Luggage Emoji

Luggage, possibly on wheels to differentiate from the briefcase emoji.

Luggage is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧳 U+1F9F3


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Bryant ‏@Bryant_lesch

Officially I’m the duffle 🧳

Alex Landa ‏@JanoLandaT

#childhood #besttimeever 🎒🧳 #letsgetoutofhere @ Lake Peachtree


I gotta start traveling 🧳 ✈️

han ‏@hannahgmln

As soon as that 0:01 of Marvin’s Room plays? 🎒💼🧳👜👛👝🛍

✨ 𝕍𝕖𝕟𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕒 ✨ ‏@MissNatekuru

In bed still trying to nurse this sore throat & effin flu. Hoping I’m fit to travel 🧳

Sundar ‏@Bey0ndgravity

@Limportant_fr I am finally a believer in time travel clock 🕰 🧳

Luke A™E ‏@imlukeatme

@Erii02DaSilva I followed your advice and they look sick 💰🤑 the only problem is the weight and the space in my luggage when I’ll travel 🧳😂

Cha Eun Woo Sarang ‏@chaeunwoosarang

🧳 BARREL Dry Back Pack 💵 $126.40 / 📸 Press 📆 6.15.19 #sanhastyle #chaeunwoosarang…

i do not like green eggs&ham ‏@SammMenendez627

@emmaleighh017 @castiyeaux Packing my bags 🧳🚙

Milly Cheah ‏@CheahMilly

@annbasel @annbasel ❌still need to pack... 🧳 😅

TakaraPOV ‏@TakaraPOV

@KTonarella @StarryFlame Am I the only one who's surprised to see that Rarity's only carrying one bag instead of the usual 8-9? 🧳👛👜🛍️

BabblingBunny 🐰 ‏@BabblingBunny

Also, according to @abbymakesart, emotional baggage 🧳

🙄 ‏@jessicaxeliana

Almost done packing 🧳

Amy Thunig ‏@AmyThunig

@DrMLongbottom I am so very excited for you!!! 💃🏽 happy packing my sister 🧳

Ohenenana Kofi🇬🇭 ‏@PeprahBarima

In his insistence on his children learning their local languages and customs, he taught us the importance of being…

740style ‏@740getsit

@LakerGangDay Wait, like that LAKERS addition? I do! Opening season now that’s something to 🧳 🏌️. I for real too let me know.

Miss Lizette ‏@Angelface_76

Oh especially the way my ex “move on game crazy” ego boosting offering to all 😂it’s becoming community D in a small…

Virginia A. Cardenas ‏@arellanovirgin5

Americans beware of China using this number to threaten Americans 1+(989)627-4189 China 🇨🇳 got mad because the Chin…

hawaii.hosa ‏@hawaii_hosa

Wondering what to pack?? Here’s a short list of some ILC essentials 😁🧳✏️

Amy Kaplan ‏@PhotoAmy33

🧳 On my way!

Ntfombiyekbatwa🇸🇿 ‏@tfombeni

Anyway... 🧳👜✈️♥️

Sophie Tweddle ‏@sophietweds

I’ve now realised I like packing for other people but not for myself 🧳😂

♡ KaydiannaaBadButt™ ♡ ‏@KokoSmall18

@FaboCFC How many bags u got today? 😂🧳

Sara Poyzer ‏@SaraPoyz


Ken Appledorn ‏@KenApples

@BostonGlobe @mnadown Mickey if you need an actor/finance guy with international experience and fluent in Spanish f…

Ken Appledorn ‏@KenApples

@lenadunham @HBO Lena if you need an international actor/finance guy, for the series I am your MAN! Got global exp…

The Travel Consultant ‏@derrikey

@MutebwaL @kaysafi1 To the reviews we do have from those who have been traveling with other airlines especially bus…

Myra Walsh ‏@wmyra4

@jwalsh402 Perfect looking forward to it already. 🧳

Michael ‏@savebly

Super Easy Ways You Can Make Money On Vacation! 💸✈🧳🌎 #travel #vacation #money

Terrell Williams ‏@TWilliamsTeach

First time flying @AmericanAir and they damage my brand new luggage 🧳. One zipper totally ripped off and missing, a…

TripActions ‏@TripActions

@gtperotto We’re envious of your rooftop deck ⭐️ Thanks for trusting us with your travel 🧳

Laura Author of ALIANA reaches for the moon💙 📚🌙 ‏@ljrwritenow

@picturebookbuzz @Meeratsriram @MatthewWinner @ChildrensBkPod Podcast! I can’t wait to hear it! 📚🎧 💛 🧳 congratulations @Meeratsriram

We👽❣️R♦️Watching🗼🛸You❗️ ‏@flyingpeapod

@Conservative_VW Happy Father’s Day week-end to all smoking hot this week-end👖👟🥾👞🧤🧢🧢🧢🧢⛑🎩🎒💼🧳👓🐷🐽🍗🌭🥓🍤🐔🐄🐖🐓🦃🍄🔥🍺🍻🍷🥃🍸🍹

