Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


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Charlotte H ‏@charhermosa

@hilaryluros That’s another 🤥 he hasn’t fixed the military🤥 He wants to take $’s from them for his stupid wall & he…

COOP.LEKE ‏@coop_leke

When there are actual med patients at the dispo missing legs and shit. 🤥

The Truth ‏@CorsairDave

@LeeSobczak The founding fathers created impeachment for criminals like DJT🤥💩. Trump is not conservative in his mor…

kaelyn ‏@succsada

i hope 2 one day relate to the lyrics 🤥

...... ‏@JvaAguiar

@DRESINATRA What if the Prius is company issued ? Asking for a friend 🤥

Diana Grigaliunaite ‏@DianaGrig

Hope you will be kicked out of London- you got greedy #shameonyou high demand for higher price 5 Ubers around me wi…

IrishAssassin ‏@IrishRacingPro1

@RepSwalwell @RepZoeLofgren 🤥 Swalwell.....

ray ‏@82leemh

@markchaes baby 🥰🥴 is it 👂🏻 me 🕺🏻 or 🤥 are you 🧎🏻‍♀️doing 😳 something 🥵 to 🤲🏻 me 🏀🍑

alan ‏@alanthered

@SmitRiggs How come you remind me of Pinocchio 🤥 that’s some nose you have got 🤥

deja . 🕷🖤 ‏@kolddd_

Tired of the cap .. that’s all 🤥

liyah💕 ‏@suhhliyah

Can something be my concern cause lately nothing been my concern 🤥

CB ‏@winwarchr

This traitor corrupted incompetent was the worst President ever! The legacy of BHO was only one thing that was asto…

Crazy cat ‏@Crazyca08934236

LIAR 🤥 that isn’t what he said!! You blatantly lied about what the President said? HE SAID,”HE WOULD DO WHATEVER TH…

C ‏@Rebzy_

@rrakisall if you walked in a circle in MY shoes you’d be supporting me on this 🤥

WAYV BEST BOYS ‏@kunfetaeil

@taeilearthsea FOR REALSKDJDJOV im thinking of buying them but yknow 🤥 no money and my walls are actually pretty fu…

Luiz 𖤐 ‏@BabyYodaJr

yo whose turbo is that popping off behind my house 🤥

WAYV BEST BOYS ‏@kunfetaeil

@taeilearthsea it makes me so sad 😭😭 one time they were the ONLY ONES left . lets not even talk how like, theres st…

Rap Game Frosty The Snowman ‏@wholesomebrenda

i said: 🤥

Bully Saint James ‏@BullyStJames

Hey? You cannot use a picture with me in it with out MY permission!!! OKAY, but just this one time 🤥

Sarah - Relaxations ‏@squadge91

Oh mannnnnnn Sleep is overrated anyways!!! 🤥😢😰

Don't Follow Me Plz ‏@YallNeverListen

@A3653000 @byunsdeux Thanks! Girl or boy, they hot asf! I know I stan already 🤥

𝐊Ω𝐇𝐄𝐍 👤 ‏@notkohen

calling people gay in 2019? hmm 🤥

𝗟𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲 ‏@Delaine000

@LauriWaldvogel Me too😂😂😂🙊🤥

🐵Ń!€K¥💸 ‏@nickrankonj

@rickychris__ I’m 5:5 tallest person out 🤥

emmie🐛 soley stan acc ! ‏@fIowerbody

@tbythot omg felt .... they do an unf spree and then end up following everyone back 🤥

Larry5Hands...Vote Dem any Dem 2020 Presidential! ‏@LarryC12061342

#DUIGaetz, you’re such a Putz!🇺🇦🇷🇺🤥💰Impeached! Ouch! Vote Democrat, any Democrat in 2020 Presidential 🇺🇸 You, on th…

Skeptical Scalpel ‏@skepticalscalpl

@naturallyasp I see Pocahontas has apologised for lying 🤥 about her make believe native heritage.

