Nauseated Face Emoji

A green face, shown with pursed lipsed as though it may be about to vomit. Used literally for sickness, or as a display of disgust.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness and the face with head-bandage which has a head injury.

Nauseated Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤢 Disgust

🤢 Green Face

🤢 Vomit


🤢 U+1F922


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badgirlci ‏@CeeMoneyyyyyy

Stick to your bobs and teacher nails 🤢

Jess ッ ‏@jesssyycaa

@exquisite_cay Canes can gooooo 🤢

Jerah 🌘 ‏@_Silent0ne_

Funny how we pay taxes to feed prisoners 3 times a day, but can’t provide children with free healthcare?!! Pathetic…

chels 🧸 ‏@_therealcnaasty

taco bell 🤢

K’ ‏@ky_mhanii

that nasty pasta . 🤢

Kelly Otto ‏@thekellyotto

@amandaotto129 You sure it wasn’t just Lucas 🤢😷💨?

O.K. TRIPPLE K . ‏@kirieD_C

@IMANIMARCELLE @t__upnext Imani y tf u had to reply. Na this shit on my tl 🤢

e. 💘 ‏@eerikuhxo

green beans 🤢

Sam 🌙 ‏@Thesammymarie

this old ass man that’s goes to my gym literally stares at every girl in his peripheral vision as if they were piec…

Pat 💯 ‏@PatSooWavy

Time to log off shit getting nasty 🤢

Angela Coleman ‏@angelatcoleman

@Lawrence Just yuck 🤢, but hell they all deserve each other hopefully in prison!! #AnyoneButTrump2020

OneDread ‏@EatMyKati

Boo boo exploded outta her butt nd he still in it 🤢

Just a little Joddie ‏@Wreckitjojo_

No morals 🤢

ツjosh ‏@skeleton_boy__

@TheGabrielvador @CreepzFN also the thought that you now have an image of fortnite porn on your pc/phone makes me feel sick 🤢

Lily ‏@lilyrrodriguez

chipotle is so gross i’m srry 🤢😔

Dad Dragging Account 🦋 ‏@femmeliberacion

@fatherofharlots Cancer 🤢

IM SEEING BAMBAM SOON 💕💕 ‏@jeonjikook9795

@microkosmus @Sandavi3 Wtf ships them anyway 🤢

Nicki ‏@nicoledawnohh

If you make me anything with cauliflower I will set it on fire & destroy it & everything else you love. Dont come a…

Lezah; 🌻🌹 ‏@mrtnzhazel

Big fat face 🤢

lanie! ✧ ‏@fishyjoong

@hosungluvr they lit rally voted bottom with their whole chest ..... 🤢

marqueemark ‏@marqueemark3

@thekjohnston I’m sure a repeat episode would trump Trump. I said it twice, I have to gargle. 🤢

rav 🏄🏽‍♀️ ‏@ravenalexaa_

munchies 🤢

thee ‏@jeongoop


Stacie ✨ ‏@PinkAllDayy

@Dbook_12 Omg no way 🥺😭🤢

Erin ‏@xoxo_erinmajor

@_Cymoneeee_ 🤢 oh no ma’am! No baby fever here whatsoever Mother Nature happened

Taylor Sabreye ‏@TAkeMyHeart_

I love the smell of noodles but gag on the taste when I make them 🤢

britneyxmimi ‏@britneysfantasy

Joined during Love + Fear 🤢

ogCarlito ‏@TheBALLERcmg

What y’all on tonight ? Cause Facebook wilding for that “Peanut Butter” video i jus seen 😂 🤢

Donovan Noelle Swann ‏@NoelleSwann

Guess I’ll just listen and keep my eyes closed??? 🤢 #minecraftgivesmemotionsickness

MCKELVIE ☼ ‏@mckelviemaxwell

@KvngSherm CLEARLY 🤢

🍦🦋 ‏@lexi_journ

Brownies and banana pudding 🤢


@_honeymichellee It was truly a challenge 🤢😂

baby M mommianaaa 💗 ‏@x_pretty_

First day back & had to clean up shit 😐🤢

em ✨ ‏@ragingpetsch

the homophobes in the replies 🤢

steph ‏@stephkise

@petexnasty most likely, steel reserve or 4loko 🤢

neen ‏@aweneen

he is such a BOY!!! 🤢

🇭🇹 Mo 🇩🇴 ‏@BeyondWatU_See

@GunMetalDrip I was hoping it wouldn’t so I didn’t have to see it 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m minding my business and bam! Some nasty ass shit 🤢

Curtis Graham ‏@GrahamGraham38


QUEEN B ‏@GingaSnappz

Dog farts are the worst 🤢

IG: badgirl.lo 🥰 ‏@badgirllo

this nigga keep unfollowing n following me on twitter. but still following all these lil burnt out hoes 😩🤢 how bout…

mamacita ‏@mamilinduh

@twunny_one 🤢 what??

