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Keyboard was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⌨️ Keyboard


⌨ U+2328

️ U+FE0F


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Sandman ‏@Sandman0419

I will do a mystery giveaway at 75 followers!!! Once I get to 70 I will tell everyone what the giveaway is!!! Go ah…

🗿🤡✋ ‏@chachaowo


deli!! ‏@dxlixia

MORE CLARIFICATION: i’m all for trump getting impeached, i think he needs to correct his wrongs!! i was just stati…

DAVID MURRAY ‏@david2002002

Cellular battery is weak

fisheyefox ‏@6511nozi

@landback_ @NtshoveloMalul5 Yebo yes patriot

Kaneki ‏@_JazzEscalante

@_itskatherinee_ I kissed you so much 😭

If I Can... ‏@IfICanApp

How We Relate To Others: Truth, Day 4 Click on the Link to see today's offering! Click here…

Shoaib Khan Khoso ‏@Beingshoaib11

@reni_rhe9 @khankicheeti1 Follow back hn ap mery pass @khankicheeti1

Enes ‏@Enes55619674

@mineeseks Evet

Cass ‏@CassieKauffman1

I’m doing Blind Date photoshoots, totally fun time. Cost is free. Pm me to get on the sign up sheet! Who knows you…

Amazing Weather ‏@amazingwx

Current temps around MO right now: Kansas City: 57F, Joplin: N/A, Springfield: 57F, Columbia: 55F, and St. Louis: 55F #MOwx

Jaehee Kang ‏@bot_jaehee

I wasn't lying. I only forgot to tell her that I was not referring to people.

jim jam ‏@jimbbot

You're the ebst space bro ever. That involves a massive bromance. That is not sexual. Unless it is. But that doesn't mean it's gay. If you

MyronT ‏@ThatsMyronT

Cause we all thought it really was you 😂

KALX Playlist ‏@kalxplaylist

9:55pm Boogie Nights - Heatwave - Greatest Hits(Epic)

van ‏@littlejands

i need new a3 en content or im literally going to cease existing

sara ‏@jemtessa

@eIidelochans hhh probably, since tda characters appeared in the last tmi book... but maybe reading a good, detaile…

Mammootty Fans Trends ‏@TeamMTrends

500 followers on Twitter ❤ Thanks everyone for the immense support 🙏 Keep Showering 🔥 @TeamMTrends #Mammootty…

🌐 ‏@chinchoppah

Girl instafamous taking group picture.

moody ‏@moodysexe

@ObeyManek woahh

𝒦𝒶𝓇𝑒𝑒𝓃𝒶☼ ‏@bbkvys

It’s about that time to start wearing my bfs hoodies...oh wait I forgot ion got one haaaa :’(

hannatu aliyu ‏@hannyaleee

A swear. Abun haushi

Virgina ‏@Virgina71372267

@thehill Have you looked in the mirror lately

Brian A. Robinson ‏@briantxstate1

@TheDailyShow Just not the quid pro quo you were hoping for!

Alison Croggon ‏@alisoncroggon

@miriamcosic Oh no, it swept through around 3.30! Still windy but a pleasant 25. Phew!

Tshepo Molefe ‏@Tshepomolefe30

@casspernyovest please give credit to this niggers @ChadDaDon @emteethehustla_ @ReasonHD @YoungstaCpt on this track

Meryem🎀 ‏@Yeonjuniecheeks i won't forget about this tiny taehyun uwu

✨Mama✨ Mal (/◕ヮ◕)/ ‏@MarachiiSoup

@PajamaZam Little did he know blackface wasn't offensive yet. so they did him like this

DavyBreez ☁️ ‏@DavyBreez

Lord use me for I am powerless .

