Monkey Face Emoji

The face of a monkey. Similar to the monkey emoji, but only showing the head, and not the entire body.

Monkey Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐵 Monkey Head


🐵 U+1F435




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joe ‏@_Tea_Babe_

@moretraves because you’re a ten i see 🐵

Earth Teerapat PH ‏@EarthTeerapatPH

@_earth40 close up look 😍🤗💚 . #ISSUE20thxTheSixMoons 📸 @AlvinUy . #2Moons2 #อะลิตเติ้ลเอิร์ธ #earthteerapatPH…

xairo🕸 ‏@mbynotxairo

Tomorrow i will meet the Squad! Im Very excided to play on @therealityevent with the @AeQ_eSports @Zend_R6 🐐…

Monkey ‏@Monkeywellbeing

@CYPAsthmaBH @NHSBartsHealth @RLHchildren Our pleasure 🐵😁

aub☽ ‏@dmbclxwn

my little love 💓💓🙉🐵

lilia martinez ‏@liliama65187657

@AndreiAndrei63 @newworlddd555 Good morning 🌞 Nice Day 🐵🙈🙉😘🐾🐾🐾🌻

⭐️🦄🌈Party Animal 🌈🦄⭐️ ‏@solidsqueak

@bigtiddyslothgf draws cute AMIMALS!!! 🐭🦊🦁🐴🐺🐵

Lalice Manobais ‏@ZuanZiq

@aisyahrosydi You just shorter than me but you still a tall girl🐵 Buuuu tall girl🤭

بابا وزيري👳🏻 ‏@othman_kudu

I work very hard to get money, sacrifice many things to buy airtime, denied many important calls to buy data, resch…

kureno i fANCY YOU spoilers🐦 ‏@frubanana

@kyoMeowing Thank youuu i love him so much🐵❤️🐵❤️

Prof Ben Garrod ‏@Ben_garrod

Another #WildBookSighting of #TheChimpanzeeAndMe ... this time in @WstonesClifton in #Bristol 🐵📚🐵📚

MsBananas🍌 💛🌼🌟🌻✨🌞🌈 ‏@MsBananasTS

@ZomD3x Went back to the gym after 2 years🐵

Batman Follow Trick ‏@alexmdr1997

Follow everyone who LIKES and RETWEETS this 🐵

: Fil ‏@Creeps_Thursday

: See the Girls in The Creeps Glitter Booth for a Safari Makeover & Creeps Bags Tonight ✨ Dip on the way in 🐾 Infla…

valen🐒 ‏@jiminmonito

thats my boy 🥰🥺😭❤️🐵

Gruntleigh the Ogron ‏@OgronThe

@NebogipfelWho @MAW_H @HuntStunning @bigfinish Can me be on cover? If not, that is deal breaker. 🐵

SweetCharity2019 ‏@Eleonor11312456

@LlcMerica 🙈🙉🙊the drunk vote! 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐒🐒

jessy-lee barnett ‏@jessyleebarnett

So excited to go to the safari park for the first time in my life tomorrow 🦁🐵🐯🐧🦒🐆🐪

Elijah and Crumpet ‏@ElijahCrumpet

Popping out of the page! I love it! ❤️🐵

MC ‏@mamaclaudio

@dodo @rexthetvterrier Absolutely beautiful! Treat your animals well, always! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐎🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐷🐸🐵🐥🦆🦅🦉🦄🐴

Andrea Baensch ‏@Stings__Bat

@jpmarcolini @McLarenF1 "Even a 🐵could drive the Williams-Renault FW15C" - Niki Lauda 😄

Kavita 🖤 ‏@DammnGirll

@yash_nobita Thike bandarrrr🐵🐒

Gruntleigh the Ogron ‏@OgronThe

@HuntStunning @MAW_H To be honest we were just thinking of printing off entire Twitter feed and stapling it togethe…

BenEarth Philippines ‏@BenEarthPH

They really killing it tonight 💚🌎💙🐺 @benjaminbrasier @_earth40 . ©️Watermark . #2Moons2 #อะลิตเติ้ลเอิร์ธ…

WHIPLASH !!! ‏@shitanshu21

@VishnuNDTV @Chopsyturvey Still he needs to get into shape if this pic is to be trusted. Hone r the days when fight…

BeSelfMusic ‏@adam_ocran

How is my favourite chocolate lady forever hotmodel Video-Vixen blackqueen beauty/girl Hersh doing today? ^^✓✓ I Wi…

ariel ‏@ghostinariel

Omg y’all keep voting. I can’t use 2 layouts at the same time 🐵

sara 🌸 ‏@SilkLillies

The scientist inside of me just noticed how sugar makes me nervous and anxious and overwhelmed 🐵

✨Baby Doll Spell✨ ‏@babydoll_spell

Good morning pets! 🐷🐶🐸🐵 What have you done for me this week? 👑💅✨ #findom #FinDom #FinDominatrix #pagafantas…

