Mountain Cableway Emoji

Mountain Cableway was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🚠 U+1F6A0




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NBS Eastern Region ‏@NBSEasternReg

Thank you all who came out to the 2018 NBS Eastern Region ESWU!! It was an Epic Snowfall Week!! "119 inch base; 7…

MONOISMYLIFE ‏@btsismymens


🌻 Alexandra Wood 🌻 ‏@Alex_Bobsleigh

@ChocPizzaCo None of those! I would go for Where Eagles Dare 😃💣💥🔫🚠❄❄❄

Liv Effia Blankson ‏@livblankson

🌃 testing out @googlepixel’s new #nightsight by the river at @neverlandlondon and both the location & the feature g…

steff ‏@Steffrees

Cracking time trying to keep jeff alive on the slopes, happy to announce I succeeded⛷ some holiday👌🏼🏔🚠 #valdisère…

NBS Eastern Region ‏@NBSEasternReg

Thank you all who came out to the 2018 NBS Eastern Region ESWU!! Its was an Epic Snowfall Week!! "119 inch base;…

Victoria🌻 ‏@viicttoriia__

I. Want. To. Go. Travelling. 🛫🚠🌊⛱🌍

Tony Thorne ‏@tonythorne007

@estherschindler At last the least-used emoji comes into its own 🚠

kantè⚪ ‏@kanteintercept

Surely I’m not the only one [email protected] coutouis would have conceded this goal 🚠

𝐃𝐀𝐊𝐎𝐓𝐀 ‏@dakotargcb

Newham, Canning Town 🚠🚠

Sergey Dudin ‏@iambronx

One of the best 🚠 @ New York, New York

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.        🍳  🚠     a viability an anxiety    ⛵   a notification

Limestone Lady Ⓥ ‏@LimestoneLady

#vegan smoothie (with a paper straw) at the cable car 🚠 eatery in #Wellington today. #yum #thankyou

ScottyP ‏@scottpiro

#Repost @scottpiro ・・・ Westbound 🚠 seen from my 🏃🏻 across the #edkochqueensborobridge — 8 Dec 2018 @ 21:31 .…

ScottyP ‏@scottpiro

#Repost @scottpiro ・・・ Eastbound 🚠 trip with blazing, low trajectory #wintersun, casting brilliant tram #shadow — 1…

ScottyP ‏@scottpiro

#Repost @scottpiro ・・・ From the #edkochqueensborobridge, 8 Dec 2018 during 21:00 hour. . I stopped while jogging ov…

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.    🚘    a consistency          🚂         an anxiety          ⚫    🚠    their honored dealing   his abstinence

King Tobias ‏@TobiasBoston

@leastUsedEmoji 🚠 Victory!

Norman ‏@NormanE94173984

Baby it's wet outside 🚠☂️☔🌧️🌨️

MoPotter❤️ ‏@mrsmopotter

@ByCommonConsent We got lucky. The school I teach at was doing a pass for 6 times of night skiing for $144. I've ne…

JA 🎄❄️ ‏@ROCJules

#WinterWonderland ~ 🚠ride ~ @SkiWhiteface #NYLovesWinter #ILoveNY #VisitAdks #LakePlacid #ISpyNY @I_LOVE_NY…

FolkemødeFabrikken ‏@FolkemoedeBot

🙆 and atop 🚠?

DEA 🐘 ‏@aedmvs

Lord, you are a great provider. 🚠

Kat Troy ‏@BingMacKids

🚠Snow tubing ⛷Skiing 🏂Snowboarding 🎅Pics with Santa 🔥Mrs. Clause reading stories by the fireplace with hot cocoa 🏊I…

The Unstoppable ‏@TyLicious01

2018 Has Tested My Faith🙏🏼🙌🏼🤦🏻‍♀️.....2019 I’m Coming Back for Everything You thought you Stole🚨🚧🚜🚠

Jackson Hole ‏@jhski

4139 vertical FEET now open for your riding pleasure. ⛷ @hadhammer off the #jacksonhole Aerial Tram 🚠. #jhdreaming…

Mountaineer for Life ‏@67_mountaineer

Army-Navy. The best rivalry in college football. Love how the game is played after all the other games are done. No…

Whiteface Mountain ‏@SkiWhiteface

Saturday Whiteface status is full of smiles😃 & Sunshine☀️ with 6 Lifts🚠 and 46 trails🏂 #SkiTheFACE #perfectdayadk…

Jester ‏@jay_picker

@thetimtracker I can hear it now. “King of the Skyliner, King of the Skyliner, King of the Skyliner!” 👑🚠


@Qloomy_ Same!! I hate the ski lifts 🚠 🙄

Anjie Taylor ‏@Anj_T

The water sterilization pen and the medical flight plan seem like interesting options for the avid traveler on your…

PromptBot ‏@ExoOTPprompts

Science fiction au focused on army officer Yixing, a jubilant person. He is cursed by intergalactic outlaw Sehun…

Jay Peak Resort ‏@jaypeakresort

Add an extra layer... the Green Mountain Flyer Quad spins at 9:30am. Looking for a lung buster? Our Nordic Center…

Wintry Mix Podcast ‏@WintryMixCast

The 🚠 opens today ya’ll go get yours.

