Keyboard Emoji

Keyboard was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⌨️ Keyboard


⌨ U+2328

️ U+FE0F


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jenar ‏@bitcjhilove

@Dailyfritz1 Snapchat

Haze 🔪 in need of a break ‏@lmpaIa_67

@Lucy_is_alive that's why i love them <3

Mollie Malone ‏@Teresa61891188

@Culchie_Culture Did you sing it?

Deb ‏@fiesty_democrat

@Steph_A_Nanny #JazzyJ best #rescue ever

𝓝𝓪𝓲🥀 ‏@nai_tre

I really can’t sleep

Kenneth Booth ‏@Kenneth18200424

@SteveEmery03 @RudyGiuliani Every other westernized country has mandatory voter ID laws of some kind on the books.…

𝘿𝙖𝙢𝙟𝙖𝙣 ‏@UnstoppabIeLFC

@IzrazitoKulEt I'm glad you're back 🥺

Si Lewis ‏@SiLewis14

@MitchGr86901505 @Robloiscooooool @Skibo4PA @AngelaBelcamino @realDonaldTrump I think you'll find that I was replying to @Robloiscooooool .

chaengramji ⁴ ‏@jendeuklisa

@ygent_official @Spotify you can hate YG but you can't hate their music

ya boy bobby ‏@Bobbyxswag360

help me yall i need help yall help help help

David L. Tabb ‏@dtabb73

@rafcorreia @neilhimself @americangodsus I'm sending a hug from South Africa, too! #GlobalSouthFTW

shadow warrior punisher 🃏 ‏@Punishe39696428 @narendramodi @DrSJaishankar @nsitharamanoffc see it

Mike Stainbank ‏@DefineRacism1

@BuangJones 2011 - covered that in my book: "Our young Black learner spends the greater part of her day among white…

Azeez Olajide ❼ ‏@zeezish_

@goal Is this supposed to be a debate? Admin out!!!

Yvonne Anne Bolton ‏@frederickone

@nicki_hattingh The bbc are lower than a snake's belly these days in many folk's estimation fortunately.. By thei…

River ⛧ ‏@rivisle

My pulled muscles is healing, my broken toe(s) not so much. I don't even know how they are supposed to when I keep…

Satoshi Sugiyama ‏@SatoshiJournal

"But the hyperglobalisation of the last few decades is not coming back either. The virus has exposed fatal weakness…

Fiona ‏@Fionag_95

@avoidingtmrw It looks amazing😍

Toby Allen ‏@ZestyDoesThings

@CaptainChants Thank you Chants <3 Some super handy stuff on there!!

barbie ∞ ‏@mieyrraindah

RIP to our brain 😞

Christopher Stewart ‏@poligraf

Cancel rent and mortgage payments during Covid-19 #COVID19 #COVID19canada #Sign…

keolebogile ‏@BaMpitsaKay

@Av_GRILLZ @RealBlackCoffee I didnt say he did though? Just talking about a specific hand mina

ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟᴀ⁷ ‏@nevieinthehouse

@jennieinvelvet You're so generous thank you 😔💗

naweera ‏@Iooksonyou

@witchious chocolate brownie + caramel

Hongseok lovebot ⎊ ‏@chanceptions

@brooke___powers @CUBE_PTG He took the pic 😍

MargaretMASteph ‏@margindy260317

@Tomnahurich1 @steviea13520439 @RuthDavidsonMSP Keep fighting for your union, it’s doing just great 🤦‍♀️!

Annisa frianta ‏@af_nisaaa

@giveawaybutera Done

Smart ‏@manlydevilsmart

Singapore Elections Is Coming When Politicians Start To Clean Tables!!!!! via @YouTube

ً ‏@wse8k

i mizz x1

Sweet Silver Song ‏@YNWA__1965

@Forbesy602 Sorry for your loss. Every one is a tragedy; more so for someone Andy’s age.

