Motor Boat Emoji

Motor Boat was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🛥 U+1F6E5

️ U+FE0F


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Bryan Determinedtomakeit ‏@Dtrmd2makeit__

@ElliottWilson @RapRadar we need a #CRWN Interview with the Bo$$ @RickRoss So y’all can talk about #PortofMiami2 🌴🛥…

Whitney of WorthyStyle ‏@worthystyle

@Pataltschul I love how people think you are kidding... when it is actually true!! Here are pics I took visiting th…


Heff - Movin’ 🏎 OUT NOW! LINK IN BIO 🛥 #FreeHeff 🔓

SQD™ ‏@SQDmusic

Heff - Movin’ 🏎 OUT NOW! LINK IN BIO 🛥 #FreeHeff 🔓

michaiah ‏@michaiah

Deluxe Model Maria for azimutyachtsnewzealand at the Made in Italy Expo on today and tomorrow at The Royal Yacht Sq…

Ivan Torres ‏@torresivan98

they swear we riding the same boat, bitch im crusing in a yacht 🛥

Chatell Wallace ‏@ChangeByChatell

11/12/18 I finally saw one of my favorite #SingerSongwriter #JohnMellencamp ❗❗❗ Crossed the #SalishSea to Victoria…

❤️ ‏@CKW27

The pier always look so beautiful at night ✨💛🛥

ℓιz ‏@ThatGeeVirus

I’ll never forget when my cousin from Vegas tagged me on some pictures of a beautiful mall w. a river in the middle…

Jeri Jenkins ‏@jerijenkins

🤩 PARTY LIKE IT’S 2099! 🥳 520 West Ave. PH-B 🏝 #MiamiBeach 💵 $11.990M 5 BD 🛏 | 5.5 BA 🛁 | L/A: 6,111 SF + Over 7,10…

jessica ‏@jessica_lately

Ugh watching overboard @EGraceS ARTURO!! 🛥💙

rlp775 ‏@RealLp775

My flows.. like the water. Hits. when it Hits^.^ 🔥🌊🛥.. hopefully, *** to.. capture it.

Abner ‏@Daddy_Abner

Seen @JSTJR In July. Then Again In August, Followed By JSTJR & Friends In October. Patiently Waiting To See Him…

Jack Beats ‏@jackbeats

heading to SF with the @spaceyacht gang on wednesday - who's coming? 🚀🛥

alyssa ‏@lyssa__4

Na I refuse to live average, if ima go .. please believe im going all the way 🛥🗾

HEA Stories ‏@HeaStories

💝🍍Goodbye has never been this hard…especially when love is saying hello… #NewRelease,…

Katty Liz ‏@KattyLizMusic

Such a gorgeous Wedding and venue! I mean!! look at this view 💛 🛥🚤🏝🏙🎶 thanks melbentco legends for this lovely gig…

SportsWord ‏@SW_SportsWord

The best sailing novels 📚 🌏 🛳 🌊 🛥 🏝 🚣 #Sailing #Expedition #Sport #Adventure #Literature

Scrumptious Solent 😋 ‏@ScrummySolent

Sometimes only a full English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 breakfast will do! This beauty is from @mettricksww in Woolston and it certai…

Neda ‏@Nedaliciouss_

San Diego baby 🌃🛥

Anna Nolan ‏@EconomicGeek13

@SocialistSuper @LondonEconomic @kerryhunt282 😂😂 oh no, the economy is going to collapse cause they can’t buy Super… ‏@breezeYachting

So stunning 🛥 #yacht #yachts #yachting #boats #boat #megayacht #superyacht #luxuryyacht #ship

Boss up! ‏@sizzoulja

I want that yacht 🛥 I’m on my grind... I learned from my mistakes

Teach&TravelMagazine ‏@Teach_Travel

There’s so much to see and do in a big place like #NYC. One of the best ways to get a different perspective is from…

H. Wright Promotions ‏@HWPromos

All aboard all aboard! 🛥 Yes people start New Years of with a kick 🤤 Fete’n in the Mawnin is the ultimate boat crui…

The Dangerous Vulcan ︽✵︽ ‏@DangerousVulcan

@robohero Since so many of us love your WT us the journey. What happens immediately after Alive, how the…

Just Dandy Events ‏@JustDandyEvents

When having a waterside wedding, why not leave by boat?! 🛥 This was SUCH a fun element in Nick & Darcy's day! 📷…

YachtSalesIntl ‏@YachtSalesInt

Check out Captain Steve’s one-take walkthrough of the new Greenline NEO! 🛥


Just over two weeks until you get to change your life! @mcorast came to #TEDxLausanneWomen 2016 & it inspired her m…

HEA Stories ‏@HeaStories

💝🍍Goodbye has never been this hard…especially when love is saying hello… #NewRelease,…


NEW MUSIC TONIGHT @ 7pm! Heff ~ Movin’ 🛥🔓

Legend M. 🥀 ‏@MariamFenty_

@Letchendite Alright, have fun 🛥


Listen Man, NiggAz Only RespecK #MONEY & #VIOLENCE... Duffelz Up🆎〽️💰🛥🌊🌊

Jennifer Jackson ‏@BrokerRealtorNC

Million Dollar Monday | This new crop of luxurious, contemporary, and — at times — outrageous floating homes have t…

