Joystick Emoji

A joystick which is generally displayed with a red ball on the top of the stick. The number of buttons on this device varies by platform.

May be associated with computers, consoles or arcade games.

Joystick was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🕹 U+1F579

️ U+FE0F


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David ‏@NewSaga_

Can’t wait for my Street Fighter 2 🕹👾

Landy ‏@LDN2HK

Time to occupy myself for a few hours on the way to Paris. 🕹 Bag: #Prada // Jacket: #moncler x #fragmentdesign…

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@Hawker9701 Awesome m8! Sounds like great memories to me 😎🍺🕹🎮

your cheering squad ‏@virtuosobot

🕹 ~ Sometimes what you think is just ok is actually pretty great!

Ras🇸🇪 ‏@RasDontMiss

Goodmorning 🕹

DBLOCK45 ‏@MrDiaz4

@theliljuju Wow your #Good lol 💯👍🕹🎮

Focuzed ‏@Focuzed

🕹 LIVE NOW 🕹 IT'S #ReclamationDay ! [PS4 | L20] Hey Baby, Wanna Reclamate?…

MIKΞY🥵 ‏@mad_mike_18

For the record, @KarenKnowles07 got her ass whooped in Galaga tonight... 🕹🚀

W N D R G A M I N G ‏@wndrgaming


Eric O ‏@djeric_o

We came to visit the rosie, but rosie cant be found lol... 🕹 — at Legends Sports Bar & Lounge

TunaHead ‏@VectorAbbot

@OfficialDLive With #LINO points that were both earned and given to me on #DLive I was able to purchase both a PS4…

VintageLuxBoutique ‏@VintageLux92

Check out VintageLuxBoutique for great gift-giving ideas for the Holidays! - We have Women & Men's Clothing, Vintag…

Michael Pulman ‏@realmikepulman

Let’s Talk About Game Of The Year 🕹♿️

Shakl Al Abdul🇦🇪 ‏@SHMANAN

@TheDubaiMall Happy 10 glorious years!!🎉🎉 I wish for a PS4 from @jumboworld at Dubai mall for my brother on his gr…

Lisa Catara Official ‏@lisa_catara

Who (and what) am I? 🕹🎭 #mocap #videogames #gaming #actress #acting #gamergirl #games #gamers

Courtney Olivia 🐬 ‏@LivvyLevyLover

Took a break from playing Spyro to vote for these amazing people! 🤗💙🐬 Lets go #ConnorArmy! We have another mission…


The coolest little keychain that will help pass time 🕹

Andrew Schultz.. ‏@schultzandrew

@Avgernews I feel afraid @iamAvgeropoulos free cuddles only on tuesdays🐾🕹🐱

Brian Aspinall ‏@mraspinall

Let's connect on Instagram too! 😍🙌👏🤝👐✊🔌🕹💡

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@swooper_d Woah! Awesome set!👍🎮🕹

Andrew King ‏@twitandrewking

Working on quite possibly the most fascinating OTTAWA story ever to be told...this was a crazy town in the…

Javier Cáceres Báez ‏@janelvisoner

We Love INTERNET 🤓💻🕹 #WifiRalph ——————————————————————— #Breaks #Internet #Engineer #ohhsi #Sayyeath #happy #Smile…

Lawrence Walter ‏@LawrenceWalter

@PurdueGamers already a Top 10 #LOL team @purduemitch now we’re leading the development of the next great #Esport T…

Sean’s Xbox ‏@lilfootx_box

@realMoneyMooch An Xbox 🕹

GARRET ‏@summers_garret

iMessage games?🕹

Inge Alain ‏@MegaMaidens

@imaginedragons performing #Zero from wreckitralph 🎶🙌👊🔨🎮🕹#CoronaCapital18 #love #instagood #me #smile #colors…

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@GeekyZombieKing @heichhorn2000 @syncoplay Congrats @syncoplay !! Always posting the best content!! Awesome choice Zing! 🕹🎮🍻🍺

How We Do Gaming ‏@HowWeDoGaming

love #SouthPark 😍 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 #reddeadredemption2 Latin gamer 🕹 🎮 community! 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 #teamdominican follow the Stre…

Joystick Gaming Company ‏@CompanyJoystick

It’s a brand new clothing line just for gamers! Shirts, Hoodies and Hats. For men, women and children check it out!…

The Crown Jewel ‏@CrownJewel91

It’s a brand new clothing line just for gamers! Shirts, Hoodies and Hats. For men women and children check it out!…

DrGraffittiÆ ‏@graffittigamer

@HSG_Dev @MADFINGERGames Go for it bro 🎮🕹 u will not regret it

ces! ‏@sweettalien

switch for a switch? 🕹

DNX8D ‏@Dnx8D

hey guys DNX here just have to say that i have to cancel stream tomorrow and I hope we stream back maybe on Friday 🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@Spectrumbots42 Nice!! I can understand why, this for many, is their fave console 😎🍻🍺🎮🕹

