Nerd Face Emoji

A sterotypically “nerd-like” face with glasses, and buck teeth.

Nerd Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤓 Nerdy


🤓 U+1F913


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Marianne West ‏@MarianneEWest

Getting closer to Roswell. Alien dinner, here we come! Hope you exists 🤓 #steemfriends roadtrip #travel #Steem

Dwight Shellman #VoteHardColorado ‏@DwightShellman

@mcranechilders @girlscouts That is awesome and among many reasons why I love them. 🤓

Isaiah S ‏@BoyRedemptioN

@AshleyLove_x3 Facts 👀🤓

Micah Caskey 🇺🇸 ‏@MicahCaskey

@NancyMace Surface area = 2(lh) + 2(lw) + 2(wh); Volume = lhw Just sayin 🤓

Wondęr_₩omän ‏@Thari8one4u1

Reading The Law Of Human Nature by Robert Greene! 🤓

Saved by Grace ‏@TurkKenya

@IlhanMN Just got here from Kenya. Inspired by your resolve and rise. Do your thing in Congress, let no one intimidate you, 🤓

Livry ‏@_Livry

@impelino I thought infnts was 🤓

Clint Evans ‏@DiamondHoggers

@robmiech These are all guys who at a distance I had to do a double take; but I just wasn’t wearing my glasses 🤓 “F…

Ana Brandusescu ‏@anabmap

Tonight I learned about @asana, a next level project tracking tool. And of course @wikidata ✨ Thanks @mrjohnc…

Macie ‏@guarinimacie

🤓 These fangirls will cast a spell on you (36 Photos)

(((TheZeteticRN))) ‏@sportyginger

Some nursing units do this until they get to float to another unit or decide to become travel nurses and realize we…

Kevin Santino ‏@KevSantino

@FinnitoSupreme I’m not wrong tho 🤓

My Name Is My Name.... ‏@gunner4life4

@niccssyy Controversy sells! 🤓

Easelly ‏@easel_ly

@AwarioApp @theforekast @feedly @TheAnimaker @AdobeSpark @Instasize @LumenFive @ThingLink @ezgif_com @GIPHY…

Brian ‏@brianwithani

@TwoDots Omg I so wish this was a game mechanic. Bad. 😍😱🤓❤️

Morgan Skinner ‏@Morgan_Skinner3

Chick-Fil-A workers are the real MVPs, handing me back my card with coupons 🤓

shysharon ‏@SharonLishale

@MWJ1231 @DanDeFreest @Es2go @Yeldeo @AmandiOnAir @Pple1st Heeheehee. Followed you too. 🤓

Roger Cendrós ‏@rogercbe93

@freekmurze @LaraconOnline Ain't gonna miss this one! 🤓

Emmy 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@eboncat

@MikaelTysver @NightSkyGames The ex geology student in me is completely nerding out over this! Never seen horizonta…

Haley Tancredi ‏@HaleyTanc

Excited at be at the launch of the #SELB_QUT Children's Rights strand launch today. @ProfLauraLundy @drlindagraham…

Fury_1961 ‏@usa_fury

Dear #Democrats it’s over #BernieSanders2020 is your candidate. STFU 👍🤓

Gemma ‏@GemmaKramer

@ItsRykard 43 for the win 🤓

Abdulli ‏@Abdulli95

@BannoSaad And here is where it all started 🤓

kaitlyn farley ‏@K_Fars_14

@RFWill149 @baseballpro @susanslusser Nothing wrong with reading... Baseball Nerd! 😂👨🏻‍🏫🤓

CampingJ0⛺️♨️ ‏@j0brenn

@gilbertjasono @NatashaBertrand Watched "Coming to America " changed his mind 🤓

Jsinclair ‏@Jsincla43477730

Passed 500 followers! Thanks to @TBapologetics, my 1st, @Lead1225 who gave me first boost to about 35,…

Dalilah Marton ‏@iNvEsTiGaT0R

What do January 29th, today, September 12th, and October 29th, and December 9th of this year have in common?? 🤓

THEBlackMigoChop⭐️ ‏@100rndchoppa

Let’s see what the hype is on this designer shit 🤓

SleekForYourself ‏@sleek4yourself

@_iimightbee_ @Eddhull our next experiment? 🤓

Katy J. ‏@KTsCrystals

@myserenity69 @Miduswell @realDonaldTrump To NORMALIZE HIM ;) Psychology shite and all that... Remember when Melan…

shysharon ‏@SharonLishale

@DanDeFreest @Es2go @MWJ1231 @Yeldeo @AmandiOnAir @Pple1st Done. 🤓

Brian Flynn ‏@minesapintalso

@ColluderInChief @trumpcardiac @realDonaldTrump I’ll drink to that ! 🤓🍺🍺🍺

KAB ‏@kamtaughtYOU

@ffrost_ hey baby daddyyyy 🤓

Lydia Killian ‏@frankmoviephone

@w_terrence One day I too hope to be invited to meet the best POTUS AND Flotus IN MY LIFETIME AND HISTORY!! Apprec…