The Good Vibe 🌊 🇹🇹 ‏@TheSocaWarrior

@RoyalLucian They’re lying 🤥

dahlia ANDREW DAY!!! ‏@prettyxdun

@anacubeta2 i would name him honeybee 🤥 bc its cute

CB ‏@winwarchr

Who’s Lamb ? Another idiot?🤥🐀👿💩👹👎

Amit Mishra ‏@sensexat100K

@thepeeinghuman Hey Propaganda-in-Chief,tell why Hindus from Sri Lanka & Myanmar (persecuted by Rohingyas) aren’t p…

Kris-T ‏@SarcasticLibra8

@Beverly32640200 @TMZDeeDee And Xander lied 🤥 wasn’t like Eric even knew and chose to ignore the child. He wou…

☁️🦋Softball🐥 jimin🦋☁️ ‏@streameatjinyk

ok 😡bullshit, literal bullshit😡 i know the stats girl 😳✋ you are just lying 🤥 as well at this point, bye 👋🏻


@Steampunk_T @KerrymingSun Astounding 🤥👍

WAYV BEST BOYS ‏@kunfetaeil

@taeilearthsea next time i /can/ ill tell u so u can choose since theres a lot 🤥 the lady deadass told me no one wanted them so i bought 3 😃

CB ‏@winwarchr

We cannot accept your re election as a worst Speaker of the House and also we’re fed up with your demented lunatic…

Jennifer Desjardins ‏@JenniferDesja11

@realDonaldTrump And the Nixon impeachment process and the Clinton impeachment was a hoax and a witch-hunt too. 🤥

His Majesty 👑 in Singapore 😍 ‏@parku_prince21

@citizenOpoku Come and close my eyes for me 🤥

j McPherson ‏@Johnnymac47

@johncardillo @EmeraldRobinson @jaketapper Time for @jaketapper to get many pies in his lying 🤥 face! @DevinNunes

🅱️ro #2 ‏@topsfairy

the fucking irony 🤥

CB ‏@winwarchr

Nadler your circus is not funny is ridiculous full of liars and demented DemocRats like you! We’re fed up of your b…

Mike ‏@Brummy1975

@Trippifi @SkyNewsBreak 🤥 I hope you get your referendum then u can go and save us a fortune

Rebecca ‏@HonortheCreator

@Collinsdw @tomselliott @VRWCTexan Along with the so called 🤥 🤡IMPEACHERS!🐍🎪 NAMELY NADLER,SHIFTY, and PELOSI! 3 S…

🤓🧸 ‏@amourgcf

@minsrkive we know 🤥

Angela Eve 🍏✨💚💫 ‏@greeneyewatch

Chris listen back to what you are saying ???? Just listen to yourself, you’re a freaking liar and a spoiled child . 🤥 #TheStory

Debbie 🐝Ahern 🇺🇸 💙🌊✨✌🏽✌🏻 ‏@savetheturtles2

@peaceandteachin These republicans support a liar and traitor it’s truth 🤥 it’s disgraceful!

Tony-MCFC 🐝⚽️👕🏆🏆🦈 ‏@Gojairu

@SamLee @designstranger @HauserQuaid @Lawton_Times Certain journalists reckon they know Peps contract better than t…

Larne Loyalist 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇮🇱 ‏@NILoyal82

An Independent Scotland looks and sounds lovely. 🤥

Cash$Money ‏@CashMon55832121

@GmanFan45 @JulieReichwein1 Nose candy is expensive. 🤥

Reality ‏@D1dYouKnowThat1

☞ Not sure there's a man on EARTH as Pathetic, Childish, Cowardly, Tantrum-Throwing, Insecure Loser Bully 73 YEAR O…

bandida ‏@40ozofhighlife

Bought the dolce&gabbana light blue and I can’t tell if I love it or hate it 🤥

2o0mi ‏@liltoomee

@dxmilade @_ectorr If I win the cash I’ll defo split it with you 🤥

Eyes On Fox ‏@eyesonfoxorg

@irredenta If the media refuses to share facts how did @glennbeck get them? Oh, he made them up. 🤥

