Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


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libra sun mami ‏@lovelylibrasun

FACT: Most of the pictures you see of kids and adults in cages were taken during Obama’s term and not Trump’s but y…

Baby sempe ☺️ ‏@nikieblaque

@The_Nenye People always think I’m yourba. When I tell them my name is Nkechi, they assume I’m lying 🤥

「kita ↩️」 ‏@knjssatan

9 more minutes and i’m outttttt😫🤥😹👍

(🥀) MINNYLIFE ‏@sorrisomin

@herajiwoo not withing tbe t-twelve hours 🤥

light yagami's potato chip ‏@B0KUTO__

i did not just make a twt art acc 🤥

The Don ‏@brandon_tanaka1

@MaiMikealaa @Am_Blujay Your name says it all 🤥

MattMan 🌟🌟🌟 ‏@Ocala_MattMan

@petemcguiness @ERMAGARN Damn!!! 🤥✌🏻🇺🇸

Bruno 🇵🇹 ‏@euro_bruno

wondering if anyone actually discovered JESC before finding out about regular Eurovision,, that would be wild 🤥

Jimmie Joseph crank ‏@JimmieJosephcr1

@JevonWilliamsVI Yes, their is something wrong with people if they don’t know how biden has lied 🤥 to people all hi…

steview 403 ‏@403Steview

@sylviamcc123 She’s wae someone 😂big no no 🤥

emo hag is processing some complex emotions ‏@HYDEJINX

@fataIbIow he doesn’t care cause skating isn’t a trend bro 🤥 gotta be weird and protect my hobby from people i deem…

Tracy ‏@tracysaddiction

Mark Esper confirms he was briefed on intelligence about Russian payments to the Taliban Oh boy, busted AGAIN! He…

𝑳⁷ ‏@lilotuspjm

Hes already taken 🤥

Hannah🇦🇪🇵🇭 ‏@rabeedeeSB19

@yanidedios @ATIN_Rosheanne @SB19Official @sb19 This is tricky! Parang nag co-coincide yung #1 mo to @jah447798 ‘s…

Denise ‏@Y____Denise

@realDonaldTrump Not fair.... baaaaaaaaah...haaaaaa. 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩🤥

cheri ‏@moncherityong

@TYbububu idk. would have thought it was a problem with my phone if you didn't bring this up 🤥

Kelly Macauley ‏@kellymac_fcs

@realDonaldTrump You are shaking in your boots. Too bad. 🤥

LET IT GO ‏@E_stie_

@monst1ace @PRISJ1_ cook for him. 🤥

Call Me Ms.White ‏@The_ShanShow

Stop believing everything ya nigga tell you bout me because bitch he lying 🤥 😭

Joshua Hill ‏@JDogReversal

@maginarydragons Should I sell my runner? 🤥

𝒜𝒹𝒶🦋|♡| -115🎂 ‏@karolXmylife

Obvio bobis 😶😯🥰😑😮😜😟🙁🤑🙁👺☻👽☠🤥😾🤮🥴🤧

Renee 🇿🇦🇿🇦 ‏@Renlane

@ewnupdates Liar liar 🤥 pants on fire 🔥

eilman ‏@g00zebomb

@ezreianty @ikhalola1 yeah maam cuz nobody has crush on me 🤥

「kita ↩️」 ‏@knjssatan

okay now that i’m not working and the fan on,,,it b cold tho😫🤥😔

Shay ‏@JustShay11

Lying 🤥 trump! Trump lies we die.

Mike Duggan ‏@MikeDug45117510

@JessSFrankel I blame auto correct 🤥

Megan Bleckman ‏@BleckmanMegan

@SandeepUnnithan @ShivAroor Yes the basic idea is... saucy what you have to day... and do what you have to do. Both…

neotown ‏@neotowngos

@lyqsales KDBDJDBJD we’ll need to do some research rip. we’ve only used them for one batch and then atw albums and…

n00dz ‏@nurindaniella

Does anyone have any recommendations on which ig profile or smtg to buy takoyaki 🤥

