Mouse Face Emoji

A mouse face, drawn in cartoon-style with whiskers and two rounded ears.

Mouse Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐭 Mouse

🐭 Mouse With Whiskers


🐭 U+1F42D




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Dumb Blonde ‏@maddi_marie15

I don’t care what anyone says, Hunter and I are going to Disney on Ice on Friday and I’m so excited!!!🐭💕

༺ creamy mari ༻ ‏@neptuniabox

my sweet rat boy prince is coming back... in a reboot.. and it will actually be completed 😭🐭💕✨

emojidoll ‏@emojidoll

@ooyhu your unique emojidoll: 🐭 💰👕💰 👞👞

Haley A. Nice ‏@Haley_Nice1297

Disney is running a #ShareYourEars campaign to benefit Make-a-Wish, So here are the most festive pair of ears (antl…

william ‏@GanstaWilliam

We got broke drug dealers 🚫💰, pregnant dikes 😱, married hoes 😨and respected rats🐭🤦🏽‍♂️ Wtf has happened 😂🤯💔💯

nikkiD ‏@Nicoladixon17

😂don’t think I’ll be visiting this restaurant in a hurry 🐁 🐭 😂

log ‏@logannmcd

like this and DM your number if you wanna be in a small disney gc 💞🐭

Diane M. McNulty ‏@360DLD

Wow, scroll through these pics re, dog 🐕, birds 🦅, & mouse 🐭. Family.

【e.(ㅎ_ㅎ)】 ‏@dinictiis

@sparklepom conveniently spams badjet w. even more, again, tho 🐁⚡️🐭💞✨💕

Romi ‏@romidivito

And lastly, as we were strolling through Disney Village, a firework display started 😍 not to mention, the gorgeous…

Paul Keeley ‏@drcrouchback

@escreasey @joynessthebrave *sings along in squeaky mouse voice* 🐭

tonko ‏@tonkoknot

Hi guys, J-Army cheers you up✨ Army around the world also cheers you up✨ Don't worry‼️ Have fun together🕺🎶🎤 Toda…

✨KLA✨ ‏@KLA3000

@Iron_Mouse Congratulations!!! 💗🐭💗🤗💗

Cat (Eshe) ‏@CatPurrMew

Moi thinks Salem Saberhagen from #Sabrina should use twitter just like me and the mice do. Seriously, what's a cat…

Ines🦋 ‏@HuilletI

Hello 🐭

Cat (Eshe) ‏@CatPurrMew

@emilymaylowrey Nice! 👍 'The management' had other plans taking pictures and struff so me and the mice did not make…

Mrs Krieger ‏@TchKrieger

My cat 🐱 Charlotte could relate. She once caught a mouse 🐭 then spit it out like it was poison 🐱I of course had to…

Laura Nagy ‏@LNagyTisdale

The VOTES are in! Kindergarten Ss learned all about VOTING on Election Day! 🇺🇸 They cast their ballots, then, we co…

Cat (Eshe) ‏@CatPurrMew

@photojoseph It worked!👍 Looking forward to this one! 😺🐭

Gin ‏@noufiiusagi

I can’t blame him, I myself fall for her🐭💘

Cat (Eshe) ‏@CatPurrMew

'The management' has asked me to write a business and financial plan. They 🐭 giggled silently after leaving me on t…

Dr. Claudia Aguirre ‏@doctorclaudia

Just donated to @CAWildlife - they had to evacuate but will still need supplies and water if they make it back to t…

🇸🇬🐀Fedya Rat🐁🕉 ‏@Fedya_Rat

@RatPackDC Exactly! 😁🐭🐁🐀🤝

kimszc ‏@kimszc1

Nearly 200,000 Florida Voters May Not Be Citizens | NBC 6 South Florida via @nbc6 Wow does…

lyric ‏@milkfrick

How cute are these 🐻🐭🐼🐷

Morris Mouse ‏@MorrisMouse_PA

@maejin318 So sorry to hear of your loss Mae ❤️🐭

Lisa Malcolm ‏@Lisasmalcolm

@Ginger_Zee That is so funny! 🐭So I had no other choice but to play along! Lol

Camie「 ( ´Д`)y━・~~ 」 ‏@fullofkk

@bethyxts Don’t forget your buddy! 🐭

🇸🇬🐀Fedya Rat🐁🕉 ‏@Fedya_Rat

@RatPackDC Squeak!! 🤗🐭🐀🐁

CupOfTae 🍵 ‏@BultaoreuneYeah

And it's still climbing! 2!3! is #9 in France 🇫🇷💜 🐨🐭🐱🦄🐶🐯🐰 #ProjectBuy23 @btschartdata @BTS_twt

💖 ‏@misslittleRN

From now until November 17, 2018, take a photo showing off your “Mickey Mouse ears” – or any creative “ears” – and…

MGPaynito ‏@Payne_Rich_Gang

U Eva Seen One Of Yo Dawgs Transform Into A Snake🐍 Eva Seen One Of Dem Snakes Transform Into A Rat🐭 I Be Runnin Thr…

