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Libra Emoji

The Libra astrological sign in the Zodiac. This Zodiac Symbol represents weighing scales.

Libra was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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♎ Libra


♎ U+264E




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🎧The Great "LIT" 💿 ‏@Caparaistan

Let's vote together 💪 @layzhang #LayZhang #ZhangYixing #October7 ♎⚖️ https://t.co/1YWGIJLxiU

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ▰ ´_ゝ` ) φ Ooh! you are the ♎Libra! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♉Taurus 😉Friendship: ♊Gemini 👤C… https://t.co/H66Rkgyq1l

Absolute Soul Secrets ‏@SoulSecrets_au

Libra September Tarot Reading♎Success & Achievement!♎Live Libra Tarot♎ Watch now: https://t.co/cs9gkF96P4

Hazzy 💤 ‏@nahin_diya_acha

Libra ♎ (same)😁 https://t.co/2zwsUBmQjp

jade | 雪儿 ‏@sherrygirlkxe

Height: 5’0 or 5’1 ??? idk anymore Zodiac: Libra ♎ Tattoo: none Piercings: 2 Drink: coffee, milkshakes Color: blac… https://t.co/XSUOP10DG6

Horoscope Bot ‏@HoroscopeBot

LIBRA ♎: You will always be by your side and are not planning to l, but you will read it and share it because it's shame.

Sarah ‏@sarahjoexac

tagged by @buffmonster_ 💕 Height: 165cm/5'5 Zodiac: Libra ♎💜 Tattoos: left leg- hip to ankle and 2 small ones Pie… https://t.co/MOzqSkAAW7

Zee🔔🕖 ‏@Rarezeelu

Height: 5'1.5 Zodiac: Libra ♎ Tattoo: None Drink: Peach Snapple Color: Blue probably lmao Song: LÜNE - Soleil Bleu https://t.co/drl9eTSjqO

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♎ #Libra Daily #Career #Horoscope  Tuesday 11 August  https://t.co/e5W1jmmTgt Click 👇 for this free Libra Horoscope ++more

ShamArt | BLACK LIVES MATTER ‏@shamartTM

Height: 5'8 Shoe size: 10 Zodiac Sign: ♎ Tatoos: 0 Piercings: 2 Favorite Color: Hot Pink/Burgundy Favorite Drink:… https://t.co/1HeccsUWaY

G. Twilight ‏@MrDetroitTycoon

Download my free mixtape "My Ghetto Love Stories" at https://t.co/oczQOKrT6f #Detroit #7mile #Fenkell #Schoolcraft… https://t.co/apiMQmbVDn

Strygea ‏@Strygea

@__panicmoonwalk @AnthonySeptim @lynshellInferno @_CryptoVoodoo @Cariiiiii_ Yeahhhh ♎ 😁

powamowinstarot ‏@Powamowinstarot

Air signs ♊♎♒ sun, moon, rising and venus placements. Intuitive messages. Some of you may be struggling with your f… https://t.co/QRiDDD0oN8

amber! 🐍 comms open🥰 ‏@paradiscrossing

tagged by: @Kenz_ACNH_ - height: 5’6 zodiac: ♎ tattoos: none,, my parents would kill piercings: used to have ear p… https://t.co/xgvLdTg2UH


I wish I had a little more time with you But it's for the best You're too vain for me And he (♊) is the one for m… https://t.co/Cfb40yC6St


Look I'm not in love like I am with him (♊) but this one ♎ hurt me honestly, I know I messed up but fuck he knew ho… https://t.co/fr3eOJHLqN

Money2Thorough ‏@Money2Thorough

@Iightsperrie En puL.. ♾⚕♀️♍♎♓♑🛐🚺♒♎✅

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♎ #Libra Daily #Horoscope  Monday 10 August  https://t.co/FflQWtHbVU Click 👇 for this free Libra Horoscope ++more

Titlesarelame ‏@titlesarelame

Come and see 🔥♎Mr.❶😱❽ѲѲ♎🕋's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE https://t.co/3wnReH2QFx https://t.co/ik3siQAN97

#TeamInFamou$☯️♒⚡ ‏@Kinginfamous27

And cardi handled it just how a Boss ass Libra SHOULD🤞🏾⚖️♎. You know what the scales represent ? Peace, Balance💯💯💯💯

Lowly ‏@mare_deus

Height: 172cm or 5'8 Zodiac: ♎ Tatts: Flowers on my left arm, flash sale flower on my ankle, triangle on my wrist P… https://t.co/uHfhbrtfJa

🌺 Gabrielle 🌺 ‏@gabulouslyrics

Your "sign" that defines you should not be: ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓ The only "sign" you need to define you is this: ✝ 🙏🏻❤

100🆙 ‏@1DoubleOh

Fool, my tarot be spot on! ♎

glizzy mcguire⁷ 💜 ‏@dione_drew

@eliophant I am ♎ rising and ♉ moon! you got all the elements there dude!

