

#PREORDER #SHINee - SPECIAL PARTY THE SHINING KiT Video 📅Preorder dateline: 7/12 5PM 💰Price: RM150 🚚Postage: WM8 E…

VisionMedia ‏@VisionMedia01

Like our Content? Follow us!📸PhotoGraphy 🎥VideoGraphy 📲Advertising 🚦Corverage Events 🌌: Drone / Aerial Coverage ⏱:…

Kwavemart 🇲🇾 | Albums & Official Goods 🇰🇷 ‏@kwavemart

#READYSTOCK #SuperM POP UP STORE - Fan w/ Freebies 💰 Price: RM35 🚚 Postage: WM8 EM12 ✨Freebies: Slogan ✅Available…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 H-ah~ Har-ah-der!~ *begging is hard for him because it's hard to beg when you're moaning*

cheap apps - SPOTIFY 50PHP 🇵🇭 ‏@thrifty_ph

📨 DM ME TO AVAIL THE FOLLOWING: 🎧 Spotify (50PHP) 📺 Alternative Netflix (65PHP) 📸 Premium Editing Apps (50PHP)…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *dark red* please~ go f-faster~

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 ah~ *squirms* Dalphie~

⚓☸🌊🌐🌊BlueOcean 🌊QUEST☸⚓ ‏@S_ErSEA_SHIPsCo

@okelmann 🗺S'💻🗨KIM_Kit B°○○°_Hideo SY_Clay BEAT_DAN Zoe_Pavel JESS_Markus Phyll_Phil Joyce_Kev ...[🌈 AlxdrA_RxnA Ur…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *Dalphie's method sure is working well, trying his hardest not to beg*

Kwavemart 🇲🇾 | Albums & Official Goods 🇰🇷 ‏@kwavemart

#PREORDER #ATEEZ 2020 Season's Greetings 📅Preorder dateline: 15/12 5PM 💰Price: RM185 🚚Postage: WM8 EM12 ✨ETA: Lat…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *bites his lip, those legs of his spread a bit wider for Dalphie*

HoodEmpress👸🏽 ‏@hoodangelguide

🧿📨 Collective Message... Someone’s getting a gift! 🥳🤩

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *darker red, squirms a little*

HoodEmpress👸🏽 ‏@hoodangelguide

🧿📨 Collective Message... Someone is looking back at the tower moment they have caused and have been for a while..Th…

우진 ♡ 드림 고정해 ‏@yanchingus

📩 #sophhupdates Meet-Up Collection emails for the following cupholders have just been sent to your mail box last n…

Jonathan (PR) Torres ‏@Torres1PR

This Friday Night ELMONT LI/Queens Only Place to Be. Inbox 📨 me if you Rolling with me @JavoughnA presents “Betw…

Damien Willis ‏@damienwillis

#UPDATE: As I watch tonight's #DemDebate, I'm going through the quickly-mounting unread emails. (Now at 1,034 — slo…

Fanfi 🔥🌈 my country is a militarized hellhole ‏@estroboscopios

@SaraAlfageeh hi Sara!! I'm Fanfi, a comic artist & illustrator. I love working with bold shapes & colors and my cr…

🇺🇸 Defend [Freedom] 👽 ‏@Unbound_N_N

@msdeplorable2 @Jim_Jordan Show us the 📨

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *whimpers* Mmm~

✨🌛 ‏@yourhoroscopes

You can't change the past,stop ruminating on what didn't work out, and start coming up with a new plan to manifest…

1st Class Premier Group ‏@1stclasspg

🚨New Listing Alert🚨 Beautifully renovated home! This home has it all, new electric, plumbing, roof, HVAC, windows,…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 ah~ *passionately kisses back*


Congratulations to Chad Oswald of @TOLEDOSAE for being elected the new VP of Communications! 📨

Papa Redd💉 ‏@_ItsLoBaby

Pin point and sealed 📝📨

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *biting his lip, so ready for this*

Dobby Constance ‏@Dobbyisfreeinhk

#1124香港區議會選舉 Warm reminder🇭🇰📨

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *nods, all cute and flustered*

AWS Support ‏@AWSSupport

@AuBackupguy Hi there! Our EC2 team isn't able to share future planning for the service, but I've passed along your…

Sasha Warner-Johnson ‏@sashaw20

I'm still earning with #starclicks 💶 Create a free publisher account. Verify your email and mobile phone number. 📨📲…

⚓☸🌊🌐🌊BlueOcean 🌊QUEST☸⚓ ‏@S_ErSEA_SHIPsCo

🗺S'💻🗨KIM_Kit B°○○°_Hideo SY_Clayton BEAT_Dan ZOE_Pavel JESS_Markus PHYLL_Phil JOYCE_Kev... [🌈 AlxdrA_RxnA Urs_Uli..…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 You did amazing~ uwu

