Information Emoji

A lowercase letter i, enclosed in a rounded square or circle. Implemented in apps or websites to indicate that help or further information is available.

May be used as a logo for tourist information signage in a town or city.

Information was approved as part of Unicode 3.0 in 1999 under the name “Information Source” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

ℹ️ Info

ℹ️ Lowercase I

ℹ️ Tourist Information

Apple Name

ℹ️ Information Source

Unicode Name

ℹ️ Information Source


ℹ U+2139

️ U+FE0F




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Raelene Schifano ‏@SchifanoRaelene

@HelSomar @ShellyCanuck @tinaorwall @VickiKraft @HelloTeamTrump @AGOWA @RandPaul @JudgeJeanine Out of 130 condos in…

Adam Brandon ‏@AdamBrandon84

@ffion_ One of the highlights of a dreadful season. I went up from London to that with my best mate and a mate of h…

Bora Fora ‏@BoraFora1

@benjamindube @RealTalkOn3 @Azania_ I will bless the Lord for Bishop

tiger treat ‏@spideling

i have 4 wips and i have an idea for a fifth and i want to die

paulinemellon ‏@paulinealcera

6 days away from NYC and I am already missing it. Florida just has no culture 🤭

ToxicHGV™ 🇬🇧 ‏@ToxicHGV

@RenaultTrucksUK Big fan 👍🏼if you can get me in flat floor model, I'll be happy to provide you with feedback 😂😁 Re…

Freak Dillane ‏@themermaidhoax

I miss hating on Luciana. #FearTWD 🙏💔

🌸 Beautiful$avage 🌸 ‏@Cuban_Mamiii__

@JIGGA_Loww I sound terrible! 😩

ㅤㅤㅤ ‏@ramsaycock

I'm gonna look at my tweets from this morning/afternoon later bc i remember tweeting but i dont mknow about ehat

antonio🇵🇹 ‏@tonyadao88

I’ve never won a game of Kahoot

quita🌻 ‏@mkdmomz

@tsalazarcarter I feel like this is how Josiah will be 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Altur-Ee-Boo ‏@alturego I saw this band twice over a few years at Kingsport Fun Fest, and they were SO good live.…

🦁 ‏@Kyng_Symba

I can’t sit around and be miserable with y’all

👻 ‏@taelortesxx

@_MelvinEugene I hate you lmfao.

queen of talkin’ shit ‏@wallsyy

i wonder how often she gets UTIs

Mohamed Samy Lahloub ⁦🇪🇬⁩⁩⁦⁦ ‏@Mohamed_Lahloub

I posted a new video to Facebook

melissa🌺 ‏@Golden_Lotus24k

How I’m feeling today

KatieDid ‏@OutlierShME

@cryborg accessory. I think that he gave the 'nod' to MSB to go ahead. I don't think MSB would have murdered Kha…

FCB ‏@feline_cannon

@joshtpm Is there a terms of use issue with animal snuff films on Twitter? I tend to block or mute for dogs being h…

SayFuzzyPickles ‏@SayFuzzyPickleZ

@Nin10Dii I mean yeah it looks weird but has anything disproven its authenticity? (tldr this is one that doesnt ne…

Mary Ann Niemczura ‏@DrNiemczura

I love Haydn and sang the Seasons in Baltimore with the Berkshire Choral International.

🛸 ‏@mcmquan

@CWiLLtooiLL that shit fye lol 😂 swear I do this shit to like every song now

UoR CampusJobs ‏@UniRdg_CJ

@JoBurtonHi @UniofReading I always admire these when seeing them around the lake, such gorgeous colours, they’re li…

∂αωи ‏@Dawn00735358

@RHOGossip Wow. That’s a lot a month. I’m a single mom ... but I’m not trying to be anyone I’m not. Maybe reality tv has gone too far 💔💔💔🙏🏼

Mikey B ‏@mikeyBcards

@LionsFan__9 @BuckCityBreaks @UpperDeckHockey @nicohischier lol. I don't like hockey :)

Namjoon is God🍇 ‏@HobiiChaotic

@uwunamu @SugaKookieVithJ oof Now I miss Namjoon more, I miss him :(

R e y a ‏@hannibie

@lay_studio i love you

holly ~spooky edition~ ‏@hollyevehughes

@k808e I miss you too, luv

spooky oof🎃💀 ‏@solstiiles

@FasalMohamed1 @xavierm_01 Got this info from an individual who spoke to one of the arrested students personally. I…

Boiled Sports ‏@BoiledSports

@billboshankins I'll admit I don't get the single rail reference but appreciate your listening all the same.

Sherry S. Lewis ‏@SherrySLewis2

@GeraldoRivera I would like to improve my life by moving in to your fancy home!!! Whata ya say Geraldo!!! I get the Mastersuit!!!