Kim Mento 📚 ‏@wordsofmento

@cbburgerbooks @UnamiLibrary Every book that I've read since picture day make me think, will this be next year's book? 🤓

Frank YSIV Lévesque ‏@FrankLevesque09

Anddddddddddddd I just die. HOLY SMOKES 😍💙🤓

Mrs. Miller, M. Ed ❤️📚 ‏@MillerShanette

My students worked so hard today on their poetry scavenger hunt in LA!! 🤓📚#beststudentsever #excitedaboutlearning

𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓷 ‏@chellebean80

I’ll prolly keep this a few days 🤓 Icons are #TheDots by @mittiboy and #Grim by @SteveMeyer420 Widget: self made…

samy ⛩ ‏@ssamantha_calvo

Can we talk? 🤓 , i literally talk to no one 😓

Disco-tech Juliet ‏@IrishLassie92

@EDM_att7 @noodlecast @mooseEgoosey They have ones that lift and shape as well 🤓

Ashley Young ‏@apyunc98

Our awesome Science teachers!!! 🤓


@thekatiewilson now this is truly Wonderful Katie! Knowing that Zack Snyder believed in Gal Gadot to be…

Living Dead Girl ‏@lvgddgrlh

@JohnOakey7 Worth a try. 🤓

Holger ‏@holgiwankenobi

My prrrecious! 🥰 #OneVoicetoMesmerizeThemAll #FellowshipofLucy 🤓😁 All nerdiness aside, my signed copy of your pheno…

Gabriela ‏@GabsVictoriax

G-FUEL always hooks it up 🤓

Marco Filipe Ramos ‏@MarcoF_Ramos

Thank you for giving me the #opportunity to advance into #web #technologies with your easy to follow #tracks and…

Techn0cratic™ ‏@techn0cratic

@CIAspygirl One year. 👓 🤓

FloFC ‏@FloFC_

Is home field advantage all its cracked up to be? We break down the numbers and decide once and for all 🤓📈📊 #FloFC

PandaViv ‏@ISF_FL

Evenin' darlins! Hope it was a lovely #Tuesday for all! Sending you #love & #light as always my gorgeous #ECHELON…

SailedArmy1 ‏@honeycuttwa

@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Please confirm the Judges Lindsey 👍🤓

visakan veerasamy ‏@visakanv

@noornet You have to pick one 🤓

ShawnAnthony ‏@ItzShawnzWorld

I be feeling like a superhero when i clean my glasses 👓 and place them on my face 🤓

Lewis Dexter Litanzios ‏@ldexterldesign

🤓 #CSS Variables: var(--subtitle); (2016) #LeaVerou [VIDEO ] - lovely examples of how using…

Frez ‏@frez777

@Rifleman4WVU @FiftyFive_Wrong @keely_weikle @trailsmixwv @cjjones6996 @Dalekritzee @SenCarmichaelWV My Grandpa, wh…

Jamiah 🐰 ‏@jamiah_hudson

Doing hot yoga tomorrow, I’m excited 🤓

Jeff Gray ‏@iteachushistory

A real gem of a writer. 🤓#shakespearemoveover

Kevin Østerkilde ⚛️ ‏@Kosai106

@joewintergreen Steam is just all sorts of terrible. They should use @algolia for their search! (Yes I work there,…

Jack Gates ‏@J4ckGates

@CButtique Hottie 🤓 xx

Nevada New Students ‏@NVNewStudents

Can you guess what was the first PHD degree awarded at the University?!🤓 It was in Geology in 1964! #TriviaTuesday

Maz ‏@mazzie1441

Fixed my laptop screen at the cost of £33 instead of quoted £90. I now feel ready to quit my job and start my own c…

Sandra ‏@sandssss_

Marty gave me some advice on my trip out there and he was so right 🤓

Dr. Karen Pinder ‏@DrKarenPinder

@amandameyerphd Neurulation caused me to switch my major in undergrad! I was a psychology major and took an introdu…

Andy Quinn ‏@Qandrew1966

@qppixie @tonyposnanski I don’t recall the history, but it’s the best candy bar.. 🤓 nerds unite

👑яαмσи⚡️ ‏@flashrperezjr

Who knows me best?? 🤓

Ja.cryptoking(Renewable Energy is the way forward) ‏@ZZadiki

@realDonaldTrump Eeeeeeeeeeee Trump is a boss ..🤓 retweet the talent yes.

