Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


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spinelli🔮🔜 ✨DECADENCE✨ ‏@sugaaacakes007

@every1hatesliv Like she thinks we’re friends because I’m close with one of her friends haha no 🤢

Sam Whyte ‏@SamWhyte

@kankurette I have Lidl rice in my cupboard 🤢

𝑳𝒆𝒓𝒌𝒆𝒊𝒔𝒉𝒂 𝑹𝒆𝒏𝒆𝒆’ ‏@lerkeisha_renee

Imagine being a grown man..wanting to be like another grown man 🤢

Liza ♏️🐱🌹♿️♠️ ‏@catLady1111_

@spadersexual He & his bunch are so narcissistic they think the entire universe adores them. 🤢

fab adri. 🍩 ‏@xofabadri

@G_Kay19 OH HELL NAH! One time they didn’t give me gravy I was pissed the hell off like wtf am I suppose to use now? I don’t eat ketchup 🤢


U sure u wana deal w all them infected ones too?🤢

Bailey Anne ‏@itsbaileyanne

So. Many. Dirty. Dishes. 🤢 I don't understand how we use so many on the weekend!

kait ‏@nckmra

this kid just FARTED next to my head 🤢

Rapid Thoughts ‏@mindscattered

Me:🤢 Her:🤮 I take this as anxiety lol

Aisha 🖤 ‏@inXANDAitrust

@carleeeeezy Now that’s one thing that doesn’t come with a restart button 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s not it at all 😱🤢

that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick ‏@Moo_Fah_Sah_

i can't believe this nigga convinced me to eat churches chicken 🤢

Martin W ‏@dmartw

Mice in rice and bugs in butties. Makes you want to stop eating 🤢

jaime ‏@J_Peraino

why do the CREEPIEST guys always say “you need to smile more” ... ? 🤢

tay 🏅 ‏@loltaaylor

the fact that men use those 3 in 1 shower products is truly disgusting. are yall THAT lazy about hygiene? 🤢

Chaynoa🖤🥀 ‏@chaynoaskeye

My brother took a shit and omg it smelt up the whole house 🤢 he’s a stinky little fucker

#LeviStrong 🎗 ‏@SoBihh_ImPretty

Im about to gag 🤢

Rhys Evans ‏@RhysEvans5

Burpees will be the death of me 🤢 #WOD @CrossFit

#Kates™ aka #QueenOfPies ‏@katiepeal

Well this is rank 🤢 I use microwave rice all the time but I add it to garlic mushrooms in a pan first and have ne…

⚓️ ‏@__Njeri

@asmaaiman 😭😂🤢 this is a sick world

Darren ‏@SouthWestAFC

Mkhitaryan is stinking the place out. 💩🤢

STEVE. k ‏@westonstevie

@Imperfect77 She’s about my age but she scares me too 🤣 🤢

Ramshah | M O N O ‏@nsyt3J

@lukewaltham @BTS_twt South African Armys go buys Mono it’s on #3 there 🤢

everythingoes enthusiast 💙 ‏@NAMJ00NSWIFE

@illegalshantae It’s speaks for itself but just say it so I can confirm 👀🤢

Bert ‏@HeBe_Proper

Ladies ,get you a man that plays Xbox not that PlayStation crap 🤢

Ruth Thompson ‏@_Kawaii_jpg

I tried Finnish salted liquorice today and I made this EXACT face 😆 I thought it would be like salted caramel NOT,…

Vicki Rhodes ‏@vrerhodes

@griffski Scan Bran ... Anyone who's ever done Slimming World will know the horror of sampling a Scan Bran cake! Li…

Eric Armstrong ‏@Eric_Armstrong4

@BloggingTheBoys I expect this to go as well as the Galloway and Williams’ trades. 🤢

‏ً spooky tine MONO IS COMING ‏@veIvetsjin

them : Thx America. I mean it. 🤢 us : bye !!! Paris 💓👋🌟

Angela ‏@gutter2girl__

Procedure is over home resting. Still can't take my Mobic or Savella for 14 more days. Gonna be a rough 2 more weeks. 💊🤢☹️