Chantella ‏@ChantelA809

My biggest struggle while on lunch is deciding what I can eat that’s both delicious and healthy

Nadin .H. ‏@Naddel220980

@Eddieg1g2 Was the movie good ? I ask because I would like to in the movie next week also pure :)

Peter Vint, Ph.D. ‏@PeterVint

@PaulHunter11 @RFU_GameDev @skillacq @CoachC1 @DrSkillAcq @jeancote46 @CollieCoaching @neil_graham1 @kiwichuey…

Batt🦇SPOOKmore👻 ‏@wattmetmore

“TWO SEPARATE LOADS OF LAUNDRY?!” I yell, startling the woman next to me at the crosswalk. “WHAT THE HELL WOULD BE THE POINT IN THAT??”

R V ‏@rog102a

I think this will be my view everyday for the next month or so

alexis🍒 ‏@alex_isreneee

someone got flowers delivered to them at work and i thought they were for me again ): i got so happy ): lol

Jian Piero Ledezma ‏@JianPiero

I’m playing on Friendly and that’s how it’s gonna stay.

Terell ‏@terellofficial

I liked a @YouTube video Summer Walker - Girls Need Love (Official Music Video)

Randy Savage Jr ‏@PtownRay

I took a fat ass beating today at work didnt stop eat nothing in the am and then we skipped lunch today and we was…

Caton Guilbault ‏@cguilbault

@PodcastAddict Thanks, I found another app that does what's needed.

Crusty Boy ‏@Derian05761191

I miss having a car because I would be the type of person to explore all the beautiful places in Cali especially at…

Ahmed Victor Itopa ‏@itops_

@HizickTweeds @oluwatobiano I disagree o... If you had used the word "better" ehen now you are talking but say "goo…

Spooky Goo 🎩🌙🦇 ‏@tuxedobel

@somadrop I am a massachusetts oomf welcome

ΩOSO.LOCOΩ ‏@dierrepernell

I had craziest dream of my life, and you were there.

🏳️‍🌈ᴰᵉᵃᵈᵖᵒᵒˡ💜 ‏@TAEHYUNGOUTS0LD

This is just another level I can't #btsv #KimTaehyung #taehyung

Dio✨ ‏@asdfsanchez

@KpopMamas @BIGFLO_LEX I wish so hahaha!! TT It was amazing, I'm gonna play it at work and idc

Martin 'Mayhem' Freznell ‏@martinfreznell

@briancebuhl @LCMarblewood @clemmiegirlnz @Awritesinger @Ned_the_zombie @laurcunn @Inkandmagic @MaeBaumWriter…

Cie 🌻 ‏@_CieeeKayyJ

so the lady i work with call herself walking in here talking ab me and didn’t know i was sitting right here and now…

Jordan Stephens ‏@jordcameronn

@nolabalewa i feel you, god i could not stand that man

Áine Lawlor ‏@aine__lawlor

@mdquinlan I'm not sure it's a joy 🙊😅 only 6 days left 😪😪

Tranime Girl ‏@TranimeGirl

@rev_lou I'd prefer old school, but bars will get the job done

Letra Universal ‏@UniversalLetra

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Zion & Lennox - Somos Iguales | Letra

Jakub Šebesta ‏@SchabbyJ

@BVMAGJy Ok than I'll wait

AMFC ‏@dontdieangry

@AlexWardVox What drugs do you do my friend? I’ve been trying hard to escape this far from reality with no success.

Grey’s and station 19 =dramedy ‏@HugeDramatvfan

I vote for #EllenPompeo for #TheDramaTvStar at #pcas

😘TC GmeKissFam😘 ‏@tina_callico

I liked a @YouTube video Ben Phillips Pranks - BIRD POO!!

Candece ‏@CanLynn

I know I say this every other week, but This car rider line needs to be smoke free...


Us against the world now I get it problem solved

👑 ‏@Luneetuh

i can't stand waiting on AP to do things for me. that's probably the one thing i hate about this position. I used t…

China. ‏@China_Kayy

NO FUCKING WAY! That’s crazy. I swear it was yesterday when he attempted to be a backup in Atlanta.

Chijioke ‏@Chijiok22889620

I and my co.workers

LynnVenhaus ‏@LynnVenhaus

I'm on board with the latest version of "Halloween" because it's a terrific homage to the original. Reminds you of…

Pat Sloan ‏@QuilterPatSloan

These crusts are so gorgeous! I could not eat them and I love love love pie! Some would make beautiful applique d…

Clay Forsberg ‏@clayforsberg

@EMoriartyWade @GeriLynn @caregiving @MaryKForrest I'll get excited when I see something - not just a agreement to…


@AngelAlessandra i dont show u on the prof pic that im vicious cause u cant stand it

Chris Waugaman ‏@chriswaugaman

@WalshFreedom I hear you Hollywood / Coastal elite ? Which party has had a “ west coast movie star” and an east coa…

Natali Castillo ‏@_NataliCastillo

I just want to save money, buy a house and invite everyone over for potlucks and movie nights.

