Level Slider Emoji

Level Slider was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🎚 U+1F39A

️ U+FE0F


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JohnTuckerr ‏@SEXology_

Nipsey really was something different.... 💙🎚

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: SLG are looking to bring a little bit of organization to their organization! 💼 Project Manager 🏢 Super Lea… https://t.co/lE4p7S4rGY

paulreiser ‏@paulreiser4

@NaldrettPat It’s about time. I’m not prejudice but we should choose who we want in our country!🎚🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🎚

Cecil Weddington ‏@weddingtoncw

@_LoveLike_JESUS AMEN the LORD has RISEN. May all GLORY be to the LORD. 🎚👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸

Steel & Oak Brewing ‏@SteelAndOak

Wednesday means BYOV! 🎚💿 - Bring your own vinyl to the Tasting Room every Wednesday and we’ll dust it off and play… https://t.co/sC6gHJTtKf

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: If you consider yourself a #SocialMedia specialist and have 1+ year EXP in #marketing or #communications… https://t.co/8kjtL0Eflp

HAIRBYSTEPHANY💜 ‏@stephmtzxoxo

I can freaking breathe! 🎚🙌🏼

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Looking for work-from-home #SoftwareDevelopment work in #gaming / #esports? Check this out... 💼 Full-stack… https://t.co/eTAOCjpYOy

Redemption Expressions ‏@Redemption402

#RedemptionExpressions #Bible #VerseOfTheDay 🎚 Everything you say & do should be an expression of your #faith.… https://t.co/5f3W12YkEK

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: There seems to be a lot to like about this #esports/#gaming company, including the fact that they operate o… https://t.co/9CVP6v9RHn

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: One fantastic #remote #esports #writing role after another... 💼 SEO Writer: Esports and Competitive Gaming… https://t.co/KVzDvPR4SZ

Jess. ‏@StylishScambino

Need your R&B sauce edited, tuned or mixed? I’m your engineer 🎚 Here’s a demo track https://t.co/usVio60nGE

richardsbeats ‏@richardsbeats

#JoanneDennehy #lord have mercy on us #men .. sick sick 🤢 #monster 🎚

KayDaProducer 💿❤️🦅 ‏@KayDaProducer

Gig out in St Louis tomorrow link up 💿🎚💿

Vincent ️ ‏@highvincent_

Please don’t let em inside 😩🎚 https://t.co/X1JeHYpbYy

Sharon Franco ‏@therealLSF

I knew I could 🎧 🎚👙

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Love #Overwatch #esports? Awesome at #writing? It's your lucky day! 💼 Overwatch Esports Writer (Video) 🏢 A… https://t.co/6tc1uWO8Yh

LightAudioRecording ‏@light_audio

It's my "excited to record my podcast" face! 😂🎙🎧📻🎚 #music #ProAudio #podcast https://t.co/L5QtuQJWmF

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: We're in a nice run of junior-level #esportsjobs now! (1-2 years EXP needed) 💼 eSports Program Assistant 🏢… https://t.co/L6d1pwCaIE

LA MEUTE © ‏@lameute

Much love from Paris 🇫🇷 Check out the #New RONSHA MIX 🎚 N°139 #BoomBapShow with @WillPerez4Prez @EMSOwnLaneMusic… https://t.co/RnLRaDXMcG

LA MEUTE © ‏@lameute

Peace from Paris 🇫🇷 Check out the #New RONSHA MIX 🎚 N°139 #BoomBapShow with @SaipherSoze @MCDJFinn @vinnie_paz… https://t.co/dWqc9GilxE

Rage The Goat 🐐 ‏@Ragemusic413

Go to the link in my bio 🔥🔥⚰️ straight heat ! 🎚 #music #dope #talent #real #share

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Looking for an #esports opportunity near Badstreet (Atlanta, GA)? 🆓🦜🦆 💼 Membership Sales Representative 🏢… https://t.co/lsVflrizsz

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: The newest member of the #NBA2KLeague is already #hiring! 🏀🐝 💼 2K League Team Manager 🏢 Charlotte Hornets… https://t.co/jvhYLcBvAV

Dats-Jeaüx⚜ ‏@iamjeaux

@_KLoni_ @t_smoove_goody I respect that tho I’m not tripping on that litto bit of money all i care bout is Father’s… https://t.co/kTvfAtV3AY

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: We hadn't heard of OS until yesterday, but DAYUM they are bringing the heat! 🔥🔥🔥 💼 Video Editor - Social &… https://t.co/ImmctHBx2S