Gods favourite Flower. ‏@lebo1675


Umar Kehinde Al-hassan ‏@AlKehinde

Just travel 🧳 for some days🙈🙈💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

Timmy ‏@TimmyStaite

Preparations for travelling around Thailand have well and truly begun 🧳

ALEXIS IMANI 🧡 ‏@imanialexiss__

It’s all about business 🧳‼️

Highly Favoured ‏@FavouredTravel

I love to travel so I made it my business🥰 👉🏽I save money 💰 on my personal 🧳 👉🏽I get paid showing others how to sa…

NK ‏@nkdu7ch

The only worry I’ve had this yr is how am I gonna fit all my shit in one suitcase 🧳 fuking big Facts

[email protected]👸🏽 ‏@Abig5ail

Today I used #easyjet to #Belfast and the customer service personal was rude and on top of it, wanted me to fit all…

Derek Lamle ‏@d_lamle

@jessica_beal Study-> pass -> recover -> travel 🧳

Lynett3 ‏@YansingOng

[15.06.2019] Good Morning Seattle!! Last day in Seattle - Shopping Day 💃👗👜🕶👢🧥🎒🧳 #headingtooutlet…


Business woman’s special! 👩🏻‍🎤🕺 🧳 @ Prince Edward County

PLANE PAL ‏@plane_pal

Having a baby?🤰🏼👼🏼 Packing Pals make packing your hospital bag 🧳 a breeze! Make sure daddy gets that “first outfit”…

Rajni Shah CA ‏@rmshah1961

@Madhusudan222 @Dr_M_Dutt You should have stolen a big suitcase 🧳 from previous Hotel

Duke Santos 2000 ‏@unashamedusa

@TheRealOJ32 Uh...Save me a spot, Parler! 🧳

Brian Romero Smith ‏@BrianRSmithSr

🚨 Join us for our pre #ISTE19 Scope Share your voice 📢 and perspective 💭 on... #SummerLovin 🏖 Sign up for a time…

Govs ‏@garethgovier

I think it’s been a fruitful day at the Finish of the final stage of @thewomenstour today eh @govier_elen?? 😂…

Kimberly Clear ‏@ClearKimberly

World Travelers: Monday June 24th is soon upon us! We will meet at the airport at 11:00. 🧳🎒🌍🌎🌏✈️

Carol Norton ‏@nort4short

🧳✈️🌴 You could win a $3,000 trip for two and luggage! 🇺🇸 Ends 7/15/19 #Giveaway #Luggage #Travel #Win

Auds ‏@AudsDisease

@MaxChoud I did check the insurance, and I’m ok to travel 🧳 Thank you for adding it though, it is important

Bryan James Gunn ‏@MrGunny1963

@TimKrul Work on sprints from the car to the departure gate with your bags!! 🏃🏼‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🧳 🧳

John Roland ‏@jaroland74

@NAB_Podcast The @SWBTS luggage 🧳 tags are my most prized swag from #SBC19

The Honey Pot Co ‏@thehoneypotcomp

Hitting the road this summer? ☀️🚗🧳 Don't forget about your vagina! Read more here to learn how to keep your vagina…

𝙡𝙢𝙫 ‏@lailavillxnueva

Impake 🧳 time again

Cliffordjeg ‏@zoeclifford2

@poppapete299 Off to very sunny Las Vegas- can you squeeze me in your suitcase 🧳 I’m in need of some sun ☀️

Im Amazing Hoe ‏@eltezzyo

Securing all types of bags 2019 🛍💰💼🧳🎒

John McCormick ‏@Spikemccormick

@DublinAirport having arrived at 1340hrs & still no luggage 🧳 on belt 6 - WTF it’s now 1426hrs

KampInd ‏@kampind

@AdobeSpark @BBCWorIdwide Thank you for the #FathersDay2019 ♥️ @AdobeSpark. Your software was 🔑 🔑 🔑 in us bringing…

سائق في جورجيا ‏@IMikhelidze

Batumi 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪 Georgia and Amazing Adventure For You 🇬🇪🏔🏝🚡🧳 ✔Tours all around Georgia 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪 ✔Transportation With A…

Sarah Huizar ‏@saritacheeks

I’m doing a thing! I’m doing a thing! 👩🏽‍💻🧳

Cherryl Paul ‏@cherryl_paul

Sometimes it’s the content within the chapter we won’t read out loud the creates the most internal turmoil. Everyon…

coach_smithey ‏@Coach_Smithey

They love the hype but it’s time to restore #LPD 🧳

Fran Suzi ‏@FranSuzi

@Lloyd_Cole Note how nicer it looks in sentence friendly case - I rest my lower case 🧳 - thanks Lloyd i’ve put a sm…

mameda ‏@mamedaita

@dpanikkar Trip to Ohai 🧳😉

Gussie Miller ‏@GussieMiller

This is my weary traveling 🧭 🧳 face... #music #engineering #havesongswilltravel #voice #singersongwriter 場所: John F…

