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Information Emoji

A lowercase letter i, enclosed in a rounded square or circle. Implemented in apps or websites to indicate that help or further information is available.

May be used as a logo for tourist information signage in a town or city.

Information was approved as part of Unicode 3.0 in 1999 under the name “Information Source” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

ℹ️ Info

ℹ️ Lowercase I

ℹ️ Tourist Information

Apple Name

ℹ️ Information Source

Unicode Name

ℹ️ Information Source


ℹ U+2139

️ U+FE0F




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lyss . phil lester feet yeah ✨ 25 シ ‏@lilaclestr

@cinnamondnp HADIYA I LOVE H SMMM💘🥺🥺🥺🥺

Dani ‏@DaniTheWriter_

The yell I just let out lmaooo https://t.co/H3UpvCYK6I

GangstaYid #BLM AbuCarmel ‏@AbuKedem

Oh that's a thread. Lesse: "I love it when a plan comes together" AND "He's on the jazz again," per context. Th… https://t.co/Y9Uo5DSA5F

Plussy Beta/PFAsuna ‏@plussybeta

Clarification: By roles I mean things like; MomPlussy is Second in charge of Neutrality for Plussies; CapriSunPika… https://t.co/pHEr6n4Shm

Edtsuki🌙 ‏@thefirsthokagay

Bitches be wanting you to be nice all day but let me tell you something, I’m getting payed to be nice 9-5 everyday. Run me my check💅🏼

Brandon Lee ‏@brandneex

@MacMallyMMA The thing is that she was getting beaten by Bec until she landed that switch kick. I dont feel confide… https://t.co/urN7XAREw4

💜 Rouge 💜 ‏@TheBatGems

@knockitred Rouge got up with knuckles' help but stumbles a bit. She uses his shoulder to keep her steady. "Haahah… https://t.co/Fl5MW011Kw

•bia•🦋 GA account ‏@lwtflIower

@adoreyoufishy @Cali_Ediblez @GiveawaySquadd hii ash i’m saying this from my heart winning the tpwk hoodie would me… https://t.co/ANhtsmUTZ2

lincy 🦋 ‏@badb_lincy

@Isaabeeel_ Why was I just telling V this ?

Sara ³³ 💞🌱 JAEMIN DAY🌱💞 ‏@blueskyseungmin

@getmangledson Thanks I needed this :,)

Julie ‏@Juuishh

@SarahChampionMP It was a nightmare back and forth from the doctors and 6 years later it's just got unbearably wors… https://t.co/j6PHfjXqQI


@the_plickly i'm snuggled up in bed goin Sleeb Mode as we speak :D

kenny ‏@cartierkenny

it’s the way i haven’t caused any trouble today😁 https://t.co/TTj3GSad0B

maca✨💖 ‏@macabeyonce

@nickiphobic I know😭 im joking

Phil Tann ‏@PhilipTann1961

@AnniSalli59 @1matthewwright1 @56cheffy I wasn't as bad as I am on here, tbh!.

syaraaaaa ‏@SyaraNicole

“Wanna know something that’s fucked up?” “Your teeth.” “Actually ☝🏽 yes 😂 I have a minor gap and it’s passing me off” lmao

Areen🍒 ‏@areenhijazii_

It takes a lot to lose me, But when you do,I’m gone and never come back.👌🏻

Sandy Gujral ‏@sandy_gujral

@SabineCornic @connorjbyrne And the French have no sense of entitlement and superiority I suppose?