PortCiti ‏@PortCiti

😑 3 things I don’t understand about #TheWalkingDead 😒 why they don’t go somewhere up north where it’s cold &snows…

OC Marlin Club ‏@OCMarlinClub

Weekly Specials: November 23-25, 2018 ✨ See you at the Club! 🎣🛥 **The Club will be closed 11/21 & 11/22 for Thanksg…

Midnight Guthrie ‏@MidnightGuthrie

This Saturday....the 🛥 stops at IPW in #DesMoines for the first time. After five years, the fans of IPW have proven…

Danny Wright ‏@dannywright29

Top little chat with @AkyKarim8416 @britishboxers 🚌🛥😂😂😂

HEA Stories ‏@HeaStories

💝🍍Goodbye has never been this hard…especially when love is saying hello… #NewRelease,…

paris foster ‏@ParisFoster_

This marks the third night I’ve dreamt of 🛥


And Genki San in his way to be a Skipper, in #Cebu #Philippines 🛥 🌞#Genki_Sudo #須藤元気 #neosamurai #WORLDORDER 🏝

Ubraboats ‏@ubraboats

UBRA for Boats ⛴🛥 RIDE today or become a SKIPPER 🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️#bitcoins #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain…

LACHLAN ‏@lachlanmacq1810

@craig_pan I hope you still hold @craig_pan It’s taken longer than it should have but it’s happening..... $FOD home with the wet sail 🛥 🌊

School on Wheels ‏@IndySOW

When our #Volunteers & #Indianapolis students team up to find creative new ways to make learning FUN ❤️…

Spetses Cruising ‏@spetsescruising

Ready for a breathtaking #adventure? Our sea #excursions on a luxurious top-quality boat with all-inclusive service…

นี่เอสเอง 🙋🏻‍♂️ ‏@nutchanon_ch

วันนี้ไป Iconsiam มาครับ~ —————————————— Today I went to Iconsiam 🛥 #SxNC #SNutchanon #ICONSIAM

Anya ‏@anyatrades

Happy Monday! Had a delicious lunch with awesome view to Dubai Marina 🍝🛥 Now I’m ready to attack the market! 🧨…

Cassandra Cormack ‏@CassandraCormac

Good morning ☀️ Paul already took the boat out 🛥 @ Lighthouse Point, Florida

Mike Acebedo Lopez ‏@MykLopez

Capped the weekend with Andoni watching Cebu’s spectacular sunset on board a yacht that circled the Mactan Channel.…

Antonio de Lima ‏@elantoniodelima

@yvngshred Here, summer...... Soon. 😎👍 🏊🏄🚵🍦🍺🛥⛱🌊

SardegnaAlMare ‏@SardegnaAlMare

Boat 🛥 relax 😊 da Bosa . . . # SardegnaAlMare . . . . . #spiaggia #sardegna #sardinia #ichnusa #bosa #BosaMarina…

Majesty Yachts ‏@MajestyYachts

Unveiled in 2016, the Majesty 110 is the latest addition to the Majesty Yachts series of luxury fly-bridge motor ya…

Alexis Ohanian Jr ‏@JrAlexisOhanian

Family sailing adventure 🛥 #familyfirst


Pneumatics on high sea?🌊 No problem. Once the sails are set, AVENTICS takes ships into a safe harbor.🛥 Learn more:…

Wes Francis ‏@WFwayfresh

Planned a fun yacht 🛥 trip around Hong Kong 🇭🇰 @ Victoria Harbour 維多利亞港, Hong Kong

Sammie ‏@sammiefeasting

@jbboats good morning John. Keep wrapped up against today’s easterly wind. 😊✨☕️🍪🛥🚤 ⛵️

Kïrsten Sebastián ‏@KiaSebastian

Sail & dive buddies. Where to next? 🛥 @ Mactan, Cebu, Philippines

Petunia Cat 🍁🍂🌻🍄🥑 🥐🦔🥗🥙🥦 ‏@PetuniaCatLand

@bryanbehar Yes, indeed! Plus Schiff means ship. Which is adorable. 🛥

Wanda Hughey ‏@WandaSHughey

@CrossfitToddc That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Thank you all for securing our border! Praying for great grace and…

Paihia Dive ‏@PaihiaDive

Dolphins diving on our divers this morning 🛥💙🐬⚓

geo 🌊 ‏@Geehoeee

Got 10 freaky girls on a yacht 🛥

Terry Fuson ‏@TerryFuson

Proud to be associated with Carnival Cruises as they collect money for St. Jude's🏨 this holiday season. 👏 to my pa…

Anna Sun ‏@itsannakate

had them sailors on his thighs when he’s lit he show em 🛥

Book Promotion ‏@quotesasimage

💝🍍Goodbye has never been this hard…especially when love is saying hello…ALOHA TO LOVE by @Josieriviera #newrelease…

OG ROME-ROWDOGGS ®™ ‏@ogrome310

Live at the #GrrdAwards theofficialgrrrdawards in a private Yacht 🛥 #grindmode #25/8 #rowdoggsentertainment…