Raythe3rd ‏@Raywatsonthe3rd

NEW MIXTAPE OUT FOR ALL THE BEAT LOVERS 🎚🎶🎙🎤 Ray3beats VOL.2 on band camp and sound cloud go check it out!!!… https://t.co/JdyCf3ZNk3

DJ SHADOE ‏@djshadoe

Champagne FRIDAYS.. only at onyxultranightlife 🎚🎥 travon_mitchell_ @thatsdjhardaway x @djshadoe onyxbabes with the… https://t.co/mpiQr6UEuz

Gloria ‏@Gloriaoldsurfer

@steph93065 @jimmyjjohnson99 No such thing as a gay Christian! You are one or the other ! Keep America Great 🇺🇸🎚

LA MEUTE © ‏@lameute

Hey Yo! ⚠️ Turn up your speakers 🔊🔊🔊 Check out the #New RONSHA MIX 🎚 N°139 🎧 #BoomBapShow with @MrErbie… https://t.co/AjgwJDbzPb

Redemption Expressions ‏@Redemption402

#RedemptionExpressions #CoachingMinute ✝️🕝 Write down your #values & #beliefs, then live by them as best you can e… https://t.co/rqOKyJFNzz

SBR Sports Picks ‏@SBRSportsPicks

LIVE🚨 🎚 The Closing Line 👦🏻 @RightSideVP 🗣 Here we go.... Join Donnie and let's talk #NBAPlayoffs actions, #MLB… https://t.co/6pvaCXsTGm

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: This is a Hitmarker first! Someone's looking for an #InteriorDesigner to work on developing an #esports ven… https://t.co/14b8C0Wh2Q

SBR Sports Picks ‏@SBRSportsPicks

LIVE IN 10🚨 🎚 The Closing Line 👦🏻 @RightSideVP 🗣 Donnie is ready for today. He'll be discussing NBA Playoffs Acti… https://t.co/nbzp4hrhgp

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: This is a very high-level #partnerships job involving #gaming and #esports! 🎮🤝 💼 Account Director 🏢 Rogers… https://t.co/0SpINMS28Y

Battery ‏@Batterydnb

Going all Vangelis👨🏻‍🎤with classic synths 🎹 from @therolandcloud and @uaudio vintage processing 🎚#synthesizer… https://t.co/FI6OAk2yve

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Looking for some summer work? Maybe you should TREAT YO' SELF and apply for this! 😎 💼 Technology Camp Coun… https://t.co/HP0W5CtLiS

Block&Chain Labs ‏@LabsChain

Designing #Trust at Scale: Hiding Enterprise #Blockchain Complexity in Products 🏦 🎨 🎚 https://t.co/T6HZhKM8vB via… https://t.co/bnSLFt7bBi

Computer Facts ‏@CompFacts

Daily Computer Facts (in Emoji): 🎚🐓🌊🖧👴🌛.

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: You'll need to keep an eye on #NBA / #NCAA basketball 🏀 and #esports 🎮 for this! 💼 Social Media Jr. Analys… https://t.co/cDMDwKHTfv

paulreiser ‏@paulreiser4

@asheborn57 Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and her husband need a back up plan so th… https://t.co/Wyygh5NIkM

𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 ‏@mylesmke

[BTS] "Time Well Spent" Official Visual on the way 🎚📈 /// 📽hwfilmwerks . . . . . #MKE #iii #hiphop #rap #life #art… https://t.co/UCuTQKal2m

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: Got AAA knowledge of soccer and #WorldCup teams? 💼 Games Tester - Competitive Gaming Development (Quali… https://t.co/iD7fCvqQKs

The Otic Friday ‏@Thlogi_Tau

Freedom day HangOut: 📍 Boombies Lifestyle 📅 27 April 2019 ⏰ 14:00 🍹 OpulentLifestyle Cocktails and Hookahs will b… https://t.co/ykNuOZ7VYC

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: If you love traditional sports as well as #esports and are seeking PT work in Toronto, peep this! 👀 💼 Oper… https://t.co/oCh3b5SmDA

Kay J BeatZzz ‏@BeatzzzJ

I wonder who would go hard on this... Who do you think would kill this beat 😤💯🔥✌® Latest beat instore check out my… https://t.co/ICUVtaRJ3m

Alter The Trap ‏@AlterTrap

@DJZeroSA_. Soweto’s golden boy, DJ Zero has released two singles that have recieved great acclaim in the local Hi… https://t.co/rhiYJbeS9Q

