Musical Score Emoji

A staff (or stave) showing a treble clef and five horizontal lines.

Musical Score was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎼 Sheet Music

🎼 Treble Clef


🎼 U+1F3BC




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Ricky ‏@RickyG_TV

Coming up on #KRQEMornings... 😷❌🎼 - @NMDOH urging New Mexicans to wear masks in public. - The Philippines are going…

Paul ‏@izutf76

🎼I can't stop running to you, Feel love coming through you Girl, with you beside me, Hold on heaven guide me🎼

ALBIYAALBI# ❤️ ‏@NourHamdy__

Mood now 🎼🖤 #ALBIYAALBI @NancyAjram

Arie Risnandha ‏@arisnandha

@kianinara1 miss you back... 🎼🎤

Cordelle Sheldon ‏@CordelleSheldon

Jonny cat doing his vocal warm ups.....🎤🎼

ALBIYAALBI# ❤️ ‏@NourHamdy__

I’m literally obsessed with this new song...❤️🎼 #ALBIYAALBI @NancyAjram

Audre ‏@audre01095791

@yemialadee The cough will go away !!! 🙏🏾🎼💥

peter lockett ‏@LockettsPeter

@Altoftdau1 @donnamacbabe @scotp09 @CGRamos7 @grayarooney67 @Al_Man_Utd @Martyn_MUFC @GaryjSharpe @knaggsy097…

Arlene AA in DPCDSB ‏@triple_A_educ8

@StTimothyDPCDSB What a marvellous musical idea! The gift of song 🎼🎶🎵 Hope all are well 🙏🏼

Tyla Thackwray ‏@HouseElfTilly

I’ve developed a terrible habit of holding my breath when I play piano because I’m concentrating so hard on keeping…

Buzzfm89.7Aba ‏@Buzzfm897Aba

#NowPlaying 🔊 Jore @adekunleGOLD x @iamkissdaniel On #BuzzMusucDrive with @govincci_lala x @Officialchybek1…

Buzzfm89.7Aba ‏@Buzzfm897Aba

#NowPlaying 🔊 Bum bum @davido x @Zlatan_Ibile On #BuzzMusucDrive with @govincci_lala x @Officialchybek1…


🎼🎵🎶We started of as close friends 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Made a promise I won't use Play my cards right I won't lose🎼🎵🎶🎤

Hot Country 103.5! ‏@HotCountry1035

Today on #PickItOrKickIt the new one from Scotty McCreery called “In Between” - tell us what you think!…

$$penderellaa💰 ‏@zee_babeee

I know u look pretty, but I want it all off 🎼

Sylvias_Rockshow ‏@Sylvia_RockShow

Good morning everyone. . . .I had a little break from Twitter for a few day's. . . How is everyone #lockdown…

Brooksbank Performing Arts ‏@BrooksbankPA

Want to investigate a city with a rich musical heritage? Think about Vienna, London, Rio de Janeiro, Kingston, New…



sirbarrilaro ‏@sirbarrilaro


E!'S DJ DALE DA DRED ‏@DaleDorsett

Facebook Live: Friday Happy Hour from Da Pantry starts 5:pm WestCoast PDT & 7:pm EastCoast EDT. Open Format. See y…

Brice ̓Ροζιὴ-Λαπέρρωζας ‏@DonBTRL

@Duby_tatif @NCR00571744 "I shed the blood of the Saxon men !" 🎤🎼

Love Cape Town ‏@lovecapetown

LOCKDOWN SURVIVAL GUIDE: Musician @lloydjansenSA says ‘it’s gonna be a lovely day’! 🎶 ☀️ 🌸 Find out why and also h…

Kadin Şeyma ☘ ‏@uskal1980

Dear @SamiYusuf, your voice and music are a volcano of emotions, kindness, love. They touch the hearts so deeply. S…


And don't forget to let us know if you have any requests, recommendations or playlist ideas! We'd love to hear from…

Jaluja ‏@jaluja

Catch my live stream on Facebook ND Instagram today from 3pm-4pm bringing you some old skul soul, something to soot…

Monty Thoreau 🦚🏝🇪🇺🌍 ‏@gardenjardinage

@BBCNaga @BBCBreakfast 🎼Keep on chooglin, Naga 🙌🏼 You’re only probing them on what we’re all thinking 👍🏼 These Tory…