WhatLauraLoves ‏@whatlauraloves

Online Friend: Hey @WhatLauraLoves! What’s the best thing you take on holiday with you? Me: My Confidence 🧳✈️! •…

Jonas Vercammen ‏@vjonasty

@bunq New zealand 🇳🇿 🧳 🏝


@airarabiagroup @airarabiagroup in general i want to know bcz i didn’t book ticket. I am comparing different airlin…

Delsey India ‏@DelseyIN

Don’t let anything weigh you down, specially not heavy luggage bags. Choose #DELSEY & make #TheConfidentMove 😎🧳…

Meg ‏@photo_meg

Okay #2206, we had a relaxing week; it would have been perfect were you not situated atop terrifying mountain roads…

Unbothered🤑 ‏@UptVicky

I need to find me a Traveling 🧳 Bag for when i take my trip !

Lisa Scott ‏@thebeautytype

Have you been to #Oxford or The #Cotswolds? 🧳 We managed to explore it all in one weekend recently! 😍 It was such a…

ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership ‏@AusASEANyouth

In the last few years, we have seen more Australians flocking to ASEAN countries for a holiday. AASYP Regional Edit…

Niniek Mariani ‏@NiniekMariani

Promise u this is the 3rd & the last post of 📍Antelope Canyon ✌️😅 • Too many good composure angle to capture! Remin…

Tunde Aluko (MFR) ‏@tundealuko

What’s in stressful Lagos? Kano we have arrived 🧳

maryann ‏@maryannm111

@TomEMullaney I love to use technology as a passport to the world. My students travel 🧳 across the globe. #Travel #passport #globe

kuki bella ‏@kuki_bella

Traveling 🧳

Northern Wolf ‏@AliciaCapitani

Finally! We got a card to travel in Paris metropolitan network ! Great job @RATP_SmartSystM ! It will be easier for…

Moneymax ‏@MoneyMaxPH

Planning an out-of-country trip but hate the hassle of visa application? Check out our complete list of visa-free c…

WorldWideAroha ‏@WorldwideAroha

SanHa leaving to film for Law of the Jungle.🌴☀️ Let’s wish our maknae a safe and fun journey💜…

Colleen Swaim ‏@ColleenSwaimDJO

@ewestbrook_edu Thanks for the idea 💡 The Shipping News is my next book, and I haven’t read it before! Safe travels 🧳

melisssa_x ‏@mellymoo1997

@EmmaLouiseJudge You can come in my suitcase 🧳😘

GirlinLimbo ‏@girlinlimbo

@LaureltonStudio I blog about travel 🧳 health and relationships. Basically surviving the midlife

El Nino ‏@ElNinoMang

Never fails, I always leave my headphones when traveling 🧳

What’s In The Box? ‏@boxfreshfilms

Some #finaldestination sh*t happening RIGHT NOW on the 10:06 to Newark. 😳 🧳 ☠️🤕 🔪 #nocoincidences #noescape

LakesideYr6 ‏@LakesideYr6

We hope the packing for our London trip is going well; the weather is looking changeable so please ensure that chil…

v.e.l.l ‏@Vellnificent90

i swear I’ll fuck around & purchase my ‘U.S passport’ just to go & visit there, both cities ‘Toronto’ & ‘Vancouver’…

BSBTrips ‏@BSBTrips

Just started packing 🧳. Only 2 sleeps 😴 until the Sicily Trip 🌋. The weather is looking good ☀️ #BSBSicily2019

James Humby ‏@jameshumby

Barcelona here I come! ☀️😎🧳

Murderous Minors Podcast 🎙 ‏@KillerKidsPod

35: Wild Wild West Part 1 is out 🌵 #sponsoredby @away 🧳✈️ visit #promocode warbaby for $2…

S Z ‏@syedsahilzaidi

@WhatShrutiSays Travelling 🧳

Necromant2005 ‏@necromant2005

You can take only one suitcase 🧳 whatever you go #remark

Necromant2005 ‏@necromant2005

When I moved out all my stuff took only one suitcase 🧳

Paola Tambo ‏@paotambo

Today, I am inviting you to access MY TRAVEL CLUB for FREE during 6 months ✨ just click on…

Emma Jolly ‏@emmajolly

@thewhitespike On the list! 🧳

Robert Yu ‏@robertyu79

#Seafood #Laksa and #BakKutTeh in #Taiwan. It's definitely on par in price as in #Australia but not as good as what…

TOURISM HUB ‏@HubTourism

SINGAPORE🇸🇬 🌎🧳#travel #marinabaysands #instagood #photography #love #sg #asia #photooftheday #foodporn…

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