Musical Score Emoji

A staff (or stave) showing a treble clef and five horizontal lines.

Musical Score was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎼 Sheet Music

🎼 Treble Clef


🎼 U+1F3BC




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The Symphonials ‏@symphonials

Please join The Voyage of Hope🎶 🎵 🎼 Check poster for more details.…

wordpip ‏@wordpip

Roughly one in ten people are naturally #lefthanded. Being left handed can provide many advantages; for example sta…

Roya ‏@Royalty_333

Hello sweet grief, I know you’ll be the death of me 🎼

Star ⭐️ ‏@Marielincoln10

@wombatwalking 🎼Its a small small world 🎼 😹

Mojalefa_Seane ‏@Mojalefa_Seane

@DjMphoza Your mixes my guy 💪🎼🎶🕺

Ramon Agusta, Esq. OBE ‏@ramonagusta

"Ohhh Jeremy Coorrrbyynn". 🎼 Third place behind the Lib Dem loons... wow.

Rell ‏@thejgchild

Skooly so cold 🎼

RedbonePrincess1 ‏@RedbonePrinces1

💖Listening to @TreySongz - Shootin Shots (feat. @tydollasign & @torylanez)🎶🎵🎼 off of 11.28 project[Official ...…

Feathering Your Nest ‏@featheringyour

The leaves of brown came tumbling down Remember, in September, in the rain The sun went out just like a dying ember…

•isabar• ‏@IsaRebourg

@keaneofficial Can’t wait !!!!🎼🎼🎼🎼

RedbonePrincess1 ‏@RedbonePrinces1

Listening to @TreySongz - Attitude [Official Audio] off of 11.28 project 💖🎵🎶🎼 via @YouTube

Suze Latu CMSW🌺🌴 ‏@Luv_Da_USA

@QuancyClayborne @Eathbound420 Emmylou Harris (pretty much the soundtrack of my life)🎤🎼🎸🎫

LasuRadio95.7fm ‏@LasuFM

#ThrillsThursday on #MorningRuns w @itzmiraofor🎙X @Moyosoreoluwae🎙 NP▶️🎼Cold @maroon5 x @1future #LasuFM957

dumisani ‏@zenkaikai

Love is better the 2nd time around,let's groove❤️🎼❤️

bobby led☦️ ‏@bobby_led

#Rocknrollhallfame Who would you put in for 2020 Rock n roll Hall Fame🎼☦️

Leicester Alumni ‏@LeicesterAlumni

Did you know we now have our very own UoL anthem? We caught up with the talented quartet behind it - here’s their…

𝕲𝖆𝖎𝖆 🌍 ‏@Gaia100000

Trust me Darling... Look me in the eye tell me what you see 🎼🎼🎼but I’m a bad liar ...

Raj Kular ‏@RajKular91

@1henryw Her singing was fantastic, made me sing along at parts, best thing about this movie 👌🎼

Juice ‏@DaPr0o

🎹🎶🎼 Throw 🔙

jfb ᴬᴬɢᴀzᴇɴ ᴘsᶜᴇᴍsˢᴺ ‏@namjxs

cr.beyond27spaces 190915 찬열 // EXplOration in SG 🎼UNFAIR: 🤗👦🏻⏯🧑🏼😎 From playful to handsome real quick! #찬열…

Directors of Education ‏@ATLP_DoE

@BPS_B23 @the_atlp Hope there is lots of noise and exploration and discussion together 🎼

علاء الدين ‏@AlaaEldinFM

Lights will guide you home 🎼🎵🎶

O_F_O ♛♥️ 🌟 ‏@oudaalouda1

One kiss is all it taker Falliin'in love with me 🎼♥️

TrendingWWWandW ...............Luxury Travel Guide ‏@trendingwwwandw

🇳🇱 🇳🇱 💍💎💍 #RoyalCosterDiamonds #Amsterdam #Netherlands Story and Video on Twitter on Friday September 20, 2019 💎💍…

Hare Bandhu Dasa. ‏@habadailje456

@PaoUniversal @universal881 Queen 👑🎼🇬🇧!.