Stowe Mt Resort ‏@StoweMtResort

Powder stashes are out there! With over 360 acres open you are sure to find them❄️🚠 _ 📸: Scott Braaten ⛷: Alex Kauf…

Notabot ‏@newbotonthebloc


Nino Togonidze ‏@togonidzen

Nice illustrations of Georgian city names. Chiatura (ჭიათურა) is my favorite. 🚠😀

Take me to the Points 💳✈️ ‏@_tothepoints_

NEW BLOG POST: 5 Tips for Travel Hacking your Ski Trip Budget! 🚠🏔️⛷️ Plus a bonus link to some helpful packing tip…

MobiliseYourCity ‏@MobiliseCity

You are at #COP24 and want to attend an interesing and lively side event on how #urbanmobility can help reduce #CO2…

Robin 2.2.1 ‏@cocobuddysis

@Sallyspark1 @janafisher47 Not quite, they were building the new 🚠 . The old one broke.

Take me to the Points 💳✈️ ‏@_tothepoints_

NEW BLOG POST: 5 Tips for Travel Hacking your Ski Trip Budget! 🚠🏔️⛷️ Originally written with @NidskiProperty…

Take me to the Points 💳✈️ ‏@_tothepoints_

NEW BLOG POST: 5 Tips for Travel Hacking your Ski Trip Budget! 🚠🏔️⛷️ Hit the slopes for less... #ski #skiing… ‏@skihigher_com

The anticipation is over, Winter is Here. Hope you all have a fantastic season on the mountains wherever you are!…


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Gus Dunder Johnson ‏@Gusbuckets

Hey we tried uploading the new podcast today with Sam Bashor and for some reason YouTube ruined the audio a few min…

Boyne Mountain ‏@Boyne_Mountain

It's the weekend! Get the gang together for some early season turns & Happy's Tacos! ❄ Machine groomed, packed pow…

Maho Kono ‏@MahoKono86

@M____A305 Hi dear, ۛخروج دعواتكم Really thank you for your following, I do love it 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️, have a good trading day✊ 🚠🚠

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.         🍰         an immunity        ⬜       his curious bedtime      🚠     a shopping      🐌     an opposition

Jay Pase ‏@J_M_0_N

@IanPavelko @Tesla @ChateauBromont I've heard that Chateau Bromont is famous for the 3 'S's: 1. Skiing ⛷️ 2. Snowmo…

✦❁{veronica}❁✦ ‏@scrawnie_roni

@Savannahlama You don’t wanna see that shit rn... on the road to crash 🚠💥

Sion Barzahd ‏@CaprisunStraw

Running duos with @typelame, check out the stream if you aren’t busy!🚠🛩🧛🏻‍♂️

Brendan Woodruff ‏@TehWood

@CDTA @CDPHPCycle Maybe we can add the 🚠 emoji soon as well?

Garrett Simon ‏@Tellurideco

Snowy gondola ride. 🚠. #tellurideskiresort #realtor #realestateagent #realtorlifestyle…

Jeff Leger ‏@legedog

"Greater dooms win greater destinies." -Heraclitus 💯❄️🔥❄️🔥❄️💯 . . . 📸- roundtheworldgirl JH 🚠 on Saturday! . .…

Queensferry Travel ‏@qftravel

Emirates Air Line Cable Car 🚠 Experience ticked off our #bucketlist The Emirates Cable Car crosses the River Thame…

Queensferry Travel ‏@qftravel

Emirates Air Line Cable Car 🚠 Experience ticked off our #bucketlist The Emirates Cable Car crosses the River Thame…

Karen Wink ‏@karenwink

@amsmadwoman ❤️❤️alllll abroad! ❤️🚂✈️🛳🚠🚘

Ski Peak ‏@SkiPeak

⛷⛷⛷⛷I mean... does it get any better? Cable Car 🚠 is open this weekend due to ❄️❄️LOADS OF SNOW ❄️❄️on the slopes!…

Uni of Roehampton ‏@RoehamptonUni

The annual RoeSnow Ski Trip is returning in April next year!🙌 Bookings are now open so follow the link to book you…

