Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

This emoji is kissing, but also looks like a whistling emoji, or blowing air. A bit more of an ‘innocent, I’m pretending I didn’t do anything’ whistle, especially if combined with the music note.

Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😙 Kiss Face

😙 Kissy

😙 Whistle

😙 Whistling


😙 U+1F619




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@eongdongie_ult We love you educating people on Harry Potter knowledge 😙

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@wwxiaou @santiagoseph aw, thanks gurlfriend 😙❤️

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follow my priv heh @coupsetat 😙

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@lajokejcc Osheyyyy baby, shake for daddy. 😗😙😚😗☺️😊☺️

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First choice ka saken 😙😙

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i've been so out of touch that myung leaving isn't even like. Devastating or anything i'm just kinda surprised bc l…

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Story of my life 😙😙😙

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Happy Birthday @ashleyyyb_ 🎊wish u all the best, god bless u mwaa😙

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I like umpah umpah even I just watched the teaser 😙😙 can't wait for tomorrow #RedVelvet #UmpahUmpahD1

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helloooo? 😙

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@maetijanii rn i just really don’t see a point in changing clothes just for tuition.. all i care about is being comfy while learning ✌🏻😙

!!yari ツ🍒🥝 ‏@babiewluv

when i saw this it gave me the urge to shower him in kisses everywhere,, his pretty face is so kissable 😙

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ہے لوووو مے ڈم @MaryamNSharif With lots of love. ...😍😚😙🤗 Stay happy Stay shining...

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@WahabViki @ZaynabWahabviki Wish you a very happy birthday 😙😙

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Creativity level 💯 😙👌🙌 #JANASENANIBdayCelebrationsIn15D #JANASENANIBdayCelebrationsIn15D…

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times so fast♥ and this amazing queens👸👸👸👸 is so strong😙 there friendship is more than a girl group💜 thankyou for b…

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I just blinked 😮🤗🙄🙂😚😙🥰☺️😉😍😘💜💜💜

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@senhorita_sil Thank you ladyyy 😙😀

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@CUBE_PTG im so proud of u 😙

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@saufisazali My pleasure 😙

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@cici_worldwide Too much sauce🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😙

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@kisumeijun my friend wrote a prince eijun and stableboy miyuki fic if you're interested😙

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Not really TT I want to spam a lot but I confused. Been a long time since I tweeted a lot, I'm sorry Bona-yaa 😭 ame…

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@joondivine i have 80 pages left of summer reading 😙✌️

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Right I have young look🌺👉👈😙

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@_p_a_u_l_pol awe missed u so muchh!!!! see u soonest lovelots mwa! 😙💛

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In other totally unrelated news. I plan to release my threatenings list book. Keep you ear on the ground for this.…

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First day of senior year and i woke up late 😙✌🏼

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The fact that this guy was named Mallory¹ is 😙👌 ____ ¹

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@Particle__X @harBodnamrA Gotchu fam, you got 3 now 😙

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/block axby/ 😙


bend for control 😙

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@sunstellations I would love to 😙

Akeee!!🙆🏼‍♂️🏹 ‏@Taymademeswift3

@natheartstaylor U can be MY MY MY MY... friend if uw ant🙆🏼‍♂️💆🏼‍♂️😙

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@winonqryder legend😙

L♡UD ❤CHRIS❤ L♡VE ‏@Forever_ChrisC

@CadyOnTheUpside ❤❤😍❤❤ True perfection❣😍😙❤😍❤ Just amazing amazing amazing😍❤❤😍😙 Forever L♡UD ❤Chris❤ L♡VE ❤❤😍❤❤

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😙- been mutuals for like 2 years now or more, who knows. you’re extremely sweet and so approachable. you should dm…

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@corneliast1989 Cute!😙💆🏼‍♂️

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I’m soft 😙

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I don't know about you. But nobody can threaten me with a soda bottle.😅😃😆😙😊🙃😊😍😍😙😛☺️🥺😁🤭😁😒👿🙂😨👿😈😈😨🤣😋👿

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proven itself slight. Listen to the still small voice that even now speaks. Trying to lift us out of this nauseatin…

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@moonbadilla okay rana yots u did your best 😙

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Labyouboth 😹😙

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@fisabelle_c Loveyoutoo!!!😙

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@Hirondelia first impression: I was like whomst is this headass in my dms. do i like you: YEZ. you are my: hubbie…

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@Nicolesshi1 thankieess congrats din cutieee😙

Donald Trumping my Enemies. #BBNAIJA ‏@BRANDENDORSERng

@cuppymusic Oh, my baby... My jelly Gelato.! 💕💕♥️♥️😙😙💋💋😘❤️

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Happy Monday 🙂😙

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@jiozafernando_ Luv u😙

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with my friends..😙😙😙

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@SupStreamers @Scouse2k @CowboyInBoots @Hitachi1337 @uchiha_sulabh All done 😙

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@Zsuuzsaa Thank you very much dear Lana, glad to hear from you and greatly appreciate your kindness 😊🤗😙✨

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@collantesbianca tutaaaaay 😭 i love you too!! miss youuu 😙💚

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smiley jessie made an appearance last night so i had to capture this rare moment 😙✌️

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@lewd_puritan 😙 queen don’t feed my ego like this !!

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@binestom One of my fav songs too, along with Windrider 💖 It’s not everyday you find someone with this taste in mus…

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@iamyhanaa @pongyannn yan safe good 😙💆🏻‍♀️

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Palanca guyss🤗 To all my friends and soon to be friends yayyy😉🤣☺️Thank youuu😙😙

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@Soooyaya @ULTIMATERPE thanksssssskiss queeniiiee 😙

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babie haechanie just left all the models went jobless 😙☀️🧡‼️

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okay it's cute 😙

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Looking like yo mama 😌😙

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@GLICOsub Okee😙

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank youuuuuu so muchh terima kasih merci xie xie shukran arigato kamsahamnida gracias kop…

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the power these aghases hold 😙😙

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@wntrbrx Awwwwwww......cutieeeeee😙😙😙😙😙😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💜💜💜💜💜💜

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@Maheshw59443106 I love you 👭😙😙😙😙

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luv u!!! @dreanatividad 💖😙

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@matheuslotto Que isso ein bb 😙

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@tracybeanz Kiss me baby before it wears off 😗😙😍

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@Kkeianaa Lord....she a professional 😙💨💨

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@JINSAINTLAURENT shoot me first bruh😙

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@ciara765 I'll box the army head off you hunzo 😙

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im baaack😙

#TwicelightsinKL 💖 ‏@jypnationly

TWICELIGHTS in Kuala Lumpur_MMFU Vcr 2019 (Not chosen) This vcr is so good tho 🥺 Thanks for those who working hard…

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@serreigndipity thank youuu, love u moree 😙

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@TANYADEVINCENZO That will do nicely, now I can smell his working body, and see him😙 You are too lovely to fire!🌼

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In just one day, tons of memories and unforgettable moments with you. I love you always and forever my baby 💓 keep…

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@preet__shergill We & you ahhh😚😙😋

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vainnnn but i like it 😙

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Thank you sa sweater 😙 @Agent_pee

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It’s me 😙✌🏾

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@taexgcfs Na i genuinely want to be here💞😙

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idk about you guys but... woong 😏🥺😍😌😙😆😄😫❤️🤝🙌

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just found a new angsty au and its gonna ruin me haha how delightful✌🏻😙

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stop being cute juseyo or i will eat you ✋😙🛑

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