TarotLovatic🇭🇹 ‏@TellMeYouLove_5

Libra ♎: For my Libra placements, your sub-theme song is "Moves" by Big Sean. Oooh so yall out here doing the damn… https://t.co/xDwjs8K6R1

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♎ #Libra Daily #Love #Horoscope  Monday 10 August  https://t.co/0bHkkzlnVH Click 👇 for this free Libra Horoscope ++more

Daily Horoscope ‏@Daily1Horoscope

Libra Horoscope Today ♎ August 11 https://t.co/ZNlq4yRoiG

✈ Jet Plane Jane ✈ ‏@jet_plane_jane

My favorite day of the year is coming soon next month ✨♎✨⚖✨

Jeremy G. Cheung ‏@bboygermy

Maintaining stasis ♎ - Just like with this sequence, an important life lesson I've learned is the ability to adapt… https://t.co/Z9DAtBpwIY

Goldie 💖 ‏@ItMeGoldie

height : 5'1 zodiac : Libra ♎ tattoos : 0 piercings : ear drink : mogu-mogu ✨ colour :orange ,yellow, green tag… https://t.co/guH5TD97eU

The Vindicated ‏@Washin8t0r

height: 5ft 9in zodiac: Libra ♎ tattoo: maybe the omega symbol drink: soda color: velvet red or deep purple fav so… https://t.co/ER7SHyzqtq

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Libra ♎ July 26th-September 9th 2020:Something is hidden from you… https://t.co/MkrpoXFWqg

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/OIS60q9ksi #Libra ♎ August 2020: Carrying no more burdens!!! Sub to my YouTube The Guided Pisces♓ shar… https://t.co/xmmUI0XMSQ

LovelyWillow ‏@LovelyWillow90

I didn't get tagged but I still wanted to do it! Height: 5’9 Zodiac: Libra ♎ Tattoo: 4 so far! 1 Fullmetal Alche… https://t.co/rPo4xscF3B

Sir Douglas ‏@SirDougunefheir

@DiveneyMatthew @johnCartman13 @JustinWelby A swollen head double tailed sperm shall not cease from being the 🅰️&♎… https://t.co/Fy9h52BXmo

YA | silkwings ‏@paperweaving

height: 5'2"/5'3" iirc probably the former zodiac: ♊☀️//♓🌕//♎📈 tattoos: no(t yet?) piercings: lobes (1); interested… https://t.co/NE3kvsi7sT

LucidDrift ‏@Cluckingduck47

Height: Idk lol Zodiac: Libra ♎ Tattoos: never Drink: Water, Soda, or Milk Color: Purple 💜 https://t.co/x5LyCamvZZ

Tanisha Blackwell ‏@TanishaBlackw14


Mimi | MARRIED IN VEGAS 🌸 ‏@beautflstrangr

Halsey as Hilary Duff; a thread ♎🌸 https://t.co/z9HVKxuRHu

Judy Andrews Kinne ‏@KinneAndrews

@billyjoel Unable to choose just one, but after reading Billy's autobiography , I have to say " River of Dreams", a… https://t.co/g9fI5nrtxJ

Mimi | MARRIED IN VEGAS 🌸 ‏@beautflstrangr

Halsey as Hilary Duff; a thread ♎🌸 https://t.co/O0UfpTiASO

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♎ #Libra Daily #Money #Horoscope  Monday 10 August  https://t.co/j1iS0zvRot Click 👇 for this free Libra Horoscope ++more

🎃༺ Mia ༻👻 ‏@MiaOfAlfheim

height: 5'8" zodiac: Libra ♎ tattoos: None piercings: None drinks: Water, fruit juice, chocolate milk Tags:… https://t.co/bmIBd1ZNge

GuStAvO🇪🇪 ‏@gustavoseco420

Enjoy the trip..♎⏳🚀

Quentin Pestner ‏@QuentinPestner

Tag yourself. I'm Rustic Rye Bread, soooo me 😍♐😍😍🍞🍞🥖👅♌👅🥖👅🤎🤎♏🤎🙏🍞🍞❤️♈🍞🙏🧡🧡🥯🥯♍🥯🤲🙏📿🈷️🈚🈺🈸🛐💛💛💛😍🙈🙈↕️🥨❤️❤️❤️⬆️⬇️♎⬆️♌🐅🌭🍞🍞🍞🥨🥨🥨🍞💜💜🍞♉🥯🥯🥯💙💙💙🍞♊♋🍞🥐🥐

