Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


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SteveC😎 ‏@Stephencalver7

@LeahRebeccaUK @BudweiserUK After years of nagging my local;finally got peroni on tap...then removed it..☹..appare…

Ndiye Jamu ‏@Ndiye_J

@Mtamandenii He may be more talented but hes not better. Theres a difference 🤥

Nick Lagattuta ‏@NLagattuta


Poet of 1k views🎈 ‏@IamSen_t

@ngilibhubesi a slot can be arranged post-event? (🤥)

starby ‏@starbuck_sharon

@campbellclaret Why is no one trying to improve on a deal? They had no intention of anything other than crashing out. Still a liar 🤥

ᔕᑌᘔᗩᑎ K U R V A ‏@aIboarmerie

@neonjmn We can't do anything of the sort but okay 🤥

cornelius ‏@corneli06534826

Wow!! U such a jerk scumbag racist bigot liar 🤥 I wake up every morning thinking 🤔 this is a night mare ? But turn…

Mr Ra ‏@RaBaba21963715

Guess NK needs the location for courtesy visits 🤥. He should incite you people to commit crimes, then watch what ha…

🖤 ‏@meeermaid28

@crxsstaal Is he worth being known though ?🤥

𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚕𝚕. ‏@SirSavageDa22nd

He just wanna eat me like some candy but I’m not his buttercup 🤥

Kiera ‏@kierawebb_

@YourSSE sent an email praising one of your employees who helped my mother in law in an emergency and haven’t heard…

diana #1yearwithloona ‏@chuuruto

@kagetwt she’s in a wlw relationship with the sun put some respect on their names!!! and neptune wishes it has what…


young thug wheezy and gunna went absolutely crazy on Hot i can’t stop playing it 🤥

Ann Taylor ‏@nosugarthankU

Your being used!! Used to promote lies 🤥

Troy @ CWL Champs ‏@2LoudTX

I promise LAX is the most interesting airport, I literally just sat next to a couple where the lady just saw pictur…

Mr F ‏@TheRealFlemmers

@bongoJo @NiceGuyKenny @julieo25 @neal_sousbois @nealsdad @ian Only joking. He'll be 108 🤥

dia ⚡️ ‏@sxjinni

I’m just now heading to bed and my class starts at 11 am ........ goodnight 🤥

HumorSplash😋 ‏@Be_Humourous

@But_yourss Acha, to dark circles ki Ek ye b reason hoti h! 🤥

iamVY ‏@iamVY5

Delhi walo .... take a deep breath 🤥 You never know when the air would get this clean again ! #DelhiAir

SomSom ‏@_iLOVESiLKY_

Fuckin LIAR! 🤥

☊ ‏@saintlaurentxan

Bitch I Lied 🤥 When I Said I Loved You ! I Was Nervous !

agi 🐻 ‏@nvrbangtan

@lvelyvmin shouldnt you be like asleep tho 🤥

nicole ‏@taafulibabayyy

@Pukaloveee ok. come to my house and feed me & tell me all about your twitter experience so far 😂 I haven’t left my…

Virgin Trains ‏@VirginTrains

@FunkyFlamingo_ We're deffo not going to use this one 🤥 ^MW

Claire Hammond ‏@ClaireHammond

Tories, Lying again. 🤥

Kyle Scott ‏@kyzo_

It's a liberty how much u spend on a Saturday in ur local boozer absolutely seeek checkin the bank b the day 🤥

[email protected]™️ ‏@zayphatcox

Kids know when they parents are telling a lie 🤥 💯

HumorSplash😋 ‏@Be_Humourous

@Zahrasheikhu2 That's Staring! 🤥

❌La Bourgeoisie ‏@GillesnFio

What he really means......"It is interesting that you don't have the faintest idea of how dogma publishing works, b…

🥶⚰️🏁 ‏@FatHoesAndSyrup

@neuropsyko You want that work or something f? 🤥

Ida 🌞 ‏@idahooo_

I’ll always encourage people to go to the doctor but I’ll rarely ever go myself, why am I like this 🤥

Lizzi D ‏@xLizziDx

@cfcgazz 3.40 for a coke zero though was an absolute steal 🤥

Norma Farrell ‏@Norma_FGoesAWOL

Gosh that’s a surprise you mean Tories have been lying 🤥... again

190816 jeongin and 190817 minho lockdown 💒 ‏@goldchittaphon

yeS I love chan a normal amount.... no I’m not vibrating 🤥

OGB™ ‏@oguerr6

Tequila: 1 Oscar: 0 It be like that sometimes 🤥

J. E ‏@MrMarkissz

Once a upon a liar 🤥 😂

m ‏@amaisuiseii

@princesstheenz Um I beg to differ 🤥

Jeff ‏@jeffhworkman

@rabbijilljacobs @USAmbIsrael You wear your liberal ignorance well!🤥

Ken Reid 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺#FBPE ‏@1606kenreid

Stay in the union and your pension is safe they said. They lied 🤥 You Yes yet ?

