Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


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Carlito33 ‏@Carlito1223

@MakDPostmodern @RafiEmily No need to offend the pleasant young man & woman who are currently working there... But…

donghyuck’s no.1 fan ‏@_chocopudu

@ncIgbt @ongsteIlations mean i 🤥

jimin’s hairline surgeon 👩🏾‍⚕️ ‏@yvesgcf

#53 not even top50 flop... i need to do better 🤥

shouto ‏@idolrapline

Bruh well all know who Jay park was talking about, the indirect tweet towards bts lmao, they don't even follow each…

Martin Hayward ‏@martlfc88

Messi.....the 5th best player in 2018 🤥

𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓽 🏳️‍🌈🌹 ‏@electrovert

I’m sure @nytimes will correct this any minute now 😒🤥

TeaBee ‏@BuzzyTeaBee

@MarcusLarry627 I forgot that he was even killed. 🤥💦

a ‏@gcfgon

rewatch hunter exam arc cause i cant go any further than heavens arena 🤥

ㅎ ‏@hopeworldians

@honeysuckletae @mincember Nobody is explaining 🤥

Nick Higgins ‏@nickhiggins86

@RobTebbutt I remember them winning the commonwealth gold like it was yesterday! great memories! 🤥

Karen MacDonald ‏@mshopemac

@PassTheSalty Big, Big Victory by taking away healthcare for people with pre existing conditions. You absolutely in…

𝒸𝒶𝓉𝒽 ‏@cocoadiosa

@CHAMPAGNEKNJ bippity boppity 🤥 joon made SEVERAL points in joke cus they really do be sounding like nursery rhymes

Brandon Salt ‏@iambrandonsalt

@JasonBradbury @MOKEbike I got caught off guard... I swear! 🤥

Becky🐻 ‏@becswiftx

I remember pints flying everywhere 🤥

shouto ‏@idolrapline

I thought you were going to bed? — I’m always saying I’m going to sleep but I leave 4 hours later so what’s your po…

Matthew Williams ‏@MattWilliams10

@CCFCHammer @TheTweetinSheep Talking of that 8 million I wonder what charity it went too 🤥

❄️ Stephs Snowflake ❄️ ‏@CSTBRBuddy16

I’m such a good liar 🤥 not a good thing 😂😂😈😈

yazzy ◟̽◞̽ ‏@nouisinterviews

@flickeralive YES until i fucking fail 🤥

Ann Benson ‏@musser_benson

Yes,10 years and [email protected] has a relentless victim who will NEVER 🛑 until I expose 22 #rico charges,a wa…

That Gay Bitch ‏@Oofie_Its_Gay

@melted_frappe You don’t know that I don’t even know whu u are 🤥

Pryce ‏@PryceMadry

Damn i forgot to inv jook to hoop 🤥

🥮𝐸 𝓇 𝒾 𝒸 𝒶🥮 ‏@yeonn_tann

@Bangtwicesus Tea!! They’re solo stans so they don’t have rights anyways 🤥

BD ♡💙 ‏@_extremelygorg

@King__Joe93 Tell them quit lying 🤥

Russ Trpkovski 🚀☁️ 🎅🏻 ‏@rtrpkovski

@ben11kehoe @schwartz_cio Fully burdened personnel cost would be included any rigorous TCO. Some organizations like…

tha loves yoongi ‏@agustlm

@seesawagus @BantangMedicine @cherubmono @yeonn_tann @glucoseseesaw not @ them calling you solo stan without proof…

Edwin Vladimir Cornejo Osorio ‏@EdwinVladimirC2

@JdThornburgh never😠🤥😠🤥😢😢😱😢🌋😭😤😠💀☠

🗳🌊🎯Clembo🌻💙⛹🏽‍♂️😇 ‏@clembos

@SocialPowerOne1 Screw #SusanCollins & her Pinocchio nose!🤥

DanAsian❤️🇺🇸 ‏@DanAsian1

Cohen is a liar 🤥

shouto ‏@idolrapline

I'm an Army but ya'll have got to stop coming at Jay Park for no reason, tell your oomfs the same thing as well — y…

Joe Proll ‏@JoeProllll

Just the 2 assists and hat trick for Messi then apparently 5th best in the world 🤥

