Information Emoji

A lowercase letter i, enclosed in a rounded square or circle. Implemented in apps or websites to indicate that help or further information is available.

May be used as a logo for tourist information signage in a town or city.

Information was approved as part of Unicode 3.0 in 1999 under the name “Information Source” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

ℹ️ Info

ℹ️ Lowercase I

ℹ️ Tourist Information

Apple Name

ℹ️ Information Source

Unicode Name

ℹ️ Information Source


ℹ U+2139

️ U+FE0F




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chi || jsd 📌 ‏@nutellattae

after bts’ on red carpet, now they’re playing micdrop on myx omg i stan ASJSJSKHDJSHAJ

Charmz ‏@HonLeprechauns

@bigfatfreddie3 @RockstarGames ya thats happened me a few times, i find sticking to roads is a life saver lol when on a mission

ScottJames ‏@scott_mantra

I’m not sure what’s more offensive. @theresa_may arrogance or delusion. Either way, it’s time she was sent packing.…

Miz🔥🐱 ‏@Mizticall

@GAMEChelmsford can I trade skylanders in at your store?

Marius Şerban ‏@SerbanForYou

@RenaultZoeClub @igembb @RenaultZE If this is "normal behavior" for Renault then they did a very idiotic job with H…

William Myers ‏@myerswilliam23

@coindesk I love the new website from @GetDeepOnion, shows massive potential and capability of their team! Buy Buy…

Gaige(Mechromancer) ‏@Gaige_bot

Wait -- Did I just?! -- Ugh... Dang it! #Auto

Bakura, from elf practice ‏@overIording

oceans of blood that i created. takig vengeance on your enemies

JLB ‏@JLB2021

I liked a @YouTube video Qlimax 2018 | Coone

micro bakugou ‏@microbakugou1

im so fucking angry why is KAMINARI bigger than me his fucking toe is the size of my body i dont fucking deserve to…

kristin ‏@lauviosa

@nagpasaya i love you always, char!! gotchu & take care ❤

JANET ‏@janet_09

I got the same loyalty, HMU

.. ‏@JalishaMiller

So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on @Poshmarkapp #poshmark #fashion #style #shopmycloset…

☕️ ‏@yungdiaspora

@rasbaeberry Alright bet when I come back

Jack Mavrick ‏@jack_mavrick

@tldtoday @ijustine As always *sighs* I always lose

Sam ‏@samlouyoo


Veronica Mackeson Ramsay ‏@veronicaramsay3

@artistmonet Wish I had one of those. Now I know how his studies which include water are so brilliant. Time in secl…

Ian Gilson ‏@AngryofAlton

@AbiolaHP I don’t need any help to generate banal soundbites 😉

fallon ‏@matsuilee_

I'm playing Identity V. Fancy a game?

paris ‏@admirezarry

I’m in: pain and can’t: sleep

AJ ‏@WhiteTeeOG

I was about to be mad if I was suspended

Chirag Sojitra ‏@sojitrachirag

@IndiaPostOffice @PostOfficeIndia @cpmggujarat @pmgahmedabadhq can you please let me know the local wide number so…

cez ‏@cerysgx

Why am I always ill around Christmas?

ProffIsGonnaKillMeHelp ‏@MinFizza

@steroidrop Imagine the shock I had when kids had pre-studied for the first day ;-;

Grizz Mix-Wadsworth ‏@Wadsworth_Radio

NowPlaying Tonight I Fell In Love - The Tokens 09:32

Danni ‏@_dannielle_99

I’ve been at college for like half and hour and I’m already going home lollll

Shan ‏@StamMatte

lmfao i have time to eat kskskksksksks

Edward Molyneux ‏@NotSoRedEd

Thanks, I didn't realise my advice had reached you, but I'm glad its useful. It is our policy to have a referendum…

Robert #GTTOOL #WeAreCorbyn ✋ ‏@robbouk_1991

@rmf719630 @ToryFibs Didn’t mean to cause offence. I meant that for some Scottish the appeal of getting away from p…

Kaden ‏@KadenBot_

I knew it! You DO like me!

Harrison Crane ‏@immortalmewtwo

@Halaste I'll happily keep screaming to you. REDUNDANCY! BACKUPS!