Rajkumar Daahima ‏@drs_india

💙 FARM VILLAGE (POND) 🌈 🎤🎼🎹🎶 🕰 19 SEP 2019, 2015 GST ❤

《☞ Pardon? ☜》☕ ‏@Splottdad

@Tim_Roache @GMBWSW Tim ... perhaps we need to rewrite the lyrics to The Proclaimers song "500 miles" & get you to…

Hare Bandhu Dasa. ‏@habadailje456

@PaoUniversal @KISSOnline @genesimmons @universal881 Kiss 💋🎼🇺🇸!.

R2 92.9FM ‏@R2929FM

#R2BreakfastShow #ThursdayTunez With: @Layemifearless NP 🎼Somebody To Love🎼: By @OneRepublic

womeninmusic ‏@womeninmusic

You are the music 🎼 - you create - let your instrument sing loud and proud with the #talents the universe gave you…

кαвιℓαη ‏@itskabi

All the best to #Naadodigal2 team. Audio from today🎼🥰 @MadrasEnterpriz @SasikumarDir @thondankani @justin_tunes…

RedbonePrincess1 ‏@RedbonePrinces1

@TreySongz - Who Let U Down [Official Audio] from 11.28 double album is like a great book can't get enough of that.…

Dankyy Buddz ‏@SpAzZDBuDdZ

Back in California let's make some fuckin music! 🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

On the Level ‏@WidowsSon7 Approaching coffee time with my much better half during which time I’m severely restricted…

Rodd Evans ‏@MrWinnerr

I run the racks up with my queen like London and Nip 🎼🌴

nur shamiera zahid ‏@shammyzzz

I Couldn't Be More In Love 🎼 #The1975 #The1975LiveinSingapore #The1975LiveinSG #The1975AsiaTour…

Johnson PRO ‏@johnsoncinepro

All the best to #Naadodigal2 team. Audio from today🎼🥰 @MadrasEnterpriz @SasikumarDir @thondankani @justin_tunes…

Engelszicke ‏@74wonnie

🎼 To my peoples, if you hear me, where you at, throw your dubs in the air And wave 'em like you just don't care Fro…

RAF Music ‏@RAFMusic

Yesterday saw the start of the 2019 Continuing Professional Development programme, whereby we develop our musicians…

Anne Clark Official ‏@AnneClarkTweet

Turn up the volume! 🎼 Turn up the heat! 🔥

On the Level ‏@WidowsSon7 Approaching coffee time with my much better half during which time I’m severely restricted…

RedbonePrincess1 ‏@RedbonePrinces1

@TreySongz - Reflection [Official Audio] 11.28 💖 double album is straight 🔥🎼🎶🎵😎 via @YouTube

R2 92.9FM ‏@R2929FM

#R2BreakfastShow #ThursdayTunez With: @Layemifearless NP 🎼Stand By You🎼: By @iamsokidlee Cc: @1walebakare

San Bruno Parents Club ‏@SanBrunoParents

Join us for this week's free concert at the Rotary Pavilion, San Bruno City Park - this Friday! RSVP on Tinyhood.…

thirdeye Prakaash ‏@Prakaash3rdeye

#Naadodigal2 musical from today🎼🥰 @MadrasEnterpriz @SasikumarDir @thondankani @justin_tunes @AthulyaOfficial…

The Cruel Horizon ‏@CruelHorizon

@RadioTfsc Thanks a million for playing The Cruel Horizon with my new song Angerville on your radio 🎧🎵🎼🎶💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯…

R2 92.9FM ‏@R2929FM

#R2BreakfastShow #ThursdayTunez With: @Layemifearless NP 🎼Trobul🎼: By @beatsbysarz & @thisisWurlD

Sony Music South ‏@SonyMusicSouth

#Naadodigal2 musical from tomorrow!🎼🥰 Check out the melodious #AdhuvaAdhuva now ➡️…

LasuRadio95.7fm ‏@LasuFM

#ThrillsThursday on #MorningRuns w @itzmiraofor🎙X @Moyosoreoluwae🎙 NP▶️🎼Live Your Life @Tip x @rihanna #LasuFM957

Lorraine gray ‏@Lorrainefmdg

@Alexa17101614 @ESwedman @maype7 @morikon95140 @MalikaAkram14 @SAgelkaras @YYYUUUOOOS @annakolovou @mlluisar…

Kitten on the Keys ‏@kittenonthekeys

9/17/19 Two more nights of solo piano , vocals, and accordion! Starts at 6:30 @lausanne_palace @kittenonthekeys Sa…