Tune and share 🗽🛥🌊🌊Call in and talk to NYC Finests

Abbie Gatherum ‏@1worldwanderer

Cruise = booked! Keen to sail through the South Pacific in 2019! 🛥

BBBBBM ‏@bribbreezy

@DemetriusHarmon @dopeisland A skit about the Titanic👀🛥

God Friended Me Writers ‏@GFMWriters

YACHT PARTY 🛥 but with less champagne and more trespassing and breaking open a safe #GodFriendedMe

Jude the Obscure #Trumpville ‏@jlw8375309

I have you down for my next navel battle group, which will be sailing from a port near you soon.🛥

m ‏@zarisluthor

🛥 username: 8/10 icon: 10/10 header: 9/10 bio: 10/10

Cassandra Cormack ‏@CassandraCormac

Bruce is checking out dock 🛥 @ Lighthouse Point, Florida

UP ‏@UPtv

Now we're thinking we want to spend Christmas on a boat. It has to be decorated like this one of course. 🎄🛥…

Aidan Jacoby ‏@AZASgan

Manhattan BBYO had their Fall Fest yesterday on a YACHT 🛥 @MHTN_Sganit #sganimwins

Bill Kaneko ‏@BillKaneko

@StephTaylerLive @jearl7 Please, please, please, fight the urge to extend airplane arms, exclaiming, “I’m the king of the world!” 🛥😂

Ariel Shante' ‏@TeAmoShante

I'm a Beyhive Navy Army brat. 🐝🛥👩🏾‍✈️

Aleksandre Pates ‏@aleks_phates

The new face of Pasig River... 😍🌊🛥 Have a great Monday morning every one! 🌊🛥 #PasigRiver #ILoveManila…

Marija Sekulic ‏@MarijaSekulic

✨A m a z i n g d i n n e r place 🐟🍽⚓️sea view 🛥 & most beautiful s u n s e t s 🌅😍💛

Aleksandre Pates ‏@aleks_phates

Have a great Monday morning every one! 🌊🛥 #PasigRiver #ILoveMandaluyong #ILoveManila #ILovePhilippines…

lala🍀⑅︎◡̈︎* ♥︎︎∗︎*゚ ‏@lala0329

Sascha posted on IG stories.🛥🏆✨ #GoSascha #TeamZverev #TeamSascha #Zverev…

NZSouvenirs ‏@NZSouvenirs

A once in a lifetime experience for so many of our passengers - dolphin swimming in Kaikoura gets a MASSIVE recomme…

Carmen Edwards ‏@Carmen82E

Good start 🛥🚁🦀🐜⭐ #ImACeleb

MARK B. ‏@markbmusic

Happy B-Day to me 🛥🎈 Gracias por sus felicitaciones 🙏🏻

McGough Enterprises ‏@McGoughEnt_

Thank you so much for the wonderful Birthday wishes! You made my day! Stacy 😄🛥👍❤️

Gabby & Hannah ‏@theswirlblog

The only caption I could think of is: “I’m on a boat.” 🛥 brunch + a trip around Manhattan is an 11/10 idea. Thanks…

McKenzie Packer ‏@kenzpack

He really floats my boat 🛥

x-Fresno State Football ‏@FresnoStateFB

Goin’ to the 🛥‼️

Dorset Food & Drink ‏@DorsetFoodDrink

Awesome! Such a great local story. Well done team @ConkerSpirit for working with such a great charity so very much…

Isabel McBrayer ‏@mctribe

🛥#CaptMark keeping the ship together! thestandard #lidobaysidegrill #thanksgiving2018 @ The Lido Bayside Grill

Chelsey Sizemore ‏@tatertot6

If anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket or take me on a road trip, feel free to do so...I’m itching to explore!!! 🚙✈️🚊🛥🚃🚠 #notpicky #travel

Killy Shoot ‏@killyshoot198x

The Love Boat FLY EXOTIC SHIT💥💥💥 #iKing #hometeam @generalbackpain @whoislupusdei Don’t 😴 🛥 🛥


The perfect gift for Dad 🛥

Cassie Patrick ‏@CassieLynnP4

thank you honey luv youuuu🤓❤️💎🛥😇

🌻 Alexandra Wood 🌻 ‏@Alex_Bobsleigh

@PaulJE3 Well prepared! 😃🛥👍🏻

Dave James ‏@hyppi737

@michaelwhite @Brexit4Exit @Go4gold100 @BenedictMPWhite @peter_wink @paulcocks96 @cawsandfleur @DavidDavisMP…

🐺 ‏@dgman006

Different day. Different moves to make 🛥

Boat Simms ‏@BoatSimms

I’m not doing all this for me , gotta think about legacy 🛥

36 MONO ‏@Money_Mono

Made 100 Bands💸 Then Lost It. It’s OK When All U Know Is Profit 🛥🌊 #ThirtySix @ Fountain Bleu Miami

BoatDay V.I. ‏@BoatdayVI

Yesterday's spectacular sunset cruise! 🌅 Book yours today #BoatDayVI 🛥 #awayfromeverday ☀️

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