🐭 My Mouse Comic ‏@MyMouseComic

Hey look! It’s a purple @MyMouseComic sticker you can buy! AND it’s on sale!!! 🐭😃😃😃🐭

Megatron 🔜 #Ravnicasts IZZET ‏@punkjr

I wasn't tagged, but I'mma play along anyway!! 5 Things I love that aren't People: 1- D&D 🎲⚔️ 2- Podcasting 🎙️ 3-…

Shadowcat ‏@Shadowcat96

For once I can finally attend my monthly. Gotta give them the mouse this Saturday 🐭

Cat (Eshe) ‏@CatPurrMew

Rest in peace #stanlee we will miss all your amazing superhero stuff! 🐱🐭

Ashlee ‏@ashmegjo

Mickey/Minnie decals are just as popular as ever! ❤️🐭🖤 Add a name, Monogram, or even Greek letters!

Brett Green ‏@BG_LovelessCity

Monday. 🏀🐭

Bot_Ideas ‏@bot_ideas

🐗: "I just love watering the lavenders." 🐭: "Cute you are pondering about life" 🐗: "Hey! you are like a happy toad"

Ann Adams ‏@iluvcats44

@mill_cats I am happy that you are compassionate.☺❤🐭

Amber Zakatek ‏@AmberZakatek

My side kick has been so Clingy the last few days ... one minute he’s sick ,then it’s me ! Here’s an old selfie of…

wrat ‏@wratshit

Yesterday also marked her adoption anniversary, i got her and Freya 2 years ago on the 12th Nov 2016. Happy anniver…

Frankie ‏@captainlou87

deadmau5 (Pronounced Dead-Mouse)is a musical genius 7 Life Path 🐵 Was born on a 5 day.Has the number 5 in his name.…

Roxane 🐨🐭 NamGi Day ‏@CarstairsQueen

Happy NamGi Day / Namgiversary 🎉🐨💜🐭 to my other half in this rough life of bare minimum stans 🤪✊ couldn’t have had…

✨Gail Featherstone ✨ ‏@gailyfev

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Poor pussycat’s getting terrorised...!! 🐱🐭

scoota🖤 ‏@millzhxee

You sneaky like Jerry🐭 We coming like Tom🐱💥

Kristina Borojevic ‏@kikiborojevic

@dropshotvolleys Mickey and Minnie tho 🐭

Ariana Venti ‏@schminggay

Mickey and Minnie. ❤️🐭🖤

Ossie And Luna ‏@OssieAndLuna

@AngoraBoys @AngusMcPussPuss @TreasuryMog Urm should they just be toy mice or do real ones count too? 😹😹🐾🐭🐾

Allah of Jackson🤘🏾😈 ‏@AllahOfJackson

I Can’t Hang With Mice 🐭 Somehow I Came In Her Twice 😑

Siskin & Reid ‏@SiskinReid

The Little French Mouse hand embroidered antique French linen caddy- Mademoiselle Coquette loves to admire herself…

Disney Springs ‏@DisneySprings

Celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse at The @LEGO_Group Store this weekend! Join us Nov. 16-18 from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. ea…

CityCraft ‏@CityCraft

This is the cutest! 🐭

EYStoryBox ‏@EYstorybox

Hello Monty Mouse 😍 🐭 Busy creating a new version of our #FirstDay #book that helps children to settle into their…

🇸🇬🐀Fedya Rat🐁🕉 ‏@Fedya_Rat

Good evening ratties! 🤗 🐭

shigetoshi & baby rabbit ‏@pwrhld33

@ParisHilton @kevinostaj 󾭠#ParisHilton teacher❤ 🌸Princess of the Princess👑 ✨✨👸✨✨ 🌸✨💋💕 Paris The teacher Dr. Perfume…


HE’S HERE! Everyone meet Scouse Mouse! ✨🎉🐭 I’ve illustrated my first children’s book! A Liverpool themed story by t…

JoAnn A ‏@1stFanofChicago

@FamousBabiesC This is soooo good😆 Thanks for sharing. Poor @tiantianpanda97, every year there’s an assault on his…

wrat ‏@wratshit

A good morning to you from Lunabuna 🐭💕👋

⚡💀Doctor Wolfen-Kyne💀⚡ ‏@Kyneapple

His name is Bubbles. 🐭💜

A L E X • R O S E ‏@Roseee_bby

Athan is going to Disneyland with my bro and he’s so excited nino & athan date 🐭

Raven ‏@Nipmuc18

I love you Michael but I don't agree with WWI and WWII. We wouldn't have been America. The only reason in order for…

CardiacDrop™ ‏@CardiacDrop

@_JesseDuran Yes! Really enjoyed that one back in the day!!! I used to rent it a lot... also... Castle of Illusion!!! 🏰 🐭

Shannon ‏@Shannon39740218

Just booked to go back to Disneyland Paris omg just the break me and my family need after the year we’ve had!✈️🐭 Ya…

Alejandra💗 ‏@ale_jandraaa_

Guess where I’m going 🐭

Clare Cooper ‏@clarecoops

On a selfish note, if @hotpatooties gets vermin control out this week what the hell am I going to watch to keep me…

