Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


Tweets For 🤢

Kemoy Lindsay ‏@KemziLinzi

Wouldn’t want to be around you after you digest this 😷😷🤢

karina ‏@babymama_kc

Now he’s about to go lay on the bed or the couch cause y’all have no boundaries with your pets 🤢 omg couldn’t be me

EXO-SC's hoe | alyssa ‏@oioioinkk

@rvetlovr We get to wear them in the hallways but like I want them for the bus so I don’t have to hear people 🤢

double si 🖤 ‏@siennabrown_

I know this nigga breath be hot 🤢

vernon 👮🏻‍♂️⃠🤸🏽‍♂️ ‏@likeacutlass

almost just considered texting this bitch to ask why she stopped texting 😭🤢

Strange things..👻🌊 ‏@darksideofthemo

@sdr_medco Make me feel sick!!! 🤢

Fartel Engelbert ‏@fartelengelbert

@WMcHBg @christiancalgie @MilkcartonWINS @tomhfh With coke ? 🤢

洪真珠 ‏@JasleenAmber

@irvinvicencio HAHAHAHA my bitterness is enough to relieve me 🤢

(a)mellilla ‏@lasagnia22

@cheoltrbl and same goes too mamamoo, nothing that they do such as many apologizes but it still not enough for you,…

ash ‏@soshisvt

keep these corny ass names to yourselves 🤢

Future CEO. ‏@__djanea96

Especially the ones w old ass gold teeth 🤢

Myra Grigg ‏@MyraGrigg

@BeanNamed @RealDennisWill @stclairashley I don't know what's worse, that or a moist inside out sock. 🤢

k🕊// TODAY ‏@borderlineknj

i was in london for not even 20 mins n some creepy old guy started taking pictures of my legs 🤢

Indira J. Orozco P  ‏@NiniOrozko

@BodegaAteneo @SERIELIZADOS 🏆 Person of interest 👏🏼 Cold Case 🤢 Game of Thrones 😍 Rick Grimes 👀 Game of Thrones

Bernard ☺️ ‏@VivaLesVegas

@_natmo @Marco__P_Shite @Rachel_theRKB @ellethejambo @iwillbehave @mash40441498 My mother in law claims she ate tri…

Chinyere Nwonye ‏@ChinyereNwonye

How are you talking and saliva is flying out of your mouth? 🤢

Alexandra Lynn ‏@aliilynn

Don’t let my age fool you. I will still cry every time I find out I need to get blood work done 🤢

JJ ‏@PunchesNPurrs

@_TheLastScoot_ Wtf?!? 😩🤢 I hate you for posting this.

Kathleen Tittle ‏@KathleenTittle

@iancarty123 @InTheNoosphere 🤢 sad remains of a brain!

holy hwan’s georgia 🌙 🎸 ‏@eeyorenan

deadass accuse ppl coming from rigged vote when nothing is confirmed and still under investigation yet bring her fa…

Bianca💛 ‏@xobianxx


banaaa ‏@bhadbhanatwittt

cus today😒🤢😒🤒

Carmela Faye ‏@_carmelafaye

I’ve seen at least 4 photos of USED toilet bowls and urinals in my feed today. Uhmmm? 🤢

YaoiFanBoy ♔ ‏@YaoiCrazy

I have a new organic almond milk creamer for my coffee. It’s ok. It’s looks thick tho. 🤢

jeca 💭 ‏@jecajiin

lights 🤢

TheBorg ‏@BorgDevil

I can sadly confirm this situation 🤢😷

zee 🦋 ‏@hangyuluizy

@KnightChangxi 🤢 shut up,, also since when i became ur unnie i'm a whole ahjusshi

El Compa Ralphie ‏@yungbuck34

Fell asleep in the rig and caught a cramp on my neck 🤢

✨Glenys Marriott✨ ‏@cumpstonarchive

@annalise2406 @Cumblibraries @MFAminGP We missed you 🤢

Angela ‏@TheJisJournals

@IvyKungu Loool even worse if your both soy an lactose intolerant... those vegan blends are 🤢