Patrick ‏@panglim42


𝓇𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎 ‏@sleepyrenny

That made me uncomfortable at the end 🤥

𝕻𝖆𝖚𝖑 ‏@saladbarpaul

im so tired and now i gotta go to the d*y job but i have so many projects to work on 🤥

yohluvr69 ‏@gcfkillua

@gcfgon Killua still got drenched I didn’t see gon wet 🤥

Amb. ‏@amberwelchh

@deelayyne weird flex, but ok girl 🤥

LPG0827 ‏@Lpg0827

What to do? The Poster child for LIAR & LYING is calling another a 🤥 🤔

Jderb ‏@jjderb41

@SenBlumenthal Darn Blumenthal I thought you were still in Vietnam nan. O that’s right you lied 🤥 to your state yo…

Margaret Stockbridge #TRUMPHATER #RESISTANCE ‏@MargaretStockb2

Guess Everyone Is Lying 🤥 Giuliani indicated talks for TrumpTower Moscow may have taken place up to ElectionDay 2016

Jimmy Coleman ‏@JimmyColeman11

@realDonaldTrump Demonrats gonna have a hard time when their lying 🤥 hero’s go to jail

TeaBee ‏@BuzzyTeaBee

@ScribblezStarz ....Mr.mime. 🤥💦

ry ‏@haloyjh

Smells like insecurity 🤥


@NAGYUNGSBITCH gotta get that fanservice in I guess 🤥

its the love shot 💎 ‏@lavieenrosehun

@MyElysianBTS @SMOLSEKAI @88yeols yet yall have the energy to clown jongin when he’s fixing his clothes while talking to suho? 🤥

Itty_Tiny_Slim ‏@Bianca41001225

I said I wasn’t working 2 jobs in 2019 🤭 well I lied 🤥 i swear I think it’s a habit I just love having money. Like…

Meganramsay ‏@meganramsayyxx

Because no ones seen these before lol 🤥

simone // simi and kara month!!!!! ‏@renwinlovebot

u know the education system is fucked when a student misses a day of school for extracurriculars, gets sick over th…

Sue ‏@suzyhorts

@PersuasivePR Will Trump call him a liar 🤥?

tha loves yoongi ‏@agustlm

@hyyhperiodt @njcrav @daegubrothers @seesawagus @cherubmono and you: listen to yoongi’s mixtape. maybe then you’ll…

Dan Dawe ‏@danidawee

Ever see a tweet and think RICH FROM YOU 🤥

𝓇𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎 ‏@sleepyrenny

ngl, yes I do.. 🤥

anita✨ ‏@wiglessanita

i was like okra 🤥

Mak🔮✨ ‏@Makayla1231

Whoever said it would be easy lied 🤥


@wooncIoud good thing they aint my oomf... 🤥

Sam Jacobson ‏@samjacobson5

@JoshHarris92 Shocking 🤥

rgambino ‏@R_Seshat

@chrissy_sneh i just say ‘oh i’m drunk i sorry what did you say’🤥

Brianna Bibel ‏@biochem_bri

Seats to right ➡️ of last person may or may not hold info ℹ️❓If those seats really are available, but no one sat th…

🥀 ‏@sxdia00

i feel sorry for sabrina, as a semi finalist, she didnt deserve to be picked last 🤥#TheApprenticeFinal

elleu ‏@lewiishh

never again, i always wake up like </3 🤥

Emalfire ‏@Emalfire0312

I hope that many people like the people I like, and also I hope that no one likes the people I like.pretty weird right ?🤥

Colombian BoBo ‏@cisco3609

@realDonaldTrump And you’re next Pinocchio 🤥

Tushti Sharma ‏@tushtiisharma

@udai_natt Word been hearing you do too 🤥

💫 ‏@cosmicsoeun

@chaebits like group like fan i suppose 🤥

udai natt ‏@udai_natt

@tushtiisharma Hehe be careful how u word things i say a lot of stuff 🤥

il 🍒 ‏@ilonagibsonn

Head is actually foooked 🤥

𝕻𝖆𝖚𝖑 ‏@saladbarpaul

@dayzofyore it’s a tough thing to navigate 🤥

bria ♡’s wonho ‏@chaewwon

when i hear the english version of shoot out come on thinking its the korean version 🤥

bellablueyes1 ‏@bellablueyes1

@realDonaldTrump 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 the ultimate 🤥