Stephanie Salinas ‏@Caprissunn

Now through November 17 for every post using the hashtag #ShareYourEars Disney donates $5 to Make-A-Wish! 💫 🐭 💕

Raven ‏@Nipmuc18

I completely agree. Didn't know you lost your brother Michael. I lost my brother Michael Also. Any way you can tell…

LauraAnn ‏@gimomma65

@Artudacamelot5 So glad your Monday is over. Have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams 🐾🐾😘♥️♥️♥️ big kisses and hug…

Kari Foster ‏@kari2414

I’m going to be in Disney in 30 days guys!! ❤️🎄🐭

knuddelmaus ‏@knuddel_mouse

rain is such a big turn on for cuddles it's raining 🐭🍀

Leyton Powell ‏@latsabou

@AppleWorldYT Mickey Mouse is the way to go 🐭👍🏼

Puma Cat Life ‏@PumaDiPum

Still looking for our mouse’s been 3 days!🐭🐾 #AdoptDontShop #PumaAndZoe #CatsofTwitter #spayandneuter…

roserosierosh ‏@roserosierosh

@hotpatooties I just had one of those “I saw this and thought of you” moments! 🐭

ایران همیشه پایدار🇮🇷 ‏@iraniran4444

@chuzawords @ltsbeautynature Hey where are you🐭🐭🐭🐭

---- ‏@money100190

follow everyone who likes and retweets this, 🐭

BrittsBlossoms ‏@BrittsBlossoms

Custom Frozen Mouse Ears🐭💙 •• #disneyland #disneyworld

BrittsBlossoms ‏@BrittsBlossoms

Custom #Cinderella Mouse Ears 🐭 #disneyland #disneyworld

downy_birch ‏@Downy_Birch

Beautiful music. Such talent. Cannot wait for your album! Such an unexpected treat. Thank you! :))) Mousehold 🐭

Bibiana 🎨 ‏@Princesa_Bibii

Woke up to bitches lookin like me ‼️🐭😩

Emily ‏@its_ayala

Bought myself a new sweatshirt for getting the job 🏰🐭

Ann Adams ‏@iluvcats44

@mill_cats Cutest little mouse ever!🐭

Nausicaa & Mighty Mouse 🐭 ‏@lfkraus

@B52Malmet TY #MightyB for all you do my friend. 🐭🤗💜✌️🤜🤛😊♥️

Dear Stella ‏@dearstellafab

What’s on your cutting table this week? 🐭🧀 We’ve got Stella-1003 White (Mice Time) on ours! #dearstella

Palace Network ‏@PalaceNetwork

Mickey's Toontown, is now open for Mickey's 90th Birthday Celebration! 🐭 Ride The Great Mickey Ride, Gag Factory,…

kimszc ‏@kimszc1

Is This war from the DemRats 🐭🐭🐭🐭. We are Ready Patriots, Fight Fight !

Allie ‏@AllieDobbs29

Counting down the days til I’m in Disney❤️🐭🏰🎢✨👸🏻

Susan Roche ‏@SueRocheArt

Thank you.. 💗 5 things I love are: ❤️💜💙💚Colours. Animals. 🦊🐦🐓🐇🐭🐈🐩 My Family 👪 What are yours.... @MaisyPlum2…

Archer ‏@archersworld

@SjCattledog @dogcelebration So cute to see! ❤️😊 🐭

little🌕jimin ‏@littIemoonchild

@hoseoksanswer 💜 🐨 ⛅ ⛅ erase 🐹 🌙 ☘️ all sad…

Squirrel ‏@Squirribbles

Animal emotes by yours truly🐶🐱🐭🐯🐴

hayleekalichman ‏@hayleekalichman


little🌕jimin ‏@littIemoonchild

@btschartdata @BTS_twt 💜 🐨 ⛅ ⛅ erase 🐹 🌙 ☘️…

Philip A. Ohlund ‏@philipaohlund

Grow stronger from the pain, don't let it destroy you. 😼🐭

NASTY WOMAN FOR HRC ‏@CarloashleyAnn

Not sure there I don't think animals can be that cruel to people❤️They are more unconditional than humans🐐🐂🐹🐭🐁🐀🐆🐅🐮🐄…

Alex T Smith ‏@Alex_T_Smith

@edenbooksknits @BookBairn Thank you. I hope you enjoy adventuring with Winston 🐭

Bad Sun Corp. 楽しい企業 ‏@badsuncorp

So, this is you car and become a nasty smell in that we should not the model of all, it off#end you? no, malcolm, c…

🐭 My Mouse Comic ‏@MyMouseComic

🐭 What’s your favorite color for our very first Mouse stickers? 🐭

LeeAnn Hearn ‏@leeannhhearn

MOUSE SITUATION UPDATE: 🐁 🐭 Despite the heavy-duty arsenal strategically placed throughout our house, we suck at g…

Lia Mice ‏@Lia_Mice

Futureproof. Coz the future can’t hurt us from here in the present. I’ll dance to that! 🐭🐭 Some real corkers in thi…

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