nina ‏@wongkardyke

thoughts on vibing? — yeah i just be vibing you know doing my own thing ,,,, fff i can’t take that word seriously u…

a ‏@sugamarket

can we somehow vote for the other one 🤢

Deplorable // MAGA ‏@Deplorable2020_

@tyleroakley @ATT @TrevorProject 🤢 you don’t care— neither does AT&T 😂😂 anyone who thinks this actually means somet…

nia. ‏@nalexb_

in the last six months you... 1- yes. 2- yes. 3- no. 4- nope. 5- yes. 6- yeaa. 7- i can’t think of any, but maybe…

Aastha Khanna ‏@AavaariBanjaarn

Like literally theres this scene where it's raining black tar like liquid. Just imagine, black rain. Disgusting. It…

🖖🏽 🄲🄻🄰🅁🄴 [ 🐧 Defiant 🐧 ✊🏽] ‏@Absurd_Penguin

Wtf 😡 🤢 Maggots found in the mouth of palliative care patient, Royal Commission sitting in WA told #auspol…

NONNY ‏@nonnyrebecca_

@Mus_swisher Why would you retweet this on my TL smh 🤢

ellen-amber ‏@EllenTouzel

Imagine ringing a girl up at 4am to be nasty about their family, life and their miscarriage. Bullies 🤢

AB for short. ‏@_bitesizebutts

@WeLoverobbi3 Nahh, that’s ain’t it! 🤢

Spitta Stan Account ‏@sir_darkskin

That's what y'all into whatever but MY DICK DON'T GO IN BUTT 🤢

huneybun. 🍯💞 ‏@zhariaaaaa_

taco bell. 🤢

WhatItLookLike ‏@EastsideRichie

Oh you mfs nasty 🤢 🤮

Mallie Gallie ‏@MaloriMabra23

Austin just put popcorn in his milk.... I want a divorce 🤢😆

Hurtz 2B Human🌊 ‏@nicholson3737

@lformby @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump FOR WHAT? ALMOST 300% RISE IN HATE CRIMES? OVER 10,000 LIES HE'S TOLD? F…

Man Man ‏@Derreckuglass

I'm good 😷🤢

Char 🍒 ‏@Charleneeey

@MeganFreshh Right! Bleh stupid white boys 🤢

Erin Carl ‏@erinn_448

🤢 she is fr charging almost TWENTY DOLLARS for moldy old lipstick, no ma’am

KamKam🤩 ‏@xoqveenkamy

@bftherr I’m disgusted 🤢

🍦🦋 ‏@lexi_journ

Lucky charms 🤢

PRINCESS 👑 ‏@alexis_jasha

Burgers 🤢

ariel ‏@jsuntodd

Pray 🙏 Dirty house 🏚 Educated 📚 Hoe 🚂 A job 💰 gold digger…

🔆 ‏@_Wreckiniall

Peep that red hat in the back 🤢

Kiea ‏@YoSoyKiea

lucky charms 🤢

Trey Parks ‏@treydru21

@NOTSportsCenter He must have missed that thing by 8 feet 😂😂😂🤢

✨ ‏@__xoLin

some of the stuff y’all does share on the TL does have me like 🤢

Julia ‏@yellowd0pe

@KvngShaw__ man u wouldnt believe how many ppl ive had at my job(s) order bacon or sausage sandwiches!!!! they cant…

thelma ‏@thelmmaaa_

McDonald’s 🤢

Johana Rodriguez ‏@JohanaR07908464

ate so much today, thinking about all that food makes me want to vomit 🤢

Dhara ‏@Dpatzzz

@stayjoiful It’s so gross 🤢

ray | shooters for bangswift ‏@delicate_jjk

@moosewithluv i did that and blocked him ! ugh boys 🤢

Ice Water Reese 💎💦 ‏@MauriceBurnett

These young celebrities be attractive getting all type of face surgery. So when they get old/pregnant the surgeries will never stop 🤢🙅🏾‍♂️

PrettyGangRadio 🗣🎙 ‏@JuWho32

Now that’s just nasty.... I’m glad I ain’t see part two 🤢... talkin about “you smell all that shit” ew! That’s had…

ahniyah.nicolee 💛 ‏@_babydeeeeee

all of them 🤮 cereal nasty 🤢

Madison Price ‏@Madison__22

nothing like trying to keep your cool with a patient while June bugs are dive bombing your head 🤢

TOMORROW ♊️😝😈 ‏@daayyyrree

All of it 🤢 except for the bacon it gotta be turkey bacon tho


@whosalex gross 🤢

sierra ‏@Sierraleonee00

I’d be so embarrassed as a parent 🤢

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