Lion Face Emoji

The face of a lion, often referred to as the king of the jungle. Displays with a cute, cartoon-style face in Apple's artwork that appears to be slightly sad, or timid.

Lion Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🦁 Cute Lion

🦁 Timid Lion


🦁 U+1F981


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leo🦁 ‏@leopodo_dd

Football god 🦁

Breakout Careers ‏@breakoutcareers

🦁 @valiantfinance is hiring a Commercial Lending Specialist in Surry Hills, NSW


What is sin? Do you think sin dey, me I don't think so . Just live your life with much love and care and you are go…

Cyra ‏@Kilcho001

I can't wait for the release. The conservation and caring for each animal individually. The animals looks incredibl…

Puneri Paltan ‏@PuneriPaltan

2 down, 2 more to go! It's time to roar louder for the boys at our home stadium in Pune! 🔊🦁🎫 . Link -…

Kartik O ‏@KOCricket528

@ESPNUK @MLS @Ibra_official The Lion 🦁 still has a lot of goals in him. Zlatan scoring his 500th Goal and a hat-tri…

Tamara Ma ‏@Tamara971227

Mean:P'Plan I love you forever Plan:Me too. 2wish forever🐻💙💚🦁 cr.logo #แปลนชอบหมีมั้ย

Lia Angelaᴹᴬᴵᴺᴱ | ɪᴘᴡғ 10•16 ‏@aaangelaaaa__

yup, I stan the lionhearted girl 🦁💛 #IsaPaWithFeelingsTeaser @mainedcm | #MaineMendoza

AVFC Support ‏@AVFCSupport

Our clash with @BurnleyOfficial on September 28th has now SOLD OUT!👊 Thank you for your support 🦁 #PartOfThePride…

gwyneth adriana ‏@gwynethadriana

HEADS UP! Incase you missed it. Please be reminded that this will be the last audition for this year. See you, Bed…

World Football Chat ‏@BillyWhiz

@AndyBoucher71 @OfficialTM_3 @jmcginn7 Fight like lions 🦁

Daniel #MV33 ‏@F1Daniel33

bring on this weekend! Go Max! 💪🦁🇳🇱🏁 #F1 #SingaporeGP #MV33 #KeepPushing @Max33Verstappen @VerstappenNL

SBCA Runway Organization S.Y.19’-20’ ‏@SBCA_SHS_RUNWAY

The long wait is over! See you on Thursday, Bedans! 🦁❤️ #SBCARUNWAY20192020

حاحا ‏@hananihussien

fav part gila when u drive all day long, with ur fav music and fav people,🦁🙆🏻‍♀️

Liv Effia Blankson ‏@livblankson

🦁 monday morning motivation is lacking ... managed three hours sleep & my honey lemon concoctions have not worked t…

Alexandra Andriolo ‏@Muir_Alexandra

This is love 😍 twin cuddles with daddy! Makes my heart glow 🦁🐻#leoandteddy #andriolotwins #twinboys #identicaltwins…

Akkian Deepanshu Msd ‏@DeepanshuMsd

"I can say only one thing. Mahendra Singh Dhoni will only be the Captain for the Chennai Super Kings next season."…

Smita Sup ‏@SmitaSup

@PriyaSriram14 @Srivigal Absolutely! He didn't know/understand the format of the game initially. Saravanan formed h…

Ronron ‏@RonronBot_

smol ronron 🦁

Sadio Mané Ballon d'or💪🦁👌🇸🇳 ‏@BiraMbodj

@FIFAcom @SM10 ballon d'or 💪🦁👌

Dree_MoneY😂🌚😍🤣 ‏@Dree_Money

Apart from Elephant 🦁 which other domestic animals you know that live in water😂😂😂

Brigita /90 line VIXX/ ‏@BrigitaNeo

@CHA_NNNNN @JUNGTW_LEO Good day and well-being! Support each other best friends! God bless you! 90 line VIXX🍀🐻🦁🍀

