Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


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Don loeff ‏@DonLoeff

@Jim_Jordan @RepAdamSchiff @mattgaetz It's simple. He is a 🤥 liar.

Aspen 🤤 ‏@londonshanel

Bitch when I tell you this girl Gf DO NOTTTTT PLAY WITH HER!!!!! It’s getting worse , she’s now coming to sit in cl…

Dixie Jakob ‏@DixieJakobdixie

@AmbassadorRice You have the blood of 4 Americans- Benghazi in your hands for lying 🤥

𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖓 𝖜𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖉 ♡ ‏@wcnri

i think the fries are okay, i wouldn’t order only fries 🤥 @ATEEZofficial #ATEEZ #ATEEZonSCHOOLROAD #에이티즈 #스쿨로드

Nette ‏@aglbless

@thehill lindsey have changed. Pathetic liar 🤥

michi👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 ‏@uwusmin

moots reply and i’ll tell u:@cloudykissess -first impression: fetus -ur nickname in my head: ale -closeness rati…

✭ 👑MODELO KING 👑 ✭ ‏@Modelo2582

@trueblue74 @D__JuHan Twitter be lying 🤥

♎️ ‏@saamantha09

@Jessicakarinaa_ super corny like mind ur own 🤥

Jason Holloway ‏@JasonHo77440820

@AnnaApp91838450 @mikandynothem Saddam had chemical weapons 🤥

Les H ‏@lhayekeeker

🤥#PinnochioPence should be out jumpsuit shopping with his pal Rudy in the coming weeks...

Your Uncle® ‏@I_am_Ovaikus

@_cHall_HaTt Thanks God.. If you are not lying 🤥😂

$HAMELESS ‏@naamancwrd

You’re capping 🤥

frog with witch hat on ‏@frogluvrboy

guess its n*des time 🤥

carol ‏@carol97300238

@SebGorka @townhallcom @BarackObama @seanhannity @SaraCarterDC @jsolomonReports @LouDobbs @dbongino @DonaldJTrumpJr…

honeydipp 🍯 ‏@ForeverKAJ_

I’m not going to order anything else 🤥

Kaat ‏@outlanderfan_nl

@angelastenning @stevie76 @sketchingwitch She has become #MeanMary a bit to me 🤥

Paul Sousa ‏@meinemeinung51

@HurdmanSam @FrankDangelo23 @realDonaldTrump @CNN But nobody wants him..excelt North Korea and Russia...ohhh...they…

Mike ‏@DeplorableBugsy

@GOP Omg she’s still lying 🤥!

Loren ‏@lorengatess

@amyevans_xx Love this ❤️ I think some girls need to practise what they preach 💩🤥

PacNW Purple Patriot ‏@TJWilk_WA

Let’s all be simple & clear about One essential FACT: every time #Pence & #Trump & crew say “we are not cooperating…

cody ‏@cobreed5

@Uber_Support @CityOfDallas Still no email or response! You’re a liar Pinocchio 🤥

Rex Housley ‏@rex_housley

Lol 😂 says another worthless socialist liberal communist undercover DemocRAT like @MittRomney and John McCain…

Tina ‏@Prof_Treylawney

HB wouldn't get these jobs, & wouldn't make &85,000/mth if it weren't for him being a Biden.~ #WeThePeople 'Who sa…

Larry5Hands...Blue Wave, Illegitimate President‼️ ‏@LarryC12061342

Well said, Spot On and On Point! ‘the Donald’ is a narcissistic, #DraftDodger Coward. An elitist, spoiled brat, sch…

Scott ‏@Scott12852232

@RepSwalwell @mattgaetz @realDonaldTrump Swalwell is a liar 🤥. Trump is one of the most honest…

°Chels¹²⁷° ☆I LOVE TINA😔🤙🏾☆ ‏@aeslehcXx

YEESH and buzzfeed making articles with clearly biased journalists 🤥 I cannot believe superm has caused y'all to be…

💙G. T. Adams💙 ‏@GTAdams2

@thehill He’s such a 🤥 😷 🐷!