I AM jAMENa💫 ‏@IAMJamena

@phurdrick Appreciated...I was just about to post I agree 95% w/ 5% Deduction for referring to Any BlackWOMBMAN As…

Regular Apistevist ‏@ApistevistR

@EbonySkeptic We’re all apes! White, black, yellow, brown, purple, green, gray, whatever fucking color one prefers, etc. WE ARE APES 🦍🐒🐵

Salty Southerner ‏@saltysouthern74

Never thought I'd agree with that idiot, but yep, I do. @POTUS don't do it. I swear it's an effort to meddle in the…

feo ‏@fionapedrosaa

for knowing us better 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 — Jelena Fiona Gavino Pedrosa — 17 — F — Fight for My Way — Sagittarius — busog l…

handinpant ‏@handinpant

@SmokingSkills_ these so called environmentalists are mental. they want to live in royal palace. but,they encourag…

Makiki takia ‏@makiki_takia

Come and see 🐵🐒Matt🦘🦘's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: chill zone

samson サムソン ‏@samsonuna

@tayIordp You disgusting BABOON, get out of my MENTIONS 🐵🐵🐵

Kim Godtfredsen ‏@KimGodtfredsen

#USA & @realDonaldTrump use #Kangerlussuaq #Internationalairport for FREE👽🐵🤩🇺🇸 #Zerodollar #byegreenland

Gill ‏@mecfsmum

@actionforme Thank you, luckily she is learning through the disability Centre & they understand if she has to cance…

East Student Section ‏@SeaOfRedandGrey

REMINDER! Girls soccer — 5:30 Boys soccer — 7:30 -> senior night! JUNGLE OUT🦎🐵🦁🌴

Jeannie Cain ‏@Jeannie_ASC

@BeckyDavies01 @ccbtraining Can you believe I'm a monkey! Really enjoyed it, thanks. What are you? 🐵

Sky News ‏@SkyNews

A toy monkey 🐵 lost by a five-year-old Australian girl on a trip to Buckingham Palace has been returned home to Ade…

cuatro🥀 ‏@Zurellzxc

My fifi loves 💕🐵

StunningHunt ‏@HuntStunning

@MAW_H @OgronThe When are we going to see: Gruntleigh Goes Bananas: A series of short stories written from the per…

Elijah and Crumpet ‏@ElijahCrumpet

Oh, he does - he said he followed us too, so Elijah was pleased to hear that. ( @RealHughJackman we have a song we’…

Belfast Zoo ‏@BelfastZoo

🔴🎞️📸REMINDER!📸🎞️🔴 Tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE to get your photo competition entries in!🖼️ Be sure to enter your…

Krondog420 ‏@krondog420

Come and see 🐵🐒Matt🦘🦘's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE

ㅅ ‏@bhlhjl

🐵: My nephew/niece gave this to me- 🐯: Ah! I bought them an umbrella. TayoTayo umbrella! 🐿: I bought a balloon for…

Elijah and Crumpet ‏@ElijahCrumpet

This is how we write a song! Elijah loves this one and it’s great that the catchy bit is “I can do anything” as it’…

єммα ℓσυιѕє ♥ ‏@emmaelectrikk

Come and see 🐵🐒Matt🦘🦘's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: chill zone

Missroro ‏@Missrorow

Kamis Manis with Monkey🐵🐵

BenEarth Philippines ‏@BenEarthPH

Power Duo 💚🌎💙🐺 Love their looks tonight 😘😍🥰 . #ISSUE20thxthesixmoons #2Moons2 #อะลิตเติ้ลเอิร์ธ #benjaminbrasierPH…

Linus Bjelkne ‏@zoonCSGO

@b0denn @Lilmixgg oooh big thanks!! :D 🐵

Imogen🌺💥 ‏@iscoppie

today it is @Hbomberguy 's birthday! Hot take: I hope he has a brilliant day 🎂🐵🍌

b0denmaster ‏@b0denn

@Lilmixgg @zoonCSGO Welcome Linus👊🏽🐵

Earth Teerapat PH ‏@EarthTeerapatPH

He Really Rocks tonight's Event 💚🌎🙏🏻 . credit.owner . #2Moons2 #อะลิตเติ้ลเอิร์ธ #earthteerapatPH #2moons2theseries…

⚡️AlphaOmegaPharmD CosmicOrb ⚡️ ‏@muoxybear

@Michel78118339 @BreitbartNews Preciscely🐵🐼🐼🐼

MxedBeuti ‏@MxedMoca

Can I get a pair that can holster the phat 🐵 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔😂

BenEarth Philippines ‏@BenEarthPH

Simple on Sweet! Tonight Event 💚💙🌎🐺 #ISSUE20thxthesixmoons . Credit.owner . #2Moons2 #อะลิตเติ้ลเอิร์ธ…

Tee and Mo ‏@TeeandMo

Exciting News! Tee and Mo songs are now featuring on @RadioNursery playlists. There's a channel for whatever mood y…

あつめ ‏@wooyu_atume

Who in the group do you want to make your girlfriend? 🐷:Hmm (point next to 🐵) (He thinks again) No!Yuto‼︎ (He lo…