On the Level ‏@WidowsSon7 Approaching coffee time with my much better half during which time I’m severely restricted…

Sayangnoni25 ‏@sayangnoni25

Come hangout with me > saweer 🎼santai sja ku on #BIGOLIVE

H.CrabApple-Cat.M. ‏@HCA_CatM

🎶 ー Latest Information ー Solo Guitar / Sheet Music  🎸🎼 '19.7 ~ New arrivals !! 😘🎶 J.S.Bach 🎹 ・15 Invension 15  B…

LasuRadio95.7fm ‏@LasuFM

#ThrillsThursday on #MorningRuns w @itzmiraofor🎙X @Moyosoreoluwae🎙 NP▶️🎼Doyin @mreazi x @SympLySimi #LasuFM957

Chocolate Butterfly ‏@Butterfly_Wraps

Congratulations!!!🎉Rihanna Is Now The Wealthiest Female Musician Alive!!!!😘 RIRI said....Work. Work. Work. Work. W…

Steve Runquist ‏@SteveRunquist1

@PurrtyMetal The Heels are alive....with the sound 🎶😰🎼of music!!🚨✌

Unni Vingen ‏@UVingen

Might be the intense kind of birthdaysongs when @nathstutzmann KSO and @siobhanstagg perform in @KildenKrs tonight…

birgit battmer-holz ‏@BBattmer

@EisenBremen When I was younger so much younger than today,I never needed anybody’s help in any way. But now these…

Joey Za🍕 ‏@joeyzazatweets

@Profgampo 🎼 Sex and drugs.......

Christian ‏@bigcpomales

It wouldn't be a party without you #BIGOLIVE > 🎼🎭😎💪🏼🏆.

• D ‏@olusergio

By You - Simi, Adekunle Gold 🎶 Chuneee 🎼

HiFLNigeria ⚽️ ‏@HiFLNigeria

@ElectraGrey1 @FCBfemeni @LISinternationl @BraveheartsFC Sure thing! Also, we can’t wait to see you work work work…

EKO 89.7 FM ‏@Eko_897FM

📻#NowOn #Ltmshow w/ @funmifly & @omidireolabisi // @ajikawo101 🔛 🚀 #Jaming ✈🎧 Pray for Me - @RealJuniorboy 🎼💥💯

David J Nann ‏@DavidJNann

(👁️._!_. 👁️) ✍️🎵🎼🌷 .. or we could just chill-out and relax in..... "The Garden of Sharona" @DavidJNann Music in…

⛔(☀️प🌻र🌊म🐋भि🌿खा🐎री🔥🦅) ‏@param_shukla89 🎵🌫️🎼🌫️🎼🌫️🎵🌫️🎧 beautiful

LasuRadio95.7fm ‏@LasuFM

#ThrillsThursday on #MorningRuns w @itzmiraofor🎙X @Moyosoreoluwae🎙 NP▶️🎼Surulere @iprymeofficial #LasuFM957

On the Level ‏@WidowsSon7 Approaching coffee time with my much better half during which time I’m severely restricted…

LamaAbdulwasea ‏@abdulwasea_lama

Impossible - James Arthur 🎼🔊

Wicca Nolasco ‏@wicCa_n

🎼Last Light, Zero 7 🎶🎧

Pritchard Windsurf ‏@PritchardWind

Wind Wing, yay or nay? Who wants to try it? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ #Repost jacepanebianco The future of sports will have the…

EKO 89.7 FM ‏@Eko_897FM

📻#NowOn #Ltmshow w/ @funmifly & @omidireolabisi // @ajikawo101 🔛 🚀 #Jaming ✈🎧 Break The Devil's Heart - @DAN_is_a_STAN @KingDavidSOTM 🎼💥💯

𝓱 ‏@971HSD

classical music 🎼 + your Breath ♥️ + my cup of coffee ☕️ ______________________ Best Brain exercises ever!

mike.dalessio ‏@mike_micspeedo1

Listen to Kens Beatles Revolution podcasts. Try one once, and you’ll be hooked.Filled with so much behind the scen…

Eddie Davie ‏@davie_edmund

@vikychercago @ElektraMarta @gigpapachaji @margane1 @MikaLovesCher @Cjones554 @deb12857 @Kfish66621 @10peeps3…