RetroGamers717🕹 ‏@RetroGamers717

Came in just at the perfect time! Who would trade in all this stuff anyway!?🤔🎮🕹😁 #Retrogaming #GamersUnite…

Bryce Krispies ‏@chitownsports44

Like if you want to see🚀 & 🕹 race

Brian Coleman Jr™ ‏@ebc3803

@malikjackson43 yessir big brudda💯🕹

Saucin'☔️™ ‏@moneyybagsss

they tryna figure me out , tryna solve me 🕹

sylvi ‏@SilverSoul164

rise ⬆️ and grind 💪 gamers 🕹 l e t s g e t t h i s b r e a d 🍞

Teej Hefner ® ‏@PapiChuloTeej

stance 🕹

Jen Rocket ‏@JenRocketStudio

And ACTION! 🎥🕹➖➖➖✂️ watch how this works 🎶SOUND ON🎵 Programming a triple zig zag stitch using Gameboy Color! @ East…

LessthanBass ‏@lessthanbass


ArcadeAngels ‏@ArcadeAngels_

"GET OVER HERE AND HEAL UP" - Dad 76 . We are in love with the @playoverwatch packaging for @kelloggsus and…

💪KCB93 #TwitchGS💪 ‏@KyleCBuck

🚨STREAM IS CANCELED TONIGHT!🚨 💪 Im in #support and #networking mode! So with that being said we'll is #streaming to…

Jimersion #InGame ‏@JimMoreno

#GameEngine in 5! #videogames 🕹 and more #videogames 🎮

Crowd Control ‏@WWCrowdControl

#TipTuesday Remember you can customize the effect prices on our application. We’ve noticed that adjusting prices to…

Brewcrewgaming ‏@Brewcrewgaming1

3 men enter the scope, no men leave 🔥🕹 I’ll be streaming bo4 on twitch at 8pm central time!…

🍂(`・ω・´)P.Reaper 🦃 ‏@ProjectReaper

You can never skip Balls Days! 🎮🕹👾🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

NolaMom08 ✌💖😊 ‏@NolaMom08

We made it to the Sneak Peek of Ralph Breaks the Internet!!! So excited!!!! #ralphbreakstheinternet 🕹🎬📽🎥🕹🎬📽🎥 @ Movi…

Teej Hefner ® ‏@PapiChuloTeej

THE BILLBOARD 🕹 This shit was a crazy. I used to drive down Tropicana at least 4 times a day just to see this shit…

🍂(`・ω・´)P.Reaper 🦃 ‏@ProjectReaper

F-Zero has to be mentioned in the SNES Library every time when they mention the history of the SNES! 👾🕹🎮

🍂(`・ω・´)P.Reaper 🦃 ‏@ProjectReaper

The Shuttle Voyage was interesting game system released back in 1982 having a (2 game modes), a alarm clock and a calculator as well. 🎮🕹👾

🍂(`・ω・´)P.Reaper 🦃 ‏@ProjectReaper

A Perfect soundtrack for the evening coming from the Atari ST! 🎮🕹👾🎶🌃

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@Kino360Xperienc Yes! Can't beat that eh? Portable, dual screen!! Amazing port,a 🍻🍺🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@TBelleau23 Yes! Magus was bad ass! 🕹🎮🍻🍺 I love his weapon as well! 🤗

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@RetroBirdGaming Thank you bud! 🍺🍻🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@Shadewing Very nice!! 🍻🍺🕹🎮 true!! Wont argue that! 🤗

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@patuan91 Ayla I think 🤔🤔 Nice try bud! 🍺🍻🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@kumimono @BedfordLvlExp Ha!! 😂😂😂🕹🎮 love that description!!

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@dacider Nice!! CT on the GO!🍺🍻🎮🕹

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@sackchief Can only agree! 🍻🍺🎮🕹

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@NorrinRadd3rd Nice!! Yes!! Frog is a bad ass character here! 🍻🍺🎮🕹

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@Brett_Parkin That's awesome list!! 🍻🍺🎮🕹

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@Videogamesteve5 Yes! True that! 🍺🍻🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@Hawker9701 Yes sir! 🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@BedfordLvlExp @IAmCodeNinja Awesome you have a great experience with its library. 🍻🍺🎮🕹

ĐøƤĕỸ 🆔@🙅 ‏@DoPeY5007

Going live on #Mixer with Shadow of Loot Box! #Giveaway 🎁 on stream for a copy of the game…

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@BILB0FR4GGINS Thanks boss! 🕹🎮🍻🍺

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@PaleLeprechaun Nice!! Like that model 😍🕹🎮

Man Cave Day ‏@ManCaveDay

Gamer Cove! 🎮📺🕹#flatscreens #gamer #attic #cove #mancave #decor #fortnite #skylights #interiordesign #floorplans…

