Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


Tweets For 🤥

Lynx Da Genius ‏@LynxDaGenius

WTF!?😳 @Nike @AppSnkrs did I miss something or is the app fuckin up already??? 🤔 sold out and didn’t even drop yet…

Matt Miller ‏@mattm1314

So proud he’s my MSP...🤥 😶

Geena mcelrea ‏@GeenaMcelrea

I spend my life telling myself I’m beautiful and I’m forever accusing myself of being a liar 🤥

hilln ‏@Nichette10

So he basically LIED! 🤥

Goddess ‏@problkgoddess97

She pulled a Beyoncé on us 🤥😭

nyx 🍀 lucy & BTS ‏@bluesideelitist

@candyflosshobi I DID NOT 🤥

Sammy J ‏@Rhycharlie13

@stuw1985 @TheSun Oh dear, that’s ok then 🤥

Chris Antonius #FBPE #stopbrexit ‏@tednharry

@darrengrimes_ Yeah, yeah 🤥😵 Bet you had 100% attendance and were a model pupil.....Who are you to say only middle…

naya🧼 ‏@amorazucar

wow thank god i never sleep or else i would’ve missed this live..🤥

DipRey ‏@dipres_m

@DonaldJTrumpJr 🤥 Passed by Congress vs. #FAKENationalEmergency & executive power. In 2014 the daddy u crave att…

Paul mainhood ‏@mainhood_paul

@MayorofLondon @UK100_ More gerrymandering on the statistics, liar 🤥

Virginia A. Cardenas ‏@arellanovirgin5

build a wall all over political boundaries; when private or public walls are build, consent must be established; Tr…

A.P.O.L ‏@judelancian11

tired 🤥

Rosa ‏@Fire_Rosa

@RealAshMartin @SometimesImBad @helen_a15 @SebastianPott10 Who’s a liar 🤥 I started tweeting this morning 🤣

Malik Spann ‏@BLITZMagPrez

These cowards on that platform did just one story on the Kaep situation since the story released, imagine if the…

mei ‏@jaemncafes

i rlly didnt say that omg — okay anon 🤥

Josh 0Buffaloe ‏@buffaloe_tim

He is a PUPPET with knee pads for Ted Tunner not a journalistic bone in his body. He is scum putrid little eunuch p…

chels | JUS2 ❤️ ‏@comeandgetastro

w-what's an astro? 🤥

Darwin, Bram & Mama ‏@darwinsdiaries

@mollie_Apso1 Mama says we'd need an actual monster truck to pull my weight. #rude I'm just a slip of a dog!! 🤥

나의 빛 💫 ‏@radiantkyu

is there an itzy gc i can join? 🤥

Marc Hoare ‏@020644

Pinocchio 🤥 Macron 'will give Brexit backstop' assurances

J Q ‏@ahwhatthis

Oh come on this man is not ugly 🤥

❥ 𝕤𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕙 📌 • ʜᴏʙɪᴜᴀʀʏ 🏜 ‏@moonchildgcf__

oh so he like CUTE cute 🤥😔

mom first ‏@MAGA_Yall

@RobElgasABC7 #FakeNews. They were questioned and released. 🤥

N N Z R ‏@nnazmiezr

both of them miss you, im not 🤥

𝔬𝔲𝔪 ♥ 𝔧𝔦𝔪𝔦𝔫 ‏@geniuseslab

i keep thinking the screen of freezing but it’s just him reading 🤥

Virginia A. Cardenas ‏@arellanovirgin5

There is no Victory on a Bridge of Contract; México 🇲🇽 is not attacking the USA 🇺🇸 no one is attacking the zzz USA…

ً ‏@starryrvse

@rosiepooop they gather to do banners projects but when it's about complaining about their mistreatment 🤥

Linda G Taylor ‏@lgtaylor1947

@Incorrigible110 @jimsx50 @GaetaSusan She’s been st this type of behavior for many many years 🤥

Fthzainl ‏@Fthzain

Of all the places i could trip there such as them slippery rocks and tree roots . I sprained my ankle on flat concrete floor 🤥

Kate ‏@RobiMous2

Hey @OwenSmith_MP you're lying to someone. Was it to your CLP or the press? 🤥

Butch ‏@sayitlikebutch

@WTNH He wants to be a mini Blumenthal.. his interest lie in Washington not CT.. a poser 🤥

