Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


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Kim Olinzock ‏@KimOlinzock

@perel_hila @ShawnMendes Happy day girl!''🤗😁🤥💕

jazi ‏@soulskook

@jaeminlvr those outfits are like what my dad wears now 🤥

Korean 🤸🏾‍♀️ ‏@lilneyab_

😬🤥 / feeling your cut mane 😍🤟🏾

Vivian Vacca ‏@ViviVacca

@mkraju And then @PressSec says it bothers her when people call her a liar 🤥

Mood Bot ‏@EmojiMoodBot


maxine ‏@uItilsan

@insanitae_ i-if im honest i can only point out wendy and seulgi 🤥 but she looks like a joy to me

“I love women and I love girls” ‏@Tydollacheater

“Stay woke” skksks being bipolar must be hard 🤥

Jen Espression ‏@jenlovesxoxo

Area meeting later. 🤥😵

🐛 ‏@worm_sosick23

Not even sleepy the sad part 🤥

Bhris Brown ‏@AwwBroYouAhHoe

I hate a liar 🤥

Pharrell's Priceless Princess 🖖🏽🥂🇵🇭 ‏@PharrellPhan

2015 was my worst year, every tweet that I tweet 🙄 ppl is forcing me to delete it. 🤥

Shleeepy ‏@ZaxBlack_Mageo

you claiming you miss me but my number ain’t changed in years... why you lying 🤥

ang ‏@bbyjeonpjm

i should be studying for my final tmrw but like ... mybed comfy 🤥

TERRYTANK ‏@terrytankmusic

Just about the 5th accusation like that in a month, but thanks to body cams all these evil barefaced lies 🤥 don't t…

Marques Robinson ‏@QuesRobinson

They thought I wouldn’t make it they lied 🤥 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

Brexit Fraud ‏@BrexitFraud

@TLRailUK @_Rex_Kramer_ Will make this addition to my game of w*nk word bingo from GTR “short term amendment” right…

北の税理士 ‏@Gospeedracer5

He is a liar 🤥

bella ‏@isabellaislasxo

@zuluminati_ An over exaggeration is a lie sir 🤥

air in ‏@aarynbernal

Not a question, just wanted to let you know. During one of your sleepovers I gave one of your brothers a blowjob wh…

Des O ‏@angrykid83

@LGoonerHoward “Those who knew wouldn’t speak and those who would speak wouldn’t know “ was my favourite line. Basi…

Tina's KEEPER㊙️ ‏@QueenKayeMusic

Who in the entire fuck LIED 🤥 🙄

zayyyyyyyyyy ‏@alizegarcia336

Dammmm I caught that 🤥

ali ‏@atadayon

Sarah Sanders: Being Called A Liar ‘Bothers Me’ 🤥

A’$ 🦅 ‏@tonnea_

dirty ass hoe acting so bougee.🤥

👑 K.S, D.K, T.S 👑 ‏@SungKyung79

Imma still pretend it is anyways 🤥

Independent Woman ‏@MeFeminist

It bothers me when the American people are lied too! 🤥

solidad456 ‏@solidad456

@exoticgamora What a liar 🤥


If you don’t stop lying 🤥 you’ll grow up to be a @CNN Reporter

🐛 ‏@worm_sosick23

Just trying to fall asleep 🤥

BM ‏@iMehrez

@peterdobbie1 @PressSec Quit, the best way to keep lying 🤥 in the dark... no podium or cameras.

Kim ‏@Kimkimmertje123

@TCSCONTROL I know right... uurghh *cough absolutely not bragging 😑🤥😵 *cough

𝖒𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖈 ‏@fentyxjimin

@beywithjoon WELL OBVIOUSLY I LIED 🤥

xingpeach for life ‏@zyxmis

are ppl still crying abt really really not winning soty when spring day is in the top 20 on melon 🤥

Nico ‏@wpad_iatol

Cloud rap beat is easy, but I don’t have atmosphere plugin 🤥

J⚡️ ‏@juliissaa__

@lisbetthhc stop lying to yourself 🤥

Blue Soulz ‏@blueslz

🤥 Well in all fairness Rudy's Truth does seem to be relative to what day it is.

