Money Bag Emoji

A bag that is full of money. Most likely coins, given the shape of the bag. Has a dollar $ sign on it, so as to not confuse it with other bags.

Money Bag was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💰 Moneybags

💰 Rich


💰 U+1F4B0




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💰 ‏@_Bigmeeno

Nigga with ah bag 💰 that’s why them older niggas hated em 🤷🏽‍♂️🏋🏼‍♂️

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Kekelove ✨ ‏@goldennkurlsss

The rest of my life smells like A FUCKING CHECK 💰

Sergeant Schultz ‏@RolandSchultz8

@JKMJX3 @InfantGoose6565 Bro those last 2 ints sealed the 25$ weekly top score for me, in my league this week.🙌💰😁 I…

Landune ‏@RealLandune

I don’t care what Metacritic says.. #Fallout76 is a ton of fun and well worth my 💰 There’s a ton of great stories…

ShowtimeSZN ‏@fucc_curry

@SportsCenter @EliasSports imagine putting up 54 and only winning by 3 LMAOOO nah but fr respect to goff, need that SB rematch tho 💰💰

C ✨ ‏@chl6ee

Me and bae down bad right now , but when we pick ourselves up ... It’s gone be one of the biggest come ups you’ve seen 🤞🏼💰.

الا وطني 🇸🇦 ‏@yalahweeee

@washingtonpost All your news is upfront paid 💰💰💰 shame on you fake news

BigBankXeo ‏@BankXeo

Make road trips dropping off loads 💰💉😈

Fantasy Jesus ‏@FantasyJesusDFS

Solid cap to the week. Rare I hit the ML but worked out tonight 💰

Bim Jeglin ‏@Kleinboii_

@Qbone411 Leave some bank for the fam too. Swear to God 💰

Stacey Wavves🌊💔🐺 ‏@stacey2wavvey

You want me to give it back 💰

Tony Valles ‏@TonyValles11

@hiilinen @Gem_Tones @BeautyBind @KevinCarson1 Maybe crooked Tramp can make some money 💰 off selling rakes

Nagen (Filmy React) ‏@iM_naGen

Finally Monetized! 💰 We made it in 2 Months! Thanks SUBSCRIBERS! We love you all! @sharmiladevi91 #FilmyReact

PeterTHEfuckingPECKER ‏@__therealone_

Officially a bar tender 😌💰

K-pop satanist ‏@AllRiseCult

@istanidiots @SJISLIFE2 💰 ka ching, bitches!

Nick Karavedas ‏@NKaravedas

@RamsNFL Thank you for paying @AaronDonald97 💰💰👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽🏈

Penny ‏@Penuel_Mashele

a woman who makes her own money will always win. 💰💯

Carlos Robles ‏@CroBlessss

Who has a truck ? Need help moving I’ll pay 💰

ScapeGoat ‏@DFSScapeGoat

1st person to DM me will get a NBA Season Pass for $125 Take advantage to those of you who have my notifications on‼️🐐💰

Mr.DripKing 💸💰🚀 ‏@_BornToBeReal_

Lately been in my 💰 🖕🏾 everything else

Stephen Guerrero ‏@easlos67

Sexy Beast... #Repost @BlkDiamondCust ・・・ . 🔥For Sale🔥 the “GOLIATH” Explorer (Deep purple) w/case Black Diamond U…

Dr. 🎯f Divinity⚡💗♌ ‏@chinaski_72

Good Lord, Stephen A!!! #RamsHouse 🏈🎯⭐⚡✔🔥💯💰💗

Stack_Mode_Fats ‏@Stack_Mode_Fats

Right back to the basics 💪🏾💰



🅱️ ‏@BommyBoyy

🦂💰📍/ you kept it 1k since the jump 💯

atlredboyy ‏@atlsouthsidered

🙏@XfiniDFS @SoleusIO In Dj khaled voice ANOTHER ONE 💰💰🤑🤑. If u Keep 💤💤 we will keep🍴💯

La’Shaundra 😍 ‏@Bvby_l

L going to be good regardless with a niggas or without a nigga a bag always coming in ❤️💰

Lovah ‏@lovahpicks

& they play today 💰💰

Dave ‏@DaveLA_

Recap 🏈NFL🏈 Rams 1H TT -17.5💰 Rams -3🅿️ Chiefs/Rams Over 62💰 Rams 3QTR ML 💰 🏈Special Teaser 🏀💀 Chiefs/Rams Over 53…

Efren Lomas ‏@poboy88

@TopFantasyPlays NBA been on a nice run 🔥 keep that 💰🚂 rolling

The Messy Corner ‏@themessycornerr

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AthleticsInvestments ‏@AthleticsInvest

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monique. ‏@kissedby_beauty

I’m on a mission 🤑💰

Dr. 🎯f Divinity⚡💗♌ ‏@chinaski_72

@DowntownRams Need a bye after that one! OMFG!!!!!!!🏈⭐🌠🔥✔💯💰😊😅🎯⚡⚡⚡#Ramshouse #jumpinjake

headass ‏@YoitsDro

Accomplishments for this year so far: Copped a new whip 🏎 ☑️ Bought a doggo 🐕☑️ Moved up to a better job 🛠☑️ Booste…

Carlos Moreno ‏@cm_vz9

@_FantasySupreme with the 🔒 NBA picks 💰💰💰💰, thank you!!!

bia bia 😴 ‏@zee18261

I’m not chasing anything if it’s not the money 💰💯✌🏾 -Sorry

Cliché Hockey Dad ‏@ClicheHockeyDad

Here's a pretty site for my #NHLPicks, 5-1 for the night 💪 #NYR -110 💰 #LeafsForever-135 💰 #FlaPanthers-140 💰…

zitro ‏@zitro_98

Now I’m up all of a sudden! 🤫💰

yung Funeral ‏@EscoFuneral

I don’t care about having bunch of friends or fucking bad bitches, I care about having a lot of money 💰

seniorcitizensinyourarea ‏@wryamusement

@BarbraStreisand When he finds a way to make money 💰 on it.

