Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


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Evered7 ‏@evered7

So we can take back all the army folks deployed and just throw money at people stranded on roof tops? Rightfully t…

nia🦋 ‏@niasinterlude

females like this triiiife 🤢

Dominique ‏@domi_alyssa

@ashleeyylicious Ewww why tf did you share this 🤢😷

🅴 ‏@emeksr

Bitch wtf! Stop drinking Aquafina 🤢

Pom Bark stan ‏@2ne1ivyjack

omg your breath smells please close your mouth!! 🤢

Mia Dea ‏@Miadeaxo1

@MannyMua733 Pulled this face behind a girls back who was just excited to meet Jeffree Star and then started smilin…

Dee 🌷 ‏@deeflowers_

You guys really sit there & listen to Post Malone’s music? 🤢

annette wardell ‏@AnnetteWardell

@moorlandsangel Isn’t it?! 🤢

Roy Lufc Woods 🇬🇧 (Dirty Leeds Scum) ‏@roywoods1

@MirrorCeleb @DailyMirror She seriously makes me want to spew 🤢

𝖆𝖟𝖚𝖟𝖚 𝖇𝖔𝖓𝖐𝖘 ‏@Wixdwitxh

🤢 bitch I let that selena joke slide but this is just vile if u think it's cute you can just leave my page

ojasinmate ‏@confusini

@ShekharGupta Appears, some one along with Biradari is un/under employed😪🤢😪

Thomas Panio ‏@ThomasPanio

@justinramsden That's just wrong. Pretty much manipulating a kid just to make a buck. 🤢

🌷 Alison 🌷 ‏@alison_diane

@kevintyson76 I'm so creeped out. 🤢

em ‏@amme4567

a boy who only hits u up at night 🤢

William ‏@MasterfulMesut

@LenoSZN @Regixta @UnaiEmery_ Xhaka in a big game 🤢

sean tomkinson ‏@SeanTomkinson19

Worst morning ever ... 🤢

Howie Bing ‏@howie_bing

@Sally_Malcolm I immediately started thinking of what other spices could be added to overwhelm the cumin. Cinnamon?…

Walking Certificate of Participation✨ ‏@LexiiWilliams

Food never tasted so bad. 🤢😖

Keithmars777 ‏@Keith08371331

@realAliTweets 😂 I don’t know what his penis looks like & I really don’t want to 🤢

Trending On YouTube ‏@trends_ebot

#12: 594,072 views We Flossed the Grill Clean… And Eric ATE IT! 🤢

jaz ‏@luvrstylz

Almost spilled tea about myself to someone 🤢

Sasha 💋 ‏@1ChocolatQT

Eating that Shealys plate so late disrespected my stomach 🤢

yeoshin ‏@xonayson

Sick 🤢

Xae 💔 ‏@Xaebands

@OdellFuckem get the raid 🤢

Raysa Roque ‏@rice_cakes22

@monetxchange I can’t either! How did that even become a thing!?🤢

N4STY ‏@matthewmaciass

actually disgusted 🤢😭😭

Kymiah LeFavor ‏@KMarie4444

I just love how stars back in the day, aged naturally. Now, everyone looks the same,🤢! Katherine Hepburn did it wit…

AJ🍃 ‏@jayycobx

Me at work to 17 year old male coworker: so are you a senior? Him: yeah I’m excited to start school again. Bitche…

ㅤㅤㅤ ‏@MlDPACK

@yngmojo smh she selling the season pass 🤢

🎶 Fluff! Aa-a! 🐂★🍍 ‏@fluffmitten

@DrKeresaspa I almost felt bad for this one, it was quite little. Almost 🤢

Whit ‏@whitcpetersen

@Therealdevdawg @yourgirlprovo What a sicko 🤢

luce ‏@Lucykershaww

I actually hate extremely white eye base and under brow concealer 🤢

des ✨ ‏@riksvibe

@AlissaViolet CSI’s new song ? Cuz same 🤢

C20H25N3O| AUG. 18 🦄✨ ‏@_IAmTokahontas


Averi ‏@Jayveri

these pornstars be having the most fucked up toes I’ve ever seen. keep those socks on, PLEASE. 🤢

pat. ‏@PatrixiaMaligro

so full 🤢

David ‏@Marsupio_God

@lenavocado Bryan smells sometimes though 🤢

🌹 ‏@CataleiahGrace

I could never own a dog ever in my life, they’re really disgusting big or small, and nothing will change my mind 🤢