Head Cheese/Henry ‏@Blu_ReyMysterio

@stardust_jen Thank you 😊❤️

Ya Amie ‏@Innocentuss

@ngaimasesay Lessons learnt and moving on

KEITH ‏@KeithGabrielBM


Jerome Chenu ‏@JrmChenu

Africa: Armed conflicts and state repression fuel cocktail of human rights violations

Sad Bitch. ‏@nadahelmy_98

Ok nw ur taking it too far!

enrgrick ‏@enrgrick

While my friend was obnoxious, I killed my friend easily, but I killed a ball

Dan Bunce 🧼 Wash your hands 🧴 ‏@DrDanPB

“But the roads aren’t as busy” is not a valid excuse. Some drivers have the same mindset as they tear down country…

El~Yakssey ‏@ElYakssey

@deejayneptune May God bless u bro Plss bless me too 0123289268 GT bank

ʜᵒᵗ ɢⁱʳˡ ᴛᵉᵉ ‏@Tee_xzarah__

@farukh50 I miss y’all small too 😂❣️


@roseyfruits @goldentournesoI @lyricaslullaby hes so ugly is that him

KrissieKayy ‏@KrissieKayy

@iammissv_ Don’t 😔🥺

Sarah M Crazy Dog Person🌱🐶🌍🎨📝🎶 ‏@SarahMLdnEnBr2

@bertie_lakeland Wow! It's cool! BAFTA 'trailer' award?! 😍💖😉

nyscof ‏@nyscof

Arizona Medicaid eliminated adult emergency DENTAL benefit in 2010. As a result: o Treat and release visit increase…

lina ‏@heywangxian

@lwjwashere my vision is clear

Alireza.Ghanbari ‏@AR_Ghanbari1

@khamenei_ir American government feared of our hashtag #ThePromisedSaviour and filtered it. World will know real sa…

HB Krishna ‏@HBKrishna1

@RakeshD10303626 @Suhelseth #bloodyrascle #foolman I'll brk ur teeth if we meet, man

mahmoud💛 ‏@9xeo_98

@A_L_S_A_J_A @ayasayedmekki true💙

anthony newton ‏@primrose4

@OldYorksMaps Hull.

Without Clothing ‏@PrivateOther

An aggressive animal


@tonygunn1 @JGunn10 @X22Report Well we already use it for malaria. It is also used for lupus. So maybe it is a boos…

⚢ dana || she/ her ‏@doddlebubble

exhibit #28 long paw

Megan Vecchia ‏@VecchiaMegan

#rupassion starting my day with guided meditation

Clare-Louise English ‏@ClareLEnglish

@k_ridz @NetflixUK Oo gonna add this to my #Isolation viewing list!

a e l a ‏@aelacrossing

i'm such a grandma i just figured how to post snap shots from the switch hahahahaimoldhahahaha

tequila sherbet ‏@nishthavishtha

@v6172756e @ShamikaRavi If you think that health insurance premiums cover the cost of day to day medicine and healt…

Amaresh Wakkar ‏@AmareshWakkar

@CMOMaharashtra @PMOIndia @OfficeofUT @narendramodi Sir,if you are planning to extend the lockdown then first estab…

Personal Jesus ‏@AadilMushtaq20

@pulwamuk From Socrates to Sartre by T.Z.Lavine

its_glued ‏@its_glued

@_extragramsam Lols bye I’m straight

Conor Drum ‏@conordrum

@fifer43 @naomicooper No relation. Although there are obvious similarities - I currently have bad hair and debt

Jason Miller ‏@imjasonmiller

@EmmaBostian Ha, I had this happen on a public repository and I couldn't remove the logs at the time, felt somewhat…

DC17☘️ ‏@DC17Gunner

@SoccerAM It’s not from a match. He is just upset he never played for the @Arsenal

eri ♡ nsd📌 ‏@qianderella

@_chanelsbitch_ thank you 🥺❤️❤️

astreanova ‏@dumplingurl

@__eizz THAT SENT MEEEEEEEE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

loui ♎ ‏@cherloui

@1dachanese covid scare grrrrr

Vaike ‏@VaikeBot

Kinda? I'm a different Vaike from another world. I'm here to save your bacon!

your fav stay⁴⁴¹⁹ ⁰³²⁵ SSD BABIES !! ‏@sbcstay

@hybnie im watching innie but I DONT SPEAK KOREAN

Fat Head ‏@JakeyAndFrank

@iamtomskinner how about a game of warzone tonight mate with me and @Pailz77. Prove we are the real champs, BOSH!!!