Baba Sanusi ‏@babaafrik

The need to know ... 🎼🎼

Miss Clarke ‏@GilbandSulliHPS

🎭 For all fellow theatre lovers - Andrew Lloyd Webber is releasing some of his musicals online - starting tonight a…

Barry Hall ‏@BarryHall9

@COccupants79 @1SunnySideSue @PattieL06796161 @MariaJBaute Good morning also Lucienne/Girls, many thanks for liking…

Ian ‏@leyvamarkian

#BABYBOYCHALLEGE 🔥 Coach Michael ATeam Arda Choreography. ❤️ #Tiktok @Leyvamarkian / @ardamj88_ 🎼Baby Boy By: Beyo…

𝓝𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲 ‏@Natali122512

@TuTulsa Hi dear Tulsa. Good day and mood for you 🎼 🎵 🌷 😊 🌷🎼🎵

Neicy ‏@sexymama820

@_MAXWELL_ Love you Max always 🙏🏼God bless you stay safe my baby♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎼

Nyla ☀️ ‏@issa_nylaaa

Max & Rubyyy 🎼 Ruby and Max, Max & Rubyyy Ruby & her little brother MAX ! 🗣

TheREALQueenBri♥️ ‏@jhebria

#11DaysofSkylar (yes I’m late 😂) Day 2: K is for Karaoke. 🎙 🎼 Sky loves music. 🎶 She will sing and dance along to…

Blair💫 ‏@pinkrainbowsss

Nobody by Selena Gomez 💘🎼

The Beatles Picture Palace ‏@Pepperland68

Promo photos of The Beatles taken on the 5th April 1963 at EMI House, London. 🎼🎵

أفلح الفرعي ‏@Aflah_farei

I will be so strong Looking for a new version of myself 'Cause now all I want is to be a part Of my new world 🎼🔝🔝🔝 #LaCasaDePapel4

CLAVE DE SOL ‏@rulexis49

@Retro_Series 🎼 !!COOMBATEE! 😄

#𝕄𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕒𝕄𝕒𝕟 👨🏼‍🌾 ‏@TheMatundaMan

I don’t like this dude but I 100% agree with him. Aduyi 🎼 akikuja 🎶 sisi tuko 🎵 tayari .... If the enemy comes,…

Back💜to💕Black👍hair🔥 ‏@2ndGenKpopfan

Hush little baby don't say a word🎼🎵🎶. So not ready😭

Beverley J Papworth ‏@bjpapworth

@thismorning @RuthieeL @EamonnHolmes love this mornings show, I sang along to you all when the street singalong was…

Mrs Dunsmore ‏@MrsLDee

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra will be bringing concerts to you every Friday evening. Last week’s (fabulous)…

Jabba ‏@Hutch3695

@AndyGU21 Wrong, I performed in the chorus in Tosca at Covent Garden in 1979 🎼🎶🎵😁

Mama H ‏@Hu49249834Mama

@simonjonespr @NicoleOfans @pussycatdolls @rankinphoto @HungerMagazine @thejordanrossi Beautifully done Ladies👏🏼👏🏼 Nicole 🎼🔥👌🏼

lovefmph977 ‏@lovefmph977

#HelloNigShow 📻 With 🎙️#McDouglas 🎤 #GlowingMama On The Wheels 🎼🎶 #Djtonye @TonyeDikuro1 #WeDeyPlay⏯️ sweet mary j…

🎮𝙻-𝙾𝙽𝙴-𝚇 | 𝚁𝚢𝚊𝚗 𝚂𝚌𝚘𝚝𝚜𝚘𝚗🎮 ‏@L_ONE_X

@Skindredmusic 🎼 #vinyl Realtalk, an amazing Album. If you ever want to get i to them, this album sums up their un…

Miss Bennett Reception Yellow ‏@MissBennett22

Julia Donaldson is our favourite author in Reception Yellow! Thank you for sharing this with us.🤩🙌🎼📖

