Luggage Emoji

Luggage, possibly on wheels to differentiate from the briefcase emoji.

Luggage is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧳 U+1F9F3


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Daney 🥀 ‏@danedelfierro

Last minute packing panic is the best kind of panic 🧳

hannah 💫 ‏@Hannahbyrne5

@aliturnerrrr Travel 🧳

Policygenius ‏@Policygenius

✈️ 🧳 Your airline just lost your luggage. Now what?

Frank Lucas ‏@Katli_T

@TsiuLebo I’m ready 😎🧳✈️

Satin Doll & Co. ‏@SatinDollCo

Suitcase ready.🧳 See Ya Doll | Digital Download . . . #illustration #handdrawn #fashiondoll #plannerdoll #digital…

PRM ‏@PacResMortgage

PRM offers a Foreign National Loan as part of our Alternative Advantage Programs. 🧳 See the details here:

Dave O'Grady ‏@daveGildedALM

@CraftRecordings 🧳 Don’t call me shortly.

Susan M. Thom, Esq ⚖️ ‏@SusanMThom

@Steph_Seng life aways has twists & turns with roadblocks too 🚧 glad you could “jump” over it & be back on the road…

Erika Altman ‏@ErikaAltman

New luggage otw makes me happppyyyyy 🧳✈️

KARD Thots 🍪🍰🧁🍦 ‏@dayona_devasia

@jiswooning I’m joining you 🧳.

Suzy Jansen ‏@suartcat4

@1776Stonewall It’s a free country still so those that feel that way are free to leave. I will even help them pack.🧳

NB Power ‏@NB_Power

Make your back to school moving day less stressful. Submit your move-in request online now!…

Northern ‏@northernassist

🧳🎫 Oops-a-daisy, watch your step! Please take extra care when using the ticket gates with luggage and if you need a…

Hilary Murphy Travel ☎️051 421629 ‏@GrabAHoliday

Another AMAZING Cruise Offer🤩 🚢 MSC Seaview - 7 Nights ✈️ Fly Cruise - Aer Lingus Flights🍀 🏖Complimentary Upgrade…

Cognac Queen 👑 ‏@_CLEOVII

Despite the hookups I'm still grateful, cause I'm in my bag 🧳

FAB~U~Lash&Brow™ ‏@FABULashandBrow

Where is YOUR happy place?!? 🥰 . . This week.... #lasvegas & #telluride for these beauties! 🌟 Lemme sneak into thei…

Nati💙 ‏@Nati_G32

@SpiritAirlines is such a rip off and their customer service is awful. They sell you non-refundable tickets and cha…

Bargain-Wines ‏@Bargain_Wines

This #ThrowbackThursday, we're sharing this fabulous product review we received from the_strawberry_kiwi! 🍾🍇🍷🧳

VinGardeValise ‏@VinGardeValise

This #ThrowbackThursday, we're sharing this fabulous product review we received from @the_strawberry_kiwi! 🍾🍇🍷🧳

🦊💜 Lauren 💜🦊 ‏@afictionalfox

I’ve cobbled together a #readathon to entertain myself while I’m on holiday😂 It’s running from this Friday to next…

Sea-Tac Airport ‏@SeaTacAirport

Did you lose something at the airport? We’re guessing it’s one of these 5 items: 👚📱🧳🔑🦯 Learn about the most common…

gemi🌻 ‏@beetealy

@CharlotteR94 lets go i’ll pack my bags 🧳

The Cisco Gateway ‏@CiscoGateway

Last week was movies, this week we want your book recommendations... 📚 Let's hear it! 👂 Which book(s) do you reco…

Eva 🥀 ‏@EvaChristinaMua

I love to travel 🧳

nona ‏@nona_alsh85

I always overpack for the vacays 🧳 ✈️ Do I need therapy? 🙄 #packing #travel

Cassius Christie 🥍 ‏@champagnecash

Thanks for boxing out @ralphibezim, love you forever big bro 🐐 Happy Birthday family I wish you nothing but success…

