Information Emoji

A lowercase letter i, enclosed in a rounded square or circle. Implemented in apps or websites to indicate that help or further information is available.

May be used as a logo for tourist information signage in a town or city.

Information was approved as part of Unicode 3.0 in 1999 under the name “Information Source” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

ℹ️ Info

ℹ️ Lowercase I

ℹ️ Tourist Information

Apple Name

ℹ️ Information Source

Unicode Name

ℹ️ Information Source


ℹ U+2139

️ U+FE0F




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𝐜. ‏@eIitemillie

@sugasadie finally a tweet i can agree with

MoneyMilzBitch ‏@MilTicket_

I respect yo honesty mane 😂😂😂 you wild doe

Holli Jess. ‏@Hollijessi

It’s 2019 why do I still not have a hot tattooed guy bringing me pancakes jeez

G.G. ‏@ggsacks

@xasaon what am I doing with the duck is it going to eat all the disgusting peanut butter

PlayFulLoveProdz ‏@PlayFulLoveProd

@SoapOperaSpy I'm picking the lesser of 2 evils here when I say Summer definitely because at least she doesn't emot…

jacqui 🐝 Bradley ‏@jacquiBSting

@Emmanescence_ @Ravens_Thunder @jaztin_lh13 @pongbaz @Billypr_ps @HighgateCemeter @simonblackwell Well if I write “…

ellen ‏@ellen_marieeee

explaining to my mom about our wings is like explaining it to every single customer i encounter

sweetone ‏@prncsslil

@Pokerclack @YEGFoodGuide @YEGFoodie Pizza 73 used to way back when. I miss green olives on pizza!

It's ♡Greylime♡ ‏@Grey_limey

@RileySheppy I would do the same thing, especially for a tennis ball!

GreyhoundBW ‏@GreyhoundBW

I love this guy.

Arin ‏@ExileArin

The Wild are imploding this weekend. Which I'm totally fine with.

ミ★ ‏@bony

@SenpaiRicebun wyd if i eat ur noodles

☘️☘️ ☘️ ‏@Masha67985037

J-hope,🎉Happy birthday🎉.From the bottom of my heart I wish you more health and success in life. Please don't forget…

Elizabeth Spinn 2020💥 ‏@elizabethspinn

@ellievan65 @Unconquerable Todd always let things slide! I have lost all respect for him a while ago.

Brittany ‏@LouisxNYY

@JulienTorres8 True I guess sometimes it can be a good thing, and sometimes it’s actually done on purpose for that…

🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@etoilechim

idk i feel proud as a capricorn knowing we have taehyung and jennier on our side🤷🏼‍♀️

Karim Eshqoor ‏@KEshqoor

Damn it sucks that my best tweeting is done when I'm supposed to be studying

Mercedès ‏@SisiOmilola

A lot of it starts with “so why am I upset?” Looool

Apple D Sanchez ‏@April_D_Sanchez

I trashed everyone else in the Arena! Join me in Clash of Lords 2 and we'll show the world who's boss!

Luis Manuel Pérez ‏@LuisMa_Perez

I've just watched episode S04E10 of RuPaul's Drag Ra...! #rupaulsdragraceallstars #tvtime

Jazmin ‏@jazminsoto2013

Lost count of how many joints Jesus rolled... not library Jesus... joint Jesus... I love meeting Jesus’s that change my life...

ivehadit ‏@ivehadit6

@acrimony616 @nytimes As you obviously couldn’t understand what I wrote... I am saying that he is trafficking in de…

Vanessa ♥️🌺🌸💓 ‏@vanessakinace

If you imagine the world as a living organism, you’ll observe there’s points where if you touch it hurts, almost ev…

cat ☔️ ‏@galarryxies

Omg Calema's song is so catch I'm-

Stephanie💖💜💙 ‏@StephofJesus

Just saw a dude on the ground, in Philly, taking pictures of his girlfriends sitting on their car....anything for t…

TwoCents5818 ‏@cents5818

@brianklaas @AmoneyResists I honestly don't, but we should make that lawyer's name known

THEGREAT1 ‏@mryeswedid

@MrDane1982 I have none my skin is clear!

Keith Maxwell ‏@keithma43917148

@fordnation Mr Premier we can blame the unions for that happening also and I believe that the number is closer to 400,000 jobs than 300,000

☆ faith ☆ loves Jjong // Hope DK & Vernon Day ‏@lcvesicktae

I got blocked,, idk how I didn’t see it coming

Pink Bisexual ‏@Meggy613

The pictures I received while driving to work. Such a daddy’s girl.

