Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


Tweets For 🤢

𝒮𝒽𝒶𝓀𝒾𝓇𝒶 🤍 ‏@Borntempting

@dee2trvll She wearing dirty panties over again 🤢

Harvey_roze 🥀 ‏@officialHarvey

She look so gross 🤢

Nicola Martin ‏@Nicolamartin198

@lianne_mei_li I actually dont know if they are joking, that's the worrying thing 🤢

ti ‏@tiarrathompson_

imagine your taste in guys being ones who have girlfriends 🤢

InElonWeTrust ‏@Inelonwetrust__

@FibElliot123 @TeslaTested Never tried war zone. Is it free and similar? Gotta be 3rd person or I get 🤢

Audrey Presnell ‏@audgpresnell

I’m literally queasy looking at him 🤢

Scotty Adams ‏@ScottyA91

@jlafave8 @Lyncher_20 @Ryan_C_Clark I’d rather drink the fryer grease from culvers than ever eat at HK again 🤢

Chris Hyrons 🐻 ‏@chris_hyrons

@paulyoungman20 Eat one slice and the amount of BBQ sauce was sickening 🤢 @Dominos_UK

glorphus526 ‏@glorphus526

@woIvern Upside: no more Gwyneth Paltrow 🤢

Chloé Colin ‏@CColinmgmt

@FedExEurope You are cynical. Never getting back to your customers and showing off. 🤢

bells ‏@jortsftw

@bshellx ew i’m angry what causes someone to be so weird. there’s more in the replies. big ! yikes 🤢

Brittany ‏@bwhitesell10

Today I ate a cheese pizza lunchable for the first time in years and boy do I just have to say I can’t believe they…

D ‏@luckylefty388

Rerack with 5 cups? 🤢

A A R O N ‏@logikUK

COD is going to take over my whole fucking PS4 storage space at this rate. They might as well make their own console for their games 🤢

karina ‏@_kkvri

y’all drink pepsi products? 🤢

Tiara ‏@LovableBrian

I found a really old diary of mine and all I can say is cringe 🤢😂

GHXST17 ‏@pdwag4

@NelioGad For real don’t 🤢

Late lateef ‏@actualmein

@manaaaahil I'd puke 🤢

Thea ‏@nxck_deep

When’s @Dominos_UK send you wings instead of kickers 🤢😢

nalili ‏@sf9kingz

comi mt doce 🤢

anna !! ‏@SUPERS0NICZ

the scene w the lamps 🤢

jo ‏@bhuwakul

we ain’t going back to eclipse era outfits 🤢

Oso need Merengue ‏@_Banchou

I love god and immortal sort of stories but i hate the ones where some all powerful raises this baby and eventually…

yogurt parfaits ‏@HeartseekerNami

And in that pic, he asked her to shave her legs as soon as he woke up cus her legs bothered him during sex like fam... look at yourself 🤢

j-neida⁷ ‏@jungh0sk

Why I ever let a boy dressed like this 🤢 dat- 🤢🤢 date me 🤢🤢🤢 i was really on crack

sami ‏@samisamk23

@ntmychalamet Liam 🤢

Hailee Leigh-Anne ‏@LeannnHai

This quarantine 15 is for real, why do I gotta be a stress eater 😭🤢

dee⁷ ‏@ddeengg

suddenly, i cant read 🤢

Katrina ‏@Kat93rina

@WumbasWigwam They were last year... Sliders and socks 🤢

daniela ‏@scalpedcabello

y’all want him? 🤢

lulu’s daughter ‏@mslunaafter6

@Flowerchild_720 Anybody that I could take the personality I’ve had something about them (anything) that I could fi…

Jacquelyn✨ ‏@Rapunzellifee

Doing this made me realize there are still jonsa shippers imma throw up.🤢 The only incest we accept in GoT is Jon…