السلام عليكم ‏@pm4203

Think Globally Act Locally 🌍🧳

LaLa G ‏@Simplistic_lala

The amazon forest is burning🌳🔥 People are straight scrapping over chicken sandwiches 🍗🥪💪🏾👊🏾 Kids and families still…

✨Amy Scissons ✨ ‏@sciz

@victoriarumcake didn’t stand a chance with these hungry travelers 🧳 #cakeadventure #London

Muhlenberg College ‏@Muhlenberg

Transfer Student Move In begins soon! 🧳 Don’t forget to stop by the info desk in Seegers Union to get your Muhlenbe…

Raphaella 🌸🇭🇹 ‏@rvphchang

@Zachynd When we going? I’m already packed 🧳 🙋🏾‍♀️

Pear Felix ‏@JuliyaGrush

So, a suitcase I must buy? 🧳😶

Pear Felix ‏@JuliyaGrush

So, should I buy a suitcase? 🧳😅

Lacrima Alba Tristi ‏@LacrimaAlbaTris

@narendramodi Shame on you ...curfew humans since 18 days and travel 🧳 to hear how great you are ...what goes aroun…

Dj Max ‏@djmaxecu

Graff 🇪🇸🧳🎧

Cindi Sanden ‏@Cindilu79

Discover Your Travel Profile for the Perfect Getaway 🧳✈️🌎

Claire ♛ ‏@_clairelouisex

never ever enjoy packing 🧳

AIFS Study Abroad ‏@aifsabroad

Alumni Ambassador, Charlize (AIFS in Barcelona) from @UofSC shares a few items for an unconventional packing list.…

HaysTravelBootle ‏@BootleHays

🏜🏜Egyptian Getaway🏜🏜 🌞🌞Sinbad Club Hotel 🌞🌞 📅📅02/09/2019 14 Nights📅📅 🥂🥂All Inclusive 🥂🥂 🚌🧳Luggage and transfers in…

J A M E S J A Y ‏@Jamesjaydj

Meetings meetings meetings 🧳 — at Slug & Lettuce Wolverhampton

Lornxx ‏@Lorna30495890

@Gildy55 I get all my stuff from charity shops,always lots of really nice people there..👗👠👝🧳🌂🧢🥾🕶

snapplesmom ‏@snapplesmom3

@jodimasters @MN4Pete @PeteButtigieg @mnstatefair We need to take this booth on the road 🧳

MyCompanyPromotions 👕🌂🎨 ‏@MyCompanySales

🍃Are you looking for Eco-friendly desk items for your #office? If so, check out our amazing range!✍🏽👩🏻‍💼👨🏻‍🏫👓🧳🌂☕️🥇🏢…

Georgia State University ‏@GeorgiaStateU

Move-in is officially underway! 📦🧳 Happy to see you on campus Panthers! 💙🐾

Cordero Williams ‏@RealCordero

If you’re interested in 💰 Residual income If you’re interested in Free 🚙 Mercedez If you’re interested in travel…

#BritsOnBoard ‏@britsonboard

Too soon to start packing?? 🚢🧳 #mscbellissima #msccruises #mscforme #cruises #cruiselife #cruiseship #BritsOnBoard

ً ‏@aobahoya

back to packing 📦🧳

TravisMathewEU ‏@TravisMathew_EU

Take a break from the boring and pack a bit of paradise in your 🧳 this weekend with the new tropical-inspired…

Nevis Adventures ‏@nevisadventures

🧳❗️🧳❗️Last-Minute October Half Term Deal🧳❗️🧳❗️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family of 4 - £1230 total! 📍#CostaBrava 26th October 19, 7 Ni…

Sarah Evans ‏@prsarahevans

Birthdays can trigger big emotions. You worry about or reflect on negatives. Instead, be thankful for: 🤔 What you…

