Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


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Eóin MacGabhann ‏@emacgabhann

@SiobhanFeely 1st half 😬 🤢 😭. Second half...?

AlishaLiverpoolFC🤘 ‏@Alishaw3009

@itsedwardss Imagine someone dating you 🤢

DeltaDrift ‏@DeltaDrift

@BoxingKW1988 @SamaPSean 🤢 If you warm mayo up it splits. That’s certifiable.

𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐲 ♡ 𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐢𝐞 ‏@naminnamu

apparently my flatmate threw up in his room last night and he still hasn’t cleaned it up 🤢

smile. ‏@CourtCouture

Why are you all serving burnt coffee this morning @dunkindonuts 🤢

🌱 ‏@_sseesaw

im so sad bro im gonna miss my class so much wtf 🤢✋ and i didnt even get to spend time with them on that trip :( ho…

habibtiana ‏@etelhamm

bro look at this 😭😭😭 and then i gotta look at the men here in akl??? 🤢😭

Marie ‏@MarieBL1878

I’m going to be sick 🤢💙

♥ Sarah ♥ ‏@Sairs99

Eww yeah it would probably be you having a greasy coronary 🤢 #Blocked

Laura Griffin ‏@lauragriffin0

He’s had 3 hours kip since Thursday and is turnin this to a now 4 day bender, straight back in the turf for opening…

47 ‏@shannnaii

@zinomulli ive played it already and i’m still in love 🤢 think i need to go to the doctors

Fi ‏@FifaH1907

When you’re in the gym so much you can’t get away w/o doing all their stupid challenges 😩 I’ve done horrific shifts…

Bloo💙 ‏@Birthdayboi__

I just realized you have to have sex to make a baby 🤢

jdkinf (aka "Jotti") ‏@jdkinf

@Spatzengepiepe @kulturbolschewi 🤢 Was‘n Idiot.

м α м α ν ε ε 👑 ‏@veebrigham1

Men who weren't raised to protect women are fucking gross 🤢

Cal ‏@crxigzzz

@_calliemeganxx @_lxlyevie Nah man was alright, was no calpol tho!! Now we take medicine and it all tastes like shit 🤢

— 𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚎 🦖 #SAVELOONA ‏@1renelovesbts

@nuggetwithluv that shit nasty 🤢

Romarna Wilson ‏@romarna_wilson

This kidney infection is awful 🤢


@CataloniaHelp2 @jos_wynants Disgusting 🤢. In the EU...

dropmeout ‏@rtleeds

Urgh 🤢

👩🏾‍🎤🤟🏾 ‏@HoodieGirlNene

Imagine smoking a cig... 🤢 tobac... 🤢 - nvm I can’t even say it 😷🤧

Quajhonita Martin ‏@quajhonita

@okayplayer @kashdoll Eww that pic 🤢😷

Becky Greene 🇨🇦🇺🇸 ‏@lufbecky

@OridiusMorphius I used to suck my thumb til I was 8 so I’m familiar with that cream 🤢

Scott Hempseed ‏@ScottHempseed

Labour MP’s talking about selling out British businesses 🤢 you’re fucking led my a self confessed Marxist. The phra…

Laura Vickery ‏@LauraJV79

@thejamessutton For 3 whole days 🍷🍷 🤢👵🏼🤦🏻‍♀️

Ledger ‏@Ledger89

Jesus Christ,it's even worse with the sound on 🤢

peachy gal 💘 ‏@onlyangelsintro

ew i have to wake up for work tomorrow 🤢

🅾️llie cook ‏@Cook3105

Guy next to me just dropped like 5 crisps on the floor on a packed train, picked them up, and ate them 🤢

💋 ‏@DR44_

@PhillyFantasma Being from CT, you’d think I’d like the Pats 🤢 but my mom was an Eagles fan back in Jaws era. I use…

ratih ##semi ia ‏@winjwoos

ok im going ia again just remembered i have finals 🤢

KOKALOLA🌹 ‏@FvckkTheFeeln

@Gervontaa That’s when they clone u 🤢

D O N A B E L 🌸 ‏@donabeb05

But the fam expected na its already official (actually kamo tanan haha) but NO kay he wanted to ask my parents agai…

Kate O'Reilly ‏@realkathattack

Oh great, stomach bug season is back...🤢

lacey ‏@aryaseutarks

@twinroars cant imagine book!cersei or show!cersei saying the quoted sentence on the last paragraph 🤢

