Luggage Emoji

Luggage, possibly on wheels to differentiate from the briefcase emoji.

Luggage is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧳 U+1F9F3


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Caro 👩🏻‍🦰 ‏@Caro_1894

@silbensalat Okay! 🧳🔑

Hays Travel Rochdale ‏@HaystravelR

🥰🥰 CAPE VERDE BARGAIN 🥰🥰 😎 20th May 2021 😍 7 nights. ✈️ Manchester Flights 🏖 All Inclusive 🧳 Luggage and Transfers…

Jennifer ⤯ ‏@jenn1fersh4eve

June Reflection 🌻 • @BLACKPINK comeback 🔥 • currently writing a story • went back to work 🙄 • made an effort to wri…

Kae 🌻 ‏@BradleyKaelyn

It’s time to go. 🧳

Steve James. ‏@stevano_b

@SootiesRehab @LefthandofThe @FMushod @donkey1oatey @RichieAllenShow Have beer will travel 🧳 🍺

ThePrivateTraveller ‏@ThePrivateTrvlr

➡️ What do you think of this sea view - with (Cornish) afternoon tea!👇⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Follow 👉 @ThePrivateTrvlr 🧳 ⁣⁣ Follow 👉…

𝚚 🌾 ‏@acnhfleurien

@leifcery this is stunning 🥺🤎 i love the little bus stop 🧳

april star davis ‏@davis19691

@mspoint1106 @MSNBC We all know his behavior is not acceptable & if you are any airport employee your trained in de…

𝐻𝑢$̸𝑡𝑙𝕒’ 💸 ‏@yonna_dae

I just want a Friend to Travel 🧳 with, eat the best food 🥘 & support my dreams 🙏🏽

Mestizio il Ramiro ‏@IlRamiro

T’apposto? KINGS 🧳🙊

Cayce O ‏@CayceOh

@its_levi0sa Southwest doesn’t charge for luggage 🧳

Sarah Gigli ‏@sarah31812

Ready for a freaking vacation 🧳

Baldwin Hills Library ‏@BaldwinHills

Explore the world through #BOOKS! #SaferAtHome #LibraryToGo 🧳

« 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘰𝘯 » ‏@Z0DIACMADIS0N

i listen to music that's like 🕷🕸🔥⛓⚔️💔🤬 but i dress like 🐌🦋🌻🌞🧺🧸🍶 and my room is like 🌏🍃🌿🌷🌱🌲🎍 but i act like 👩🏻‍🏫🧳🔬💓💻📡🌤 help ??¿¿?¿


Upgrade your arsenal with liquid victory 🧳🔋

Chanel | Cultural Xplorer ‏@CulturalXplorer

@thethoughtcard Me too. Always reflecting on my past trips these days and watching people in other countries doing local travel 🧳

Benita williams ‏@Benitaw72909685

@CNNPolitics Is that traveling 🧳 money 💰

Flyer ‏@FlyerBuses

You’ll always fly first class with #Flyer ⚡️ Wireless and USB power 🧳 Plenty of luggage space 📲 Free WiFi 💺 Co…

₵₳ł₦ ‏@Tok100yrs

Yea I’m back in that 🧳 OMM

Reginald V. Damour I ‏@ReggieVlad

@Jhaaarriss His bags are packed 🧳

Ameristar SC ‏@AmeristarSC

Not able to go on #vacation this #summer? Have a #staycation with us instead! 🕶👙🧳 🎰 Book your stay today:…

🥁#BlackLivesMatter!⚖️ ‏@TheMominatrixx

@balajis @stephkorey Really, dude? You’re attacking a tech reporter for commenting on a CEO who treats her workers…


come 👋🏻 with ➡️ me 🤵🏼leave ❌ all 💯 of 👉🏻 ur 🙆🏻‍♀️ things 🧳 yeah 👍🏻we 👯‍♀️ can ✅ stop 🛑 at 💭 gucci 👜 stop ⛔️ at ‼️ l…

honey²⁸ ‏@harrysloubby

@dRuNklou28 @NiallOfficial @zaynmalik don't be 🧳 fucking 🧳 rude 🧳

Asima Rani ‏@AsimaRani7264

SoOooOooO cool!! 😯I wanna go here one day 😊💜 🧳

trader joe(lle) ‏@joellembee

going✈️ nowhere bc borders are closed for Americans since we can’t just stfu and wear a piece of cloth on our face…

✨ ‏@just_zella

travel style 🧳 #tbt

✊🏾 ‏@loco_30s


👑 ‏@she_loves_kpop5

My fyp keeps suggesting me to leave to Japan maybe I should asap 🧳

TOG24 ‏@TOG24Official

Staycation for summer 2020? 🧳 We've put together a little guide with tips and tricks for first time campers! PLUS…