I am titanium ‏@donmourinho

I wantu chop life for santorini 🎼🎺🎷🎤

Anna☄️💫 ‏@goses8

All I do is listen to music 🎸🎧🎼

berlin #OustDuterteNow ‏@amabsclnntlxx

if i stay with you, if i’m choosing wrong i don’t care at all if i’m losing now, but i’m winning late that’s all i want 🎼

The Capitol Horsham ‏@CapitolHorsham

EVERYBODY NOW! 🎼 "It was red and yellow and green and brown..." Will you be tuning in? #GoGoGoJoseph

♍NORMA❤GB🎹⫩💚LFC❤ ‏@Normsi2

@GaryBarlow So this is where all the magic happens WOW! 🎙🎧 🎹 🎼 🎛 Can't you just give us a teeny weeny clue about t…

รือ่เกงู. flb ‏@Reungku

5 song / 5 tags🎼🌈 1) still - jaff bernat 2) malibu night - lany 3) superhero - hayd 4) 92914 - Okinawa 5) Reforg…

BORI ‏@BoriJulius

Make we Dey vibe omoge make we Dey vibe 🎼, baby dance ,baby whine am down 😎

Joan Cahill ‏@JoanCahill007

@del_db @groovesvillewkd @YouTube @ACrossHammer @ricksaints76 @raminblack1 @kimbohellyeah @onlymetal33…

Kpoko FM 100.5 WARRI ‏@Kpoko1005FM

🎼#NP: New Day - @masterkraft_ #WaffiMaras w @LadyT_LadyT

Dean ‏@TraineeVicarMan

‘Woo Hoo nobody knows it!’🎼

The Hot Hundred ‏@TheHotHundred

I’m back with some more reviews! (Finally) 🎬🔥 First off it’s Lil Peep documentary EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING, a tragic…

sirbarrilaro ‏@sirbarrilaro

#Genesis #GenesisMusic 🎼THE KNIFE [Vinyl, 7", Single, Small center Hole] May 1971 #thefamouscharismalabel…

Alexa ‏@Alexa17101614

@HumbleIndian @DidiPraveen @vickiemoore07 @tadayokun @monicasloves @nancy_dills @ersu1880 @djtroops @RosaNegra_08…

Sue Lees ‏@sue_lees

This is so lovely 🎼🎻🎷🎺🎸🎶

RIBBY2 👩🏻🐾💀🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️😷🚨 ‏@_RIBBY2

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Official Video) via @YouTube 🎼

Citizen Amit Seal ‏@BuntyCeel

However here is the real reason 22nd March *SOUND Check*🎤🎼🔈📣 5th April *LIGHT Check*💡🔦🕯🪔 15th April *FULL DJ PAR…

LisaCherryBeaumont ‏@LisaBeaumont

Have you got the #smule app? I’m having an absolute freaking ball with it! #karaoke #duets of your #favouritesongs…

Kpoko FM 100.5 WARRI ‏@Kpoko1005FM

🎼#NP: A New Year - @pstkayceendu #WaffiMaras w @LadyT_LadyT

รือ่เกงู. flb ‏@Reungku

5 faves | 5 tags 🌈 color - skyblue , green ocean 🍩 food - สปาเก็ตตี้ของคุณยาย 🎼 songs - still : Jeff Bernat 💐 sce…

Klurig ‏@KlurigMusic

@DJRustyEgan @martina330 What a great song 🎼🎹😀

London Music Fund ‏@londonmusicfund

We love this idea from the brilliant @haveringmusic. It would be amazing if as many Londoners (from any borough) go…

Joan Cahill ‏@JoanCahill007

@OlgaNemcova1 @Jiyata @Aceofspades1975 @ricksaints76 @ACrossHammer @del_db @Britton65Sam @Jo_Lloyd8 @demNuts3…

Bira 91 ‏@bira91

We curated a collaborative #QuarantineAndChill playlist on @spotifyindia to make your weekend at home better!🎼 Fol…

Huish Episcopi Pri ‏@H_E_P_S

Wow, what brilliant team work. You’ve really worked hard at this. Mrs Reid 🎼🥁😀 #hepsathome

Super FM ‏@superfmUK

#live 🎵 #onlineradio @superfmUK #radio 🎧 #RnB #NowPlaying 💽 Raz Nitzan & Maria Nayler Echo Of My Soul (Denis Ke…