Tiny Situationist ‏@PetitSituations

🚠 : take some time to take a quick walk around the smuggler please

Cable Car Gibraltar ‏@CableCarGib

Morning, Friday 7th December brings us a ship 🚢 in port & a Spanish holiday so it will be busy @ 🚠. Right now…

🧸🎐CantabileKai🎐🧸 ‏@cantabile0710

I was on my way down from Namsan Tower and “Ooh La La La” was played on the cable car 😍😍😍 🚠 . The public loves DMUM…

Najee 🥀 ‏@notNajee

fortnite really turned into 🗻🏰✈️🚠

⋆ ‏@yoonjinfluff


sharko vuarg 🦊🐺 ‏@vuargeaux

junta libs 🚠

Dj MoMo ‏@DjMoMoCoreDj

We here partying tonight pull-up 🚘🚗🚠🚙🚖🚌🚕🚠🚙🚙🚘🚗

Dj MoMo ‏@DjMoMoCoreDj

We here partying tonight pull-up 🚙🚘🚖🚜🚌🚖🚘🚙🚘🚌🚕🚗🚠 (@ The Gallery in Milwaukee, WI)

La Foudre Faraón ‏@LaFoudreFaraon

Take me to the top! 🔝🚠

Snowbasin Resort ‏@snowbasinresort

No need for #TBT today was a great day! ❄ - 83 inches to date 🚠 - 3 lifts open in a week and one more coming for t…

Slicc Vicc 🐐 ‏@VictorJDM00

Can’t wait for Tahoe next weekend ❄️☃️🍻⛷🏂🚠🤙🏽!

Julian_Evans ‏@popularfatkid

Don’t de-rail your train of thought. 🚝🚆🚅🚊🚉🚈🚇🚞🚋🚃🚟🚠🚡

Lada ‏@tttygtracksix

find the 🌊 emoji: 🚟💺🚠🚢🚲🚨🚲🚥🚊🚊🎠🌇🌌🎠🌇🏥🏪🏦🏫🏦🗻🏙🌍🏞🏕🏙🍹🍳🎂🍬🎂🍮🎂🍖🍝🍖🌭🍎🍒🍎🍄🍇🍃🍁🌴 couldn't find it? that's because Patrick stole it

Cool Ski Jobs ‏@CoolSkiJobs

💭💭Dreaming of days like these? 💭💭See the link in bio and you could get a job out here 🏂⛷🛫🚠 whoo hoo #coolskijobs

North Chad Jay Peak Ski Trip Feb '19 ‏@NorthChadSki19

Well there's been plenty of ❄️❄️❄️❄️@jaypeakresort in the last few weeks and there's more due in the forecast !!!…

[email protected] ‏@mobilityCOP241

Indeed, electric buses and trams are the way to go. 🚋🚎🚄🚊🚠

KuriousFox ‏@CandellaFly

I agree, If you don't like it, LEAVE! 🚠🚡🚁

StoryTime Sooz 📚 ‏@EncoreReader

It rains so infrequently in SoCal we all be slippin & slidin! 🌧 Safe rides out there ✈️ 🚀🚆🚠🚘🛵🛷

Memes ‏@Memes76509759

Zip lines and planes have been added to fortnite to avoid pollution and global warming🛩🚠

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.      🚠      their amorphous proceeding          🚁         Isaac's universal jogging       🍚  🎌   Emily a poultry

Sion Barzahd ‏@CaprisunStraw

And I love the zip lines 🚠

Stowe Mt Resort ‏@StoweMtResort

We miss this view! 🚠 Starting this weekend we will operate the following lifts Saturday and Sunday: Mountain Tripl…

Chad DiMarzo ‏@dimarzo_chad

@StoweMtResort More terrain with the Gondola this weekend perhaps? 🚠

man like Stiiž ‏@monsieurstiiz

This could work. Zipline from Surulere to Victoria Island. 🚡🚠

Laura Earle ‏@LauraEEarle

Pretending to be in a gondola lift 🚠 in the Alps, ready to hit the slopes ⛷ but really @cathypower2003 and I are en…

Kelly Fallis ‏@kellyfallis

first tracks 🚠🎿❄️#winterwonderland #lakelife #shouldhavebroughtmyskis #4wheelnotanoption #butanecessity…

Iness ‏@InessLive

I'm on my way. 🙋‍♀️🏃‍♀️💃🙅‍♀️👩‍🎤🚀✈🛫🚁🚟🚠⌚🕛🕧🕐🌠🌐🍾🍷🍸🎄🎖🏆🏅🎀🎁🎉🎊 💘❤💘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ‏@Chalet_Finder

You'll need those all important lift passes 🚠 Get your passes for Val Thorens below!⬇️

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