🦜 ‏@Byrdvinci

In The End, Promise Are Just Words. 🤥🚮

sab ‏@sabilaism

@PerfectSunSeth Only bc i can't leave you alone living a peaceful life 🤥

♠️the🧢TRUMP🥊card♠️ ‏@TRUMPED_in_2020

Adolf Hitler told 🤥 #lies. Same is true today. Democrats used to care. #DemocratsAreCorrupt #LiesLiesLies #Hate…

Robin Todd ‏@robintoddbooks

@LabHills @ggspillthetea Eye roll. Jaclyn lies for the sake of lying 🤥

aida ‏@aeduhh

dear future boyfriend: do NOT propose to me at a harry styles concert, i can’t do that in front of harry 🤥

Pillsbury ‏@1Pope_

Got a hunnid hoes I lie to like I’m Pinocchio 🤥

Fanboys Comic Con ‏@fanboyscomiccon

@ImElizabethTran Why can't people be adults and tell the truth. 🤥

Henriette L ‏@HenrietteLevy

@ArielElyseGold @AviHyman Why do I think you made that up?🤥

brooke 💭 ‏@ultskev

@kevkyus we’ll get to those when they come out 🤥

THICK-AH 🍑✨💋 ‏@SqwishyJimin_

@kijwoo 🤡 I would never 🤥 U needa stop confusing me and Joseph cuz we ain’t 👉🏼👈🏼 😴I’m just sayin they’re too irrele…

diya ♡ ‏@hhyvnjeans

antis: stray kids noise 🤥🚫❌‼️ side effects worse title track 😔🤭🤬 kcon la crowd: yall hear sumn

Clonezy ‏@ClonezyYT

@quesadi1la Downgrade? 🤥


bitches be so mad over kpop and for what 🤥 you dont like it cool just dont talk about it p simple, like its doing n…

jisung park-swift ‏@rechenji

@SMTOWNGLOBAL say something 🤥

Sehee🌻 ‏@sehee__18

My dad just told me that he can easily tell when I’m lying. Cause I guess whenever I lie, I bite my bottom lip.🤥

shanise ‏@BarkleyShanise

My friends finna be fed up with me and this indecisiveness 😂🤥

The Birdhouse ‏@birdhouse_the

@suhasinih @vijaita Operation on traitorous Indians who collaborate with forces who hold Ghazwa e Hind as inimical…

HumorSplash😋 ‏@Be_Humourous

@marshmallow_155 So dangerous you are, 🤥

ileane ‏@myclownshoes

imagine being pro-life and eating eggs.... bih 🤣🤣 thas a fetus right there 😳😳🤥

ً ‏@AELlTH

@epiphanq because no one is gayer than me 🤥

fatima🍯 ‏@fatimaa_serrano

@la_razi no not made me but almost 🤥

𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓴𝔂 𝓬𝓮𝓮 𝓬𝓮𝓮 ‏@strawberry_irl

@nav_nev five likes and i will change my display name to cheeky cee-cee 💞😗😆👀😆😿😍😃😃🥰🧐🤐🤓😴🤥😴😽😹💘💛♥️

Neil Coyle ‏@coyleneil

Told by who?! It'd be a laughable deceit if it wasn't so dangerous 🤥. The contempt with which the current Governmen…

toes ‏@yiens_

me: tells my friend abt having a panic attack in class bc i trust her her: “sucks” 🤥✌️

pokito_22 ‏@PokiePn7

@Dean__Noah Nobody😂🤥

Ju ‏@hopefull68

@Lulu11th Far left lies 🤥

LaDarius Thomas ‏@_LDThomas

I really be at bars lying 🤥

👹𝖌𝖔𝖗𝖉𝖎𝖊 ‏@Airwreckaangel

jk and hobi going to the store to pick out nail colors..kidding mmmm unlesss 🤥

ri 🌻 | taeil: bi agenda 💚 ‏@jaehyunskiss

@jaexyu maam i need to get this education maam 🤥

🌼 | 1 year with loona ‏@egirljungeun

lets get personal ! 1. mhm 2. kinda 3. dating someone 4. noooo 5. 17 ? 6. 3 times 7. that sum freaky shit man no 8…

nicole ‏@taafulibabayyy

welcome back to my most favorite sister 😂 everyone follow her for a good time. not a long time. cuz who knows how l…