👑🕊Geisha🕊👑 ‏@Geisha08Loca

Come and see ♎Exynos™⑦'s LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: berkah selalu https://t.co/lHCZ4onl9a https://t.co/BeS5gPoHLJ

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♎ #Libra Daily #Career #Horoscope  Monday 10 August  https://t.co/joMxWCO0O0 Click 👇 for this free Libra Horoscope ++more

𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒊𝒂𝑳𝒐𝑺𝒂𝒊 ‏@sigi91

@erry1976 @nondirmelo @nikotinaebasta @Frank_Gira @DBoltri @elisea1976 @SabegloMurgia @LaMazzaDiHazza @jesuisisy… https://t.co/LLQoBp5Oh9

Cek ‏@CekFor

@MadameA02 @erry1976 @nondirmelo @nikotinaebasta @Frank_Gira @DBoltri @elisea1976 @SabegloMurgia @LaMazzaDiHazza… https://t.co/TvuPtSRCiQ

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ╬ ✪υ✪ ) > Ooh! you are the ♌Leo! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♑Capricorn 😉Friendship: ♉Taurus 👤… https://t.co/PNJsgdHvPr

Drk_Mgcn ‏@DMgcn

♎🌗 yes it's cathartic... https://t.co/MIxzr69tf7

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

📷 ♎ Your innate ability to find balance could come in handy if you must distinguish between confidence and humility… https://t.co/q0pD6HaiVS

That Libra Chic ‏@thatlibrachic

Libras be knowing even when you think we don't 😌😏 follow @thatlibrachic for more libra memes!!! 😝💜🔮♎ #libra https://t.co/z0nqn7o3Pd

thu96 ‏@thuggy96

You like playing mind tricks on me; just not worth it, A ♎ never loses..it's a curse. You proly wish i know how https://t.co/PduLUjfMS2

Vhobi♡ ⟭⟬⁷ ‏@vhobimagiclove

Height: 150 cm (4'9) Zodiac: Libra ♎ Piercing: one in both ears Drink: Maracuya-ade Color: pastel pink, dark blue,… https://t.co/lfkSl8PsDD

VhobiAUs ‏@AVhobi

Height: 5'6.5 Zodiac: Libra ♎ Piercing: both ears have two Drink: Tea!!!! Colors: Black, Purple, Green, and Silver https://t.co/93G8p555Oa

Andy 🦊, astro-commune enthusiast ‏@foxstrology

heres the rest 😌 mars + sun - (saturn + venus) = ♈ venus + moon - mars = ♉ mercury - jupiter = ♊ sun - saturn = ♌… https://t.co/m2Cd9btPpG

Caly Benvenutto ‏@lugwigplayer

@_ElleJohnson repeat repeat and u'll never be beat...again I find myself speechless and again my mind is not functi… https://t.co/kY1XSD9E6g

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ╬ `・д・´ ) ʃ Ooh! you are the ♒Aquarius! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♉Taurus 😉Friendship: ♑Capri… https://t.co/7mPMJUjukK

Christopher Michael Tighe 🏔️Luci-Christ🌅 💛💚💙 ‏@LuciTighe

⚔️💥♊♎🙏💛💚💙🛡️ Super Mozzarella Sticks.. Eg wash add 2 Tbsp chipotle sauce.. mix well.. Grab mozzarella sticks about… https://t.co/1Gqs7dIkBe

Tanisha Blackwell ‏@TanishaBlackw14

MY PUSSY TOO HAPPY TO BE....MAD!!! BITCHHH 💯💪🤷‍♀️🤗💋💯💪♎💪💜👸💎♎✌️🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

♎ Your innate ability to find balance could come in handy if you must distinguish between confidence and humility.… https://t.co/NkamdRN340

Eduarda ‏@AstroBaby91

Juno in ♎: their focus is on the relationship with you, even if you guys have kids. They're mild-mannered and will… https://t.co/82C8nnAtI0

ִֶָ WekiMeki3years ‏@gothsihyeon

Height: 153cm Zodiac: Libra♎ Tattoo: none Piercings: none @tqkuwa @nanafoolish @junhochacha_ https://t.co/NmOVNYIUVV

Luna Sol ‏@IntuitiveAlly

#Libra #♎ ---- "Conserve your energy. Not everyone deserves you. Your inner peace will come as you focus on your ow… https://t.co/o2ouUw2K6L