𝐢𝐳𝐳𝐲 | 114 till tøp ‏@chlorinextyler

@DODIESlVAN i love : you 💞💓💘💕💗

Praphul Ottathayil ‏@praphulo

As a struggling unemployed person I need support from everyone irrespective of political and religious differences…

spicey ramen fiend ‏@arianajoloya

its all fun and games until someone attempts to drag beyoncé and i have to fight some fool

Marc Melrose ‏@MarcMelrose

@Lynas1989 Honest mate I’m no even one of the weird rangers fans that think everyone’s out to get us, generally acc…

Dr. Taimur Rahman ‏@Taimur_Laal

Phenomenal audience that keeps growing every year at the Faiz Aman Mela today. Thank you for all the love and affec…

Alhaji Burger 🇳🇬 ‏@alhajiburger95

I really wished I stayed longer in Kano hausa was already picking naso so innauni and lafia lau ...oga back to square 1

WolfFyreEyes ‏@CibilSesco

@realBashBrother I'm not.

ruthi ‏@rutherbird

@SophiaRoseBrown not to sound like an asshole but from what I’ve seen it’s by being extremely phony lmao

Benjamin Patrick ‏@KYFit

@CameronMillz @cameronradio I think that there is certainly a “choose your poison” factor, when worrying about our…

s0n_g0ku_da_space_m0nkey ‏@greatap3killa

@jalva55 @Nanogenix Don’t misunderstand me, I am a GT crusader, I fight fire with fire lmao

brenda | hobi day! 🌞 ‏@xiuxiuminnies

ubers to njpac better be okay priced or else I'm walking there jskdkxmf

Kerry💖//left pinky group chat ‏@kerrymac14x

@ItsJamesEssex I’m legit soo sad I can’t come, you need to come back to Glasgow 😭💖

ZeroVisionPhila ‏@ZeroVisionPhila

@PMAJoe4Council The Rich must have everything comfortable without taxes! Because I see more #Death4Dollars in neighborhoods of #Color

Rae Williams ‏@Rae_Ban_

I’m really a “Lemme see” ass mf.

KittoAtsukori53 ‏@kittofield

My nane is Kitto I was born in the morning My age is a bit I like to deep in the morning Well okay then

靜雪、凜☘ ‏@hiyoriii_pad

48FC3F60 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 100 Twin Elements

professor oaks wife ‏@animeviIIain

@PlsNoBans Have u played it??? I have no idea what it's like

Nyappy ‏@Dumb5ever

He is a weirdo and he is aware of it (Also I tell it to him when he is being weird)

migue🦝 i love claus so much ‏@pacific_raccoon

@andonvts i love this it's really well done

e l ♡ hobiuary ‏@GCFSVANTAES

you dominate the world using your charming smile, your charismatic dance, your admirable attitude and energy, as we…

Md Khaled Mosserraf ‏@Nimbus242526

Check it out! I will create responsive wordpress website with elementor or... for $10 on #Fiverr

bluffs ‏@bereswheel

@dadcrotch666 did I say anything

Dani Phi ‏@mysterydwagon

@GayWerewolf21 Yeah that's true, I mostly just want the eeveelution reveal to be early again because I'm excited to…

¿abby?ThomasTheTank ‏@abby66242273

@nxnalxnn @Ashton5SOS I'm soft

Andi♠️ ‏@flowery_boy_

@odetoanatthema I’ve gotten most of all four down but holy heck Zack’s part in Kitchen Sink is near impossible

Emily 🛸 ‏@Emily_Odom32

I’m notorious for making the wrong choices and doing the things I shouldn’t hahahaha

big hag jack ‏@nosfeara2

oh yes i am crying in the tub on this sunday afternoon bc one of my oldest online friends who i haven’t talked to i…

Haruka Kobayashi ‏@HarukaVRC

Dad restricted too many things from me that I have assumed I am still not allowed to do certain things. He barely a…

AudreyP! 🗽📚📝🎹🌊 ‏@AudreyOcean143

@TrueFactsStated Be careful tho. I got a little silent crap from TSA for wearing mine in the airport. They slowly u…

𝙼𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚊 ‏@ateezyeosangg

@samsanders I used to microwave kaft singles cheese until it bubbled it up to have "bubbly cheese"

DespicableDelph ‏@DespicableDelph

@Torreira_Edits @LaporteBread I've finally obtained maximum white privilege

Liberty Orca ‏@LibertyOrca

@benbryant Only thing is - I can't find any references to the 18000 words for emotions in Tibet. Do you have a source?