Gia/Tumelo/Pest ‏@Sharpnsoft

@ambientman I..,,,, 👁👁 wh a t

Tim Scott ‏@tscott4Jesus

I'm at Mi Casa in Warwick, PA https://t.co/ajxCm0dF7c

Jo C ‏@RunnagadeCoach

@roslittle72 @LauraEllenJones @UKRunChat @contentrach Yep. I’d struggle to run up there now tbh. I curtailed my run… https://t.co/50Ni9VkL7e

austin ‏@wooseokgay

actually i think i will dress however i want

𝑡𝑦𝑟𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑜𝑡 ; ‏@xflorenzistan

they way they look at each other,,, i really can’t #aşıklarınoyunu • #sençalkapımı • #edser https://t.co/Z69cTSMFJS

Beach bum Nole ‏@ChrisSt70887521

@TomahawkNation I mean, whose gonna be better in Leon than FSU? 🤣🤣

Mia 🧚🏻‍♀️ ‏@shequirky

@findingfletcher i would but i’m european 😔

yaya. wonho debut ‏@kthyartt

#JIMIN: I just need some love. https://t.co/TR9ipZGIHP

corry 🛸 ‏@notcorry

@EllenAnnMary a lack of access to that info stresses me out bc i have no idea how much i’m eating disordered eati… https://t.co/g3xWNcRUX0

Tramon Mozingo ‏@tramonmozingo

@BrentTerhune I don’t think so!!! Congratulations @BrentTerhune your videos make my day 🇺🇸 😂 https://t.co/7xLXMCLGqx

Rabbit ♡ ‏@OMGItsRabbit

@taesbae Haan i guess

🇺🇸Dick Venti🇵🇷 ‏@SchlagerBomb

@Marcus88354821 I can’t do @TeamCavuto any longer. Sounded like he nutted in his pants when they announced Harris a… https://t.co/J7ATNUoX1b

Cory Wong ‏@corywong

ON THE ONE! new 'series' i'm doing on my YouTube... breaking down my process for making songs and whatnot. https://t.co/jsLKX7avmQ

𝕛𝕖𝕖𝕡𝕖𝕣’𝕤 𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕡𝕖𝕣 ‏@iwouldfightyou

omg this mom just came in w/o a mask & when i gave her & her child masks the kid asked why they have to wear them &… https://t.co/rUTOpXD2VN

lauren ✿ toh spoilers ‏@amitysgf

@amitycatra i just did what had to be done 🙄👎 https://t.co/er9aPVjazy

MC Das Kapital ‏@Sandernista412

@marxfangirl1848 At this point Im going to be blamed either way so why bother? Im also sick and tired of being exp… https://t.co/dQ3E1kUZjp

Is Jesus Alive? ‏@IsJesusAlive

People in Cedar Rapids are slowly starting to get power. I haven't yet but someone gave me a generator. Also cell s… https://t.co/lKw804XBXo

Keelin Pringnitz ‏@keelinpringnitz

@justadrywallguy @flounderdorf @Going4theGreen @paulvieira @CanadianPress Haha that’s awesome! I would’ve said the… https://t.co/M228VgKfaC

April Twenty First✨ ‏@Eboniiiii_

@_veevyan Viv WTF. I haven’t watched yet 🤬🤬😂😂😂

JudgeJoeBrown ‏@JudgeJoeBrownTV

@fultz_keyana @i_rocc_croccs @CriticInc AMEN !

SAKO 🌴 art queue ‏@Sakokii

@MJoyArt ESL....those memories are coming back now 😭 i had to do both ESL and speech classes (bc i couldn't pronoun… https://t.co/OVh3rAvEzr

max ‏@nctyongfs

do i put lino taeyong or doie beneath my phone case

#새시 lovebot ⊕⁷ ‏@hirailoveme

i mean whos it gonna hurt right?

Jenny Darukat ‏@JennyDarukat

@Chinchillazllla Personally I like red grapes, sliced into small rings. Little less aggressive than something like… https://t.co/saNzXapQXl

James Pinkley ‏@JamesPinkleyLMT

@liberalnotlefty Under ordinary circumstances, I'd agree. Democrats, though, have shown over the past decade that… https://t.co/fcfI2D0Qho

jay⁷ ‏@jjktiddiess

a thread of stuff i’ve done because i don’t wanna lose them

Jasmin ✨ ‏@lana_rxde

I guess I have s boyfriend now ?? He is cringe and ugly and look like a pedophile but okkk , I wanna be a hoe so I have to act like one

S ‏@MissSingh04

@desh_bhkt @captain_troll Yes I really want to know more about Ravan. I bought Asura. Heard it's very good.

