Goblin Emoji

A red mask displayed with thick, hairy eyebrows, and a long nose.

Goblin was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Japanese Goblin” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👺 Long Nose Face

👺 Red Mask

👺 Tengu

Unicode Name

👺 Japanese Goblin


👺 U+1F47A




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ً ‏@jinstatic

i'm here at my friend's house! i'll just do my school works hehe 👺

Vincenza ‏@vincenzakasimis

Vanessa Moe is definitely not average 👺 https://t.co/wktBh3LGta

Bunny G ‏@kaigani_bunny

@The_UnSilent_ @TerryHa32444924 I know nothing about Paris except the impression he left. He is NOT a good person.… https://t.co/MCnDwaSP7h

CHECKMATE Ⓥ ‏@_iKillBill

the ac jus cut off. now it’s just me and you evil devil brain !!!👺👺👺😤😤

tam loves yerin ‏@orbitsrise

like a bulldozer (yeah!) like a tank like a soldier 👺

TeetsMageets ‏@sosaboy420

Fixtures to look forward too tomorrow ⚽️ #PremierLeague #CR7Debut #MUFC 👺👺👺 Chelsea v Arsenal Everton v Southampto… https://t.co/ZTb2iBtGk8

Salina Duncans ‏@salinaduncans57

👺 30 Hot Lingerie Girls to Start Out Saturday 💓 https://t.co/JOUREilqr4

Duygu ‏@tamamduygucum

Happy halloween 👺🌌🌃🎃🎭🎉

naila ‏@nailaals

Stomach pain is the worst pain you could ever experience 👺

Ali Nawaz™ ‏@toxic_game

Range Rover and Ansar Abbasi 👺👺 https://t.co/fwuvIdYxlR

The Country Gent ‏@thecountrygent1

The gent is already for this years tattoo_expo_opole 👺 cavesytattoos @ Opole https://t.co/eQA0QUoTzN

𝖺𝗇𝖽𝗋𝖾𝗐 ‏@haezchan

i-i made a discord but everyone hates kpop fans 👺👺

Ajigijaga! ‏@Ayobobola_

Live forever @ovacummer! More life. Love u gee👻👺

َ ‏@anpvnman

I have to be up early tomorrow fuck my job! but I gotta make bank so goodnight 👺

Janetta ‏@mathusjanetta

👺 Tugging is the way I choose to live my life (49 Photos) 💝 https://t.co/6k1DMnouEf

Princess Lia 💸 ‏@findomroyalty

I’m really in the mood for some early morning blackmail, who’s down ? 👺 @find0m @RTfaggot @RTP1G #Findom #efdp… https://t.co/cKJxYB73eT

billlyy 🍯 ‏@worldwidebill_

You A big weirdo /: 👺

trash ‏@bIuebIood

fell asleep at like 9.30 last night watching a film on the couch n now i’m wide awake at this time on a saturday 👺👺

Dwitter ‏@BiglyTrumpette

@Pohl1Joy Six'o'one / Half dozen of the other 👹goblinA v. 👺goblinB

MMK ‏@mahraalmutaiwee

where do you like to go for a date — Lol, I’ve never been on a date👺 https://t.co/TvFqHV7svw

あつき ‏@ujha0peSM51n9mR

@Kawa_Haruna_CH0 kawaii😂wonderful( ・∇・)important(^o^)good👺😙


Wonder what stories they will tell if DA should question them. THEN we will ALL hear the truth of #StateCapture and… https://t.co/Lqnz5Nf2OQ

felixo ‏@felixo18968004

Oh helllll no 👺 https://t.co/56rixx6Spa

jihope ৲′- ‏@jihopelq

jihope used to be on some kinky sh!t! what goes on boys? 👺 https://t.co/eefh2qbxJ1

💸🔋💣 ‏@You_Got_Mel_

Up af , and still HONGRY 👺😤🤬

CHECKMATE Ⓥ ‏@_iKillBill

y waldorf ina fucking drought 👺

David ‏@j0k3r696

@death666barbie Anarchy!👺

savage mamí ‏@ivette_valla

favors from me are only given if you ask nicely 👺

Houdini ‏@_H00D00

It's Dark 🔮👺❤

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

Anyone want some of this? 🍬. 👺 Oh no. 🌕. Worth it for this 🍭.