Fantasia Wigfall🧜🏾‍♀️ ‏@Fantalishh

@AmorVirk And clogged drains 🤢😷 no ma’am!

CourtRoom12 ‏@CrimesTrials

@CJTThumper Thanks Thumper! o.m.g. 🤢

Steven DeHoney ‏@StevenDeHoney

@Pinky81949548 Btw. I love it when they show them kissing and it looks like they are trying to clean each other's dentures. 🤢

Elizabeth ‏@LizzerScizzor

Can't watch Haleigh gnarl her fingernails 🤢 #BB20

Jasmine. ‏@glacier_heart

Both are capable of murder 🤢

src. ‏@taeeeeec

Chicken doesn’t go on pizza.🤢

gabriella ☾ ‏@ggabrielamartin

happpppyyyy birthday to my favorite child ever 🤢 u are amazing sometimes 💛💗

Numb ‏@skinnyptsd

I can smell that shit all the way from here 🤢

ov ‏@aaajarg_

Y’all hoes ratchet trying to fight for nothing 🤢

coco ‏@nicoleecoco

Yea ok 🤢

mini batth ‏@harsharanbatth

@thecdrug So well put!!! Dragging niti is kzk lol.. Infact it was few pani shippers who were willing to trend to ge…

Allison Carey 🐱🐳 ‏@Tigerlily723

@ninia_benjamin Oh no! Those dogs must have stank after that 🤢

Juan ‏@Jrmoney4Life

@AlexTriforce That girl is gross 🤢 this is 2018 I throw up on hoes

NEGRODAMUS ‏@cphfour

Grape ass is so nasty 🤢

Emma Norman ‏@EmmaJNorman

@sarahab71 That’s just put me right off breakfast! 🤢

Kris ☆ ‏@soundsbykris

I’m gonna wake up & regret drinking 🤢

Alex Vacio ‏@lexfiesta12

This cranberry vodka is killing my stomach 🤢

Connor ‏@conzowaters


J.Colt ‏@MrHawks19

Bro, there is a reason it didn’t get 100 rts. shit is 🗑🗑😂🤢

🥊🇮🇪 𝒥𝑜 𝐿𝑒𝑜𝓃𝒶𝓇𝒹 🐶🍷 ‏@JoLeonard___x

@TonyBellew Thought you hated the gym 😂🤢

Amir Bhatti ‏@CEO_TL

I’m wondering what happened to @fawadchaudhry since @ImranKhanPTI announced CM Punjab... without tweet fo 24hrs+ ,…

Caguama Mama 🍺💁🏼‍♀️ ‏@OhhItsBecca

Ewwww this nigga grosses me out now 🤢

Young Chun ‏@hassannick95

@onikaabarbie @StanNickiBo @fentysnavi @goodforniel @IatiPetlot @chartdata @ForyouIdid13 @ArethaFranklin…

