Nerd Face Emoji

A sterotypically “nerd-like” face with glasses, and buck teeth.

Nerd Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤓 Nerdy


🤓 U+1F913


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G.Vinoth Kannan ‏@GVinothKannan2

@RJ_Balaji Congratulations bro 🤓💐

hN ‏@hentai_Niggas

all teamtages have been renamed to uwutages 🤓

Allison Manwell ‏@allisonmanwell

Driving home (for my sister’s college graduation!!!) and then to Chicago for volleyball and I can’t wait for the 5i…

Something Wicked ‏@plainsongcure

@david_livick These last few days are tortuous! Almost over. 🤓😎😃

Don Robotham ‏@dondee_don

@dennisgjones @KellyKatharin @JamaicaGleaner @DrNigelClarkeJa Yes by all means. HM's suggestion to "manage currency…

Melis Living ✈️ ‏@melisliving

Nearly at Centre Parcs but going to Asda to stock up on a cheap food shop 🤓

bel ♡ 호랑이 ‏@universehosh

@tbzyves of course i do 🤓

👑yas ‏@_yaasss_

making a 94 in economics ✅🤓

🌩Daleen🌩 ‏@lestersbonnet

You and Sherman enjoy your Friday @briandannelly I hope its good to you! 💖🤓🐶🌈

Meg Ho ‏@Emmhoing

@NoelSznn @ChinoLatino96 hehe me 🤓

Larissa ‏@mzfeatherstone

FRIYAY! Rocking it out in my @SanJoseSharks jersey at work! 💙 Half day at the office and then my next CCP exam: V…

rei 🌸 ‏@angelicjihan

6. I’m a softie and clingy to my friends like Hoshi 🥰 but i’m also an introvert and a bibliophile like Wonwoo! 🤓 @pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴

Katverse ‏@realKatverse

Pose pack 12 🤓 Download: #TheSims4 #Sims4 #TheSims #Katverse

MidwestEskimo ‏@Midwest_Eskimo

@baconcreepy Kanzi is at the Great Ape Trust in Iowa. One of the main differences between us and apes is that they…

ashleybebe ‏@AfterSch

@shawol83 Glasses fit your Woozi doll! 🤓 Why his top looks like a cropped top? Lol or his pants is too tiny

Aspire 2Be ‏@Aspire2Be

@marketingQB Thanks so much! Tweet us with any sketchnoting ideas 🤓

🇺🇸RickB🇮🇱 ‏@BassmanRickB

@JannaWilkinso69 I'd fish that 😜🤓

StokeyLitFest ‏@StokeyLitFest

@Food_For_All HELLO 🤓

Civil Güsh ‏@GaigeGrondin

civil via @YouTube drop a sub to my teams channel! 🤓

เนยสด 🧀 ‏@neizod

i wanna write a code that im proud of it and show it to everyone 🤓

Dominik Waßenhoven ‏@domwasz

@Real_HistoryGuy @ChandlerProf @leafandstream @Pseudo_Isidore BTW, I spotted this when I searched in @unibibkoeln’s…

Darren Bagley ‏@dlb25

@TruebIueBritish White socks? Interesting choice. I remember white socks and bright orange and bright green socks b…

jess ‏@woosanflower

@atzmeme go ahead 😜🤓

(Dr.) Ev Milliner🇨🇷🇵🇷 ‏@evmilliner

When submit the same paper for 2 different classes 🤓

Kizzy 👨🏾‍💻 ‏@katawonga

My Sweet Lord Jesus. Some people are truly gifted and nerdy.🤓😍 Check out this incredible custom Black Ops 4 PC buil…

Jennifer M. Steele @CampNaNoWriMo/MIA ‏@js_shadowdancer

Awesome! Every Marvel nerd must try & appreciate this! 🤓

KPW ‏@katpatmac821

On it 🤓 #RepublicansForImpeachment #AmericansForImpeachment #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachDonald #ImpeachDonaldTrump…

Eliza Rosenberry ‏@elizarosenberry

summer & fall fiction!!!! ✨📖🤓

wishy washy ‏@_zannahthatsme

@bdurrazak1 ° BASKETBALL ⛹️ ° hoodies 🔥 ° spectacles 🤓

Gallybander Gaming ‏@GallybanderG

Live again, coffee helping 🤓 💜 New Stronghold - The Sunken Cell | 190+ hours [GM2] | 774 Legendary Interceptor…

coworkcolumbus ‏@coworkcolumbus1

#FunFactFriday! Eagle & Phenix, where CoWork Columbus resides, has been a part of Columbus since 1851 when William…

Kyley Longo-McGarvey ‏@klongo20

When you have no idea what a donated toy you read a manual? Nope! Give it to the kids and tell them they…