Chløe Mac ‏@ZooStation89

The asshole President is disgracing Houston with his presence today 🤢

BRE DUNNOM ‏@princessebree

My windows are down and someone drove past me smoking a cigarette 2 mins ago and I still smell it wtf 🤢

🎃 Kezza 🎃 ‏@Kerry_Renshaw

@AilsaFranklin Same 🤢

Cherie Klenieski ‏@mycherieamour25

Had a really bad feeling about getting my hair done today. And not only because the whole having to be in front of…

DeniseMichelleD ‏@last_person_on_

@RawStory @morgfair Typical low intelligence republican 🤢

ND FB, 1887–1996 ‏@skirtsnhose

@ScorchedEarthhh 🤢 and also 🍆 on 🔥. No way.

Gabe ‏@gabeculver_15

Even though cooper was the most consistent receiver it still saddens me to see him go to the COWBOYS 🤢. At least we got a 1st rounder tho

Juan SizeFitzAll ‏@BlvckJvk

@CharmedImSure_ Why don’t live yourself ? 🤢

JT ‏@jtroach4

Rondo spit in that mans face tho 🤢

Clemonce DuVall ‏@cleoworks1

@CurlyGurldt @Education4Libs @freedomloverjt ...she's daddy's girl for sure!🤢


@_AaronJLewis Can tweet but can’t Sc mates back you have changed and I don’t like it 🤢

Michael 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@MichaelM238

Imagine the worst thing you can think of. Well, this is 10 times worse. 🤢🚮

jäyyy ‏@kissable_jayy

Niggas who sag and draws saggy <<<<< 🤢

scorpion queen ‏@livvmas

Why you in the bathroom eating it tho 🤢

Jim Dower ‏@dower_jim

@RealMuckmaker You really want to know?🤢

Sam The Kid ‏@makeyouchuckle

We used to have 5 midfielders who take the ball in tight in areas and be comfortable, now I think we only have one 🤢

Kassidy ‏@KassidyKarram

I really don’t know why I still continue to drink coffee....🤢

Jeri-Lynne💋 ‏@Jeri_Lynne98

Um @HomeSenseCanada please tell me why i found a LARGE and very much LIVE bug in my wrapped up dish? 😭🤢

Jackie Gill ‏@Shackieeee

When you’re always committed to being at school but you feel sick 😷🤢

Morgan Jones 🌻🌻 ‏@_MorgyJ

For real all I’ve been able to eat is crackers and Gatorade. 🆘 🤢

Judith Wiseman ‏@JudithW59

@bbceastenders All very icky 🤢 #EastEnders

Josey ‏@KJosey_C

@alexiaryanna Some people just let their friends look like a literal twat out here 🤢

alannamcdougall ‏@alannamcdougall

forever cursing people who don’t wear deodorant to the gym. ya nasty 🤢

〽️r. Ⓜ️undungus ⚜️💳🔌 ‏@_BigMike133

I feel sick like nauseated 🤢 but I’m still up and running ain’t that something

Caroline Maria ‏@coralinexmaria

@B_H_Heidkamp @Lulu_Helle @DanaSchwartzzz Pretty sure that was the Anne Frank costume that got everyone up in arms last year. 🤢

bruja 👁🔮✨🕯 ‏@psychedelicdomo

omg , Nations 🤢 !

s✨ ‏@sajxo

and beef 🤢

j ‏@JaredSolero

@KyleFulmer First rounder ?🤢

imperfect77 ‏@Imperfect77

@westonstevie She's horrendous, her hair, makeup & clothes just make me cringe 😃🤢

Jamie Denison ‏@JaMiEDeNiSoN96

Lovely bit of food poisoning 👍🤢

Katherine ‏@xxkvtherineee_

@bryyanncito gross 🤢

gon freecs ‏@vonchelle_

stepping on a bug and it crunches 🤢

Loïs Boullu ‏@lboullu

@Alphabet_Man @ichi_rika @lapinthrope @delaneykingrox You filth denying people the right to make unsupported claims 🤢

ZyeTheGuy ‏@RamirezKeylob

@Wendys step your game up your better than that 😂😷🤢

Liza ♏️🐱🌹♿️♠️ ‏@catLady1111_

@stewart_fed I saw that short film by @MatthewModine - great. I suspect if it were filmed now in the age of 🍊🤢, it'd be more ruthless. 😂

Bee Brown ‏@BeeBrownPR

Alexis sky and Andre Drummond 🤢

Katie Smith ‏@howgreatJr

@_YvonneBurton @JackPosobiec Naive to think the caravan walked 2000 miles 🤢😱from Honduras to Mexico borders.

