Man Farmer Emoji

The Man Farmer emoji is a sequence of the 👨 Man and 🌾 Ear of Rice emojis. These are combined using a zero width joiner between each character and display as a single emoji on supported platforms.

Man Farmer was added to Emoji 4.0 in 2016.

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Apple Name

👨‍🌾 Farmer (man)


👨 U+1F468

‍ U+200D

🌾 U+1F33E


Tweets For 👨‍🌾

The Penguinator 01 ‏@Penguinator_01

@alexasry Howdy lil lady 👨‍🌾

Vegetarian Butcher ‏@Vegebutcher

They’d better look for meat loving vegetarians! 👨‍🌾

UN Office on Drugs & Crime ‏@UNODC

#Alternativedevelopment can help farmers 👨‍🌾 escape the poverty trap of illicit crop cultivation. See how UNODC is…

louietheskater ‏@louietheskater

@WitnessCole Farmers never sleep 👨‍🌾👌

FarmVille 2 ‏@farmville2

Train as many students👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 as you can every week, to win weekly rewards🎁✨ in Swim🌊 School. Only on…

Redcodi ‏@RedcodiOfficial

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   👨‍🌾👨‍🌾👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 👇 👨‍🌾👨‍🌾 👇   👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾   👨‍🌾  👨‍🌾   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of man farmer

Richard Spencer ‏@RS_Garden_Care

👪 Have you Read my Aug 18 👨‍🌾 🏡 #Gardening Newsletter featuring “Boris Johnson edits speech video to…” Yet ❓

Little Liz Happy Art ‏@LLHappyArt

It's the last day of #NationalAllotmentWeek already 🌿🌻🥕🍅👨‍🌾🐔🍆👩‍🌾🥦🐝💮🥒

ClassroomBot ‏@BotClassroom

___________________ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛🌌📱🌏🌟🎆⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛      👩‍🏫   🤴 💂     👨‍🌾 🤷‍♂️   🤵     💁‍♂️   👨‍🌾 👨‍💻 👩‍🎤   👩‍💻 👨‍💻   👨‍🚒 A Lecture!

🕊🌵🌬🦁🐑 Mad Ethnic Offbeat Foxy FunkⓋ🌈🤯🤮🤝 ‏@zebideroo

Crescendo Hydro (Hydra)mandrakes 🌬🌊🐲🌱🥽&make sure 2 wear ya{earmuffs}🧟‍♂️👩🏽‍🔬👩🏾‍🏭👨‍🌾

🕊🌵🌬🦁🐑 Mad Ethnic Offbeat Foxy FunkⓋ🌈🤯🤮🤝 ‏@zebideroo

Crescendo Hydro (Hydra)mandrakes 🌬🌊🐲🌱🥽{earmuffs}🧟‍♂️👩🏽‍🔬👩🏾‍🏭👨‍🌾

Salty Sea Boi 🐠🔱 ‏@thesaltyseaboi

Seems like a roundabout way to achieve that as I could just buy eggs but I want to make sure the chickens are livin…

Marco Montini ‏@mgmontini1

@secularcitizen2 @JoeBiden @VanityFair Under your logic,@realDonaldTrump shouldn't run for @POTUS,@ABC @CBSNews…

satan² 🥬 looking for a roblox gf ‏@DANIELCHOI420

it’s his security blanket,, like when u speak French and I say oui oui and the end of every sentence 👨‍🌾

James Ph. Kotsybar ‏@JamesPhKotsybar

On May 20, 1964, American radio astronomers Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias discovered the cosmic microwave backgrou…

DedSec ‏@dedsec5939

We Are DedSeC 🐷 🕵️‍♀️ 👨‍🌾👩‍🔧 👩‍🏭 👨‍💼👨‍🏫 👨‍🎤 👩‍🍳👩‍🏫 👨‍🚒👩‍💻…

Leo Flores ‏@leoboujee

BOYS can - Wear Flowers 🌺 - Dance 🕺🏻 - Wear Pink 👚 - Bake Cakes 🎂 - Be Scared 😱 - Be Artsy 👨🏻‍🎨 - Be Feminist…

