Jeans Emoji

Denim jeans, worn by men or women. A popular form of casual trousers worn by the runner emoji in Apple's emoji artwork

Jeans was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👖 Denim

👖 Pants

👖 Trousers


👖 U+1F456




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Anastasia ‏@Anastasiakk23

@Bethenny You make some damn good jeans! 👖🏅

Bobby Persinger ☀️ ‏@BobbyinRealLife

Fun fact: neighbor just knocked on my door to tell me I left some unmentionables in the laundry room. 👖🙋🏼‍♂️👕🤷🏼‍♂️👔🤦🏼‍♂️

Isaac ⛩ ‏@eye_saaac

Me: Angry customer that I did nothing to provoke them: 😡👉🏼 👖

blue ‏@_mrbluee

I wanna order every piece I see 😕👕👖

SNN 4 THE WIN ‏@SuperNikeNando

Who told Bayley to wear those jeans 👖🍑👀 #SDLive

KimVivid ‏@vivid_kim

New designs for bridal bouquets. 💍👰👖❤️💛 #ArtificialFlower #SilkFlower #bouquet #bridal #weddingdecor #wedding…

Mary Davis ‏@hokiemary

@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews 👖 on 🔥 again


It rained. Then I sat on this chair. Suffice to say in changing pants now. It's that kind of day. 👖💧

Jacques Reed ‏@TheRealJacReed

@BernieSanders Bernie walking around here babe in mom jeans 👖 🤷🏽‍♂️

Victor Sepulveda ‏@Gambino2004

@itsBayleyWWE gotta donkey! Nice jeans 👖

215shooter ‏@_215shooter_

Trendsetting ain't easy 🤷🏽‍♂️ —— 👖👔: @trendybutler —— @ HypeBeast, Inc.

Tommy Vext ‏@TVext

It’s time for another episode of where TF is dis dudes pants 👖 Sponsored by our wonderful friends omaxhealth Do s…

Kiki ‏@kikiIsoloveme

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Loomstate Jeans 👖. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Rachel Feldman ‏@RachelWF

RIP, #GloriaVanderbilt. Sophisticated lady, was fascinating for 95 yrs straight. Us #Genxers remember when her bott…

Bootlegger ‏@bootleggerjeans

Good friends and great jeans are some of the essentials to a happy life 👯‍♀️👖 #bootleggerjeans #theplaceforjeans …

christina aurea ‏@owldove

@natebargatze @billburr You are priceless. Adore 🎩👖🐼💜

M.O.G™ ‏@Zameachi

This is what I do. Professional Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services.👕👖👗 We deliver nationwide 🌍 Reliable and effectiv…

christina aurea ‏@owldove

@EnterTheDargan @normmacdonald He is adept at doing them simultaneously. The best, and always with that grin at the…


Model of June 2019 for models with Denim👖#19 @joansmalls

Pistolpen ‏@pistollpen

WHAT'S GOOD 👖👖👖👖👖👖 #comico #comicstrip #art #digital

christina aurea ‏@owldove

@CliveWarrenFan @ComedienneMsPat @joerogan Annnnd #ImOut This is beautiful lady 💜🐼👖🎩

christina aurea ‏@owldove

@ComedienneMsPat & her fantastic face, beautiful body & glorious laugh have been immortalized in her 1st .gif ya'll…

buruno ‏@SrHaas

category is denim @totiens 👖

Carmen Matheny ‏@carmenpmatheny

It ain't easy being purr-fect. 🐆 👚 👖: @Forever21

Betsy Kregenow ‏@BKregenow

Just a sampling of the fabulous items available at 50% off at the multi-stylist End Of Season Sale coming up later…

Elizabeth🤠 ‏@elizabeth_k04

absolutely not one soul: me: ✋🏼🙍🏼‍♀️ 👚 👖 i’m ~ ~…

MONÉ ♡ ‏@azhamone

shop TRILACE BOUTIQUE!! 👗👚👖👡 get at my girl @_layybella 💚 #fashion #FreeShipping #summer…

Lonna Rich 🦋🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@LonnaLu

When dad watches us, we don’t wear pants 👖 bonus points if you name the movie 🎥

MPenny ‏@MPenny2020

@KTHopkins @seanhannity Thank you, Katie! Someone had to do it. 👖

Ria ‏@RiaOsullivan15

Happy birthday to my main mommy @ChristinaP. You ma favourite water champ/momma jeans👖 Just remember no one cares i…

K0ZY🌈 ‏@hitormissbeah

Oh👀🤭shit💩❌🧢a rat🐭😳there’s a rat😬😧‼️there’s🥾🕵️‍♂️🔍a motherfuckin⚠️⛔️rat🖕🚫🖕there’s a motherfuckin📞🤯rat😤😫imma whoop👊🔫🤚…

