Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


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The Baking B!^(# ‏@fussybritches

Hubs cooked a steak tonight and my vegetarian self had to go into another room to eat not because of the steak, but…

🏍angie🏍 ‏@Mrs_Angie_2

God I’m going to bed I’m drained by a skitzo lunatic whore that thinks pic of her. body parts are exceptable 🤢

Leti ‏@trancepantss

@WallyRicoSuave Henny....🤢 You about to be drunk DRUNK lol

away ~ bia the infj. ‏@odosweet

I spend all my money on uber and food 🤢

MARIAH⚘ ‏@riahhollese

My po stomach just been rumbling all day😫🤢

Declan Pierce ‏@DecPierce

@Doyler9 This can’t be unseen 🤢 clowns

Veesh 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 ‏@Veesh_veesh

@WholeFoods stay with them ugly ass clothes in there at that point I don’t even care that they are made from organic fabric 🤢

Ray Jackson ‏@ZiloElGrande

@YellowRose1776 🤢-----no thank you. Maybe Kaepernick and his boy/girl friend like it. Does it like Nike ?

ML ‏@x3maryloufm

Not drinking for the rest of the year 🤢 lol

Christine Montgomery ‏@redhead15014

@steveblakesr Who would want that crap!? Firewood, anyone?? 🤢

💫Garnet Fusionista 💋💫 ‏@C_Chocolatey

I mean it is normal anal flora 🤢

Lexy Robertson ‏@robertsonlexy

@The_Amanda_Ness Omfg 🤢

livvo ‏@_livgracexo

Idk how people can drink vodka 🤢

Kirsty ‏@KirstyMcDyre1

So glad to see the end of this day 🤢

Fuck mnet lives ‏@AngellcMoo

It's disgusting 🤢 jssjsj

h ‏@kwonpjm

@serendipouts ended w a kiss 🤢😘

4. ‏@Ai4ili

Boring 🤢

🎄Caleb Cristmas 🇦🇺 ‏@PlaySimsYT

@Poppy_souls January: 😂 February: 😭 March: 💚 April: 🤣 May: 😍 June: 😁 July: 🤢 August: 🍪 September: 🙃 October: 😥 Nov…

☽ jade & blue ₆⁶₆ ‏@kidbambam10

I Don’t Have The Energy For Another Toxic Or Temporary Relationship 🤢

S🤘🏽 ‏@Shereeee_21

I feel like I’m dying right now 🤢😷

IndigoDingo ‏@TheIndigoDingo

@DemonsBlood5 @drussrocks He was eating White Castle steamed burgers earlier. 🤢 He’s hardly being tortured.

kelly🦋 ‏@belfastgirl30

@MZAMOJO @kellyk19781 @JenG1210 You want to see the men who are liking it 🤢😱

K ‏@kendra_k4

I feel like my entire house smells like beer 🤢

Leli ‏@aarelifigueroaa

Why would anyone settle for someone like that? 🤢 thinking they’re hot shit and disrespecting women like that .. disgusting

Ridã. ‏@thoughtsofcheol


Raina 🌹🏴 ‏@Faeri333

@jodieegrace My boyfriend’s told me his roommate moved his shit to the trash can in the bathroom instead of unclogging the toilet 🤢

nick frazier ‏@nikfraz14

@jaysonbuford Just saw that he’s missed 12 kicks this year 🤢

an’mari 🧡 ‏@_caramelbratt

some of you freshie girls nasty 🤢 cant relate to what y’all be doing and then be bragging abt it

Lauren Stanton ‏@laurenstanton31

Typical Steelers 🤢

LolaLion ‏@LolathePeachZ06

@Jim_Jordan His condescension is nauseating 🤢

Lourdes Hölé ‏@lourdesh69

I’m not emotionally prepared to hear Tony Romo call this years Super Bowl. 🤢

Benefield🇺🇸 ‏@dbenefield__

Release Boswell Jesus Christ 🤢

black&white77🖤 ‏@JTes77

@iv_on_ka C&D the other two 🤢

hbkjune 💔🎄 ‏@daddyjuannn

🤮 nasty w it 🤢

“get ur boi dawg” ‏@cocoadelightt

@_boreen Not you too 🤢

te collins ‏@te_collins13

My reaction (as an old white guy) to the -- oh poor me, I am white(or privileged) and I suffer sooo much -- is a mi…