Anisah Azzahra ‏@azzahraanisah

I gave up studying to watch MAMA because why not?

stanifwhite ‏@PeterStanifort3

@KJDGooner @neilphillips @eucopresident Aye, n the big blue bit at the top only represents the,i think, 2.5 m scotc…

Val misses BTS💜 | [finals] ‏@taethetiger95


✽ Sunny Side Up ✽ ‏@M_Deliciouss

@Chi_4dee You're welcome. I'm well. Yourself?

bb ‏@bravob1019

I miss my friends ://

sef🎄 ‏@lemonsope

i want taes suit:((( imagine the raw lesbian energy i would exude

Amber Regis ‏@AmberRegis

@vanrockingham Ugh, I wish I'd had a cat to cuddle through that! I feel like I deserve some kind of medal...

a ‏@aluk_g

kids going to their school disco’s looking better than i did at my senior formal

Ben Mole ‏@BenMole11

I wish more days were like today #ynwa #lfc

StanVik ‏@StanVikDFY

I want to be your number 1 Oo, your number 1 ooo.. Extra extra loving.. First time I heard the song I was arrested by @yemialadee ..🙏❤❤💜

Dave, Fake BirdWatch Ireland ‏@captwavey

This is all a long way to saying "F**k that guy" and I regret not saying that to his face. Anyways.... On with my day.

no gf club bot ‏@nogfclubbot

[Damila voice] I might appreciate Jin's beauty but I'm still gay! gay! GAY! I LOVE GIRLS!

Fuji ‏@myglossugastd


Lucas Mouras Bald Patch ‏@leeUkUfc

@kev_g1 @Jacob_Rees_Mogg I think he should. The only one who talks any sense.

TheRealVector ‏@Slikside703

Alright it’s 4:30 am and I need to sleep so that’s what I shall do

craig damon ‏@CraigAWDamon

@GrootLem Agree Lem. I happened to drive past there yesterday and saw bikes on roof racks and wondered what was going on.

Alvin Lindsay - Become Unstoppable. ‏@alvinlindsay21

I can never change my past because it has already happened. All I can do is make the best of today, let go and keep moving on.

Rebel Girl ‏@thatrebelgirl8

@HellaHandbasket "All you have to do is go and report it!" "It's not that simple. I don't want to be traumatized a…

politics and poetry ‏@rebelpioneer

@SaraJBenincasa I mean, I don’t follow the whole country, but I am usually awake in the middle of the night and I g…

Ego Oyibo™ ‏@janeychocolates

@dentalgiorgio No o; I did 3rd molar exo , the 7 is still sensitive

Chris Harris ‏@choppercjh

@tancredipalmeri Is this really the save everyone’s been banging on about! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Got to say I’m massively disappoin…

Kim Quevenne ‏@KimqCarlsbad

@kpberling @themelaniedione I was gonna say avocado toast, also not a sandwich but...

Ru: Scrunch Connoisseur ‏@IDOLChimmy

I'm trying to eat my noodles but BTS

Online Shop ‏@w1mart

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist City fight in GTA Vice city in 2018-2019

. ‏@wyfbab

@PopRockShawty i’m CDTL and my clarity anti lol i’m not surprised you forgot about this due to your goldfish memory…

🇮🇳~ 𝓢𝓪𝓽𝔂𝓪~🇮🇳 ‏@satya100686

Funny Teaser Ever I have seen.. so Guys must have a look on this funny teaser. I love 💕 It I am sure you will lov…

☽ ‏@tanniekth

yoongis so ˢᵐᵃˡˡ and ᵗᶤᶰʸ today i love 🥰

PJhays Mama ‏@apennie4akiss

Don & I talking about how we had Penelope.. M: Stop it Donavan cause thats how we had P D: whatever Pennie, that wa…

agus ‏@softzjimin

guess i woke up just in time 💜💜

Christmas fairy🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Claire11601244

@marsidotes3 @NatalieHopkin2 @Crimsonraindrop @melindatamplin @jodrwho @cinders404 @Claribelle13 @cadams050419661…

Tommi Carleman ‏@tommicarleman

@AccuRanker Nice, thank you for the info - it was not mentioned anywhere in the docs, so I was very confused - I wi…

Martha ‏@Martha94604619

@bbclaurak God knows... no pun intended lol so funny 😂🙄😩😭..will this ever stop? I mean her determination is starti…

a$$trodaddy ‏@DanielErnst_

I’ve caught myself a Libra man for life

Christii_anna🎄🎅🏽⛄️ ‏@chriistiiannna_

I feel attacked

Palesa Rulufu ‏@Palina007

The only thing I like about my weight gain is this new ass I got.

