Information Emoji

A lowercase letter i, enclosed in a rounded square or circle. Implemented in apps or websites to indicate that help or further information is available.

May be used as a logo for tourist information signage in a town or city.

Information was approved as part of Unicode 3.0 in 1999 under the name “Information Source” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

ℹ️ Info

ℹ️ Lowercase I

ℹ️ Tourist Information

Apple Name

ℹ️ Information Source

Unicode Name

ℹ️ Information Source


ℹ U+2139

️ U+FE0F




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Kye ‏@retro_hedgehog

I really need to watch it again...

Prophet Faust ‏@AFaust211

@CountDankulaTV Sorry but why should my taxes pay for someone’s gender studies degree when I, the white male patria…

ravenclaw ‏@LoganElyse2

@dejongasaurus It’s bc of the night terrors I get from our time together

GrizzUp‼️ ‏@GrizzSZN1

@Isaac_Rivals Well if JV don't stay then I say we try to get that top 6 pick and hopefully could get Wiseman. Or a SG.

Joe Alaniz 💨🥶 ‏@Joecena2254

I need a girlfriend 🥺🤨

ㄱㅂㄱ 📌 ‏@kbyeongk

omg wait do cfans rly call byeongkwan 饼干??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IM DYING I CNT UNSEE

ash ! 📌 ‏@softieeforseo

hi moots! im gonna go to bed lmao i hope you all have a good day and eat well 😌 ❤️

Bernice Jervis #JC4PM2019 #atheist ‏@BerniceJervis

@00wx1840 @SkyNews For people to be incensed they have to be aware. Was this reported on the main BBC, Sky, Channel…

Connor Childress ‏@CondorChildrezz

I bought a lightsaber.

Nine ‏@NineSnowBot

Meow, I'm a kitty cat

Rachael ‏@RachaelPickard

This summer cold can do one anytime it likes. Sure the circle thinks Miller and I are in competition to see who can bark the loudest. #woof

Rachamuffin ‏@Rachamuffin

@lemurlotte I think I'm going to listen to them again soon. Really really enjoyed them 😊

Kabuye Osman ‏@osmankabuye

@kanyindo I also have a solution

em ‏@emvelascoo

Broke down into tears while capturing this beautiful moment. Words can’t explain how proud I am of you…

Enigma ‏@FrankDengr

@Miss_magnolia20 😂😂 I'm innocent oo

innocent lunga sheeze ‏@innocentsheeze

@Chymamusique I just Hope Mr Diesel is not part of the list this time?

Kamaile 🌺 ‏@kamsjams16

Don’t have children because they’ll take your car and crash it (it’s me I’m children)

Saucy for Secrets ‏@errabund

It's 4am and I can't sleep. Cool, fun, great, awesome.

fia* ‏@ArlingtonGrrl

@Spencer7Billy Haha! Random naps sounds awesome. I will spend the werkend sleeping though so I guess... compensating much? 🙉

Baby G ‏@Savi_014

I’m never gonna get a nice stomach because beer.

Panthers Kev ‏@panthers_kev

Trying to get someone to buy tickets for the London game for the panthers v bucs. I forgot that I have to go in to…


"105 is the number that comes to my head When I think of all the years I wanna be with you Wake up every morning wi…

KDR558 ‏@Killahdragon558

@suzukiPCArt I could use another Milk Tea McFloat u3u

Joey Frenchwood IV ‏@compsThemirror

@always_say1 I just thought of that some random and started crying foo 😂😂😂 he told @DreCarter20 to give em his waves 😂😂

kiwi | 정국 | 이밤 ‏@kikiwiwi_

i want san fran but this mall only has sb and it looks pretty full

.charlotte. ‏@LottieLew_

Not a cloud in the sky, feel like I’m back on me holidays. Except I gotta go work! #isitweekendyet

Min Gucca💙💜 ‏@taegucca


ओप्पा का कू्त्ता‌ बोले भाव भाव ‏@nikitaaaa07

@taeconomix I'm scared to fall in love and to be in a relationship honestly

i'm alice ‏@HEYimHeroic

@MtH13208 @Dragonogon a small part of me thinks this is real and i'm not surprised

EnLo ‏@EndLoart

@3zekiel_ Me: reading this comment Me:look after your and my pictures Me:WTF... I‘m bad in drawing😭

Toxido〽️ ‏@Itoxido

@GinaSondo @ilariallegro And you believe them.. why don’t you believe the military aswell when they say they aren’t…

Kev Pike ‏@KevPike87

@IonaItalia @Halalcoholism I think you're both confused because English cuisine isn't there. Haven't you seen @HPluckrose pictures?