CrÖzil Jenkins ‏@CrozJenkins

Defence is piss poor 🤢

Lenie Root ‏@lenie55

@JannaVixen84 @brookebillfan @BandB_CBS Yes i think so, she will go to Bill because she hates violence .I think Ri…

Caitlin Budge ‏@caitlinbudge

First of six classes/sessions in four days done 🤢💪🏽

ᴄʏɴ ‏@cyn0387

Everything tastes disgusting to me 🤢

Sam Murray ‏@Muzzmeistor

@jadeholly20 @JHo_5 I bet you two watch them pimple popping videos an all 🤢

Miss C. ‏@Goddess999Sin

Ugh. “but what about romance?” 🤢 I am not looking for romance. I am looking for slaves. If romance is something you…

Tunechi🖤 ‏@JadaSimone19

Swear I’m not drinking no more 🤢

Kimberly💜 ‏@KimC201322

I hate when people wave at me through messenger. BLOCKED 🤢

Jamie Doe ‏@Jamiedoe7337

@soyfantomas @FutureSpecOps @DearPresTrump1 @Iamvisions @realDonaldTrump Wow your so mature. The Russian bit is ol…

Mrs C ‏@mrs_c2017

@nevermindblog @realDonaldTrump And Ivanka.....🤢

Marisa Mendez ‏@Marisaann97

@karina__mina Yes exactly!!!! It grosses me TF out 🤢

🌒 ‏@tfsvnxxx

cant trust mf’s who eat pickles 🤢

MIA ‏@_WineFine33

Awwwwww Bm daughter got you feeling sick 🤢 I know the feeling 🤦🏽‍♀️

🐺 ‏@zaynsdae

raising a gofundme to get a lawyer to finaLLY sue e*o for copying cbx for far too long 😡🤢💯

Francis D Murnaghan ‏@PushinWeight

Now he’s talking about beastiality? What type of fuckery is this? 🤢

мιranda laυryn ‏@mlclark_90

I don’t feel good at all 🤢😷😫

5/15️ ‏@_LoveXoNaee

Sweet tea 🤢

Darcy Edl ‏@DarcyEdlPhotos

@NBCNews @realDonaldTrump You flip flop more than your hair on a breezy day!! 🤢#NotMyPresident #ImpeachTrump #VoteThemOut #VoteForBeto

Danielle ‏@AndImMrsHarry

Look how cute he is even when he’s sick and has a ridiculously gross runny nose! 😍🤢

Donk FUT 19 Trader ‏@FUTDonk

Fifa 17 halloween promo > fifa 18 halloween promo > fifa 19 halloween promo... EA you got till tomorrow too sort this shit out 🤢👻😭

Peraltiago ‏@Tdc_IW_ST

@remnewt Well, this thread is disgusting and weird. Maybe we all gagged 🤢😟😖

Deborah Grabowski 🌊 ‏@Gradj1976

@Acosta Gag me 🤢

Jacqueline ‏@Jacqueline9013

@reverendfraize @RedGlassGuitar I was raised in 80% Hispanic environment, making me the minority of the area. I fit…

💔🐾 Claire 🎃🍁🧛‍♀️🍊 ‏@FamCat

@NBCNews Throwing up now.🤢

Amy Santiago 2.0 ‏@dorkydenmark

bertie bott's is dangerous i just ate two beans that tasted like bogie and grass 🤢 they really do have every flavour

SouthernMidwestGeek ‏@myloveformusic2

I'm sorry but for me drinking tea is like drinking any type of alcohol... it's all nasty. 🤢

em☽ ‏@emmarosee_

girl in my class: are you having a bad day? teacher: no i ate too many waffles, im having a food hangover ... it’s all starting to expand 🤢

Jalyn 💡 ‏@_jalynnn_

Happy Birthday!! 🤪You’re actually 20 🤢 wow @davidisk3wl

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