Joystick Emoji

A joystick which is generally displayed with a red ball on the top of the stick. The number of buttons on this device varies by platform.

May be associated with computers, consoles or arcade games.

Joystick was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🕹 U+1F579

️ U+FE0F


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CunningMarvelous ‏@CunningMarvelo1


TWITCH GAMER ‏@twitchgameplay

Entitled #ninja strikes again 🔴🔴🕹😲😲😲🕹🎮🎯🔴 the full video! subscriber to my youtube channel on the BIO...…



Angeli 🐼 ‏@heygelai

Literally obsess with new #NintendoSwitch game! Thank you @ian_yuuki 🕹😘💕

Santi TylΞr ‏@tyler_santi

Made this inspired by @playboicarti @LILUZIVERT and @trippieredd 👾🕹

innovationtoday ‏@changebulletin

#Digital is the difference between being a key player or being pushed out of the game altogether 🕹…

Peachy Queen ‏@Peachyqueengirl

Are you a 90’s Baby? ✌🏻📼💿🕹👶🏼🧸🎀💾 Here’s how you’ll know! 🍭✨📟 Did you forget to feed your tamagotchi? 🙀 Anyone ever…

CunningMarvelous ‏@CunningMarvelo1


HIGH SCORE ‏@highscorelounge

Free Play Friday! $5 cover gets you access to multiple retro consoles, cabinets and pinball for no extra charge. Do…

Aron Ching ‏@AronChing

I got 1st place at Tetris 99. This game is so much fun I love it! 😎🕹

Leah ‏@Royal_Nij

@KIMSJlN 🍌+😂+❤+🍜🍛🍝🍲🍚+💻🎮🕹+🎶🎤+♐=??? If you don't get most of these emojis I'll explain

Jessica Brassard ‏@jessienam

@AmyMarcarelli @carynheldt I’d love that! I need tools 🧰 to help me improve and level up 🕹

ADHDMom💙 ‏@OrianaMay

I got ready soooo here's a selfie.✌ Ok so I didn't brush my hair & I may have tried to hide that with a filter...…

MaxPreps ‏@MaxPreps

UNC trying to dodge this upset like.🕹

Peyton2Luck 🏈 ‏@Peyton2L

@brannon_besse 1. Mike Tyson's Punchout 🥊 2. Legend Of Zelda ⚔️ 3. Resident Evil ⚰️ Honorable mentions: Madden 🏈 D…

♡ J e s s i c a ♡ ‏@jessieboo_ann

C2E2 was a huge success.😘💜🕹

Maestre ‏@MaestreMiranda


Nonpfixion #neverland ‏@Nonpfixion

Thoughts on Apex Vattle Pass, like it or not? I'm going live very soon! #twitchNchill 🕹 🕹…

💥Team S7v7n 💥 ‏@TeamS7v7n

Love the #team7 pride here !!! Nice job @keepupwithane with the edits and nice clips gani 🎮🕹💛💜💛💜💛

Jeanne Loves Horror🔪🔪 ‏@1carolinagirl

🔪🕹💀Super Horror Kart💀🕹🔪

🤘🧐 ‏@mr_mocaine

Yo for reals, @aldofelix ain’t a complete @jennylewis fan til he sees “The Wizard”. It kills me he hasn’t seen this cinematic gem. 🕹

CunningMarvelous ‏@CunningMarvelo1

✊🏼 Become a Marvelous Warrior NOW! ✊🏼 . 🕹 🕹 . ▶️ Discord - ◀️ . .…

Xavi B ‏@x90Xavi09x

Nah my man, I strongly feel that @Xbox is keeping in the game simply because 3/4 of Xbox-only owners aren't fully e…

Danny Avina ‏@danny_avina

Thank you @PlayStation for providing T1805 with a virtual🖥 demo today!🕹🎮#training

