Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


Tweets For 🤢

Virgin Whore💞 ‏@FuckMan_Shit

I hope ur gloveless at work u beautiful 4ft5 fluffy haired stupid ass headass custom framing mother fucker 🤢💕

Taylor McCain♌ ‏@thenakedz

Everyday tragedies being ignored and approved by your govt😷🤢😷

‎‏ ‎‏ ‎‏ً ‏@fadedjeon

i need someone to talk to me cause i’m starting to feel soft but sometimes my mood goes downhill??? and i start feeling sad 🤢

kat ‏@95TAERS

idk why this girl is still here at stan twitter,, she had so many issue before and now she's making one again 🤢

May 26th🍾✨ ‏@RaySaidThat

Pickles don’t belong on burgers 🤢

jah 💞 ‏@qveeennasia

aberdeen is full of nasty ass, gross ass, gossiping ass weirdos 🤢

Miranda the Kinglet Ⓥ🍸 ‏@MJHeitzman78

Milk 🥛 🤢 #ShadowOfTheThinMan #TCMParty

🇲🇵🇵🇼 🤙🏼 ‏@ThaExoticMango

Why do you put ppl down and act like you better then only wanna work on yourself to prove others who come for you 💀🤢

🅿🅴🆁🅲🅷 ‏@perchmusic

sick af 🤢

Miguel Garcia ‏@MFFL17

@getnickwright Check the stat sheet again my guy 🤢

t a n n a🍫✨👑 ‏@J_AdoreTanna

Steak ‘n Shake 🤢🚮

Aggy Maggy ♊️ ‏@AYANAH_

I hate everything about pork the smell is even obnoxious 🤢

Taylor Mclean ‏@taylor_ray23

@fern_lillie23 not even funny 😷🤢

‏ً ‏@metrobeom

black men have to be the most annoying ass bitches sometimes, why do they think black women care whether they date…

Shanna C. ‏@Shann0528C

@Indian_Dayvid @AKiDNamedAbe OK WHY?!? 😰🤢

Irida Tsvetanova ‏@IridaT_

The ending of 13 reasons why has made me want to be sick 🤢 ewewew

RayRay🌹 ‏@suuckmypipe

Met a few girls that are all about make up & that shit be bomb buuuut they are dirty as hell 🤢

☘️ ‏@BluntAssDee_

Mud duck ho’s 🤢

🦋 ‏@JusManiMoe

@_Calm_it 🤢 lol, I think you’re straight until you start to take it out. If you tip it then you’re fucked

meriam ‏@sskyee__

dizzy 🤢

Vanessa Colbert ‏@VanessaColbert8

@AllAboutDaTea Bethenny is a s***** friend the things she says about Carole in her confessionals is down right nast…

ashley ‏@justashleylove1

It's festival time this weekend again in the village. It's food trucks serving up there specialties 😫🤢 and music an…

Nelson G. Lopez ‏@NelsonLopez1012

This is what we not gon’ do ! Pineapple DOES NOT belong on quesadillas or tortas 🤢

karlito ‏@kaarliitops

this splinter in my mouth sucks 🤢

ransom ‏@kuwrvnsom

@aannierzz 🤢 BITCH BYE

Chris ‏@ChrisR7575

@TerrellSeattle Only if it’s a UW Jersey. Spurs 🤢

micaLyn ❤️ ‏@micamicaeh

13 reasons why is actually such a stupid show 🤢

Krystal Marie ✨🌙 ‏@Munchkinn811

Stomach is killing me 🤢


Ranch and Blue Cheese Are Absolutely Top Shelf Garbage. Then When People Eat It, It Gathers On The Side Of Their Mo…

carlitos ‏@carmoreno_90

Nauseous 🤢

bhocolate bhip bookies ‏@vinnydelguapo

Your wcw lives in Norco (🤮) she thinks wearing her MAGA hat is a bold statement 🤢

Nica ‏@nicanope

The only phrase I hate more than “go big or go home” is “work hard, play hard(er)” 🤢