UpforLK ‏@UpforLK

@JoeBiden You are exactly correct Joe! Trump is a moron! It is more important to address COVID right now! This E…

Urban Living ‏@UrbLiving

To travel is to rediscover yourself. ✨ So where are you off to next? 🧳 We have serviced accommodation available…

Rubymae_toys ‏@RubymaeToys

Ruby’s ready to unbox her hatchimals pixies 🧚‍♂️ vacay style 🧳 💖 I wonder what little cutie is inside! @spinmaster…

day tours of cairo ‏@CairoTour

The Egyptians Make The Difference, The Most Welcoming People on Earth ♥️🇪🇬🥰🙏💐🌞🌍✈️🧳👒🌞💼🐪 Stay Home, Stay Safe, we Wil…

U H G O ‏@__uhgo

Travel 🧳

Mandla ‏@mandla

I want to travel the world when things get back to normal 🛳✈🧳🗽🗼🏖

Hays Travel Rochdale ‏@HaystravelR



Saved alot of peace by switching to a dude with no baggage 🧳

Taylormadetravels ‏@TMadeTravels

Stunning #Santorini in Style Oct 20 7 nts RK Beach Boutique Hotel , Kamari Bed & Breakfast Transfers Included Lugg…

Mo abdelaala ‏@Mo27892516

⭐14 nights of pure luxury in Turgutreis⭐ 💗 £1119 Per Person ✈️ Flying from Stansted 📅 3rd May 2021 🍴 All inclusive…

Mo abdelaala ‏@Mo27892516

😍Enjoy a stay at the Robinson Club😍 ...ONLY £989pp!! ✈️ Flying from Stansted 📅 6th December 2020 🌙 7 nights 🍴 All…

New England Revolution ‏@NERevolution

All business 🧳 #NERevs

YoungTalentAcademy ‏@YoungTalentAca4

This Saturday at #ytaacademy pack your suitcase 🧳 and get ready to join us on a journey around the World 🌎 ✈️ ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣…

Kes ‏@keslavoie

@pattyo_ @malikelijahh I think C3 is superior, strictly because it has A milli on it. I know nothing else about the…

Michael Bossi ‏@jeet2ss

@HM_Passport @PassportCan @passportsevamea 😷 Can we extend our passport years since we can’t travel 🧳

Laura Berman ‏@DrLauraBerman

There’s a difference between (wo)manhood and adolescence when living with your parents after the age of 30. 🧳 But,…

🕸 ‏@thotslovequal

All my niggas gettin to it 🧳

Water Flows ‏@_Waterflows_

Stars fill my dream 💫⭐💭 I'm a traveler of both time and space 🧳⏳🌐

🛩🌴 ‏@Trealfr

I know it ain’t nun special but I’m proud of myself! My cars paid for , all my bills n rent paid up and in my name…

yuqi is inactive for a while🎵 ‏@wndrlndyuqi

friday🤩🧚‍♀️ night 🎉🧨and🎟 i🎳 got👀🗿 no💔 plans🎵 ima🎹 stay🛸🚀 at⌛🧳 home🚡🛰 and 🕕🕔yell🌀🌪 at🌈 the☃️ moon🌚 GET🌟 OUT🌠 OF♠️ THE♥️ SKY♣️

Freshy1300 ‏@freshy1300

@_younglee_ Buy her some luggage 🧳

Traveling on a Buddy Pass ‏@Boricuajimmy

Beautiful for day to travel 🧳 Thank You #unitedairlines for always taking care of me 👍🏽 @ Newark Liberty Internatio…

Kelly Kapoor ‏@atheistdogg

Cabin crew friends bio on Instagram be like Traveller 🧳 ✈️. Me inside my head, yeah sure bitch!

𝐣𝐢𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐧 ‏@DRAG0N1S3D

friday🤩🧚‍♀️ night 🎉🧨and🎟 i🎳 got👀🗿 no💔 plans🎵 ima🎹 stay🛸🚀 at⌛🧳 home🚡🛰 and 🕕🕔yell🌀🌪 at🌈 the☃️ moon🌚 GET🌟 OUT🌠 OF♠️ THE♥️ SKY♣️

Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) ‏@DelawareEMA

Whether traveling 🧳 to the beach 🏖️ or across the country 🛫, it is important to be prepared! Emergencies and disas…

🏁DON🏁 ‏@BmacNj11

@Fly_HipHop @MrChuckD Oh you in ya 🧳

Octopoda ‏@Octopodasales

We’ll soon be able to #travel the World 🌍 again. Here’s a little reminder of what adventures await you! 🧳🐙🌴✈️ 📍 F…

