Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


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[email protected]@st_ratachat

@MichaelGarage3 What a bore! It’s puke 🤢 wrenching stuff!

Amelia Dunivan ‏@ameliarose1399

Feel like complete shit today 🤢

luce ‏@lucyhopeee

Afternoon tea looks fucking horrendous 🤢

n ⁷ ‏@kibumswig

I’m tiredt of kpop stans 🤢

Lee 👑 ‏@dollfacelee_

@AceGxd216 You like strawberry huh? 🤢

maia ‏@sithvadr

what is this...he looks like the joker 🤢

🧚🏼 ‏@aimeedeans

@beckijo97 I seen it so u have to @libbyvaughan23 🤢

Cmdre. BOOMBOOM Bunz ❤Shay 4ever in my ❤ ‏@Bunny_daPug

@theEricTang @ochealth It worries me that the Chinese government sat on this for weeks before the rest of the world…

Briona Trinae ‏@BrionaTrinae

I thought food aversions were a joke, but man just thinking about certain foods makes me sick and nauseated 🤢

weinis ‏@almondmilk019

Are there actually people who after they get up, wait to brush their teeth until they’ve eaten breakfast? Because i…

Sky💔 ‏@QveenSky_

“you must want my nigga” girlll don’t nobody want his broke bum ass but YOU 😭✌🏾 plz go play wit ya kids & not me. 🤢

julia ‏@juliakmdr

"from facebook" 🤢


The amout of drunk I was lastnight 🤢

SULTAN ‏@sultan_india

@BHIM_ARMY__ @Nawab_baba_444 @BhimArmyChief Why sanghi govt is so much afraid of Azad's voice.... Disgusting 🤢

Flavor Town Raider ‏@cultfollower2

@RaidersDiscord1 @RaiderTom2120 When you make the “🤢” it’s because this trade is such a laughable joke correct?

kayla ‏@britsmcgee

@Evad_Llewop @ChristianBritt_ @_Concretee Idk why men insist on hurting women during sex...🤢 like he would know how it feels🤢

Ericelda🖤 ‏@celdi29

I just tried cottage cheese for the first time and hell no never again 🤢

n e v 🤍 ‏@nevaehaiko

my snaps from a year ago today.. 🤢 i looked so ugly i was going through a bad ass time and no one said anything 😂 i deadass looked WILD.

sheya ‏@muupaak

sooo cringe 🤢

Wendell Thomas ‏@WendellThomas14

@danni_dawes Well done Danni. 🤢

Dumb Bitches Club🎂4days ‏@Vile_Teen_Club

@YouSeemFRAZZLED Tank at the bottom 🤢

HoneyCoatedMusic 🍯 ‏@TakiaMusic

how do you come out in this dress and either A. don’t have panties on or B. wore the wrong ones? I WOULD NEVER!!…

rin loves chloe ‏@natashaspippa

who am i to you? 🥰- soulmates 💘- basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - friends 💚 - acquaint…

cate ‏@thehandmaidns

@catralutherking But they’re as related as brother and sister though bc of all the incest in her family tree 🤢

THE BIG BOSS😈 ‏@sasssycassieeee

My nose is way too sensitive to be smelling shit that smells nasty rn like I’m real life finna throw up 🤢

Nobody important ‏@TinkerbelLaFrou

@historylvrsclub @AndrewHardie3 Neither 🤢

💙🌒 ‏@SanaLorraine_

@KWhitley_ Ew 🤢 what are you watching tho 👀

‏ً ‏@jenoisfunny

5 mins 🤢

Daydream⁷ 🍀 📀 ‏@Daydreamnyaha

@BTSCHARTSLAYER I'm over everything 🤢

Jam Molina ‏@iamjammolina

Feeling sick 🤢

chyna. ‏@ChynaxNicole

They been tripping lately I saw sour patches too 🤢

ephemerawoman ‏@ephemeragrrl

@themarinebitch @atarbuck Ugh. UGH. Why are people. I just ...URRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH 🤢

Mrs Cunningham ‏@MrsClovessci

I brought home books to mark. It’s the last day of the weekend and I have washed, ironed, batch cooked, baked, walk…