🕊 ‏@__h1ghflyer

Thank you Jah for waking i&i up to see another day👑🦁✡

Nathan J C ‏@naytenC

Just watched the OG animated Lion King movie...forgot how great of a movie it is 🦁👑

BurningHammer (荼ダー憐レン) ‏@HeelFale

Shota Umino is my favourite young lion 🦁 #njpw #njdest

ShropshireSpurs01 ‏@jonnylam21

@samwarburton_ Looking forward to the Lion Quays tonight Sam and reading the book. A few fellow @SpursOfficial fans…

Bay-E ‏@ersn6891

@FALCAO @GalatasaraySK That's unbelieveble bro.. That's my gift 4 my birthday.. 🦁🐅 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

FHS Guidance Dept. ‏@GuidancenewsFHS

Let’s have a great week, Lions!🦁

LEO Burn Bot 🦁 ‏@burnleoburn

2,273 $LEO (2,459.61 USD) were burned today at 09:01:30 GMT 🔥. Total supply is now 993,850,538.9 🦁.

SilvanSòn ‏@Silvan0027

😻🦁🐱🦁.. My Lion baby in the garden... 🌻🏵️🌼😻😹😹😽

Xolani Thusi ‏@rooikazee

#lastletterZZT one man show(loner) Lol haai my last born is a strong daddy’s boy. Father son bond strong with ZZT.…

The CWU ‏@CWUnews

Crewe #WeRiseAgain 🦁

Lion Tutoring ‏@liontutoring

🦁🇿🇦✍ GET A TUTOR in Johannesburg. 📲 Download Our App 👇👇👇 #liontutoring #southafrica…

Stijn Cool ‏@CoolStijn

I'd rather live one day as a lion than 1000 years as a sheep 🦁 #fuckwhattheythink #liveyourlife #mood @ Kruger Nati…

🕊⚫️Conscientious Sarah Ⓥ🌍 ‏@cveganforever


The Whalien's Gallery ‏@bangtan_hideout

This the closest I can ever get to Jungkook #BTSisBack -🦁

The CWU ‏@CWUnews

Shirley #WeRiseAgain 🦁

Lifeaddict ‏@Missymazda

@s_london_lion @janey1211 @toniholmes @jezebeljayne @judith_black @Ayse_Smith @Sandersteadlion @Sarahk10001…

SANKARALINGAM ‏@iam_sankarpmk

Ace director @ARMurugadoss will launch the teaser of #MAFIA TODAY at 6️⃣ PM @karthicknaren_M @arunvijayno1 🦁…

หลุมจิตใจดี ‏@iqyhvVcQJH3ZTjh

@MintCherry3 I don't know what is happening now. I just want to say what I think. I don't want anyone mention to Si…

Loyalwall1 ‏@LOYALWALL1

@Joe_Dolan5 Slaintè Big Joe, he’s up there looking after you 💙🦁#MillwallFamily

Arokiyaraj ‏@Arokiya52816047

Happy birthday Gowtham Karthik anna 🎂🎂🎂🎂🦁

Melissa02💚🦁💙🐻 ‏@Melissa55829974

Happy lion.. 🦁💙💚 #แปลนชอบหมีมั้ย Credit to the video owner

rdflego ‏@rdflego

@AnonkneeMuss I hope so. I've still got my 🤞for a Fabuland reboot 🦁🐺🐰

Bermondsey Boy ‏@stevemartin281

@Ibarrett17 Morning Ian morning all 👍 🦁

Salford City FC UK ‏@SalfordCityFcUK

Who needs a Salford City weekend review? NO ONE.....OK, ENJOY THIS INSTEAD 🦁🔴⚪😛

emily grenade ‏@emilygrenade1

Mine is 🦁

Court the OG SwitchBabe 👑🗡❌ 🇺🇸🇯🇵 ‏@OGSwitchBabe

Yuya got his first W in the Young 🦁 Cup! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #njdest

Court the OG SwitchBabe 👑🗡❌ 🇺🇸🇯🇵 ‏@OGSwitchBabe

The Young 🦁's are the most fiery group of Young 🦁's I have ever seen!!! #njdest

Trufflebutter🥳 ‏@Arieswoman5

@____AlterEgo Jeun Lion 🦁. Happy birthday love.