MPNumbers ‏@Numbers_MTG

@Oberon_MTG I've always been a sucker for psionic blast. The most red blue card ever.

patrick🕊 ‏@patrickdaniel0

@Bettie_Bondage @fattadise i’m fucking crying😭

Danielle Riley ‏@ReneeRiley

I hate that this is fucking true 😂🤣

angelaericaa ‏@Angelainspace

I’ve been hating all social media platforms at the moment I need to disconnect

Tormund Giantsbane ‏@hrh_tumi

"am I your girlfriend?, no Your wife?, no Your soulmate?, no Then what the fuck am I? McNulty: we are good togethe…

joe ‏@wwfcjoe_

@PrimeHazardv2 I would’ve been pissed with that tbh

Les-Ego MaB ‏@lesilicious1

@MsCassandraGud I cry with you. I have forgotten what it feels like to have a nanny. The last time I had a nanny was Feb 2017

shreya ‏@wonjaeIive

the way i accidentally fucking fried my chicken in MUSTARD OIL

tom r 🌹 friendly spaceship hr officer ‏@StoryTom

hope you enjoyed my 2 great geography tweets tonight, there won't be more rn because i dont feel like it 👍

Willow Hayes ‏@WillowHayes13

Orange you glad I didn’t go blue again? 💃💃

Josh ✞🥊 ‏@Jects_

Ghosts is so boring. I wish BO4 $10s or 10s were popping

Zacky Zacky Bo Backy ‏@ZedAyySeeKay

@wazxx I still like the original song best. Even if the show is going into a darker direction.

•paige ‏@paigenb_

@CaprialConner Yo I feel you lmao takes your breath away just sitting in your car 😅

CDN Warren ‏@CdnWarren

Oh my. I appear to have just got Aphex Twin tickets. Oh my oh my.

Jim Kelly ‏@thewaterclock

I bet it's an ice-cream with a blood-red drizzle.

still 7명. ‏@marixxiKON

qaqu sandale HAHAHAHHA i was blocked by an ot6 stan / fansite 😂😂😂😂😂

domonik ‏@domonik345

what is your game center i would like to play some temple run 2. i do not like green eggs and ham dose someone have…

Thèm chị dâm ‏@them_chi

@Zas472 I want make love with you

Deana Clarke ‏@DeanaClarke14

@ahmed6lfc @nazzz_adam @GaPeachUK @sallyanneu04 @MarkMcKenzie32 I’m not to sure we can get away with that bat!

Zack DeRose ‏@zackderose

@krj2033 @angular @nrwl_io @NrwlConnect Depending on how strict your definition of "unit test" is... Cypress is an…

Pastor Daniel ‏@Revrend_TD

@Mashaba_Ntobs @MillionMnisi 😂 I expect him to know better, his team has gone through a lot

sho ‏@tomokicity

priv real quick bc i sent that tweet to irls

Yvonne Munanga ‏@vovo_munanga

@TrevorNcube Inga us ne bond zvaimbova gedye-gedye 1:1 wani asi mkoma bond havacrosi boarder. If i keep my us i hv…

☆ Lizard King ☆ ‏@SSpeachpit

@TiredPlantWitch Go for it! I haven't dyed mine in so long. I need a change

Arshad (BEERA) ‏@arshadsemp

Who are u to decide what am going to follow. Who are u to decide what i am going to say. Its my law who decided my…

can ‏@myluvkimtae

I got chungha ad this time 🤭

- neιѕнaaвaвyy, ❤️. ‏@AyeTwatchThis_

Today’s my last day for the week since I’m off Friday, so I ain’t even gotta worry about going to bed on time tonig…

Jini ‏@Jini_M51

I have a slight shopping addiction

Daniela ‏@DanielaAguilarT

I’m in love😍

🌸 Josie 🔮 ‏@Josiepasalacqua

Me @ 1 am catching up on all the homework I have due tm because I procrastinated

Danny John-Jules🇩🇲 ‏@DannyJohnJules

@Robin82092628 That sure sounds vague ..... 😹 I’m still not seeing my words, here brother ...

lex ‏@lcvejmin

i cant even spell me correctly,, brad im so sorry


@SathyaNaraayana I sad

KEITUMETSE ‏@___Keitumetse

@Nolz_ml @KhutsoTheledi @Yfm I thought bo Madakweni drinks anytime hey 😬🙈

Suron Jo™ ‏@sajan4632

@KneWKeeD I can give a hint. It was the last flagship phone of launched in India in 2016. And I have installed a custom ROM on it.