Grace Micah ‏@Gra_cious

They been lying 🤥

((Fredàé)) | #Survive😷 | #Resist 📢 | #VoteBlue🌊 ‏@freddyatton


Jogindhar_Ch ‏@ChJogindhar

@PUBGMOBILE Can u Please tell us about the estimated time for resolving 🤥

Quantum Sauce ‏@Quantum_Sauce

📢 You too can discover the brilliant worlds of @Quantum_Sauce, @FConstitutional & @LeedsInspired! ➡️…

florence ‏@floralsouls

how. to. feel. good. and. confident? 🤥

L. Bennison ‏@LdaBee

@realDonaldTrump Stop Lying 🤥

mark Norris ‏@knocker01

@sylviamcc123 never 🤥

nana ‏@narkaah

@PerlmanGerry I bet he is lying 🤥 🤥

Joe Grayson ‏@JoeGrayson03

“Only having a couple”🤥

Dilan ‏@syafiqirfann

liars kept on lying 🤥

Cess 🥀 ‏@nasejunpaw

- DAY 10 - Write two facts and one lie 🤥 SB19MYX VotingDay @SB19Official #SB19DayChallengeD10

Mohamed Titous 🇩🇿 ‏@MohaTitous

I want to believe .. 🤥 #Algerie

Ishank Deep ‏@DeepIshank

@TheCricketGirll I m from cbse board , class 12th 🤥 mera result ab aayega 😐😐😐

Blain ‏@BlainAllinson96

I’m absolutely certain he’ll chose Middlesbrough over Monaco like 🤥😂

Ken Turner ‏@mac_ct

Hang on! You’ve SPENT R10,000,00? But the supplier says he hasn’t received a cent. Someone is lying 🤥 BIG TIME!!!!

Royal DuchessDu-chess ‏@jackaranian

@JacquiClarke69 @LouLouLa10 @YouTube Oh, is that #ArchieDarren's sister ' dolly? Is she being incubated now? Very realistic.🤥

Raymond Goodwin ‏@red88fella

@ReadingThePlay They’re all smoke and mirrors. Don’t wanna see another headline talking them up. 🤥

𝕽𝖎𝕽𝖎⁷ 𖧵 ‏@bloogguk


scott walker ‏@scott_walker_14

@SmithJournalist Been quite a turnaround from the 'Save Matlock Town' crowd funding campaign to a squad of about 30 in a few months 🤥

Celtic hare ‏@celtichare

Them paper bed sheets are deceptive 🤥

Richard Scratcher ‏@RichardScratch1

@Newsweek I found one of those last week. 🤥

cheri ‏@moncherityong

@legendary0ng yeah sadly. so lemme complain abt the food i order at home for the time being 🤥

GIFman ‏@F__kBillG

@TirChonaill1 @davidmcw Diversity is our greatest strength 🤥

Samwell ● ‏@YoungSamme

Good thing I'm SCORPIO then 😄 But seriously, this tweet just broke my heart 🤥

Vinson Ijal ‏@IjalVinson

Food Afcionado Hassle Tinker Buff 🤥

bunnie ‏@bunnie56274335

@RepJohnYarmuth @kyblueblood @SenDuckworth Tucker is just another privileged Rich brat who’s always been given ever…

𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐥𝐚 ‏@Magoola__

@ShadyZziwa14 @Kirya_ug2 @balaug01 @LoneChildJBM And the rest of us?!!😳🤥

Jason Hogan ‏@Hzetter

@ProjectLincoln He has no control over manforts prison sentence, to suggest show is flat out 🤥 lies, you are the swamp

sharon Holt ‏@sharonH90072387

@reaIDonalTrump_ Yes months ago he’s lying 🤥 and we know it. If you do more test you will have more positive feedba…

lordafo ❤️☘️ ‏@lordafo20

Hmmm 🤥 VAR continues to be a joke 😂

tes ‏@compestition

spotify is down 🤥

MAMA YAO ‏@blackwidow_KE

@am_soita Is this you?🤥

Connor 🤯 ‏@condods_

@Matt31206195 @jamesgaunt @swillis100 @NuitsdeY @grahambsi @MichelBarnier Telling porkies, are we Matt? 🤥

Randy Cruse ‏@randycruse

@politvidchannel Trump’s a liar 🤥.