#ihatebullies2 ‏@ihatebullies21

Bam! Get you some of that Nunes!

eun ★ ‏@damhoe_

😺✏ — tbh ur spitting str8 facts rn yes

TechNEXA Technologies ‏@TechNEXA_Global

A Modern Approach to Backup & Disaster Recovery #disaster #recovery #TechNEXA #technology #data #backup

RollieGardner ‏@RollieGardner

@JToprod @BBCSport @BBCMOTD Community Shield 😂🇺🇸🍻

Courtney ‏@sakura_stxrs

I have other pets I just need some time to get some photos, look forward to them.

Sharon Lee ‏@sharonlee25

@ItsIzzyMania @SeanTho67849696 @WWENXT Oh i met Izzy at Wrestlemania Axxess last yr in New Orleans. We were in the q for Rusev.

EMBA ‏@emba1991

this is adorable

rei [#1ix] ‏@rei_oec

@Stone_Garden1 Super super low budget maybe haha

PapiZuu ‏@Djpapizuu1

@emteethehustla_ Then make music

Gym Challenger Mike ‏@ItsTheRocketeer

@Jwhitbrook hell yeah! see you next year!

Wuvex ‏@eWuvs

learning to be patient

ochoa ‏@1uc6s

Telling my kids this is bradley

Dr. KoverGirl🐸🎀 ‏@MakeUp_KISSES

Ohhhh yeah

#PomStar Kev ‏@Kevin_One77

@KateEmerson88 @On_Da_Ball @Lisabiartch @thebrewerchef1 @claregarry6 Oh dear, not good enough, tell him he needs to…

Zhong Chenle | NCT DREAM FIXED UNIT ‏@Chenlebadass

@jwoo_stardust @lunarsicheng Count me in bish

WonRabbit Fighting ‏@Fatal_Scarlet

@NAACPYOUNGBOY Isn't that the pastor dude who is full of bs?

Sara ❌ ‏@SaraNeurotic

They won’t get them back. Ever. Ask @ai_jared about how that went for @BernieSanders backers. He didn’t even come t…

John Mollick ‏@johnmollick

@AndrewYang Andrew, hang in there. Love is coming.

Jon Stone ⚒ ‏@jonstone8299

@wat_hamm I’m good thanks and good morning to you Liesa have a great day xx 🤗

Savage🥵 ‏@NiggaCharlotte

@__onyxxx look good af

𓅓⁶Karter J SZN👑 ‏@karterjanuary

I Refuse To Waste My Time Anymore..

Swan About ‏@SwanAbout

Our breakfast canape packages are a popular option for guests arriving to a morning meeting or day conference. Thes…

agust d x defsoul mixtape ‏@koyaminaj

i wish i could buy all the books in my wishlist

Maha. ‏@mahastrueself

camels in مصفح always look at me like theyve never seen a woman take her own car to the shop before, go wipe your s…

SHIMORA 🇿🇦🇿🇼 ‏@MichaelWachi

What a Waste of bullets,why not direct them to the state house residents?

Jimï⚡ ‏@jjimixx

Nobody: Ben simmons when he hit a three:

BuddyWatch ‏@BuddyCatTracker

The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it, until the time comes. The way is shut.

Home Daily News ‏@HomeDailyNews2

The latest Home Daily News! Thanks to @Startupguysnet @DrbiosComputers @FranciscoVernis #socialmedia #marketing

Robert James Houston ‏@RabNo13

@Ciara87C She is an actual loon ball.....

All Better Now ‏@AllBetterNow1

@NikholasPappas @Jenna49199126 @BernieSanders their*

Jack Stash ‏@stash_jack

@broerjan @shamsur1 @lamavuca Are you missing the point... they ended it after 38 years... due to international pre…


@Wraycharless If I’m the passenger sometimes I play games with the lines on the streets lmfao 😂😭 (the white dotted lines)

Ken ‏@_kaynicc

@BALLLIKEBARI Happy birthday Jabari !

