Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


Tweets For 🤢

scott marshall ‏@scottma82593068

@The_Abby_Mills Sadly I think you’re right.. she’s the epitome of a fraud.. her mother told her when she was a girl…

Mia ‏@bahamiangalpyt

@realDonaldTrump damn I can see your man boobies! 🤢

Schatzie's Earth ‏@SchatziesEarth

@Rep_Hunter BAAAAHHHHH - you have been caught faking it, Princess Parolie. You cannot cross any national border cuz…

JbirdsMom ‏@jaybabysmom

@BuzzFeed I got onions 🤢

One Cool Mama ‏@onecoolma

@BipolarBearDick @Hill_Top_Ag Because there are microscopic germs that can reach up to like 15 ft or something from…

ProfYuille ‏@ProfYuille

@liz_limine How is this opinion unpopular? I thought it was well-established fact. I personally only order restaura…

lovingrj❤특공JYH ‏@lovingrj1

Reviewing stuff of Stay622. Suddenly recalled YH actually said he's not satisfied yet w/ where he is now (what he h…

𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖘𝖊𝖆 𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖎 ‏@chelsea_elli

This coffee tasted so bad I had to put sugar to kill the taste 🤢 do u know how bad that is 🤢

Lunatic Fringe ‏@ChaosIsBound

Who the fuck has sex with kids.. 🤢

Ariane🏒 ‏@Carey4Everr

@L0wfive You can’t cheer for the Laughs 🤢

Hmmm... ‏@TexanQueenBee

@JessieJaneDuff I always feel like I need a shower after I watch him! 🤢

𝐞𝐯𝐚 ‏@wbkboca

@CHAMBIEDIOR extra egg whites 🤢

🚀Nicky Flash🚀 ‏@_skywalka

@_HurdleFloww It ain’t even conference championships yet 🤢 what’s he gonna drop at NCAA!!

Don’t Call Me Chris ‏@mccaigchristian

Being 20+ and dating a girl in high school is sick man. 🤢

Ryan ‏@Rymig99

@wenndo0o @DairyQueen The same establishment that gave me not 1, but TWO moths in my blizzard in Myrtle Beach 🤢

TIP Tay 😭❤️ ‏@Cruddi_Dave

I’m high As A Bitch 🤢

Michelle ‏@precociousTiny

@LickMy4Skn Naaa you on that white people shit 🤢

❤️❤️ ‏@Muvaaras

Hisoka is such a fucking perv 🤢

𝐚𝐬𝐡 ✩ 𝟝𝟚 ∝ ‏@sunshineawsten

ew imagine calling the artists you look up to “daddy” (🤢) and thinking it’s f u n n y

g.k.jackson 2nd ‏@gtodaizp

@WorldofIsaac He shouldn't even be in the game. Garbage 🤢

Michael Brown ‏@titch_brown

@RetroSolesUK Hideous 🤢

James Rankin ‏@sprayermanJJ

I think that the "fish insurance" game at Stag and Does should be abolished. For those of you unaware, the fish ins…

Sharon M ‏@shaymc15

@StevenWoahdick Reading this made me feel queasy 🤢

⛓ShegoMego⛓ ‏@shegomego

Omg literally 🤢💀😭

jude ‏@wwjuuuddo11

@paulapoundstone adjective: 1.(especially of wrongdoing) very obvious and unacceptable; blatant. 2.(of income, pro…

@TinyPred ‏@TinyPred1

The only upside of a potential Round 1 Exit - We’re in good company 🤢 Honestly, at the moment I still hope we find…

💅🏿 ‏@LookingForCharo

@nikia_raq Celery’s nasty 🤢 🚫 that definitely can go

elizabeth ‏@cheekyjongho

@seongwhoa I saw that and mayhaps I threw up 🤢


I just seen a nigga not wash his hands then give somebody a handshake eww 🤢

🇸🇩 يارا 🥀 ‏@Yaraxo_17

@traviss_bott The lord is watching you 🤢

chica de hummus ‏@femiarmyy

@crltsjss ke asco 🤢

Green Grrrrl ‏@GreenGrrrrl

@LindsayBoston @vanessasteck The split-footed-deeply-squatted landings are the visual version of nails on a chalkboard 🤢

Childish_No_Bueno ‏@TruDollaz

@NoImAnnie Fresh mulch 🤢

Mobile Palette ‏@MobilePalette

Dang!!! He's Green!! 🤢#livepd @OfficialLivePD #LivePDFans

miesha ♡ ‏@forevermiesha

i’m great on alcohol😭🤢

PERSONA ‏@joonwrlds_

@99HYYH I don’t wanna say his surename before his fans come for me 🤢

Nancy Thomas 🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@NancyThomasPics

Stopped “flow” 🤢


@Enough710I @Undispu7ed63 All this video did was make me think of how much produce used to keep that fro down 🤢

Yasmeen ‏@yasmeenchirps

Am I the only one that finds Peeps gross no matter if they are fresh, stale, or melted? Covered in grains of sugar, they make me 🤢

Jazz ‏@jaazzzzxo

@AlexisReyna07 Girl I thought you would do better 😷🤢

Queenin🤳🏽 ‏@berrybuns_

cause ion do that sht. ion like em. 🤢

Jayden Vidaurri ‏@jvidaurri36

Angles pitching is so garbage 🤢

Cyborne 🐰🖤 ‏@yoonbunny

@BTSbreezy01 I feel like drama affects everyone within it's vicinity even if they're not directly involved. Just wi…

‏ً ‏@NunesNxscimento

@FinlayCFC @SumeetCFC He must wear some ridiculously strong aftershave to even go near people 🤢