BergsEscape ‏@BergsEscape

@K4W5AR_on_YT @OwlFN_ I’d say so noticing it’s the same account 😂 lmao I have 5 followers every source of social me… https://t.co/Vi91VPSQhp

Varsha bajaj ‏@varshabajaj

@mpendleton I’m so sorry. 🌺

Chili Da Hoosky ‏@ChiliTheHusky

@WolfOf5Seasons It depends. If the person is being a creep no I want them gone😂. It if they are a chill person tha… https://t.co/C3Kn5c7QNE

Azula is better than Katara ‏@TheTrellster

I just want a relationship like Uncle Clifford and Lil’ Murda 😖😓😓

shylock ‏@Josh57440214

I don't know who needs to see this but.. Don't give up, you are on the victory lap keep going.

that one plant ‏@yupitsmeoriana

If there’s even 1, ONE, O. N. E. White person in the Netflix version of ATLA I will get rid of my @netflix subscription

RgbyRef ‏@RefRgby

@kawkajun @CharlesPPierce I don't buy it unless I see it done in public by Fauci.

mamacita ‏@iSadieeHooper

@LoonUhh i will definitely be doing that 😘

Dre ‏@life_of_negroes

@ProdbyGizzle That’s exactly why I said it’s slept on

kayk⁷ #𝔻𝕐ℕ𝔸𝕄𝕀𝕋𝔼 ‏@memeheheh_

Only allah knows if i'll ever tweet without any mistakes🤡🤡

ari🦋 ‏@_ariannaab

when me do my lashes tmr i’m stepping in the house doing the boasy boom

GrentHeadass ‏@GrentelDeadass

@bobbybearz @blockbuster @yung_juice_box5 Is that English or a language I hear often on this app called "retardation"?

jon is daddy material ‏@radiixix

@QTpulsive @fnbrkitty I'm trash material

Jane Woke Internationale Ruffino ‏@janeruffino

@VirpiFlyg @c_lerno I don’t understand what they mean by the child’s perspective. Do they not think the child wants… https://t.co/4YkBaqovda

// dustin simp #1 ‏@Nowhxreboy

@paradarkos I could never

Lᥙᥴille ♡̷̷ˎˊ˗ ℱ𝑜𝓁𝓀𝓁𝑜𝓇𝑒 ツ ‏@delicatesbloom

@LouisT91ARG @homexfl @Louis_Tomlinson @965TDY i vote for louis tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson ) for #ArtistoftheSummer @965TDY 7

💚enfjdragon🐉 ‏@enfjdragon

A cutie sent me this song lolll 💚🙌🏻🌹 @GoldnTheGreat I hope this is the acc of the singer if am not mistaken ✌🏾 https://t.co/QLSV5aGYXe

joy ‏@joy39964430

@litefury @LauraofLagos I understand you better now and I agree with you

AndrewIsCooIio loves Sixty so so so so so so much ‏@AndrewIsCooIio

@hewlofn @Necropolix2 @B_scuitIsCoolio Rapid fire was new, same with kingsman and crash pads. Unvaulted items made… https://t.co/lD07NOkYVa

EST4LIFE19XX ‏@r07563

@machinegunkelly 7 fucking years...people say enjoy the show, stop recording. Times like these are why I’m glad I r… https://t.co/vR5pDxu2Hm

Team Front | Nova ‏@front_nova

sitting on the porch of my hotel thinking about a banger tweet of the dome and i can’t think of one for the life of me

𝑫𝒊𝒙𝒊𝒔𝒐𝒏 💕 ‏@DixisonRaemelio

Now I’m excited to see the unreleased dixison pics dixie will post for addison’s bday

nah. ‏@DullFinn

@cortezsaves @TheQueenBRI I’ll make it look like an Oreo.