247 The Sound ‏@247thesound

Get the Gold Standard in Graphics ☝☢ ↔♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ✔♔ ♕DM us now, Get quality beats, graphics, Radio, interviews, promot… https://t.co/7BWiXSLCAd

David Tialavea ‏@team3kstia

I have watch my uso boy from when he was Rockn with the Lobos. This kid is a freak of nature on the grid iron but o… https://t.co/66dJJM9cgG

Christopher Michael Tighe 🏔️Luci-Christ🌅 💛💚💙 ‏@LuciTighe

⚔️💥♊♎🙏💛💚💙🛡️ #ModernWarfare #Monday So since beginning to walk the Path of Christ Conciencness and because my Fait… https://t.co/5zhZkS1I46

SteamDumplingTarot🥟 ‏@dumplingtarot

LIBRA♎ 8/9/20 Releasing the baggage may be a gradual change, as so are many things in life. You may be projecting… https://t.co/inawgBcwOA

𝙟𝙤𝙨𝙚 𝙧𝙚𝙞𝙣𝙖 ⛱️ ‏@joosere_

Height: 177cm Zodiac: libra♎ Tattoo: none Piercings: none (hope so) @jisungshoe @munchinmurmur @sftrosehwi https://t.co/CjstREoWzI

Carl♎Qua 🇺🇸🇬🇧🔥 ‏@Cpt_Quirk1

@RaokRaven @KarenSConniff @Casibari77 @EliFree12 @acevonjohnson @OregonZoo @CarrieStevensXO @BillThomasBass… https://t.co/9RfJOXkgiO

Horoscope Bot ‏@HoroscopeBot

LIBRA ♎: You will promote give business to Bollywood, but you will be My new HUMAN ATM after watching.

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✨JazzyyJupiters✨ ‏@ThaGasgiant

Height: 6'6 Zodiac: Libra ♎ Tattoos: coming soon Piercings: gettin em re-done soon https://t.co/2vRnQMtjJ9

Taskeen Saba ‏@TaskeenSaba1

Height: Iam short 😅 Zodiac: ♎ Tattoo: sadly none Piercing: one in each ear and one more in my left ear. https://t.co/dAcJsJp284

Cj ‏@doodlebug420_

@SensingEnergy This is beautiful 💖 ♎🌟✨🌠💫💙

Christopher Michael Tighe 🏔️Luci-Christ🌅 💛💚💙 ‏@LuciTighe

⚔️💥♊♎🙏💛💚💙🛡️ The not so Sexy pic of my unique Mongoloid figure of Love and and a projection of Light from the Center… https://t.co/nRdsrrIaRF

MikeXeno ‏@MikeXeno365

height : 5'9 or 6’0 zodiac: Libra ♎ tattoo: 0 piercings: 0 drink: Iced Tea color: Red, Black, Green four moots:… https://t.co/1UX1fgRgQL

💙🏁❤️ JustMeVal❤️🏁💙 ‏@JustMeVal203

The Book: What sign is this ⁉️ Me: 🤷🏽‍♀️ All of them Me Again: Folks be really in their feelings about these zodia… https://t.co/dmjj7JNTsa

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

Libra: horoscope of the day - ♎ Your innate ability to find balance could come in handy if you must distinguish bet… https://t.co/bQcIfaLRuY

G. Twilight ‏@MrDetroitTycoon

Download my free mixtape "My Ghetto Love Stories" at https://t.co/oczQOKrT6f #Detroit #7mile #Fenkell #Schoolcraft… https://t.co/Z9YSHW4ze6

Silvia💌 ‏@ChiamatemiAnna8

height:1.65 zodiac:♎ tattoos: none piercing: none drink: coca malibu mutuals: @ognituosorriso @shadeson_… https://t.co/bAZ1996p3e

Bʅαƈƙ Mσσɳ Cσʋҽ Tαɾσƚ, Sριɾιƚυαʅ Hҽαʅιɳɠ & Sρҽʅʅs ‏@blackmooncove

Collective Reading ✨ Libra Placements Only ♎ Wow ok so Libras are going through a tough period in regards to relat… https://t.co/lO1Z4j0nNC

Yuzukahachimir ‏@yzkahchimir

Height: 5’5'' Zodiac sign: ♎ Tattoo: Nop Piercing: 2 @mikasasageyo @AquilaOtero https://t.co/0t73gKEyZh

Christopher Michael Tighe 🏔️Luci-Christ🌅 💛💚💙 ‏@LuciTighe

From an inflow of greater Conciencness that has memory of this because it seems like a memory..: It seems I was a b… https://t.co/PqHqsY6wUe

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