Rachel ‏@saradothien

@bIuntgutgarden do it hoe 🤥

nicole 💗 ‏@pjmsnuggles

@YOONCHlLD it's okay he still should come 🤥

Seb conway ‏@seb_anthony2010

@NewsCorpCricket @gouldyheraldsun @joebarto You hear 👂 the ball bounce in front of you. When you catch the ball on…

Lilyad ‏@Lilyad6

@cubbycat87 @freddiechurro13 @Peacebuponthm @KChlip @JoseJRVazquez @billunai2 @aka_c00lest @BurakHikmi @JimTeflon…

sophi ‏@alohasoph

the only things i know how to do are eat hot chips, be bisexual and lie 🤥

Fernando Rocha ‏@nando23803

Man I don't know who my best friend is anymore. 🤔 🤥

🕊Kim,LA West 🌊☮️🇺🇸⚖️🛸👽📚🎬🎶🏓 ‏@kimasabe

@axios Republicans’ “tax cut” scam, only helped the #Wealthy. 👎🏼🤬 P.S. what is trump smoking?He goes on & ON, sprea…

Lisa Bonet ‏@NellyVS_

Ain’t nothing wrong with a 2 inch heel (🤥) but it’s just not on brand for me.

em ‏@luvingbrock

#TedBundy im just here for friends and clout 😔😳🤥

Abby🐉 ‏@_aabigaill

Im bout to make a wish 🤥

ʜ. | ᴋᴄᴏɴ ʟᴀ 💫 ‏@neodreamcity

i may want to try for pit for skz next time 🤥

𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚊 ‏@chcrryblossoms

@undercover_mp3 it's not bad just really boring 🤥

Datenshi ‏@iidatenshi

@Raniowo @tinkrbeil Actually lying 🤥

Judith Cimino ‏@judith_cimino

@joncoopertweets DING! DING! DING! Both options! 🤥🍊🤡s

Yung LA ‏@sexylilpapi

@da1don Ooh nothing 🤥

alex💥 ‏@cneforall

@ren_is_mad yeah he really should have thought about that since the beginning but after all it's him we're talking about 🤥

‏ً ‏@hqhyes

maybe if u weren’t 40 stalkier a teenagers tweets , u would of did something 🤥

Frankie 🧟‍♂️ ‏@frankdog_

I finish scrolling through my feed on twitter, exit out the app and then instantly click back on Twitter 🤥

Joseph ‏@JosephYosephA

@WalshFreedom Look who’s lying 🤥 now Joe!

D.W. 📸💡 ‏@_naaayaa

yall wouldn't get in the water 🤥😂

Uk4real.... ‏@Ukeme8

@rozirozay Seriously, I thought fine girls don't messed. I'm shocked 🤥

Callum ‏@LilDickCallum

@glittrfairy I think u lying 🤥

nat ‏@sanshineT_T

@yeocults ki stop lying 🤥

A Goddess ‏@Survivorcass

Ah right, cos every young person in their 20s goes working on another continent for their vacation 🤥

Chabuca Granda ‏@BilliieDay

anywaysssss, why is hobi going to america? I thought bangtan had vacations 🤥

❌La Bourgeoisie ‏@GillesnFio

The combination of desperation and moral perversion of associating plant food with a deadly poison. Smearing the go…

𝗺𝗮𝗵𝗶 | 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 ✧ ‏@kittyunho

hoping hwall has a lot of screentime in the mv,,,,, maybe then i would miss him less 🤥

Lulubelle ‏@cannolidiva

@tiredoframen @RetiredSkeptic Beat me to it! 🤪😳🤥

Helen Miller ‏@bmehelen

@billteller256 @TrinaustinTammy @lpt621 @BetteMidler @meerkatrodeo ... what else? All I have ever seen is the oppos…

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