Maize Longboat @ GDC ‘19 🕹 ‏@MaizeLongboat

im really bad at twittering but i wanted to give a gros merci to @byrne_meagan and my fellow @imagineNATIVE Indigen…

mekakitty ‏@mekakittytv

⚔️ LIVE NOW! 🕹 #PokemonTCGO 🎬

Jete23 ‏@JETE231

A Gamer with great goals in life.🕹🙇‍♂️ San juan, Puerto Rico🌞🌴 #twitch #twitchstreamer #SmallStreamersConnect

Magneto_19 ‏@19Magneto

For those who lives near San Bernardino and Riverside county California, and love's games i highly recommend this s…

Lupine Shadowrunner ‏@WTShadowrunner

But I do think I'd have much more fun w/o the punishment. (Although oddly, I did better at Cuphead than I did Holl…

The One Up ‏@TheOneUp

Drink Special @TheOneUp #tgif #havefun #behappy #eat #drink #🕹 #weekend #happyhour #theoneup

Sirsprinkles60 ‏@sirsprinkles60

Hey guys my twitch stream schedule will be😅💯🎮🕹 MONDAY: 2 hour stream (no overlay) 🎮🕹 TUESDAY: 4 hour stream (with…

Dark Essence ‏@DarkEssenceGG

🕹#GamingForEveryone🎮 We Are L/F #Xbox #Gamers with Management Experience To Fill: •XB Platform Supervisor Dm Us…

༺ 𝖅𝖆𝖐𝖐 ༻ ‏@Slaugrath

Help Nolan and Troy get a pizza party, they deserve it. Go subscribe to @retroreplayshow on YouTube, please. It's t…

ً ‏@yooniebabie

🕹- your account and pinned are really nice!! and ariana grande herself really follows you wow eye 😳

NEAR Protocol ‏@NEARProtocol

Grateful to @peterk for dropping by our office today and sharing some great insights around #blockchain gaming (als…

Pussy Cat ‏@Badputtycat14

@BoxBootley Thank you they are inspired by a video game!🕹 Their full names are... Champion Lady Urbosa Chief of The…

iworedettos ‏@iworedettos

a fun thing to do, if your kid is abusing the google home mini they brought home in a yankee swap, is turning its v…

billy. ✈ wembley ‏@bilzeokjin

190322 🕹 Dear Seokjin, you had a free day today (maybe). I hope it was spent relaxing, hopefully out in the fresh a…

fLeEnO✨🧠🌋 ‏@fleeno69


🚫🕹 ‏@__ER2

This just the victory lap I’m just jogging 🚫🕹

Susana Cabrera ‏@susie2qtinsfla

Many thanks to our amazing Freight & overnight MET team 👏🏻. We could not do it without the key team players that al…

Maria Ramos ‏@mariara83841778

Enjoying the food and some prize winners🎮🕹@ Linden HD.

Wally Amaya ‏@DeejayWalmix

2018 STI 💯 Subie Life. 🚀🔊🕹

Jason Stringer ‏@jasonstringer

This generation of gamers... 🕹 lol Me: [surprising my kids] Game day! We're going to the first Crows game of the s…

GamesYouLoved @ #PlayExpoManchester ‏@gamesyouloved

MASSIVE GameCube display!! We filmed last year at @gamescom Hoping to get back there this year for more…

Karen Cusey ‏@QZgamer40

@mimidaly @sciencemuseummn Hey, there's my boss getting her game on 🕹😃

EmuNations ‏@EmuNations

NEW PS1-XEBRA released!🕹🎮 Available at 👉 👈 #emulator #emulation #emulators #retrogame…

EmuNations ‏@EmuNations

DS4Windows 1.7.1 released!🕹🎮 Available at 👉 👈 #emulator #emulation #emulators #retrogame…

EmuNations ‏@EmuNations

New Daily Development-Builds compiled!🕹🎮 Available at 👉👈 #emulator #emulation #emulators…

Jana Fay ‏@theknow

@tonyschwartz I pray those in power have discretely scrambled the nuclear codes. Seriously would not put it past him: “If I go we all go”. 🕹

Simpson5252 ‏@triforceprojekt

So many goofy little jokes like this in this game already, and I've only been playing for like a half hour! God I a…