Im_ling_ling ‏@imlineton

Ice mountain water thick 🤢

joanna wheatley ‏@jwheatley4

@EssexPR 🤢 that’s not far either! Used to hearing this in London mainly.

f r a n c e s c a ‏@franparnellxx

The heat that hits you when you walk in this hospital is enough to make you sick 🤢

Yeidy 💍 ‏@Yeidy_CR

What now? 🤢

DADDY AF 🤑😎😈♉️ ‏@SlowM0tion_

@ODonOgLife Lmfaooooo bro I honestly couldn’t tell’s like pick your poison. I’ll have to go with yoshinoya over Arby’s 🤢 😂

Danniella ‏@HeyItsDanniella

Hello Stomach bug how very nice of you to join me 🤢 feeling sick is the worst feeling ever I hate it. Can this stom…

bun🐰🎀 ‏@kuubun

Top Ten 🅱️orst Fashion Choices 🤢

Big Mark🤫 ‏@bigmark_jr

🤢😒:”baby”😂 u really funny but I heard u got the juice

B.🇭🇹🦋 ‏@bbernierxo

ew u bitches live like this?🤢

Max D. Robespierre ‏@MaxDRobes

@Theon_Orbis @LanceHenderson1 @mydoggyruss @PatriciaThompa @windycitybilly @doctorstrangoo @HardCore1x @Tam_Resist…

J ‏@janicacerax

i feel so sick 🤢

doktorb ‏@doktorbing

@snakepiss_llc What's terrifying is how essentially anti-establishment "distuptive innovators" (🤢) have moved seaml…

h ‏@HaadeaP

safe to say the food at gawalmandi did not agree with me 🤢

Charí 🌸 certified dumbass™ ‏@yvesbangtan

@Melanin_Hoseok I don't even wanna imagine what they do with it ugh 🤢

brat ‏@henta1brat

@ANGELlCBABY ew imagine being as ugly as this anon 🤢

Ashley Wolfe ‏@ashleywolfern

Canned spinach... 🤢

MSQUEEN ‏@ThatsMsQueen

On everything fuck his nasty 🤢 ass

shamira ‏@shamirarahimi

tooth extraction during puasa is tough, no joke 😷🤢

〰 ‏@legalizedezz

You can put a roof over someone’s head , get them a job w HELLA perks 🤢, and they act all brand new. You bitches ar…

THE Emmanuel Odi ‏@KingOdi5

@menofvalor_ @BellasFace Omgoodness, 🤢

Jess ‏@jessica_hesketh

Exam day 🤢

sims ‏@jayjayjay7777

@TeamFA Well done 😂😂😂 huge winner that 🤢

xo ‏@Onicav2

I’m really paying the price for drinking 4 loko😭😩🤢

Donald G. ‏@Perales_45

@own___ass @asuumadree lil nigga ugg 🤢

Samia Bouazza ‏@Samia_Bouazza

"No No" Bedtime Song | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - ABCkidTV via @YouTubzAkJuumb b. adds c…

Shel1313 ‏@Shel13131

@FoxNews @NFL I'm going to wait until these players are done playing the sport. 🤢

Caris Holdway ‏@carisholdway

Kill me dead please 🤢

K❄️ ‏@ShaniceKaylyn

Hennessey is nasty 🤢

cashmari ‏@kimxjack

@Pachino___ I don’t either 🤢

Tanijah ‏@Nijahbabeyy

Don't try to kiss me if your breath smells like tobacco 🤢

Karm ✨ ‏@KarmpreetK

Boys are weird 🤢

Jhocelyn Victoria Mircovich ‏@bhocelyn

fashion nova 🤢👎

JT ‏@Got_Twisteez9

@LehomieBrandon She hops from relationship to relationship.. shit is nasty af 🤢 take some time for yourself and figure out what you want

💎Morena💎 ‏@perlamartinez31

My stomach always hurts and I always feel like throwing up 🤢 better not be getting sick

