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Keyboard was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⌨️ Keyboard


⌨ U+2328

️ U+FE0F


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Nevillus ‏@Fluffydogmom

@dbwofficial @CreationEnt I will be there and it's my birthday weekend! I'm pretty darn excited!

PyleStyle Events ‏@Pylestyleevents

The percussionists of the APQ-harmonic getting groovy at tonight’s show for a great local music series, Rock the Pl…

Tᴏɴɪ Sᴛᴀʀᴋ ‏@DamselofDefense

@ALittleWorse The terror she feels over possibly upsetting him for even trying to endanger their friendship dissolv…

gia ‏@wallowst

holy fuckin guck fyck guvkging fuckit

Barbra Best ‏@BarbraBest16

Who was Eva? via @@barbrabest16

Roy ‏@splashroy

is ANYone swallowing the bullshit pill that all of these people knowing each other or having mutual friends is COIN…

Princess Chang ‏@PrincessChang7

and I feel heartbroken.. 💔😪

Daesha ‏@HaveAmbition_

@courtniiiiii Tell him thank you

TXT = ROTY ‏@sugaconfetti

i have already PLEASE HELP NOMINATE FOR TXT❤️❤️❤️

SirNickUFC ‏@SirNickUFC

@GoonerJacob @ThunderLips19 Dummy? Lmmfao really?

John Benedetti ‏@BenedettiTech

Its Catelyn's turn. #jenga #boardgames @ Sun Groves, Chandler

Pez ‏@RamonesPescado

@carlamarjackson It’s been absolutely terrible

Kalique ‏@Guncerns__

@ItsVaLnT Ur answer should be my crib

Nathalia ‏@xnatiiii

I’m hungry af 😩

Gabrielle ‏@gfstarr1

@aryehgeffen123 Apparently not

BIRTHDAY HOE ‏@lunaswaist

getting f(x) teasers in a few hours btw

hillary♒️ ‏@canelohillary11


Julie Anderson, aPHR ‏@JulieAndersonHR

@choicehrtt @wyndall93 Unfortunately I didn’t make it to your presentation. I copied your slides and it looks like…


@Genghiskhan1976 Hallo.. 😁

Chilibowl ‏@ThedrickHarris


♥ liz ‏@xjhseok


d ‏@danielaelaa7

Really wish I was as thin as my freaking patience

Padraic (pa-drick) ‏@paddypadmanning

@CptPhineasJack Let’s hope

sarah ♡ KANG DANIEL DEBUT 💌 ‏@jisungsparka

Better Do Better Vanner?

brianna lynn ‏@briannayounkin_

@aaronjones051 no they help me

Yeddurameshsravani567 ‏@Yeddurameshsra3

@PuriConnects @purijagan @ramsayz @Charmmeofficial @NabhaNatesh @AgerwalNidhhi @ActorSatyaDev Hi nice

DJnseattle ‏@djnseattle

@IvankaTrump I hope you and your dog die in a fiery crash!

AllQuakes - EMSC ‏@EMSC

#Earthquake (#deprem) M2.5 strikes 17 km S of #Yeşilova (#Turkey) 13 min ago. More info:

Rowland ‏@RobertRowlandI2

@RexChapman Damn straight!

Midbound ‏@ASpatarella

I think I’m kinda tired of competing in smash for awhile taking a break from competitive smash

Kimmy K ✨ ‏@_Woahitskimm

I detest when people keep bitching about their life but won’t do anything about it

🖤 ‏@ec0ys

@gavinweiIand im proud

Pom Pommerman ‏@pomishere

Can u imagine if this whole situation turns into Gamergate but for cartoons.

Easzyy_Ė💦🏳️‍🌈 ‏@GirlThereSheGo

I will let this phone drop down to 2% every time before I move to get it on the kharger

KingKay ‏@MostHatedKayla

@Courtney_Barry I’m gonna text you now some dumb shit

Keithen Valentine ‏@Valentine_S2H

@MissFineWine Live stream it lol

Marci S ‏@MarciS73612682


Serena. ‏@NANAMlRDAD

@forgedvim It's just you who took longer time to sleep than me, J!

Moe @ terraqua hell ‏@terraswill

@cheerilea @bottomsaix Agreed :/

Infinite Content ‏@soulbrotha215

@annahossnieh Well, there is a parade...

DangerBoat ‏@deathbydyes

to me today to thank me for being there. And although I was happy she acknowledged it, and sad for her loss, I most…

Mr. Goodnite ‏@Mr_Goodnite

@Jkprejean @_eduCated_DivA Me too. I gotta start getting to bed early as that time gets near. 😂

Slim ‏@Moneyy__Mitchh

I need to have a BBQ at the cribo before summer ends

Seb ‏@Straboye

@Beyond_Comics On the list 🗿

juls🌸 ‏@jlsashly


justin ‏@jussnothere

(also shang-chi) but the rest 😴 is MID

CarolinaGirl ‏@NCarolina910

I was wondering, if @Lin_Manuel “cast” @mamacita1126 or any other family member in any of his home movies growing u…

judy ! ‏@peachyjey


Cass ‏@oh_delirium

@briannils @PaulLeeTicks Yeah it doesn’t have the same effect when trumps always blabbing about fake news, there’s…

Amaya 🗡 ‏@amayaiyah

I bought an Aggretsuko bag at the thrift store and it’s amazing, the freedom of not having bulky objects in my pockets. No Aggrets!!