CB ‏@winwarchr

Crazy and nonsense that is the demented brainless DemocRats!🐀🐍🤥👎👿💩👹👎

Sean66® ‏@NOR_CAL_MTB

@balljr @maggieNYT The very first clip there is a “Sir” in there! 🤥

Emany Johnson ‏@ball5islife

That look so fake 🤥


@goIdenharrie falling is so beautiful but it makes me too sad and then golden and cherry are So Good but i like the others more 🤥

kailah 🌻 ‏@kailahnishelle

people will always just try to victimize themselves 🤥

GolferGirl ❤️❤️❤️ ‏@FrequentTweeter

@dr_palazzolo @RepJerryNadler My lips aren’t moving so, I couldn’t possibly be lying. 🤥

david juarez ‏@davidjuarez

Here’s your content 🤥

Rebecca ‏@HonortheCreator

@cnoblit @tomselliott @alisyncamerota @realDonaldTrump IGNORE BC THEY ARE A BIASED AGENDA. They never report facts…

Julie ‏@Julieoz836

@deniseshrivell They have been lied 🤥 to and fooled for many years and they keep voting for more of the same. I des…

‘’, ‏@shoa_007

get this shit to 1k views i deserve better 🤥

ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ K͎a͎i͎ ͎곰͎ ͎s͎u͎p͎r͎e͎m͎a͎c͎y͎ ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ ‏@Jongin_Track

@creativesyed1 Oh dear dear you shouldn’t be lying 🤥 City Lights came out in early July. But Sperm was announced in…

Shim ( _Rational) ‏@shim_oz

@Nature2912 @xgagarina @DNy1818 @LucyMOlearysCow Israel did NOT start the conflict. It is in the Palestinian Arab…

Jazzy ‏@Super_Nova04

@3ddie_96 Why they inside out tho 🤥

dalena ‏@xodalena

thanks for the help 🤥

Heidi ‏@Heidiothegarden

You clearly thought wrong, @LindseyGrahamSC Do you ever watch these clips and wonder what happened to that princip…

caren ‏@caren82884099

@BenPBradshaw @UKLabour Is it really ? I want to believe you, but😢🤥😢😢😢

RJK ‏@Robbiejamesking

@IanDeakin16 Apparently they want Poch now 🤥 Why not go the whole hog and get Pep 😂

Christine tidy ‏@tidy_christine

@BorisJohnson 40. Hospital’s and fifty thousand new nurses and for gods sake put more money into education, ok Pinocchio 🤥

PJ Bardsley ‏@PrueBardsley

@GideonCRozner Everything, CCA should be above politics, smart economic management involves creative 🤔, progressi…

Eyes On Fox ‏@eyesonfoxorg

@PapiCaballo I'd mention this entire meme has been thoroughly debunked but I imagine you knew before you posted it. 🤥

༺M G W V༻ ‏@lllMGWVlll

👀 👅 If you want more friends retweet & like this & turn my notifications 🔛 MGWV 😯🤡😳🤥

OhThatsTDawg🤩 ‏@trynafiguretia

Why niggas try use the child to get back in 😂😂😂🤥 that’s so played out 🙄💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

:p ‏@x1aonist

wait i forgot to tag @PlayApex 🤥

ava ‏@avadeckenrode

mom takes my water to fill up the cats. who drinks from a cup. on the table. 🤥

PlayBoi_Bené ‏@JayJilla_YiK3s

That shit do happening, I still think some of y’all be lying 🤥 tho 😂😂😂

roman 🌺 hua chin agenda ‏@landadji

so ruoye and e-ming human forms 🤥

lyn 🍃 ‏@inluvseokjin

@THICCYJIBOOTY i’m quoting too many vines 🤥

Celene ‏@pricklyconkers

@TheLastLeg #dickjohnson 🤥 sorry to the real Dick Johnson 😐

Paul McKellar ‏@mckellar_paul

@emmavardy2 Not that I know of 🤥 😬

⛄️ ‏@jwisvng

and i still woke up an hour later 🤥

Swarthy Communique ♏️♈️♌️☯️ ‏@SwarthyCommuni1

@IslamRizza You ain’t never lied 🤥💯💯👍🏽

SpaceHippy ‏@SuperDuperMuser

@DFBHarvard @dennis_duclos Their racist narrative is tiring 🤥

Grant Doyle ‏@GrantDoyle77

@DanielMcCann00 @rossaitkennn_ Always one hater 🤥

Blackbelt11 ‏@blackbelt11

@ericswalwell He's a Gem ! 🤥

UniQue~♉ ‏@mscali34

Goodbye you orange lying 🤥 duck

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