B Lavish ‏@abrohamlavish

U know what I came for that’s what’s the love seat was made for 🎼

COWIN ‏@cowinaudio

Music is in the limitation on the keys, create unlimited music.🎼 #Cowin #headphones #earbuds #music #song #life…

Liverpool Hope Creative & Performing Arts ‏@LivHopeCreative

Check out our newest Spotify playlist 👉 Full of throwback songs, make sure to follow the Li…

∆ STROBEGIRL ∆ ‏@strobegirlmusic

It’s such a great track - well done on such a great production I looooove it! 🎹🎼🎧🎤

RIBBY2 👩🏻🐾💀🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️😷🚨 ‏@_RIBBY2

Terence Trent D'Arby - Sign Your Name via @YouTube 🎼

Miss Collins ‏@MissCollins1234

Look what just arrived in Miss.Collins’ post... time to learn a new skill🎼 is anyone else learning a new skill or t…

LiverpoolRetroGamer ‏@JackRobertsLRG

Madness 🎼 #vinyl

Village Drunkard ‏@Oheneba_MP

@normantabi 🎭Money Heist spoiler🎭 : Nairobi died later. Only Tokyo survived, the whole movie was a story (Toky…

Mike Wyeld ‏@MikeWyeld

😷🎹🎼Safe distances for sound designers! D3 on the piano is about 146.83 Hz or 230 cm from peak to peak. 🙂 (Graphic b…

The Pigos Mum🐾 ‏@IAmSheJaszmineB

Vibe - Cookiee Kawaii 🎼🔥

Huish Episcopi Pri ‏@H_E_P_S

I love these! That looks great fun. Mrs Reid 🎼🎺

Diane Webb ‏@DianeWe51503645

@ronniewood @whynowworld Love his spirit you just want to get a time machine and hang out in the 60s.Looking forward to his interview🎼

Clare Wall ‏@clarewall

This 👇is ace 🎧🎹🎼🥁🎺🎸🎷 #lockdownuk #Manchester

SPLASHFM 105.5 ‏@SplashFM1055

#NowPlaying.. ▶️ ▶️ 📻 🎧 🎼 🎵 🎤 "RoboRebe" / @kingpbrg #ItsDaWeekenddd #MorningSplashXtraaa #TGIF W/ @RonkeGiwa1 X…

Hampton Geography ‏@HamptonGeog

We’ve found this one too! Another countries quiz to get us all thinking!... 1. 👙👙🤮 2. 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 3. 🐳🐳🐳 4. 🛎🏋‍♀ 5. 🥫🐍…

isoa gambel ‏@IsoaG

@RoverDov123 @CodieWestwood @JSimoncavage @RockinWOAPRadio @wav_Dr @ChristiWalling @markwinder8 @lagaviota521…

SPLASHFM 105.5 ‏@SplashFM1055

#NowPlaying.. ▶️ ▶️ 📻 🎧 🎼 🎵 🎤 "Gang" / @kingenamelofmce #ItsDaWeekenddd #MorningSplashXtraaa #TGIF W/ @RonkeGiwa1…

Olanipekun Awe ‏@pekunawe

@temiokomi Bros me, no go dey do pass yourself 🎼🎵

Dachye' A. Stubbs 🤍 ‏@dachyee

lord, deliver me cause all i seem is do is hurt me. 😫🎼

Liberton HS Music ‏@LHSMusic3

Looking forward to when we get back to school to put this new poster up! #timewellspent 🎼

Mozarella Cinderella ‏@favouredbi

Welcoming myself to another genre of Christian music. 🎼


Nice to lesan this 🎼song🎼🎵🎶

Audre ‏@audre01095791

@yemialadee My love 🥰🎼🎼🎼

Chittukuruvi🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 ‏@chittukuruvi4

Now listening to R D Burman songs on Amazon Prime!!🎼🎹🎵🧑‍🎤🎸🎷

Joan Cahill ‏@JoanCahill007

@del_db @groovesvillewkd @YouTube @ACrossHammer @ricksaints76 @raminblack1 @kimbohellyeah @onlymetal33…

a.z.b.a ‏@azba95

🎵🎙️🎼🎙️🎶I don't know why i got sooo attached, it's my responsibility, you don't owe nothing to me, but to walk away…

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