Dat Boi Zo'Haun ‏@zohauncavalli

Zohaun I put that on errthang solid moves let’s go https://t.co/p8m8eoRrna

doglan ‏@dxglan

@notbroki I have a car dude

. ‏@wh0re4milfs


Elsa est le crush ❁ ‏@olazeks

@Nappyblaze I thought the guy from Qatar

黃 ‏@lmaovivian

thank you for suggesting me your favorite sad songs. it was a pleasure to listen to as i got into my feelings unde… https://t.co/PfAXTkCG1W

Isabel Cañas ‏@isabelcanas_

@kristysylfaen @saltandsagebook I'm on it! Thank you very much!!

. ‏@Joe_hernandez7

I need that hat @dak https://t.co/7QMIWpMHYP

#SpexiffyForFutureRank ‏@spexiffy

Changed my drop to camp cod since my drop is contested and I want to place good and make it to the finals. If someo… https://t.co/Wpctuu6BZo

thimthro ‏@thimthros

@inclcore I see an Aryan man spreading his seed to a 1/3-ish white affectionate beautiful woman. I don’t see much w… https://t.co/noPWFyCK7r

tee• ‏@jonbellybutton

I feel like such a failure hahahahah

🤴🏽 ‏@GOATManJ

They apologized because they bitches and wanted to be accepted/liked by society. I don’t give a damn about some ran… https://t.co/8VngoyBXC4

gumbert ‏@sorokor


Abi ‏@abimullender

Is it a controversial view that Back to the Future II is the best of the 3? I don’t know but I’m going with it #BackToTheFuture

ًisaᶜᵃ | misses malum 卌 ‏@softlyycth

i'm ready to go crazy https://t.co/P7sl2A0NmO

Kakashi ‏@Kakashi281991

@ufc Dom's "oh no" lol. I'm guessing he's a big Stipe fan.. 😂😂😂😂

OG pierre ‏@analysecomeback

@CatfishMyDick I particularly like the bass lines through out. I don't know any album remotely like that one. It is… https://t.co/lgmbkxFxXV

Rolla Parks ‏@datgurlshawnie

@JessiSummer #issafoxxfilm All I needed to know really

Papa Twigs ‏@PapaTwigs

@Speqtor I feel yeah. I hardly ever work out. Sometimes I want to and then I’m like, nawwwwwww

𝓢𝓽𝓮𝓹𝓱𝔂~ ♡ Art Contest Pinned ‏@happycatmeows08

@itzgachawolf no idk but i guess an edit is fine?- i mean you'll only have like a 0.0000001 % chance of winning

Creepy Cassanova ‏@NoEmmeG

@themarissarae i had a bad day i think

kk 🏆 ‏@Angeltwotimez

I think I’m being scammed , fucking with these IG boutiques 😒

Penny Candy Books ‏@pennycandybooks

You’ll meet Tony and hear him talk about the book & its illustrations. He also reminds us to be safe by wearing mas… https://t.co/fB1LTvP8YJ

depdog60 ‏@depdog60


lacie ˚࿐ ‏@gwslacie

someone search it up and tell me what it is i’m too scared❤️ https://t.co/W5pr7cjIz5

Anuolu30 ‏@Anuolu301

@ala427 The thing shock me. I really don't know what Ozo did to deserve the negative treatment from her. Keeping yo… https://t.co/OK8suZP6qG

Zakiyyah ™ ‏@Zxkiyyxh__

Wow. I love me too😭😭😭♥️🥺 https://t.co/dA9rrXuyXj

kapreysun ‏@Ayshiboo

@nuhaasoeker Pottermore made me choose between Ravenclaw and Slytherin but I’m 100% a Ravenclaw

THE WILL OF T ‏@goldinthethroat

@maddylanier @teacher_sass @corporatemombie Some of these folks lack either the brains or the humility to even have… https://t.co/u1MBIsjSF4

smit 🌟 ‏@smitsmit_

@AssauIt I will carry 24 crashpads

Rana Brightman ‏@rana_banana

I love it when a brand steps in and shows up a bad politician #PritiUseless #PritiAwful #PritiPants… https://t.co/hAn6BkGi7v

Noor ‏@noorthebright

@lil_hessa WHAT??? I Always, ALWAYS, compliment your taste in music. It’s so so different, and I love how you liste… https://t.co/aaaVhswuJi

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