For Art's Sake ‏@vAisionary

No! 🤥 Why? 🥴

Rex Housley ‏@rex_housley

Lol 😂 tell all the Demonic Party how you lied 🤥 about #Kavanaugh while you are on the stage

🍑 ‏@c0vens

y’all love to come for emma for no reason at all 🤥

SharleneDolan ‏@harleymylovebug


Pirate Irwin ‏@pirateirwin

For many Tory MPs not all I would suggest. The #ERG Private Pike @Jacob_Rees_Mogg smirker in Chief hanging judge…

PacNW Purple Patriot ‏@TJWilk_WA

Let’s all be simple & clear about One essential FACT: every time #Trump & this crew say “we are not cooperating” w…

°Chels¹²⁷° ☆I LOVE TINA😔🤙🏾☆ ‏@aeslehcXx

It's been how many days now and ppl STILL pressed over superm saying the same jokes and same arguments🤥 damn y'all…

easilyigNORAble🦄💕 ‏@easilyigNORAble

Got caught cheating and pissed off all 6 of my boyfriends!! 🤥 #Stardewvalley

jk 🔪 ‏@jooniloves

@aikosjeon 🤥 they just can't mind their business its make me sick tbh

sasha ‏@usasasha

@jackiekcalmes @gtconway3d He’s such a Liar 🤥

mindersue ‏@mindersue2

Stop 🛑 lying 🤥 hunter 😡 We Already know

Cathy ‏@cathylovestrump

@AOC Oh reading the comments ... you actually have some people believing your lies amazing .. maybe crying works on…

Les H ‏@lhayekeeker

“Become” a liar??! He’s been a liar since about 2002. Now he’s a fucking liar and become a criminal. Brilliant care…

BubbaBlackswann ‏@BlackswannBubba

@SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump The house hasn’t voted on a impeachment inquiry Chuckles , which makes you a LIAR 🤥

Adam Cahill ‏@AdamRojoMaj

Besides that I always fancied Denmark at home 🤥

Dougie ‏@BBKDougieFresh

@sportbible He ent bothered about money tho! 🤥

sainty💥 ‏@FatherKavs

I cannot believe some of y’all think rap songs are an excuse to let the n word fall out ya mouth. you don’t see me…

Will Megl ‏@WilliamMegl

@SenBlumenthal You do know Obama authorized the use of Turnberry? You are a freaking liar. 🤥

Taryn ‏@Tarynjohnson418

For some reason today I have a problem with my name.... Like Taryn?? Blehh. 🤥

nancy ‏@nickeldumbs

@purposesbella like damn am i wrong ..? mf coulda at least pretended she was sorry 🤥

Shawn Mack ‏@ShawnMack1588

@CP24 Oh wow I feel so bad for the delinquent kid 🤥

sol ‏@ariversiren

@cosmicblackgirl @pickmeaquarius read that first tweet back again 🤥

SUPERM #1 ‏@vivrenct

like why is a debate being started NOW of all times..... i just find it very interesting 🤥

John Hillis ‏@JohnHillis3

@ShelbyTalcott @DailyCaller @ABC They’re all part of the lying 🤥 fake media complex #cutthecord

itagilsenan ‏@itagilsenan

@ItsBouquet You forgot self serving 🤥

agape ‏@khianrude

my bestfriend is gonna be absent today so 🤥 wkwkwkwkwk so sad.

Tallyhohum ‏@Tallyhohum

@MSNBC I will not comply to ever vote for him either.‼️Hedoes this to we citizens when his presence is requested by…

John Hillis ‏@JohnHillis3

@mgolingan1 @OANN Fox is just part of lying 🤥 media complex. #cutthecord

Yandin Hardaway ‏@Chad_Griffeyjr

Threw my shoulder out 🤥

Purr-rez ‏@Christipurrez

@AbiRatchford 🤥 will that's your problem.

citrus 🍊 ‏@chrryrddrmby

@spicyparx 🤥 HAVE FUN

Smok ‏@Smok02913204

🤥😂😂🤥”Y’all killed hector sister that work at .t.y.g. Huh😂😂🤥!? Now juju know as donate, kiss tay rocky know as donta…

𝘃 🎃🦇 ‏@hsringkink

lmao harry is rlly out here never gonna notice me huh 😗🤥

Pennies From Heaven ❌❌ ‏@PinniesH

Oh, let me take my violin 🎻 out & play 🎶 hearts ♥️ and flowers. Robert Hunter, you got caught with your pants dow…

trey 🎃 ‏@treyysama

nowhere to park 🤥

Rosa Parks ‏@BOOKA_BetheBest

My sneeze is weird. I sneezed and everybody start laughing 🤥

deborah hewitt ‏@deborahhewitt15

@Avery1776 @almostjingo @cristy121868 @BabeReflex_8 @RevisitedRick @RealestAhole @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1…

thank you jinri. ‏@waybaek

just saw the receipts about the two “journalists” 🤥

TheMan'sLady 🖤 ‏@LisaMelz

@WWEonFOX @TwitterSports @BaronCorbinWWE Until Shorty Gable destroy the king again 🤥 @WWEonFOX