Clown Walton ‏@Lp_Goat

@TheMfProcess @okc2019champs @_Mxrtyyy @NormPowelI Oh my bad sorry I didn’t say the all star game and 3 point conte…

James Gould ‏@thenamesgould

@Jekk21 Oh I didn’t realise that’s what it was! I saw some on an 80s tv show last night haha. I think I need some f…

Sarah Alice Shull ‏@sassy_sas112

@skipzeboywonder I meant this part. This part of the story. Damn it

Erika ‏@orfan4life

@dodo omg such a great story i hope she adopted one of the babies!

Wingu ‏@WingnutXLV

What is something that you're proud of yourself for? — how well I've been able to improve my art in such a short ti…

Debbie Fairfull ‏@DebbieFairfull

@leah_macrae When i was at school i was regularly in trouble for arguing back with teachers when i knew i was right…

darren drewett ‏@dazdrewett

@rustinpeace00 @alexwickham Sickening fact is the spineless wankas wouldn’t do it if steptoe backed the losers vote…

KARLA ‏@karlalozano__

I tried, I waited. I'm done, Love faded

margo ‏@omimargo

it's almost 5pm and i still haven't gotten dressed. i guess there's no point to it now. oh well.

riley / hobi day ! ‏@airplanetae

32. i really don’t have any but i like taking pictures whenever i can

𝓀𝒶𝓎𝓁𝒶 ‏@nataliesglitter

@MTVQueengela @dominos I swear to god if he says for the Pizza he’s even more cringe 😂🤧

Queer Pirate Legend Flor 🏴 ‏@flordefandom

Ofc when I decide to continue rewatching Crazy Ex Girlfriend it's the suicide ep and now I'm just crying bc today i…

Destiny 😈 ‏@destinyxx666

i fucken love my girlfriend she’s my lover and bestie she’s just everything <3

denise gabriele ‏@denisechcn

AAAAAA i only slept for more or less 3 hours and my body’s begging me to go back to bed i hate this >.<

Deryke Loss ‏@Loss9Loss

Can I just have a girl that wants to drink with me Saturday night and wake up Sunday morning and go to breakfast 😩 must need

Andrew ‏@wrestleANDrink

5!!!! @PCW_UK shows this weekend. Some great stuff but I think my favourite 2 matches were @RealJeffCobb Vs…

emily ✨ ‏@lmaoseavey

am i gonna get muted bc im a wdw @ 😳😳

Lula ‏@bannana129

@piersmorgan 3) but I think we have to understand what kind of people religious extremists are. They will brain was…

aenys🦂 ‏@aenysanus

my name is Mike I was born in Toronto my age is a little more than I expected I like to be kept in a good mood (my…

SirSnobby26 ‏@HeSnob26

@ithl123 @LADYTAURUS24 @Kierryk345 I AGREE! ... AANNNND I SAID i said she went to BIG DADDY cuz what? HE GOT MONNEE…

leah🥂 ‏@leahbknight

i’m like ill but i really fancy a takeaway

LO FRENCH ‏@lodoesdisney

Okay being trained in stuff is bomb I literally made $85 today in like less than 2 hours love this for myself I can…

PatriCia ‏@IriSh1769

Ughhh pisik my name is not patsy as I reply all the time lol

Phil Gaughf ‏@PhilGaughf

I got 48 out of 50! Can You ID All of These Muscle Cars?

Kinkshamer ‏@G00fballMcGundy

@hardcorespook @BIackweII Damnit I've lost my gf who is perfect with [1] flaw

𝙘𝙝𝙪 𝙘𝙝𝙪 🌪 ‏@needygcd

i don’t feel like talking to anyone

shay ‏@KaayNicholee

I can’t wait to move, I hate it here now.

cami ‏@camillecoelloo

@mar_marmarina i swear it was the first thing that came into my mind

Nish Nish🥰 ‏@bombdarskinn

I don’t want to feel the way I do but I like it 😩

RBe ‏@RBPundit

@TooOldTooStupid @Heminator What’s wet / dry mean in this context? I don’t play electrics. This shit is Greek to me.

💙LoveCat✌🏼👍🏿❌ ‏@LoveCat82998108

Republicans voted for no oversight & they won. I don’t agree w/it, that’s why I vote. It’s not fair. I believe in o…

laura #PRETEND ‏@MahonesCNCO

Stream the music video or I will throw a bible at you #PretendCNCO

Gio Disabato ‏@gio_disabato

Big Krimmy too nice I swear

Jordan ‏@jordan_jeffreys

Just found this photo of me nan and if this isn’t a whole ass mood then I don’t know what is

Vince O'Han ‏@VincentH112

@ProfTimOB Frankly I'd be far more interested in the diets of such people. For they are certain to be missing some…

Hairy Butler ‏@NearlyTheNews

@jackcb1991 @simonahac @DoctorKarl @MichaelWestBiz @MichaelEMann Well, I'm having an orgy for celibacy.

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