Brady Hampton ‏@BradyHampton4

How has @England ‘s penalty shootout not won moment of the year... hahaha i remember the beers and cheers when that…

𝕵𝖆$𝖔𝖓 ‏@_yaysun

@wtfxjo she got a tooth pulled or smthing idk 🤥😹😹😹

Linda ‏@lightning989

Then when a Mexican says, no Habla ingles then they could be lying 🤥 I have been around those who fake not speaking…

Tom Cartmill ‏@tcartmill

@MiamiDolphins no issue @Decemberthe8 drafted to beat patriots 🤥

Oogieboogieboodle🐉👾🐺🦇🎃🇦🇺 ‏@Rachelh08589732

@BarneysNose I don't really GAF, do u?! After everyone hes hurt& everything he has managed to destroy, he has it co…

sweetpea18 ‏@ginastephens

Those two are not invited to the Cookout😳🤥😜

George Montella ‏@georgemontella

Well deserved to the England netball team, they gave everyone hope again, made summer amazing, no better feeling th…

Sona Sásta ‏@1SonaSasta

#SPOTY Who TF is that? Is he in the artic monkeys? What a personality! 🤥. Fury was double robbed.

Shiri🥊🐇🐰🐿 ‏@shimramyun

@cpearbinnie I didn't even realise just how many pics of his I got saved until now and I don't even save most I see…

(Not so fluffy) jimin 👅 ‏@Fluffyjimin6

@missscorn What a pity i like aggressive possessive behavior 🤥

eljay ‏@eljayyeh

@ChronicBlaast Move to oce n we can 🤥

amary ♡’s ashu ‏@RKIVEMOON

@exquisitaeh You need new oomfs 🤥

dontgopinned🤥 ‏@kpoopshats

@gayformanoban_ Yo bank account is gon feel it soon🏦🤥

m ‏@nctsjaewin

i literally left my friends 30 mins ago and im already bored 🤥

my name ‏@GypsyBay

@PassTheSalty Rubbish 🤥

Christiane Cogliani ‏@cchristiane1207

@realDonaldTrump @marthamaccallum @trish_regan Have you noticed the number of people that believe you is the same o…

Lynn ‏@lncarr

@realDonaldTrump Always lying 🤥

Jon The Con ‏@Markus64102816

@PhilJonesNFL Don't believe that 🐃💩 that RM traded Mack & Cooper, didn't Cooper say Gruden told him it was Mark Dav…

Robert Francis ‏@rnfrancisfranc1

@JohnBew Yes, I found them tough too. But if you're hungry enough you can eat anything 🤥

Bo Adams ‏@Bo_Adams67

Nailed it... 🤥

໊ ‏@xuxiusers

trade kpop users with me 🤥

Jodi Usher ❌⭕️ ‏@jodiusher9

@Comey We all know who’s lying 🤥 and it ain’t our President 😉

Shooter For BTS ‏@BTSShooter

@bngtandaeng @OT7wrecked 1) I’m not a solo stan 2) Fansites are bad now? It was literally made by a fansite as a bi…

Robb ‏@RoStryck83

@realDonaldTrump Yeah, Cohen decides to just tell the truth and get it all out and he’s a “rat”. Manafort and Flyn…

steve b ‏@beanobright

@emmie_cowie @MissMuddyPaws @darty_sp @FinanceQuantum @SteveCaple4 @stuartpengs @dudley_the_dog @DailyMirror…

Hafa Kapua ‏@Kapua671

Cardi, do you love me, I am lying 🤥

Topologist ‏@hoseokfucker420

@venomfucker420 Could not be me.....🤥

LaserGuy ‏@LaserGuy3

@Genghistwelve @stopmediabiasxo @renato_mariotti D) Flynn also CONFESSED to his lies - in detail, in writing, and u…

Pat ‏@pat1953

@JudicialWatch A #nitwit would know that answer is unacceptable. Give her the old #Mueller treatment as in: #Flynn…

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