Mari Herrera ‏@mariheerrera

emotionally exhausted y con mil deberes 🤢

lil gamestop booty ‏@superbitch301

@nicoterriamon i mean.... i dont think im missing out 🤢

jordan ‏@DennisJordan99

🌟A scrub is a guy🌟 💕who thinks he’s 𝒻𝓁𝓎💕 🌸and is also known as a🌸 🤢𝕭 𝖚 𝖘 𝖙 𝖆🤢

Lina ♡s Sarah ‏@CheeringChuu

@Ioveleyz I mean I wouldn't buy it but chocolate is worse 🤢✌

Desi ‏@Desired_uno

Hour and half left I got this 🤢

black is back😌 ‏@steeljuice_

Straight double downs from one leg are UGLY. NO ONE CAN MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD. I like kick doubles and reverse double…

Phila ‏@phila_sthole

@Zamma_Khumalo 🤢 this isn't it nah

Wank3k ‏@LeviIght

I hate how white girls use my black brothers as fetishes... Literally disgusting 🤢

lena⁷ ‏@llyxena

@remarkablejjk the fruit strawberry is nice, but strawberry flavoured items are disgusting to bye luv 🤢

Big Dave ‏@bigdaviewatp

That’s really a polar bear in the corner 🤢

alexandra ︽✵︽ ‏@freakyarreaga

I do not like Haley and Elijah together 🤢

zhane carter ‏@zhaaaaa94

@JunOfficially Aye mayne , can’t contain it mayne . 🤢

𝕊. ‏@slymeii

I cut a good inch and a half of my hair off and all of it was just dead ends 🤢 I need to start trimming them so this doesn’t happen again

𝘫𝘦𝘴𝘭𝘺𝘯 ⁷ ‏@parkjiminstrash

@nyoomho YES YES YES it tastes like cardboard 🤢

Radwaa ‏@poutydobrik

@ydontwedobrik PEOPLE HYPED IT UP? I’m disgusted 🤢

Cielo is Blue (๑╹ᆺ╹) 🤦🏻‍♀️ ‏@cieloisblue2

Good lord, it's still on? By the way, Pink looks awful on him, that tie is a travesty. Pepto pink and Orange Twist. 🤢

I’m TM 06 ‏@_datblackboy

@jazzyfizzle____ You could have it all! 🤢

snake man ‏@backforanother1

Just spent 400$ in this economy 🤢

Mathorchée ‏@mathilde_rmns

@ToujoursAll Regis 🤢

kudrat ‏@slytherinned

I wish that jammu protest against momos resulted in a blanket ban cause that shit nasty 🤢

Whitley Gilbert 🌹 ‏@niyapapayaaaa

@DjWickedNC I was like 🤢 the entire time in Walmart

Sydney Hilts ‏@Sorryimsyddawg

unpopular opinion: lerchs donuts are disgusting 🤢

Kk ‏@_kyliiaa

@dhawkns Imagine touching Beef’s floor 🤢

madiʸᵃᵍ 🦋 yunho's hand holder ‏@nyoomho

@parkjiminstrash chocolate ice cream is just totally disgusting tbh like i try my hardest to stay away from it 🤢

Rose Ferranti ‏@FerrantiRose

@thehill He looks awfully puffy and swollen today. 🤢

AllMyKids ‏@All_My_Kids

@GovMurphy Why are supermarkets still allowing customers to bring reusable bags?! It's a disgusting practice normal…

JNicole ‏@_SheCUTEE

Sams club know they hire ANYBODY 😒🤢

penny proud ✨ ‏@PrettyBrown_MB

I swear since my birthday everytime I see tequila I feel sick 🤢

ᴄʜɪᴏ... 📸 ‏@makuzzo

Same feeling... 🤢

Tara ‏@Tara_Homsey

@ChristIsComing4 Ah! Thank you Sean! Although I was grossed out after I read it again. 😅🤢 I want to wish you a Happ…

Riq🌴🐊🔥 ‏@MiamiRiq

@notavatarcmoney Some taste like medicine 🤢

Kayci K Smith ‏@kayciKsmith

So some thoughts: These people are crazy 🤒 He totally burned down his own studio 😐 “Walmart Meat” Pizzeria 🤢 Sardine Oil 😳

jaZmin ‏@jazminsymone

Both are trash 🤢

Carroll ❉ ‏@carrollsanchex3

@T_Water20 🤢 Dont waste your money like that, make the trip to Flip n

daving gene ‏@davedrpg

@babygia__ they call it 😤 i get sick just thinking about it 🤢 naughts and crosses 🤮

