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Red Circle Emoji

Red Circle was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Large Red Circle” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Unicode Name

🔴 Large Red Circle


🔴 U+1F534




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Bailey The Union Cat🕗 ‏@UBaileycat

@1872Rck Morning Mate 👍🏻🔴⚪️🔵 two new faces in the door and Tim exploding everywhere you turn. 😂🤣

MOHAMMAD UBAID ‏@mohammad_ubaid_

@ShayarImran If I see just two buttons on the EVM 1.🔴 CONGRESS 2.🔴 BJP I will press the 2nd button ! Better… https://t.co/TBTZlwpxkX

𝐒𝐞𝐱𝐲Oɾα💦 ‏@OraSaucyness

@VieArr @VieArr Follow 🔙⚪🔴

BadBanter ‏@KingBanter_T

🔴 LIVE @_HILLHILL2 on @YouNow - come chill https://t.co/YJDhTro16H

True Blues Loyal®️™️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@TrueBluesLoyal

Score predictions time bears what are you thinking about it Leave your scores below ⬇️ As always we will post th… https://t.co/LjgGxTg6cn

Rishav Bhattacharyya ‏@warriorinpain94

Good morning reds and @FabrizioRomano .. Waiting to hear HERE WE GO! from you . For this week it will be more spec… https://t.co/ul3teQbyKP

Rounak Mondal ‏@RounakM01439944

🔴Committees & Topics🔴 UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Topic: Mission 2030: Attaining zero hunger in Af… https://t.co/2ZotDbw31h

Rounak Mondal ‏@RounakM01439944

At International MUN 17.0, we take a look at issues like health, hunger and literacy while continuing to discuss th… https://t.co/DdMfdl6JSv

TopcuJ ‏@TopcuJ

MATCHDAY 🔴⚫ #UefaEuropaLeague https://t.co/XtcVuXykeR

Neil Lenihan ‏@neil_lenihan

Well, an eventful Tues evening. Cricket training was coming to a finish, I’m pacing in to bowl - & WALLOP! 🔴💥 A ba… https://t.co/1gtzlcEhMD

leigh burns ‏@21leighbee

Sliding in to Wednesday like 🔴⚪🔵 https://t.co/K0fMmoPvnU

Trading Central Particulier ‏@TCENTRAL_FR

🔴📽️ Voir #Vidéo #Forex #USDCAD July Markit Manufacturing PMI surprised at 52.9 $USDCAD #TechnicalAnalysis Capped… https://t.co/wFzadFiBP3


@mortenfr @bloom200 @venus_0712 @Barry61099209 @AlwaysUnited20 @TFWriter @damoA8375 @JamesW1878 @RedDevil_George… https://t.co/E1xHdajPF9

Dave 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 ‏@55in2020

Good morning Brothers and Sisters 🔴⚪🔵 https://t.co/pEKbaKiucD

Middle East Eye ‏@MiddleEastEye

- UK says too early to speculate on cause of massive blast in Beirut - Cyprus says ready to send medical teams to… https://t.co/MIqPVEixSd

Radar Robot ‏@HRRRobot

Weather radar simulation tracking precipitation over the next 18 hours. 🔴 = heavy 🔵 = light https://t.co/P4F27hapN3

Ighalo fanatic®🇿🇦 ‏@Zito_mufc

#MatchDay let's go 🔴🔴 #MUFC_Family #UEL #MUNLASK https://t.co/vpSf6yBSrK

Clinton Alharazi Eleto ‏@EletoClinton

Happy anniversary 🎉🔴 https://t.co/NpmxGvWPNM

Speciali Scene ‏@SpecialiScene

Here’s what I got! 🔴⚪️ Went for Tierney on the back after his impressive debut season, think he’ll be a really big… https://t.co/ZkRfr5GszS

JoeTheHumble ‏@_JoeTheHumble_

🔴 LIVE on @YouNow - https://t.co/apIHeXfF54

Sid ‏@tinyredhead13

🔴 LIVE on @YouNow - https://t.co/WP4jNdDKud

doubledummy's ‏@DoubledummyS

📢 I'm starting 🔴 LIVE on #Fortnite ! https://t.co/YCRrR0ehY9 #wizebot #twitch

Spiro I ‏@SpiroSpianada

https://t.co/Qbj3vMJDbv #Tifosi, while you can’t be with us on the track. We appreciate your support ❤️… https://t.co/yYVCxxn4Vw