Lu ‏@Lu47556962

Aratar is trying to be an Istar in Rivendell...👺 https://t.co/r8FuOWyk2D

Christine Hauser ‏@chauser827

@GACpossessions @GAC_Fanatics @hauntedmuseum Have not but want to...👻🤡☠️💀👽👺👹👿😈

❌ Ed Carpey ❌ ‏@SamValanceNA

@asianenterprise ⚡️Add QTY 60 to the list of Deep State players 👺 ⚡️Whistleblowers we need you NOW 👺 ⚡️Deep State… https://t.co/YvJ0iEngGl

piper; haseul day!! ‏@honeyoongIes

my letter for chenle is DONE and it’s super cheesy 👺👺

zainab💘epiphany ‏@taeshabibi

So since To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie came out, can we talk about the books-the second one sucked and ch… https://t.co/oO4t7m7rBI

lillie 15 ‏@babyIoncth

@Luke5SOS luke hemmings from 5sos pls follow me👺

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

Worth it for this 🍭. 👿 What's that!. ⛓ Will this help?. Don't answer their phone! 👺.

Chris ‏@ChrisClddys

👺 1) your avis and @ bro 2) you take the gay jokes toooooo far 3) "this man playing roblox with me and two other… https://t.co/hOt4mutdg7

JJ ‏@JJHik3Rguy76

Cull is to cure as earth is too crowdead. A lot of you are eVe👺iLL Devil scum that need to realize there is an afte… https://t.co/l7gvX5ZZyW

Kimbra ‏@taira_kimbra

👺 Things That Bounce Thursday (17 GIFS) 🤓 https://t.co/XaekVGUO8R

Matthew Gurchenko ‏@MattyGurchenko

@_ColdHands_ But nice to know that anyone that provides FACTS and proves you wrong are all considered trolls😅😅 Mayb… https://t.co/6YyU0djHvK

tori thinks skool iz wack ‏@thottieknj

WHERE JOON AT??? IM READY WIT THE STRAP👺 https://t.co/zEe178PFak

Sue ‏@ssull5810

👺Judas Iscariot Thirty pieces of silver was the price for which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, according to an acco… https://t.co/oGMuiamjz0

Evolver ‏@rekibeyya

Now they make an idol of Satan. 😈👹👺 Wish all atheist were this honest! @DhivehiOne https://t.co/jhvjGlANOv

cynthia ‏@cyntelless

@itsryanwoodss coraline😣🤞🏻🤙🏻you should know this!👺

Mara ‏@marathunder1

👺 Get back in the game with some girls in sports bras https://t.co/kTLHkRrnYh

kv🌹 ‏@kayveespino

Aracely texted me that i nvr wanna turn up . k wtf bitch I’m working 👺

Misty ‏@misty_tl

👺 It's time for some fun in the sun (55 Photos) 🍫 https://t.co/oHdGdaEZtn

Mitchy ‏@mtcih

@lozunnie @ORDER_army @OPL @Tallywhacka @SwifferOCE Plz stop giving out false advice then 👺

Lauren ‏@gendlaur

Most definitely 🤬😡👺 https://t.co/e5Dd9KIN4K

Kami Dalm ‏@kamidalma18

😆 Root for these girls, they have team spirit (37 Photos) 👺 https://t.co/XvApH0ACs4

yung substance abuse ‏@bestheel

@RickeyRedShirt Ok chill out that song good and is in top 5 👺

Ravi ‏@Ravi40318045

@TimesNow Mere 500 cores to kerala by @narendramodi 👺

nemo loves mayo | dm limit ‏@gayinbusan

WYM U NOT GON HELP ME HORRE 😤😤 u aint got a choice, namjoon said 👺 — okay date @kjschwn shes funny and got tina st… https://t.co/RloHCV0AAA

brando 🤟🌊 ‏@nordabn


Ryan Swanson ‏@RyanSwa31266297

@S_Catsgotmyback @RandyRRQuaid Fair enough.. I enjoyed them too but I still ditched him. That’s how much I loath Tr… https://t.co/fW3IvWIe91

🤐 ‏@Jayssss_

So ready for haunted houses 🎃👻👺🍂🍁

engvallope ‏@hymarner

@chelmarner stop 😓 before ! ✈️ u! 🤤 become 👺 the 🅱️devil!

Harper ‏@harperhrpr1

👺 Cute girls will put some butterflies in your stomach https://t.co/y7A37Q80Ld

Hopnid Zerox ‏@Hopnid

I never thought someone would go out of they way to make me believe they cared about me. Just to trick me and break… https://t.co/YU6D2BLzmx

Nicolasa ‏@duerksennicolas

Alyson Tabbitha is taking cosplay to another level (24 Photos) 👺 https://t.co/VRIPnoOWdl

lillean ‏@lillean18

@bapedracos Nigga🤧👺

junnyglider ‏@junnyjinholic

We need a comeback for EATJIN SOON did you hear that jinnie 👺 @BTS_twt @bts_bighit https://t.co/CcGWWBNHYw

jøshua . ‏@josh_wua

Dual threat 👺 https://t.co/lgYPXdGAvP

!(◎_◎;) ‏@selenehikari

what did you start, Smoothers 👺 https://t.co/cqhCGGNtq2

Kasie ‏@kasieslifko

😆 Girls in itty bitty short shorts are a magical thing (40 Photos) 👺 https://t.co/WhYwskZBdL

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

☠ It's 👺 getting ☠ closer. 🍫 Got it! 🍭. 😨 🎃.