Gossamer ‏@Gossame12241757

@EarnhardtKelley @3bjenks3 He was the Master. Love him or hate him he was RACING. The sport is changed since he lef… https://t.co/V8VUaC1rXO

Rex Rhorer-REALTOR ‏@RexRr4jchomes

Verse of the day!!!🎚❤️💯✝️❤️💯🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼#KALEOREALESTATE #glendorarealestate #lavernerealestate #iloveJesus… https://t.co/TUyWaRfVaz

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: It's been a while since we posted a heavy-duty #gaming #art role! 🎨 💼 Senior Character Artist 🏢 BRAVOCOMPA… https://t.co/AmWXgKE2vh

MixedByRican ‏@MixedByRican

🎚MIXEDBYRICAN 🎚#ThrowBackThursday NOW HE’S IN HIS BAG artisthbtl 2014 a STAR WAS BORN 🚀🚀 NEVER RELEASED IM JST GON… https://t.co/d3mcotSxKy

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Here's a very cool UK-based #communitymanagement role with #Twitch! 💼 Safety Operations Specialist - Frenc… https://t.co/inJ9otOuD0

〽️ Marc ® ‏@deMarcG

@StzMix @StZ_Irratia @AitorGarcia0 the future is remember ever 💢 always remember yesterday & enjoy 🎚🎼🎚💫 #music #livemusic


@TheOnlyDYoung I can’t wait to check it out 😍new music gets me stoked!!! I’m going to be helping anyway I can my ta… https://t.co/UJyqG0f7Rs

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: For those seeking a serious #esports #writing gig... 💼 Business Writer Esports/Journalyst (Multiple Locati… https://t.co/HcKdB60ahF

MusicTT ‏@MusicofTT

🎤 Live Music District (LMD) continues to shake things up with its upcoming event Turn It Up! Live at Kaiso Blues on… https://t.co/a5VHAME8KD


🔊💥NEW SINGLE ALERT💥🔊 . . 🔥🔥🔥🔥LINK IN BIO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . . 💦💦"ABOUT TO GET WET" 💦💦 . . 👅💦OUT NOW💦👅 . . DROP 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 IF YOU FX… https://t.co/HOgjiToEeD

Ken Spangenberg ‏@KenSpang

Great listen @WinningMindGEM @KWBRadio! Made my commute fly 🎚! #DroppinKnowledge https://t.co/Gqj6AGIcLN

🥇CHEAZY MACK🧀 ‏@CheazyMack

•🅰️LBUM OF THE YEAR 🥇💽📀✨🧀 “THE GOOD N BADD JAWNZ” 🎭🎚 Executive https://t.co/6jLyVZW4Yi @TheOfficialAR15 🤮🎹 Coming s… https://t.co/EAiQFS8zSJ

Аudio Massage ‏@4udiomessage

French 79 - After Party Fist of The North Star 👊 do 🎚)aske 👋👀 https://t.co/OwzyAnTFaf

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: You would be the public face of Tencent if you get this... 💼 Esports, Community & Player Relations Mana… https://t.co/iQuJWMX49k

ItsLilLynn 🏁🔥 ‏@TrippyLynn

Cover Art is 🔥🔥🎚 https://t.co/jv6KLf6c5y

Road America ‏@roadamerica

TURN IT UP! 🎚⬆️🏎!!!!!!!! 🎼 - SVRA Spring Vintage Weekend Comes to Road America May 17-19! Get Tickets 🎟➡️… https://t.co/JAEkVd34t1

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: Activision are still taking apps for this #paid #esports #internship in the Netherlands! 💼 Trade Market… https://t.co/EPJdSC2t8C

James ‏@MaybeImBatman

@CoMutiny Slider? 🎚

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Calling all humble, ambitious and broad-thinking #esports #PR experts! We have something for you in Paris!… https://t.co/gbmxeA1o5Y

Aries 🇵🇭 ‏@ariessario

Blackpink's Hope Not gives me that G-Dragon's Butterfly vibes. 🎧🎚

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: This is one of the coolest and most varied EU #esportsjobs we've ever posted! 💼 Junior Esports and Gaming… https://t.co/dgAk1Bvnax

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: Are you an EU-based straight shooter who likes to code and "get shit done"? 💪 💼 Senior DevOps Engineer… https://t.co/EL8rfhzWfw

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: We absolutely love getting #fulltime #junior #GraphicDesign #jobs in #esports to share with you guys and ga… https://t.co/8lwUkBnc5I