Vote MX for AAA 😭🥰 ‏@KittyKat_0514

@Koreaboo “Already a guaranteed bop” - ILY Koreaboo! ❤️ Sounds like the perfect end of summer bop ❤️🎼 #MONSTA_X…

Sivateja Sharma ‏@SivatejaSharma

I am able to hear BMK voice in Ur play. Very good sir. Let's music flows.. 🎼🎶

On the Level ‏@WidowsSon7 Approaching coffee time with my much better half during which time I’m severely restricted…

M Ghazi Abbas ‏@M_Ghazi_Abbas

Amazing eagle 🦅 flight ❤️❤️🦅❤️ And lovely Soundtrack 🎶🎙🎼🎙🎶

September born ‏@jayvee_bird

@DigitalReliable I'm a pirate...Pirate of the Caribbean🎼

Re7ab ‏@ra7o0ob22

I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think about it every night and day Spread my wings and fly away🎼

The Doghouse Bruges ‏@Doghouse_Bruges

Happy Birthday to Me 🎼🎶🎵 Started with a damn fine coffee, then made a full Belgian breakfast for our Brit guests 😋…

عَّ ‏@Ayshaltmemy

Sway with me😻🎼

Super FM ‏@superfmUK

#live 🎵 #onlineradio @superfmUK #radio 🎧 #RnB #NowPlaying 💽 M.A.N. She Brings The Sun (Original Mix) #music…

shoosh ‏@shoosh_2122

If this love only exists in my dreams Don't wake me up Too much light in this window, Don't wake me up, Only coffee…

Prοud fοr my Fatherland~The Μiracle of Universe💎 ‏@p_panagiotakis

@baloch_biya @blackholesm @UroojMa14990208 @Haleema_Sadiaaa @quran_onlin @IqraOnlineQura2 @786Malik_ @fsindhu381…

Mbeswa Ngubane ⚫️💀 ‏@Mbe_swa

Finally... 😭😭😭😭🎙🎼🎧🎤 !! This song guys. WOW !

call me SOFT ‏@khay_OLUWA

@steveola97 @Ohloowatoscene You are always on my mind 🎼

jack Lord oatkon ‏@Bookhimdannom1

@ImlachHair Gary is whistling SKY/INEOS theme specially favoured by Chris Froome - 🎼 🎶 Gett…

Sieben Verlag ‏@SiebenVerlag

SING MY LOVESONG🎤🎼💖von Charlotte Tendon. Neu ab 2.10. #vorbestellen #ebook #buchcollage…

Magic FM Aba ‏@magicFMAba

OnAir📣🎼Play▶️ing:- "SOCO" @wizkidayo x @starboyterri with @iykedgee1 #MagicMorningDrive 😜 #DriveGang💯🤪 cc:…

امنه خان (a.k.a. jay) ☪️/🏳️‍🌈/⚧ ‏@jaythenerdkid

🎼 i'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

🌹Jo ‏@JoLeeMck1

YAY!!! Happy Dance Time!!!💃💚🇮🇪🍀🙌🏻 🎉😃🎹🎸🥁🎧🎤🎼

Learn how to DJ in Peckham or Dalston ‏@InspiringDJs

@SineadHarnett So what time are they releasing the album? Come on @amazonmusic @GooglePlayMusic we need this #Lesson album Mayne 🎧🎧🎼🎼🎼🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

Official Jon E Cash ‏@Jonecashmuzic

Studio vibes. U k g heavybass #ukgarage #duttybassline #chipiedj #usgarage #urbanmusic #riddim #beatsfordjs #dj…

LasuRadio95.7fm ‏@LasuFM

#ThrillsThursday on #MorningRuns w @itzmiraofor🎙X @Moyosoreoluwae🎙 NP▶️🎼Big Daddy @ketchuponyido #LasuFM957

Linda Bowman ‏@bowman_0Linda

Got my bubbles and some chips and now I’m waiting to warble happily at Auckland’s first Pub Sing! 🥂🎼

شهد فهد ‏@X_cii7

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive 🎼

Maran ‏@Maran92930799

#LITmosphere😘🎼🎶❤💯...The stage is all set 2 hit the goal⚽💪❤💯.. @Atlee_dir ✍❤😘... @archanakalpathi❤[email protected] 🎼❤..

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