Webster SAAC ‏@WebsterSaac

Welcome home, Gorloks! Our first year students and transfers are moving in today 🧳 📦 😊

Riya Suri ‏@rvirgo9

So much world, so little time 🧳 ✈️ #thailandtravels #lovetravel

TAY ‏@edgeofdsire

seeing mr. j*ilb*at today 😌🧳🚔

✨👑 Ava Shae 👑✨ ‏@AvaShaeofficial

#BestDriverEver 🏎💨 #SquadGoals 🔥 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #Repost haydenroseweber ・・・ Alright.....who’s ready for a road tr…

Mr Miyagi ‏@iam_tahlz

Moving to New Zealand 💼 🧳

Abimbola ‏@akinsbb

@phaytee_doll Lemme go and back my bag 🧳 Enroute

Sokha(Cambodia Tour) ‏@chun_sokha

🇲🇾 ✈️ 🧳 🇰🇭 #4Days3nights_CambodiaPrivateTour #HinduGroup If you don’t have really much time , just tell us what…

IC Archives ‏@IC_Archives

Happy Move-In Day 2019! 🚙 🧳 🏠 #ThrowbackThursday to Move-In Day 1992. #IllinoisCollege #tbt

Mini Swimmers ‏@miniswimmers

The struggle is real! 🧳😂 #parentfunny #holidaywithkids #packingproblems #parentproblems #todderlife #parentlife…

Ask4Leasing ‏@Ask4Leasing

Only £14k for McLaren luggage.... 🧳😲

Muhlenberg College ‏@Muhlenberg

Orientation Weekend has begun! 🧳 Our awesome campus volunteers and Residence Life staff are working hard to help ge…

Evelyn ‏@eaguirre0204

I had a whole dream about me packing mi maleta lmao bye 🧳✈️

Megan Brown ‏@Megan_EL_Brown

@yw_chang Hope to see you there Yaw-Wen! Safe travels 🧳 ✈️

Ruzgar Zere ‏@ruz186

@elonmusk Can we make a bag pack sized battery pack, within a backpack?! #Tesla #powerwall #BackToTheBackpack ⚠️…

𝙹 𝚄 𝚂 𝙴 𝙻 ‏@jusellacerna

Time to pack shit 🧳

Prestige Lane ‏@prestige_lane

Is Guest Engagement Important to you and your 🏨 Hotel? Add a Guest Engagement/Dollar Driver to your 🧳 🏷Luggage/Val…

Ashley Bradley ‏@TheAshBrad

For the past year, life has come at me so quickly that I’ve had no choice but to just go with it. Leaving for Ann A…

CityPoint Community Church ‏@CityPointCC

Can’t make it to church ⛪️ on Sundays? Traveling 🧳 for work? Hungry for a connection to God but don’t know where…

Cardiff Airport ‏@Cardiff_Airport

It's set to be a busy Bank Holiday at Cardiff Airport this weekend, with over 27,000 passengers jetting off before…

🐾 Brady 🐶🦁🐾 ‏@Bradycattle

I has these sometimes when I’m travelling 🧳😋

TU Parking & Transp. ‏@GetAroundTU

🐯🐯It's Move-In Day Tigers! The Parking & Transportation Services team is located around the campus assisting studen…

Grace Bonney ‏@designsponge

🧳 I've been wanting to go to ALASKA for a long time and don't have a clue where to start. The end of this work chap…

Nerdpins ‏@nerdpins

On holiday in Ireland this week like Dennis Nedry! 🧳 Oh the sites, the sounds, the life! 🧳 Let’s just hope I surviv…

Daniel Mortimer ‏@DanielMortime14

@PaulaAbdul OMG! Missing the boat 🚣‍♀️ is hard,with luggage 🧳 on board! Hahahaha! Heartbreaking; earth 🌎 shaking; soul taking 😭