St. Joseph's H. S. ‏@SJHS_RAMS

#welcometothejungle 🦁🐯🐵🦓🌴 SJHS welcome week continues with a surprise theme day today!! #safari #welcome…

BiblicalBaBOOn🐒🐵🙊 ‏@BaBiblical

@BBCScotWeather Thank you Kirsteen ☺️😘🐵

Lilmix ‏@Lilmixgg

#Announcement We would like to give a warm welcome to Linus ''zoon'' Bjelkne (@zoonCSGO) who is now a part of the…

Kyle ‏@mkylekng

What’s with the rain and traffic? It’s not a great combo 🐵

MonkeyMatt ‏@MonkeyMatt_

@AkaFayed Jungle celebration time!!! 🌴🐵🌳🐒

Carsten Köllmann ‏@CKoellmannZH

I want one right now! 🍽🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 The Implausible Burger: That Meaty Taste Without The Guilt via @YouTube

Sergey Zhuravlev ‏@Serg_Zhuravlev

@tanusha_bukusha silverback 🐵

M! ‏@mjw0809

@StephJS Theres always someone on here Steph. Shout and we are here 🐵 xx

🔞PRIVATE FREEBIES😍 ‏@giofreebiess

🦌🔁Random Bagets Mega🔁🦌 🔐Key: 01 🦒91. 🦓92. 🐴93.…

SwingDance UK ‏@swingdanceuk

Some forthcoming very special events with SwingdanceUK - The future looks bright! 🌞 at least if you love to Swing d…

yangg💢 ‏@morales_aleyaah

thanks for comingg🐵❤


Yeah but what if Elizabeth had TITTIES. Andwhat if Carmilla had a TAIL and HORNS. 🦍🦍🦍🐒🦍🐵🦍🐒🦍🐵🦍🐒🐵🐒🦍🐒🦍🐵🦍🐒🦍🐵🦍🐒🦍🐵🦍🐒🐵🦍

Madagascar The Musical ‏@madUKtour

David & Ella are taking us behind the scenes at Madagascar today! 🤩 Head to our Instagram and ask them some questio…

😈 BABY Crystal 🔱 ‏@CrystalWeAre

Triple S (s.s.s.) 🐵🐥🖐️


@ANI By Learning HINDI the no is going to give JOB cause RESERVATION comes FIRST set PRIORITY FIRST ,No OFFENCE HERE 🐵🐒🐨

Andy Brady ‏@3dSectorFutures

Students doing some art 🐵🙈🙉

Cheeky Monkeys Playland ‏@CheekyMonkeysAE

📢📢Get up to 20% discount on all healthy shoes at Kandykids UAE😍. Simply follow their Instagram account (kandykids.u…

Monty ‏@MonkeyMonty99

@StephJS You have a whole monkey community that you created to help look after the #MonkeyMomma 🐵🐵🐵

Gerald Lavelle Sr ‏@LavelleGerald

@bakoff333 I don’t know. @foxandfriends kyron said Brown Face but he was def black face. But I don’t even like him…

StateOfinsaniTi ‏@NurembergSA

#FDR£AM38-48R£LOAD£D/4C AUneon🐵V💝HumanDNA @TwitterGov💛4.149voiceLess💝 #BuriedAlive💛$ch2s195fgX? @UDHRforAll'Humans=…

Osei Relief Organisation 😔😔 ‏@WillBoona

@UMG Youtubers still want money man. Just stay off Youtube. 🐵

Bhshs ‏@Bhshs51663634

@ExSecular Clothed 🐵 is still 🐵

La Morrigan ‏@Me_Morrigan

@spikedonline Stupid 🐵

StateOfinsaniTi ‏@NurembergSA

#FDR£AM38-48R£LOAD£D/4C AUneon🐵V💝HumanDNA @TwitterGov💛4.149voiceLess💝 #BuriedAlive💛$ch2s195fgX? @UDHRforAll'Humans=…

H..!! ‏@AhirHari07

This is for 14 year old Nibba 🐵 enjoy 😂 #12YearsOfHitmanInT20I

Iyosa Ikilo ‏@Iyosaa

@seyiawolowo This bbnaija has turned to governorship election. I swear🐵

⭐️Follow That Trick⭐️ ‏@FollowThatTrick

follow everyone that retweets this. 🐵 Monkey see, Monkey Do

Ysgol Parcyrhun ‏@ysgolparcyrhun

Rhaffau isel bore ‘ma! Some of us have been on the low ropes this morning 🐵 ☀️ 🧗‍♀️

Year 5 | Monkton ‏@MonktonYear5

#MonktonYear5 Monkey Bars🐵🐒

StateOfinsaniTi ‏@NurembergSA

#FDR£AM38-48R£LOAD£D/4B 4AUneon🐵V💝HumanDNA @TwitterGov💛4.149voiceLess💝 #BuriedAlive💛ConRoR$ch2s195fg? @UDHRforAll'R…

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