Sidewalk Runner ‏@sidewalkrunner

Shiny Pokemon collection is slowly growing. . . . [ 🤝 SWAG BAG ] 🕹 + ☕️ = 😎 Need a boost of energy and amazing f…

Shyama Sachi ‏@Shyama_Sachi

Lyrebird sounds like an 80s arcade game and less moody than #AngryBirds. 👾🕹🎶

Aᴛᴀʀɪ Gᴀᴍᴇʀ ‏@TheAtariGamer

Never use #Windows any more but I have this old laptop which I thought I could use for some #RetroGaming 😬🕹👨🏼‍💻

«฿-cяуρт(𝓞)νєяℓσαd-฿» ‏@CRYPTOVERLOAD

#blockchain is on its way to PlayStation 🕹 a game called ‘plague hunters’ passed Sony’s tests with flying colours ✅…

Em🦇 ‏@peachy_emw

#LetsGoPikachu is so much fun! 😬 I honestly feel like I’m a teenager again. Add my Nintendo ID: SW-6031-5117-8729 🕹…

ĐøƤĕỸ 🆔@🙅 ‏@DoPeY5007

Stream is starting soon! #Mixer 🏄 #XboxOne 🕹 #Xbox 🎮 #IDatXbox 🆔@🎮 #ShadowofLootBox…

⛓ɢᴏᴅᴅᴇss ʟ⚔ 🎉🎁NOV. 22🎁🥂 ‏@GoddessLustrous

Who wants to play 🕹😈💸 #findom #paypig #efdp

beingSMITH ‏@SmithWorldWide

People love playing games...until I plug in my joystick too 🕹. #beingSMITH

Tosin Mebude 🇨🇦 ‏@_Tosin

Video game industry gathers at Montréal International Game Summit! 🤔😲🕹🎮👌 ->

Starbuzz Lounge ‏@StarbuzzLounge

GAME NIGHT tonight! Ask about our deals for our all night gamers! Also ask about our upcoming Call of Duty: Black O…

kyron ‏@knewbetteroff

@remexplicit i really want the Nintendo switch instead lol 🕹🎮

FamilyEntourage ‏@FamilyEntourage

“Hmmmm, maybe there is a job in there?!” 🕹 John C. Reilly’s career spans nearly thirty years and ranges from a vari…

RoyaleCraft ‏@RoyaleCraft_

RoyaleCraft is proud to be partnered with @BeastNode - we will be launching some giveaways for servers in the comin…

TopDeals Videojuegos ‏@td_videojuegos

HP Slimline 260-a108ns - Ordenador Sobremesa (AMD Quad-Core E2-7110, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, AMD Radeon…

A.B.O.B. Music: C3 Dittooo ‏@YOGAINES

Smoooth Killer🧸💥🔫💉 • A.B.O.B. Music • A.B.O.B.’s World • 📺✨🎧Season 1: Ep.1-4 • 🙊✨🕹⚡️🧟‍♂️ @bakersquad1995 abobmusicb…

Xavier Cazalot ‏@xavczen

adjustHue from polished is fantastic to experiment with a new color palette: Demo example…

Tosin Mebude 🇨🇦 ‏@_Tosin

This UBC conference is the ultimate event for tech lovers! 🤔😲📱💻🕹👌 ->

ʍʀ. нeɴɴʏ🥃 ‏@Nardo_TheBoss

I need a Nintendo Switch.🕹

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@prime_retro @ShamelessMcFly @SteadySphere @davenolan17 @ColonelFalcon @BloggosPow @Jasonmgs @_JesseDuran…

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@_JesseDuran @CardiacDrop @Kuniotchi @prime_retro @dantemendes @GeekWithThat Woah!! Awesome!! 🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@catatomical Nice copy!! 🍺🍻🎮🕹

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@nighthawk4712 Very nice!! Nice cover art too! 🍺🍻🕹🎮

FrappMocha🎮☕ ‏@FrappMocha

@majerle555 Cheers 🍻🍺🕹🎮

بَت‏ُــــوله 🎮 ‏@Bat0o7

-Yes my ps4 ❤🕹 #Sarahah

Lily-Rose Petito ‏@lilyrosepetito

Thanks for having me @instagram! #instaarcade was so much fun! 💘🕹👾 #Instagram #Sydney

🔱 Shawn M Johnson🔱 ‏@shawnminter

@kimrrenfro Extinction 🤖 Sicario 👮‍♂️ A quiet place 🤫 Ready player one 🕹 Bohemian rhapsody🕺 A star is born 👩‍🎤…

Andre Bird-Pierre ‏@AndreBirdPierre

This man a human joystick 🕹 it’s not even fair

OppoSuits ‏@OppoSuits

💥 NEW!💥 Meet the official Madam PAC-MAN™ suit!🕹👾🎉 Shop Madam PAC-MAN™: #pacman…

TSS ‏@TSS59267977

Come join the stream ✌🏼🕹 #Xbox #GameON #gamingcommunity #gaminglife #gaming #streamer…

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