Kimono Emoji

A traditional Japanese robe that can be worn by women or men.

Kimono was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👘 Dressing Gown

👘 Japanese Dress


👘 U+1F458




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Ryoko Fujimoto ‏@Ryoko_Fujimoto

5/26 Sunday @銀座 Contrail 🌞Sunday Afternoon Jazz&Kimono👘 W/ 下梶谷雅人gt 15:00-(2sets) MC ¥3000(1drink included) KIDS fr…

Jaszmine Giselle ‏@JaszmineGiselle

I Want a Versace 👘

iam_________Biosums® ‏@Babalol0208

SHOP LASHOOBS FOR YOUR NEXT LADIES 👜👛👚👡👖👗👠👟👓👘. To place an order & further detail Kindly send us a direct message…

KOLL3GE BOY™ ‏@Koll3geBoyXXX

💦🍆 Koll3ge Boy Approved 💦🏜👘 @Gianna_DiorXXX @BlackedRaw

Grace 郯 ‏@gracenephilim

I live my own hell everyday I'm a man on the wire Love me, I'd treat you the same way Try me, I'd breath fire . 👘 2…

Uses Tw*tter Wrong ‏@michaelmdillon

@lizakate06 We offer private rooms w/ several types of lounging platform: bed, sofa, hammoc, padded floor mat, & Bo…

JapanTravelBug ‏@japantravelbug

Very, very happy with my next article for @Tokyo_Weekender, I’ll be showcasing some outstanding photography by my f…

Xavier Files ‏@XavierFiles

Shatterstar just called it "the blade" He owns multiple 👘 doesn't he?

Yandy Smith ‏@yandysmith

maggiecarrie said we going to Asia for her birthday I said Let’s Go! . . 👘 by cheng_studio Hair by busyb80 Make…

Chicken Baby ‏@nick_flipp2

chief keef got that bacon egg and cheese 👘 🐧 🎠 I don't like you, -flippo #MAGA

Hope 希望 東 ‏@hopehigashi

feelin like a queen today 👘

Pernilla Dahlstrand ‏@PDahlstrand

I am late again🧐 my weekend is almost done😅this yukata is a present from @Kaoru_Abe and his friend at that time👘an…

sm_is_just-4z(e)Apply ‏@is_4z

can`t think-bearings - low water conditions RRRККК ffs 👖🧥 👘👘👘🐺🐺🐺

cris575 ‏@cris5751

@ItsFamousJoe Follow all who Retweets this 🏢👘

GhostwriterLLC_Slick50™ ‏@stizzmo2nc

#VonDupreeDistribution 👜👘👖🎽🎶🎶📢📢📢 "Music Blowin ****** Scooter Trap" by yours truly 🙌 -…

Gain Mutuals ‏@thespiritmov

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Notabot ‏@newbotonthebloc


It’s Famous Joe ™ ‏@ItsFamousJoe

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Julie Hawksworth ‏@Julesmuseumgirl

Mean while in Ibiza...... . . . Another fun filled break in our magical place. Making more memories, laughing hard,…

Sinyoro ‏@ktmarimira

Every break we changing👘. #PSLAwards19

Fernando Reyes ‏@fernkingz

★━RETWEET ╰★👒╮ ╭━★━╯ ╰★👛╮ ╭━★━╯GAIN WITH #TSha ╰★👘╮ ╭━★━╯🚀@nealhailey @Naruya7 @Melissa11257119

marie🎌💕JP ‏@pokopokomarumo

@WALKTHEMOONband I am waiting in excitement for you to come to Japan!!👘🌸🇯🇵☺️

gero🎬 ‏@gero89325

@LeaMichele I'm asking questions from Japan !👘🌸🇯🇵 What do you want to cover if you sing with glee now?🎤🎶 ❤️❤️

CREEPNATION ‏@MsCreepnation

Reposted from vixenboss.soi - Reposted from vixen_gang_university - 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 💁: vixenboss.soi (follow her) 👘:…

CREEPNATION ‏@MsCreepnation

Reposted from vixenboss.soi - Reposted from vixen_gang_university - 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 💁: vixenboss.soi (follow her) 👘:…

CREEPNATION ‏@MsCreepnation

Reposted from vixenboss.soi - Reposted from vixen_gang_university - 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 💁: vixenboss.soi (follow her) 👘:…

Annie Thompson ‏@AnnieTFashion

We feel like we can finally wear the warm weather clothes that we've been waiting for months to wear. What are you…

福井佐智子 ‏@kujirarep

For today’s Kimono meetup 👘 Theme: @gtoy_design Tsumugi kimono & obijime and @ito_wa obi belt for Jazz live outing…

Jhay♥️ ‏@balafamojudith

I sell trendy clothes,bags and sneakers 👟 👔🧥👚👕👘👡👠🥿🧣🎒👝👛👜 Please patronize me Kindly retweet 🙏 My customers might be on your tl