Carlos Moreno ‏@cm_vz9

@TopFantasyPlays with the FD 💰💰💰💰🔥🔥🔥

╭{ ◕◕ ◉෴◉ ◕◕)╮ 🇺🇸🇰🇷 ‏@ch0_______

@LaReignStorm I've only ever been dissatisfied after stealing a female's hoodie. Fuzzy pants tho? Oh yea fa sho.…

😍รับหิ้วเกาหลี+ญี่ปุ่น พรีBT21 รับตัวเเทนฟรี ‏@ARMY_Store_KR

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Wopo ‏@MeWopo

Salute @nas 🤴🏿🤴🏿🦅🦅🦅💰💰💰💰💯💯💯💯 #Repost @nas with get_repost ・・・ Haaaaa!! Yea!!

Matt Reynolds ‏@MattReynolds___

25 and 17? Yeesh💰

Cory Kevin Lafazia ‏@CoryLafazia

@PlaylineDFSGuy1 it’s like printing out free 💰 using your picks bro thanks again

Retired Sports Capper ‏@850Locks

Rams 💰💰💰 Unfortunately push the -3 Bet but won big on ML and few others. Lost Overall won money on the day should…

ScapeGoat ‏@DFSScapeGoat

Why its always best to play double ups most of the time you have to score so high to even double your money but thi…

𝒜𝓃𝒶 ‏@anaadams21

These next couple days though 💰🤩

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💥yurtt💥 ‏@GetABagOrDie

Imma show y’all how to separate yaself💰and apply pressure🤙

mizu*🕷️++ ‏@mizuLX

Dumb boy 🤪🙋🏻‍♂️ with a numb girl ☺️🙆🏻‍♀️ trynna get rich 💰🤑

MarCaine Beatz ‏@marcainebeatz

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The Captain Capper ⚓️ ‏@Captain_Capping

MNF OVER, 3 Units💰💰💰 Texas Tech UNDER, 1.5 Units 💰💰 Illinois State, 1 Unit 💔💔 Very nice Monday on @Captains_deck

🖤🥀 ‏@talibanty_

Seems like the only consistent thing in my life right now is the money. 💰

James Wilson ‏@techgeek_james

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Ybstaylit😈 ‏@ybstaylit

All I’m focused on rn 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

Devon G. King ‏@dgk1987

@vince23s Tooooo easy 💰

Briceston ‏@imbriceston


RipRosewoodJoJo🏍🖤 ‏@HustleManJaylo

25yrs 🔒 ain’t worth 2 years of balling💰💸

Mike Games ‏@PantanoJones

@ReneeHoagenson Trump and his donors make money 💰 off the suffering and deaths of Americans.

URIHARU ‏@uriharuid

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chava ‏@justjayy28

Time to get this money 💰

November29th‼️💰💙🖤 ‏@703AllMe

Fetty Wap 👁>> No Dayz Off 🎧💰

John Saboe’s Far East Travels ‏@FarEast_Travels

Hey Michael Drake 💰😎💯(@mikesnoc1), thank you for following me

Robostopia™ ‏@robostopia

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.Nazanin ‏@Nazaninstyle

@SethAbramson So now we know why he was so happy to see the Saudis after Khashoggi's death!! He had lots of good news for them💰💸 #murderer

Imohbooks ‏@imohbooks

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Jacob H. ‏@Gopokes216

The wins keep coming. NFL straight 🔥 from @BigBearDFS @BigBearJDMNFL full slate lines! Hop on board! 😍💰😍💰😍💰

Big Dick Donnie ‏@FANTASYFREAK_

Over 4.5 sacks in the Rams game 💰💰💰 and over 69 points 💰💰💰#SparkSports #NFL

Michael Sutter ‏@MichaelSutter5

If Akash doesn’t win #DWTSJ , I’m gonna be HEATED #Akash #acashMONEY 💰💰💰

Myles ‏@Tuffshot12

@Gods__key happy gday my guy ✊🏽💰

Zach Butrum ‏@Zmoney317

MoneyOnThaBeat🎹💰🎚🎚🎧🎶 #newmusic #newbeat #beats #artist…

Sergeant Schultz ‏@RolandSchultz8

@FantasyAdvice99 Check this crazy shit out bro! I outdueled my buddy who had Mahomes for the 25$ weekly top score i…

Aburra⏳ ‏@AburraJsL

Money wer r u? 💸💰

Nadrod ‏@Nadrod24

@joshieswagggg @Bermicheal08 @LeVeonBell Bell and Gurley are both amazing talents..but Gurley didn’t even have an i…

Vanessa Kade ‏@VanessaKade

Anyone from this list would be a good winner, each for a completely different reason. Congrats all and GL! 🐿️🏆🌴☀️🏝️💰

Follow Help 180k 🙊🌮 ‏@Time_2_Gain


PHILLY SPECIAL 🦅 ‏@vegasphillyLX

5+ UNITS 💰💰💰 Wish I just stuck to MNF , bc thunder suck! But I’ll take it! That’s 2 days in a row I can feel a str…



Bryan Mazariegos 🏀 ‏@Bryan_9906

We might’ve fucked the same bitch,but I got different goals 💰 🏃🏾

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