Spiro I ‏@SpiroSpianada

https://t.co/4KgRKQ1181 They are a true test of a driver's fitness… 💪 Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel are unbelievab… https://t.co/DwzuhHeeMD

Ini ‏@Simon_inans

𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 its matchday again, let’s go! 🔴

FC Pyunik ‏@FC_Pyunik

🔴🔵🟡Official statement: Artem Avanesyan https://t.co/687FKpH1HZ https://t.co/3fRYpJNlD2

Voice Actor, Podcast - Music - Digital Marketing🎤 ‏@DTongSports

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Georgie Attwood🔴⚪ ‏@georginaattwoo2

@BristolCity @andiweimann Happy Birthday 🥳🔴⚪ 2 days younger than me!! Have a good one

murat turan ‏@murattu78914557

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SoaR Catkinz ‏@SoaRCatkinz

LIVE 🔴 Warzone Season 5, that is all...🤑 RTs appreciated https://t.co/xGgaBvgRVT https://t.co/xGgaBvgRVT

تأسيس شركات وتخليص المعاملات في البحرينShahd ‏@Shahd92654129

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Shinil Payamal ‏@shinils

@SobhaBJP LIVE🔴 https://t.co/m95S9dWAPR Use this link to view history #BhoomiPoojan In case, anyone has to miss d… https://t.co/jRkIgv9GwV

Janet@RangersMaw ‏@JanetMcAllist11

@TMacRFC Morning doll Xx Happy Hump Day 🔴 ⚪ 🔵 Xx https://t.co/f5GZbMpFkD

Jamie Keen ‏@Keenooooo

@chewdiggy Same man. Same. 🔴⚪️

mortenfr ‏@mortenfr

@MUFCUnitedReds @bloom200 @venus_0712 @Barry61099209 @AlwaysUnited20 @TFWriter @damoA8375 @JamesW1878… https://t.co/Iqc0yQrTbh

Enny Jose🔴👑 ‏@iyapo_eniola

@ManUtd @MarcusRashford LEGEND 👑🔴 https://t.co/NZZ4bUAhxb

Harting Football Club ‏@ClubHarting

Good evening at the nest for the Kestrels beating Cowplain FC 3-1. Goals coming from: Josh Grant ⚽️ Josh Jeremiah… https://t.co/f0LR30Za2Y

Damini ‏@Damini33541394

At IMUN 17.0, we take a look at issues like health, hunger and literacy while continuing to discuss the way forward… https://t.co/1gmw35h3kK

manjunath raikar ‏@manjunathraika2

@BSNLCorporate , @BSNL_KTK , Broadband connection is down. Fibber connection is showing 🔴colour. I am working from… https://t.co/uamZyPUGh0

Wilson Golf Europe ‏@WilsonGolfEU

🏆 It’s Major Week. The @PGAChampionship kicks off this Thursday. How many of these Bags are in the field? 🔴⚫️… https://t.co/Pf8hU1z5Zf

Tutor Exilius ‏@TutorExilius

🔴 is NOW LIVE on TWITCH: https://t.co/8AYvxMDTA9 ► [DEV] C++/Qt: QTreeWidget bzw QTreeView? - Etwas Qt am Morgen,… https://t.co/9YWZHki6ze

ITK ➐ ‏@ITK06

@OldManRivers71 @FabrizioRomano Our sources have told us its done You should know Manchester United by now They del… https://t.co/fD0GBlQnOK

having fun ‏@SaeedooohS

Good morning It's finally matchday and it already feels good.. Let's go United ⚪🔴 #mufc

Live Event Broadcast ‏@iLEBsa

T- Days to #Race Weekend We're on our way to Aldo Scribante Racetrack for Round 2 #SAES 🔴 Entries Open… https://t.co/CNwEJj4a6g

Sabrina Whittington ‏@SabrinaWhittin3

When nothing is going right, go left. 🌷 🔴 #CuteGirl Kiss me: @SabrinaWhittin3

OceanicEsports ‏@OceanicEsportGG

🔴 OEDL is BACK tonight! Tune in for our games LIVE on https://t.co/a9O5mdrJF7 Head over to our website for more in… https://t.co/jjtY8Z0Wa5

Janet@RangersMaw ‏@JanetMcAllist11

@WATP_com Downloaded. Really good app that's the first time I've seen it 🔴 ⚪ 🔵 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 https://t.co/eo2EC6Qicz

