Goblin Emoji

A red mask displayed with thick, hairy eyebrows, and a long nose.

Goblin was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Japanese Goblin” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👺 Long Nose Face

👺 Red Mask

👺 Tengu

Unicode Name

👺 Japanese Goblin


👺 U+1F47A




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liss ‏@litsyditzy

For the Throne soundtrack got me feeling all kinds of ways 😈👺😌

juls ‏@herophineship

damn. we really are fucking booboo the fools huh?? 🙈👺

Tree🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Solo_Tree

🗣Tomorrow is the fuckin day 👺🔥🔥🔥 #Resolution #URL

Nat le Nat ‏@nananat666

@WattleOfBits @_celia_bedelia_ Ok how dare this article use the word deflowering tho 👺😂

jay; with luv ‏@jiminlism


Broly ‏@Jfishwinning

Went to bed mad af👺 had a dream, woke myself up from being too mad af👺 woke up, still mad af👺

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

🤡 It's 🤖 getting 👺 closer. Found this at her forest 🤖. Got this from the forest nearby 🍫 🍬. 😱.

elle LOVES aron (s/ia)🎆 ‏@nuestfact

@arongies thank you intellectual I knew we were friends for a reason 👺🤝🗿

Frank Perez ‏@zerepfra

https://t.co/Er2psWYlhJ When you hear HRC speak first think "BLEACH BIT!!👺

DeplorAnon🇺🇸 ‏@AnonDeplor

Because he knows he's on the side of a defeated foe👺👺 https://t.co/chtsV83PrS

Miranda Gutierrez Munoz 🤩 ‏@mirandqq

hey y’all 👽 i am going to springfield so no school for me! 👺

Dindy ‏@Dindy5

@Patrici15767099 Biden kiss of death being supported by Avonnati👺

eli #fancy ‏@answersana

@btsloonatic Its delicious 👺

Branda ‏@pizzitolabranda

👺 Get back in the game with some girls in sports bras (34 Photos) https://t.co/SjAwZXcDiz

Sheri Drips ‏@ausmboomer

Unbelievable. So, this tells domestic terrorists that you, too, can write a manifesto, have a cache of all kinds o… https://t.co/VOdAJlXkhn

SARA DEE ‏@1stsaradee

@PGPowell @James_Buckley @kennethcollard @thelouisemerick You fools, you fools !!! #Zapped was the best show on Dav… https://t.co/TxOSbpfLh3

Tiffy ‏@tiffsstuff

@MightySkek Stop flexing 👺

va ‏@f1del_Cashflow

Soooooo when I put my AirPods in ppl wanna conversate .... take my AirPods out no one nowhere to be found 👺😡🤬


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Repost By @dakennelent 🔥DAKENNEL PRESENTS🔥 😈GLOW IN THE DARK 3😈 ‼️APRIL 26TH YOU DONT WANNA MISS‼️👺COME OUT 9PM-1:3… https://t.co/9ViI3euF4Z

murran ‏@dntdeletekisses

@jjw2k1_ can barely even afford my own james 👺

12out ‏@djonesie12

@realDonaldTrump @NRA MURDERS...continue, yet the GOP accepts more & more NRA PAYOFFS??? 👺#SOULLESS🤮 #SADISM👹 https://t.co/ZQebSfvuB2

venus² ‏@5alentine

@yoonspinky stop being greedy you already have one gf leave him for those of us who are less lucky 👺

madi 🌵 ‏@Madison_w_03

sometimes i wish i was nice 👺

Nelly🌱 ‏@namjooniie_04

i’m built like a white board 👺 https://t.co/KbpBo0Tjqo

305UnitedMiami ‏@305unitedmiami

#repost @poondiville ・・・ SHOULDVE POSTED THIS ONE FIRST THEN THE OTHER ONE 🤔 BUT YEAH YALL GET THE POINT 🤣😂♨️🔥Repos… https://t.co/1Hbp5uVnkb


y'all better not forget who i am 👺

🥶 ‏@MrVI_

@_sailorsteph I agree. I think people were mislead by her hype and that fuelled their expectations I agree there t… https://t.co/xjWJbkilGi

12out ‏@djonesie12

@realDonaldTrump @NRA #DontGetItTwisted...remember the GOP(GREED OVER PEOPLE) #SADISM👺 #Devil45Walking👹 https://t.co/Z5H25I59T9

Mikel🇩🇪 ‏@audiosuechtiger

Wayne ??????? 👺👺👺👺 https://t.co/zx76zx6PhB

💙Lisa💙 #Hillary2020 #SwearHerIn ‏@LisaADavis1

@real_farmacist Just despicable🖤👺🖤💰

𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞 ‏@hyunjunnie_

iluvs: (to the company) change the name and we’re okay plagiarized name’s fans: STOP ✋ ATTACKING 👊 OUR 😡 GIRLS 👺

jesヅ ‏@deviIsprvncess

with your friends and loved ones is so unbelievable. I’m so grateful to have you in my life. I hope you have a grea… https://t.co/2eAM4LGiHj