Amber🌦 ‏@fckn_amber

Or causally with dinner 🤢

Austin Dale ‏@austin_dale33

never eating batter up again 🤢

sammy lynch ‏@sammychii

@MRobertsQLD 😡 wow not on Turnbull, and you dening sick and disabled people from pensions 🤢

🇭🇹 Nathanie1 🇭🇹 ‏@OnlyNathanie1

My calves are burning 🔥🔥🔥🤢😗 I feel like im floating but I need to finish this set

🌹L y s s y🌹 ‏@lyssymariee

I know it’s not my body but I just hate tattoos 🤢

Joe Villegas ‏@JoeVillegas1

Sushi buffet; yeah bad idea. 🤢 we’re dead, goodnight

Emma Barrett ‏@EmNodge

@isobelchillman @Airbnb @EverydaySexism @MeTooMVMT I have no words 🤢

Bre_marie94 ‏@Bre_Marie94

Potato Salad and Dirty Rice is 🤢🚮

Rizzy ‏@ShoRizzy

06:47, I think I’m gonna vomit 🤢

Sibonelo Msibi ‏@NeloSibonelo

@Sfk_Zach That thing is nasty 🤢 really nasty 😷

K. Moratiwa ✨ ‏@ms_moratioa

and then there’s those with a messy bedroom too o kreya le panty tse vuil under their bed 🤢😷

Texanna52 ‏@Texanna33

@Goss30Goss Pence is a sick homophobic, racist. He and mother...ick!🤢

Dominus ‏@TheLateSh0w

I should be sleep right now but I’m pretty sure I got food poisoning from something I ate earlier… So here I am 🤢

🌹L y s s y🌹 ‏@lyssymariee

My sister got another tattoo.. gross 🤢

Gohan ‏@_16Salinas

Ate like shit all day and now I feel like shit 🤢

Gemma Kastle ‏@Nicole1998Honey

@day_lucy111 She was weaving around like a fkin chinese dragon and I went to grab her to talk and she just ducked d…

DA ‏@morethanhuman79

Worst nights sleep ever 😩 Feeling so sick 🤢

Sith Ayzy P ‏@SithAyzy

Caught a 2 pound and a 7 pound bass tonight. My hands smell like my ex's pussy 🤢

A1 💎 ‏@a1manda_

Don’t know how people could eat a whole kale salad 🤢

Fan On The Sideline ‏@1gracedhermit

And now I'm craving Bulalo.Thank You SBG!😒😭🤢 Penge..😂 #ALDUB149thWeeksary

nina jeon ‏@neenawh

who tf goes to the bar at 8:30 🤢

Mikey⚡️ ‏@GozenSmite

I'm done playing Solo in ranked, idk how anybody wins playing that role 🤢

amante2 ‏@AmeliaBee7

@JamesMelville It’s also good business; nothing could be more unappetising than Trump!🤢

YouTube: WhosDaManiiac ‏@WhosDaManiiac

Jetpack is a little less annoying than the guided missle but really that shit is game breaking bruh fr please Fortn…

Sarah Cooper ‏@saraahcoopeer

I just went to the gas station to get a drink and tried like five different sodas and they were all nasty, idk how y’all drink that shit 🤢

K. Moratiwa ✨ ‏@ms_moratioa

true, yesesss otla lwala 🤢

Morgan ‏@BMorgantheGreat

@Salon Thank you, for making me never want to eat sushi again 🤢.

Eric A Blair ‏@MrEricABlair

@Burger_Craft @inpublove Pineapple on a burger? 🤢 LETTUCE MADE FROM A LAMB!!! 🐑🤮

Bae Of Tennis ‏@StillFrAsh

Some of ya’ll obsess over some weird stuff 🤢

Andrea @ The Real Bad Place ‏@underhandrea

@faintlyfalling @izorropirate @unbreakablepenn @angogoblogian @ArielleScarcell @myadriene And check out his poetry…

Demetrica ♡ ‏@_AdoreDede

Just kidding... I will throw up 🤢 I need a dark chocolate 🤣

Maria Camacho ‏@Maryyzzle

Next time I’ll have to pay for gas with my titty, shiets mad high 🤢

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