Lying Face Emoji

A face with a long nose, used to indicate the telling of a lie.

Lying Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤥 Liar

🤥 Long Nose

🤥 Pinocchio


🤥 U+1F925


Tweets For 🤥

Elvis ‏@Elvis88697556

@Franklin_Graham @ChelseaClinton @BillClinton @HillaryClinton Mother like daughter 🤥 to American people

Ravi ‏@Rafikipatel

Happy birthday @NathanCleve26!!! I hope your day was outstanding! Have fun at Auburn 🤥

Dinah Neals ‏@dkneels

@NBCNightlyNews @jack I can think of someone else who needs a #timeout for a lot longer than 7 days 🤥 u know

꒰𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚒 ♡'𝚜 𝚜𝚟𝚝꒱ ‏@softesthosh

@doIIpjm ive just taken the pottermore quizz like 3 times sjjsjs it was slytherin the 2 times nd ravenclaw once 🤥

Frankiewalnuts ‏@frankiewalnuts

@realDonaldTrump I'm grasping at any Ludacris conspiracy theory 🤥😳😵 must tweet as if it's true

micaela RISE DAY ‏@Ioona

thot yall hated promoting other artists? 🤥

ℓєѕℓιє ℓℓαмαѕ 🍓 ‏@leliellamas

Where are the ones that reply at 🤥😲

jack napier. ‏@Dre__Gambino

When The Niggas Who Stroll The Most Talk About Other Niggas Strolling..🤥

Matthew Schmidt ‏@MatthewRSchmidt

It only took 2 years of perpetuating lies and feeding diversions to their viewers 🤥

Beautiful Goddesses ‏@BeautifulGodd15

Centrosomes provide structure but she can’t even keep her own life together.!?!?!??How does hat work. So basically…

jaxon♡정국 ‏@spaceffcts

@bumjimins i miss yoU MOSTEST 🤥

dayco.liz ‏@Legit_Lizzy

But damn she won’t leave me alone 🤥

YT: Kendra From The Internet🥑 ‏@kenjiipod

Ever since I posted my sugar baby video, I’ve had a whole bunch of new sugar daddy requests in my DM’s 🤥

stephka 🌻 ‏@mercurylvoe

@Capt_Slapa_Ho Lmao pls 🤥

Bo Bunton ‏@BoBunton4

@Msteeg22 👌🏼 deal! I neeeeever knew they sold just pink ones! 🤥

ً ‏@127gays

acting like shes not the dumb one 🤥

ً ‏@ultvore

i just wanted to say...... youre weird 🤫😳👀🤥‼️

Layla is depressed from school 🤧 ‏@SweetPeachLayla

@fadedhoney I said I fight with my brother I lied 🤥 😪🤧🤓

Kathy ‏@homebasecil

@nprpolitics @PressSec lying again 🤥

DUDZEN ‏@heejined

why do y’all assume that because BLACK PEOPLE hyped up black panther that we have to do it for every other poc movi…

draculord ‏@hypn0ticvampire

@jacqueronaaa @sarahndipity18 what what pain?? nobody said anything about pain 🤥

emmilee ‏@artbyemmilee

new wip coming soon hopefully 🤥

Carl Kevin ‏@cebcarlkevin

Missing the old me 🤥

ᶻᵘᵇʸ 💜 #EPIPHANY ‏@vxmoonchild

@lqjikook i call it oh tee seven 🤥

Jonathan Lones ‏@JonathanLones

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” This phrase popularized by Mark Twain came to…

sharon wasson ‏@aquacatehs

Another lie about our veterans 🤥 being left to die while illegals get benefits #FakeNews

‏ًً ‏@pledsis

🤥 he looks like a voltron character

kennedy ; go up ‏@chunghagalaxy

ig 73 people want to fight 🤥

tracey 🍎 ‏@peachstro

the eunwoo fan set I bought came today but it's too dark to take a pic of it all 🤥