ばらあ ‏@gcfseokk

@monhoya cause he’s in japan and japan is his favorite country 🤥

jena💫 ‏@cloudvelys

@chttpn_ I think I'll decided near the deadline like impulsive decision 🤥


Woke up to one of my lashes gone 🤥

JoAnne ‏@jsblenz

Released... 🤔🤔I wonder why? 🤥😏

patrick ‏@PapzyBoy

If you could choose any talent that you could have, what would it be? — if you know me you know that its not singin…

Ice ‏@YetiChic1

People are PO at you for lying 🤥. 👇

Rick Cheers 🍺🍺🍺 ‏@bosker_rick


Ida mae ‏@Idamae95308023

Please STOP 🛑 LYING 🤥 @MaEllenSirleaf , President @PaulKagame ain’t NOOO DAMN friend of yours 🙄 He was busy develo…

WiseFool ‏@Xcessful_Ace

@Biisi96 My own shii is that who will now eat the 500 puff puff and Zobo my neighbour planned to sell at the polling boot today 😌😌🤥

WiseFool ‏@Xcessful_Ace

My own shii is that who will now eat the 1500 puff puff and Zobo my neighbour planned to sell at the polling boot…

Judy griffin ‏@judyg224_judy

@krassenstein And these are the crimes that we know about! With all his lying 🤥 how many crimes are still out there…

Gertie Slackford ‏@GertieSlackford

@NewsHour @KrisKobach1787 I would love to know where he gets his statistics! Oh wait.... I bet he got them from the White House!!🤥

Bernie Brown ‏@lovesboston54

@JoyAnnReid Sure, Obama spoke to you about anything significant 🤨😜🤥

DeniseB ‏@DeniseB1962

@RealJamesWoods Just another day in the news from the left. 🤥

princesss t 💰 ‏@queen__TEExo

🚨 Pablo, please don't start with me this early in the morning 😈 Asks for RTGame, when told him to pay deposit- cla…

Silk. ‏@Silk1491

Sunderland are too big for this league and that’s why they aren’t going to go up apparently 🤥

지훈’s ky ‏@99JMN

HELLO i’m still at a school fair 🤥 but guess who fucken reserved a slot of hi-touch for jihoon fm in manila without…

David Niall Sheen ‏@sheenster1973

On the rattler to the capital. Johnny Cashman's farewell drink. Should be a quiet one 🤥

bruja ‏@fanxybnks

@shadesofvantae girl you're under my tweet.....where am i gonna go ? 🤥

urfa ‏@BornFangirl

Oh wow we're so scared 😖😣😔🤥

S M U D E N T ‏@AshleyTsundu

@xongi_vhandezi I’m not lying 🤥, no nitoyini!

Parth 🇰9⃣ ♠ ‏@kapilianJB

😭😮🤥 Heartfelt Condolences.......! No words left now...😠 #KashmirTerrorAttack

roti ‏@softcortae

@gcfvguk I left gcfc😭 on accident but it's dead anyways so 🤥

Lucky 1 ‏@mullie78

@LiveKellyRyan @KellyRipa @JussieSmollett That didn’t age well ... shame on #jessesmollett for his lying 🤥

Jules Masters ‏@Alleswelling

@realDonaldTrump @TuckerCarlson Just like declaring a National Emergency for a fence is a “despicable act of uncons…

Pan African/Igbo ‏@KachiZone

@elrufai Where are the bodies? Liar 🤥

ًten’s lovebot 🤖💟 ‏@jweuus

true love is when you bend down to make your midget ass boyfie look taller 🤥❤️💟💖💕

Tara ‏@TaraJeanHerman

@GovMurphy So this means you feel the same about securing our border to stop the opioid epidemic & horrific deaths…

Ryan ‏@RyvnRvmsey

@brittanymetheny hmmm exactly what id say 🤥

yiza_rems ‏@oyiza_rems

What is Love? How do you handle your relationship? Have you thought about defining your relationship 🤥 Since we ain…

Nikos Saklabanakis ‏@BodyVisionUK

Sooo excited to finally be teaming up with @krispykreme . Not really 🤥 . It's just that face I make when I'm about…