47 ‏@shannnaii

south chronicles 🤢

𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙖 ‏@yoongilized

arón wears sandals and slippers with socks. can you tell he was born in germany 🤢

cinnamon girl ‏@pvtriaisya

These articles to be memorised...💀🤢

saarah ♈︎ ‏@astrosaarah

i don’t feel good 🤢

tatianna 🥶 ‏@annamarie_810

ew bitches really need to stop thinking everyone want they man, that insecure shit ain’t cute 🤢

George E Caldwell ‏@gecaldwell

@theblaze Great all types of sex as a breakfast theme...🤢#KeepItInTheBedroom

Jorge ‏@geoeo228

@badluck_jones Sitting naked in hotel chair without putting down a towel. 🤢

quentin terror-tino ‏@hopcrossbun

@sxrahjand enjoy the taste of your own bitterness 🤢

liv ‏@turntpsycho

actually rlly glad me and liv were being cheated on with each other by ch- cha- can’t even say it 🤢 bc if we weren’…

𝐀𝐑𝐎. 𝗉𝗂𝗇𝗇𝖾𝖽 . 𝗀𝖾𝗈'𝗌 𝖻𝖿 . ‏@INAR0SP1TS

oomf come back when you don’t smell like rodent 🤢

Leya. 💛 ‏@Gabriellee_a

georgia is sooo country outside on ATL 🤢

Bryanna Stout ‏@bryannakathleen

You have some serious issues if you chug hard liquor like this 🤢

beetlejewss ‏@beetlejewss

My boyfriend leaves for two weeks tomorrow with no cell phone. WHAT AM I GONNA DO 🤢

goddess of the und-em-world ☠️ ‏@parkwayem

Imagine voting to le🤢🤢 voting to lea🤢🤢😷🤢 I can’t even say it 🤢🤢😷🤢🤢

OᆺO Kazuya back in Japan ‏@Kazuyalegrey

@theteqnique The worst is chocolate drink instead of proper cocoa. 🤢

schrödinger's cat ‏@bbyhypnos

@UnstableTachyon you shit piece of fuck, luckily I wasn't wearing my glasses so I don't need to undergo hypnosis to erase that 🤢 image

𝘑𝘢𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘳 ‏@Chaladelrey

@repsluts yes bc I was trying to be str*ight 🤢

Michelle ‏@Irish_Rose14

@HRHjorge It looks like a dessert they serve in hell 🤢

SULLI ANGEL 💔 ‏@yeontanbarks

@10Phnt So Taehyung crying for his members ain’t real? Do you think he doesn’t like being with the other 6 ??? Ur t…

mamí ✨👑🤤 ‏@mamijaeee_

when I wake up after drinking the night before I swear I don’t feel sick till I drink something 🤢

🎃Neo Armstrong🎃 ‏@Desnigha

All for one doesn’t have anything but a mouth 🤢 hate his lil smile he looks like a potato

Carl Richards ‏@CarlArich1992

Hangover from hell today 🤢

Amy Prescott ‏@MoCuishle_

@maloney20 Sozzzzzz but I find them frustrating 🤢

yellies ‏@oriciellie

@losthersheep_ @sadsexygemini yes 🤢 + intense eye contact

OopsieDaisy ‏@FleurFrench

Worse use of it is "Solidarity sister" Barfola. 🤢

I Z Z ‏@Izwn_

Don’t watch this. It’s incest porn 🤢

Dom ‏@Dom_wheatley

Mortal mess: no hangover Canny tipsy: no hangover Not even drunk: worst hangover 🤢

anna 37 ‏@ruelsmndes

imagine thinking ruel is ug- 🤢🤢🤢😖😷 thinking ruel is ugl- 🤢🤢🤢😷😖🤢 can’t even say it 🤢😖😷

Tino Rodriguez ‏@TinoDuSol

My Uber’s seats smell like barf and cologne 🤢😷

🕸 ‏@d6rIs

yall r sick.. thirsting over a minor is NOT IT 🤢 pls go to jail child predators

Thandeka ‏@TianaSmall20

someone at work ate half my chocolate bar and put it back in the fridge 🤢

Goddess Mitsuri's Puppet ‏@MitsurisPuppet

Yes I am pathetic!!🤢 But only for my @GoddessMitsuri & @GoddessSeraph 😍💕 I love making these posts! Because my Godd…

OopsieDaisy ‏@FleurFrench

@rustinpeace00 The flouncies are having a vomit inducing love fest today. 🤢

Mr Ben ‏@MrBen33407429

@DarrenPlymouth @ChristinaDonn11 Glad she keeps her Growler covered up 🤢

Trezzy W ‏@ThereseWardrop

@linannlum Not just you. 🤢

Julie Twombly ‏@Julieluvsotalia

@HannahSky @MelanieScrofano This is cute, Anna. I hate Nutella though. Or anything with hazelnuts in it. 🤢