Every Policeman Bot ‏@BotPoliceman

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 👮   👨‍🌾👨‍🌾👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 👇 👨‍🌾👨‍🌾 👇   👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾   👨‍🌾  👨‍🌾   👢 👢 Hello. I'm the Polic…

☘️UhgoodOhgood🎗 ‏@kimkyoungmi5

@1Vlovesme @boratbitminsuga @Callas63358346 @LilNasX @BTS_twt @DJDramos @MostRequestLive 🤠 Hey It would be really c…

🎗V러브미(튭1) ‏@3Vloveme

@2_callas @BTS_twt @halsey @MostRequestLive 🤠 Hey It would be really cool if u can play #SeoulTownRoad by @LilNasX…

J.K. Summerlin ‏@JKXS144

@StormIsUponUs Rhodesia: 👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾 🍞🌽🥦🥦🍞 Zimbabwe: 🦴💀🦴💀🦴 🗣️🗣️🗣️☹️ BTW: This was the SAME country, flourishing be…

🎗V러브미😍 ‏@1Vlovesme

@boratbitminsuga @Callas63358346 @LilNasX @BTS_twt @DJDramos @MostRequestLive 🤠 Hey It would be really cool if u ca…

J.K. Summerlin ‏@JKXS144

@WhiteDisprin @devon_hofmeyr 🧐 [ 404 search results not found ] and after the farm "re-appropriations" 👨‍🌾👨‍🌾👨‍🌾…

NEW Callas ‏@Callas63358346

🤠 Hey It would be really cool if u can play #SeoulTownRoad by @LilNasX and RM of @BTS_twt #MostRequestedLive we wo…

FarmVille 2 ‏@farmville2

Get a chance to win unique costumes👓 and more rewards🔑 when you feed 🥣your Show🐑Sheep!😁 #FarmVille2CountryEscape👩‍🌾…

MBC Foods Caroline ‏@MBCFoods

👨‍🌾 South Australia is positioning itself as a global leader in dryland agriculture following a major partnership b…

T.J. Matthews ‏@TtotheJ_12

Obviously @RossChastain would choose “Watermelon Crawl” for his walk-out song! 🍉 👨‍🌾 🏁

FarmVille 2 ‏@farmville2

Partner up🤝with a friend, Co-Op member, or someone from the community on your Show Pigs!🐽#FarmVille2CountryEscape…

Mapseed ‏@mapseed

Hi @Mapbox - our mission is to build better #communityengagement through the power of maps 👩🏽‍🚀 👨‍🎨 👩🏽‍✈️ 👸💂🧕👨‍🌾…

LeeJongSuk F. Intl ‏@withJS_F_Intnl

Just focus on his lips 💋👄 Kissable as ever! . 🙋‍♀️ hello @jongsuk0206 Good morning & have a blessed Sunday please…

Joano24 ‏@joano24

@jimcramer From your pre-saucing days no doubt 👨‍🌾

LeeJongSuk F. Intl ‏@withJS_F_Intnl

Have a nice weekend Jongsuk 🥰⚘🌻🙋‍♀️ . @jongsuk0206 💋👄 . D-503 👨‍🌾 #leejongsuk #WeWillWaitForYouLeeJongSuk #이종석…

Pekka Toivola ‏@pekka_toivola

@JamesJo76415286 @ChrisDaviesLD Airport hypnosis wid a Lidl consultant camaraderie. EU in a nutshell.🔌👨‍🌾🇫🇮

Maggie N ‏@lilmaggie186

@GOP @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany Not every 👨‍🌾 farmers are treated EQUAL 👨🏿‍🌾farmers

Steve ‏@Steve25mSteve

@miavendetta10 White nationalism is another bogeyman created by the Democrats to bash 🌫 people. White people need to be comrades. 👩‍🌾 👨‍🌾

ClassroomBot ‏@BotClassroom

👨‍🔬 👨‍💻     👩‍💻 🙅‍♂️⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜  👵⬜⬛⬛⬛⬜   ⬜⬛📜⬛⬜🤦‍♀️ 👨‍🌾⬜⬛⬛👩‍🏫⬜👩‍💻 👨‍💻⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜👨‍🍳 💁‍♀️👸 👨‍🌾👩‍🎓👩‍⚕️ A roundtable discussion!