Mrs. Saint 🖤 ‏@_BRE_YONCE_

It’s some really trash ass people out here 🤢

alex⁷ ‏@softnmjn

at this point how can c*ris b*own and j*st*n b*eb*r still have stans i- 🤢

luis ‏@crossbaylon

isaw 🤢


I hope we can get this from bron 1 day 🤢

Mario Martinez ‏@MarioMa08918331

These disrespectful bastards don't belong in your country in the first place! THESES assholes would never get away…

🌠 ‏@Sreeja_Smiles

stolen from tl who am i to you? 💞- soulmates ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - friends 💚 - acquaintances…

MagicuhL ‏@Austin74849536

@FeaRMoho Lmao coming from the dude who was the biggest guy playing at his time 🤢

faye ☆ ‏@stupidhwa

anyways who wanna eat this bc i cant 🤢

ariel | IANOWT ‏@kasprbck

cishet men think the only way of looking sexy is showing boobs 🤢

mika ‏@anakvnz

dew it 🥺 who am i to you? (stolen) 💞- soulmates 🥰 - basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - frien…

McKenzie 🌿 ‏@abiiormckenzie

100000% convinced my drink was spiked because I have never reacted this bad to alcohol before 🤢

Leek ‏@malikgandy5

Seafood 🤢

Amy Jessica Gage ‏@AmyJGage87

@moderndadpages Especially if its bad buttercream 😭 if its gritty cos its not mixed right 🤢

Braddock ‏@araujo_pessanha

@mategguk Enjoo 🤢

KeKe ‏@KeishaMcCutie

@LyndseyGrayson1 @JeffreeStar 🤢 I know I ended up going through his page. Crazy how he really tried to play the Im a kid card. Tragic 🤡

drea 回 ‏@17sowon

i'm glad they didn't do the grid thing on ig.. like that's kind of old. also that way we wont have to worry about w…

Caitlin Dickerson ‏@itsKTnicole_

I can not get into working out in the winter, I might have to start eating healthy. 🤢

mille-feuille ‏@xsmhttlx

@FacundoXXII or maggots on a wound 🤢

yara hasan ‏@Yarahasan99

@Anonymous57151 @its_sewar Bs Game of thrones l2no kol el3alm bt7ki bejnn f7drto b 2 hours 😂😂😂😂🤢 btw mne7 ma dy3t w2ti 😂

ConeZ ‏@MonkeyDKarp

@HugS86 Sleeping in jeans 🤢

etc21076😷 ‏@edc21784

I'm curious, definitely something to share and experience with someone else... but looks different. 🤢

Camael // Cami Elle ‏@joyxbeauty

who am i to you? 💞- soulmates 🥰 - basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - friends 💚 - acquaint…

‏ً ‏@leadvocalsoo

@lipftkjs do they call this aesthetic 🤢 #AdidasTreatJisooBetter

ria ‏@riaathwal

@ everyone who told me to add milk to my cookies then microwave made them taste like shit 🤢

Simon Hinton ‏@Daishi_KSP

@MattMlodzienski put cream in coffee? 🤢

༺ 𝖆𝖘𝖍 ༻ ‏@makemecumalive

gays be like “loving my morning skinny 😘😘” like they didn’t just blow ass in bed all night while they slept... you’…

Michael Rosaman ‏@ripcheader

Some lad at my poker table is chewing his gum slowly. WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN!! 🤢

Lil_Bill ‏@BillGotBrownies

I haven’t been this hungover since New Years 🤢

rob o’hara.🌻 ‏@robertastall__

stolen from @AngeloxoxOhara💕 What am i to you? 💞- soulmates 🥰 - basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close fri…

jisoo ‏@kimjisoo3700

Adidas ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌😡🤢 NIKE ✔️✔️✔️✔️😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Let’s go with Nike #AdidasTreatJisooBetter

◦✿𝕕𝕒𝕟𝕚✿◦ ‏@xsunnydani

who am i to you? 💞- soulmates 🥰 - basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - friends 💚 - acquaint…

VMC ‏@victoria_carty

Idk how people can drink the Pink Drink from Starbucks. It’s fr so nasty 🤢

luc is team gigi also stream malibu ‏@goodedelano

who am i to you? (stolen from tl) 💞- soulmates 🥰 - basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - frien…