Deb ‏@Flake_Despisers

@Melissa1opinion 🙄 & 🤥 Will HRC ever stop her lies!?

Ian McNamara ❤️⚪️⚫️ ‏@XXianmacXX

Sprinkle fairy dust and they will recover 🤥

‘ ‏@K1Gennings

🦁 what happened to our road trip? y’all stunted out like dat huh 🤥

🅿️Grüv🤟🏾#GLM💰 ‏@pGruv

@_davidma @Dart_Adams what a coincidence😮they had a song w/ #SummerMadness all ready too go and what!?🤥😂he signed s…

PRINCESS✨ ‏@lilbabyym

😂🤥 why be w someone who doesn’t love you? tuhhh couldnt b me.

piccobow🎻🎸 ‏@Mscellobass

@exposes_racism @ShuaEli3 @redpillblack @MsBlaireWhite @Tree_of_Logic @Andywarski @realbuntyking A complete fraud s…

DoodleBob ‏@MereMortal01

@ashaqeens Where’s Osama and what have you done to him 🤥

King Ignacio ‏@kingxignacio

@ZayTheTrillest_ You ain’t never lied 🤥.

lataisha is outro: tear’s thot ‏@poutynj

thorry it was both 🤥

John Filipovic ‏@johnflipside

@Comey We can see your lips moving Jimmy so we know you are lying 🤥

DadeBossHogg ‏@FatSpielberg

@ColJSKatz @conspiracypro @CCPDVa And your officer lied 🤥 that’s why people don’t like cops you to say and do whate…


Come on over to UNLV 🤥😂😂😂

LittleBigProductions ‏@L_B_Productions

@MoneyMaker_254 You should apologize to @King_Windsor MoneyMaker254 is a Fake and a liar 🤥

mey ‏@fakeluve

@jeongguk send nudes 🤥


I haven’t been fuckin y’all bitches 🤥

Moleriks ‏@moleriks

@JudyWoodruff @NewsHour To bad he is 🤥.

m ‏@selenasheaux

better things are coming, right 🤥

stephanie m. ‏@Stephaniestepph

@jassraylenex3 Could of sworn today was the 23rd and you were coming over 🤥

Blue Soulz ‏@blueslz


⚒ Roger-J ⚒ ‏@Roger_J_coyi

@Sam_InkersoleTM He also thought most fans absolutely loved the stadium 🤥

babbsy 🌀 ‏@babbsylady

@thehill Then stop lying 🤥

pistol grip pump ‏@DenkerAveJay

@loloregzaf nothing on my account says I hate women, lol lying 🤥 to fit in?

LadyDi ‏@LadyDiTan

Evil😈 lor! The 🇺🇸in debts 🤔& how one get so 🤑 than??? 🤥😅 @Orion_Solaris

PRINCESS✨ ‏@lilbabyym

y’all horny & im sleepy😂🤥

Bill Haines ‏@haines12_bill

@realDonaldTrump Then you talk about yourself!! It’s not all about the liar and cheat DUMBASS 👎🤥💩

SPLISH ‏@PourLoka

Word U b gettin billion dollar ideas n then the next day Ur like...🤥 Doy

Bill Haines ‏@haines12_bill

@wrenncarolcomc1 @davegreenidge57 @votevets @realDonaldTrump Wow that was awesome 👏 I really needed a good laugh 🤪…

Ruben ‏@rer241

@PressSec Proud of a @POTUS who lies on a daily basis, and makes you repeat his shameful lies? Both of you are pathological liars 🤥

KD_ÑØ_DÛRÅŃT⚠️ ‏@durant_not_here

Be Ball Head No Cap Lying 👽🤥 🧢

Melanie DeLand ‏@MelanieDeLand10

if only people really knew 🤥

pratt ‏@puurrraatt

i’d dress cute too if i had money 🤥


@newsfakenews @RyanDamonDong1 @backdoordrafts @realDonaldTrump @PalmerReport @RonWyden You promise that this is you…

tae ‏@saturntheslut

hi I LOVE my Asian mutual jus sayin 😝😝👏🏾👏🏾 esp my desi grils 😙😙😙 yk that bhaat and torkari. samosas my guy 💜💜💜🤥.