CREEPNATION ‏@MsCreepnation

Reposted from vixenboss.soi - Reposted from vixen_gang_university - 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 💁: vixenboss.soi (follow her) 👘:…

Wa•mono by & alpha ‏@a_alpha_jewelry

#Creema #kimono #yukata #Japonesque Made with Japanese traditional handmade paper coated wi…

Juku Store ‏@jukustore

🎁 Kawaii Clothes | Anime | Cosplay | KPOP | Japanese Fashion 👘 Details here: 👉

Lean Revilla™ ‏@leanrevilla

I was King Sejong for a while with a twist of a gangnam style oopps oppps oppps! 👑👘 #king #palace #oppagangnamstyle…

Style Spítí ‏@SpitiStyle

😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰 ❣️❣️Restock... Hurry up....❣️❣️ 👘Metarials 👗Top Cotton, 👖pant Cotton, 🧣Orna Net, 💰Price Sky tk 2,100 Parp…

さんちゃん ‏@2012Sanada

@Van__Olivier Hi🤚 We had a nice time🤗 I’m happy to see you🤝 Have a nice trip🗾🗼🍣👘

Lucy Lala ‏@Heart_suki

Today is sunday, so why not wear a kimono ? 😂👘 The obi knot is called otaiko musubi. The obi I am wearing is fukur…

Tw!tt€r Princess ‏@aldrinnna

Never be afraid to shine. Remember, the sun doesn't give a fuck if it blinds you. Look #3 and #4 💚 👘: Divided by…

tomii210 ‏@tomii210

@GianGinoble Che bella foto !! I'm glad to know you’re having so much fun in 東京 !! 🇯🇵⛩🗼👘✨

James Stewart ‏@SholderDevil666

@iamranmaru WOW😳🤯😍 I🧑🏻 like👍🏻 your👆🏻 beautiful🌸 hair💇🏻‍♀️ + gray◾️ tank top👕 + white◽️ pants/leggings👖 because thos…

Richard #TmBushido ‏@Cptn_Fandango

★━RETWEET ╰★👒╮ ╭━★━╯ ╰★👛╮ ╭━★━╯GAIN WITH #TSha ╰★👘╮ ╭━★━╯🚀@nealhailey @Naruya7 @Melissa11257119

🎶🌟Rejendo Time!!🌟🎶 ‏@MadamePhoton

If Ben Tover 🍱🐍 and Lady Longnek 🦒👘 were never 🙅‍♀️🚫 meant to be together 💔💏, then why🤷‍♀️🤔 are they positioned so…

na💝🦄🌈🎶_no19(๑◕ܫ◕๑)✌ ‏@NaokoNov19

@genesimmons I like King Ghidorah✨🐲🐲🐲✨. You’re greater than GODZILLA cuz you spit a REAL fire🔥! Don’t catch a cold…

Isha🌸 went to heaven. Thanks Kyuhyun ‏@baguettekyu


world_trade_bot ‏@world_trade_bot

We arrived in the city of #Baku. The citizens were astonished. We traded a couple of 🍿 in exchange for several 👘.

Gain Mutuals ‏@thespiritmov

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Gain Mutuals ‏@thespiritmov

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new eduardo ‏@_ditttto

Aang during the intro: 👩‍🦲 👘 💨 The statue he crashes into: 🗿

Isha🌸 went to heaven. Thanks Kyuhyun ‏@baguettekyu

@Dreameryoungjae 😭😭😭👘👘👘👘 GAWD make him go to KB wearing this and then rip it off-

Isha🌸 went to heaven. Thanks Kyuhyun ‏@baguettekyu


Jennie ‏@jbananafish

@dc_stuntz @thelowmaster @SimeonBeal @dambrosi @travisjarae Just you wait. @thelowmaster and I already have new tricks up our sleeves 👘

It’s Famous Joe ™ ‏@ItsFamousJoe

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It’s Famous Joe ™ ‏@ItsFamousJoe

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The Killers Logo in Every Emoji ‏@EveryKillers

👘👘👘 👘👘👘 👘👘👘 👘👘👘 👘👘👘 👘👘👘  👘👘👘 👘👘👘  👘👘👘 👘👘👘👘👘👘👘 👘👘👘👘👘👘 👘👘👘👘👘👘👘 👘👘👘  👘👘👘 👘👘👘  👘👘👘 👘👘👘  👘👘👘 👘👘👘  👘👘👘 the killers logo made of kimono

Yuki @ Furuba ‏@TravellingYuki

All dressed up to explore Asakusa 👘 . . . #Tokyo #Japan #asakusa #festival #kimono #asiangirl #travel #wanderlust…

mycket ‏@mycket3

@ebmourasan douitasimasite 😍👌youre welcome moura san👘🗾🌺👘🗾🌺👘🗾🌺

Will Rodgers🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Will_Rodgers1

SO TRUE❗️❕❗️❕❗️🤠👘🥰

Fionna Collantes ‏@FionnaYvette

Team Lab was fucking awesome!!! 🇯🇵✌🏻👘 #JapanTrip2019 #TakeMeBack #RenewPLLThePerfectionist #SaveSantaClaritaDiet…