🇺🇸MWilliams😎 ‏@mewakwhd

@JoeBiden has been in Gov’t for over 40 years an only now he wants the Gov’t to buy American; Biden is a pathological liar 🤥

🌻barbie🌻 ‏@twins10496

@stephanie_co23 @realDonaldTrump Show me where the pathological liar 🤥 is a billionaire? Asking for all of America

𓍼eka⁷𓍯 ‏@jeonselca

@MINGYUlSM different always 🤥

Krunal ‏@Kpixel007

@realDonaldTrump You don’t even have 96% approval rating in your household liar 🤥 #MaryTrump

MBTA's Mood ‏@mbta_mood

🤥: There was a boost in mood over the past 60 minutes. Analyzed 2 tweets, with 93.25% feeling Doubtful. #Boston #MBTA #MBTAMOOD

DBni ‏@DBni

@CelticNotorious Connecting Flights to the Maldives?🤥🇲🇻

Gary Turner ‏@garyturner

@Samwood41 @DaveLeeFT @FinancialTimes This is the last one, this time. Honest. 🤥

JustSaying! ‏@JBurley5

@ProjectLincoln Wipe them lying 🤥 eyes 👀😅

Joker 😂😂😂🤥♥️ ‏@Nermin86050972

@institucijauma @RobertDeNiroUS @zaprepascena_ Don’t lie 🤥 yes we know that Dobrica Cosic gives ya orders to do but shuts up 🤐

Blake ‏@BlakeBehnke

Noooo! Calm down calm down, shit isn’t how you think it is...TAKE A LOOK AROUND! Bunch of 🤥 clowns #TGIF

neev☭🍒 ‏@neevlol

@andreagrainger sadly not i’ve 73 mutuals who follow them 🤥


@indykaila I spoke to Ollie myself and he said it was a 30 minute call! LIAR 🤥

Justttt_1 🥵 ‏@Justyceee_1

Whew almost settled for a lil dick 🤥

DC ‏@dlynnmason

@phyle17 @_ReaalAmerican_ @realDonaldTrump I know you know you're 🤥 lying and this has been refuted and proven a li…

Eddy Ventura ‏@Eagle135A

@NewDay @jameskthompson1 @JohnBerman I believe nothing this lying 🤥 POS says, let’s see the results for ourselves.…

# chic, nsd📌 ‏@RRAVENJUN

@lovelylty95 @NCTsmtown_127 no like seriously but yeah ok imma stop 🤥💘

ari 🌊 ‏@kunclipse

the worst thing about living by yourself: having to clean the bathroom 🤥

ً🛵 san day !! ‏@hwaviIIe

@kqctrl yea mine straight up crashes too 🤥

Rebecca Aw ‏@aw_rebecca

@historyogi We want Tharman to be PM not this liar 🤥

. ‏@Davids_Gee

I missed u sm 🤥

siany ‏@sian_paige

@Dylanjames15 Yes I do, liar 🤥😂

🌿🦠🐛Scooter Worm🐛🦠🌿 ‏@WormOnScooter

I went to the YouTube website to change my profile so then I had to do the verification thing and it gave super cre…

danny ‏@dannyoneal_

According to some people all 4 of our defenders are shit tho 🤥

Jordan ‏@jordmarley

Stokes really doing a great job as captain so far not picking Broad and then batting first 🤥

Martina Luther ‏@MartinaLuther4

🤥 Yes, absolutely right!

tara⁷ luvs trin ‏@brdrsz

@urbandictionary liar 🤥 tbh

WildcatLady64 ‏@Lady64Wildcat

@aptSwissy What hasn’t he lied 🤥 About ??!! Seriously I wanna know 🤣🤣

mark michael wbs ‏@WbsMark

Trump spewing LIE 🤥 after LIE 🤥 after LIE🤥 to his pal Hannity. 👿 Nothing new BUT these LIES are KILLING AMERICANS.…

楠雄パラディナイト真里 ‏@marikusuo

how u a tsundere who’s dating a cop 🤥 pick a struggle chile

yee ‏@Wasted_Arrow

@theedgygrill Hehe , just doin my duty mam , me aesa wesa police officer ni hun 🤥

🕷 ‏@laelkoo

@domtopjk @kmsoya So youre going to cry because my time attracted both armys and locals? 🤥

Loretta Better ‏@BetterLoretta

@iammix24 @realDonaldTrump Lol ,nice try Liar 🤥

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