Paul Downie ‏@Cuddy2977

@debbimack You know, it’s in my collection … and I STILL haven’t seen it!

Duckdastampede ‏@DuckArkady

@HarlemMC Yes any of these physical qualities aren't a representative of who they are whichever gender. I think it'…

Emil Åslund ‏@EmilAaslund

Why was @RantingF suspended? I have my disagreements with her, but I don't see any excuse to suspend her, other than "it's Twitter".

Klar Namen ‏@zuendstoffel

@hier_ist_alex @PRPGNDPND I‘m too sexy for my VWL Klausur... 🎶

Jess ‏@jscamrc

I seriously don’t get girls who post pics half naked 🤷🏻‍♀️

Wife Life ‏@wife_life18

It’s 4 am and I still haven’t gone to bed yet 🙃

DDeeppaakk 🇮🇳 ‏@JerryMaguire911

@Mizzling_Gaze Nice. I also got one

Boytoytroy ‏@Troyx3

Me cause I don’t trust none you hoes

Mr. Pan565🍞 ‏@Mr_Pan565

@opera @Razer Wow i cant bealive this is a browser, its just awsome! the colours are cool! the hud its amazing and…

criss👑 ‏@Crisssaaay

I’m highly annoyed 🙄

Matthew Skiles ‏@matthewskiles

@SmartFoxDev Thanks! Will see what I can do :)

Kakak Ahmad 🍁 ‏@ThisIsAishahAR

"I've spent many years to build this wall around me and you keep crushing it down. You're like an excavator. I hate…

Sarah Creighton 🍂 ‏@Saraita101

The school is on the parading route but I also remember union flags being dotted along the road as opposed to just…

PREVAIL ‏@Thatkingprevail

@Samizzemusic Learning what I wish to know more

iz ‏@bilIiemarina

@ohdua @LDevineMusic i’m so excited✨

dani🌸 ‏@powerbisexual

@90sLove_Child @ColourPopCo Girl, I know, I just got the blue palette and now I’m like well shit I gotta have this one too.

♡ τнє ѕιѕτєя αℓϐєяτ иєνєя нα∂ ♡ #albertsloved ‏@Rachel_Drawz

@HannahDabber FBI.. I can explain-

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ‏@ezhanyan

i know i'm stupid but on an emotional level i behave like i think i'm the smartest one around, but my actual behaviour is that of a dumbass

Myra ` ‏@kathiria821

Ok I just wanna say I am LOVING this cast, this more my speed #BB21

Shambles ‏@Biryanii_bot

Whole time i saw myself on screen was when arya hugged jon.

J. Mari ‏@gee_marison

@petmartian King Solo I hail

𝒜iko Yoshiki ‏@AWitchyMistake

@LilDancingDemon "Hm..I just wanted to see what a hug was. Its really weird.." She awkwardly pulls away after a few minutes.

Azula ⚡🌈 ‏@jciku

@SheilaLMaina @KRACare Sijakusho Sheila! Thanks to you teaching me how to file, I am walking around teaching people…

Jim Bond ‏@BonedBond

@arthurfaeleith @xerxes5th @britain_scott @PaulJSweeney Arthur, I'm sure inside your head everyone is and if that h…

Comrade Aminu Tambuwal (بن حمزة) ‏@CTambuwal

@zainab_zesha I'm under age here, let me sit at side listening to my elders.

-ˋ₊˚. 𝑾𝑨𝑻𝑻𝑺𝑶𝑵 。 ‏@electricharges

⠀ ⠀⠀⠀✎; i wish i could do transparent icons but * arthur fist * i cant ⠀

Functional pockets for women!!!✊ ‏@ebethhayes

@SourPatches2077 I know, right!!! At least the 80's left a legacy of power ballads. 👩‍🎤👨🏽‍🎤

echo ‏@phaseA_I_ngelic

𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘬𝘦𝘺 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘦𝘤𝘩𝘰 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭 𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘦𝘳.

kid coochie ‏@parkermax888

okay i have been up for the past three hours trying to sleep but i can't because i can't stop thinking about how mu…

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