CAVEMANSDOG ‏@fedupsick

That's pretty much right on with the Antifa scum boys! I know thousands of "good ole boys" that would like to disc…

Pekka Toivola ‏@pekka_toivola

@JohnTay20995736 @_BrexitTory Amazing, his evil twin is the PM of Finland. Bowling with these guys would be "all t…

Vivid Nadian ‏@VividNadian

Remember there was that movie where he was a beekeeper? 🐝👨‍🌾 #RIPPeterFonda 🏍

°Poummie is having the time of his life ° ‏@BiPoummePoumme

@skz9aus You can't bully me because I already bully myself 👨‍🌾

Pekka Toivola ‏@pekka_toivola

@DouglasKMurray @dizzidi67 Relative excellence targeting structures of absolutes. Financed by NWO.🔌👨‍🌾🇫🇮

Bonnie Greer ‏@Bonn1eGreer

But I've been led to believe that #farmers were #NoDealNoProblem and that they couldn't wait for that…

Homer's Car ‏@homerscar

Homer is driving drunk😱 and has collided with a man farmer 👨‍🌾

PembertonValleyLodge ‏@PembValleyLodge

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to pre-register for tomorrow's Slow Food Cycle Sunday! 🚲👨‍🌾 Register h…

Bauhaus Restaurant ‏@BauhausRest

We take pride in serving a menu created with seasonal organic products locally sourced. 🌱👨‍🌾 #BuyBC

Elderslie Community Council ‏@ElderslieCommu1

If there's an area you would like tidied up, just send us a message. We have a clean up once a month 🚮 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾…

9L Camio ➵ ‏@ConsoleCamio

@unhrt Bett🤧🤑😰😰😷😰🤭😦🤢🤮😪👻👺🙀👎🏼👍🏼🙌🏼✊🏼👍🏼🖖🏼💪🏼🖐🏼✋🏼🤘🏼🤲🏼✌🏼💪🏼🦷💋👦🏼🕵🏼‍♂️👩🏿‍🌾👨🏿‍🎨👨🏻‍✈️👨🏻‍🎓👩🏾‍🏭👨🏿‍🎨👨🏿‍🔬👩🏿‍🚒👨🏿‍🎤👨🏿‍🏫👩🏿‍🔬👯‍♀️💃🏼…

𝖑𝖜𝖏𝖏 ‏@dewdropghoul

@Iights_bts Btich what in the FUCK have u been doing this summer omfg u left stockholm for THAT???????????????? Girl we goin✈️yeehaw👨‍🌾🐎🥕

ClassroomBot ‏@BotClassroom

___________________ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛🧟🚅📜🖱️⌨️⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛      👩‍🏫   🧛 👴 👨‍💻 👩‍🎓 💁‍♂️ 🤴 👨‍🌾 🤴 👨‍💻 👰   🤰 🤵     👩‍💻 👩‍💻   🙅   A Lecture!

George Hellawell ‏@HellawellGeorge

@Grimmy818 Super cup in the bag, top of the league, we eating good 👨‍🌾👨‍🌾

CAVEMANSDOG ‏@fedupsick

@Gettingtrump POTUS will probably be forced to put them on the "terrorist, organied" list! Then there will be FORCE defense! 👊👨‍🌾

CAVEMANSDOG ‏@fedupsick

@DeltaBreana @Luckytobeme3 OOPS! Bre, I answered DIANA for you. 👨‍🌾 🙄

im no one ‏@imnoone16935848

@CNBCi @dan_murphy At least you can have a fair job when you decide to stop of reading fake news from the TelePrompTer! Farmer 👨‍🌾

Kirby ‏@kirby_usa

Thanks @RealCoryMachado🎇for following! Cory's amazing project> on a mission to fight hunger and feed 7 billion peo…