Anshumaan Singh🇮🇳 ‏@Anshuma53910317

@yasmingov Bring it on 😍🔴


@KellyFosters @bloom200 @venus_0712 @Barry61099209 @AlwaysUnited20 @TFWriter @damoA8375 @JamesW1878… https://t.co/i1nckFh39R

Upright man ‏@Sotex30

@ManUtdInPidgin ❤️. ♥️🔴🚀 #GGMU Happy birthday 🎂 @ManUtdInPidgin

Rebel Videos ‏@Mr_RebelVideos

More "Peaceful Protests" in Portland Oregon @tedcruz @SenTedCruz Night of the 4th going into morning of the 5th 🔴 T… https://t.co/tOjKsw6E1C

Devin Spencer ‏@_devin_spencer

Eyes on the target. @PENNfb @coach_ru @CoachMetzler @CoachPriore #ChampionYourLife 🔴🔵 https://t.co/vw3KvAjfLz

Buzzbee Events ‏@BuzzbeeEvents

Qnother matchday, another win? Come on Reds 🔴💪 https://t.co/pF3V5sZWb8

Kell-MUFC ⚽🔴 ‏@KellyFosters

@MUFCUnitedReds @bloom200 @venus_0712 @Barry61099209 @AlwaysUnited20 @TFWriter @damoA8375 @JamesW1878… https://t.co/hhmwufMLg0

Fat BéBé💙💔🐐🕸‼️ ‏@FatBeBe33

👍 on @YouTube: 🔴 Live With Upper Cla$$ (Beef With Envy Caine Squashed) Envy Says He Has No Competition In Brooklyn https://t.co/WFqBHsC8Nf

RFC Liège ‏@rfcliege

🔥 JOUR DE MATCH ! 🔴🔵 🆚 FC HERSTAL 🏟️ Stade de Rocourt 🏆 Amical ⏰ 20h00 📲 #RFCLHerstal https://t.co/U6ltnKmmMz

simran_sandhu ‏@simrans32644351

🔴Committees & Topics🔴 . UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Topic: Mission 2030: Attaining zero hunger in A… https://t.co/XdDH7STcPW

simran_sandhu ‏@simrans32644351

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Paullllll ‏@RedCity91982991

I’m not saying it today Bristol City fans 🔴🔴🔴📝👎🏻

♦ єⓛ 𝔠H𝐢к𝓤𝐈𝓃 ♗★ ‏@ChikuiNstrtpoet

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UTDSTEV7 ‏@utdstev7

@ManUtd @MarcusRashford Our number 10 🔴🔴

Chip ‏@TheFrejaFly

🔴 LIVE @jeremiah_daly on @YouNow - JDaly is going to kill me https://t.co/QrQjxtO74y

Ross Mchardy ‏@rossmchardy72

@MartinHickey9 @WestHam The point is there are certain clubs in this country that have great traditions and fans th… https://t.co/wgbEYp24S0


@ManUtd @damoA8375 C’mon the reds!!!! 🔴🔴🔴🏆 @MUFCUnitedReds IFB all FT fans! Everyone who follows me I’ll follow b… https://t.co/LPDQC3fgBs

Goldie Irish ‏@GoldieIrish

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Krishiv's_kitchen_ ‏@krishiv_s

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Yugan ‏@Narmathan18

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Ronell Plasschaert ‏@RonnieFlex2907

Chicago Legends 🦋⚪️🔴⚪️🦋

The Groomed Male ‏@TheGroomedMale

New post (🔴 LIVE Q&A Ask Antonio Anything 🔴 RMRS Coffee & Style FRIDAY Sept 28th @ 8AM EDT US 🔴) has been published… https://t.co/VurIk7gUkG

Radio Tatras Int. ‏@RTI

🔴 LIVE on @YouNow - https://t.co/BcWwoTecGs

Daniel Carnell ‏@DanielCarnell13

Well done St Helens claiming a seventh title after beating Salford Red Devils in the Betfred Super League Grand Final 🔴⚪🏉🏆 @Saints1890

Kolkata MUSC ‏@MUFCKolkata

IT'S MATCHDAY! It's been a while! The League is over. UCL Secured. Now it's time to turn our attention to the… https://t.co/7a0gI6YORx

Digger Dagger Matchday ‏@Keanehandley1

@GeoffBaker1974 That would be necessary to get promoted I feel also. At least 2 top quality strikers. ⚔️🔴🔵