Richie Bisso ‏@rbisso

Gamer for life!! 🕹 #gdc2019 #gamedev @ San Francisco, California

Mike Richardson ‏@mikerichardson

Congrats DavidGiove — we hope you enjoy playing many retro video games! 🕹

Pantheon ‏@getpantheon

Congrats @DavidGiove — we hope you enjoy playing many retro video games! 🕹

Jøsh ‏@Josh_H777

294 PTS in World Of Chel😱 #roadto300 #NHL19 #easports #dangler #sniper #pointgetter #winger 🎮🕹

GamesYouLoved @ #PlayExpoManchester ‏@gamesyouloved

If you play just one retro game for the rest of your life what would it be? 🕹

Shaquille Knight. ‏@sknightpascoe

Playing on my favourite retro game while having a nice Diet Coke.🥤🎮🕹😃👍🏾

Redding VR ‏@ReddingVr

Introducing the winner of Redding VR Fightnight Round 4! Steven devestated the competition in his final match of So…

Own Only ‏@S94TM

@pokedex_ebooks Cover around 🕹


🕹-I LOVE YOU SM, you’re literally always there for me and you’re so nice and funny and I’m really glad we’re friends


THE WEEKEND IS HERE! 🙌🏽😆 — Anyone on Spring break? What are your plans? 🛏💰📺🕹💻📱🎢✈️🎮🎳🎨🎼🧗🏻‍♂️🚴🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♂️🏋🏽‍♀️⛳️⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🍿🍕…

Simpson5252 ‏@triforceprojekt

Mario kart 8 deluxe, Mario+rabbi's kingdom battle, and a pair of wheels for Mario kart and it was all about the pri…

Player One Start ‏@Playerone_start

Hey there. I’m reposting this on the advice from those that said this is quickly getting buried by ff posts. (I lov…

A.R.G A REAL GODDESS ‏@Amyrashawn

🕹Adult Game Night 4/5/19 🕹

JxKDesigns ‏@JxKDesigns

You guys asked for them... well here they are! The #StreetHopMashups prints are now available as tees on:…

jonyfraze 🕹 ‏@jonyfraze

You guys asked for them... well here they are! The #StreetHopMashups prints are now available as tees on:…

Brandon ‏@_PancakesNBacon

@IAMBOWS happy burthday my dooode 🎮🕹

H&B Hurley1 #Gamers4Gamers ‏@HandB_Official

🕹 NOW LIVE!! More games with @DaiReaver Drop by, join us, chat have a laugh Promote your channels live! !so…

D&B Manchester ‏@dbmanchester

Happy Hour Specials are going on NOW at Dave & Buster's Manchester! Now until 7:00PM join us for Half Off Cocktails…

gain mutuals ‏@lifebizzles

Follow everyone who retweets and likes this 🕹

Journey💎Jewels ® 🇯🇲 ‏@JourneyJewelz

You should put arcade games 👾 🕹 downstairs by the bowling alley 🎳 @MeadowsCasino so people under 21 can have more fun

Jacques Fargion ‏@Jacquesfargion

🎮 🕹 #Repost wolly_woders ・・・ Hack Midi Mask UNO by Hack Midi Mask @Jacquesfargion in action #midicontroller…

nadab ovalle ‏@AbiuNadab

🔴 Focus 🔴 👉 England vs Czech 👈 🕹 #ThreeLions LIVE NOW #MOLFRA ✖️ #PORUKR 🇵🇹🇺🇦 Mobile And PC ➤…

Video Stream ‏@VideoStream345

Late drama ⌚️ Stunning goals 😱 #ENGCZE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇨🇿 💫 England vs Czech 💫 #MOLFRA ✖️ #PORUKR 🇵🇹🇺🇦 Live Stream 🕹…

K.Odyssey101 ‏@KendrixWyd


Dan Czajka ‏@czajks

@adammitch6 @CoachNobby Sacked from rams, sacked from greens, sucked from nobby’s 🕹