Kevin Tyson 🇺🇸 ‏@kevintyson76

@CassandraRules I really don't want to see "Joy Reid" and "fantasize" in the same sentence. 🤢

leia☽⋆ ‏@moonlightIeia

I can’t believe I have the same mental illness kanye kardashian has 🤢


@sayyidalhurraa Malawax with sonkor is fineee, but that weird mix bisinka you not somali anymore 🤢

Brooke 🕶 ‏@bbdivid

Bill left his really long finger nails in my room on a coaster 🤢

Jelly✨ ‏@_vanityANJ

@LoveThou_Kayy But I will say partying with other races is lit. Especially Spanish bc they will make you dance with…

X ‏@XMatt____

that trap freddy freestyle been getting boosted the past 24 hours 🤢

Ashley Schany ‏@AshleySchany

This all day hangover will be the death of me 🤢 #SendHELP

Julie Murphy ‏@julesandpicto

I am now over 90% snot Christmas colds rock! 👍🏻🎉🤢

Posting and Toasting ‏@ptknicksblog

And he’s made one of those five. 🤢

kylie ‏@hamiltonkylie22

@crissydaniel1e @ToriVi123 @Kay_Deejah @crissydanielle_ lmao ok😂 not gonna argue w you, but have fun supporting cri…

like limit ‏@abeltesaye

like limit 🤢

Ꭹé ✨ ‏@brattyting_

What in the actual f*ck 🤢

hols ‏@nipcatsu

@daiv92 I hate handling cash at work all the time so I feel I have to wash my hands constantly 🤢

Steve Remington ‏@SteveRem5

@nypost This is nasty 🤢

NixNoox Resists ‏@NickyBayus

@VicBergerIV @nbc @realDonaldTrump This is NOT A JOKE? Holy fuckballs... 🤢

Stros🧡💙/Texans 🤘❤️💙 Sister Kelly ‏@shouldbeintexas

@nynfa711 I'm watching for you Momma! I couldn't watch the Cowboys game! 🤢 Watched the Giants! 🤦‍♀️ I think the Steelers will pull it off!

LodgeBoy Tre ‏@_LBTre952

Ima boss ion fuck around wit skeezers 🤢.

F E N D I ❄️🥀🚀 ‏@JayDontTrustYou

I feel sick to my damn stomach 🤢😖

ConfessionsOfATaxiDriver ‏@Confess51984981

First weekend as a taxi driver and someone threw up in the back 🤢 thought to myself.. ahhh this must just be the no…

Angela Maher ‏@angela_acumen

@snellyradio That’s one of the most revolting things I’ve seen presented as food. Oysters look more appetising and…

