Motor Boat Emoji

Motor Boat was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🛥 U+1F6E5

️ U+FE0F


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AMBROSE ‏@bangcranker

@BreakfastNews @GregHuntMP @paulwkennedy The yacht 🛥 club Christmas party from last year when grant money 💰 was app…

Boatsetter ‏@boatsetter

Sit back & enjoy the ride 🛥 . . . Imagine what you want your weekend to look back and make it happen. By heading t…

fahema ‏@shutupfahema

@Maggi_Aneja let me drive the boat 🛥

Matt Foster ‏@MattFosterKETV

@NicoleGriff1011 So they can play this song as they approach the stage 🛥

Nicky ‏@Hawksnicky

@LaTrioli If you can afford a yacht 🛥 do you need $170,000 extra? Plus the guy on the video seemed surprised

BENNY ‏@aboynamedwin

carribean queen (billy idol) 🛥🌴

Mckeith Myrick ‏@djmdollaz

Lil Boat 🛥

Praise Phaze Gawd ‏@PhazeGawd

@PhazeGawd is Live at @SnugRock February 18th 🛥🔥🙌🏾 @ Snug Harbor

Flex Seal ‏@GetFlexSeal

What’s that Flexie? 🤔 The #FlexSealTour is pulling up to the dock of The Miami International Boat Show February 13…

CharterWorld ‏@CharterWorld

🛥🌊🏖☀️Sunreef 60 Catamaran Yacht GYRFALCON last-minute charter special in BVI - recent testimonial here:…

Mariana Hernandez ‏@Mariana_ArtsTO

Pink skies at night 🛥

Shannon Marie ‏@shanengelbrecht

@YachtRockRevue - artist presale tickets go on sale tomorrow for your INDIANAPOLIS show in July. How can I get a code? 🛥

Jaye Fergii ‏@ChunkyMunkiee

Waiting on this trip to Miami✈🛥 I'm overdue & I need this girls trip!

Creola 🔮 ‏@SayNanii

Me n gator bout to buy a boat 🛥

🏝🇰🇭 ‏@LilahTean

was thinking i'd definitely go on a cruise if it wasn't crowded and just people I liked... I realized I need to get…

Monefrellio 🥶 ‏@biscuitmann

Fuck it, we unda da sea 🌊🌊🛥🌊🌊🌊🌊🚤🌊🌊🚣🏾‍♀🌊 🐠 🐟 🐡 🦀 🐚

Tropez Villas Direct ‏@TropezVillas

No matter the size or style of your next trip, 😎 🏖 ☀️ find a #home to match your #holiday in the fabulous region of…

Arya Goldman ‏@AryaGoldman

chill, it’s only chaos 🛥

Courtney Kiley ‏@courtkiley

My best friend asking the hard hitting questions 🛥

Mr. Evan Rogers 🎓 ‏@Mr_Rogers_YYC


Proud Q Baby🌟🌟🌟 ‏@QTime_

Get em Mr kennedy!! Oh and How the hell are ya...sir?❤🙏😎🛩🧭🕒🎅⛵🛥⌛🌠🏛🌊

Superyacht TV ‏@superyacht_tv

What is your favorite yacht on display at this year’s #BootDusseldorf @nonstopboot ?! We love the blue hull of the…

949KCMO ‏@949_KCMO

The OP Boat Show 2020 JUMPS off on Thursday at the @OverlandParkCC! The fun lasts all weekend through Sunday. 🛥⛵️🚤

ThatKatsTravel ‏@katskloset

🚢 Top Cruise Trends For 2020 ⛴ Distant Destinations 🛳 In-Port Immersion 🛥 Cold is Hot 🚤Conscious Travel ⛵️Micro-Cru…

Group Tour Media ‏@GroupTour

Whether your group arrives by 🚌, ✈️ or 🛥, North of Boston is not to be missed! Check out @NBCVB to find great itine…