Lawrence Turner ‏@Athbheochan

We need to find a whole lot of employment opportunities right now ! How about if we went back to a symbiotic relati…

nation’s sunshine เตนล์ ‏@senosyne

farm boy ten 👨‍🌾💪 #TENChittaphon #WayVDreamPlan #WayVDreamPlan_EP1

SonnyGreens19 ‏@Daniel96248031

Whos ready for the farmers market?!!! Lets GOOO!!!👨‍🌾👩‍🌾🌱

Ron Duncan ‏@rduncan59

Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend🚜👨‍🌾😁

Rob Kaiser ‏@robertjkaiser

Farmer's Table Market Tour - Mom and Dad giving the spiel on #yorkmeadowfarm 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 We're at the…

» Jaebum ‏@RHSJB

━ Stardew Valley👨‍🌾

DIGgardenservices ‏@ggardenservices

Quite the transformation! Before and after shots DIG . . . . 👨‍🌾🙌🏠❤️ #garden #gardening #gardenmaintenance…

Michael Coley ‏@mcoley

At the Tennessee State Hereford show and my dad is using his smartphone to look up pedigrees and EPDs on several of…

dramastance ‏@dramastance

Thinking Clear with Gardening through the year x 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

dramastance ‏@dramastance

@YOYObyFitt_UK Thinking Clear with Gardening through the year x 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

Cincinnati Reds ‏@Reds

It's Farm Dawg's birthday! Happy 29th, Kyle! 🎂👨‍🌾 @kFarm17

Troubled Monk ‏@TroubledMonk

It's @OpenFarmDays this weekend! Come on by for free brewery tours, and to try the official beer of Open Farm Days,…

Red Fox Organics ‏@OrganicsFox

Every year on the farm I like to choose a “best of class” green bean. 🙂👍👨‍🌾🦊 Do you have any funny quirks like this…

F Michael Cooney (michaeleville) ‏@michaeleville_

@RobbyDuff2 @lastlauraleft Plant two carrot 🥕 tops in a pot put outside;You're a Farmer 👨‍🌾.

FarmVille 2 ‏@farmville2

Howdy, Farmers! 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 Tell us who's your favorite❤️ among the #FarmVille2OnWeb characters in the comments below👇,…

Cabin Collectibles316 ‏@cabincolectible

🌾👨‍🎓 Celebrate NOT back to school with this vintage 1972 @WichitaState #Shockers @Wu_Shock football & basketball pe…

TreePio ‏@SirTreePio

Birds and deer ate all the cherries in my garden, but they did not find the potatoes! I did 😄👨‍🌾

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@roswalden1 🕺🕺🕺 OOOHHH great day for you friend Ros🙌👨‍🌾🍀

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@samcm1 OOOHHH what beautiful colour 🙌, thanks very much Scm, greetings from Argentina👨‍🌾🍀

Mohmand Khan مہمند ‏@zmms2050

@shshshanza I am such a honest person & still you are thinking 👨‍🌾

mike olley ‏@mike_olley

Emoji all the people... 👮🏽‍♀️👮🏾‍♂️🧕🏼👳🏼‍♂️👨🏻‍💼👩🏻‍🌾👨🏾‍🌾 👩🏾‍🏭👨🏾‍🍳👩‍🎨👨‍🚒👩🏿‍🔬🎅🏿🧞‍♀️ 🧛🏽‍♀️🤵🏿‍♀️🕵🏿‍♂️🧝🏻‍♂️🧝🏻‍♀️👩🏾‍⚕️👨🏾‍🔬 .…

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@sandrabenven67 🕺OOOHHH very happy birthday for her 🙌 , from Argentina 👨‍🌾🍀🎂

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@Thorin16579146 🕺OOOHHH thanks very much friend Thorin🙌👨‍🌾🍀

Tim Harrap ‏@BritishCheese

.⁦@terry_NFU⁩ you folk hooked up with this decade long project at ⁦@FAO⁩ ? 🚜 👨‍🌾 Family Farming Decade | Family F…

𝐌𝐑♡ ‏@ilMiiMz

👨‍🌾There was a farmer had a dog 🐶 , and BINGO was his name-o. 🎵 B-I-N-G-O! 🎵 B-I-N-G-O! 🎵 B-I-N-G-O! 🐶 And BINGO was his name-o.