Tim Chastain ‏@TimsunTim

@Feisty_FL Same here. Got all the ones from your trip, but since you've been back it has been quiet on your end.

indigo elf🌙 ‏@RegardsIndigo

ate my weight in olive garden breadsticks today baby🖤

Robert Gajewski ‏@rpgajewski1

@PirateCrimson @frfrankpavone Not in 2020.

sage woodruff ‏@relaxitssage0

Pacman too quick for one time

Nathan Dunn ‏@natedunn02

@MLB Leave it to the dodgers bullpen to blow the starting pitchers absolute gem

The_Dinosaur_King ‏@NjZEO

I have sweater and a necklace...

ً ‏@OO23O3


ℓαυяєη ❥ Bee ツ ‏@FAM0US_ARTiST

@Devildog683 @danabrams @GreeneCountySO Awwwww ☹️☹️☹️ hey youll always be the #1 Deputy Baker among the…

average human ‏@ritziqbal

Lol! Accurate much? 😂😂 #PMIKVisitingUS

Mariah 💋👑 ‏@QueenRiah18

my stomach is killing me, i can’t even sleep man 😣

余莉花 ‏@ts4s4m4

@svthingy World tour part 2 aja lah

Ioana 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Alandriel1972

@laurasecordeggs @noula20828087 @cen_1776 @charliekirk11 While straight numbers tell a story, rates are more clear,…

Wayne LaPierre's $13k "Summer Intern" ‏@WhiteHouseWacko

@RInman715 @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump @IlhanMN @POTUS Thanks.

bomb!🧞‍♂️ ‏@daioneaaa

I can’t fuck him if he averageeeee

Frustalz ‏@frustalz

Here is the julia fractal in the domain (0.281, 0.036), focus is on the area (-0.578, 0.196) with the zoom set on 6…

No Longer Batuu Coinless Dragon ‏@DisneyDragon

Me at Extraordinary Desserts earlier

GANDARAAA✌ ‏@alcazar_melody

Stripe girl💛👌🏻

Nessa the Bot ‏@DinneenBot

Sorry Jen didn't get messy it's been so much to it through like

Zandra Pendleton ‏@Zandra61

@MsAvaArmstrong Dirty politics....

✝️SL guxrdup🚀🚀 ‏@tslguxrdup

@SpiffyJCYT How u get da clips to your phone wtf

Bully ‏@BuLLy308

Someone come get mwr challs

trust hanbin ‏@hanbindose_


Brian 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@MyNameIsntBrain

@MattMNazario I’ve seen folks I went to college with have that realization about Boston. It’s never quite the same again.

mj ‏@yeetedhoe

@mysterxo it's not a trilogy anymore luv

Michael J. Orvieto ‏@MichaelOrvieto

@BreezyPuffs I think Masivdal gets the title shot if Covington loses to Lawler. Leon can fight Woodley or Pettis next.

Toovey (or sheens) forever, Kevie never ‏@H4mmerz

Well that was fun while it lasted

Ricardo Alves ‏@alves_ricardo_

@FCBarcelona Where's Coutinho?

Taylor-Gäng ‏@Akidwitno_Home

@MarvelStudios You guys better make Blade rated R and not PG-13 I’ve waited to long for this for you guys to screw it up.

r ‏@rsmdoromal

Natake down yung stream noooo

Danielle [Redacted] ‏@ONiceMarmot

@SenTedCruz You’re thinking about Republicans.

AustinSoileau ‏@_austinsoileau_

Pacquiao making Thurman look foolish so far.

shae owns track 3 on HS2 ‏@angeIsofcoIour

@robless_cs oof yea that’s what i was thinking

THE WIZARD🧙🏿‍♂️ ‏@_master_duvey_

He just talks about his lifestyle,he doesn’t write that shit

Broke Beta Boys ‏@MiserableJIM_66

@charliekirk11 @AOC Facts: None of Charlie’s statistics are true. Ever. Notice how he has never sourced one. A…

Sammakia Lab ‏@SammakiaL

Index of the 16th edition of Williams Obstetrics. Well played, madam editor, well played!

Kid Presentable ‏@therosswalker

@DaryCypher @sebkewley @CabraEast I'm not saying how they should feel, just what the best way to respond would be.…

Marc. ‏@MarcEasy94

This all happens while I was playing Marvel Ultimate alliance 3...the takeover is real

Mark: Far From Home ‏@MarkPiselli13

Just woke up to more Marvel #Phase4 news than I can process. I am so excited!

Kevin Oswald ‏@cyozzie


TMoney💰👹 ‏@WCFN_JT8

thought we was in this together

𝒃𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒌 🌺 ‏@bbangpinkk

@hoelyduck @ygofficialblink we vote both 💀 I’m happy with whoever wins ✨💗

Jen13NR❤❤💀💀 ‏@HiThisIsJen

@wwwbigbaldhead Goodnight and sweet dreams. Hope you sleep well. Your so very precious and I love you so very much. ❤❤❤

Clayton ‏@claytonlaneee

@emilyyannn_ Trying to catch my breath 😅

mari🛵💨 ‏@skzprint

i will not ult minhee mark my words i will not

Adnan ‏@itssadnan

Damnit now I have to buy Disney+

amber ♡ 금동이 힘내자 ‏@geumhyuns

the teacher i am assistant for is wearing a kimono, my aunt’s friend is wearing a sari and has on a bindi and going…

KELLIE ☁️ ‏@kelliemccauley_

I’ve had 2 hours sleep and now it’s time for the airport I dunno whether to dance or cry

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