Joystick Emoji

A joystick which is generally displayed with a red ball on the top of the stick. The number of buttons on this device varies by platform.

May be associated with computers, consoles or arcade games.

Joystick was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🕹 U+1F579

️ U+FE0F


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LOOK AT WHAT FINALLY CAME IN HWHWBBWJDBSNWN$$:672$&:&?/!:&:)383!:$/ )$:❓🎶💞🔁🕹)$;&:7?2hd strabo Td

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Today in 1983, Nintendo was first released. 🕹📺 #OTD #TodayInSports

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《 SKIN IDEA 》 • hero: Kinetic • theme: arcade 🕹 • "Arcade Kinetic" - "Pixel Kinetic" • spear is pixelated • suit ba…

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Here at Everyone Can we're all about gaming together! For disabled children who are unable to use a regular control…

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Had my first shift at the @nvmuk yesterday! Despite my years at @gamecity, my knowledge of videogames is woeful. An…

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Year 8 have been working in a project to design and build their own drones. How cool is that?! 🚁🕹


The best #PrimeDay discounts on streamers and TVs 👇 🕹 Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and 2 months of HBO 📺…

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We cant deny the fact PS4 won this gen. But the used more than exclusives to do it. Please watch my video and I'll…

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#Repost camera.setup • • • • • • Check this setup! ———————————————————— 📸| Canon 1DX mark II 🔘| Canon 24-70mm f2.8L…

ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕖𝕣 𝟝𝟟 ‏@2amgirl

@ChuckCriss sending 💙💫☀️🍐🍟🕹💘

MuadDibJedi 🇨🇦 ‏@MuadDibJedi

Happy Monday Everyone 😎🕹🎮☕☕🐌 Be kind and make someone smile today !!! 😄

James Alderson ( Bring Back The 80s - Edinburgh ) ‏@comedyjames

@swilsonox @edfringe No probs. Thanks anyway. It’s selling well, so those that loved the 80s are picking it 🕹 That’…

Simpson5252 ‏@triforceprojekt

Started firewatch on switch over the weekend. So far this game is very interesting. Only just starting day 3 and I'…

Alfred ‏@alfredlionhart

🕹 hit-stick 🕹

K.Odyssey101 ‏@Ko101Wyd

Hey wzup everybody hope everyone having awesome day, Hey check out my gameplay on my YouTube channel appreciate y'…

Alexandra E Chacon ‏@alliedarling07

The game ends when you stop playing . 🕹

Colby ‏@ColbyNoe

@ReezyResells @HireFelipe word. everyone in the Uk drives stick. 👊🕹 looking forward to meeting you next weekend #ukresellerconference

Vinny Mainolfi / #C64 ‏@FREEZE64UK

@MarcoLizza Enjoy both the issue and the game 😀👍🕹📺

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I 🕹 Xining

Brinkburn St ‏@BrinkburnStBrew

Hit us up on Saturday #Newcastle, we've a BIG retro-tinged one-day event. with mix of vinyl traders, vintage clot…

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Find me tweaking @keithbarberlin's decks this Friday 💥 A marathon mixtape journey though time and space for 7 hours…

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[email protected] is having a GOOD time over at @LouisVuitton 😁🕹

HayleyM - ‏@alwayshayleym

The future for #gamers #Streaming, playing and gaming across multiple #blockchains 🕹 Find us at…

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me: :(((((((( warcross: * . * . * . 🕹 . * . 🏙 . * . * . 👤 . *…

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💥𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗔𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗹𝗲💥 Do faster SD cards have an effect on Lynx SD Cartridge loading times? 😎🕹😅 . #AtariLynx #RetroGames…

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Needless to say, the long and winding road to DVD and Blu-ray is strewn with some pretty weird skeletons and I’m re…

Chollos&Videojuegos ‏@chollosyjuegos

🔥💎¡¡PRECIAZO!! de "SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy" para #Nintendo #Switch por 29,90€💎🔥 🕹

David Hamamoto ‏@DavidHamamoto

Before dance dance there was this. I’m surprised no Zumba or dance dance attempt. 🕹 not sure if anyone alive knows…

GamingSetup™ ‏@GamingSetup

Have a fantastic day of Gaming! 🕹

fghjman ‏@fghjman

Follow me & everyone who retweets, likes this & comments IFB |🕹🐢🎎|

omar🛸 ‏@ohmaarrr

Don’t be mad at the player be mad at the game 🕹

Two Lousy Gamers🎮 ‏@twolousygamers

🕹🎮CHARITY STREAM UPDATE🎮🕹 If you want to choose one of the games we play on our 24 hour charity stream, donate at…

🌈Meelux (Rachel) [GeekSquadFam][TCG] ‏@MeeluxTV

Who’s around to come hang on Twitch? 🕹 I'm live now playing Apex Legends on #xboxone 🙌 Come say hi! 👋 #geeksquadfam…

The Retro Byte ‏@theretrobyte

Can you remember any of the computer bundle packs you had as a child. Mine was the C64 Computer Compendium that cam…

