Left Speech Bubble Emoji

A left-facing speech bubble, which was included in Unicode 7.0, but not considered a standard addition for the purposes of emoji presentation.

Left Speech Bubble was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 2.0 in 2015.

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🗨 U+1F5E8

️ U+FE0F


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Lucy ‏@luckyme1786

@lajnascotland Yes, Mahommed liked little boys and girls, didn't he? Freedom of speech 🗨

Graeme Wood ‏@woodg31

From November 1975 it's LOOK-IN! Queen! Man About The House! The Six Million Dollar Man! The Tomorrow People! Space… https://t.co/MZhvdF7TOm

Graeme Wood ‏@woodg31

From November 1975 it's LOOK-IN! Queen! Man About The House! The Six Million Dollar Man! The Tomorrow People! Space… https://t.co/TKeor2aJXE

Graeme Wood ‏@woodg31

From November 1975 it's LOOK-IN! Queen! Man About The House! The Six Million Dollar Man! The Tomorrow People! Space… https://t.co/tCG4PNlywg

Graeme Wood ‏@woodg31

From November 1975 it's LOOK-IN! Queen! Man About The House! The Six Million Dollar Man! The Tomorrow People! Space… https://t.co/KTjz4Sb0CL

Ataguba Aboje ‏@attaguba

@toluogunlesi So much hate for @renoomokri. I wonder what charges you guys have planned to nail him if dares come b… https://t.co/07fsv7KQ2R

Sophia Kerubo sk2🇰🇪 ‏@KeruboSk2

Who's Active 🇰🇪 Gain Gain Gain 💦100 followers🍁 100rts🇰🇪 💦200 followers🍁 200rts🇰🇪 💦300 followers🍁 300rts🇰🇪 💦400 fol… https://t.co/vq5qhR8dgj

Nudes, Memes n Videos😘 ‏@Down2EarthYanna

🙄 Just Cuz I’m Posting Don’t Mean I’m Answering Messages 🗨... Those Are 2 Completely Different Apps 😒

StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — A restaurant called 'Immigrant Food' just opened a block from the White House - CNN… https://t.co/MgBWiG7mmu

📬🎲🇺🇸 ‏@Slickbrandon_

Everybody I get some type of money wit.. I got the $ sign next to yo contact name... 🗨 lol

IG: sportsmvt ‏@sports_mvt

#SportsMvt Saturday Shoutout Proteas Women all-rounder & current BA Communications Science student, Suné Luus, is… https://t.co/Rx4XHwy1Pc

⚓☸🌊🌐🌊BlueOcean 🌊QUEST☸⚓ ‏@S_ErSEA_SHIPsCo

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Mohammad Saquib ‏@Saquib933

Where is freedom of speech 🗨. . . .? #ReleaseAlisohrab

Casey ‏@XY_Hellway

💬 Daily Plot Episode 3 ⏰ Current Time 🏙 Walmart, Universe City 👤 1st POV 🗨 @XY_Tolson https://t.co/zbIuLEs39R

Experian ‏@Experian

🗓 Please mark your calendars and save the date to join our 💳🗨#CreditChat on Wednesday, November 20, at 3 pm ET/12 p… https://t.co/724iQD1lt9

StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — Inventor of 'Sourtoe' human toe cocktail dies - CNN https://t.co/iMmGOuC3r5 https://t.co/vUGgP6LFB1

Blue is the color 🌏 ♊♊ ‏@MuhindiJuma

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StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — The St. Francis Terriers travel to NC State in need of inspiration and talent and size… https://t.co/RZyXkKJdze

☆soccer2night☆ ‏@soccer2night

🏆 NYSPHSAA BOYS SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI ⚽ BRENTWOOD HS🆚OSSINING HS 📺 Watch it live on https://t.co/TLpai3mMl4 🏟 M… https://t.co/gIYVAPhAhM

Elizabeth Chaulk ‏@MrsChaulk

Totally trying chat stations next week. This looks interesting and different! 💬🗨 https://t.co/HjMOW2WbaA

Politics1001 ‏@twtpolitics1001

@RepAdamSchiff Politics1001. @RepAdamSchiff 👉 Your #ImpeachingHearings, is a sham and typically #vaudeville 👉… https://t.co/GFkDyw0fGC