49ers 2020 champs 🤷🏽‍♂️ ‏@jamar_rowden

Do females really enjoy getting they as are ?? Asking for a friend 🤥

JJ ‏@JJ37984814

@VP @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo Are you going to try to PREY your way out of this one vp Pinocchio 🤥. God doesn’t…

Ssshh🤫Nelle ‏@MissCoco_SA

@sloansaidso 😂😂😂 No for sure, clearly rigged 🤥

Smok ‏@Smok02913204

🤥””Now you can call ya slick out, they getting slipped like daily ion kno bout nightly, your an islet brother that…

Smok ‏@Smok02913204

🤥😂😂😂Shout our red record’s legally demoted to record’s of white label’s! Get it big back😂😂😂🤥

𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘥. 𝘚𝘜𝘎𝘈 ♡ ‏@lcvelygukkie

am i the only one who never liked the a*e f*mily? like my friend made me watch a video once but i didn’t find them…

Smok ‏@Smok02913204

🤥.”Ohk. So if this is Selena, which fake Selena actor did y’all kill!? This legal remember!🤥.”

. ‏@Swavey______

@A_roc7 @HighTimesTy Bro you really need to stop lying 🤥

gabrielle ‏@gabrielleEJK

@NBCNews That’s not really news NBC. Even if he showed up, you think he’d actually even say anything 🤥

Lucky Santangelo ‏@Lucky_boo

So the saw movies are on #Syfy and I’m sick cause I have to silence them to study! 🤥

Imani ‏@bruhineedaname2

@diejuanwantsto she probably lied 🤥

Curiosity ‏@SFTravels

@LindseyGrahamSC Sure, Lindsay. 🤥

🥃Dirt¥ Di¢¢🧤Na$ty ⚙ ‏@tru_DsNuts

Movie made Rappers , u see how they juiced up in the video knowing the collab rapper AINT WRITE dem RHYMES 😎🎤🤥

Andru Dean ‏@DruBreezee

@shelbskai Ha ! That’s a lie 🤥

Darren Cargill 🇨🇦 ‏@reasonablewlvrn

@BrockWHarrison It's not the eyebrows. It's the nose 🤥

‏ًnara ♡ jjong lockdown 💥 ‏@96FLIRTS

@ch3nl3 i will accept for now 🤥

Laurence T 💙 ‏@laurence8645

Hey @mike_pence, are you lying 🤥 or do you have memory issues? Don’t you remember why Jim Mattis resigned? cc:…

Phil ‏@stewykills

@dinoprimo @BCLiberalCaucus @jjhorgan @nathancullen @theJagmeetSingh Wrong or just lying 🤥

Laurence T 💙 ‏@laurence8645

@thehill Hey @mike_pence, are you lying 🤥 or do you have memory issues? Don’t you remember why Jim Mattis resigned…

cher 🍥 ‏@CherylinWindsor

My friends haven’t talked to me and had a full convo in over 2 weeks 🤥

wholesome kate ‏@Fxckss

sis I know you are not talking about Kanye... west... a man who doesn’t even have a Instagram 🤥

Sp00ky Sn0r 👻 |VK Snor | ‏@Snorlcks

I think this shits lying 🤥

Roger Stone ‏@RogerSt25473515

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP If only I could believe you 🤥 but what you say and what you do has been well Documented

Tomjones13 ‏@tomjones_13

@NJamesWorld @J3D96917457 Yet another liar 🤥

#aideTweet BOT ‏@aidetweetbot

We interrupt this #aidetweet to bring you an important announcement: THE CAKE IS A LIE.🍰🤥 Score:-70 Code:MLT Time:1…

#aideTweet BOT ‏@aidetweetbot

@UnfollowTrump We interrupt this #aidetweet to bring you an important announcement: THE CAKE IS A LIE.🍰🤥 Score:-70 Code:MLT Time:1836

Steven S. ‏@StevenS35962106

@thehill 📌 We the people don’t believe a word Eric Swallow, said, he’s well known, for Stretching the truth, anothe…

Veeski ‏@Veeski3

And then Lebron lectured on the perils of free speech. 🤥💰

Smok ‏@Smok02913204

🤥Junkie’s no more playground’s catch uhp to the shack’s and this time rest at a field by a park and remember to tak…

Maid Marion ‏@MarionMalcom1

Lying 🤥 ass!! Malcolm X would call him a Orange devil!!

Callan Duchart ‏@callan_duchart3

@kaitlin8965 @loganGrant22 U freak 🤥

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