Prayingmantis ‏@debrakgordon

And this is how the rest of the world sees our nation now. Trump is an abomination. He needs a good impeaching! NOW…

babydoll.💋 ‏@_sshanell_

facts allat 🤥

W.B. ‏@WendyTheRealtor

In a Brazenly Stupid Move Trump yanked John Brennan’s security clearance weakening & harming U.S. Security. In time…

Gino ‏@gifa1gino

@peterdaou @RNixonZombie I hope it bites them n the ass and karma will be very sweet hopefully sooner than later..…

Lexx ! ‏@theekodakmoment

@younginfluence_ You’re a liar 🤥 !! You’re doctor know you have damn issues , nothing to do with me

ami 📌 check out my pinned ‏@jwwsvlog

@xxjihoonie just link me to the expensive one and the less expensive 🤥

Jair Esp ‏@jairesp

Don liar 🤥

MEECH😈 #PrtyByz🍾 ‏@4K_________

Everybody can’t be real somebody lying 🤥

:) ‏@nnnneeekkksss

yeah uh huh , just continue with all this lying 🤥 .

kiki ‏@kikidoesntluv

i lied about not wanting my ex back 🤥 i’d take that mf back in a heart beat

Alice ‏@ins_alice

When you find out you work every single saturday.. Yikes nice news for the morning 🤥

. ‏@NickandCh33se

@VSChopsticks 🤥 look this guy has a dick nose haha

libby ‏@goldencathedraI

i didn't lose any followers.... maybe because mine are all real 😳🤥

marissa ‏@marissajcave


#BuyCryPrettyOniTunes ‏@SlnceWeAreAlone

Well he lied 🤥

🦋 ‏@kolorme_kayaa

You bitches are fucking stupid 🤥

bree ♡ yuri ‏@fluffkyu

@stupidkyupid @lqchokyu those 40 ppl didnt follow it therefore were suspended 🤥

Poydras St. ‏@Dre_WZRD

@slay_targaryen @JGSpeaks7 @616MadeMe @Nicholas_ted33 She admitted to lying 🤥 tho but they wouldn’t let her drop th…

♡ ‏@moonforjohnny

my brother said he won't say sorry to his friend for saying something mean to him because what he said to him was a…

koo ‏@domgcf

Sorry y’all this is fishy 🤥

ِ #epiphany ‏@answerbst

goodnight 🤥

LIN BDAY FESTA ‏@sichuensauce

post ur full icon pic (without the lemons on her cheek) pls — sorry anon I lost the pic 🤥

Fineasschina💕 ‏@FineassChinnaa

@NaeRachellee Tell her stop lying 🤥

Beyond Favors🔑💪🏿❤️ ‏@son_of_favor

If boys demma di*k go Erect every dawn tee den Girls too wah yur pu**y too dey do Dawn tee 🤥@90sBaeAisha @ShaggyKobby

bree ♡ yuri ‏@fluffkyu

follow @lqchokyu and twt will leave your acc alone 🤥

kat ‏@poutwoojin

@kswsgf erm. i was really happy for a sec 🤥

Alice ‏@ins_alice

@LWS_OW @Jellis_OW Then youre not invited 🤥

tania ‏@jjplaylist

@ my mutuals ive met, im so sorry you saw what i actually look like 🤥

𝙟𝙤𝙖𝙠𝙤☽ ‏@coldvelvet

stop pretending u’re not whipped for me 🤥

princesa salvadoreña🌹 ‏@sstinnaa

*cries bc im at work & cant attend* 🤥

Arya Snark ‏@peskysnowflake

@Jillibean557 @mike_Zollo Do you think Jared “I lied 🤥 on my security forms 100x” Kushner should be one of the “select few” or nah?