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *recalls pulling Dalphie's head down a bit hard, gently wraps his arms around his neck* you ok?~ . . .

isabel | 12 daes ‏@uwuj3sus

insurance 💪protection 🆒now, 🙋‍♀️and 2️⃣doubles 🙉automatically 🚶‍♂️to 🤪$20,000 💵dollars 👼later, 🕺at 🙅‍♂️no 👯‍♀️extra…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *when he finishes he let's go of his head, light panting*

Ping Proxies ‏@PingProxies

Huge drops this weekend! 🖥️ 30M+ IP Pool 📨 Instant Delivery 🌎 60+ Country Regions ✅ Unbanned on all sites ⚡️ Indus…

Diyyinah [Diana] Jamora 🇨🇦🇵🇭 ‏@diyyinah

Had a blast co-MCing #BLUNDERSandBREWS last night! Takeaways👇 🙀 Mistakes aren't the end of the world; 🏇 Even our…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 Dalph!!~ *pulls his head all the way down on his member and cums hard down his throat*

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *moaning, defiantly gonna jizz soon*

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *his head falls back a little* ah~ Dalphie~

~° hacker de taubaté ‏@_tcfernandes

@SaraAlfageeh Hi Sara, I'm Taís! 📨[email protected] 🗺️ I'm a kidlit illustrato…

Ms. Sewbans ‏@MsSewbans

Hi parents! The Communication of Learning - Initial Observations was sent home tonight. A friendly reminder to plea…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *biting his lip and throbbing*

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *thinks* "Evil is my dad, wtf?" *has never gotten the good suck before so this still feels great to him*

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *soft moan, runs his fingers through his hair* mm~ *winks at Autumn watching them…

Building Healthy Communities ‏@CalEndowBHC

Our last webinar of the year, Messaging 101, is coming up! Join us & learn to: ⌨️Craft messages that are clear, co…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 !! *blushes brightly*

activechairs ‏@activechairs

Moms: Do you wonder about the many wonders an active chair might have on your child? 🧒 We've created a specific e-b…

🤲🏾👳🏾‍♂️أمين Ameen716 ‏@Meenie_meen

@_UmmAbdullah03 @umm_hameed I’m not doing she said next nigga inbox 📨 her getting blocked lmao i deleted my message…

HoodEmpress👸🏽 ‏@hoodangelguide

🧿📨 Collective Message.. Aquarius, Gemini, Libra 💨... Something or someone from your past could be making you feel…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *blushes* Y E S ~

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *light blush* oh~ . . .

Nadinne Neira👻 ‏@neiraart

@SaraAlfageeh Hi I'm Nadinne Neira 👋🏼 I love doing complex paintings like the one below but i can also do stylized…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *melts into the cuddles, is already pretty warm and cuddly*

IG SAADIQ10K ‏@Saadiq10k


TH TH ‏@Th_da_7

So uma cvs 📨

❤️Klance Home Party 2020 in Japan💙 ‏@AllKlance

Good morning🌤️ We sent an e-mail to a request for guidance that was at night📨💕 Thank you all for waiting!

HoodEmpress👸🏽 ‏@hoodangelguide

🧿📨 Collective Messages.. Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio 🌊... You or someone attached to you could be in planning mode..I s…

Chantèl Kokí ‏@sosabaloza

📩yes 📩oh no 📨rawr rawr 💌I have two piggy banks in my room that ill live on for this month 📨I pierced my yes no…

David Erickson ‏@derickson

📨 Email Personalization Tactics [CHART] 77% of marketers are personalizing their email marketing, which, joined by…

Arjwa'n ‏@jwjybwd

There is no point in waiting... I will sleep without words😓💔📨...

⫷Eleanor⫸ ‏@openmy3rdeyee

📨✨ Do you hold on to things because you're afraid of losing your energetic connection to people who are no longer…

⫷Eleanor⫸ ‏@openmy3rdeyee

📨✨ Declutter your schedule and stop trying to do it all and then some. Let others manage their own baggage rather…

Melody 🍷🍔 ‏@Melody30019183

@BlackieBoiii @WriterBlackInk1 📨 *kisses back* u3u

Deliveroo Help ‏@DeliverooHelp

@stephiryan Hey Stephi, 👋 Sorry for the experience. We have now replied to your DM 📨

City of Carrollton ‏@CarrolltonTX

Your little ones can send their letter to Santa now through Saturday, December 7 in Historic Downtown Carrollton. 🎄…

Deliveroo Help ‏@DeliverooHelp

@MollyHopeKent Oh no! Drop us a DM with your account email + the order number so we can sort this for you 📨

Danie’ 👽 ‏@sciroccoxyz

@MarynaDeIpanema @itsmimi111 You got 📨

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