Modo Property ‏@Modoproperty

🏠 Property Fact #033 🤓 Follow Modo Property for more amazing facts about life and Melbourne real estate. - 👯‍♀️ Ta…

Pomodoro Timer Bot ‏@301_comms

RRIIIING RIIIIING 25 minutes of work DONE 🤓👍 #pomodoro *five minute break please* now please stop, get back to work

pεrš⊕ηα ‏@MemoirsOfRoyals

Don’t do love. 🤚 😏/ _/|| _/¯ ¯\_ Don’t do friends. 👋 \ 🤓 || \_ _/¯ ¯\_ I’m o…

Tatch Capital Limited ‏@LtdTatch

@TheInfamousKata @PirateChain Very nice 😮🤓

Tanya ‏@TopeTanya

@realSuperCrypto Absolutely 🤓

Jake Condon ‏@jakelogos

@Rezitsown @NolanOBrien Where do to upload. 🤓

shakewellB4using🗜 ‏@yellowdye8

@NaNaGsFunkyJunk I don’t know 🤷‍♂️. 🤓

B 🤘🔥 ‏@jiggaB_512

Ya boy got spectacles 🤓

🗣 ‏@abzmulli

@246yasminn @GogettaNba @SunayaaX @mulli_ys @bretmanrock Hide them ilko 🤓

Jan Perks ‏@Scout2032

@mcmlxiv_ At first I read this as B&Q 🤓

O7|31 🌹💟 ‏@iicylin

I did good on that paper 😊🤓📄

Ovio ‏@OvioHub

What a great partnership! The B Lab is supporting companies evaluating their impact on the SDGs with an online plat…

Mitoshi Kaku 👨🏻‍🚀 ‏@CryptoSays

Yay! I have my @tippin_me page! ⚡️ - Still working on how to setup the little "tip" button. 🤓

Koda ‏@CheLopezJr

@SaucyTaty I love you too 🤓💕

Rachelle Villanueva ‏@RTVLaw

@lawyerlifepod @DanielPink @inspiredcat @Breanna_Needham Great episode! A partner once told me, without a stitch of…

Sonya Tannreuther ‏@MrsC0achT

Cool for #ELA character development studies! #reading #characterization 🤓

Nicole Marie 🧡 ‏@nicoleeabella

@TheJennTracker just thought I’d let you know I totally fangirled when you replied to my tweet. Just so you know 🤓

Jen Luker ‏@knitcodemonkey

@noopkat @arduino sweeeeeet. 🤓

Laurie Gris ‏@LaurieGris

Locals! If anyone is looking for a fun FREE afternoon, visit the Niagara Power Vista in Lewiston! The kids had a bl…

ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ 👨‍💻 ‏@wplit

First time having my twitter account hacked. 🤓 Game on.

Mary Carroll ‏@Merser01

@Flabulousbloggr P. S. Love that gif 🤓

Freddie Carlini ‏@_oh_freddie

Creating some pretty cool promotional pieces for a marketing stunt for the game. Stained and drying, next we textur…

James Harland ‏@JamesH

First place in the quiz thanks to me getting the name that tune on a 0.2 second clip of Dance The Night Away by The…

rae ‏@crush_alotRae

I think I wanna take this man on a weekend getaway. 🤓

Nancy ‏@nancymurrayy

Get me to Ireland ASAP to see my crazy, alcoholic family💃🤓🇮🇪

Noemi ‏@WineGirl2020

@MichaelGalanin Considering progression and advancement, do they all look similar... or is just me 🤓

Wisdom Prevails ‏@CandiceMDennie1

Dammit. We know so MUCH already about "the con." Question is, what action will be taken to secure Our Democracy, wh…

SoCat®️ ‏@AnarchoKitty

@KorLibertarian @thefreerifleman @KantBreal @juliuscaesarrex @ZanderFromNola @AdamantAnarchy @AncapPresident…

Michael ‏@KingMichael1976

@TIA_EWING Smiling cause you smiling!!! 🤓

Chris Baker ‏@ChrisBakerr

Surely can’t be the only person who listens to love songs before sleeping 😊🤓

L🍕🔜PhoenixLights2019 ‏@lkayyalldayy

@glenn_idk Who goes to the library?..... NERD 🤓

Ɍobin Ɍaszka ‏@robinraszka

@IchimokuScholar Finally, an HEX input 🤓

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