Hinton Lowe💧 ‏@hilojo

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Ghost ‏@GhostFrantic

I'M DONE WITH FORTNITE...🖕🏿THAT GAME//Back to Mindcraft I GO🤧😢😭☠👺

Haven Custos ‏@HavenCustos

Its scary what lavk of combacks do to fans it rlly is. 😂😭😭😭😭👺👺👺 https://t.co/F07rAW9TIx

Adi Kurdyla ‏@Adithatsme

Every time I want to go and get my car washed it rains, why pls 👺

ً ‏@yut4ist

fuck u canada its fucking friday👺 https://t.co/FdtmJxQdO0

Hinton Lowe💧 ‏@hilojo

@ABCthedrum @kellyveavea So what will you & others (including the cattle & miners) drink when the water is contamin… https://t.co/srZr86Oggb

TheCyberStream ‏@TheCyberStream1

@KyleRichards @BillyIdol @BoyGeorge Bottom line Dorit should have called LV about dog from start. Then these litt… https://t.co/wEteRl3oyA

Emmyjo ‏@Road_trippn



Taeyeon in the world of witchcraft and wizardry 👺💅 https://t.co/QJstOThE1F

Bible__Tweets ‏@Bible__Tweets

Col 3:25 “But if you do what is wrong 👺, you will be paid back 🔁 for the wrong you have done. For God🎚has no ❌ favorites.”

Zymshah Syed✍ ‏@LostSoul_302

@eMhLHobvIHcokkO Check the Trends panel😈👹👺

ioso99 ‏@ioso99

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Michael Young 🔰 ‏@Travis_young44

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4Rain Snakes🐍🐍🐍🐍 ‏@Iam_KingKohli

@imthebouncer 👺hater

titty_hyung ‏@van_taeie

@_katgi your second pic radiates sub wys 👺

Claude B. ‏@Clint009

@Aviationdailyy That Is why I hate drones! Huge dangers for any aircraft! 👎🏼👺😡

Claude B. ‏@Clint009

@spectatorindex Pepsi Is not a good citizens! 👎🏼👺

1ne. 🦅 ‏@13Bowa

@BodegaaCat How about no 👺

kitkat ‏@_katgi

@van_taeie you radiate sub in my comments, 👺

titty_hyung ‏@van_taeie

@_katgi yeah i did. got a problem with that? 👺

𝒶𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓁𝒶✨ ‏@_nshitty_

ugh i reset my recent emojis so now they’re filled with normie emojis 👺👺

BITMEX trollbox ‏@trollbox_MEX

bearaldorivera -> "some more fud bout to hit over weekend or closer to end of month👺" #bitmex #trollbox #rekt

Michael Young 🔰 ‏@Travis_young44

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WE GOING✈️NCT TOUR D-DAY ‏@astroyongz

@neoseoty They pushed me back bc belle and enne had the tickets 👺

chlo ‏@minhyuwg

anyone wanna b buds 👺 https://t.co/WcO1IsOUDW

pluto 2.0 ‏@TIDDIEKNJ

@gukysus @BTS_twt cheating?? what did they do now 👺

🌈 Ludvig Lohse ★ ‏@Dr_Milkyway

Love @Museo_MAXXI -21st century art 👺🕺 #Rome #ZahaHadid #HighlyRecommended https://t.co/xkAE12JgNq

💙Lisa💙 #Hillary2020 #SwearHerIn ‏@LisaADavis1

@VABlueBelle18 We have #TrumpTV👺 and now #BidenTV. Disgusting, the MSM is picking their male candidate again🖤🤷‍♀️#44MenAreENOUGH🤷‍♀️

grace ‏@gracesobrin

@lsobrinski never 👺

𝘾𝙃𝙀𝙍𝙍𝙔 ‏@cupidyerim

Someone h*** user Choerry for me please😔👺

kingslayer ‏@isoquince

@h_1995xo Issa evil world 👺

𝙽𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝙻𝚞𝚟 🍇🌹 ‏@di_yieut_nysus

if we somehow manage to invent time travel before we end ourselves im gonna travel back to 2013 and be a bts predic… https://t.co/DvqRmM1tbA

Zymshah Syed✍ ‏@LostSoul_302

😈👹👺what the hell is wrong with you guys? Its really shameful to watch Pakistanis throwing Twitter trends today.....… https://t.co/ygy6XSW9qE

Gabby ✈️ Wembley ‏@Gabby_Jab

@desdes0819 @LithuanianxBTS They better not or else they’ll have to catch these hands 👺

titty_hyung ‏@van_taeie

@j_hk94 make me 👺

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.       👺  🎐    a thoroughfare a snapshot          🚖  🔮      a frigate Aaron's cranky environment

erika🍪 ‏@gooegie

@yoontensils reply to me first hag👺👺

Billybo_O ‏@Billybo_O

Where tf is Steve Jobs when you need him? 👺👹👴

思 ♡ ‏@xuesurens

hey stop ignoring me 👺 https://t.co/dHB37N9rBQ

IG: Psyco.SA ‏@king_psycoSA

@CapitecBankSA how long is app going to be offline??? 👺

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