Emoji Maze ‏@EmojiMaze

◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ Next ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ 👔 ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ 👔👔 ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ 👔 ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ Score ◽◽◽👘👘👘👘 0 ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽

★*゚けい✡*:゚ ‏@u_pa_kaitai

I’m from Japan!👘🌸🇯🇵 #peing #質問箱

JAPAN Forward ‏@itsjapanforward

Timeless tradition 👘

Ellie F. 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️ ‏@ellief31332471

@castellanosce Mt. Fuji 🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻(๑>◡<๑) 🗾🇯🇵🗼👘🏯🍣👺🐉🍚🍢🍙🍥🍤 🍱🍘🍡🍛🍶🥋⛩💴🍜🎏🎎🎴… (^ー^)👍…😍😘❤️🤗

[email protected] ‏@JapanWireless

Get the traditional Japanese look for a day with the best Kimono/Yukata rental shops in Tokyo! 👘😍✨ #Kimono #Yukata…

TugGz DjMugGz ‏@djmuggz

😱A Brand New💃👜👖👔👗👙👘🥼🥼👞👟🥾 Shopping Mall in Half Way Tree on 6_7th Eastwood Park rd. @djmuggz was there Yesterday in…

∞modern/ape∞ ‏@slowlife_m_a

💓🎸🎶👏🎶(😢)🕺✨💃(😢)🎶🥁🎶 💕🏠💭👩💕🏠💔🕺🌝 😢💭📱🗨️👩 🏠💭👘🎆🌻😢❔💓🗨️❤️📡🌄 🐈🏠💭😊🐈🏠👩🕺🌝 📻🎶🗨️🚘💕💘⤵️ 🏠🤝✨⤵️🌝💔❔💓🗨️❤️📡🌅 💙🏠💭❤️🌞🏠🎶🌝💖🕺😊🎸💞🎶 🗣️🎶🕺🎶…

Every Policeman Bot ‏@BotPoliceman

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 👮   👘👘👘 👘 👘 👘 👇 👘👘 👇   👘 👘   👘  👘   👢 👢 Hello. I'm the Police of kimono. You're unde…

Shisho Lina Garibaldi ‏@shisho_lina

#photoshoot #romantic #country #inspiration #customdesigner 👗👠👜👛👖👘👛👒🕶@shisho_lina @ Manchester, New Jersey

Dan ‏@DanArmitage1990

What the fuck is that clobber all about Madonna is wearing? Looks like a pirate in a kimono 👘🏴‍☠️ #Eurovision

🍣♎Nene🐉chan⚾☀ ‏@mizuki_hana2

Also Ozaki having closure about how her parents died thanks to a certain Port Mafia member.😊👘❄🗡💖

UnwaryRook28 ‏@URook28

🎓#TodayInHistory🎓 🇯🇵👘🔪💀1936: In a crime that shocked Japan, geisha and prostitute Sada Abe erotically asphyxiated h…

Tie Dye Company ‏@tie_dye_company

#repost from @boporiginator 🙏💯 • • 👘 Custom Piece 🧵 • • • • • #thetiedyecompany #tiedye #tiedyecompany #dancevideo…

Don $tunna La’Dreaux HU$$LE ‏@LACEYDREAUX

Shooting for @DREAUXCLO This week... 👘Looking for new models Serious Inquiries only

♥MENCIONES AL 100%♥ ‏@srone1982gold

★━RETWEET ╰★👒╮ ╭━★━╯ ╰★👛╮ ╭━★━╯GAIN WITH #TSha ╰★👘╮ ╭━★━╯🚀@nealhailey @Naruya7 @Melissa11257119

Gunho ‏@Gunho

Let’s do this! Drink for 🔥 drink for 👘drink for 🎼change #EurovisionSongContest #Eurovision2019 #BBCEurovision

𝕱𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆 ‏@FrancyLaufeyson

First impression, it's Peter Pan looking at Wendy. Second, focus on her 👘cardigan... Beautiful 😍😍 Very. Lovely. Pic…

Gain Mutuals ‏@thespiritmov

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Tropical 🌴 vibes to you this gorgeous Saturday! 🌿🌈What are you wearing Goddesses? ✨✨✨ Check out the latest drops fo…

Destined for Home ‏@destined4home

@gie_it_laldy Very Last Chance to grab yourself Green Stork Kimono design is being ceased 👘 I know I am gutted too…

Adj. emoji Everyword ‏@vestigetire

injurious 👘 whipper ,

전 Jakep. ‏@koofkie

👘. spill.

Joan Doll 🌻 ‏@Anndolldoll26

When you travel, do you pack too much or too little? 👜💼👔👚🎽👓👘👙💄🌂👑🎩👕👢📷📹💻📱 — Sobra pas too much. 🤣

Ms ᴘᴇɴɴʏ ‏@_mspennyyy

I plan on relaxing in my robe for most of today 👘 #rainyday

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