STRAINS ‏@StudentTrainers

Fill up your suitcases for tomorrow's flight! 🧳 See you there SHRIM froshies! Boarding starts at 7:30am! 🛫…

Rohan Mishra ‏@RohanMi99330926

Malaysia Visa - Apply online and get Malaysia e Visa at just Rs.1,899. To know more about Malaysia visa fees & onl…

🌚 ‏@w0nderlanding_

Want to travel to 2 more countries this holidays inshallah!!! 🧳👓👟

John Cola Jr ‏@JohnColaJr

#throwbackthursday to last week when we we’re in Italy 🇮🇹 #nofilter #almaficoast #travel #beauty #takemeback ✈️ 🧳 🌍…

Cameron® ‏@ChalmersCameron

Don’t be like Tom. Take a look at @cuvva before you travel 🧳

⭐️ marie— ‏@twofortynine_am

Been there 4 u 😔🤦🏻‍♀️ bUt u !👉🏻 chOse 2 igNore ✋🏻👹✊🏻 THAT!1!‼️ tHen u nOw that 🤡 u’Re oKAy,,, 🧳🏃🏻‍♂️ yOu gHOst 👻🤕 M…

The Rally Mullet Nats Fan ‏@TheRallyMullet

@TheNatsFanatic Safe travel 🧳

Tuit!🤙🏾 ‏@shawtyovader

the only thing i’m trying to is do.. have a job or/ and a hustle that i deeply love doing💚, live how i wanna live🤑, and travel 🧳

Ragin Inc ‏@RaginInc

Helping my family 1st day back to college 💪🏽📦🧳 New York City 🛣 @ New York, New York

🥀Jameelyn🥀 ‏@_JaeBeeeeeee

It has to be done TODAY. 🧳

Guiry's Bar ‏@GuirysBar

On this day 37 years ago, myself and Martha packed our bags, took to the road and moved to Foxford from Dún Laoghai…

day by day, bird by bird™️ ‏@Miss_Placed_

Using #walsh as a trial balloon? Not a good choice &he knows it. Luggage 🧳 #Kasisch is making noises. His “way,”…

Kiah Tudor 🌙 ‏@KiahTudor

@Hattiethepirate Awww bebby! When is she moving to London?🐈🧳

Tamer ozzi ‏@tamerozzi

Traveling 🧳 and exploring in VRBO has became a love of mine - opens up a way of thinking 🤔 Now the Lord had said…

(CEO) Matt Miller ‏@ceomattmiller

airports starting to get more familiar than the streets these days.. know my way round’ these terminals.. 🧳🚶‍♂️🚆

Divya Jose ‏@divyaruth

LEGGOOOO! 🌎🧳🚶🏾‍♀️

Lovers Retreats ‏@LoversRetreats

The most stunning kitchen and dining area... Overlooking Portreath beach 🤩Book your stay now! 🧳 ☀️ #kitchen #diner…

Chairman of LIMING ‏@BarrieHype

About Last Night 🤗 🧳💼 @ London, United Kingdom

Walkeemoments ‏@walkeemoments

Yesterday we met with our new local friend Francesco on his beautiful olive oil farm 🚜🌴 + It is always a pleasure t…

Peter Larsen ‏@peter_a_larsen

2 days of solid travel 🧳 around the 🌎 to Borneo. @nanopore flow cells held up like little bosses. Only lost a f…

👑RayBae💕🤞🏾 ‏@tlolo_daugther

I wanna travel 🧳 the world 🌎 I wanna see all the beautiful nature and things on earth before Jesus comes back for us🙏🏾😩 ‏@justyouroutfit

Is this the same for the guys? 😂✈️ Tag the mate who always packs too much 🧳 Save cash for your holiday with 50% o…

Amelia Hart ‏@meliahart

Super excited for a little jaunt away tonight with my fav @Joannabea93 🧳 🍷 💄!

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