🙂 ‏@OrosAndBlunts

They might as well sleep with jeans 👖 on

eastsideDEE ‏@eastsideDEE1

I got a Mike Amiri👖 and Givenchy 👕 habit cause we plenty having

Madisons Innovative ‏@Madisonsinnov8

@ProjectRunway invited me to share my knowledge on the intersection of STEM & fashion. Fashion connects to science,…

Shriya Koul ‏@shriyakofficial

i can never decide which jeans i want to wear..🧐👖

Alyssa ‏@AlyssaM78853722

@TwitterMoments Had period while wearing white pants 👖 #SixWordHorrorStory

Cheryl Davenport ‏@DavenportCherly

Took my daughter to the last #Enigma show of the summer and #LadyGaga said she wants everyone in sweatpants at her…

𝒽𝒶𝒾𝓁𝓈 🐻 ‏@benjisbubba

@GOODNIGHTBUBBA 😎 🧣 🧤👚🧤 👖🌂 👢👢 do you like dis fit or should i change?

Scott4Mayor ‏@scott_legate

@AllmericanMayes @ashhwigginton @Colby_Daniels As long as you don't pair them with @TVsJerry tube top, you're fi…

Esgardo Pinedo ‏@EsgardoPinedo

@theCHIVE love ❤️ them jeans 👖... sweet 👍👍

Stormi Martin ‏@MissStormz

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: 👖 Wide Leg Dark Trousers. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Stormi Martin ‏@MissStormz

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: 👖 Men’s Black Jeans. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

😸 DreamlikeDan 😸 ‏@dreamlikedan

Am I the only one that takes off my pants right when I get in the door? 👖

Idolmeister 🕹🎏🌈💅🏻💀 ‏@Idolmeister

We visited yesterday a luxury Sobo Restaurant. The Menu was was covered in jeans fabric 👖. I love it how much Kuras…

Paul Baker ‏@BakerBoySOG

@birdbrainuk @RareBirdAlertUK PGTips on Blakeney in the rain in my worksuit was one of my more memorable 👔👖

PERLUI MENSWEAR SHOP ‏@perluitoronto


peaches ‏@peachesnmemphis

Shoulders 💁🏽‍♀️ Chest 🙅🏽‍♀️ Pants 👖 Shoes 👟

twd_chick ‏@chick_twd

Yeah, I could use a little 🌧 Beating on a window pane While we listen to the tin roof sing A ❤️ song all day long…

Kate Westermeyer ‏@WestermeyerKate

@PhilipinDC @maddow Hmmmm....the big fat liar must be in town! 👖🔥🤥

Johno ‏@MrMagic1_5250

Oh so she wear the pants pants 👖

lgarvindgupta ‏@lgarvindgupta

#digitalmarketingcompany #best 👍💯 services provided for low Price 💯👭👑👑👵👵grow your business 💼👔👖 with me 🙋…

Sander Fess ‏@sander_fess

Gonna occupy every bathroom at the Orlando trump rally. Have fun poopin your jorts @realDonaldTrump 💩👖

rich100 ‏@chefrichyrich

Do y’all even golf bro ⁉️👖

Botlide ‏@BotlideOfficial

Toby failed elevated during hot moist ?? :) 👖

christina aurea ‏@owldove

@ChristinaP This new hotline better not get me N hot water Mommy!! So many stories from flail 2 fierce #25yrs Our f…

Kim Jackson ‏@kjackson4391

Sorry for your loss of your mom Anderson Cooper. I wear Gloria Vanderbilt jeans 👖 and Capris. They are the only jea…

Yvette Jacks ‏@jacksyvette1

@AC360 @andersoncooper I graduated high school in 1981. I tell you me and my girls loved us some Gloria Vanderbilt…

Kim Jackson ‏@kjackson4391

Sorry for your loss of your Mother Anderson Cooper I wear Gloria Vanderbilt jeans 👖 and capris.