Basic Income Quotes ‏@BaseIncomeQuote

"A roundup of studies on the effect of cash transfers similarly found no negative effect on work. People worked out… https://t.co/Z7Q0k0vxFp

flacko ‏@antidotrs

@derezinn online= 😻❤💙❤❤💜♥💝💕💖💌💖💖🔥💋💫💖💫💯✨💯💫💖💦💨🕳💤💭💬💭💤💯🗨💀💭💀💭💀💭💀💭✨💖❣💖💕💖❣💖❣💖❣💖❣

A™ ‏@Solimanizm

Just more coffee and silence ..🗨 https://t.co/2ipfBcOn4q

A.Soliman™ ‏@lovelydays_

Stay thankful, and humble! 💌 All for one...one for All ..🗨

ً ‏@finwlfd

@skatababy THUS PIC🥺💗🥺💗🥺💗😡🦵💞💝💕💘💞💔🧡❣💟💜💟💜💤💘🧡❣💓💝💝💞💓💝🦱👄🦲💕💘❣💢❣💚🖤💤💜💤💬💜🗨💙💌💛💌💛💌🧡💌💟💟💌❣💛❣❣💕❣💞💌💞💌💛🧡❣😍😍😘🗨😘😘🗨

Bearberry 🐻 ‏@chimmy_cuty

@solarityroses @5tarryN1ght @BTS_twt @BTS_twt blue 🦋🐳🐋🐬🐟🥶💙🗨👗🧥👕👖💦💎🧢🧿🌐🌀💧🌊❄📘🔵

Krzysztof Żochowski ‏@kszdot

🗨 "... Yes. I'm Vegan. I'm from Vega. I like you... :) " 👽🕶🧢🍴🍹 🐷👒🍹 🐷👒🍹

TeacherLady Cohen ‏@MrsTTCohen

@ASCD What a great https://t.co/tumvxpr3Wh apply to Observations too! For every 1 thing a teacher should work on 🗨… https://t.co/QdQuk53sGA

Olúmídé. F ‏@Olu_mind

@SERAPNigeria @realDonaldTrump Intellectual Word War going on somewhere but I know some senators that sleep in cham… https://t.co/UYfXtpcOQ3

𝐖𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐲 ‏@WDHWendy95

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AWS Support ‏@AWSSupport

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آلَحً ـوُتُ SM. لم الغي متابعة احد🤨 ‏@MiqdadySamer

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Oney Group ‏@OneyGroup

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ABUHB Children's Speech and Language Therapy ‏@ABUHB_Speech

Phonetics Friday 🗨 Who can guess the message this week? https://t.co/kqveepSExg

StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — London to Sydney flight breaks world record with a 19 hour, 19 minute flight time - Q13… https://t.co/D8fO8qMHtU

Aleyna ‏@Pantsu_ki

@MATTHEWGU4 Good point 🤔 but uh 👉👈 maybe we can 🥺 talk 🗨☺️ on Discord 🤳 someday 😳 or..❓🤐

G and M Aldridge ‏@Twitridge


StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — Friday’s Travel Forecast (11/15/19) - WETM - https://t.co/jWK8V8u7MW… https://t.co/98F9VG1C3Z

V Philippines💜🇵🇭 ‏@TAETAE_PH

[NEWS] 191115 #TaehyungNaver "K-pop representative icon", fever to imitate #BTSV... ‘V Signature + Halloween V Cost… https://t.co/58dKr9GRiw

Game Rewards ‏@sexycutie2018

YOU have the power to restore the TITANS 👹What's the missing piece 🗨? https://t.co/Quf1SVWzkj https://t.co/9kOvTzIDmE

JVWEB ‏@jvweb

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Sa Calobra Cycling Club ‏@sacalobracc

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Honey singh 🗨 ‏@Honeysss007

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HS ‏@hso_s22

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Georgia ‏@Dirt_Monkee

Morning! #TB24 kicks off in 1hr15 on https://t.co/OVYCS80v25 To the streamers: Good Luck & have a blast!😂 To the… https://t.co/gZ5bPchvXC

T.John ‏@Y9power

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SIDDHARTH DAYALWAL #HackerEarth ‏@SiddharthDayal1

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StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — Business leaders travel to Tennessee | Local News - Brunswick News… https://t.co/UCmvgGAGWH

Citra Dinanti ‏@CitraDinanti

🗨 I Am An Exorcist For A Living | For A Living https://t.co/wwqLanl55J

Citra Dinanti ‏@CitraDinanti

🗨 I Am A Professional Cuddler For A Living | For A Living https://t.co/6zG3gmudhZ

Basic Income Quotes ‏@BaseIncomeQuote

Under no conditions should anyone's income ever fall to zero. It's time to pave a road over poverty. 🗨@scottsantens https://t.co/0pviPQJGNI

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Marcin Sułkowski ‏@Sullkowski

🗨 The minimum monthly #pension in #Bulgaria will be raised to... €125 as of July 1 next year. The increase affects… https://t.co/V9I1z2Klxh

PS ‏@LFC771

And the award for the longest speech 🗨 goes to..........? #AwardsforExcellence #Isleofman 🇮🇲