Explore Central 39 ‏@ExploreCentral

Game On! STEAM Day was a blast! Activities and challenges were all a combination of STEAM learning and a retro vide…

The National Video Game Orchestra of Wales ‏@TheNVGOW

Who wants to know what music we have planned for our June concert?? Maybe we can reveal some of it... 😁🎵🕹 #vgm…

🐲SilverDeath_Gaming🐉 ‏@silverdeathgame

Thanks 🕹 Team Cheese 🧀 for the follow! Consider following me at as well and joining our Dis…

Dada Dallas ‏@ClubDadaDFW

🕹 TOMORROW it's 80s night with Plan B Burlesque!

$B$ Cu$tom ‏@StabbedBySacha

#TGIF Kids 🧨 Here’s $30 off our Limited Edition “Midnight” Kicks to start your weekend off right 🕹 Use Code: SZKTQL…

DatBoi_RamZ ‏@DatBoi_Ramz

Just an hour left at work...and my ass going to GameStop to pick Sekiro😎😎😎🕹🎮

Ikson™ ‏@Iksonofficial

Playing @BrawlStars on the WC is my guilty pleasure 🕹

Tom ‏@TomEnsing

I’m live! Come say hi in the chat 🚗🕹

Russkie ‏@bobkim2340

@E3 I will wear unicorn jump suit if it will get me into the @Microsoft @Xbox conference 🕹

Sopule77 ‏@Sopul77

A game that is on the road to win the top...🚀🚀🚀 In just a few days there are 500+ downloads and is on Top 3...🎮🕹🎮🕹…

Sopule77 ‏@Sopul77

A game that is on the road to win the top...🚀🚀🚀 In just a few days there are 500+ downloads and is on Top 3...🎮🕹🎮🕹…

Susana Cabrera ‏@susie2qtinsfla

6343 celebrating Success Sharing arcade style today's treat is Walking Tacos. Thanks to all of our Associates for b…

$B$ Cu$tom ‏@StabbedBySacha

#TGIF Kids 🧨 Here’s $30 off our Limited Edition “Midnight” Kicks to start your weekend off right 🕹 Use Code: SZKTQL…

Vinny Mainolfi / #C64 ‏@FREEZE64UK

@LambdaCalculus @MsMadLemon They’re ALL good lists because they are personal to each and every one of you, and also…

Nova Scotia Business Inc. ‏@NSBI

According to @UbisoftCanada, "#NovaScotia has a vibrant, creative and dynamic culture." By bringing #YourStudioHere…

Gothikalove ‏@Gothikalove1

I like them #Multiplayer #games ♠️♥️♦️♣️that ask about #personality 😚 and you can see how truly #petty🤔 your friend…

Chase ‏@ChaseProducedit

Gamers anthem?😂🎮👾🕹 I may or may not have found a new style for myself that I like. Lets check back in 3months shall…

TheEmpathicBoomBaptist ‏@nahncenz

Been a while, but I'll be with the gang at #PressStart playing some loops and things to enjoy with the rest of the…

dhosting_com ‏@dhosting_com

Dynamic Edge has just been featured at Global Tech Gadgets. 🕹 Make sure to read their latest in-depth review, ✨ and…

B.J. Major ‏@webmaster_major

@DavidGreelish If memory serves, this was also available on about 20 floppies!!! (Actually which I think I still have, put away). 🙂🍒🕹

Kare 4 Kids Hawrylak ‏@k4khawrylak

Thanks so much to Gallagher Laird of Mighty Chameleon Brothers for bringing his arcade machine this morning! We all…

B.J. Major ‏@webmaster_major

@yesterbits @RCRPodcast No worries! I wouldn't expect you to know. 🙂🍒🕹

B.J. Major ‏@webmaster_major

@Jim_Bulmer A real life CAPCOM vs SNK! 🙂🍒🕹

8-bit ZOMBIE ‏@8BZ

Put down those groceries. Drop that briefcase. It’s Friday, let’s play. 🕹👾😊 #80s #Arcade #ArcadeGames #MsPacMan…

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