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Keyboard was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⌨️ Keyboard


⌨ U+2328

️ U+FE0F


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Kaytlin ‏@KaytlinMorris

@bethanykook @IDOLisBTS @ddaengbaby_ Are you directing😡

ally AN ODE ‏@springkwan

see thats so weird why is it low

70jt arfha mllrddɯpɪx̷ #ASTROLOLDAY ‏@bngshtt

Hey hangyul(@hagyoel), thank you for following me

Kelechi ‏@kelechnekoff

Oo! It’s me! Looking forward to speaking on this panel at the Cheltenham Literature festival. Booked and Busy loo…

Ash ☠ ‏@totoki

how this thing get a ssr before feather

bells ‏@expensivehwasa


Twinkle ‏@twinklestore

Select Halloween Costumes just marked down 50% Off! Hurry in, they won't last. Priced as marked.…

ArchaonBot ‏@ArchaonB

Three Eye'd King the wizard is sad

NexThreat LLC ‏@NexThreat

Three strategies to prove security's value

Unsupervised Male ‏@jlturner100

@JConabicycle @KamalaHarris Fascinating, the NYT has done a full retraction, due to the victim doesn’t recall the e…

lola ‏@cherubskg

imma start living like sophmore me did bitch fuck this if yall see me living purely on rockstars and xl diet soda p…

Latie Solomon Mtana Junior ‏@Latie50137579

The other day♡

Sam Holloway ‏@samholloway

@lunasorcery I once did a three-way rebase and *didn't* lose my work. I think that's pretty masterful. (Could I do it again? Probably not.)

Christopher J. Ndonga ‏@Chris_JNdonga

Ayyeee scenes from wedding.

ceeds ‏@ceedsceedee

@Sia can you please spot Luke $500 000? #SurvivorAU

BeckBot 2000 ‏@beckbot_2000

He's doing mix is the fuck into it to be the guy pls what i tryed to the sky real confirmed to vietnamese reggae trashy dubstep

QueenB👸 ‏@nimmsB

Na them😂

BEPSI☄ ‏@tiafreyre

irlies what kind of instant noodles did you bring to uni i need info for variety

smartcitieselec ‏@smartcitieselec

Trio of photocouplers drive industrial applications with lower power budgets -…

GLaDOS ‏@GLaDOSystem

And they said no one would ever die during this test, thanks for proving them wrong.

Omar maska ‏@Maska_Umar_16

@KhaleephaLabiru U want to bring us down to your level we are far better than you all we need is a proper coach but…

Golden Rosalina ‏@JK_Resistance

@kumatokkii Yesss gurrrll. 😍😍😍😍 Many congrats. You look gorgeous. Your dress look so pretty. 👏👏👏💕

Vnooola👒 ‏@Wdynalma

@btsvotingteam @BTS_twt I vote #LoveYourselfSpeakYourself for #TheConcertTour on #PCAs @BTS_twt

Boo Boo the Clown ‏@Sleepy_Sapphire

@Emmycoo14805103 @ebelee_ Meeting clients for a business opportunity, delivering food to clients that ordered, clea…

Trump Bot ‏@Donald_Trump_Q

“It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!” -Donald Trump #POTUS #DonaldTrump #Trump #TrumpProtest

Kimchi Ninja ‏@ninja_kimchi

@spike4169 How many decades have you worked in finance? Zero. You drank the Kool-Aid of a financial cult. 🤣

GamerBoyBart ‏@GamerBoyBart

@TwinsFifaHD Champions!

ʝєѕѕιє ‏@Im_Not_A_Basic

Unwavering faith is one resource that people rarely cultivate ... More for Sagittarius

The History of Violence ‏@ViolencePod

Check out my latest #podcast on #Podbean

Ann ‏@wew65818733

Road to 100K na 😱 #MORMayWardMEandU

ren ‏@rjeiiinnnn

@Missmelissaaah imissyou ❤️

BISH the 🐐 ‏@baesharo

I wanna joke about me getting septum piercing with my mum just to see her reaction but im getting it for real so no…


How may I help? 📞

hrjireland ‏@hrjireland

like tokamak surrounds white snow

indi ‏@nayeonyves

Jongin yves being nations main dancers perhaps I have type

sidi diallo ‏@remu10

New post (New Trailer: STEPS - A journey to the edge of climate change) has been published on Make Money Online -…

antony pedreira ‏@antoniopedreir4

@stevendeknight Bam! 68 pages in 3 Days. 1000 Bar Dips at 3AM. Earn this.

Okechukwu Grace Chinwe ‏@OCGrace

@AfamDeluxo I remember this road very well. I used to live by the Catholic hostel. Bad governance and we have pple…

Cyndi Blanchard ‏@cyndi_blanchard

@TheDemCoalition Ready, fire, aim?

Humanist News Network ‏@HumanistNN

Lifestyle website for Muslim teens is covertly funded by the Home Office

Charyoutree ‏@Charyoutree19

@Cindea6 @martingeddes @starknightz Thanks for the invite but I think I'll pass. You're right about the wasting tim…

aaron ‏@AreuMadLoL

@drancce @xDemoned @Rudulph1 gotcha

Celine. ‏@_imbroglio

A consistent discipline of learning and practicing is a true c... More for Taurus

iyel 예삐누나 💖 ‏@youngminoona

Youngmin showing off his muscles(?) 🤔

Shadowban_Warrior ‏@Axel_Sharpshire

@zalphaprime @adored_2 @SAnwakang @geraldpayne25 @turboguppy_ @HaircutSpock @Freewillburnin @Atheism_Has_Nil…

ParkwayPTA_EM ‏@ParkwayptaE

☀️ Hello Monday ☀️ Have an amazing week! #ParkwayPTA #HappyMonday

Theodore AB ‏@LekhakAnurag

@MissTickled The balance in the whole story on the good side, between the anger and calmness was because of these t…

Hainiryun ‏@lapsterr

The uncap art is adorable.