RachelChristine🤍 ‏@lilmissharrah

@_mari_juana__ That’s so sweet. Just be careful! You don’t know WHOS been around infected 🤢

솝 ⁷ ‏@hoyasdimple

chocolate obviously 🤢

brabina ‏@netakvpohode

@hhxq0 no to taky netusim 🤢

해찬⁰² ‏@casuallyexo

@cherryneos @hyucksaur @nctylights they just threw him under the bus and is now using him as their @ ??? 🤢

Jҽɳɳყ ‏@scouselicious

@FowldsSimon I like prawns but seeing them with the head on knocks me sick 🤢

mads ‏@madison_holroyd

@CallMeTiz76 imagine having this type of mindset 🤢

kim southerington ‏@kimsouth03

Just dropped my bourbon biscuit on the floor and it broke into bits. 5 second rule in mind, i picked up the bits an…

𝗅𝗎𝖼𝗂𝖺. #𝖬𝖨𝖣𝖭𝖨𝖦𝖧𝖳 ‏@wallsontour

god i actually was in that fanclub for 5 months. how could i stand that long if they just spent time sh*tting on my favs? 🤢

Zachariah Mohammed ‏@zachariahmoham

Can you believe I would have been a Disney gay if I had stayed with my ex girlfriend? 🤢

Mistress Kitty K♕ ‏@KinksKittys

@ImTheRedQueenDS I honestly adore and love You💕💕 Absolutely!!! 👏🏻👏🏻!!! Bodies change for various reasons, and body…

_Es ‏@essyru

Only when it’s hot, when it gets cold 🤢

alexis ‏@cxlexiii

@moe_neighh @yuktajunagade @kittyiizzy Ew you would beg bitch 🤢

DIZZY312 ‏@stevo111888

@Champgne_Justin Im not a scientist but I’m pretty sure coffee isn’t the problem, it’s the creamer and sweetener...…

•qabriel• ‏@Dhostakis

@_jocelynnb1017 Oh hell nahh 🤢 I got the red cap . 🥴

🌊 ‏@4000yay

Watchin clowns fake on 295 in passats and golfs lol 🤢💀

🥱 ‏@thediscreetg

ion kno how yall be liking trannies 🤢 but do you my guy

jorgie:) ‏@Jorqie_

I left my airpods at home and now I’m using cables earphones 🤢

ave ‏@sicmvndus

The amount of people who are actually into armpit makes me super uncomfortable 🤢

Huvah! ‏@clemmzzz

@kofi_jn But I dey like Messi o. Just say he dey play Barcelona 🤢

𝒥𝑜𝑒𝓎⁴⁴¹⁹ || 📌 SSD || EBG ‏@cbbychannie

@NIGHTRACHA @galaxycb97 hes so creepy 🤢

Katherine Ni Ahern ‏@KatherineNiAher

@deirdre_od2012 I knew you’d appreciate! I will admit I’d let a man at it any day of the week instead of me 😂😂🤢

Jessica Hamilton ‏@_JessNHamilton

I don’t know what death smells like but I would imagine it would be pretty close to rotten potatoes 🤢

real shy girl shit. ‏@_kolormered

i appreciate how okay my mom is w me being so picky. i asked for her last thigh and when i got it, there was a feat…

Nerissa ‏@mood4melody

@VanessaNguyen28 Baldy looks straight up like a vampire 🤢

jam ‏@jvmeseth

this dude is saying the exact same manipulative bullshit that this guy from this other webtoon said 🤢😡 no wonder i…

❀ *˚zainab⁷ ♡ joon˚* ❀ ‏@yanansworld

@brightertaes i’ve been done with me since birth literally the idea of cooking is so 🤢 to me yesterday we played un…

Anne Rodeman ‏@RodemAnne

@autoblography Yes! Wintry fuckin mix 🤢

Ale ♓️ ‏@ardnajelaXO

@juIissaxo I ain’t apart of that side of xo 🤢

Sharon Clark ‏@SharonC19471948


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