D🎭 ‏@daniyalf1

@urwifex My expectations for it were mad high u know 🤢

timo! ‏@P7hustler

When u don’t know shit bout firearms n ur from Texas 🤢😞

Sable Seline ‏@SableSeline

I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with squeezing people’s blackheads. 🙈 Whiteheads are a no go 🤢 but blackheads 😍

maura ‏@neIIycrain

these pepegas thinking the rp ends at the prison are so 😬🤢

🌥 ‏@vaguerisk

i have this one pimple that i wanna pop so bad it's so big and ugly but cant or it's gonna leave a scar 🤢😰

alexys ‏@alexysmalone

after work i have to pack.... i can’t believe i’m moving into a d*rm in three days 🤢

cell ‏@cell182000

@themanwiv1 @mollymaehague Troll 🤢

chris ☻ ‏@villlahuevos

Me and Randy don’t drink that often anymore but whenever we do, I always have work the next day 🤢

ana 74 ‏@willbqers

i’m at school now 🤢 if i don’t get back in the next 7 hours i d worded 💆🏻‍♀️

〰️ ‏@sasha_morphing

there's these two english words that are still a pain in the ass for me when it comes to pronouncing them. like i K…

zee 🦋 ‏@hangyuluizy

hello guys are you one it 🙂🙂 i am one it 🤢

holls👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 #FLAϟH ‏@heavenhyejoo

pray 🙏🏼 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digg…

Trvpjordi🥀💀🖤 ‏@trvpjordi

@JocelynJoyJones I've never heard that the pizza was fake😫 I've only heard that they take unfinished pizzas and make them into new pizzas 🤢

Kathleen Tittle ‏@KathleenTittle

@sdr_medco The Trump cult is alive and well 🤢

كوالا ‏@Khxwlx

I loved it so much excluding the annoying female main characters 🤢 and the male characters were kind of annoying to…

Chance 🇸🇴 ‏@AssTulip_

this does not represent islam. these are just some sick ass niggas 🤢

Alex Moug ‏@alex_moug

Him n everyone there condoning this should die in a fire actual scum 🤢

👑 ‏@MarieSiena

@MiraiWakanda Horrible 🤢

Zinski ‏@TheRealZinski

@ratemyplatemate “anyone fancy a cheesy bun with cheese on cheese (and ham) for lunch” 🤢

❤taetae❤ •jk's ♡ bot• ‏@taeeeee_hyuuung

@hauntingparis why did this guy do this in the first place- 🤢 he's wasting milk

Tracy Baker ‏@TracyBaker97

Is it just me or does microwaveable Mac n Cheese smell like urine? 🤢

ಗಗನ🌙 “GrEaStEsT BtS aRmY” ‏@alpacaparkajin

I was deep into uh excellency awards given by our country and literally how does this guy compare to someone like S…

Steve Oh ‏@SGOligmueller

@Mike_P_Williams Imagine the smells under that flag. 🤢

Cell ‏@defauItsetting

🤢 SA my ass. This is mandatory messages

Marly ‏@Marly_D13

@ManLikeTan Yep. Can see why people are steering away from him 🤢

Jianheng1301 ‏@Jianheng1301

Alcohol is really not my thang 🤢

Baldy Dog + Angel's Sofy & Wiggle ‏@WiggleTheDog

@TeaganTheDog @MrKiplingwoof Cowpoopsnacks often can be quite sloppy but still good, especially if they are a day…

404 ‏@404040404_

@JamesCleverly @MSANNCOOPER He. Spits. When. He. Talks. 🤢 Should of never been allowed.

Prof Andrew Rowland ‏@DrAndrewRowland

@KathEvans2 @WeStudentNurse Uh oh! Marmite?! 🤢 😬

W ‏@ParisJoseph18

Ok but his back pad stupid🔥🔥🤢 And yeah AB the best in the league, i can say that now since he not on the Steelers😂😂