Michael Grogan ‏@MikeJGrogan

@SethAbramson I don't care who Trump's afraid of; Warren for VP wouldn't "unify" the Party - it would further split…

atsumu's hoe ‏@hisukAAAAAAAA

my sister pretending she is a weeb after watching only evangelion and inuyasha shes right tho thats weeb culture 😳😳😳😳

Alessandro Cozzi ‏@AleCozz1

@Pesquerj Yep. We use leftover stewed beef to make the meatballs, and then we either fry them or cook them in the oven

lewiswaterfield ‏@LewisWaterfield

@Teatimesci Yes sadly I have experienced this and it is not the case. I guess you can't persuade everybody!

Dorothyml ‏@Dorothy08676558

@JoeNBC It appears they are murders in charge of the 🇺🇸 and Trumpism is killing thousands of people.😢

Sonic Zone ‏@Sonic_Zone_Bot

Sonic got through The Rotten Zone: Act 1.

AADaddarioPH ‏@AlexAnnaDPH

@sharaviic @hijklrm YUCK. When he was dating Alexandra he looked his best. Now he's dating a fame seeker nobody whi…

happyplace ‏@mahappyplace

Oh trauma! Block n if it got serious eport em asses

LTP - Dr Alchemy ‏@AlchemyLTP

@neekjons Then why tf does she look like a adult, she does not even look like a kid.

Manesh ‏@Manesh89334650

@TataCapitalCare Done, Please have a look and do needfull

🦋⁸⁸Yaboi Alex⁷⁺⁸🌙⛵️🌋 ‏@alexlovesjoji

@S271296S @geminibambam He probably has money or sum

thalia ‏@thaliagohar

I refuse to believe that we’re all just background characters in someone else’s life

Never happy ‏@TheCow25

@Sugarba82058273 Dm me girl u alredy know who i am haha

A f'èédú fan'ná ‏@TobiGbemisola

Earpieces work well until you borrow someone to use for five minutes.

𝓗𝓲𝔂𝓾𝓻𝓲 ‏@oofydoofie

Stop expecting loyalty from people who can't even give you honesty.

uPhuthumile ‏@watu68550651

@maggsnaidu One author & professor in medicine commenting on CNN, suggested that #COVIDー19 might go away for the sh…

Frans Agustinus ‏@frans_agustinus

one person followed me // automatically checked by

Dr.Lover Lova ‏@DrLoverLova

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer." - Albert Camus | Please Like / ReTweet / Comment |

Mellisa ⭐️commissions open⭐️ ‏@spaceplumbs

i looked in the fridge and the first word to pop in my head was “barren”

david williamson ‏@davidwi44013020

@skwawkbox @AssetRich Israel.

Nozomi [email protected]@NozomiU_ff14

Copyright (C) SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Manish ‏@oharajules

@maryashakil @nistula @AJEnglish If true then Saudi is under reporting their numbers like China did


Back to basic workout for today. Simple bodyweight with 100 reps each : BW Air Squat BW Reverse Lunge Push up…

TJ. ‏@Marshaeej_

Had a dream I was in another world, this morning I woke up feeling like fuck da world

Rhythm Divine ‏@JajjaMukyaala

@Calyne_ I hope it will cure gropers and groin grinders especially on trains

hussaini gomaa ‏@hussainigomaa2

Happy moments never last forever but you can in

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