Fabrizio Romano ➐ ‏@flshtrm

Jadon #Sancho to Manchester United, confirmed - HERE WE GO! Deal will be announced for £100m + add ons to Dortmund.… https://t.co/Z2v7gMaEff

Mudassir Qayyum ‏@mudassir57097

Come hangout with me > 🔴 Cricket Fever on #BIGOLIVE https://t.co/sjWBaWnSjo https://t.co/YhYPfOaoDi

Simon Hindley ‏@SimonHindley

@K_Reidy @FtblfinnEFC1878 @LfcTheov2 @LFCLiverbird96 Aye, not a bad collection of trophy’s those are they 🏆🔴⚽️👍

Nshuti Falou ‏@NshutiFalou

@ManUtd i kindly request u to make for us the fans a double digit aggregate please 🙏GGMU🚺🔴⚪⚫

Hyper Hanks ‏@hankey99

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Racketeer Radio ‏@RacketeerRadio

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George ‏@ClubdeckGeo

SOLD to another bear! 🔴⚪️🔵

#ODeen ‏@deenallen_

🔴 LIVE @connortryon_ on @YouNow - Come thru and chill with Connor https://t.co/eUKA14hkgC

Ross Wheelock ‏@WheelockLfc

@Badges4TheMatch Got him 🙏💯🔴

Camera Enforcement Unit ‏@WMP_CEU

ENFORCEMENT FIGURES 28/07/20 - A461 Lichfield Road - Walsall Wood. 30mph speed limit. 🔴Offences of excess speed re… https://t.co/z3revFwVyE

Formula1.it WM ‏@Formula1WM

ScuderiaFerrari: #Tifosi, while you can’t be with us on the track. We appreciate your support ❤️ #essereFerrari 🔴… https://t.co/mn8RgsjD7P

Ian Barrett ‏@mrbser75

@RichCawleySLP Delighted for Scotty, cracking player for us @CAFCofficial and doing a fine job at Fulham, also well… https://t.co/D1IDX13Kwz

Formula1.it WM ‏@Formula1WM

ScuderiaFerrari: They are a true test of a driver's fitness… 💪 Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel are unbelievable… https://t.co/tUZrRM9apj

Formula1.it WM ‏@Formula1WM

ScuderiaFerrari: Running at Mugello… We can’t wait to be there in September for our 1000th GP 😍 #TurningBackTime p… https://t.co/s0tNsN1PxP

Formula1.it WM ‏@Formula1WM

ScuderiaFerrari: 🔙 🔜 #essereFerrari 🔴 MissionWinnow https://t.co/MwJ9Dnpi1t

Karan ‏@AFCKaran15

@ArsenalWFC @DanielleDonk Happy Birthday Van De Donk! 💯🔴 https://t.co/MQBRn5wRAj

Camera Enforcement Unit ‏@WMP_CEU

ENFORCEMENT FIGURES 28/07/20 - A41 Warwick Road - Solihull. 30mph speed limit. 🔴Offences of excess speed recorded… https://t.co/NFtUEgJlhL

Camera Enforcement Unit ‏@WMP_CEU

ENFORCEMENT FIGURES 28/07/20 - A4040 Bromford Lane - Washwood Heath. 30mph speed limit. 🔴Offences of excess speed… https://t.co/Im5k8uFjPX

Bawunah Apollo🧣💚💛 ‏@bawunah

@Helle66221114 Good morning dear Helle 😁 😁🇾🇪🔴👍 wish you a lovely day ahead. Take care of yourself 🙏

Delhi Ajeeth ‏@DelhiAjeeth3

Tragedy it is ! Deepest condolences and prayers to all the injured & affected families 🔴💔 https://t.co/wHs9XfJFzc

▫️D H E E R A J ▫️Justice for SSR ‏@Dheeraj_sansare

🔴BIG BREAKING : #RheaChakroborty says in panic, " Don't Arrest me, Don't Arrest me please ." Le people :… https://t.co/3HkSLDmA7z

Mɪᴄᴋɪᴇ ᒪOᐯE 🖤 ‏@MickieLove_

📢 I'm 🔴 LIVE on #GrandTheftAutoV ! https://t.co/e4fm3UL7Ma #wizebot #twitch

UTDSTEV7 ‏@utdstev7

@goal Tbh it’s going to be a Untied and Inter final. Cmon u reds 🔴🔴

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