Huncho-Ace ‏@allassane11qb

niggas dont pack spenanight bags 🧳 they jus empty dey pockets on yo dresser 🥴

𖧵dorothy⁷ #BLM ‏@_134340sbitch

@maithism going with you 🧳✈️

Black Belt🥈🥋 ‏@VLziim

@kill_brooklyn Bagagem 🧳

♥ 𝙻𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎 ♡ ✩ ‏@_loveleaa

Going away for a week so naturally I’ve packed for two... 🧳🙈

Lash Paradise ‏@lash_paradise

want your luxury mink lashes along with your mink suitcase?🧳✈️ Well shop with Lash Paradise 🛍💓 ig: lash_paradise_…

Laura Madsen ‏@TheLauraMadsen

No excess baggage allowed 🚫👜🧳

𝙊𝙁 𝙇𝙊𝙉𝘿𝙊𝙉 ‘ 👑 🇬🇧 ‏@Uncut_Gemm

@_YomiCole @ExploreWorld20 😂😂😂😂 pack your suitcase 🧳 and meet me there after the lockdown 🤸🏾🤸🏾🤸🏾🤸🏾🤸🏾

Johnny Flanagan ‏@JohnnyHospice

@stpetershospice This is such exciting news 😃👏 🕺🥳👕👔👗👠🩱👘👢👞🧤🧣🧢👒👛💼🌂👓🧳💍 @CharityRetail

yusuf olayemi ‏@yusufolayemi15

Get any type of your bags 💼🧳👜👝at affordable prices here @yusufolayemi15 you can also contact:(07011751230)

Col Aldridge ‏@ColinEAldridge

New luggage! 🧳 Ready for the next holiday! Thanks🕺🕺😁🧳😁🕺🕺@grahamraldridge

UpforLK ‏@UpforLK


aki⁷ ‏@lawszn

pride month is over!!! pack it up 🧳

Sash ‏@sahshalovermi

they deadass woke me up and were like let’s go on another 8 hr roadtrip TODAY my friends think we’re in a coming of…

TOF.GIF48 ‏@TGif48

อะไรดีน้าาา ⁣ 🧺🐈🎼💮🧳🐌🍞⁣ 🥕🧇📻 ⁣ hmmmmmmmmm⁣ ⁣ #CGM48 #MarminkCGM48 ✨ IG​ : marmink.cgm48official​ ✨

Jj. ‏@FiveFtFinee

I need to pack my daughters bag then pack my 🧳.

New Orleans Airport ‏@flyneworleans

Here are a few tips to make your 4th of July travel as stress-free as possible: ⌚️ Arrive at least 2 hrs prior to y…

Tourism4BlackSea ‏@Tourism4BSea

Here is a list of safest destinations to visit in Europe, suggested by @ebdestinations. Our wise choices for holid…

AimiKhairina♌️ ‏@aimikhairinaa

@_nurrina Of course you’re included girl! Let’s go!🧳👓

Trying Times ‏@TryingTimes11

@BMalley16 @SkyUK Say you despise the government, they’ll pay for you travel 🧳

nas🐣 ‏@nxsreeen

@abzegy i rest my 🧳

Ronald Daniel ‏@ronalddani

Key West... Birthday Travel 🎂🧳 #tbt no tan #tbt @ Hemingway Home Museum

carin ‏@HuntCarin

Interested in receiving the new travel law newsletter from @outertemple? 🧳✈️🍹 In the first issue: -…

Horizon Direct ‏@horizondirect

🌞Last minute sunshine in Gumbet🌞 🧡 Only £339 Per Person ✈️ Flying from Edinburgh 📅 22nd September 2020 🌙 7 Nights 🍴…

Horizon Direct Montrose ‏@DirectMontrose

🌞Last minute sunshine in Gumbet🌞 🧡 Only £339 Per Person ✈️ Flying from Edinburgh 📅 22nd September 2020 🌙 7 Nights 🍴…

𝑀𝑜𝑛𝑖𝑐𝑎🧚🏻‍♀️🌱 ‏@lil_fairy_doll_

one week and a day to go! 👫🏻🏘⛱🌊🧳

layover tours cairo ‏@layovercairo

The Egyptians Make The Difference, The Most Welcoming People on Earth ♥️🇪🇬🥰🙏💐🌞🌍✈️🧳👒🌞💼🐪 Stay Home, Stay Safe, we Wil…

Essentials ‏@finessentials

If you bought $TSLA calls this week, what you treating yourself to this weekend??? 🧳

Jupiter, Astrologer ‏@jupmagiclife

@sjanderson144 Mind travel ! Or time travel back to the future 🧳

Bullet Sports Management ‏@BulletSportsMgt

Motorsport isn’t just about racing but also experiencing new things, learning about other cultures and discovering…

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