ᗪᒍ ᔕOᒪEᗰᗩᑎ ‏@DJ_Soleman

@Lions Never in doubt 🦁😍

ShaunyBoy ‏@ShaunyRolo

Not at our best Saturday but did enough to get the job done and into the hat for the draw today @HeanorTownFC #FAVase 🦁

Airtel UG Football ‏@AirtelUFootball

There's no stopping Zlatan, even if you make the first save 🦁

Mable ‏@mableTherapy

@CroxbyPrimary what a fab start to the week! 🦁

FlightAirYatta CXV ‏@FlightAirYatta

@nxtgen720rules I just felt a chill ⏯ I'm scared🦁 🤬 in my faction don't like asking questions ⏯ strictly gun testin…

Croxby Primary ‏@CroxbyPrimary

It is super to begin the week with 100% attendance in Lion Class 🦁 💯 . We are working in Tech Teams to order events…

🚂 Jules 🇦🇺 🦁🏈 ‏@partnerslncrime

Humble to the end. A legend of our game. Thank you @LHodge15. 🦅🏈🦁

Glovers Bar Preston ‏@Gloversbar

TONIGHT!! 🐘 Zoo Party 🦁 Limited tickets available on the door so make sure you get down early! #freshersweek #uclan…

ASSAM TWEETS ‏@TweetsAssam

#OmarMukhtar #OmarMukhtar 16 Sept. Death Anniversary THE LION 🦁 OF DESERT #OmarMukhtar @SyedMoinBhai

😁 ‏@jonesy73

Three #AVFC references available for Brighton tickets on the 25th. 🦁👍

FearLESS | RhoDaMeS ‏@rhodames

Only Colonial Rodents & People With 🏅 In Down Syndrome Will Pull 70 Votes After So Much Mouth Off On Social Media.…

Mike LaBelle ‏@MikeLaBelle

@MrZaro2 He leaps 🦁

🏇 𝗧𝟰𝗣 ‏@tips4punters

🇸🇪🏇 #Jagersro Race 4️⃣ (15.09.19) 1. Leo The Lion 5 🦁 2. Suo Gan 3 3. Wings Of Love 6 J: O. Wilson T: L. Reutersk…

Villa & Proud ‏@VillaAndProud

Match-Day 🦁 Villa Park on a Monday night 😍 #AVFC #UTV #PL #MatchDay #AVLWHU

Amber_Druce ‏@DorisSkull

@cosplaycleo @BristolHipp You'll love it! 🦁

Cory LaGrow ‏@Silver_Rush67

Solid game by this guy yesterday 🏈🔥☕️💙🦁

Dyfan Harris 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@DyfanHarris

Lion King Cardiff tickets booked 🦁🎫

B/R Football ‏@brfootball

▪ Hat-trick in a 7-2 win ▪ Breaks record for most goals in a season for LA Galaxy (26) Zlatan gonna Zlatan. 🦁

💙🐻WishYOU🐥💙🐰KKAANNGG🦁💙 ‏@wishUhappyAlway

Thank you 💙💙💙💙🐰🦁🐻🐥 #WINNER_JAPANTOUR2019 @official_mino_ @official_jinu_ @official_hoony_ @official_yoon_

Millie 🌸 ‏@fredwea5ley

We have booked tickets for @TheLionKing at @theCentre for July 2020 - so excited and cannot wait!!! Late birthday p…

Horla Cash 🤴 ‏@HorlaCash3

About to take the throne 🦁 of a new age ❤️ Hoping I seat around the table of love, joy, prosperity and longevity 🙏🙏…