Susan Cooper ‏@BuzzEdition

But inquiring minds want to know if she lied. 🤥

Chemical Boy 🇨🇦 ‏@Chemicalboyy

@AbdulsamadIsho1 Conveniently lying 🤥

kaitlyn ‏@thoobin

standing outside of my work and i don’t even know if anyone’s here 🤥

윙. ‏@99kmph

manga caps arent the only spoilers 🤥 it's cool to voice out your excitement but..please put a warning. there are st…

Neil ‏@Neil_Murphy1997

I see Cork fans are very quiet over their supporters in throwing bottles and glasses at kids and the elderly in a p…

irene 🦋🦋 ‏@donggutheworld

@KDA_Haseul @arianorbits but dalla dalla was good too... 🤥

— ‏@jus2ing

imagine thinking love is the worst trivia 🤥

Ian Lawes ‏@ian_lawes

@SoChaS1rrah @talkSPORT 🤥 best player on the park

Lucky 1 ‏@mullie78

@LacieChainD @GrootResists @LandseerNewfie Or this kind of lying 🤥

Makaranta ‏@WakeUp9jaYouths

I don't want to believe that the 66 people killed in Kaduna according to El-Rufai was just a fake political brouhah…

𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮. ‏@pixodixo

taejin, im a lonely gay... stop flirting in my face 🤥

ta ‏@vlaylist

the duality 🤥

dkr ˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵ amna ‏@triochoi

@outrocyj wow y’all hate hets stop lying 🤥 ⁽˙³˙⁾

Chlo ‏@chlomurch

@radford69 @_laurenewland “Boyfriend” ???? 🤥

Scott ‏@Scottgd9

@Huw_Merlin @senbmckenzie @rharris334 The old ‘scrambled eggs and yogurt’ trick eh? Yeah....nah 🤥@senbmckenzie

s ™️ ‏@merryjkoo

worms 🤥 🐛

Osprey ‏@Osprey56578429

@robgt1967 @RomfordLife @LBofHavering @RomfordRecorder They prefer "hard choices" like doubling parking charges! 🤥

Jodie ‏@jodieiscool1

@martin_mima @Matthew16848460 @aaronjmate Someone explain why Mueller can’t keepnhis story straight! Is. Crowdfake…

mts. ‏@herjoie

@dillydali_ This imaginary preaching 🤥

Jamie Leverington ‏@jamielev

Nugent deserves that after his performance in mid week 🤥

Judith Malinga ‏@jayem90210

@eemz_effekt @LandNoli The president is giving a FAKE movie storyline 🎥 No single thriller can sell this tale 🤥 #Flop

ClemsonTigerFan ‏@silvergogal

New speculation is arising that the attack did happen...perhaps over a domestic dispute...& Smollett lied to police…

oreo ‏@Eljhawii

U know i've been lying saying u r the one 🤥

나은。 ‏@soninaeun

@mimnamyoui Such a liar girl 🤥

MŪHŠĮÑ ‏@muhsinboss

Just relax 🤥

Shannon Love ‏@MissesShannonMJ

Hey media? History surely does repeat itself especially when you don't LEARN from the first time. Robson & Safechuc…

Reflective Counsellor ‏@reflectiveblogg

@VoterLabour Have to say.. Can't help wondering what this was about, cos I'm a nosey kicker 🤥.. Is there a thread? Xx

tita pretty ‏@sunako199

so don't ask me why i don't like you 🤥

✨ᗰiᔕᔕ_ᖴiᖴi✨ ‏@Mrs_FiFi

🤥 Brothers arrested in Jussie Smollett attack case released without charges

Naongnaro ‏@Naongnaro2

@___pumkin___ Cats don't like me 🤥 Broke my two phones and scratched me hard that I had to go and see a doc🤪

CE🍯 ‏@cerysedwards12

@tayla_ruby that’s the tea sis 🤥🐸

nicholl b. 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Nicholl_Rene

My current day-to-day 🤥

𝐥𝐢𝐚 ♡ ‏@byemono

half of these groups I’m given I haven’t even listened to one song so forgive me if I take long w this thread 🤥

williamlcummings ‏@soccerdad1994d

@flyerinhiding @Clantastic Of course 🤥

reesa glassman ‏@ReesaGlassman

@NR_Garrett @Newsweek His nose should really be so long he needs a truck to carry it around 🤥

Mrs.Swift85 ‏@romainestchives

@WashTimes “Friends from the gym” Wink wink nudge nudge 🤥

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