Adamska ‏@JAdamskaJ

Going to be 31 in a couple of weeks... but still love gaming like when I was 11 🕹⌨️💻🛡⚔️🎮 #gamerforever #Ps4 #pcgaming

TONY NOTEZ 👽 ‏@TonyNotez88

They come out of nowhere 🕹

fghjman ‏@fghjman

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joanna 🌿 ‏@babyvgogh

yeah that’s just fairplay 🕹

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Abdullahi Yusuf ‏@Ay_Bawaa

You don’t need to beg for attention from influential or wealthy people, make yourself Relevant 🕹

Terra Virtua ‏@terra_virtua

Would love to see what this giant can do! 😎🎮🕹

High Oaks Grange ‏@highoaksgrange

GAME ON 🕹🎮⚽️ . Any gaming guests will love all the gadgets at High Oaks Grange! . In the Grange you’ll find a retro…

Retro Arcade Warrington ‏@RetroWarrington

#Mondayfun - we import a lot of our #arcade machines from #America. Often we find old coins still inside #nostalgia…

Yeezy Mafia Texas🔮 ‏@theyeezymafiatx

@Ceciliav002 @felliciamariee I’ll beat You, your older Cousin, your Mom, your Dad, your Uncle, and your Grandma.. L…

KochMediaANZ ‏@KochMediaANZ

The World's Best-Selling Home Computer Reborn, Again… #TheC64 is back, this time full-sized with a working keyboard…

TONY NOTEZ 👽 ‏@TonyNotez88

all i do is die in this game 🕹

Martha Sandoval ‏@Gracelifegoals

Say it isn't so.🕹⚡🏆 #realone #relationshipgoals #husbandnotboyfriend #peace #growthmindset #livelovelaugh…

Shawbot ‏@ShawWalters1

@Dilmerv Used the hand tracking for a hackathon to make a joystick 🕹 and it was super satisfying, would highly recommend as a video idea

3xecutor3 ‏@TIE_Guy_YouTube

@smeef @FaZeSway Controller gang btw. 🕹

Chollos&Videojuegos ‏@chollosyjuegos

🔥💎¡¡CHOLLAZO!! de "Kingdom Hearts 3" para #XboxOne por SOLO 24,90€💎🔥 🕹

DavvyCa$h 💰 ‏@davvy_cash

Imessage games 🕹?

Wavy Production ‏@WavyTTG

Old Montage 🥶 #vastrc #vexxrc #limitrc #WeExotiic . My Socials 🌐🎮 🌐FB: Wavy Production 🎮Gt: Wavy TTG 🎥YT: WavyTTG 💻…

ämändä gönżälēż ‏@geez_amanda

Low quality photo, high quality fun 🏎🎟👫🕹💘 @ Incredible Pizza Company

fghjman ‏@fghjman

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Heist ‏@JimHeist

Back in the lab, early start - finishing this track before my son is up and wants to play space harrier again 🕹

🎮x13a13y_mak3rx 🏀 #FeekiFam 🕹 ‏@x13a13y_Mak3rx

🕹 Live 🎮 Now on #fortnite grinding out fortbytes tier 100 hype Come Mingle #twitch #TeamFeeki…

SUPERNERDSUK_gaming ‏@SNUKgaming

🕹 gamer question for the day 🕹 If you could turn one of @StephenKing novels into a video game what one would it be…

dj 🍄🤯 ‏@mushroomclouts

no one: dumb and dumber: y’all are big bad 😡 bullies 😔😢 and shouldn’t be mean 🤬😤 bc one time Dumb rescued a kitten…

Tay ‏@iamtaylove

I’m not the type to play games 🕹

G̾a̾l̾l̾a̾d̾e̾ ‏@cool_gallade

wassup gamers it’s gamer time we’re gonna game right now omg gamer time 😎🕹

K I O N I E E 🃏💉 ‏@Kionieelite

Now now 🕹🎤

gain bts mutuals ‏@btstanmutual

Army, follow everyone who retweets and likes this 🕹

KIKI ‏@Kiki_Twitch

LIVE 4 LUNCH 🥙 Cont. life is strange 🕹

Simpson5252 ‏@triforceprojekt

Nice little 3 kills clips with a revive. Gonna be streaming at our normal time tomorrow guys. Come stop by and chec…

Cobra Arcade Bar ‏@CobraArcadeBar

🌹 De La Rocka 🥜 T O N I G H T w/ @M_Rocka from 9pm-1am 🙌🏽 let’s play 🕹#cobraarcadebar #sunday #delarosa #dtphx…

Jason ‏@jasonlikesfun

@CatDeSpira The side art is straight 🔥 and golly how I love that repurposed Gorf/Tron stick!! Nice add to ur cabine…

Amber🚨 ‏@amber_alert1432

Shout out to @TheRetroRoomRoo for this bomb Giveaway prize!! Thank you SO MUCH, everything is so rad!!! The Gameboy…

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