Chums-mum ‏@SarahWalt3

@realDonaldTrump You mean he lied🤥under Oath like your son Donny Jr. did? They both should be charged and sent to…

Lindsay Serio ‏@linSer91

🤥 The most underutilized emoji in the game

John 🇺🇸 ‏@The_Johnald

@APWestRegion But...but @BarackObama *promised* us they were all ‘strongly vetted’ and only women & children! How can this be?!?! 🤥

savannahsnow ‏@savannahsnow15

Sad how easily people turn fake 🤥

dlott ‏@DestinShyanne

liar liar pants on fire 🤥

sosa ❣️ ‏@Shoe_LacePussy

@shaunna_Dinero Ion recall 🤥


omg dont u guys just love Twitter 🤥

Bruce Annette ‏@BruceAnnette1

@TheDon_45 She’s a Lying 🤥 DOG

The Kid ‏@DisneyKid1955

@MSNBC @MalcolmNance So is he saying Trump lied? Again? 🤥

daria ‏@jksIuvs

how we having a streaming party when bts got no new music? 🤥

Alicia Coleman ‏@Mslea2k

@tparti They should’ve called her cockeyed ass a LIAR 🤥

Tout Cleanup Crew ‏@T0utcleanupcrew

@toutcleanupcrew @JordanHeroly Notice how Tout Cleanup Crew Fraud lets all of @professorpicks ghost accounts throug…

johanna 💘 #GO_UP ‏@emperorbugi

oomfs who get the album before i do... if you get jaemins pc ill pay big bucks for that shit 🤥✊🏼✊🏼

Ellsalz ‏@ellsalz

@FoxNews @LindseyGrahamSC @IngrahamAngle Keep saying that to the American public keep lying 🤥 the 🤥 of Donald Trump…

asia💆🏾‍♀️ ‏@yvesugas

All that and i STILL aint listening to her album, sorry bts get them coins but i cant do it 🤥

nayomi ‏@heIicate

yoongi stan here i come 🤥

NuuNuu🌻 ‏@kii_nymi

@King_Nooky What im stressing is that you need to stop lying 🤥😂😛

🇺🇸Douglas 🇬🇧 ‏@rukiddingme3590

Just one only.🤥😍🍫 #truffles #seescandies

sof ♡ agustd ‏@latinpjm

funny how yall forgot so quick nicki defended 69 🤥

jordan ‏@tbzstrays

WAIT. it’s night unit here but it’s actually the day unit in korea 🤥

Cindy EvansGrover ‏@CindyEvansGrov1


jajuan💔💔 ‏@resteasyjajuan

ok but zhana your so cute 🤥

john porterfield ‏@jwpsr

@realDonaldTrump LOL Lying trump 🤥

kristen ‏@runbybts

@gothbros ID LOSE IT nicki minaj noona 🤥

ًnabby! / #GO_UP ‏@hrnjuns

jeno is really climbing up my ult list 🤥

Amanda Loose Key ‏@Rdkil

@Pertermann_arch I’m surprised that they even admitted lying 🤥

Cecilia Carson ‏@ccarson004

You Liar liar 🤥 the only one corrupt is YOU @POTUS They are the true patriots of this country which you are destroy…

LAbron ‏@itslikemike1

I ain’t know we was lying 🤥

alexis | ia ‏@nctiddieslife

I’ll be inactive for tonight or as long as I need too. I’m not feeling mentally well right now. 🤥

☁️💜 ‏@VMlN1995

@armeriea @toffeelattae @schevonschee @pettyasspeachy 💀 thats what i’m saying 🤥

Stephanie ‏@stephsalg

@denissee13 What was it? 🤥😂

Autumn Petrey ‏@autumn_petrey

@KaeKae022 Are you serious I have messages 🤥

viv ‏@nctonce

@kunoutsoId HA Im probably just annoying 🤥

yuri 🌻 ‏@minghaoareu

@omnesstellae i thought u loved Me 🤥

Dr Samuel Malone ‏@DrMalone

Oh BTW bozo 🤡 yeah u racist 🤥🍊🐓💩@realDonaldTrump I met my best friend for cofveve today and yep he is African American. He is real not fake

soph ‏@lgbtsungie

@primrosedjh @amoruIts yknow our minds are just That powerful 🤥

jae 🌻 ‏@jadenmekhia

i said it once, and ima say it again. yall be on here lying 🤥

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