RafasPuepppy♡🎾🇪🇸💪🏽♡ ‏@puepppy

@shmoopie1812 🙏🏽☺️☺️the best 😊👖🛥

Gold Coast ‏@destgc

From Copenhagen to #SanctuaryCove, these electric-powered boats courtesy of 'Go Boat' are the newest addition to ou…

Rich Pallarino ‏@rpallarino_

We. Got. A. Yacht 🛥 @Chris_Pellz

RafasPuepppy♡🎾🇪🇸💪🏽♡ ‏@puepppy

@shmoopie1812 👖 was taking good care of 🛥☺️

Doe ‏@1Dorian___

Can’t wait to get my boat 🛥

Lumishore ‏@Lumishore

Great to be here at the #motorboatawards as we sponsor the Flybridge over 60ft award this evening! @mbymagazine 🛥

Alana | Course Charted ✈ ‏@CourseCharted

@AngelaMDiLoreto Me too!! I didn’t think I was “a cruiser” until I gave it a go! 💙🛥

Patriot Elsa 🙏🏼🇺🇸 ‏@PatriotElsa

@ai_jared Bernie’s probably well compensated 💰🛥💰🏠💰🛩this time again🧐

Move2PalmBeach ‏@Move2PalmBeach

Preview: Check out our latest 360° video tour of this breathtaking 4 bed 3 bath home on Flagler Drive! 🌺 Gorgeous i…

MyBookie Sportsbook ‏@betmybookie

The setup for the 2020 NFL Draft in Vegas has been revealed and it’s straight 🔥🔥🔥 The stage will be on the water a…

The Green Zone ‏@GreenZoneSK

Transporting the players to the stage by 🛥...this isn't going to end well, is it? #NFLDraft2020

Anjill🌟🕊 ‏@AnJillOfLight

@JackalsLast But Wait. We will have to wait till [they] patent it, add a bunch of toxic ingredients to it, create a…

| S.R | ‏@Paper_Chasingg_

@jon_baah Going back to Cali like Biggie 🌴🛥


Take advantage of this great opportunity to earn your Florida Boater ID card 🌊🛥 Details below ⬇️

etc. Yacht Branding ‏@yachtbranding

🎀 We can provide a vast range of branded ribbon in the style of your yacht using all the latest techniques, such as…

Molly Henery ‏@BloggingBanshee

If anyone wants to get this for me, I wouldn’t say no... 🛥

Lily Burana 🗽 ‏@lilyburana

@saribotton When I look at you, first thing I think? SuperYacht!!! 🛥

🚀 Götz Thümecke Eventerprise ☀ ‏@GotzCEO

Nice views ☀ 🌈 🛥

George Thompson ‏@vtagoose

@BBimbodoll @Redhat_Babes @tterb1407 @SccsMR @JlspzSpitz @Bear1Knuffel @Aim2PleaseYou @tittysearch @fans_apolonia…

Oasis Studio ‏@OasisStudioUK

We’ve flown all the way to Düsseldorf today, to attend the #bootdusseldorf Boat Show! 🛥⁣ ⁣ These boats are gorgeous…

Mohammed Ali ‏@mali786j

@RafKadian All clear Raf? When you coming for meeting to UK 🇬🇧 or should I come out Dubai yacht 🛥??? 😉👊

Ben Horne ‏@999Ben

Better weather for this weeks #RYA #powerboat level 2 course for another 6 @SuffolkFire #firefighters. Planing, man…

PerceptionQueen ‏@PerceptionQueen

When your tits are big enough to give yourself your own motor boat 🛥 haha :)

John Wineglass ‏@JohnWineglass

Welp... the weekend actually got even BETTER by an invite onto a 7 bedroom w/baths yacht 🛥 this past weekend with d…

John Wineglass ‏@JohnWineglass

Welp... the weekend actually got even BETTER by an invite onto a 7 bedroom w/baths yacht 🛥 this past weekend with d…

ella ⁷ ‏@ordermepadthaai

@buterasmaraj nyc PERRY 🛥

OceanScape Yachts ‏@OceanScapeYacht

Today on the blog we’re helping to explain the differences between some of the most popular types of #luxury…

GQ ‏@a1qmoney

Niggas wanna burn a bridge & expect for you to send a yacht 🛥... where they do that at?