Wisdom ‏@ImmortalMasters

"With each breath I make, I integrate my Soul consciousness and body awareness."

i am ℜeena ‏@reena_onn

Anna & Papa 💕 . #reenajalanjalansetiaalam #bookxcesssetiaalam #bookxcesssunsuria #bookxcesssunsuriaforum @ BookXcess

BeardedEsq ‏@BankoleEsq

@Sonjoe_Kutuh Closer in entertainment alone. Entertainment alone.😥

Refiloe ‏@Refiloe85719158

@khanyewestis @100000000BC @SKay_SA I do have an old account that I cannot access at the moment.

Maxwell ‏@MakisupaMaxwell

@tankgirl_25 @Franka1906 No it is because of incentive pay. Where is the incentive pay for the support staff you ar…

jess👑 ‏@Jessicaalta_

I really think I lost my Pandora bracelet 😢😢😢

steven saunders ‏@stevens88295161

@JordanBlakeCook Always sub not dub ftw!

Langa ‏@_Langaman

@sivbreak Yabona this makes sense to me. I have no issue with the sports themselves my question is access/time. W…

Momo ‏@ayeayemei

She has a blonde-colored hair #Bot

TezManian Devil ‏@TezGoes_In

... I hear what you saying, but what female rapper put out an album that would fit this category or even put out on…

Anthony Ramirez🇲🇽/🇺🇸♿️ ‏@AntTheMan21

Time has this odd effect in which it can either manifest wisdom or it could cement ignorance

zero ‏@serendipitiddy



You know how many broke pretty bitches I hit....

💧A Ginger ‏@shoops100

Sadly I fear a glimpse at our future. Always remember that we were warned.....

мιcαεℓα ♡ ‏@jass_casstroo

Mimosa Sunday , I’m ready for you 🥂

Reuben Stephen ‏@ReubenS80739722

@loyaltybet Good morning boss.... Any game for us

Simone ‏@dogandwoods

2020 personalized disc bound via @EtsySocial #etsymntt #planner #2020personalized…

Fallen Broly ‏@ToxicityBrolyz

@rayymxnd @DareRising Am I right Ray?

Vladimir Kondriianenko ‏@entrpswn

@vanschneider Experience and wisdom. But sometimes with age comes only age 😬

SokoAnalyst ‏@SokoAnalyst

@SafaricomPLC The second was to allow you to purchase calls with a 50 bonus on your airtime when you choose the No…

baby yoda ‏@yangries

gonna cry if i get less than 5 hrs of sleep for the whateverth day in a row bc im feeelin rough 8( just wanna sleep rn but brain hurty .

daisy95hendrix ‏@daisy95hendrix

@HaagCreek Join me and see my naughty snaps that are too hot for my public Haag

Shack ‏@theShackasm

I was moved by the movie Hello, Love, Goodbye.

MacSlon's Radio ‏@MacSlon

Now Playing: Bodh'Aktan - Le medley du mal de pieds / check:

Inopportunesses Esquire ‏@bandraidoir

When you advocate, make sure your passion is prescient. Faint heart never wins out.

Jerry Kaиo™ ∞. ‏@Jerrykano

I will.....

TaterTotz V2✨ ‏@TaterTotz16

@TheYearIs20BC the people have no sense of taste thats why and they suck for that >:(

Naomy ‏@Its_Naomyyy

The moment it hit 12 a.m it automatically becomes the worst day today.

Future_We_Deserve ‏@4tt3nt4t

@AnarchoRome @anarchist_black I have no love of Government, but most of all I hate the US Govt bcos it represents t…

HEITA KARU 🇳🇦with an Afro  ‏@Heita_Karu

Good morning Kwanyama and Ndonga girls . Y’all beautiful 🌻🌹🔥. God bless y’all

X- Carolina Sports Fan ‏@CarolinaSport13

@CharlotteWBB this good going all Force this year! Keep it up!

W.A.M.E. ‏@waynealbert

Lesson: Temper the pinpointing to justify or downplay own shortcomings.

Junpei ‏@junpei_enbot

... This is why I don't have friends.

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