Myrl ‏@myrl_lindstedt

👺 Bad girls bend at the waist (42 Photos) ☺ https://t.co/zvjv5jH3AM

🌹 ‏@pinkprimr0se

@Jessyyb_ no you! 👺 imy lemme take ya cute ass for a drink sometime

sarah is back for holidays! ‏@XIUHOONISM

@kimsehvns why u have to call urself bitch 👺

. ‏@Awshititsamber

Everyone that was pregnant with me is having their kids and here I am still pregnant ..... wtf 👺👺👺

$ ‏@David1k_

soldier like mentality 👺💔

Ryan ‏@clague23

@megasaaa I'll beat tf out a 6th grader if my brother came home like this or my sister and proudly go lay down in t… https://t.co/afYrbzYRsm

GEO ‏@geovaniegarza24

Run it upp👺🎯 https://t.co/c2iyiqyLiW

Geraahhh ‏@jayyybeee2398

@cat_princesssss Get a room 👺

eddie ‏@4550


Paula ‏@paulapron

👺 Chivettes bored at work (28 Photos) https://t.co/gkfGLA1bDP

Joe Krol ‏@Joeytheclown

@jojoh888 Damn Summer sure went by fast this year...HALLOWEEN ALREADY? 👻👹👺🎃🎃🎃

Jane ‏@janesternt

Busty Girls Always Make Monday Feel Better 👺 https://t.co/gK03umNXOL

Kit ‏@kitmcgorry

Alena Bogdana is unreal in every sense of the word (22 Photos) 👺 https://t.co/Qn8ttt7f0v

allie ‏@maknces

school starts in a week and i’m rlly out here going to bed at like 4 pm and waking up at 12 am 👺

O'Ghost Who Walks ‏@walks_o

Trump could just as easily be deemed by CDC source of contamination👺 https://t.co/ALxEjmscHL

Peejay ‏@_phrancilbonza

@lincolngio thank you, giooo!! see you soon, mangaagaw!!!! 👺

Ali Nawaz™ ‏@toxic_game

And no light👺

℣ i v e ꝃ 🦂 ‏@imVIVEKBHOI

@flipkartsupport I had ordered a pendrive. It shows delivered in the App but I am not receiving it till now. I have… https://t.co/TcPCf7bmRm

ADY T ‏@indythedoguk

@TinTopsuk Do it do it go on go for it 👺👹

cami ‏@youjinIuvbot

i just want to see mark tuan can twitter stop freezing my videos 👺

linny ‏@CashShmoneyy

👺 YOUR DEEP VOICE + your bed sheets I love. I dislike how you don’t share me your food I thought you were hella sc… https://t.co/n66VxFJIqu

Alan ‏@Ho3kAlan

Imma try really hard for saga. Been too laid back recently 👺

melania ‏@melxniej

@TheNyeillator love you too 👺

DopeBoyMezy ‏@LaMezySb

My Bimmer A Demon. Like Lucifer. 👺

Alline ‏@semonis_alline

Bimbo spring breaker throws her buns out the sunroof and twerks down the highway (Video) 👺 https://t.co/5YUf38VvBR

Rooster286 ‏@Caparosa52

@KGBr67 @Mark923to25 @SteveMotley Perfect 👍👺

ً ‏@seokfilms

just open your own damn instagram acc already👺 https://t.co/4uIUNjjcvo

Clitter ‏@washdcbhl

I prefer Lennonist. Give peace a chance. Shammon is a Lemonist: rescind his Kontract. 👺👎🏼 https://t.co/eRusfOFmDQ

D.K.A. ‏@Gladari

Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but the "Right" are NOT "religious"!💩👺👹👿 https://t.co/NrEc9lfeLE

Kip Harris ‏@KipHarris11

@ablondewun1 @joncoopertweets @realDonaldTrump I used to *pray* that he would pass away in his sleep... (how sick i… https://t.co/4NTCLEuUje

haseul day ‏@yerisite

@glosshua Obviously i should win and people are only voting for libby bc they’re scared of her 👺

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