Tor ‏@TorSamundsett

@mspoppyvgk6 I thought that was just the trailer?

𝔓𝔦𝔢𝔯𝔯𝔢 ‏@svlitxde

@wuoshun He chuckles as pinches the tip of your nose. Though I'm not sure if he'd get jealous for me cuddling with you. Heh.

CEO LYLY♓️ ‏@spillz_spilla

Why I always gotta be the bigger person.

human bean ‏@438Sabrinaa

The bartender tonight was giving me tips on how to take my tequila-tabasco shot and I was just like.... ma'am with…

alberto maneiro ‏@alberto_maneiro

I dance with my heart via @YouTube

barnaby doinks ‏@eljaydo

@phocks I already deleted, but thank you, I’m on my way to feeling like me and not a postpartum mess

Jennifer Robison ‏@Caliadragon

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist BTS FULL CONCERT 2018

♥ A L E E Z A ♥ ‏@xo_aleeza08


Phoenyx Yates ‏@_phonics_

I wanna see Hadley



winner_law ‏@lawlawlawwingyi

I love your new song ”hard carry” GOT7#MAMAVOTE #GOT7 really nice!

♪ →VēÑøM← ♪ ‏@selfmade_venom

@iihtishamm I think bik gai hy Govt.😂

Tiffany Jones ‏@Tiffanyemma

7 months ago today you chose me as I held you in my hands for the first time. I love this boy so much - he has bro…

Anthea #PeoplesVote #StopBrexit #deeplyunhelpful ‏@apricotfox

I tried very hard to get him to answer the question re whether he’d have voted for a no deal Brexit .... no answer.…

Scot Ramsay ‏@ScotRamsay

A "top-hatted work of performance-art from a mediocre sixth-form revue". Brilliant from @BarristerSecret (I stil…

Melanin Magic 🧘🏽‍♀️🌸 ‏@ArielGriffin10

“You wasn’t shit or special til i made you so”

John Fountaine ‏@johnEfountaine

@BBCNews @BBCPolitics Be careful of what you wish for...I cannot see anyone else in the Conservative party any bett…

Marty Hehman ‏@HehmanMarty

@RockstarGames I like this new DLC “ Arena War “ it’s a mixture of “American Gladiators “& “Mad Max “and or “Battle Dome “ LOVE IT!

quinn ‏@gukcfx

@triviajinsoul it’s funny bc i bought two ly answers and two ly tears and i got 2seok for each LIKE WE’RE MEANT TO BE DHSKDHJD

Liza Radley ‏@WeirdSid

I keep telling myself I have to go to a meeting tonight and there’s things I have to do around home and I don’t hav…

💙 ‏@Lizarrdd_

I suck at taking hints so bad :(

𝓳𝓱𝓶𝓲𝓷💮 MX🐯🐳 ‏@mxmb_1108

I love Blue Moon💖💖💖 #MAMAVOTE #monstax

👑💩 ‏@younggothamjedi

@SirKedz Bro. I laughed in niggas faces regularly cause they started talking bout “Tacompton”. They weak and lame.

Bexmo ‏@Bexmo

@JAMortram I have no words. Just love and hope that we can get them out. Thank you for your work and for perfectly…

♡YJ♡ ‏@gguksvibes

@CassyKshopee Can you open your dms po? I can't dm you

ً ‏@ultizones

hi men r fixing the leak in the house right outside my room and i’m still in bed

Adam Griffith ‏@SanClementeJedi

@AndyBCampbell @AltNatSecAgency Thankfully I have no idea who that is.

H Ghibran JFB ‏@v_taehyoong

kimv updatemom i love him. #MAMAVOTE #BTS BTS_twt

𝕃𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕖𝕟 ❊ ‏@laurensifuen__2

I just need cuddles so i can fall asleep ok

Pugs ‏@pugs_dave

@claudelittner Ha ha! I’m looking forward to this later. The Interview stage, my favourite part of #TheApprentice

Nabeel Pervez ‏@Nabeelpervez

My daughter — She just asked me to give her a Cheque, when she saw the cheque book — I gave her one, she comes back…

TheJackal ‏@Jackalbion

Going to my little girl's pantomine later... it's impossible to conceive that it'll contain as many laughs as I'm h…

Astria Faradila ‏@achiekawaichan

Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin... i want meet you again in real xD

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