FreedomBoatClubCentralFlorida ‏@freedomboatCFL

🛥⚓️COMING SOON!🛥⚓️ 26' has arrived and will be available to our members soon! Call Sam (386) 888-4386 to enjoy our…

Angelia Bennett-Eudy ‏@AngeliaEudy

@ChaWhitaker @JRubinBlogger And the SCOTUS already ruled the evidence your "god" is trying to block is owned by the…

Steel City Ady ‏@SteelCityAdy

@HMNBPortsmouth @HMS_Medway @RoyalNavy Now there's an apt surname for a CO if ever I saw one! #SmallShipsBigImpact #PowerfulMedway 🌊🛥📷

HaysTravel Ellesmereport ‏@HaystravelEport

👍🏽Thank you to Vicky from ‘Do Something Different’ for doing our staff training today! 👀If your looking to get you…

📌 rt pinned tweet pls ‏@sparrowinkz

Yeay my Jaeyong ship is sailing 👀🚢🛥⛴🛳

Danger Kitten ‏@TamariLion

@thatfoxleon Seamen 🛥💦

Zay ‏@Oz_Zayh

I’m honestly amazing not gonna front 🤷🏽‍♂️, I know! Just tryna get everybody else on deck 🛥

Nelson Sazon Abong Jr. ‏@nelsonabongjr

87 days to go! 🛥

#WOWZimbabwe ‏@Destination_Zim

#WildHorizons 💥Signature Special💥 Spend 2 nights at #OldDriftLodge & 2 nights at #TheElephantCamp & enjoy a COMPLIM…

I Speak Machine ‏@TaraBusch

@LauraJaneGrace Same here but Dexter. Just finished all of it. 🛥😶

Elite Model Look ‏@EML_Int

🛥 Xindi Ding from EML China returns to Paris to walk for Dior Homme just 2 months after the Elite Model Look World…

Henni Blac ‏@HennyBlac561

Fuck the boat I want to drive the yacht 🛥💨

دينا. ‏@_IAMDINA

Just finished my first book for 2020 and still doubting on JP Morgan’s statements on Titanic. 🛥

hailz 🍒 ‏@hail3y_white

i can’t wait to move south 🌞🛥👒👙

🌻🐝Gezzy🐝🌻 ‏@Gezzy504

🛥 me please 🤣

MaxJeromeNJ ‏@maxjerome

The Coolest Nerds: MJ↔louis_jackson910↕ 🗣Sneaker Situation: The #nikebowfin270↕🛥 __________________________________…

¤ Sweet A Jones ¤ ‏@LilCARMEL23

@BlackKing44 @maneatsdragon That is your favorite WORD lmao. I remember u telling me to relax a couple times on the 🚢🛥

Kitty 🐯 ‏@katboone24

Still on the bucket for sure ✊🏽🙏🏽🌊💙🛥

TB12 ♥️ NOTDONE ‏@kdmvic12

@jemelehill I am sooo excited to watch your @belowdecktv episode next week!! 🛥⚓️🍸 ❤️@Kate_Chastain

Housewives Whisperer👂👄(Jen) ‏@HWsWhisperer

The way these guys talk about women is disgusting. #BelowDeck ⚓🛥

Housewives Whisperer👂👄(Jen) ‏@HWsWhisperer

Friendship bracelets? They're officially 12. #belowdeck ⚓🛥

Housewives Whisperer👂👄(Jen) ‏@HWsWhisperer

A full moon? Things are about to get nutso. 🌕 #BelowDeck ⚓🛥

Brandon ‏@bkirk19_brandon

@tonyhawk Keep doing you Tony, hoping to cross paths next summer up in the bay! 🤞🇨🇦🛥

Housewives Whisperer👂👄(Jen) ‏@HWsWhisperer

Please tell me someone else thinks Alexis's rent-a-beau sounds like the Kool-Aid man. #BelowDeck ⚓🛥