Cameron Oleske ‏@justcameron

I miss the nyc train car performer that wears heels and vogues for his life up and down the car. I wonder where he at. I hope hes happy.

d ‏@blackpinksult

@jooeluv @almostjeon @winkymin @vanillahoshi yall suck, i'm gonna count with alice bc yall leave us out @sugassavage you on?

The Fabulous Humanoid Cat ‏@GalaxyUniverse5

@kciths I DON'T WANT TO. KEITH HAS AND ALWAYS HAVE FEELINGS FOR LANCE. at least i hope in my heart-

🤾 ‏@WrongAnswerr

I'm not mad I couldaa sat on her face plenty of times 🙄

Nate ‏@FloozeBoozer

@insomniacgames I want to start a NG+ tonight and play the DLC on Tuesday. Do I have to finish the story to play th…

Spice by Ravyn Lenae ‏@thecherryemoji

Why am I just now finding out Drake is on Sicko Mode? 😭 I would’ve checked that song out way earlier if I knew. It’s a whole bop 😩

💖Marie5Steph🙏👢🔥 ‏@Marie5Stephanie

According to my estimation via DE [email protected] P HER ring is J/Y wants to do a remake not a repeat Hulu (said O LU cell Mic…

Tiffany Q🧚🏼‍♀️✨🌸 ‏@xoxtq

I want Riley to know he can come to me about anything and how to express his emotions in a healthy manner. Def not…

Mary Jo ‏@mjojo99

I don't think yall understand how much I love my dog. 💜

ame。☔️ ‏@youkame_

@akitsucchi i think drinking tea (with lemon or smth) would help make your throat feel better. ^^;

Mike Yates #JFT96 ‏@CaptMikeYates

My cat is called Cally (@AuronKitty). What I call her: Cally Kittycat Fuzzbutt Sweetheart Sweetie pie Kitty van de…

6T ‏@6amerTagged

I liked a @YouTube video ARK EXTINCTION DLC Release DELAYED?

saturn ‏@0802doki

i feel attacked by people that are making fun of the way mark texts because i literally text the same way with clas…

Andrew Mccranie ‏@MccranieAndrew

@dmarcusbaus New Cartoon Network makes me cringe and want to die every time I see it

mina ♡ ‏@jewelgguk

just saw this on my feed after i tweeted that i can't live without them😫😫

Denise Miller 🇯🇲 ‏@IrieDame

@JeffRatcliffe I sprinted faster than Usain Bolt to my WW to get Chubb and he is now safely secure in my home!

Craig Dempsey ‏@SaorAlba59

Another - 'I'm alright Jack' - politician...Labour - Tory all tarred with the same brush!!! “Labour” MP Chuka Umu…

Flex G. ‏@FlexG7games

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 Zombies - Check It Out! Live feat. iGrim

Gran▪light main ‏@gaybluefantasy

770644C6 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 75 Luminiera Omega

amanda ‏@M0000000DI

a customer just had the balls to tell me that i need to be more aware of my surroundings after he walked up behind…

fionawoods46 ‏@fionawoods46

@inflammateomnia @kikiphillip I love folk music. I feel connected to God during mass while singing. But Latin chant…

sonia ‏@svniaa

@babymetalz tough one :/ i’m going with #TeamJessy

Alendra ‏@alendragrecia

I personally think these are very classy nudes. She has always struck me as a woman with a lot of integrity and int…

sydney lou who 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@gayandbitter

@juliakszry oh i got you covered there

Andrea Gilbert 🇱🇨🇬🇾🇮🇳 ‏@i_need_

@OscarDeLaHoya @Canelo @DAZN_USA Ouch......

Spook Me Baby 💀👻 ‏@LeahRenee_

So my coworker who is also my homegirl just told me I’m so pretty if she had a dick she would face fuck me .....I d…

galvinka ‏@galvinka2

@1pissedPolack Every time I do a deep cleaning, about 2x a year. It feels like a new house when things are moved around!

Rueben DuPussé ‏@_DiscreteView

@Harris_Hill21 I didn’t say nobody cared, just that the majority don’t

🎃Sp00ky Munster 🔜 #CC2018 🇨🇦 ‏@StDxMunster

Went to EB games to get player headsets, the cashier asked me what it was for and I said Pokkén at Canada cup. He t…

Babygirl 💕 ‏@__BabyGirl22

I want a poll & a punching bag in my house 😭

🎃SpoopyLucario🎃 ‏@LuckyyBluPone

@Wolfy9879 @Kitty__Rosie Okami, I wish for your beloved grandfather to get better and to overcome the malidy. It is…

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