PsyQo Navin ‏@PsyQoNavin

@chicaspata ew you drink alcohol? 🤢

Hana한나✨ ‏@caacbayhana

Lagnat + tonsillitis + Headache = 😭😭😭🤒😷🤢😭😭

🌻Neenah🌻 ‏@Neenah_Tenaj

@ParryAble @VintageBrand_ You fucking with low bowel bitches 🤢

☆ Eva ♡ ‏@ShyGhostDoll

🤢 I HATE the word MOIST!!! 🤢 #RandomThoughts

OzVille Guy🕹🤘🎯🇦🇺 ‏@scarekr0w187

That's a huge bitch 😮😮🤢

Seisa Tachibana ‏@SeisaTachibana

Possible unpopular opinion but I think butter icing is sickly and vile 🤢

#LongLiveCleato💙 ‏@andimKylaaa

I just don’t understand how mfs can listen to blueface like be fr bro. 🤢

Jay Rey ‏@jay_rey623

@LaptopShopWH You’re not gonna like Lilo in a couple of hours. 🤢

Peapod🌲🌲🌲🎅🤶 ‏@WendyMichele48

@droopiesmom I said one yesterday that was pickle flavor. 🤢

Ronan Baby Bot ‏@BotRonan

Boo Hoo! watching Jason of Star Command makes me feel frightened 🤢

AhhYearReuh ✨ ‏@_CompellingEyes

I feel so sick 🤢

Mrs. Wells❣️ ‏@_callmecocoa_

im in this backseat 🤢

Sarah Henning ‏@shhenning

My little sick-y. 🤢

Fitish ‏@IDontGiveAFit

@alexandra__cari No. That is too much. Of course I do t really like pancakes to begin with but in chocolate? 🤢

erika ‏@UvinhaErika

Ifood on 🤢

Brown Sugar Papi ‏@yourfavbrownboi

@mimi_rubie For real tho these twitter dudes be Wildin 🤢

alex ‏@alxeramos

hispanic pussy smell like cheddar cheese, no cap😔🤢😣

lalis ‏@oda_alis

girls walking around smelling like weed @ the mall ratchet af 🤢 shower at least fuck

an girl ‏@reganpilimai

@bectoast Barf 🤢 but also awww 🥰

🦋destiny🦋 ‏@monojune_

@astrochildjoon I know 🤢 just a all around trash performance

Lyn ‏@AquadisiacELLE

I hate extremely exaggeratedly deep ass voices 🤢 gag

cassie cage. ‏@brutishblonde

Have you seen how big those things are though? 🤢

✨Talk Is Chic Podcast✨ ‏@_cryssk

the disrespect...🤢

Yusuf ‏@Yusufx_97

If this was the other way around it would be shown as Cardi being a clingy crazy ex... Why are people making this s…

dess ‏@dessailove_

@yahhboysketchy @Portos haha wow so it’s still my fault L? 👊🏼 ik so gross! 🤢

OT admissions ‏@OTCUadmissions

@EmRodriguesOTS Hope you feel better soon 🤢 xxx

Shanice ‏@lovelydopenesss

“I can be a hood nigga if that’s what you like” how corny 🤢

N ‏@naifmrtt

@flejetonto what a mood 🤢

Idontcarewatuthink ‏@Imnotarguing2

*sees dog ears in her avi * 🤢

becky widow💁🏼‍♀️ ‏@nerdtrASSsh

@CHLORINESUIT People are entitled to their own opinion but damn...who knew people had such BAD opinions? 🤢

victor🇧🇬 ‏@victorbreathn

@tearsavenue it’s bl*zed 🤢

k a t y ‏@taeehunnie

i want those nasty ass videos of that creepy jacked man grinding and shit off my tl like dear god 🤢

Larry Lovestein. ‏@SupremeRebel_

The thought on mayonnaise is making me gag... and I like mayo 🤢

nana ʕ·͡˔·ོɁ ‏@babyblueguk

I'm gonna tweet my nsfw rant thoughts under this tweet because I don't want to trigger anyone here bc it'll be h*t*r* 🤢

MO-RE-NA ‏@caviarandkush

that’s why y’all keep tryna make things work with your baby’s fathers? 🤢

mary ‏@lysbbh

@byunempire bout time 😒🤢

Ça va mal finir... 🤔 Matricule 38379 ‏@Kanastaszia

@Seekandfind @redbrasco @ValeriePrimros4 OMG... What an ugly flag, poor people... 🤢

Fresh New England ‏@freshnewengland

Sorry Pinterest- beer marshmallows sound disgusting. 🤢

J ‏@oolielicious

Harvey kept licking my face and it was very slimy 🤢

amosc: @Trillionszz.xx 🦋 ‏@pornhubdotnet

They got lebron in this nasty flavored ass sprite commercial 🤢.

V. ‏@Raisinthomas

Does it always smell like shit in Gilroy ? 🤢

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