𝔰𝔬𝔭𝔥𝔦𝔞’𝔰 𝔤𝔣 again ‏@crystalballsack

@queenjeyne 🥺🥺🥺 this means a lot i love u so much

hahwuwwuuwwiwiissjdjjsaioaoaawow ‏@rel_______

I don't, they want me they find me.

John Wards ‏@johnwards

How have I only just heard this car?! Car nuts, headphones on. (Background article

Sumbal♥ ‏@aintyourSummi

They gave me: straight I am: straight They gave me: 5'5 I am: 5'3 They gave me: aquarius I am: Aquarius+Capricor…

Cavelle Monck ‏@CavelleMonck

So excited to have this book in my hands. Just released today in Perth, WA. See you on the other side! @Gladwell…

Minister of Food and Drinks🇷🇼 ‏@Nyac_juru_jesse

OMG A must read #thread #Rwot #UOT

Char 🐯 3701 ^^; ‏@oniminminminho

Might search this again 😂😆😂

Ugwuanyi sunday ‏@UgwuanyiS

Welcome to my home good woman,thank for giving my child a name phiona,how I wish my daughter would see u one day

max ˘͈ᵕ˘͈ ‏@shoukazai


whoop it whoop boop bop doop ‏@Bbteytey

everyody gansta till louis tomlinson sings too young

Senju🈺 ‏@DomKetchum

@_Leiraaaa94 Hush up

reb ‏@614chateau

Seventeen comeback is SO good that mv so pleasing to look at too

PatzMB ‏@PatzMb

Girls will scream “state your intentions” and still catch feelings

Janice Turner ‏@VictoriaPeckham

@whippletom @Dannythefink @MattChorley Or Agatha Christie onboard murder mystery.

Everything Irish Football ‏@EverythingIris1

A small debate for yous. Who is the best product of the @SSEAirtricityLg in the past let’s say 5 year? Can be peop…

byondy ‏@unluckyarwa

make no sense

CSW Group ‏@CSW_Group

Want to be a part of the biggest celebration of #STEM in the #SouthWest? Get in touch with the Big Bang South West…

Devi ‏@lostkeni

@dreakupo @SnackySasquatch @varietynuts 👀 She meeting the parents!! lol!

Phaydes ‏@Phaydes

Don't you just love when this happens. #Fortnite

Pusty Dee ‏@PustyDee

@BoutaNT1976 @dancingfool75 First Nation People fastest growing muslim followers in Australia...good luck with your sick attitude

Sophia Barajasi ‏@SBarajasi1

Here's a beautiful song called Holiday from international reggae artist Ruffi

Ced ‏@constantinipple

@TRAVELter1 Most likely

Lida ‏@ekamaulidda

So i can't describe!

jackie b ‏@arcticmisfits

the best cure for when im sad is online shopping

Lobo solitario ‏@UnlimitedMaxx

@False0F9 @Pohzitive The way he said “Let’s go” in his cover he did for Lil Nas x ‘Panini’, I knew he was African from that moment onwards.

Amarveer Singh ‏@amarveersingh

@hotstarUK will the entire SA tour of India be available on Hotstar UK including test matches? Also, what is the sc…


@yireniu leader got7 :(

VILLAGE MARKET ‏@VillageMarket

Make the most of your jump session at #OzoneTrampolinePark with this incredible offer! Buy a jump pass for you and…

ScarletPaladin ‏@ScarletPally

@Protectionplan_ @EsfandTV he's so funny rofl

Naija News Agency ‏@NaijaAgencyNews

SA’s President Ramaphosa Sends Special Envoys to Nigeria, Other African Countries

A Little Trouble in Town | m🍑 ‏@angry_ohio

@RealRandallPink Yes. At a minimum it is not an equal relationship. I remember during the hearing thinking this ma…

Tshirt Online Shoping ‏@hottrendtees

He described the strokes Preschool teacher life do you need to go to the bathroom use your words shirt . Being give…

Shweta ‏@Shweta3040

Cutieee @aliaa08 spotted

Courtney ‏@Lynn_Says_Hello

@purelylorde @lorde Same

Chris A REGISTER TO VOTE 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺 ‏@tedandharry

Donate, donate, donate!

Valeria ‏@Suncitybean

@FallenStray @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan Cutie beautiful eyes

Slim 🎥🏀 ‏@nolimit_slimmm

Genuine strength is often not a demonstration of force. Your g... More for Scorpio

Alexandra Butler ‏@Alexand90119734

Hey guys ! Check my website I give some videos there... #naughty

JunAra ‏@aradiyanah

@BAP_Jongup dont you see she tattooed your name at her finger? Why can’t you understand girl heart? 😩

dark maria ‏@Capuccino0sugar

@starhuntabscbn @kumuPH look po andaming TAN RONCAL

Mark Millar ‏@mrmarkmillar

@JamesDelingpole @MrSonicAdvance @AndrewGibsonMBA @allisonpearson @afneil Actually, I think that might have been in…

Stef Travel Photog ‏@Mel365dotCom

Top tips and location for #travel #photography in #Iceland

⚡⚡Evies Electro Slut⚡⚡ ‏@Subkevin2

@GoddessEvie Sounds interesting 🤔

Telford Forge ‏@TelfordForge54

WIN | Indulge your passion for sport…WIN a £100 @DecathlonUK gift card! To enter, all you need to do is answer the…

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