George Ohwell ‏@jorgeohwell

@natgrisales one problem-- president trump has one of the highest approval ratings within his own party among modern presidents 🤓

Hana ‏@HanaHavingFun

@MLFgw @SwingInParis Jay compris 🤓

Groovy Fox ‏@GroovyFoxTV

@WeaverNeith I like my waifu with big ol' high caliber cannons... 🤓

Ryan Starr ‏@Starr_Rx

Five jobs before #residency: 1. Camp counselor ⛺ 2. Tutor 💯 3. Music teacher 🎷 4. Pharmacy tech 🤓 5. Psych research…

ArunachalaM ‏@ArunbuddyAP

Lewis Against CSK, Hmmmm. 🤓

Back to B... ‏@KingLee702

@SemajjTheMuse Well send your brother a shirt and I’ll transform it into a crop 😏. Maybe I need two. One for the wo…

Tricia Wayland ‏@ReadwithWayland

Such a good book! 🤓

Artem Sapegin ☕ ‏@iamsapegin

@monicalent Monica’s @monicalent talk was my favorite at #ReactFinland — really resonates with me 🤓

Maptime Boston ‏@maptimeBoston

We’ll be there! Look for our organizer @DWaltersdorfer at #TCNE2019 ... she may have some @sotmus swag and info for…

°Bubblefish° ‏@ICE_Bubblefish

@lichtblickpink @SmilingBenedict @enerJax Ohhhh want that too.... 🤓😲👁

RRbrain 🧠🤓 ‏@RRankinBrain

@bluemoonjules @MelloSutts @AmandaDoyle19 @rankinblueyes @SophieSkeltonUK 😍😍😍😍 Love their GIFs and love to love…


@chrismezzz Murder is not the answer, Chris. 🤓

Nicholas J. Bique ‏@NicholasJBique

@NatalieBrownFL @Pixar Yay!! It’s my favorite Pixar short, and I just know a lot of useless trivia 😂🤓

Crystal Is Ready To Go To SDCC 2019 🤓 ‏@NerdGirlCrystal

Round 2. Let’s do this again 😍🤓 @MarvelStudios @Avengers #AvengersEndgame

Eduardo Hernández ‏@TheCryptoCEO

@feriakh But... but... I’m a nice guy! 🤓 = 😎

Kieran ‏@oiKieran

@2kFilip Sorry bro 🤓

David Jones WTO now! ‏@david70jones

@BrexitStewart @GuidoFawkes They are not TIGgers any more. They have rebranded themselves. They must now be refer…

Natacha ‏@BeautentheGeek

Y’all know what time it is 🤓

Stefan Koehler ‏@OracleSK

#OEL 7.6 rocks as there are corresponding kernel-uek-debuginfo packages available (needed for #SystemTap). No "rpmb…

Lisa Matassa ‏@Lisa_Matassa

@PrisonPlanet Truth hurts sometimes 🤓

Josephine Kinkaid ‏@jokinkaidjnr41

Prayers for everyone who needs healing & restoration, protection, salvation, new hope, new life, new jobs, new acco…

Gerald Taylor Aiken ‏@gtalux

Leaving Halle/Leipzig after some great chats & beers. Survived yesterday's talk too. 🤓 A day of German trains ah…

Sarah Jenny Cochrane ‏@Jenknee444

@UofU3i On the train now, I’ll see you soon! 🤓

Mumantai 🌀 ‏@Dylan_Diaz_

In 4 days 🤓 still have to watch the ep 🏃🏾‍♀️

sueki ♡ Black hair Tae ‏@LifeWithBTS_

Taking notes. 🤓📝 #BBMAsTopSocial BTS @BTS_twt

محمد ‏@muhammedshrhad1

What’s ur major? — Management Information Systems 🤓✌🏻

Whitley Brooker ‏@whit_brook23

officially a senior in college and I’m not sure how to feel 🤩🤪😭😩🤓

Vivek Sood ‏@vivekuksood

Charming???? Did you mean snake charmer 🤓

Benjamin Sidor ‏@BenjaminSidor18

@MartineBBC @JamesWorldNews I’d put ya on but I’ve got the thinking cap on today 🤓

Colleen Swaim ‏@ColleenSwaimDJO

I’m dreaming up an opt-in interdisciplinary Knights Round Table @OConnellHS students and faculty/staff on ethical q…

hani1013 ‏@hani10131

Park Jimin 🤓 #BBMAsTopSocial BTS @BTS_twt

Rache ‏@HarrytheCrank

Ssshhhhhhh! Me and the boy @HenryColeTV are busy. 🤓 #ABikersLife

Simon Stephens ‏@simonmstephens

#BigStuff coming into storage today. That's one large aero engine #RollsRoyce RB211 #AvGeek 🤓