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Fresh Relevance ‏@FreshRelevance

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We're live from the first Policy Conference of @EBI_EU 🗨 Interesting discussion on banking supervision with… https://t.co/xli8U8cvgU

StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

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🌺💖CoralBeauty💖🌺 ‏@CoralBeauty69

I love to beg! 💙🗨💙🗨💙 https://t.co/pTJYf1hY2c

♍Lula 💋 ‏@lula4u

🗨 And even if they may have to make some compromises, like in any relationship, while trying to get over the partne… https://t.co/6HQQljtL6B

♍Lula 💋 ‏@lula4u

🗨 Sure, there will never be moments of extreme joy or otherworldly experiences, mainly because neither is seeking s… https://t.co/3mAOstzMiR

♍Lula 💋 ‏@lula4u

🗨 Loyalty, devotion and commitment are one-way trips to them, and will likely never give up on their loved one, eve… https://t.co/RTNSWXHUl9

Aman Sheikh ‏@AmanSheikh_____

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life--think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles… https://t.co/PxJ6Zyivud

Tara Burner ‏@taraburner

3 things that can make your dreams come true... 💫 Your words 💬 your thoughts 🗨 mostly your actions 💣🗯 be the spark… https://t.co/5dcfETlNlJ

StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — These are the worst times for Thanksgiving travel in metro Detroit - WXYZ… https://t.co/9DVrmqyDTj

Citi Handlowy ‏@Citi_Handlowy

🗨 A.Łakomski #CitiHandlowy: Polish companies choose develop countries but they also have appetite for more exotic d… https://t.co/pyy0T7NwuB

Citi Handlowy ‏@Citi_Handlowy

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babuskatuya🍂🍄🍁 ‏@skatuyart

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World Inequality Lab | WID.world ‏@WIL_inequality

🤔 How Much Are the Poor Losing from #TaxCompetition? Would they be better-off if European countries were able to ha… https://t.co/qVAyEO47ZA

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Beaumont Primary School ‏@Beaumontprimary

Language and vocabulary is the air we breathe...as it states in our Home Learning Policy...we must value the import… https://t.co/N9VIkTshqs

Sanjay Kumar Mishra ‏@FastNewsDelhi

We are Indians not because we live in India, We are Indians because India lives in us !!! 🗨 #AyodhaVerdict is hist… https://t.co/1H47k8iczr

StatesFly ‏@01_01_01_f

🗨 https://t.co/0jwo5NwuEs — KISS Have Cancelled Their Farewell Australian Tour - Music Feeds https://t.co/th2Ddva3ji https://t.co/KOzB12y6CV

tis the crimson ‏@CrimsonOnCum

👁 Latest Visitors 👁 @FaZeClan --> 🕛 12 min @TTfue --> 🕐 26 min @FortniteGame --> 🕥 32 min @RileyRied6 --> 🕞 46 min… https://t.co/sE7cHKGsHE

Basic Income Quotes ‏@BaseIncomeQuote

This is what would really fight wealth inequality. #BasicIncome 🗨@rcbregman https://t.co/SLMH8lQ43r

#nadazdravic ‏@nadazdravic

Or brother 🗨💙 Thanx to #paul_bloemers https://t.co/PFoFQ4swVO

HumanVSMachine ‏@HumanVsMachine

"This is today. Now try to imagine what 1,000 times this tech and 10 years will do to the industry. We will always… https://t.co/ZphD0IZLKx

Sanjiv Hayre ‏@SanjivHayre

Interesting how 'take away your guns' is ahead of 'takeaway your healthcare' @realDonaldTrump then it's its takeawa… https://t.co/StV00dRt2v

Experian ‏@Experian

In today's 💳🗨#CreditChat, we are going to talk about how to make a holiday spending plan to help lessen your stress… https://t.co/lRt2WFe7Ha

UGA Research ‏@UGAResearch

NOTABLE QUOTABLE WEDNESDAY 🗨 Researchers at @UGA_Engineering - including Nathaniel Hunsu - hope to better equip und… https://t.co/rV1g74wxWS

benjamina87 ‏@benjamina871

@Anitlaurel @femigbaja Hate speech 🗨 just recorded ⏺

⚓ErSea☸BlueQuest☸ShipsCo⚓ ‏@S_Shipsco1

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♍Lula 💋 ‏@lula4u

🗨 "He" can be turned off by her character. If "she" can’t control the way she is, it’s possible she’ll lose him forever 🤔

⚓☸ShipsCo☸🌊🌐🌊⚓ ‏@shipsco1_S

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♍Lula 💋 ‏@lula4u

🗨 After a break up, he will have to get it together somehow. It’s awful if he hasn’t already realized she can’t be… https://t.co/qEBSTuB7CT

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