DeidreDiabo❁ ‏@deeDIABO

Do you ever change your shirt 🤢

Ste with a V ‏@PointlessSte

Can’t cope I’ve been home like a hour and I’m off out again soon 🤢😭

Aᴍʏ ♡ ‏@niqhtseokjin

@xjoonieseoul I wish I could help I’m the exact Same ahahahah 🤩☺️💕🥰💕☹️🤢🎉🥰🤢🤢☺️🤢💕💤💕🤢😴💤😄💤😀

Adeeb ‏@porkuschoppieSA

Sexton has been shocking 🤢

jade!小草莓🍓 #dway! ‏@teamjswang

what's your problem omg let people wear what they like it's not that difficult to mind your own business i promise…

_deadpixel ‏@Hell_Enb

If I’ve seen you once in my life and it was the day we met what makes you think you got a chance really 🤢

❦“chamile”❦ dont touch me I'm mourning ‏@muwuchiro

are you a picky eater? pass or eat? 1. eat 2. 🤢🤢 3. Eat 4. 🤢 5. YES 6. HELL YEah 7. 😋😋 8. NO 🤢 9. IDK 10. 🤢🤮 11.…

ms c #GTTO👊🏻 ‏@carmel_prescott

@BarryBorat @Brendan77894830 Only just tuned in baz been at the GP for a flu jab ... came into Caroline flint 🤢

Christine Eggleston ‏@cytheria21

@rgay I’ve seen someone put their phone, that they put up to their FACE, on the floor in a Walmart bathroom. 🤢

JeffDavidson #OMC_H ‏@JeffreyMDavids1

@StefanMolyneux "Your hair feels great, Susan, but did you go on a fishing trip in that jacket? Because 🤢

Ryan Love ‏@RyanJL

@d_cshn Wants those Leavers votes at the next election 🤢

kał ‏@nkhaikall

@nickasyrf movie lgbt 🤢

Jennifer Mackerras ‏@jenactiv8u

@StaceyCornelius Maybe it was elevenses... 🤢

Princess Poison ‏@teenytinycutie

Look what just came in the mail!!! I’m so excited! Who’s gonna be the lucky boy to buy a bag of my foot dust? 🤢…

Max 🇮🇪☘️ ‏@SRFCmax

Can’t believe I’m watching egg ball on a Saturday morning 🤢

⇀★☆★𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘺↽ a.c.e in miami! ‏@qtbin

@rabiebabiehan me neither like i like some boys personalities and by some boys i mean skz ateez but peeppees are nasty and 🤢

Noel Mc Inerney ‏@noelm300



WHO THINKS POOR @CarolineLucas FEELS LIKE SHE’S DROWNING IN TOXIC MASCULINITY? The whiff of testosterone must be in…

The Original Six ‏@TheOriginalSix

@ChallengeMTV I dislike Cara so much these days. Paulie I legit hate you 🤢

Karen Macpherson ‏@karenmac10

Yuk.... just had to change @alexmac06’s MicKey button in his gastrostomy 🤢 I’ll spare you the real thing but this i…

GammaCrash ‏@_Anime_Fanatic

@cashgodmeme She was straight at first, but now she just.. 🤢

Kammoflage 🇬🇧⚔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@Kammoflage1

@OptoSean Wonder what shade of green my Johnson would turn if it graced her lady pit right before it fell off 🤢😂

Aaran Gedhu ‏@A_G3DHU

The thought of being on a plane for 20 continuous hours makes me sick 🤢

Rihanna’s Food Baby ‏@Ranaethevirgo

I just had to unfollow 25 “men” that were following this child 🤷🏻‍♀️ y’all fucking sick 🤢

Lauren Jones ‏@lau_jo94

People who like tequila are a different breed. 🤢

Jack Baldwin ‏@JPBaldwin99

Some guy just addressed us as comrades 🤢 #finalsaymarch

tine ‏@_justineml

my ate has the worst attitude ever!!! 🤢

𝓙𝓪𝔂𝓷𝓮 ❤️💜💙 ‏@Jayne_1989

@theduchessinred Ewww! Look at all that artery clogging fat! 🤢

manahil ‏@heavymetalsouIs

too many followers on ig 🤢 time to remove some ppl

🎃ᏰøЯИ ✞ø ЯДîƧƎ ℍƎℓℓ🎃 ‏@ThePotterGeist

This stuff is the only thing that stays put (with great difficulty). It's also tasteless. Everything tastes like ch…

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