🕊 ‏@gvcciharry

sign 😡 of 🤢 the 😳 trash 🤧 ain’t 🤝 got 🤗 shit 🚫 on 🤐 strip 😗 that ☝️ down 😍

Evil Child 🌹 ‏@El_Reckless

I’m drunk asf right now 🤢

بابا ‏@Nasbbby

On some weirdo shit like always 😂🤢

Monster On This App ‏@artofkawaii

No one ordered this 🤢

Jocelyn ‏@ally_asabri

Nope. KL is definitely not for me. 🤢😷

🖤 ‏@nat_mortimer

How can one person tell so many lies? Actually disgusting 🤢

Alain J. NTENGE ‏@ajntenge this only reserved to back people he said ?!😖🤢👂

Aisling ‏@aislingdowx

WHY DO PEOPLE FUCKING CHEAT MAN seek of seeing so many people doing it like its normal? So fucking disgusting WHY b…

a|m|s 🌺✨ ‏@lil_sweeet

feel sick asf 🤢

Mahmood A ‏@yung_mood

Taking 19 credits this semester 🤢

Shamar Brown ‏@sha_mazing_ness

@PsychedelicArtv Idk why but that pattern hella makes me cringe 🤢

Ellie❣️ ‏@ellxe_jxde

Waking up next to a pile of my own sick must be a sign that I had a good night😫🤢

Wanko Milkboy ‏@lerdybines

Catshame Spud!!! — More than once I have caught him licking a bottle of cooking oil 🤢

việt ‏@adamnguyennn

@faveforeign Me??? Difficult??? Interesting. Being in the same unit as Kevin is enough 🤢🔫

Brenden Hunt ‏@BrendenHunt2

Sorry for the stinky shoe 👞🤢 but your a fucking god @SPAGHEDDY

Chitalu 🌸 ‏@C_Mwaf

I got my bedroom 😂😂😊 But now i am sick 😷🤢

Krissy Laura 💎 ‏@LauraKrissy

I think I got food poisoned at work today.. someone send me chicken and stars Campbell’s 🤢

Kurt ‏@KurtisHansen96

@prisciillaaa_ Cus yah breathe stank 🤢

Mely ‏@oofMELY

fish narc must have dropped a new song since his ig says “garbage out now” 😰🤢

Ella ‏@rd_ellaa

@_Beardedjosh @channel5_tv The way he’s so comfortable saying it as well in front of everyone 🤢

buttholebitch24 ‏@realsadfootball

@lugreenie I SMELL ,,,,,A POSER!!!¡ 😤😩🤢😪

inferno ‏@Yikesalexaa

Some of y’all are real corny 🤢

Sophie Gover ‏@SophieGover1

😂Not enjoying this boat trip guys?! James Sterling Tom Harris 🤢

K E V I N✨ ‏@GetawayThrills

@thatcuteswift Tea 🤢 something is up

Jillian Alejo ‏@JillianStepph

Basic bitch 🤢

yafavashk ‏@thelifeofashk

@attenyt 🤢 that crochet is terrible dear lord

🎪 ‏@GlossBabyYoongi

He’s so cute 🤢💞

Bonnie Zresistor❄Ω ‏@Creampuffgal

@DaddyDaddymac Death and destruction - with some herpes thrown in...🤢

🚶🏾‍♀️ ‏@moekyvn

@saturnpop Cousin was drinking it so i took a sip 🤢

Aya ‏@ayagndrngn

really not okay 🤕😷🤢

nel🤪 ‏@Nallelyysaenzz

starting to get used to my face in make up and it’s so annoying bc now when I don’t wear any I’m just like 🤢😤

Sophia D'Anna ‏@SooFeeUh1

Sooooo done being sick 🤢

Burnsie ‏@melburns73

@AlecPerkin Sons in his last year, Daughter in her first. Can't stand wine 🤢 But I would say there's time for cider…

Karen Thompson ‏@k4renthompson

@GordonRamsay @TrianonPalace Looks like something my cat just killed 😖🤢

(sam)antha luna ‏@_samgoham

Too much 🤢

Air Gelato ‏@27v39

Do 2k people really thing anything Russ does can make us Russ fans 😭😭🤢

.... ‏@tdswifty

The robe is nice but that face 🤢. She’s melting.

Andrea Roa🔅 ‏@andrearoaa0

I thought he was eating a burrito but 🤢

desiree ☾ ‏@1mataaa

I don’t think anyone would ever 🤢

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