Gagasalbum ‏@Gagasalbums

@vmagazine @billieeilish @Pharrell The smell 🤢

CHANEL ‏@xoxojoanne69

@vmagazine @billieeilish @Pharrell Delete thisssss clowns 🤢

Λ ‏@luigichristerf

Can someone Help me? 🤢

happy yerin + umji day 💞 ‏@agustd1004

@gyuhac please tell me he didnt not say that 🤢

Jake Lotus ‏@jakelotusmusic

@ShaunWilliamson @paulsinha Oh lord, I’d genuinely forgotten about that... 🤢

Forsale18 ✈️TWITCHCON19🏖 ‏@forsale1818

@MerryMolly16 oh god, seeing it typed out somehow makes it even worse, that gave me goosebumps. i just cant even im…

elmoo ‏@Ambitiously_Oxo

I know she not preparing her meal 🤢

jungkook 🍅 ‏@jjk_widoww2

@SE0KJIN0H @CRUSHWAI stop flirting 🤢

kat ‏@ultkoos

@jitaems loonarmyoneitzens sounds so 🤢 i refuse

HAZZAN ‏@eyeamhazzan

@Aqua_or_Bob nitty? impossible 🤢

hannah ‏@hnnhnyd

guess who is sick 🤢

AIMEE SYMONDS ‏@symonds_aimee

Hey @asda thank you for my bush-tucker trial experience 2day. Check your broccoli for added protein guys 🐛🤢

🧢 ‏@RajanXII

My uni is so washed how have they got Alex from Glasto for a freshers event 😂😂🤢

day ‏@skhmils

y’all i’m in this gc and they use caps 🤢

billu bakra ‏@gabroopanjabda

Americans and their obsession with cheese 🤢

ℓαвєℓℓє💞 ‏@xo__labelle

Yall niggas sick as fuck too...wan go stick yall cock in anything 🤢

kirsty ‏@Kirstyish

@amestris_star And she’s a Tr*mp supporter 🤢 keeps slagging off Zawe so I’m not impressed 😡

🐰Professor Bonnie🐰 ‏@MaasBazaar

@Wrinklescrinkle Nope! We even had a picnic on the first boat we went on lmao, i used to be very travel sick as a child tho 🤢

𝙟𝙚𝙨𝙨 ~ bk spoilers 💔 ‏@rosieIebIanc

when luna said dean and dixie are developing a slow creeping love... no sweaty 🤢

Ferr ‏@Ferrghellache2

The prices on train tickets is actually horrific 😡🤢

Salt-N-Pepa Hair ‏@myopiabillson

Welp, this just put me off...I don't think I'll be eating for the foreseeable future cos...just...🤢

w✨ ‏@Wadeeah13

@khayriyah56 Bamooooot 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤢 Yuck 🤢😂😂😂😂😂

- ‏@faimmaaa

@ldnoni @kevprivvv @taanaaah stfu oni u fully reek 🤢

House ‏@TweetSirena

@mcsanchez773 I retract my statement...I can’t hang with y’all alcoholics anymore. Still hung over 🤢

Clare ‏@whiskletweet

@meatmatters1 What the hell?!! 🤢

g☀️ ‏@doompctrol

i can’t stop using 🤢

Danielle ‏@_DanielleKates

My sister is getting married in 4 months 🤢👰🏻

Hangyul ‏@ihanggyeol

@roseannetwt It was too cringed to be heard. 🤢

Uncontro11ed Dom ‏@DominicClare11

@mslaylathegamer apparently it’s an alergic reaction to the red ink and it definitely not on purpose 🤢

John ‏@HelloMrRobinson

@tripscore Too much cheese 🤢

Ashley Elaine 🦋 ‏@AshleyMcGarrah

Gave myself salmonella 🤢

Shah Bhai ❤ ‏@Wolf_SRK

We are the club that running talent, misusing them according benefited and keeping them confuse 🤢 @FCBarcelona…

alika wants p5r NOW ‏@bucinikolai

@ohkkihdaa I wonder what went through their minds to even agreed on this 🤢

Paul G ‏@madforret

@RetroBoyJon @ColonelFalcon @MyGamerXP @SNUKgaming @kingmonkey25 @gamesyouloved @RetroGamerDaz @CdMega…

ً ‏@yaehzi

xcuse'mme.. bb @yeodejin are you perhaps related to the hulk? cause yall both green and goofy 🤢

Lorraine🌵 ‏@lorraine366

Scumbag 🤢

Dalia Hidalgo ‏@Dahllove18

I thought I’d be able to work today but I don’t feel good At alllllll 🤢😪😭

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