Nic 🐌 ‏@NicTheThickFuck

@Imustbehave WTF is THAT 🤢

Barbie ‏@TheinfamousCat_

Like really tho 🤢

🕰Foxx🦾 ‏@foxxamill6

Damn these folks done brought that Walking dead disease 🤢

Aqua Tofana ‏@lochnesshamstr

@horselythighs Oh god, imagine biting into an chocolate eclair, but instead of sweet cream it was filled with roast…

G x ‏@GraceMcGregorx_

Imagine wasting 3 years with one person 🤢

RossFI ‏@TopOfTheIndex

@FI_Jerry Had my finger over buy and I withdrew instead 🤢

. ‏@ACR20110

If you let your girl do that you’re Pussy lmao Your car?! 🤢

Irene08 ‏@Irene0820467541

@ConstantinStHe1 @ParkerTerd Omg this is disgusting 🤢

Baphomet & Scylla's Love Child: Alexander Quaresma ‏@SavageSteamboat

Holy. fucking. shit. ... The 80s are coming to life. Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Game, The Last Starfighter mo…

Katie ‏@katiecroadx

U know you had a good night when u can’t even keep water down the next day 🤢

✈️jane ‏@seniormac5

@AONeFromDay1 Nooooooooooo way. Is this real 🤢

Capt. Chris Rozine ‏@RozineCapt

China claims virus escaped from a lab 🤔 Put 1 infected person on each plane heading to another country and don't tell anybody 🤢

Sam ‏@GoddardWright

All this “good luck for the rest of the season” bollocks from rival fans to one another. 🤢

𝒞𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝓎 𝒾𝓈 𝑅𝒜𝑅𝐸❤️ ‏@hessa_infinity

@dodgedthebulIet Eww he looks like an old man in the second picture 🤢. That’s what he gets for abusing and cheating…

Wanyá ‏@chrisdxvis

@sometimeshomo i said 🤢

𝙅𝙖𝙘𝙠 🔴⚪️ ‏@AllezAfcJacques

Martinelli would have 3 by now, so clear of that bum Greenwood 🤢

K. ‏@KWhitley_

This man just put raw eggs over top his pasta 🤢

B 🐝 ‏@_Pratt_Pratt

Some creep came up to me last night and legit tried to have a conversation with my tits instead of my face 🤢

Flowerblight Ganon ‏@tatiyanaleanne

@100MilesYoung Lmao. Schnitzel is a German food. Basically breaded, thin, deep fried meat. That one looks like chic…

Bhuja hua fire ✨ ‏@_xsaiyaarax_

stolen from kp who am i to you? 💞- soulmates 🥰 - basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - frien…

Mr. Marston ‏@McSlaggers

Garth hon they made you a blonde 🤢

†Anarchy♔ ‏@ErinThaGod

If I go to any soca event in this here Bahamas and hear songs from 4-5 years ago I am requesting a refund. All de…

......:.... ‏@keeladaniellexo

I hate ribs cook in the stove 🤢

alex ‏@takethisl_ucy

Miranda is a thirsty ass pick-me and Joey is a fake. Those two deserve each other 🤢 #TheCircle

; mel ‏@melissaand3rson

Do not want to see alcohol for the foreseeable future 🤢

hanna. ‏@bbydykes

@dadeIaide breathed 🤢 sick of her acting like she owns the air

Eric Trillmonger ‏@PrinceTrilliam_

😂😂😂 they just trying shit and hoping something works 🤢

Name Cant Be Blank ‏@intrxxvert

Nah there can’t be this many people home at once anymore too many people cooking too many different things smells l…

The Insider Trader ‏@AlessioUrban

Don’t buy an iPhone as a gift for your children.. made in China 🤢

Youtube: Jessica Eyman ‏@JessicaEyman

@MissAcalaca Your shrinkage is disgusting 🤢😭♥️♥️🔥

Faye Kass Canoes ‏@LostInSofa

@CaslerNoel @realDonaldTrump That's a revolting mental image 🤢

Angel Nicole😈 ‏@_PrettyHalo

No thank you 🤢

Alice💎💧 ‏@AngeloxoxOhara

STOLENNNN BUTTTTT What am i to you? 💞- soulmates 🥰 - basically family ❤️ - BEST FRIENDS 🧡 - close friends 💛 - f…

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