Gail ‏@SbCollie97

@MattCardle @Trevor_Horn_ @GCHalls @southbankcentre @RoyalNottingham @THSHBirmingham @BridgewaterHall Can't wait ti… https://t.co/y07uvB4HDN

DJ AyyBoogie ‏@DjAyyboogie

I love them n feel in more control 💿🎚💿 https://t.co/WTwIoSWRxl

Vox ‏@VoxTelecom

By combining best-in-class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Tea… https://t.co/8B8qPb8coJ

Selma Eggs ‏@Hayley_A_Palmer

I miss this one though. This is a real one. I miss her silliness and her sarcasm and her honesty. Putting the world… https://t.co/2KNgoRUFEU


💿-Soulful Melodies Vol_15 🎶_Guest Mix(Into Sou'L #MFVS) 🎚-mixed by THVTNIGGV .. 🎙by: MusiQ Lab | Benedication | Ko… https://t.co/p9M2jjEJ5e

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: The fine people of TEO are still #hiring for a new #HR manager! 👀 💼 HR Manager (m/f) 🏢 Esports Business… https://t.co/6yhox7uJM7

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: You'll see the ♻️ when #esportsjobs are kept open longer than the 30 days we have them live! 💼 EMEA Cli… https://t.co/hCvzlPipBK

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: G-Loot want YOU to enter the fast-paced world of #esports! 💼 JavaScript Developer 🏢 G-Loot (… https://t.co/3rm5gzYsNY

Vox ‏@VoxTelecom

Microsoft Azure lands in South Africa – Q&A with Craig Freer👨‍💼, Head of Cloud ☁ at Vox 🎚 https://t.co/S9bofYYpDI… https://t.co/zdIflSi3yc

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: The great folks at G-Loot are still #hiring for a new #backend #developer... 💼 Backend Developer 🏢 G-Lo… https://t.co/FmC4DTKE9d

Joan Juna ™ ‏@JoanJuna

Follow everyone who Likes and RTs this tweet.🎚👈

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: This is a unique opportunity to join Kingston's corporate #finance team... 💼 HyperX Business Analyst - Fin… https://t.co/sEklgY6EUP

Ilona Maras ‏@DJIlonaMaras

Beautiful Earth we have indeed. 🎚🌎 . . . . . #ilonamaras #techno #music #musicistheanswer #musicismylife… https://t.co/vtCc9dDdp0

Keynode's TechTalk ‏@_techtalkng

▶ https://t.co/RzktVQQgZx ◀ 🎙 Adobe Audition Presets! 🎧 The audio presets I use. ▶ https://t.co/RRuuk4gQyD ◀ 🎚 Lear… https://t.co/1h83qpHJ5P

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: So many #SoftwareDevelopment jobs, so few devs. Won't someone send us the devs? 👩‍💻👨‍💻 💼 Software Developm… https://t.co/YguLKJSbUc

Andy Gaunt ‏@AndyGFarsley

@dropkickmurphys 👍👌🤘🎸🥁🎤🎚🎵loved it last @o2academyleeds #rosetattoo #punkfolk https://t.co/s74fSXeckB

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: Fourth time lucky for this #TwitchPrime role from Amazon? 🤔 💼 Senior Technical Program Manager - Twitch… https://t.co/JdTrYsG5Pj

Jack Kirby ‏@Jackalack1

Turn sound ON! 🎚🔉🔊🏀🙋‍♂️🚨3️⃣ #portland #trailblazers #oregon #damianlillard #lillardtime #nba #nbaplayoffs #playoffs… https://t.co/trvy0hWSHd

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

♻️ REPOST: Good news! If you missed this the first time, Amazon are still #hiring for it... 💼 Video Editor / Graph… https://t.co/4R1XgILMjt

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Here's a chance to work #gaming for a company George Lucas founded back in 1983. Even I wasn't born then! 😅… https://t.co/3FAXCGVH5p

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: If you get this #esports #job you'll be the boss of the person who gets the last one we posted! 😱 💼 Store… https://t.co/eTPJyjEUez

R55 Chill Out ‏@R55_CHILLOUT

DJ Spen RSA Tour 📅: 28 April 2019. 🎚: DJ Spen, Christos, China, HK, Lady Sakhe, Thabo Phalatsane, Thee Gobbs, Jazz… https://t.co/J74rUeSU1k

HitmarkerJobs.com // Esports Jobs ‏@HitmarkerJobs

⚡️ NEW: Looking for work in Vegas? 🎲 Got 1 year EXP in #retail and management? Take a 👀 at this... 💼 Assistant Sto… https://t.co/y45MQRsuDo

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