Housewives Whisperer👂👄(Jen) ‏@HWsWhisperer

#BelowDeck Who's watching with me? 🛥⚓

melissa a. george ‏@ankledolphin

All curled up with a cup of chai tea ready to watch #BelowDeckThailand to see what exactly what “madder than a piss…

Monroe ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@MonroeTamela

@Pat_riots2KAG @QcrushR @ec_kag @sgonnawin2020 @DianaJ1973 @Shylum_ @_OurNanny_ @ThePatriotDavid @kittenmule888…

Bianna ‏@biannayeager

@LadyTi88 @Kate_Chastain I would love it if @Kate_Chastain were the bartender and just stood there with that amazin…

Frenemies ‏@Play_Frenemies

The @capthlr question on tonight’s #belowdeck game is our fave of the night 🛥⚓️ ! Download + play our reality TV tr…

Rubin Rodriguez ‏@rubinrodz

Canceled a cruise I had booked Figured I’d keep hustling till I can just buy the yacht 🛥 🌊

Melissa K ‏@kirbywoman

@capthlr If that captain’s mad, nobody’s going to be happy. The most level headed man on the water. It must’ve been…

Renovation Station ‏@Reno_station

@AlanShepo69 @jamiemartin1878 @BarneyBrazil @RetroSolesUK @LeemingJamie @griffwebber @lid_lid_la @blacksheep_111…

Gladys Larbie ‏@gladyslarbie

@NickKouvalis As a retired crew member, that sounds like a lot of work. Add me as a guest next time you get one wit…

Zane Keleher #Z22 ‏@zanekeleher_Z22

@stevehols54 There’s something floating on the horizon just off the coast...... 🛥⚓️

: Simon-Robert: ‏@sthomsonlfc

Only the most huge Super-yacht that has ever docked at a Palm Beach private residence... Moored right out in front!…

: Simon-Robert: ‏@sthomsonlfc

🗣 “Darling, put the yacht out front!” 🙋‍♂️ What if your yard... Led to the dock... That moored your yacht... Th…

Source Vital ‏@Source_App

🗣 “Darling, put the yacht out front!” 🙋‍♂️ What if your yard... Led to the dock... That moored your yacht... Th…

chien mouri ‏@Yungbk649

1.🎥🛥💦💦 2. doggy 3. Mouth 4. 2 5. Yes 6. Choking 7. Hers yes 8. No 9. Water 10. All of them 11. Not too often…

PineapplePrincess ‏@youngcocolilnut

Below Deck is my guiltiest pleasure 🛥 #BelowDeckThailand #trashtelevisionmarathon 📺 #sailtheopenseas🤍

Marina de Lagos ‏@MarinadeLagos

Marina Lagos goes BOOT again! 🛥⛵️🚤🛶⚓️ @bootduesseldorf #marinadelagos #Lagos #LagosPortugal #Algarve…

Atlantic Marine Electronics ‏@atlantic_me

#SundayFunday was a day well spent 🏈 🛥 #Yachts #VikingYachts #AME #Football

Bernard Hancock 🧢🤘🆎 ‏@ruffnecknation

@brad_polumbo @Shermichael_ @dcexaminer The @DNC needs to #SecureTheBag and get onboard the #YangYacht 🛥💰👌 https://…

Tavian Richardson ‏@lltaik47ll

Lemme drive da boat 🛥

: Simon-Robert: ‏@sthomsonlfc

🗣 “Darling, put the yacht out front!” 🙋‍♂️ What if your yard... Led to the dock... That moored your yacht... That…

Bla Yaw✝🇬🇭 ‏@obrempong__

Other rappers music videos 🚗 🏎 🚘 🛥 🛳 ✈️ 🚁 🎈 NF's: 🛒 🚶🏾‍♂

Lennert ‏@Lennert_FL13

@MissAnnieChtrs @RealSaltLife @TheBoatCapt @FishNFocus @LuresJacks @PShenep @Lizardkingfish @SGumpa @JenniPrickett…

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