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@KnigLast OOOHHH thanks very much Last K, greetings from Argentina 👨‍🌾🍀

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@HARTResearch OOOHHH 😱 thanks very much 🙌perfect Spanish speaker🙌 😃👨‍🌾🍀

FarmWeek ‏@Farm_Week

"Curragh YFC has had one of the most successful summers to date" 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 PICK UP your copy of #FarmWeek to read th…

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@BellaBelle1129 OOOHHH beautiful plant Keishe, thanks very much👨‍🌾🍀

TheBlueStatePatriot™🇺🇸🌟🌟🌟 ‏@just20percent

Thanks Garno Property MGT ⛪️🇺🇸🇮🇱🏍️👨‍🔧👨‍🌾🚂 for the follow! I look forward to interacting with you to #MAGA, #KAG & t…

embleys estate agent ‏@embleys_ea

Well presented three bedroom detached property for sale 🏡 This property benefits from no upper chain, has fabulous…

Scott ‏@Chicaned02

Former @Arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor is set to continue his career at the age of 35 by joining Iranian side Tra…

Fawzi ‏@KvltKult

@moeswaidan United fans don't get to speak 👨‍🌾

2012 apocalypse survivor ‏@teandbusquets

the three most powerful men in the universe (superman, thanos and brock lesnar) have one thing in common they are farmers 👨‍🌾

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@TracyLa10204192 OOOHHH thanks very much, blessed Saturday for you too friend Tracy👨‍🌾🍀

Cropital 🌾 ‏@CropitalPH

We still have 9 Filipino farmers who will appreciate your support! They're already partially funded and only need a…

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@SbitnevaValay 🕺🕺OOOHHH thanks very much friend Tina, greetings from Argentina, the very south of the 🌎 👨‍🌾🍀

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@Gen_Boiko OOOHHH thanks very much friend Gen, great weekend for you 👨‍🌾🍀

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@ionarees OOOHHH you look beautifully🙌 black and white today😃, great time for you friend Iona👨‍🌾🍀

🏜 Noël ⛵ ‏@Jullie7Society

@MartyMcFlyATC @trevorlaffan @IzzyKamikaze ◇ the great "i-Riché" ☘O`Amurikae Same shower what funded yer RA ¿VP…

ClassroomBot ‏@BotClassroom

👨‍🔧   👨‍🌾 👩‍🔬   👨‍🔧 👷⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜🤱 🤷‍♀️⬜⬛⬛⬛⬜  👩‍💻⬜⬛📊⬛⬜👩‍🎨 🧕⬜⬛⬛👩‍🏫⬜   ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜🙎‍♂️ 🤷‍♀️  👩‍💻👩‍⚕️  A roundtable discussion!

Pekka Toivola ‏@pekka_toivola

The political choice we voted for. Diver City.🔌👨‍🌾🇫🇮

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@JillyLantang OOOHHH happy Saturday for you too Jill👨‍🌾🍀

Ces Rey (Plants) ‏@CesPlantsRey

@LippmannWords OOOHHH thanks very much friend Katharina, lovely weekend for you too👨‍🌾🍀

Tʀᴀᴅɪɴɢ Fᴀʀᴍᴇʀ ‏@Trading_Farmer

🚜 2019-08-17 🇫🇷 $ug PEUGEOT SA - NEW SETUP EXIT SHORT 👮 #discipline : This trailing stop should protect the profi…

Tʀᴀᴅɪɴɢ Fᴀʀᴍᴇʀ ‏@Trading_Farmer

🚜 2019-08-17 🇫🇷 $aca CREDIT AGRICOLE SA - NEW SETUP EXIT SHORT 👮 #discipline : This stop should limit the loss to…

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