Bach TC 🛫🌍 ‏@Bachelor_Josh

@TheRealLamz @Matty_Jaiye Defo need to get my 👖 ironed with a solid whine

Arctic Fox ‏@arcticfoxcolor

@leighdanielle25 Can’t wait to see! 💙👖

thredUP ‏@thredUP

There are so many ways to recycle denim! 👖 Read about how thredUP employee Autumn turned her Denim Rescues Box into…

Bre🌻 ‏@hey_brennan

If you c ant handle the truth, don’t come for me hoe 💪🏻🙎🏼‍♀️🤳🏻 👚 👖 👟👟

Victoria Vergil ‏@elizvergil

“Captured my attention, make my ♥️ stop and listen when you look my way👖 and a 🧢, thinking that you're all that and…

Nancy Jooyoun Kim ‏@njooyounkim

@corinnemanning Grateful for you 🍯👖🧷😅

Christina Lane ‏@Christinaslane1

BYOD: Bring Your Own Denim!!! (Jackets, Jeans, Shorts, Etc) 🧥👖🧢 Thanks To Everyone Who Has Purchased A Ticket So Fa…

Matthew Tyson ۞ ‏@dappermatt64

@SpongeBob Ripped Pants👖

Country TECC ‏@CountryTECC

@youradhereDMme @DavidWohl @realDonaldTrump OH my I am still laughing!! Only a brain washed bot could come up with…

Botlide ‏@BotlideOfficial

Zenyatta whom'st'd smack htis discord people ?? 👖

JaasiLeon💋 ‏@jaasielgonzale3

Outfit perfect pink and white.!🥰👕👖

Adam Driver's Outfits ‏@AdamOutfits

Adam at Breitling Lunch (2019) 🧥 "Dark Blue Wool Two Button Blazer" by Gucci. 👔 "Slim Denim Shirt (Medium Wash)" b…

✨ ‏@zeekofried

@wqllows am i supposed to know who they are 😳🤝👖

The Secret Cleaner ‏@cleaner_secret

We share all the duties at SC central. 💪 It just so happens that Mr. Secret Cleaner is our resident laundry expert.…

Taylor Macey ™ ‏@TwoMacey

@FabianLyn1 Fooookin size of em! 👖

Thurston Howell III 💵💰 ‏@thowelliii

@evelyngreenenyc Nice pants! 👖

Ernie P ‏@ernie334

Gym gloves 🧤 are like jeans 👖. The more you use them..the better they feel. #HolyGloves #Harbinger @ Los Angeles, C…

Ya Boi 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Willrd_

I love my egg 💕 I love gee 👖 I love mal 🔥

DSA Wife Guy 🌹 ‏@Solidaritybitch

Just signed up for this Sunnyside canvass with my friend @aptaube. Join us and see Queens voters likely in various…

Peter ‏@omitbdf

@somersetlevel Or his 👖?

Alyce Lisa Scanlon ‏@AlyceLisaScanl1

I am so sorry to hear the passing of Gloria Vanderbilt. Desperate to “be in” the first week of School, I got the b…

daisyyy😇 ‏@Jessquinney

How did literally anyone use to pull off low rise jeans?? I’m a size 4 and even I COULD NOT pull off low rise jeans 👖 ew disgusting creation

Mr. globaltrekker ‏@berbermayne

@playboyynavi liar liar pants on fire 👖 🔥 😤.. they start feeling belittled and dumb, when a person just tries to sh…

🅻🅰︎🅩🅨 🅻🅄🅲🄷🇮︎ ‏@lazyluchi

☕︎ my heels are higher than your level and i wear converse...🐾~ lυcнι ☕︎ 👞 : @converse (4) 👖: calvinklein (xl) 🅻…

R♡M¥ ᴶᴼᵛᴵᴳᴵᴿᴸ🎵🤘🖤 #Lucifer😈#SPN🖤 ‏@blacksoulR2802

@Mamster81 @fee878 @oxoxfranzi @oszwald1 @Daniela041089 @Adriana53871022 @Iduna76 @ArKiGirl2 @bbm2608 @siro_web…

S. Erhun-Edokpolor ‏@ErhunEdokpolor

@julietkego Should he pee in his 👖 if he is pressed? Or have a bottle to pee in?

Ling Ling ‏@linglingsspam

Freshman Orientation Fit 👚👖 Issa Flop👎🏽 (this ain’t it) I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR 😭

Monee💋🤞🏾 ‏@BrionnaMone

Nobody: Absolutely not a soul: New York niggas: 🧢 😐 👔🤳🏻 👖 🥾 Deadass B?

Carly Mallenbaum ‏@ThatGirlCarly

Took my ripped jeans to the tailor... to make them less ripped. Does this mean I'm old? 👖

Rudolph McMurray ‏@RudolphMcMurra3

@AlexXxisAdams Your beautiful hot shorts is making me cum super hard in my pants 👖🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍💋💋💋😘😘😘😛😛😛

Mimi577 ‏@Mimideda

@PalmerReport @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @abcnews @BretBaier So she's willing to talk about how she steamed his pant…

Damas_Chinas ‏@Damaz_Chinaz

@sandrahailey212 @INeverKn3wThat Muffin top jeans for sure 👖.

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