Ben Collins ‏@benlcollins

🔜🔜🔜 My new course -- Automation with Apps Script -- coming Monday.... Save⏱️by learning how to: ▪️ automate…

abay ‏@_AbbayUyab

Wattpad dan Joox Perfect couple to spend the night. 🤓

Kristen Dennis 💙🤓 ‏@Kristen_Denniss

@BTS_twt Take care and eat well Tae Tae 🐯💜✨ You did well on promotion week 💪🏼✨ Will support you always 💜💙✨ Luv ya 🤓💙✨

Malcolm Hazel ‏@marvelmal1971

@ForceMajeurePod @LizHazel1972 If it ain’t red, it’s wed! 🤓♥️👩🏻‍🦰🥂🦄

Mackie ‏@draminkarim

@IM_Meeru True 😊🤓

Dr. Ify Aniebo ‏@IfyAniebo

Have you read my most recent article? Please do! 🤓

ITeachHR ‏@ITeachHR

@AliaGvR @Literature_Lady I'm on #TeamOxford and #TeamTwoSpaces after a period. I hope this doesn't ruin our buddin…

noah👁️ ‏@skinnyandcute

@xImyourwaifu Alles?🤓

Say No Mo’ Podcast ‏@saynomopod

Who else is geeking over the Thanos glove effect on Google? #AvengersEndGame #EndGame 😆🤓

Beckie Livesey ‏@BeckieCJUK

When you get caught mid-meeting giving our new #recruiters an introduction to our #marketing department 😆🤓 #Training

Emily-Rose 🌸 ‏@emilreee

and that’s how you get on an org gg 🤓💯🤪

io. ‏@Aiogy

i havent been excited for a game in so long 🤓

E.L. Reynolds ‏@by_ELReynolds

@ohiowa89 @AllyIveyWriter @EllieWoodWrites @MaryRajotte @shawnnaderesch @vlatinalondon @tazaiko Aw, thank you! Hope…

DB Cargo ‏@DB_Cargo

It's #FactFriday 🤓 256,000,000 tonnes - that's the amount of goods @DB_Cargo transported in 2018. That's over 700,0…

Kimi ‏@Kimi71657314

@BTS_twt I love that song😍💜🤓

misunderstood ‏@OganiruD

New eyes who’s this 🤓

Μήτσος ο Οριτζιναλ (a.k.a the gypsy) ‏@silkwormgr

@Linagreek lamb for lunch in greece 🤓

Emmory 🎮 ‏@emm0ry

@TrikPik Awesome 👏🏾 I am hoping for some of that change myself soon. Hope that the change is a healthy positive impact 🤓👍🏾

R Castil ‏@RIC55415

@RobDesantisFL and @SenRickScott let’s propose a state measure and a legislative measure: State governors and Memb…

Bee ‏@BackToBee

@waetang You know... Tags in was in the lead, before I went to bed, but now I see some logical reasoning for why Ta…

nmshth ‏@NurmashitahL

@nothdynaa_ Yeayyyy...n after this drama hrp next descendent of the sun season 2 pulk...🤓

Mell Octopus ‏@swissmissmell

I’ll [email protected] an A on today’s test 🤓

ihavenoideawhattonamemyselfbye ‏@EllieBellie_x3

@outrokimchi I can help 🤓 Zucker -> German Word for sugar Take the r from sugar you get Suga Suga -> min yoongi…

Sharon 💭💥 ‏@sharonakennedy

My most excellent news of the day? I'm glad you asked... I finally have glasses that fit me! Ah!! Yes. This is m…

Erin Siu ‏@erinssiu

Happy Friday to all my GOT fans! 🤓

Christine Norvell ‏@thy_lyre

@FordBrenn @Nick_Braker @FrankieInParis @bebby3862 @authorelirab @Lilyliterati5 @OwenGRichardsId @rowena_tisdale…

Márcia David-Palma ‏@MrciaDavidPalm1

Amazing talk from X. Lin today at the 3rd EPIC Symposium @DukeMGM @DukeU about Cryptococcus…

Erika Childress ‏@erikaliftslife

Update: aced it. 🤓

Eoin McFadden FRSA ‏@EoinMcFadden

@SRJFleming I think we probably skirt across multiple creative personalities, but this isn't far off 🤓

Bitcoin Florida Gator🐊 ‏@gator_bitcoin

@Jblazecrypto @AltcoinSara 100 💯, this is the smartest tweet I’ve seen since I started Twitter in January 🤓

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