Nathalie Brahim ‏@NathalieBrahim1

@YougleFact Beauty! ❤️😍🦁 #Lions #king

Kenechukwu Uzoma ‏@KenechukwuUzoma

@BadDick9 @OmojaLeo WTF!!!!!😧 Baba no worry..... I go give my sef tour.. Before my tour giver go turn to tourist eater🚷🦁🍗

Nuruddin Sheikh ‏@NuruddinSheik20

#OmarMukhtar 16 Sept. Death Anniversary THE LION 🦁 OF DESERT #OmarMukhtar @SyedMoinBhai

Emma Gao ‏@EmmaGao6

YUUMI’s VO everyday: I’m a LION 🦁, I’m your KING 👑 !!

Jill Bennett ‏@JillBennett18

Red Reading Hub #reviews @dihofmeyr trickster tale retelling with detailed, sometimes scary #PietGrobler…

PRO14 RUGBY ‏@PRO14Official

With the new @RugbyXOfficial platform in mind, which #GuinnessPro14 player would you pick for the final 1v1 showdow…

Baines' River Camp ‏@BainesRiverCamp

Another slow Monday, but at least we get to see Big Cats like these on a regular basis 🦁 These aren't roars, these…

Telenet Baloise Lions ‏@Telenet_Baloise

Happy birthday 🦁 @Ellenvanloy 🥳🥳

Salford City FC UK ‏@SalfordCityFcUK

The fun starts again tomorrow..... 🦁🔴⚪

Deb ‏@Deb81389955

@SalfordCityFC Congratulations girls 🦁💕

Belinda Hogan ‏@belindahogan

@BenDavis74 @DayneZorko @brisbanelions @7NewsBrisbane Go Zorks. Go 🦁

⭐️⭐️⭐️Ryan Palmer™️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@RyanPalmer180

Hotel booked for Qschool January 2020! Looking forward to it again! Let’s gooooo🦁🎯🦁🎯🦁

🦋•Sunbae and Yonce•🦋 ‏@Yonce_quaking

i adore this song, its a bop 🦁 ❤

سلطان الحميدي MBS ‏@bni_haarb

Tonight 🦁💛💙⚔️ @NAmrabat53

u.A ‏@umtakpnar

Welcome to Galatasaray 🦁 @alex_dreyfus


@omoissyy Mehn hungry 🦁..This is not fair oo 😂😂😂

Petty Wap. 🖤 ‏@mufasabby

i want megan thee stallion energy. 🦁

🌸 annie 🌸 ‏@ordinaryberry

@kgdarkblood thanks! 💙🦁

Universo do Desporto ‏@U_Desporto


Hrothgar Geo ‏@HrothgarGeo

🐯 Tiger hugs the Honey Lion 🦁 #ffxiv #ff14 #ffxivsnaps #gposers #hrothgar

as ‏@as92157

@Thai_Talk Cmon that not fair to uncle general he trying his best imagine you have any of the other parties head be…

Mary Adams ‏@maryelizadams

@AndreiAndrei63 This is so much fun, come on in guys, you’ll love it🤣😂🐅🦁💙💚💜🐾🐾

Nic Newmarket ‏@NicNewmarket

Send your customers on a hunt for the Big 5 🦁🐆🦏🐘🐃 Our popular Cape Town, the Garden Route & ‘Big Five Safari’ tour… ‏@ThePuntersPage

🦁 ASTON VILLA v WEST HAM ⚒️ Intriguing game at Villa Park this evening with two teams who will be confident of get…

Love Rugby League ‏@loverugbyleague

🔴 Leigh crash out 🦁 Swinton fall out 🐴 Broncos head out 🇨🇵 Toulouse to fly out Rugby League Today. #rugbyleague

Valé ☆ ‏@vale_cmg

The Amazing Dutch 🦁

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