Tyler Lockhart ‏@tyler_501

@SAYBEALER3X Lol he so full of it, 😭🤥

ひMauroひ ‏@Joe_sosa_

Fake love is hittin the streets harder than crack did in the 80s 🤥

Maria Bustamante ‏@Panama6715

@acitrep @jankennard @ShannonBream Pathetic, “so” you’re a liar, prove one leak attributed to @DevinNunes that is u…

Elisa Wechadtowski ‏@ewechadtowski

@thehill Then stop f**king lying 🤥 🖕🏿

𝕵 ‏@hoecults

o someone sb me..wonder who 🤥

Lil Repo 💫 ‏@Broke_ass9412

Social media can't know everything everybody worried about everybody else to much 🤥

Sonny Guillen ‏@SONNYVAL_

Everytime i see a story about someone putting their dog down I cry, no matter where I’m at, I cry. I relive that da…

Bill Haines ‏@haines12_bill

@JohnQPublic678 @realDonaldTrump This country was built by immigrants dumbass!! That’s such a stupid thing to say b…

Barry ‏@Barry72283356

Just heard donnie say Clapper “...has the problem of lying a lot...”, so at least he finally admits that lying a lot is a PROBLEM 🤥

Corry • FAKE LOVE ‏@impatientfrog

@bts_bighit @Spotify i bet this is Joon who just really wants that hot 100 goal he talked about 🤥

Steve Nosich ‏@tumnedays

@brithume All you have to do is look at Clapper when he answers a question whether he is lying 🤥- there called NON…

viv ♥️ yves ‏@redfIavors

i look like a soft acc rn i promise i’m edgy 🤥

αwαz❁ ‏@sup_awaz

Every Kurdish woman can relate 🤥

fran ‏@huwujin

I cannot play sbts for three months 🤥

Karen Quiroz ‏@CriissQuiroz

@faithwontheday @BBCOne Of course not 🤥

$Diamond_Berry$ ‏@berryslimatic

I know a trailer trash, bum ass, homeless, jobless, hungry hoe, funny mouth, still scraping ppl pot thot like this.…

Bill Haines ‏@haines12_bill

@finnwoman @realDonaldTrump Yup something to match the hair!!!! 👎🤥💩

jamie Yaar ‏@JamieYaar

@realDonaldTrump Oh my god you r literally lying and pulling a narrative out of your substantial posterior- you are…

‏ً ‏@sailorhyunjin

@_buggyboy @chuuwies Wjdkclsos im a granny 🤥

xingpeach for life ‏@zyxmis

@_ailasab Apparently bugs counts 80% downloads and 20% streams so it makes sense for a newer song to top the chart…

Tony ‏@WaylandAnthony

@cdeanrosedaviss Yeah yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking....🤥

maria ‏@loveIynct

i sent the gc hunhan and chanbaek gifs and i got blocked 🤥

R. Charles Wilkerson ‏@uarcee_2000

@thehill @PressSec Then stop Lying. 🤥

Darlene ‏@026191222

@NancyPelosi @realDonaldTrump When,Trump Open His Mouth 👄 He is Lying 🤥 Again!

Bill Haines ‏@haines12_bill

@realDonaldTrump Go to hell Liar and cheat 👎🤥💩

Aaliyah ❤️ ‏@_WhooLoyal

Going straight to hell for lying ..🤥

letskeephiphopalive ‏@BARSSMATTER

Ar Ab Exposed for being a liar 🤥 Smh @ANGRYFAN007 @vladtvnews @djvlad

Haida Princess (Lori) ‏@HaidaPrincess

🤥#Lyin OLD🧓@realDonaldTrump @POTUS🧓@NFL @nflcommish👈BS #TakeAKnee @NFLPA @ESPN @FoxNews @seanhannity @foxandfriends…

BONES JONES ‏@bonesjones1

Really!?!....then stop 🛑 lying 🤥

jen ‏@Igbtsnct

istg dimples are my one and only weakness 🤥

Dev.BWA® ‏@calvillo_420

@nicoledarlingg Now you’re lying 🤥

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