Michelle ‏@precociousTiny

@LickMy4Skn Rare meat < 🤢

Madeleine Morris ‏@MaddieMorrisVA

@scheibervoice @MikeMcFarlandVA We normally play this as the band name game! This one felt special, though 🤢

Soliz🧸 ‏@vcoutureee

@AverageMykey @crissmimikins Ugh she’s raggedy 🤢

🌍 P. ‏@PanssWest

Unpopular opinion but sweets ain’t nice at all, don’t know how people eat them 🤢

Leslie Brown ‏@LeslieB63117423

If you could chug down a little 4 oz drink, 2️⃣ days in a row, lose 2-7 pounds of TOXIC SLUDGE 😷🤢 De-bloat your sto…

𝒑𝒂𝒎 ‏@chuuosity

@hyejms The last 300 eps have been boring as shit anyway I skip half of them 🤢

Vlad 🇭🇹 ‏@Vlad_ATF

@ittybittylesha Still nasty 🤢

Lau ‏@trisilito

Putangina. What happened last night?!! 🤢

nicole. ‏@nnevaehnicole

rally's fries 🤢

Billy (no kin to Doug) Jones ‏@masquer08er

@libertyladyusa BLECH!!!🤢

Goo ‏@jsmoooove55

🤢 so slept on

♥️JEWELS♥️ 💫JaSam💫 ‏@jewels_tx

@michiofan @4jdrose @amylehman64 @CarrieNauseda @HollyMila She should be puking everyday just looking in the mirror at herself! 🤢

ArtifexH ‏@ArtifexH

@muminprogress urgh, no thanks. 🤢

Patrick’s 💕 ‏@shawlenecapule

Ginger Chocolate is a big NO for me 😩😩🤢 sorry guys

Kathy ‏@KathyN115

@ravensspirit68 The lilacs are so pretty!! All we have blooming are forsythias, which I do not like at all. Yuck 🤢.

Jennifer K. ‏@birdtweetstome

Like I say every year. Take your trail of smell & garbage with you when you leave. Weirdo's #vancouver420 #Happy420 #Cannabis 😷🤢

Chloe Sari ‏@tuitrlschloe

@MickaellaCatu They find me 🤢

🖕 ‏@scubbaFCKNsteve

Just lost my appetite 🤢

wide boy 🐷 ‏@JonJuko

@NBA @ESPNNBA It's series like these where you wish the 1st round was still 5 games 🤢

Kelly Mac 🇨🇦 ‏@kvmac2011

@Tarankparmar @NEWS1130 Do you have a contact high? 🤢

De’Erica ✨ ‏@__djmg

Never eating Boston Market again 🤢 idk why I ever tried it

Jayde ‏@Jadehayes20

Lost an entire bottle 🤢

Ella Macavoy 🐾 LVP Bot#007 ‏@EllaMacavoy

@HeyGina_247 @QVC @bravo @evolutionusa Oh wow, I didn’t know that. They are a bunch of creeps at #QVC. I guess that…

Ryan #Thrive2019 ‏@Slytheryan

So I went to my favorite coffee place back home and realized how much sugar they put in their drinks. I feel 🤢.

Map of the Soul: Persona ‏@TamameowNoMae

@ggukxpersona @CUNTYIREN @wjgirIs @fcky0utube @kyungrismaid @singyuIarity They’re literally always making fun of BT…

Josh ‏@Josh2108

Shocked and appalled been given a Mars Easter egg 🤢 absolutely Funing 😤

Sharon Mitchell ‏@purpleandpunk

@RonJichardson I love your Twitter handle but it reminds me of why I stopped spoonerising names. It was when I st…

Jennifer Stienstra ✨ ‏@thefantasticjen

@Iya_Ilene My stomach does 🤢

ani with luv ‏@kissyoons

lei why is that on the tl 🤢

산’s lisa ‏@choisan_twt

@yoongiatz that many ppl agreeing w san? 🤢

Lizette ‏@eww_lizette

why I got all these bitches rolling their eyes at me ? jealousy is not a good look at on anybody 🤢

Grace Lennon ‏@gracelennon1

Is there anything as worse as lying in bed half cut with that ringing noise in your ear and feeling like your on a boat. 🤢

The SSC's ‏@coffeesippers

@TyRoberts Potato salad, vegetarian "burgers" (🤢), pizza toppings, salad toppings, sandwich filler (like chips but…

• H A N N A H • ‏@mrshannahcombs

I just logged into my auto loan and the amount I’ll end up paying AFTER interest makes me sick af 🤢 might work 2 jo…

laure ‏@griffinscorner


AHMED ‏@Ahmed__Demha

Weetos < Any other cereal 🤢

Zulema ‏@zvgr06

i wouldn’t be able to handle this many 🤢 lol I hate girls sm sometimes

CD @cdcastle ‏@cdccastle

@AmericanAir Internacional u can’t bring wather but food yes?????! 🤢

ria ‏@Ria_Ankrah

should I be a wasteyute & do like4tbh? 🤢

syd ‏@venicebitchhx

how can yall drink soda 🤢

Chicle ‏@MajinChuy

@AlexElMamoncito Not meeee 🤢

Miami Girlz Weekend🤩 ‏@skygoat_

Some of y’all doing too much on Twitter. 🤢 Very Much Tacky. #TheELITEcartel


How high 2 🤢

Lovely Havana ‏@CJaie101

@I_MAX05 @BoxingKingdom14 @amirkingkhan Keep in mind...I'm paying 69.99 to miss Danny Garcia. 🤢 Why are these fights on at the same time???

Kania Dewi ‏@kaniamaulina_

Too much sugar in the morning. 🤢

🍒🥝 ‏@elitemami

@anikkab_ girl that shit..🤢 they can keep it

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